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Integrating the latest Energies

St. Francis through Anina Davenport

 Starting the middle of October and continuing from there, there has been a new light infusion which has brought new clearing. Many old patterns and energies are being cleared and the best you can do is breathe and hold still as you are being scrubbed clean by divine messengers such as your guides, angels and other beings who transmit the new energies to you. As always nature is very helpful in the integration of the new light and if you cannot get to nature the memory of the ocean or a mountain lake can help to soothe your nervous system. Many of you are tired right now and if you can let yourself rest. Rest, relax and release.

 It also helps to work with other light workers either in an informal way or as a client or teacher. Support each other in this journey. Body work is very helpful right now and so is looking at patterns as long as in the looking you don’t hold on to them.

 Breathe! This is often the best you can do since things move so fast. It seems harder and harder to control things. Some politicians have noticed that lately as well. You have to go with the changes, with the new energies.  

Some of you have become very good at the daily clearing of negative energies. You have learnt how to strengthen your aura and how to not be so affected by mass consciousness and mass forms. For you this transition is easier.  

So the Earth and all of humanity is raising frequency. Most of you know that and we just want to remind you that that is what is happening. You are raising frequency and releasing old energies and patterns. So not feeling so good now and then is part of the process. Also for some it is quite a stress on the body and also the nervous system. Some of you feel “fried”. It is good to work with a naturopath. Some herbs can help you in this process. Fresh air, walking in nature, dance and gardening all can help. Try to spend as much time as possible outside. You have all asked for this raising of frequency and now it is there and it gives you and the planet and the rest of humanity the ability to evolve at a faster pace and to burn past. As you might know the past is still around in thought forms and as energy. The light that is coming in is burning the past. It is releasing you from the compulsion to repeat what did not work in the past. It is creating freedom and newness.  

More and more people these days are declaring that they have reached enlightenment and this is a good thing for everybody and the planet  (at least regarding those that really did reach enlightenment). The higher your frequency the more you can help others not so much by doing but by being. The light can work through you beautifully and even more negative patterns and past energies that are still around can be burnt off.


Are there questions?


Questioner: I have recently started to listen to a tape with positive affirmations. Is this helpful?


St. Francis: Yes it is. Positive affirmations have a higher frequency then thoughts such as, “I am no good. I am a failure. I don’t deserve happiness” or whatever your inner dialogue is. So when you insert positive affirmations either by saying them to yourself or reading a book or listening to a tape you mix things up. Suddenly your old belief “I don’t deserve happiness” has got some competition. Every night you listen to a tape that says, “I am happy. I enjoy my life.” So then what happens? Well first of all there will be some confusion. You will be going along on your business and suddenly the thought “I enjoy my life” appears and you feel startled. You are used to “I am unhappy” or whatever your predominant belief. Now the best thing to do is just breathe. Then an hour later you find yourself smiling and thinking “Life is good”. Now here is another unusual thought. It must be from that new tape (laughter). So again you just breathe. You are running an experiment. See what happens.


Questioner: What will happen? (Laughter.)


St. Francis: Well we want you to find that out but your more positive thoughts will bring to you more positive experiences which will reinforce your new more positive attitude. Of course it can work the other way as well. Let’s say you started watching a new show which emphasizes the problems of life. ”Life is unfair. Good people never get ahead. There is no cure for depression. Our country is going down the drain etc.” Soon you start to see signs of this new attitude all around you. Your landlord who you used to get along with now charges a lot more rent. Your girl friend is becoming unreasonable. You are having trouble registering your car. You have to wait much longer in line than you used to. People are very unfriendly at the restaurant that you used to go to regularly.


Questioner: But bad things do happen?


St. Francis: Yes but your attitude is part of it. And we are not saying ignore the hungry and sick. Just stay positive while you write that check for the orphanage or while you volunteer at the soup kitchen. You will be much more effective.


So Maggie (name changed) your life will become more positive. What you give out comes back. So when you give out positive thoughts positive energy will come back to you. Also do the affirmation, “I accept God’s blessings.” This is a good one because the universe cannot give you what you don’t accept. If you say, “I don’t deserve money or good friends or abundance in general” then you literally repel it. Having said all that there can of course be problems in your life; there can be health problems, financial problems, relationship problems, emotional problems, mental problems, environmental problems and so on. Approach these problems with a positive attitude and it will help in solving them.


Questioner: I am trying to live in the now and I want to enjoy my life despite problems that I have.


St. Francis: Good that is the idea. Laugh, cry and live your life to the fullest.


Questioner: Will more people become enlightened.


St. Francis: Yes this is the idea behind this project: Enlightenment for as many as possible and the raising of frequency for this planet. As you know unless humanity becomes more enlightened and makes more enlightened choices this planet cannot survive. There is too much abuse, too many wars and too much energetic pollution right now.


Questioner: How are things going?


St. Francis: They are going well right now although things might not look so good. Let us use an analogy. Let’s say you decided to clean your house or apartment. You have not cleaned for a while so there is a lot of dust and dirt especially in the corners. So you start to take it all apart. You move the couch, the chairs and tables and you even decide to clean behind the buffet in the dining room. Soon the whole house looks like a big mess.” How could anybody ever live in such filth?” you think although just days ago it did not look so bad because all the dirt was hidden. So you have two choices now. You can focus on the end result and keep cleaning and trust that at some point it will look good again or you can sit in the corner and lament your dirty house. “Things are so much worse than I thought”, you say.


So things are looking good. You have all come a long way towards releasing old energies and dysfunctional patterns and even though the world does not look so good things are improving at a very fast pace.


Questioner: I have heard that 2012 the world will look much better.


St. Francis: If you do the work yes.


Questioner: You mean if we keep clearing and doing our spiritual practice and if we continue to be honest with ourselves.


St. Francis: Yes the process is different for different people. What is spiritual practice for one is a boring ritual for another. One likes to do good works another serves more by staying private and contemplative. Each one is different. The important thing is that you love yourself and love your neighbor so to speak and this includes your neighbors across the globe. Try to be tolerant and loving. That does not mean that at times you might not have to be feisty and speak up but be aware that the love that you send out will come back to you.


Questioner: I don’t feel very loving. I feel judgmental at times.


St. Francis: Number 1: Do the best you can.

Number 2: Judgment is necessary at times. You can disagree with another’s position and still feel good will towards the person. Judgment is misunderstood. Discernment is probably a better word. But judgments are necessary. “Should I bring my car into the shop or can I wait a week? Can I trust this new business partner of mine?” these are all necessary judgments. Now to disagree with another and hate the person because they have a different opinion to yours that is obviously not the right way. Agree to disagree and make judgments but don’t be attached to them which means when new information becomes available you can have a change of heart. You can say, “I thought this was right but now I see your way is the better way.” Or maybe there is a third or forth way.


So in general things are going well and you are all raising frequency and Earth too is vibrating at higher and higher levels. We want you to feel positive about this project of ascension that humanity is involved in but also aware that the couch is still in the middle of the living room and there is still dust behind the books on the counter. Meaning there is still more work to do. If you can make it as pleasurable as you can. Put on some nice music while you scrub the kitchen. Take a little break in your back yard after you finished cleaning out the fridge. Rest if your knees hurt from bending down a lot. Sing while you are vacuuming the hall way. But don’t stop until it is finished. Our love is with you.


Copyright Anina Davenport 2006


Anina Davenport is the author of Reflections on Ascension and her new book Energetic Empowerment. To read an excerpt of  Energetic Empowerment or to order go to www.IUniverse.com or call 1-800-AUTHORS. Anina can be reached at Aninadavenport@earthlink.net.

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