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Indigo children

Global warming, natural disasters of biblical proportions, hurricanes, tsunamis, terrorists, drugs, gang wars, school shootings and famine – a world gone crazy. Many prayers reached the heavens. Our answers on the horizon. The new kids have arrived. Highly sensitive and intelligent beings, warrior kids with strong minds. No pushovers these new children. Our future finally in safe hands.

Hold your horses! A dark cloud is descending all around us. Masterminds have devised yet another survival strategy for the toxic monster of greed. Noble kings and queens sent to fight for justice - save the world, are touched by a magic wand and turned into sleeping beauties. One by one taken off life’s chess board by unsuspecting parents. Masterminds against Joe trivial. An unfair match is being played. Win or loose – at stake a multi billion dollar purse against our future - our flesh and blood. Who are you backing? Veils of deceit shroud reality. A “Jack the Ripper fog” where crime goes unnoticed blankets the mind. Unsuspecting masses assisting the Masterminds of greed.

What are Indigo children

In a world gone crazy, conformity no longer guarantees a job or safety. Our kids need more than an uncle who knows an uncle to have a future. In a world gone mad, where politicians overrule scientists who warn of global disasters we need brave-hearts and dragon-slayers to lead the way. Clever marketing gurus trap us in the circle of paying debts. Holding our heads above water replaces rebellious spirit. Gripped in the jaws of the debt-vice we become our own prisoners. Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Nelson Mandela, Bill Gates, to name a few unconventional personalities that contributed with lasting impact, all walked the path less traveled. They thought out of the box, non-conformists. It is impossible to solve a problem with the same mind that created it. For humanity to evolve and to ensure its survival, our new generations need to challenge the status quo. What is currently referred to as Indigo children, are kids that show behavior characteristics very similar to highly gifted children. The most common of these traits (according to the people first coinging the term Indigo children, Nancy Anne Tape, Lee Carroll and Jan Tober) are listed below:

They are kings and queens that deserve to be here and they know it

Have a healthy dose of self-worth

Challenge authority (especially if it comes without reason/explanation)

Standing in a queue creates tremendous frustration, is sometimes refused completely

Rote learning/rigid rules are opposed

Act out against senseless systems and rules (at school and in the home environment)

Challenge status quo

Speak up if they feel they are treated unfairly

“Guilt” induced discipline does not work (wait until daddy gets home!)

Most manipulation techniques have very limited use

Not shy about letting people know what they need

Have in-built lie – detectors and will let you know

Very artistic, right brain dominant

Highly sensitive

Magnetic personalities

Well developed psychic abilities (clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, telepathy)


What else is different

Have an intense gaze and often “wise”, large eyes

“Look straight into a person’s soul”

Auras are indigo and/or purple-blue

Astrology birth charts often show clusters or bundles of planets in only one half of the chart

High IQ's, does not necessarily reflect in school report

Often misdiagnosed as adhd/add

Purpose of Indigo children

  Indigos come here to help the world transform. They are extremely sensitive to lies, people that don’t walk the talk. Where previous generations could easily disassociate with a problem and walk away, this is not possible for Indigo children. They cannot disassociate and just leave it. Whatever is not right needs to be addressed and solutions found to change it for the better.

Indigo children learn differently. They are usually wired differently and often realize long before a concept is fully explained what it is all about. To carry on sitting still when people in authoritative positions carry on babbling becomes frustrating. Indigos in situations like that often start to act out, display the typical “ants in the pants” syndrome and can’t sit still. They will try to get stimulation in a different way and that often results in distracting behavior for others.

Indigo kids are very special. They are here to save the world, right? James Twyman claims these kids are super psychic and other sensationalist terms. The movie Indigo kids was produced with low budget, unknown actors and according to critics a script with too many repetitions. Twyman/Walsch/Simon promote themselves excessively in a lengthy script preceeding the film that was not well received by most critques.

Professionals and parents alike take exception to the fact that Indio kids have exclusivity on character traits that are displayed by the majority of children of the 21st century. Children that have no purple/blue auras nor are possible aliens from other starsystems.

There is no doubt that there are significant differences in a lot of children born from the 80's onwards. Maybe a term that would include all children would help not to exclude everybody without an indigo aura, that nevertheless is special and displays most of the character traits anyway. Times have changed. In an age where flashcards, Mums and babes workshops and Montessori schools bloom on a global scale it has to rub off on children. My 4 year old is watching not only Barney, the friendly Dinosaur that a lot of parents would love to send on the next rocket to Sirius, but also Animal planet and Discovery. Channels that tell our kids things that we never heard till High school.

Labels and no name brands

Yes, the new kids are all very special. Do you have a Crystal or an Indigo? What about the mums and dads who can't find their children in any of those categories, they could explore the traits of highly gifted, star seeds, rainbow children or maybe just make peace with the idea that theirs is a "no name" brand? Then there are numerous internet groups where we read things like "I am an Indigo in conversion to Crystal by 91%"...yes, I recognize myself and my daughter 100% in the Indigo traits. I have even got the right allergies and deficiencies to qualify. Yet, bear in mind that there are at least 4 types of Indigos and all the various mixes of the 4 types. If you want to do yourself a favor, take cognizance of all the information, apply what resonates but do not create a new religion around it. Indigo children cannot be put in a box with a lid on top. Indigo best describes the energy a lot of the new children work with or are born with. Energies can change. It is not to say that if you're child is born without the indigo energy that it will never "become" indigo.

Summary for Indigo children

What is good for Indigo kids, is good for all kids. This flavor of new kids has come here to change the world. They came here to impact for all not just themselves. Remember one of the core messages from the Indigos is that we are all one. To seperate themselves in a exclusive group of specialness would then defeat the object. Ghandi, Mother Theresa or Nelson Mandela did not run around proclaiming that they were saviors. They saved!

So if you work with "Indigo" energy

focus your energy in discovering your true purpose. How come you chose to come here? Shift your focus from past-lives and your possible original roots to the here and now. The only space you can make an impact on is the present. On a worldy plane and for the sake of your purpose - the guess_stimation work of your planet of origin will do little to change mother earth's pollution.

For parents and teachers of 21st century children

Use any parenting tips for indigo children from any of the multitude of websites and the Indigo books of Jan Tober, Lee Caroll and Doreen Virtue on ALL children and watch them starting to work with INDIGO energy.

Carmen M. Schnider-Kemp

Divine Inspirations

From Divine Ispirations    http://www.parentingtips.co.za/Sub_Indigo.asp

Parenting Children with Indigo energy

January 10, 2006

by Carmen M. Schnider-Kemp

Congratulations! In accepting to parent a child working with Indigo energy, you have chosen assignment level 10 out of 12! That shows that you are a courageous person, ready to increase your vibrational level to new heights to keep up with your task.

"Mumbo-Jumbo" New Age talk?


Let's look at the practical side of parenting "Indigos" (short for children working with Indigo energy, not to be confused with a fixed label). Since the Russian scientist Kirlian Semyon accidentally found out that the auric field (consisting of energy) can be photographed, even hard core scientists reallocated "aura-talk" a slot in "facts and figures".

Fast forward... Your bosses wife has just spent a fortune on his credit card. Miserable the entire day he shut all your inventive world-improving ideas down. Your sister phoned you up because she desperately run out of money and your wive has been moping with PMS since yesterday evening. Your cellphone was stolen in the morning and the taxman announced an audit. Mentally you are still sending the taxidriver that cut you off to Jupiter with a one way ticket. Desperately trying to recharge your batteries you're watching your favorite "lions" playing the "cheetahs" - and your team is busy losing. Your 4 year old keeps on tugging at your shirt because you have to help her dress her barbie...a normal day in the life of a 21st century parent.

The deep dark thunderclouds forming inside your head can be seen without the help of Kirlian Semyon. But hey, most important to your 4 year old right now are you and the little bit of energy you got left. Many moons ago, when you were tugging the shirt of your dad, he shrugged you off to go play. Maybe you accepted, grumbled and went off. Your 4 year old doesn't. She goes to bed at 8 pm and is wide awake at 5 am. Relentlessly she claims her share of you if you had a crappy day or not.

You ask yourself where she has got all her energy from. You are running on reserve from about 10 am after spending it all on the traffic jams, the negative billboard-headlines, the the world's doom on radiowaves and the chatty blonde at reception that gave you an unwanted update on your bosses mood and his wive's latest tricks.

30 to 40 years ago, kids could be shrugged off without too many consequences. Today's children working with Indigo energy are less forgiving. They start to act up. Most of them operate on a very high energy and activity level. They teach us a new level of living. You carry on with your lifestyle as above, your youngster will most probably be sent to the school psychologist with the diagnoses adhd/add and a prescription to enrich the pharma cartell.

According to Doreen Virtue, "add" stands for attention diverted to a higher dimension (Care and Feeding of Indigo Children, HayHouse 2001). In the pharma dispensers books it stands for attention deficit disorder! Whoa, that is so true. But whose deficit? Who lacks attention? The attention deficit from parents/teachers/caregivers directed to the children?

Children working with Indigo energy are usually high maintenance, require fine tuned parenting skills to prosper and need a set of values from their parents that almost made it on the endangered species list. Our kids behave in ways that reflect our crazy lifestyle. They're mostly right brain dominant when current educational systems are still catering for a left brain dominant world. They're wired differently and think out of the box. Nobody said it's easy to keep up with evolution.

For today, let's look at a hurdle a lot of down to earth parents have to overcome. Extraterrestrial talk from their children (especially teenagers). On any given "Indigo" List or in chat rooms, children working with Indigo energy frequently refer to their "origins". That sounds something like this:

"My spiritual home is Orion but I have also had 2 lives on Sirius".

Depending on your culture and religion, that might get your neck-hair raising into cactus pose. You won't be the only one. Greta Hessel in her book "The New Children" (Urania press 2003) researches a highly esoteric trail looking into Drunvalo Melchizedek and his claims that Indigo Children can heal themselves of HIV and need junkfood. She took exception to one of the authors of "the Indigo Children", Lee Caroll, because he acts as Channel for Kryon. When she hits the "Santiner-Circle"with commander Ashtar, an esoteric movement that is either light years ahead of us or delights in constructing galactic fairy tales, she writes exasperately: "According to this the Indigo children are extraterrestrials!"

Aren't we all?

All major religions have taught us the past few thousand years that god/source created earth. That god/source is all there is. That we are connected to God/Source.

Extraterrestrial (Oxford adv. learner's, 6th Edition) adj. connected with life existing outside the planet earth: extraterrestrial beings/life.

Logic deduction: God/Source created earth, so s(he)it must be an E.T. (here before earth existed). As we are all God/Sources children and are connected with God/Source, a life existing ouside the planet earth, that makes us E.T's as well or at least earthlings with E.T. origins.

Does it matter if we were inhabitants of Sirius, Orion or Venus before we found our way to the here and now?

Parentingtip for today

When people engage in E.T. talk, tolerate it. If you do not want to join, great, don't. If it is your own child, bear with it. Do not dispute it or argue the point. When people talked about aura's 30 years ago, they were called delusional "New Age" Hippies, today Kirlian Seymon proved the Hippies right.

So what can you do?

Firstly, we are our children's guardians. The greatest gift we can give them is to guide them as fast as possible to independence. Everything that leads towards making it without you in the big world is a step in that direction. The present (pre-sent) is "god's gift" to us. It is all we have. Unless commander Ashtar and his Santiners can provide us with an instant solution to time travel or teach us skipping from dimension to dimension, the present is the only dimension we can currently work in during our waking hours.

One of my greatest mentors, Dr. Wayne Dyer points out: What you think about expands, even when you think about what you find unnerving (The power of intention, HayHouse 2004:164). The more we argue a point negative, the more it expands. Wayne Dyer applied: Let it go and direct your energy into what is relevant for the here and now. Constructive and at the same time valuing your child could be to ask your child to think about the relevance of our roots to the here and now. What influence could it have on the present if we are from Sirius, Orion or normal earthlings?

Let the here and now expand.

Are there advantages coming from Orion to process his/her current live in the present moment? Great. Enjoy these advantages together. On some lists there is a lot of talk about the density of 3D live and all its disadvantages. A gentle invitation to look for solutions can "enlighten" these discussions and raise the energy. Do not be afraid if your child is very young. If they are old enough to discuss their roots, they are old enough to have this discussion with you.

My 4 year old takes me on daily treasure hunts. Her simple, yet profound truths let me rediscover what I seem to have lost in the jungle of live.

So long, be good...

Carmen M. Schnider-Kemp

Divine Inspirations

Indigo Power - Living with Indigo energy
by Lisa Bellini

For thousands of years there have been people born with Indigo energy. These beautiful spirits came to be labeled "Indigos" due to the color of their aura. "Indigos" are Ancient Souls who have decided to come back to heal and educate. Due to a wide awakening and the shifting energy of the planet, these children have become Front Page news....

Truth be told, the first step should have came from the Adults/Elders. For they are the Forerunners, they are planting the seeds. While growing up, there were those of us who had mentors in there lives, via: parents, teachers. They were lucky enough to have had role models. These beautiful spirits were taught how to use their energy. Now, they are in the world as humanitarians, spiritual teachers, spiritual counselors, school teachers. Those who were not brought up with a mentor went through life fighting one battle after another. They felt misunderstood, found it hard to communicate, and became introverted. Some were abused physically or emotionally. Regardless which group you are in, we are all going through an awakening period. Neither group is any better than the other. For, we are here for one reason and one reason only, to assist humanity, evolve the educational and political systems.

As an Elder I suggest to parents of these Ancient ones, yes, they are gifted, but realize that everyone is gifted. No one should be treated any differently. The children of today need to be raised the same way we were. They need discipline, a routine, a healthy diet but most importantly they need unconditional love. They have already come to the world knowing right from wrong. This is imprinted in their heart; this is why they can not tolerate stupidity. They are also well aware of the labels people in our society have put on others, for instance, who is black, who is white, who is rich, who is poor, which religion is better, I can go on and on. In fact, we are all one. Now we are allowing our children to be labeled with ADD/ADHD or autism. They are being put on drugs in order to solve the problem quickly. The children realize this; they will not tolerate being treated differently. This is when anger sets in. They know that everyone is equal in the eyes of the Almighty.  In addition these children will walk all over you if you let them. 

They are wise beyond their years, but they are just beginning. They need boundaries. The spiritual journey which lies ahead can only be understood by another Ancient one. It is an incredible journey; but they will not understand and may get scared without awareness and guidance. Keep the lines of communication open, or they will start to hold everything in. It is up to you to do so. I can not express just how important this is. These children picked you as their parents. Yet you are the parents, you are still in charge. Do this in a loving way with clear communication and unconditional love.

Adults/Elders in the world are beginning to feel the energy, feel the shifting of the planet. Many Adults/Elders are unaware, so they find themselves going through a period of depression. Others are being diagnosed with bipolar. They find themselves, going back into the past and reliving their life. Because they are so sensitive, they lead with their hearts. They will do anything that is asked of them, always looking to please. Know, it is time to please ourselves. As we grow and awaken, we begin a search for our soul family. Doors will close others will open. Some closing will be friends or family. The ones that open will be our soul family. There is an energetic feeling you get inside when you have someone from your soul family.  It is such an exciting feeling.

Through out the years, the gifts will grow and grow; we have the ability to develop these gifts to perfection. This is how we were born, it is our birthright.  At times in my life - I questioned:"Is this a gift or a curse?" we are looked at different, we are treated different. The eyes of an Ancient one are old and mystic. People become afraid of the energy they pick up, afraid because we have the ability to answer a question, before it is even asked. We pick up on any emotion, even those who talk about us. Yes, we are human lie detectors.  Once lied to, we will find it very hard to trust again. We will tell you we forgive you, but trust me we do not forget. Once trust is lost, it is very hard to gain back.

While we are in the process of our awakening, all that we held inside will come to the surface. And this is what is happening now around the world. We are remembering, why we came here. We are reliving our past, all the attacks get played over and over in our minds; some choose to deal with the pain with drugs or alcohol. While others find themselves in an abusive relationships. There is a part of them that still wants to hold on; still wants to help the other person. You need to help yourself and put yourself first. We feel as if we need to be there. We feel that we can help the abuser. We can not change the person. To be quite frank, the abuser needs to realize what s(he) is doing and must be willing to make the change themselves.

We will all one by one come to a point were we realize what is occurring. I did this last year. I remembered and closed the door on everyone who had ever hurt me, made fun of me, made me feel as if I did not belong and all the betrayals. As I did you must release these issues before it kills you! I started Kundalini Yoga, Meditation and using Crystals. The energy, which
is flowing throughout the planet is calling out to us. For those of us who have realized that they are Ancient Ones, we have started the healing process.  Now, we are on a spiritually bound mission. We have a burning desire to change the world.  To make it a peaceful place to live. Bring harmony back. The children are here as warriors, the Adults/Elders are here as the
forerunners. The educational system will not work anymore. The children can not learn what is most important with the current process. It needs to become more visual and more exciting, learning how to use energy, and to stop labeling individuals. They are bored with the current schooling working with old world energy. The New World has come and it is time to change the educational system as well. We need to bring about a new system. Teachers need to be educated about the New Children. Children still need to respect the teachers, just as they need to respect their parents and elders. Remember the old values; this is the one thing that needs to come back.

There are so many more gifts and many more symptoms. I will write more on the gifts to come and the symptoms in my next article. I will also welcome any questions. I truly hope this enlightened, brought guidance to some and brought a higher awareness to others.

With Loving Grace
Love and Light
Lisa Billini


Lisa Bellini is an Indigo Adult.  Lisa has been giving Spiritual Counseling and Spiritual Channeling Readings for 15 years. Being a mother of an Indigo Child as well, Lisa knows how hard it is to work with this energy and how hard it is to raise an Indigo Child. She is also currently writing a book called The Life of an Indigo Adult. She does Yoga, Aromatherapy, Light Energy Work, is a Certified Usui Reiki Master/Teacher and Master/Teacher of The Golden Pyramid Healing.

Lisa lives with her husband Ray and her Indigo Child Michael. They Live in Hackettstown, NJ.

If you have any questions, contributions for Lisa's column please e-mail to: info@parentingtips.co.za Subject line: Lisa's column. If you would like to contact Lisa directly: Lisa Bellini

Indigo Children or Violet Children "Noticed that children today seem a bit different?  Parents, teachers, and health practitioners are seeing children that don't respond to tried and true techniques and won't be molded. Some are willful, precocious and brilliant, others have their own language or become easily detached. Medications don't work, they have funny eating habits. Over 60% of most classrooms (K-4) have some type of learning disability - are the tests inaccurate or are kids today wired differently ? Yes, they are; relax, you're not crazy, help and answers are available."   Penelope Greenwell, MS, MFA author of the "Birthing the Babes of the Light"  www.stationlink.com/pentangle

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