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Indigo Support

The Indigo Evolution
Jan 6, 2006 / Community
All Islands, Kauai, Oahu

A Letter From James Twyman:

I would like to share an article I wrote for a magazine in Australia regarding the new documentary "The Indigo Evolution." I think you'll find the message unusual and unorthodox, but it will hopefully help you think about the Children in a new way. I'm excited about this film because it has given me a new perspective on the phenomenon, and I believe when you see it you'll understand exactly what I mean.

(THE INDIGO EVOLUTION opens on January 27th at hundreds of locations around the world for the "Second Annual World Indigo Day." Please check our website www.theindigoevolution.com for the location near you.)

A surprising look at the Indigo Children

It may surprise people to learn that I don't consider myself a "true Indigo believer." Yes, it's true that I've written several books on the topic, was the executive producer and screenwriter for the original Indigo feature film, and am now the director/producer of the new documentary, "The Indigo Evolution."

How is it possible, then, that I prefer to stand on the outside looking in, uncommitted in my opinion and more than a little skeptical about the never ending queue of labels: from "Indigos" to "Crystals" to "Rainbows," all trying to identify a phenomenon that most of us recognize and experience, but which evades our common senses.

Maybe it's not that I'm a non-believer, but rather that I've seen too much to let the children be lumped together so conveniently, more for our benefit than theirs. I've met too many of the children and heard too many of their stories to let this be reduced to a New-Age fad, only to fall off the map when the next distraction comes along.

Yes, I feel that is more my position - I believe in the children, I just don't believe they can be deposited into neat little boxes that help us understand who they are and how important their mission is on a planet that is very much in need of a mission.

And that is why I feel that the documentary is so important. Don't expect many easy answers, but you can expect many good questions. Many of them will be asked by the children themselves, and by the so called "experts," most of whom seem to share my inability to tie a nice colorful bow on top of this package. Most of the children I have worked with dismiss the label "Indigo," or "Crystal." They defy the boxes we would place them in, and that, as far as I'm concerned, makes them even more intriguing. It makes me want to work even harder to get their message out to the world, and message that can be summed up in a few simple words: "The Time is Now!!!"

Maybe another part of their message is that we should stop putting ourselves in boxes as well. The New Children, which is the phrase that works for me, are part of a New Humanity, one in which we are all included. There is nothing new about these children, in fact most of us were part of the first wave, or the fifth wave, or the five-hundred and forty-seventh wave, depending on how far back you go.

The Indigos have always been around, it's just that we now have eyes to see them. Hopefully, we also have eyes to see ourselves as well. That would be the greatest gift the children could inspire. Then we wouldn't have to wave the banner in front of them and give them all the accolades we deny ourselves. Then we would realize that we are all in this together, and that each one of us, regardless of our age, or race, or religion, have a unique role to play in this unfolding drama called Life.

If I didn't think this was an important subject, I would not have spent the last year making this film - a documentary that I believe will open the eyes of millions of people around the world. I think that this is one of the most important subjects out there, but only if we widen our perspective to hear the real message these children are trying to teach us.

It's the same message most of you have been teaching as well, for the apple never falls very far from the tree. We have been planting these seeds for some time now, and the harvest is nearly upon us. It's time to open our hearts and our minds to a new world, one that we create together. That, I hope, is what this film will inspire.

Indigo children should misbehave

Wednesday, December 07, 2005 -


If you have children, and they are acting a bit ... well, strangely it might not just be a phase they are going through, and it might not be just hyperactivity, or some other modern-day ailment to be medicated away. According to a story on sploid.com, you could simply be the proud parent of one of the Indigo Children, "gifted creatures who will lead humanity to a new evolutionary phase." These Indigo rugrats can actually see into the future, according to adherents of the theory. So named because psychics allegedly can see the "purple auras" floating around their little heads, these children also share some other characteristics that are, as the article puts it, "less impressive: They don't listen to anybody, are wildly impatient, throw constant temper tantrums and have apparently learned to manipulate their parents' new-age beliefs to great advantage." So moodiness and misbehavior is in reality an evolutionary trait, according to this premise. Child psychologists are urging caution for parents who hold to these views about their unruly offspring. As one puts it, "It's OK if you think your kids have special talents, but don't ... think your kid is the next Dalai Lama of Orange County. That's gonna create problems."

Adherents of the Indigo Children belief counter that doctors have done little but attempt to medicate perfectly normal kids with prescription drugs now proving to cause psychosis in a measurable percentage of them. Meanwhile, the writer of a new movie about this alleged phenomenon, which will be making a world debut in late January at a number of locations, offers some balance on the issue: "Certainly in the scientific realm, this is just a bunch of New Age nonsense," James Twyman told USA Today. "But I think anyone with an inquisitive and rational mind can look at many children out there today and say there's something about them."

***end of article on FreeMarketNews.Com***

How to parent children of the 21st Century to allow them to reach their optimum potential can easily fill a entire book (I am busy writing one as we speak). There has been much research, tests and findings that show where parenting styles and patterns that our parents used fall dismally short. Our beloved kids still don't come with a sought after instruction manual attached to their little pinkie. Since the Indigo craze has been labelled and books printed about it (thank heavens somebody pointed out that children have changed!) I have read over 15 parenting books. Guess what? None of them really compacted all I wanted to know. Yes, there are a few books on the market, that give wonderful advice on how to avoid adhd with the right diet. Thank you for all the tips Sue Fed Up with ADHD . Or Ross Campbell's book "How to really parent your child", if you enjoy a very strong Christian view. In the 21st Century, religion and parenting are two seperate things though. We are the guardians and stewarts of our children, their custodians, their guides. It is ok to give our children guidance but in my opinion not ok to impose our own opinions on them. If you want to raise your child with a Christian background fine. My stepdaughters christian background and my own spiritual background vary quite a bit. It would not enter my mind to speak out against her beliefs. I do encourage her to find out, research and be tolerant. I live in a country where my daughters playmates have about 6 different world religions. Where most main stream schools teach multifaith and the world in general moves towards inclusion. I encourage my children to explore and learn about concepts, where we are coming from, why we are here and one day I will share my view about politics with them. Yet I am doing my best to parent holistically. Meaning to inform and coach how to be independent, self-reliant and how to take available information, listen to one's own heart and common sense, then form ones own opinion.

In my years of counselling and facilitation, I have come across too many adults and teens that have been badly damaged by conditioning through a parent or a relative.  If it is about evolution and our kids are way more clever then we were (IQ's are on the rise, proven fact), then sure they are benefitting more being taught independece as opposed to pre-conditioning. I am still looking for the one book, the one that includes the latest research on emotional intelligence, honors the children as complete persons experiencing themselves at new levels every day.  A book that is addressing the most prevalent challenges we face today. A book that validates my own experiences of what did not work for me when I was a kid.  A book that gives realistic excercises and advice not pie in the sky stuff that only holds up till reality kicks in.  I have not found it yet.  Born of my need to have it, I decided to create it and share it. Launch planned for June 2006, unless the moon falls from the sky.

by Carmen M. Schnider-Kemp

from   http://www.parentingtips.co.za/Sub_Indigosupport.asp#Twyman

Indigo Children or Violet Children "Noticed that children today seem a bit different?  Parents, teachers, and health practitioners are seeing children that don't respond to tried and true techniques and won't be molded. Some are willful, precocious and brilliant, others have their own language or become easily detached. Medications don't work, they have funny eating habits. Over 60% of most classrooms (K-4) have some type of learning disability - are the tests inaccurate or are kids today wired differently ? Yes, they are; relax, you're not crazy, help and answers are available."   Penelope Greenwell, MS, MFA author of the "Birthing the Babes of the Light"  www.stationlink.com/pentangle

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    Jan & Keth work with and assist these children and their families in their Awakening-Healing Process.  For additional Insight consider a Reading with Jan for your Child and You...

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