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Master Message 115 ­ Be Active for Freedom

>January 3, 2005
I AM Saint Germain.
>An answer to this day is to deliver the truth to as many as can be reached.
>Freedom depends on all who make an effort to achieve it. An active
>commitment must come with action that makes the controllers afraid of
>their opposition.  Creative demands on our conscious awareness must
>develop into creative activities to destroy all the demands of the
>major control directors.  I am not asking for direct aggression. More of
>the calling and communicating that alerts the controllers that money is
>not enough to control the entire human drama.
>Fortunes can be destroyed by not accepting any of their demands.
>Closing their control can be mandated together with non-violent resistance.
>their networks with negative dialog about their plans can cause
>different actions that will destroy their existing control. An
>offensive calling campaign that drains their momentum on a daily basis
>can divert anything being devised.
>Facing them with non-action calls their action into manifestation.
>Politics can create obedient conditions and they can activate this
>obedience as a mandate to control all others. Instead, mandates from
>the others before this occurs, including demanding another leader, can
>change their course direction.
>Mandating another leader of America is needed. The current director
>lacks more than clarity. He also lacks an ability to listen to those he
>does not care about. It is this lack of concern that motivates his
>actions. Most of his denials are only non-caring edicts.
>Politics can deliver any drama needed to make an actual truth become an
>abridged truth. By negating any of the meaningful details, those
>deceiving the masses merely distort the meaning of any positive
>intention... Many of these carefully conceived dramas are now making
>nuclear control meaningless and giving cause for new demands by
>countries given this controlling nuclear message from American
>government officials. More and more of the non-aligned governments
>desire nuclear capability as an answer to their active demands to get
>new concessions from the Americans.
>Total control by these dominant controllers is not our desire. Acting
>against anything with non-angry methods must be done. Care to be
>non-aggressive and non-caustic must be taken. Allowing differing
>opinions must be continued.
>More than one disturbance has been generated on the calculated demand
>of the controllers as a means to the next answer of control. The next
>one is now being developed. Consider any attacks caught on national
>news to be calculated on the controllers¹ directive. No group of
>terrorists can do as much damage as this group.
>Policies of non-concern about the non-aligned demonstrators of other
>opinions must not be allowed.  Continue to notify others about all
>congressional opportunities to control being dealt to this community.
>Make the once in a lifetime decision to cry out against these
>controlling desires.  Take a mandate to the opposition to lead major
>defeat against these actions. Gather in your groups of friends and
>mandate different conduits to deliver news outside the current
>channels.  Create networks that deliver news not told as the actual news
>asks. Police the news with careful attention to moves of the
>controllers to defeat any of the human mental abilities or any
>conditions of energy changes out of the ordinary.
>Clear minds and good conditions for demanding less control must be the
>next campaign of the ones aware and concerned.  Anchoring light must
>also be an answer to this dense chapter in American history.   Make
>yourself a clear demonstration of human caring.  Give with awareness.
>Amplify the dream of absolute freedom and amazing grace can contribute much to this cause.


Entering the Energy of 2006
by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D.
Today we enter into a powerful time for our planet, beginning with today’s New Moon in Capricorn which sets the tone for 2006. This weekend is a peak time for your manifestation activities. It is a wonderful time to write, visualize, and affirm all of your heartfelt dreams.
Each new year, Archangel Michael gives me prophetic visions of what to expect for the coming year. Michael says that 2006 will be exactly of your own choosing.  Each of us will have different experiences with 2006, according to how we handle the new energy.
Michael says that 2006 brings in a new level of energy that perfectly mirrors our thoughts our reality. The angels call this new energy elastic. The theme of 2006 is What You Put Out There, Is What Comes Back To You. If you say kind things about other people, then other people will say kind things about you. If you are generous with others, then others will be generous with you. If you expect doors of opportunity to open for you, they will. Conversely, if you think or say anything negative about people, the world, government, or Anything . . . the negativity will immediately come back to you.

This is a year where all of our spiritual lessons are called into action. We will all receive more divine guidance, clearly and easily.  If we follow this guidance without delay, we find ourselves gliding along the flow of a fun, healthy, and prosperous new year. If we ignore the guidance, we wonder if we are being tested, ignored, or punished.
2006 will be like living in a house of mirrors. Whatever you expect to see, you will see. Whatever you send into the mirror, will instantly reflect back to you. The new energy is clear, high, and bright . . . and is a wonderful opportunity to experience heaven upon earth.
Make time this weekend to positively visualize and affirm your wishes and desires. Feel gratitude that they are already manifest and don’t worry about how they will come into material form. Since we are all one in truth, whatever you wish for yourself is what you wish for others as well. The reverse is also true: whatever you wish for another is what you wish for yourself.
You can call upon the Archangels Michael and Jophiel for help in releasing any negative tendencies that you would like to leave behind in 2005. The angels will transmute the underlying fear beneath the negativity. In place of the fear, the angels will help you to feel loved in all ways.
I see and feel grateful that you are peaceful, feeling loved and loveable, completely healthy, prosperous, and enjoying a meaningful career based upon your natural talents, passions, and interests. I see and feel grateful that the planet is peaceful, the environment is clean, that all people and animals have their needs met and are treated with love and compassion. I see and feel grateful that all residents of this planet enjoy the best year ever in 2006!
With Love and Gratitude,
Doreen Virtue, Ph.D.

Sunday, January 1, 2006

Weekly Quado


“Let us see you shine!”


Today, you launch yourself out into another year.  And as each day passes in this year, you will be creating each moment as it comes your way, creating it with your thoughts, creating it with your actions, creating it with the response you have to what comes your way unbidden.  It is yours to own, this year, these days, these moments.  Yours to own completely.


Center within now, own the moment and then choose.  Right now, choose not to waste your energy in anger.  Choose not to be the victim, flailing wildly at shadows or weeping alone in the corner.  Choose instead to be actively engaged in life, making choices, meeting people, taking action.


And if you will do this in every moment, sometimes choosing to be patient, sometimes choosing to plant a seed and water it faithfully for years, sometimes choosing bold and courageous action, but always choosing from your peaceful and knowing center, then your life will transform in the most wondrous ways.


Know two things.  You will live forever, in this form or in another, with chance after chance to do whatever you wish to do.  And so, from this perspective, you should relax and allow life to flow.  From this wider perspective, there is nothing to be achieved, there is no success or failure, it simply is.


And on the other hand, this moment, exactly like this, with these people and these circumstances, with everything exactly as it is, will never come again.   And so, you had best grab it with both hands and go deeply into it, riding the overall flow of life, yes, but with a vibrant connection to each precious moment as it passes, each moment which cannot be captured and made to stay, each moment which will release and head into the next.  Do not let it pass unnoticed.


This is your life, vibrant and alive.   And this year, your goal is very simple:  to live it, vibrantly.  To notice it.  To go deeply within it.  To express yourself with integrity, reaching deep into yourself and then to shine out with who you are.  To fill yourself with courage, being brave enough to show the world who you are, how you differ, how you feel and think, how you can shine out with talent and strength, beauty and wonder.


This year, let us see who you are.  Let us see you shine!


Here is a little prayer for today


I release the past and step deeply into now, full of faith in the help which is there for me and full of belief in my own strength and capabilities.  I appreciate myself for all that I am.  I love myself deeply.


I reach deep down into my center, and see the beauty and wonder shining there.  I take this deep inner beauty and wrap myself within it, wearing it like a cloak, shining with rainbow colors, showing the world my wondrous self.


I love my life.  I love myself exactly as I am.  I shine out with my own inner light.


I am peace and joy.  I am beauty and wonder.  I am love.  I am.


* * *


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I wish that you may shine out with the wonder that is you.


Love & peace,






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