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Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
4 Eb, 15 Pax, 1 Caban         6/6

Greetings, dear Ones! We return for yet another go-round with you.  Many of the things we talked about in the last few messages continue to percolate.  The dark cabal knows that its time in power is nearing an end. Yet, some matters still need attention. We dearly hope that the work of our Galactic Federation liaisons and related members of our diplomatic corps can soon reach completion.  Until this happens, we remain fully focused on these issues.  In addition, other members of the fleet, involved in the care of Mother Earth, report that she badly needs some important pressure adjustments to many of her tectonic plates.   Hence, you can expect some major seabed earthquakes in the next few weeks.   All this indicates that the present reality is barely remaining in place.   A new reality and the energy momentum to manifest it are growing stronger each day.   These rising pressures on all fronts show us that you are indeed very close to this reality's end-game scenario.   With the demise of the old, a new world filled with the joy of first contact can at last appear!

      While your old reality recedes, the solar system pursues her own renovations.  Realities, as we have mentioned many times, are interlocked or clustered together. This is the case with this solar system, in which the Sun and your sister planets are tied together by a number of vital common interests.   As Mother Earth changes, so does the rest of the solar system.   Long ago, this system was pristine; the 12 daughter planets sailed in harmonious, near-perfect orbits around the Sun.   The forces and energies acting upon them were carefully allotted.   Then the great galactic wars swept in and, with a series of severe skirmishes, changed your solar system into a scarred remnant of her former self.   It is this that led to this system's devolution into a limited consciousness reality.   Among the changes were elliptical orbits, the eventual disappearance of her innermost world, and the sudden demise of her outermost water world.   These events caused the turning down of Mother Earth's energies and resulted in the crippled planet that you presently reside on as guests.

      An important point for you to grasp is your status as guests.  You are not true members of this planetary ecosystem; rather, you are extraterrestrials drawn from 50 star-nations dotted throughout this galactic neighborhood.   As such, you each have a special responsibility to take care of and protect this beautiful water world.   Mother Earth has done much to ensure your survival in this most dangerous limited consciousness environment.   All she asks in turn is that you now make amends for your destructive actions against her.   This need is one that you are more than capable of fulfilling.   Our part is to aid you by providing, once we arrive in great numbers, the technology and logistics to carry out what is immediately essential.   Bear in mind that your deeds of the past 500 years have accelerated massive planet-wide extinctions.   Further, your misuse of your industrial and petroleum-based inventions have brought great plagues upon you and your fragile environment.   These developments helped to further speed up the rate of extinctions over the past 100 years.

      The decreasing number of successful species on your world is mirrored by a biosphere that is rapidly transforming. The polar icecaps are melting and the climate is warming up.  Your world is becoming more inhospitable to human survival.  This you have brought upon yourselves.  This dilemma came about for a purpose: to show you that you need to either change, or die.  These are harsh words to utter, and they are intended to draw your attention to events that are compelling you urgently to see just how different your approach needs to be.  The old ways are no longer viable or relevant.  New, drastic solutions are imperative. The anguish of your world's citizenry is just the tip of an iceberg of iniquity and is triggering an increasingly vocal cry for change.  It is this that is finally driving our Earth allies to finish up what they started decades ago.  Here, you really need to 'stay the course" and keep the pressure on.  The blending of your efforts with the abilities of our Earth allies can assuredly bring you the changes you yearn for.

      Our first contact fleet is bound at present by a pledge to our Earth allies to aid them in the swift completion of their remaining tasks.  The most vital are crucial regime changes, and these are by far the hardest.   Embedded in various governments are individuals who are working diligently to muster the resources to carry out the near impossible.  This operation makes for a most sensational plotline, but know it is getting done.  Soon the actions to oust these regimes can become concrete history.  Until then, realize that many men and women are daily risking their jobs and lives to bring about this victory.   Before these coups d'etat hit the headlines, your ongoing focus on your objectives is greatly needed.   We repeat: keep the pressure up.   Show these regimes you are determined to have their dismissal.   Most of all be forbearing and know Heaven is always with you!

      The changes within you are likewise accelerating.  The integration of your physical and spiritual elements is creating greater sensitivities and this brings an increase in headaches, back problems, and rising levels of fatigue. As your new head chakras begin to make themselves known, headaches can be more severe at times.   Keep in mind that a vast new information system is being restored to you which brings you back into contact with the spiritual realms.   Also, several new chakra points are opening along your spine.  This changes the way your nervous system works while inadvertently affecting your lower back.   Muscle spasms and occasional twinges of pain may result.  We ask you to evaluate these accordingly.   Remember that so much needs to be transformed and much of this can cause either discomfort or some degree of temporary disability.

      Many of you are also experiencing problems in your upper chest region.  The integration of your new thymus chakra was delayed; as this procedure can somewhat affect your body's present immune system.  Our Galactic Federation medical teams are currently monitoring this process closely, and a number of procedures are being followed to see that this new chakra comes in as easily as possible.   However, be warned that a more powerful thymus can initially affect you by producing a temporary increase in fatigue.   If this happens, we recommend that you take time out to have a nap.   Having integrated, your body can then reward you with increased energies to complete your tasks.   In many senses, your bodies have the growing pains of young children as you grow back into fully conscious Beings.

      The status of this first contact mission is quite robust. We watch a deep evolution taking place in you and in our Earth allies.   This operation evolved enormously over the past decade and a half, and our fleet likewise altered its focus many times.   You could say we matured much like you have.   Our learning curve became steeper and our knowledge of your world gave us much wisdom.   For this we are ever grateful.   Observing your triumphs and seeing your reactions to the half-baked excuses of the dark were indeed worth the journey.   We stand at the very brink of contact.   And yet, if you are honest with yourselves, you can imagine how these last few steps could easily become the hardest.   So, be kind to yourselves and do not be caught up in games of retribution or shame as the last dark act plays out.   Never forget,  Together, We are indeed Victorious!

      Today, we discussed what is now happening on your world.   We are forever thankful for your energies, your support, and your unswerving assistance in these matters.  Soon, we shall arrive on your shores.  Be together, and use your great abilities to support what is now so close to happening.  We now take our leave.  Blessings, dear Ones!  Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours!  Selamat Majon!  Selamat Kasijaram!  (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)



Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
10 Chicchan, 8 Pax, 1 Caban          5/30

Selamat Jarin! We come before you, dear Hearts, with more to explain to you.  Around you, the last aspects of the dark are finally losing their grip upon you. This is because of what is being accomplished by our Earth allies.  Many times before, our joint efforts looked set to overwhelm the dark, but each time, the numerous moles within the ranks of our Earth allies alerted this last dark cabal to the impending danger.  This time, we are at last invited to participate fully in this party and can enjoy a most deserved celebration.  As we await this momentous moment in your history, we can assure you that the results of what is about to happen are to be most successful.  Currently, our fleet liaison officers are supervising the swift winding up of those tasks remaining at our end.   But the bulk of this undertaking is done, and some truly grand times lie ahead!  Very shortly, we expect some major decisions to be proclaimed by a number of new governments.   These unprecedented declarations are to set the stage for our arrival on your shores!

      As you are all too aware, getting your world to this point has been quite a challenge. Your global society was infested with layers upon layers of dark agents originally put in place by your former overlords, the Anunnaki.  These shadowy gangs were ruthless in maintaining control and enflaming the myriad schisms that have kept you "divided and conquered" for so long.   The pivotal element was to clean out these seemingly endless layers of infestation one by one.   Any momentary lapse of attention was pounced upon by the dark who literally seeped through the cracks caused by carelessness or betrayal.  These little setbacks warded off this growing momentum for change for over three decades.  Now, at long last, the moment of victory is at hand.  When the last few pieces are in place, we duly expect the many changes we have all been longing for to begin manifesting.  These changes are designed to rapidly stabilize your world and encourage global harmony.   Our concern is to stop the dark's recently established plans for global economic collapse.   Once we neutralize this treachery, your world can move away from a multitude of disasters.

      The prime disaster-in-the-making is, of course, global warming. Three main factors contribute to this phenomenon:  First is the ravaging effect of industrialization; in the past two decades, this blight has spread massively into the developing world, especially the highly populated nations of China and India.   These latter are now caught up in a spiral of surging industrial production and attendant rising pollution.   This is on top of the enormous damage already inflicted over two hundred years by the nations of Europe and North America.   Second is the natural process of transformation of Mother Earth as she, like you, changes back into a fully conscious Being.  As this happens, processes come into play that cause her ice caps to melt, her atmosphere to heat up, and her flora and fauna to undergo great changes.   The third factor is the hyperactivity of the Sun.   Here, colossal outpourings of coronal discharges into the solar system affect Mother Earth's upper atmosphere and provide conditions for big changes.

     Unchecked global pollution is growing rapidly.  Its importance in this mix lies in the fact that it acts as the catalyst for and speeds up the effects of the other two factors.   Remember, dear Ones, you reside in a holistic reality:  The reality affects you, and you affect your reality.   It is true that this is a time of grand change;  however, your unconscious efforts of the last two hundred years greatly influence the immensity of the changes that you now see around you.   This growth in responsibility gave birth first to the emotional and then the scientific desire to care for the "living spaceship" that supports you.   Currently, you are facing urgent challenges.   First, how to effectively respond to the grave requirements of a swiftly eroding environment.   Second, how to quickly deploy technologies capable of either alleviating or preferably reversing the present hazardous planetary conditions.   This involves another immediate need: the question of how to govern yourselves.

      The manifest inability of most of your governments to serve their citizenry points to the necessity to rethink the premise of governmental responsibility toward its constituents.  The rise of the influence of giant multinational corporations and the vast increase in the costs of political campaigning has skewed the fundamental relationship between the people and their elected officials.   A case in point is the issue of global warming:  Despite a number of international agreements and dedicated grassroots activism, the problem of how to control the emissions of "greenhouse gases" and many other pollutants is not even close to a viable solution.   The present momentum of a global economy dominated by multinationals can lead only to inevitable catastrophe.   This is why a new economic direction is an essential first step and why the program to be put into effect by our Earth allies is so vital to everyone.

      Prosperity unleashed without a purpose solves nothing. Therefore, a constituent of the upcoming prosperity programs will be a series of objectives whose focus is to quickly transmute the factors that imprison you.   Freedom is a state of mind, and it confers an active responsibility to self and others.   Debt forgiveness also involves goals that induce social responsibility.   The ills of the past need to be remedied in a manner that forever prevents their reoccurrence.   All these prerequisites shape the new economic system that is to be instigated once the present American regime is driven from office.   These crying needs are bringing the impending solutions into play.   Our liaisons and diplomatic personnel are very excited at the prospect of the imminent downfall of the last stronghold of the dark.

      As you forge ahead with a new reality, its many building blocks will become visible.  Each block will represent an aspect that makes the whole possible.   We see first contact in this light.   But much still needs to be done before we can move out from under the cloak put around us by this dark cabal.   Once the UFO cover-up is put to flight, we will naturally be seen in our true colors as your benevolent space family.   Completing this first contact mission with the peoples of Mother Earth allows us to assist you openly in resolving your environmental problems.   However, the nature of our technology requires a reality that is beyond the dark realm that has smothered you for so long.   Thus, with our help, each upward step of your new reality permits yet another, each one accelerating your progress toward your ultimate goal-your return to full consciousness.

      Your transformation to date has introduced you to various bits of the whole process.  Taken in isolation, your experiences can be discouraging.   It is thus so important for you to maintain the perspective of the big picture to avoid being sucked down into the minutiae of daily life.   The bigger picture can help you comprehend how the chaos around you is sweeping toward only one possible outcome: your inevitable and destined victory.   As it is difficult for a limited conscious Being to see beyond the daily malarkey, it helps to look upon your World as a "comedy of errors."   Try to laugh at this vaudeville and be easy on yourself during your periods of exasperation.  Look to the divine purpose of these end times: the birth of a golden new reality!   Together, We are indeed Victorious!

      Today, we touched on some of the many elements coming together to produce your new reality.  We know this cosmic drama can seem quite bewildering.  We ask you to call upon your deep inner resources to find ways to maintain your "cool" and above all, your sanity.   And know that you are not in this alone!  We now take our leave.  Blessings, dear Ones!   Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours!   Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)

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