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5-3-2006  Kuthumi on Right Concentration and the Ego

 Please address the topic for the greatest good of the group at this time.

 We welcome you on this day of awakening and revelation. I Am the Presence of Kuthumi, World Teacher on the ray of love and wisdom. The Ascended Master Pallas Athena, my co-creative partner, and head of most of your karmic boards, will hold the presence of unconditional love on this day for all of you. The topic of this day is Right Concentration and the ego.

 Perhaps you are aware that Right Concentration is listed as the last aspect of the Noble Eightfold Path of Buddhism.[1] We have been teaching this pathway of consciousness for quite some time and have yet, in the context of these discourses, focused on the element of Right Concentration. Right Concentration is generally understood to refer to the practice of focusing the mind for the purpose of obtaining samadhi.[2] We will, under the guidance of the three Buddhas, Mahayasa, Maitreya and Manjushri, expound upon this today and relate it to a deeper understanding of ego and the western mind. The goal of this discourse, is to provide you with a deeper understanding of how you may go about cultivating the sacred practice of your own Truth. For you see, our dear students, there is a plethora of information and mis-information circulating about in your world at this time. If one does not know Truth, the energies of fear and doubt and mis-guidance continue to hold reign over your mental body, thus preventing you from opening to higher consciousness and the healing power of Divine Love.

 We have seen so many of you struggling to discern Truth at this time. What is True? What is Illusion? How can I know the difference between the two? Am I alone on this path, alone with my doubts, left to figure out these spiritual issues in the morass of mis-information? The answer to this question is that you are guided in every moment in time. At the depths of your soul, you know this. The difficulty is in quieting the mind so that you may Feel the guidance of your own soul. The practice of cultivating your own Truth is a feeling practice, it is not primarily a thinking exercise.

 You may wish to try this: Open your mind and ask yourself this: Who am I? From the basis of your mind, what do you hear in response to this question?  Well, we will suggest that most of you hear the response of your own ego. This is true even if you hear something as nice and satisfactory as: “I Am a being of light and love.” “I am a soul of infinite love and wisdom.” We do in fact congratulate you if you hear these types of responses for indeed, this is a deeper place of ego awareness than “I am a man or woman of x age, who has x family situation and x job, and am seeking spiritual wisdom.” This definition we can see, is the exterior definition of the self. This shows that you have self-positional awareness, but says very little, if anything about your True Self and Soul.

 Let us suggest another approach: ground yourself fully into the body. This is a feeling experience, not a thinking one. Feel the contours of your body, without judgment, for the body in this experience (and all others), is indeed the sacred container of your soul. Feel the chair you are sitting on, your feet on the ground. Feel the inside of your body, and allow your heart to open into your own sacred space. Call in, by your Divine Right, the Presence of your soul, requesting that 100% of your soul energies anchor fully into the Now, in this incarnation, in your body that is here now by your choice. From this place ask yourself: “Who am I?”  

Perhaps the response is quite different than in the first experience. Perhaps you feel something in your body or see an image or hear a word or concept. Who are you in this place of the grounded soul? Do you know? Are you truly willing to know, to feel, to see, to hear your own Truth? For let us suggest this our dear hearts: until you know who you are at a deep feeling level, it is indeed very difficult to discern what is true or false information coming from the exterior of your soul. What we are defining for you at this time as Right Concentration, is this practice of cultivating your own inner Truth, based on awareness of your Soul.  

When we instruct on this topic and use the traditional Buddhist practice of meditation/concentration, what occurs, is that you of the western mind become discouraged. The art and practice of meditation is indeed one of the most important factors in spiritual development. But let us point out one small Truth: the majority of you do not meditate on a regular or disciplined basis. And why is this? Because you lack the will? Because you lack the desire? Because you lack the training or understanding? Or perhaps is it something else?

 Let us suggest that in this time of exponential energetic acceleration, it is increasingly difficult to meditate in the old ways. Some of you may wish to state: Yes, but this is precisely why meditation in the way of samatha[3] (or single pointed focus) is increasingly important. For those of you who have the time for samatha meditation, we say, yes this is a very effective way of cultivating awareness of your own inner Truth. Fundamentally, this is as simple as following the breath and allowing thoughts to drift away until single focus on the breath is achieved for quite some time. Once this is mastered, then one moves to the vipissana meditation of Right Wisdom. So with these two cornerstones of Right Concentration, which are development of serenity and development of insight, one may indeed cultivate your own inner Truth. However, since a great majority of you are not practicing this, we may suggest another approach to Right Concentration which is more practical for the western mind.

 What do you suppose this suggestion entails? For it is very closely tied to the energy of the ego. Do you think that we will suggest that you watch at least one full hour of television every night and focus on what is true or not true in what you see? Or that we suggest that you read a spiritual book and practice discerning what is true or not true for you in the author’s words? Or that we suggest that you attend a lecture or channeling and concentrate on the quality of the message as a discerning exercise? Or that we indeed ask you to sit by yourself and listen to your own soul, grounded in the body? You see, the ego would like you to do these first three activities, to do something exterior and discern from there. The ego then has a very nice foundation for inserting itself and determining what is “right or wrong”. It is indeed important to pursue intellectual activities and to allow yourself time for entertainment and spiritual expansion in groups. But in these events, the ego is nearly always present and often in the drivers seat. For you see, the soul has no need to judge right or wrong from the outside of experience. The soul is interested in being in Truth, not in judging or analyzing or evaluating.  

Here is the fine point of distinction that we would like to make: the mind discerns, and the ego may or may not be in the drivers seat in this process. The soul IS. The soul is the Truth of who you Are. It is the fullness of your being, it contains the memory of being One with the Divine, the memory of being sent into experience as an expression of the Divine, the memory of each and every lifetime. It is the form of existence and contains all of the potential that has been accepted or rejected in each lifetime. The soul, the sacredness of who you Are, does not judge. We say again, the soul IS. The only way for you, in the mental body, to discern Truth, is to connect to this ultimate gift of your soul.

 The challenge in this for you of the western mind, is the over active ego, or the ego in control of the mind. Now, we do not prescribe to the belief that the ego must be banished or worse “killed” as is still rather rampant in spiritual belief systems. We have said before, without the ego, which is the “I”, one cannot experience the “I Am”. The ego is a part of your persona. The ego judges things as right or wrong, good or bad, and positive or negative. The ego provides you most perfectly with many of the lessons your soul is here to learn. For you see, the soul is wise and does not judge experience as good or bad.

For example, let us say that you lose your home to natural disaster. This has been the reality of many people over the last few years. The ego judges this as “bad”, as misfortune, as unfair. The soul does not judge this experience, for the soul knows that all experience has value, and the most difficult of trials can be the greatest of all gifts. This is not at all to belittle the difficulty of this or any other situation of trial, it is simply to illustrate the very profound difference in the perspective of the ego vs. the Truth of the Soul.

 The negative ego has been defined as that which keeps you trapped in the lower thought forms of selfishness, fears, doubts, insecurities and smallness of “me”. So, in the Socratic fashion, this must mean that the positive ego is that which elevates and frees one to love, trust and become the greatest of all possible selves. Well, let us suggest that neither statement is True. The ego is simply the term used for the compendium of thoughts, feelings, ideas, beliefs and judgments held in the personality, based on experience and a few other things. The ego is part of the human tapestry of consciousness. And in very circular pattern, it is the ego that judges itself as “good” or “bad”. As in any logic equation that can be proven true or false, one that contains a circular reasoning holds no value.   

The only way thus, to be in connection to Truth, is to open to the reality of your Soul. The ego will most certainly in the western way of things, provide you with many distractions and illusions to prevent you from accessing this immeasurable trinity of your Souls’ Love-Wisdom-Power. For when you begin to feel this (do you see, we are not speaking of thinking about this), yes, feel this, the ego begins to lose its position in the drivers seat of your persona. And the soul takes the wheel. This phrase is an encoded phrase for your soul: the soul takes the wheel. What is the wheel? What does it mean to say that the soul “takes” the wheel? This is worthy of further elaboration before we enter into the final aspect of this discussion which entails the “how to” section which you all so much look forward to.

 The wheel is either the wheel of karma or the wheel of dharma[4].

 We show you the two wheels:


The Wheel of Karma                                        The Wheel of Dharma


 Karma wheel from: http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wedergeboorte_(boeddhisme)

Dharma wheel from: http://www.mandali.com/

 When the ego is in the drivers seat, the wheel of karma continues to turn inexorably to allow all things to come into balance without higher consciousness of Truth behind the truth. (Also an encoded phrase.) This means that when you are engaged in the ego personality and in the activity of judging and analyzing things, without engagement and awareness of your soul, you are simply playing a part in allowing your karma, or reactive energy, to determine what occurs in your life. Thus, you may find yourself in a situation at work where a co-worker is creating dissonance and you are feeling victimized or blamed or treated unfairly. This is karma working out in the lower mind of unconscious patterns of thoughts and feelings.

 When you enter into the Presence of your soul, you begin to access the potential of the dharma wheel where the outer aspects of your life become aligned with the inner Truth of who you are: a magnificent being of light and love who is here for the purpose of serving humanity, of experiencing for God and of expressing unconditional love for self and others.  In this reality, a conflict at work becomes a signal to the soul to look within: what is it that I Am manifesting to create this situation? How do I act in the highest good of all concerned to transform this to Love? This is very different than the previous scenario of blame or frustration. This is the activity of the soul and there is no judgment in this process.

 The ego works for the benefit of self in some form, while the soul is eternal and exists in this beautiful blue place of peace and tranquility. How many of you truly identify your life today with the wheel on the right? How many of you have the frenetic energy (reactive) of the wheel on the left? This is the consciousness we are speaking of when we enjoin you, by your Divine Right, to call in the Presence of 100% of your soul, through the feeling process, in order that you may enter that Place of Peace of the Dharma wheel. The dharmachakra is a sacred symbol of balance: 8 arms represent the 8 fold path, and the inner circle represents transcending duality and entering into the Trinities. In the image below, the multi-colored lights may be seen as your guides, as the Ascended Masters, or in Truth, as aspects of your own sacred Soul.


This is the place where you Act in Divine Right Order, you feel Love in the depths of your being, you know the perfection of the Divine Heart that has sent you here to experience, and you experience as Truth, that you are One. This, our friends in light, is the difference between the ego in the drivers seat and the soul taking the wheel. Do you understand?

 Thus, we will suggest a practice of cultivating Right Concentration in the western mind in cooperation with the ego as part of the entire fabric of your consciousness tapestry. We are going to provide for you the foundation or base of this practice, the middle way and the upper realm of Truth in three sacred trinities (3x3=9). First of all, we will say that this practice of Right Concentration is not a “meditation”. It is a state of being that one cultivates in Intention, and through the integration of the preceding seven steps of the Eightfold Path.  

The Foundation:

 Groundedness, Gratitude, Gaia

(1st, 2nd, 3rd Chakras)

the Body

 As we suggested in the beginning of this discourse, to be in Right Concentration, one must first be grounded into the Now. This means being able to feel your entire energy anatomy as present and anchored to your operative level of consciousness as a human being experiencing life in this moment in time. To truly ground is to be able to FEEL all of your trinity of body, mind and spirit. Now, immediately some of you wish to say, yes, but what about the higher energy structures such as the cords of light, the antakarana, etc? You see, this becomes the ego interference – because these structures are all within the realm of spirit. When one is grounded in body, mind and spirit, all of the all is included, and there is no need for “yes, but what about x, y or z thing?” It is perfectly fine to ask questions our dear hearts, but many of you jumped immediately to doubt as a beautiful experience to allow yourself to see how your ego still wishes to drive the vehicle of your soul. Cooperation with the ego means to allow the ego to participate by observing itself, an activity the ego loves to engage in. When doubt and criticisms arise, you may simply thank the ego for its astute observations and continue to feel what you are feeling. No more and no less.

 How does one ground? We will suggest that the most effective way to be grounded is to feel gratitude in the heart for your existence and for the breath you are taking in the Now and then connect this feeling of the physical body and the energy of gratitude into the core of Gaia. This is heart work (or play) our dear ones. And this is what grounds. Gratitude for your willingness to learn. Gratitude for the multiple of blessings in your life so that you are in a position to ponder these things. Gratitude for the sustenance provided for you in each and every moment by Gaia, the en-souled planet of Earth who supports you on this magnificent journey of consciousness. If you cannot feel gratitude for at least one small thing, this process is not for you. For we know that some of you are in very difficult positions of physical ill health, of mental anguish and of emotional turmoil. And this is precisely the time to feel (not think) gratitude in your hearts. This is the precisely the time to give thanks for being here now, in this position to allow your soul to take the wheel of dharma into your life. Even the ego obtains joy in this. This is true. For the ego is not banished, it is appreciated as an integral part of your soul’s fabric.

 We present to you the beauty of Gaia as a focus of concentration. Perhaps you wish to view this image, breathe it into the heart, and then allow yourself to relax and ground deeply into her core of sustenance and light: 

 Three more Tools we will suggest for this first trinity of Right Concentration are these:

 1) Aura-Soma Bottle #40: “I AM”. Red/Gold which represents the energy to find self-knowledge. The red energy provides assistance in grounding and the gold represents the combination of orange and yellow of accessing your creativity and inner light. Gold is the energy of Wisdom.


2) Heartland Flower Essence: Terra Nova; “I Am grounded to the Center.”

 3) Moonstone Crystal: Moonstone is a stone of new beginnings. It assists in bringing the unconscious to consciousness. It promotes intuition and calms the emotions. It is a stone of grounding and balance.


The Middle Way:

Remember, Believe, Love

(3rd, 4th, 5th Chakras)

The Mind


From this grounded place of feeling, you then may focus on the mind by remembering your intention: to cultivate the sacred practice of your own Truth. Remembering is sacred our dear ones. To remember is to re-member the wholeness of who you Are, a Soul here experiencing an incarnation.  To remember is this:

  1. To recall to the mind; think of again.
  2. To retain in the memory.
  3. To return to an original shape or form after being deformed or altered.

Why do we define this very simple word for you?  Because in the ego driven vehicle, you so often forget! This is simple. Remembering in the definition of #3, is to make a conscious choice to allow your soul to take the wheel.


Next, you gift yourself with the choice to Believe. And believe what, you may ask? Well, many things. But first and foremost this:

 All things are possible in the Divine Heart, Soul and Mind.

 All things. Not some. Just as all experience has value, all things are possible if you believe (Mark 9:23). What is it, for example, that Gaia, an en-souled planet would ask you to Believe for her greatest good at this time: 

My waters are being restored,

my air is being purified,

my living fire is being rekindled brightly, and

my earth is regenerating vitality.

All things are possible in the Divine Mind.

 If you chose to believe this, our dear friends, you do much more than you can presently envision in your minds. This is Truth. As you serve yourself from the grounded energy of your soul, you serve many, many others.

 Now, you see, from this position, you may enter into the open heart of Love. Interestingly enough, we place this in the middle way, under the aegis of the mind. You all know that love is not a mind function per se, but you see, the heart is the center of the physical body, it is the organ we associate with love, and it is where we often feel love. But if we do not remember the Truth of who we are and we do not Believe that all things are possible in the Divine Mind, love often is an idea, rather than a felt reality. To love without groundedness, without gratitude, is often to love without impact or commitment. This is an encoded phrase. To love without remembering and without belief is truly to love at 10% of all that you are capable of in the heart. Love is many things: a feeling, a state of being, a condition in the mind, a presence of Soul and a gift from the Eternal Creator. Love is the primordial energy of All, and thus, we center in Intention and allow this energy to enfold us into the sacred practice of Truth.

 We present to you next, the fractal image of Remember-Believe-Love:


 Three more Tools we will suggest for this second trinity of Right Concentration are this:

 1) Aura-Soma Bottle #9: “Crystal Cave Heart within the Heart”. Turquoise/Green which represents the transcendental heart.  The green energy provides balance in the heart and space for the new; the turquoise energy assists with accessing creativity and allowing the mind to open to the feeling side of being.


2) Heartland Flower Essence: I Restore Myself.

3) Rhodochrosite Crystal: Rhodochrosite  is a stone of love and compassion. It expands consciousness and integrates the spiritual with material energies. It clears the solar plexus charka as well as the root chakra.

 The Upper Realms of Truth:

 Power, Wisdom, Infinity

(5th, 6th, 7th Chakras)

The Soul

 From this grounded place of feeling and the focused mind, you may now turn your Intention and Attention to the upper realms of Truth. Your own Truth is found here in the trinity of trinities: your power is in your Soul, your wisdom is in your soul and your soul, is Infinite.

What does this mean for the practice of Right Concentration? When one accesses power and wisdom, in a grounded state, with the heart open through the mind of believing and remembering, you touch your own Soul. You become en-souled, like Gaia. And All things are quiet and still. All energy is golden and pristine. You experience your Truth. You become One with the Divine. This Concentration does not mean you are focused in single-minded meditation. This is the concentration of Truth:

 I AM the Soul.

I AM that I AM.

I AM Grounded in the trinity of Body-Mind and Spirit.


The ego has a place here, along with all aspects of who you are: a being of light and love, a vast compendium of experience, a living library of wisdom, and above all, a being with the capacity to give and receive Unconditional Love. This is a feeling state our dearest hearts. This requires practice and this practice take place in any situation, in any experience, in any condition. For it is your Divine Birthright to call in your soul, to ground it into the Now and to be able to access your own Truth. We present to you the mandala fractal image of the Wisdom of your soul:


Three more Tools we will suggest for this third trinity of Right Concentration are this:

 1)      Aura-Soma Bottle #37: “The Guardian Angel Comes to Earth”. Violet/Blue which represents nurturing balance in the body, mind and soul. This bottle stimulates meditative energy.  The blue energy provides peace and surrender to “Thy Will Be Done”; the violet energy assists with accessing spiritual service and direction in life (dharma).


 2) Heartland Flower Essence: Infinite Crystal Clarity: “I Am that I Am”

 3)      Kyanite Crystal: Kyanite is a stone of attunement and meditation. It is an amplifier of high frequency energies, stimulating psychic abilities and intuition. It also assists in detaching from the belief in “implacable karma”, thus facilitating the movement into dharma. As kyanite does not hold negativity, it never requires clearing.


This, our dear friends in light, is Right Concentration. The totality of this experience is a practice is accessing your own Truth.  Right Concentration is no longer about obtaining a single-pointed focus of meditation. It is about becoming conscious, at all levels, at all times, of the Truth of who you Are. It is about accessing the greatest good of all, in this time of intense energy acceleration. It is about being able to cultivate the dharma wheel in the Now, not in 5 years from now, or 5 months from now or 5 days from now. Now. In this moment. You must make a conscious choice:


I Am that I Am.

I take full responsibility for my own Truth.

I have all Wisdom that I need to experience the lessons of my soul

from the place of dharma.

The ego is a part of the tapestry of my consciousness.
I embrace it, accept it and learn from it.

I Am here to Love.

All things are possible in the Divine Heart, Soul and Mind.


 Our friends in Light, we finish this discourse in the way of all Masters by stating Truth:

 We see the Christ-Nada consciousness in each one of you. This is the way of balance. Masculine and Feminine coming into a sacred place of Truth.

 For the greatest good of all concerned:

 The Master Kuthumi and the Master Lady Pallas Athena


[1] (Reference to the Eightfold Path: http://www.thebigview.com/buddhism/index.html )

[2] Definition of Samadhi: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Samadhi

 [3] Explanation of samatha and vipissana meditation: http://buddhism.about.com/library/blbudmed.htm

 [4] Reference to dharma definition: http://www.thefreedictionary.com/dharma


2-6-05 Group

Please discuss the topic that is of greatest good for the group at this time.

We welcome you and we would like to bring forth that which is in your conscious minds relating to the topic of soul consciousness.
This is an important topic at this time because as we have been speaking about it over the past several months, it has become a focus for many of you. The concept and reality of consciousness is the key to your spiritual transformation. There are many ways to explore consciousness. What we will share with you this morning is an awareness that you all feel but may not have yet brought into your conceptual minds. This is much related to the topic of unity and of responsibility.

We will share with you that this information comes from a reading that was completed for a very young person, a beautiful soul on the brink of major self transformation for she has asked to have revealed to her the beliefs that she is unaware of in her conscious mind, in order that she may pursue her path in light and love. Now, this information is important to share with all of you for it may prompt you to ask, and as you know, you must ask first in order to receive. At this time on your planet, there is a most magnificent coalescence of energy and of knowledge. This is a most auspicious time for you to affirm that you increase your consciousness every day. For at this time, all questions may be answered at a very high level of Truth and Reality.

If you would consider for a moment the environment of spirituality 100 years ago (which is a drop in time), you would see that much esoteric spiritual knowledge was being made available to a wider group of people, but that knowledge was still shrouded in mystery, in symbols which were coded in hidden meaning. Before that time, in many cultures which you have conscious access to in your “history”, esoteric spiritual knowledge was closely guarded, kept secret from the masses and shrouded in deep mystery, secrecy and elitist control. At this time on earth, all esoteric knowledge may be open to those who ask. There are indeed instances of mis-information going on but this is part of the process of your development of discrimination and of reclaiming your ability to trust the instinctual power you hold within to determine that which is True.

There is a very great deal of information available to you as to why this is a critical time on your planet. Let us suffice it to say that it is at its very root, related to the period of transition that all energy and conscious beings are experiencing. We will tell you that this is the time to take full responsibility for your conscious minds. If you choose to devolve into fear and the vibration which is stimulating you to focus on apocalyptic-catastrophic energy, you will be caught in a loop of misinformation and negativity. If you choose to evolve your consciousness into light, the vibration that is stimulating you to focus on the reality that the universe is a safe and loving place where there is no such thing as finality, you will be able to journey on the cosmic spiral of spiritual Truth. Do you understand dear hearts?

We will explain it to you in this way: think of one grain of sand on a beach anywhere on your planet. Is this simply a grain of sand that has no purpose and no other reality than its current state as a grain of sand? Or is there something more to this grain of sand than “meets the eye”? This grain of sand may be seen as insignificant in the totality of the ocean. Or you may choose to focus on the Truth of this grain of sand. This grain of sand is energy, just as you are. This grain of sand has been many things since it was birthed into form by the Creator. It has been cosmic plasma, gas, air, water, amphibian, fish of many forms, exoskeleton, heart, scales, eyes, and now, a grain of sand which carries the consciousness of all of these things. Does the grain of sand have conscious thoughts? Does it fear that it will be obliterated in some catastrophic event? Does it seek to evolve and become more than it is at this moment in time? Well, we will tell you that the grain of sand is part of a great conscious being, the ocean and also the Earth, and that there is very great consciousness in these two entities, one contained within the other (ocean-Earth). Now, the grain of sand is not “aware” in the sense that you think of awareness, but it is part of the larger organism which embodies consciousness.

Let us draw this analogy for a moment to you as an individual. You are very much like the grain of sand from the perspective of the universe. This is not to say that you are insignificant. It is to say that you are part of the larger body of humanity, that you have been many things and experienced in many forms. When you begin to see the duality of your self as a grain of sand and as being part of the ocean, and then of the earth, you will experience the interconnectedness of your own consciousness to that of all of humanity. You are one person, interconnected with your immediate family or soul group, and part of the group of humanity at this time. As part of this larger conscious entity, you may choose to focus on the reality that there is no such thing as finality, ending or separation. The process of conscious ascension and transformation involves first and foremost, the understanding that you are NOT separate beings, disconnected from others in your consciousness. When you understand this, you activate the potential to journey, evolve and play on that cosmic spiral of spiritual Truth. For you disconnect your soul from the vibration of fear which keeps you from seeing Truth and which keeps your consciousness invested in the illusion of separation and death as reality.

Your consciousness is indeed an investment. An investment in your spiritual evolution and progress. If you squander your investment on fear and negativity, you will not have as much, so to speak, in your spiritual bank when you transition back to the spiritual realm. You will simply have more debts to pay. This is a trite sounding analogy to most of you, but within it, there is much Truth. For if you wisely invest your spiritual energy on the vibration of love and compassion, you will accomplish what you came here to do in part: balance the wheel of karma in this lifetime so that you are able to take the great step into ascension and universal consciousness of the interconnectivity of all there is!

Now, here is what we wish to share with you from the young person’s reading:

The underlying question we are addressing is why and how do souls experience a limited form of consciousness in incarnation on earth?

Consciousness of three dimensionality begins in the womb. Three dimensional consciousness is a very limited version of reality – it is based on the illusion of separation and the concept that what one person does in private thoughts does not impact others. The energetic element at work before birth is related to the development of this limited form of consciousness. For a baby-soul in the womb, the experience of consciousness develops as an awareness of the limitations of 3D physicality in the womb, accompanied by the awareness of the consciousness of the mother. There is a mingling of the baby and mother consciousness which works as a transition to the 3D world where one enters into the process of believing that one’s consciousness is separate from others. Now, this is a big illusion and in the realm of souls, consciousness is experienced very differently – for it is still present but it is a much more encompassing reality – a soul is conscious of all thoughts and creative efforts of its soul group – there is no direct individual consciousness but the contribution of each soul’s conscious creations to the entire soul group’s development. As you can see, this is a very large topic, but for our purposes here, we wish to convey that it is only in the human realm that you initially believe that your consciousness is separate from others.

One of the myriad purposes of experience in the womb is to begin from a soul’s perspective, the experience of more limited consciousness. The soul begins to feel while in contact with the mother’s consciousness, a more limited definition of reality. Rather than an entire soul group, the soul begins to experience its own consciousness and the thoughts and emotions of the mother. Upon birth, consciousness is further isolated from direct access to the mother’s conscious thoughts, etc, so that the final transition to 3D reality is experienced as a complete stepping down of connection in the mind to all there is. Your own birth experience has much significance to your belief system. If you were to understand the circumstances around your birth and how you came into the world, you would do much to increase your awareness of your belief system. How many of you were born to physically numbed mothers, to mothers who were unaware of the spiritual process of birth, who were emotionally “unclear”? To be handled roughly, separated from your mothers, to be bombarded with thoughts of fear (maybe you didn’t breath right away or had some “complication”), to be “observed” in a plastic box while you struggled to adjust to human form, to fail to hear as your first experience, the welcoming words of your parents (welcome, we love you, thank you for choosing us etc.)? Very much karmic experience is contained within the birth process and you may learn much from the lessons of how you came here.

Why then, in the human experience, is it necessary for all of us reading this and nearly all of humanity, to limit our consciousness in the first part of our lives (at the very least), to that of illusion of separation? Well, this is part of the pathway of claiming the greatness of your soul. There is an entire treatise to be laid out on this topic. For there are layers upon layers of purpose behind this illusion. Let us suffice it to say that for those of you on the pathway of ascension, the process of experiencing this separation and then, while in human form and incarnation, becoming conscious of the illusion so that you begin to live in right thought, word and action, is the form and substance of becoming a Master. What is a Master you ask? It is one who is able to be in human form and experience the interconnectivity of all living things such that all you do, think and say emanates from the highest vibration in the universe, Love. Once you have mastered this, there is no need to return to this planet and to this limited form of consciousness unless it is as a great teacher and example of light, such as the Masters you are aware of in your cultures.

Now, in the soul realm, the soul is also able to expand its consciousness far beyond its soul group as long as there is agreement with all souls and groups involved. This concept of group soul consciousness is important to understand from the 3D realm – for you see, your own experiences and actions, thoughts and words impact all of your soul group – there is no such thing as an individual experience of the soul – there is a very beautiful interconnected play of the soul experiencing for the benefit and development of its entire group of souls – in this way, you, as a soul, agree to take on certain parts of the assignment for the group, while other souls agree to take on other parts – so that in a magnificent coalescence of experience, all souls contribute to the lessons and development of its group. You are so much more interconnected than you can imagine – and this is the concept that we wish to introduce to the group, through the grace of our young person’s question, in order to bring to you the great importance of responsibility to your soul group of your thoughts, words and actions. For if you begin to accept the interconnectedness with the larger group of souls, most of you will see that you have a great responsibility, far beyond yourself to live in Right Relationship.

Now, there is one central question pressing on many of your minds from this information so far. That is: how does one balance the wheel of karma? Is this some “new age” idea based on reincarnation, a concept that is in vogue and spiritually interesting? OR is there something of importance to bring to your conscious minds? Well, we will tell you that what ALL of you have been doing in this lifetime is balancing the wheel of karma – it is the work of every lifetime. But in this particular point in time, when consciousness is accelerating and opening to universal truths, the awareness of realities greater than 3D, the nature of the soul and above all, your responsibility of creating in Love, all karma may be balanced and completed.

The work of balancing and completing karma is different from acting out your karma. In every lifetime, you act out karmic interchanges, providing your soul with the opportunity to simply experience the dynamic of one role or another. The purpose of karma is not at all a tool of spiritual retribution. No indeed, and this is where the “new age” movement has largely been inaccurate on this topic. There is indeed in operation, the law of spiritual return, meaning that that energy you put out into the universe will come back to you multiplied (this is the principle behind the 70x7 law of forgiveness taught by the Master Christ – for you must learn to forgive others as you work at forgiving yourself). But this does not mean that the purpose of karma is to reward or punish you for actions in previous lifetimes. No indeed. The purpose of karma is to give your soul the opportunity to experience all things. To live through the energy of exchange. And above all, to exercise your free will choice. For in unconsciousness of the divine interconnectedness of All things, you may choose a different path than one who is aware, at the highest levels of your being, of the supreme responsibility you have to choose to make every thought, word and deed “count” and emanate from the heart of Love.

If you are still spinning on the energy of the wheel of karma in a state of unawareness of your spiritual responsibility and the implications of the exercise of your free will, you will continue to create situations that will require more experience in the 3D realm. If you are choosing to exercise your free will in ways that harm others or yourself, or (and this is something to ponder), out of higher consciousness, based on love, in ways such that you expect something in return, then you are creating more and more need to experience another turn of the karmic wheel.

Now, let us expound for a moment on this very curious statement about choosing to love but expecting a return of something and the implications of this for your spiritual development. For many people at this time have moved past the negativity of harming others, and are working actively on not harming themselves by ending abuse of their physical bodies, by monitoring their mental bodies, and by learning to control their emotional bodies. This is very important work. But then, very often, people will begin to operate out of this intention to create from the vibration of Love and as part of this experience, expect something in return. What this sets in motion is more of the law of spiritual return. For yes indeed, when you create out of Love, it is very beneficial and divine. However, when you expect to be noticed in your goodness, to receive accolades from others, to “get a pat on the back”, you set in motion the energy of Love with conditions! Do you see this dear hearts? You must Love without expectation other than that of being in the energy of Love. You must Love without attaching strings to the outcome, to others reactions, to any form of reward. For only in this pure energy of unconditional love, does one balance karma and then, begin to spiral off the wheel of lifetimes, into the energy of ascension of consciousness and energy. Do you understand? We will tell you one small thing: many of you are about to take this step into unconditional Love. When you experience this, you will know it in your heart and at the very deep level of your hara chakra. In unconditional Love, there is no expectation of return. There is only love, without attachment, conditions, expectations, control or desire. Thus, without expectation of return, there is no longer need for the energy of return: there is only the energy of dancing on the spiral of cosmic Love. Of becoming the Truth of who you Are. Of becoming the Master that you Are.

We would suggest that you practice this for one day. Go about your busi-ness, but use the power of your eyes and heart to Love. Surround your heart in the golden light of Love from the Creator. Then breathe this light out all the way through your aura. State your intention to Love all in your path today. Do not then proceed to sit in your houses! Go out and practice this. Everything you encounter, from your car, to the street you drive on to the people you pass casually and those you interact with, experience Love. That is all. Do not attach anything to the outcome or the reaction. The only thing you may do is to notice and observe. For you will be serving the highest principle in the universe: unconditional Love. We will go as far as to say that only a very few of you have truly experienced this. Most of you are still in the energy of Love with conditions. You may feel that you love your partner or your children unconditionally, but most of you still expect something from them. Similarly, most of you who plant seeds in a garden, expect the plants and flowers to bloom in the spring. This is a normal expectation. But what happens then if nothing blooms? You begin to criticize yourselves, wondering, “what did I do wrong”, “why did I not receive an expected reward for my efforts”, “anyway, maybe I don’t deserve to have the flowers and plants in my life”. So, it is normal, in the energetic pattern of 3 dimensionality, to plant with expectation, but in a spiritual sense, it is a more useful pattern and energy to plant and then detach yourself from the outcome. If the outcome is different than what you expected, it would be much more useful to continue to Love yourself, rather than criticize yourself. Do you see the benefit of this pattern? For this is the trap of conditional love and for the energy of Love sent out with a specific motivation of reward. You continue to spin on the wheel of karma, creating the need to experience more situations where you can choose a different path, that of Love without expectation of reward.

We would like to clarify that it is indeed a very important and powerful activity to carry in your heart the energy of expectation: expectation for beautiful and loving experiences, expectation for drawing to yourself the perfect situations you need for the development of your soul, expectation of abundance, health, happiness, security and peace. Yes, even the expectation of love in all of its forms. But this is different from you sending out Love and sharing love with the expectation of a return. For then the love is conditional and keeps you on the karmic wheel. Do you understand dear hearts? We would suggest that you do the experiment above and then evaluate the results. Yes, most divinely guided.

Within this discourse then are two very important lessons: that of balancing karma through the act of unconditional love, and that of truly comprehending the interconnectedness of your consciousness with all of humanity and beyond. These two lessons are inextricably linked. For it is one and the same thing: to Love unconditionally is to experience the interconnectedness of all energy, for if you Love without conditions, you become conscious of the reality that there is no true separation of yourself from others. That in loving others and all things, you love yourself. And as you truly love yourself, you find the key to that which your soul yearns: connection to the Creator, the divine knowledge, wisdom and experience, that you never have been, nor will never be, separated from the Creator, that you do not have to “go home”, you Are home. You do not have to die a physical death to return to the Creator, you are with the Creator in every moment, your soul has never been lost or adrift or separated, you have only been adrift in the illusion. And then, as unconditional Love becomes your reality, you are truly transformed and become a Master.

For the greatest good of all concerned.



© Ronna Prince 2005

Dear Friends of Kuthumi,
Above is a discourse from Kuthumi on the topic of Right concentration and the ego. I am sharing with you the information that I have been through a very transformative period over the past six months. I have continued to work with the Ascended Masters, as those of you know who have experienced  personal sessions. The past six months has been very important in my own process of accessing Truth.
I am now opening the Ascended Master forum for all of you on my email list who wish to participate. This is providing a new way of interacting. If you want to participate, please send your questions in response to this discourse and teaching. Kuthumi and the Masters will then select a few of your questions with a new discourse that will be published on my website.  This is meant to be interactive and is under the guidance and instruction of Kuthumi.
I appreciate all of your emails and support of my work. We are entering into a new phase of acceleration. If I can be of service, please let me know. Also, let me know if you cannot open the attached word document and I will send the text.
Yours, in service to the Divine,
Ronna Prince
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Dear Friends of Kuthumi,
In response to Kuthumi's message yesterday, here is the information about the Aura-Soma and Heartland Flower Essences. I am also including some suggestions for how you may combine the tools suggested by Kuthumi to practice Right Concentration.
First of all, I am acknowledging the perfection of the "error" I made in sending out an earlier discourse from February 2005. This discourse is very much related to the one Kuthumi brought through yesterday. I read the 2005 discourse this morning and see all the connections between yesterday's discourse through karma and unconditional love. In the magical way the Masters work with me, they wanted you to have the opportunity to review this basic information also, and to remind all of us of the importance of our responsibility as souls to act from a larger perspective than the self.
The aura-soma equilibrium bottles may be used as a tool for transformation in the following way: aura-soma is composed of a bottom fraction of water and an upper fraction of oil. Each bottle contains a unique combination of plants, crystals and gem essences. The bottles carry vibrational frequencies of color, light and the essences with which they are created. They are used on the body, generally in the area of the chakras associated with the color (i.e. a blue bottle is typically used in the area of the 5th charka, the throat.) Using the aura-soma on the body allows it to enter into the chakra and assist in clearing energies you are ready to release and opening to energies of transformation for your greatest good. You can purchase aura-soma from a number of websites, as well as from me, as I am a certified aura-soma practitioner. I sell the equilibrium bottles for $33/each plus S&H. Other providers are as follows:
To learn more about aura-soma, I recommend the following website:
Heartland Flower Essences are created by Shauna Bury who lives in the Midwest. The Essences can be ordered through her email:
They can also be obtained through Morning Light Books in Des Moines, Iowa:
1251 73rd St # C, Windsor Heights, IA
(515) 255-9256
In using the transformational tools you may wish to place the three crystals on your altar (or create a meditation space if you don't have one) and simply allow them to carry the energy of Right Concentration. You may also go through the procedure outlined by Kuthumi and in each on the Trinities, hold the related crystal in your hand and fele the vibration of each one they represent (body-mind-spirit). Likewise, with the aura-soma, you may place the three bottles on your altar or sacred space and they will vibrate the energy of the three trinities (and much more!). You may also use them on the body to bring in the energies represented by each of the bottles. I personally use my aura-soma both in the morning as I set my intention for the day, and in the evening as I prepare for sleep and the guidance of my guides and the Masters. I use the Heartland Flower Essences at the same time as the aura-soma, focusing on the affirmation and chakra associated with each essence. Most of all, if you are working with the tools, experiment and find your own way that these vibrational gifts assist you in the journey of evolution of spiritual consciousness.
Yours in service to the Divine,

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