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“Blessed Be Dear Ones for I see a world where Peace prevails coming to you all, if you wish to follow my lessons and advice.

 I will be teaching to many soon as along with my dear brother Archangel Hamied, who makes many miracles to occur for you all, as I wish to speak more through Elisabeth. 

Dear Elisabeth wishes to be a healer quietly in her room in Adelaide, but we wish her to spread our healing energy and messages to many and so it will be! 

We are asking that the focus of your intention this year be upon GRATITUDE  – feeling it, living it, being it and offering it freely to others.    Be it easy or a challenge, this is where your safety and security in the coming years will come from.   You need only then ask for my presence – or the presence of the Angel & Divinities you are aligned with -and then after listening for guidance from your heart and us always you will be totally safe at all times in the future…..

 Have no fear dear ones about the world, terrorism and so called natural disasters.   We promise you a life of some joy, some sadness, but at no time will you or those who follow this advice be left alone in great pain or suffering or spiritual or emotional distress.

Many seek Enlightenment or Ascension but in reality this is but GRATITUDE at its highest level.    If you can give gratitude when difficult events occur for you and others, give gratitude for the lessons learnt or gratitude for chaos around you knowing Human Chaos is usually Divine Order – is not this Enlightenment?    The state of knowing that we will not  always have answers, but trusting if you have sought Divine Assistance constantly in your life then your life is guided at all times, and all is in Divine Order, brings great peace.


The energy of living a life of constant gratitude opens your heart and crown chakras – indeed all your chakras and allows for the free flow of energy through and around you.    You open yourself to health on all levels and great abundance and wisdom.


Fear and anger close down your heart chakra and energy system so you attract more fearful situations into your life.


Now I, ISIS, Queen of Egyptian Magic and Healing offer you the chance to change this with my White Light from Sirius.


Sit in a chair or is best if done outside

Visualize me in front of you as a White Energy Form – like a big cloud.

Then see me envelop you in this White Light.  I surround you as you draw out all pain and anger from your heart and body and return it to the Earth God Geb and Earth Mother Gaia.   Then I will put waves of bright white and violet light through and around you. Simply see me surround you with the Energy Form of GRATITUDE.    Feel gratitude to me and for this energy dear Elisabeth and I send to you.


Then for 24 hours try to give gratitude for every event in your life – the fact you have a home to live, even a toothbrush for your teeth, a safe place to sleep – the list goes on.   Continue the next day but make your acknowledgements of gratitude brief, but longer at bedtime.   We ask you to continue to visualize all persons on the earth living in peace and harmony surrounded by my White Light and that of Hamied, Angel of Miracles.    Continue this practice for a year and we promise you enlightenment Dear Ones!


Finally I do tell you that there will be many sad and difficult events for the next two years on a world level.    But we wish not to focus on them, but give gratitude that you are safe, that Mother Earth is responding and releasing her pain and healing.    When this time passes it will be a time of Joy upon Earth.


Blessed Be to all who follow my simple, inexpensive path to Healing, Enlightenment and Joy.”


ISIS through Elisabeth Jensen - January 30, 2006


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