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Empathic Sensivity of the Acuarian Being

Goddess Aquarius
transcribed by Ramathis-Mam
translated by Emargareth

December 13, 2005

May the power effluvia of the new Aquarian conscience produce an
opening in your hearts,
overwhelming them with the purest values with
the divine beings, opening a bridge with the cosmos.

I am the goddess Aquarius. I go to all of you to let you know the
feeling that, like impeller of the Aquarian Age, I wish you are
integrating in your evolutionary process. You are the children of
Aquarius because you are in the cycle that I impel, through the power
frequencies that your galaxy receives when passing by my unified fields.

Each cycle supposes the integration of new values and an impulse to
the evolution of the worlds that, like yours, are in transition
process towards a superior evolutionary order
. I have been waiting for
several millenniums so that the cyclical wheel of the evolution
entered my dominions to contribute to a level of superior conscience
and more harmony with the requirements of your Solar System and
Galaxy. That?s why today I want to talk to you about a subject that
joins diverse aspects of the holistic evolution on which the universe
is based.

Empathic sensitivity is a state of Being integral that allows us to
interact with evolutionary dynamics in its totality,
allowing a
greater operational range and holistic expression with the others. The
life situations are like stages that go changing according to the
evolutionary necessities of the beings, so that they are discovering
their spiritual sensitivity to understand that all you are divine
emanations of the Creator.

This supposes a deep understanding of the true idiosyncrasy of each
, independently of its existential paradigms, understanding
that a spiritual cohesion between all exists, within a social
emotional mental and psychological diversity. When through the
multiple evolutionary experiences, we arrived to the conscience level
and holistic spiritual vision, we comprehend that everything obeys to
a cosmic intention that the Creator has arranged for our .redemption
and illumination.

If we made an impartial and objective analysis of your social,
political and educative surroundings, we see that the wearing down and
decay of a civilization is arriving at the limit of its evolutionary
expression. If we made a retrospective analysis of your humanity, we
will understand that all the civilizations have happened through
diverse evolutionary phases, ending in an obstreperous decay until
arriving at the final collapse. Why we always repeat the same pattern?
They are the evolution exigencies that mark the rates of the
civilizations and the spiritual development of the individuals that
constitute them.

The worlds of the evolutionary rectification as yours they are
characterized by evolutionary sequences that, cyclically repeat
reactionary paradigms that gradually foment the disintegration of the
cosmic values of the evolution.

This happens to test the genetic resistance, the refinement of the
inferior bodies and the activation of the bodies of light to integrate
greater levels of vibration. At the present moment, your Solar System,
and specially your planet, are entering the power jurisdiction of
Aquarius, and this will suppose great changes at all levels so that
they are fulfilled the objectives previously mentioned. A new order of
evolutionary structures will be settled as the vibratory intensity of
the galactic detent is accelerated. For that reason, it is imperative
that all of you go incorporating the new Aquarian paradigms, where
empathic sensitivity is the angular stone.

Energy is always same, the vibratory frequencies also, what happens is
that the perception and extension of the conscience are those that
open new paradigms that influence your behavior, values, concepts and
attitudes. The principles of the evolution are always the same but the
perception is different based on the evolutionary level that you are

Before the new Aquarian evolutionary structures settle totally, there
will have to wear down the old ones and by that, the paradigms that
make possible that a civilization and evolutionary cycle manifest.
Everything obeys to an order, rate and purpose that you all must
discover, so that the investment of your evolutionary energy produces
holistic fruitful results that repel in all the areas of your social

At the moment, the planet is happening through a dying power sequence,
and the disease of the ecosystem is just a tangible evidence of the
decay of a civilization.

This spiritual decay is the transforming factor that must impel and
stimulate your inner transformation, completely opening to the new
evolutionary expression so that it goes integrating in your life.

To place in somebody?s place sensitivity is deep, sincere and honest
the understanding of which synergy between you and the planet Earth is
required, shaping harmonic evolutionary models expressing dynamic
constructive and beneficiary for all. You cannot keep on that
spiritual sclerosis that is obstructing your cosmic perception of the
evolution, and to you it maintains captured in negative power shells.

You are immersed in a sequence of environmental, human and spiritual
degradation that, like a cancer, is devouring your spiritual
sensitivity whenever you keep on labeling in discordant paradigms that
foment destructive conducts and attitudes.

Your power bodies are contaminated by nuclei of corrosive emotional,
psychic and mental energies that slowly undermine your sensitivity
towards the environment your resemblances and other creatures of the
ecosystem. Whenever you act of inharmonic way, you produce a
stagnation of the creative energy that is expressed through love, when
understanding that everything is sacred and that everything is an
emanation of God.

Earth is a sacred evolutionary cosmic cell because it participates in
the cosmic order of the evolution, and is a design that the Great
Cosmic Architect has made to satisfy evolutionary expectations that
are fomenting our collaboration spirit and brotherly love.

You are moving away of the axioms of the universal evolution when
offending your divine essences with performances, discordant thoughts
and emotions that generate imbalance in your inferior bodies and those
of the planet.

The retrograde conducts are being accepted as educative models and
cultural innovators, but in fact they are the parameters that the
involutionary forces are injecting in your civilization.

When one reaches an extreme degradation and decay level that break the
balance of the life and the evolution in a planet, readjustment
processes take place to eliminate all that negative power condensation.
That?s why the electromagnetic and geophysical structures of the
planet and humanity go through convulsion, to produce an elimination
of those negative power fluids.

Empathic sensitivity takes place when we understand that the vibration
of our Being is not in tune nor synergy to the cosmic law of the
evolution, producing anguish, affliction and inner confusion.

Your physical bodies are contaminated with all an ample toxic range
that constantly you are ingesting. Your minds are full of pollution
with all kind of pernicious desires that atrophy the perception and
the purpose of your existence.

Your emotions are saturated of dense and corrosive fluids when you
forget the loyalty to your Essential Being and to honor God as part of
your Mastery to experience his presence in your interior.

Whenever you continue lodging pernicious desires to manipulate and to
explode physical, emotional, psychic and mentally to other and
creatures, you are breaking the Law of Love.

You are a whole l holistic that must work synergically with
evolutionary dynamics, where the impersonal service, the brotherly
collaboration and the empathetic understanding must totalize your
existential dynamics.

The social fraud is the dominant tonic that governs your lives, and
you are not conscious that those small details are reducing your
empathetic sensitivity and spiritual perception of life and the evolution.
If you really wish to be a part of the new Aquarian sequence and to
experience the new evolutionary flow that will open the
multidimensional avenues of collaboration with your stellar brothers,
then you must deprive those discordant tendencies.

The moment has arrived from which you return to your Divine Essence,
where the masks of the ego and their projections will be transformed
into rays of divine light, creating understanding, empathy, well-being
and love in your interior.

What internally you are is what you express in your daily activities,
creating a power spiral that will produce harmonic or discordant
effects that you will have to transmute and experience.

The pure feeling of your Essential Being is waiting that you open the
floodgates to love that only looks for other people?s cooperation and
well-being, because this is the way you will learn to feel who you are
when you are in tune to God and the Universe. Empathic sensitivity is
not to accept what outrages your honor and foments the fraud and the
spiritual agony that each human experiments when one is closed to the
divine law of the evolution as an present to his Inner Being. Whenever
you get involve in reactionary dynamics that postulate and reign in
your social net, and that attempts against the planetary and of the
human being dignity like being in stage of spiritual development, you
are outraging your empathic sensitivity.

When you do not feel that you are part of the others and that your
unconscious and reactionary actions affect the environment, you are
denying your empathetic sensitivity.

You are the children of the Universe, but Aquarius has accepted in
this sequence being your adoptive mother who is guiding your
development by the diverse phases that will be taken place in order to
open the new planetary conscience.

To be Aquarian does not mean to be something different from which in
essence you are, but adopting the paradigms that will open your
cosmic-spiritual perception of the evolution that is applicable to
evolutionary levels like yours.

It is to integrate and to wake up the axiomatic values of the holistic
spiritual development that allow you to interact with other
civilizations, and to accede to new stages of superior conscience.
That means to enjoy scientific and technological benefits that produce
greater synergy, tuning and cooperation the evolutionary necessities
of the Universe. It is to accede to the cosmic citizenship that is
being offered to you like a dispensation of the High Spheres so that
you stop suffering the restrictive disadvantages of planets like the
Earth. It is to conquer your insurgent tendencies that keep you
prisoners in zones of artificial space-time which atrophy your
spiritual integrity.

Everything is a question of education and sincere longing to become
and to develop the highest levels of implicit the spiritual Mastery in
your Essential Being. It is to recover your divine identity that
always has been has outshined by dynamic which have been reducing your
empathic sensitivity and spiritual vision.

The light has been transitorily disconnected, and for that reason you
have filled of darkness that it impels to you to act in an irrational
and destructive way when not understanding that you are personified
spiritual elegance to the image and similarity of the Creator.
You are par excellence and nature pure, perfect and luminous, but you
have covered yourselves with the ego fictitious mask that only
prorogue and adulterates your vision of the spiritual reality that
underlies in your interior.

You are the children of the Cosmic Spirit who is demanding your
participation and return to Creative Primary Nucleus to share his
infinity, joy and immortality with all you.

You are the gold children of Aquarius that must immerse in the
inexorable torrent of inner transformation so that your divine essence
emerges and that always vibrates in tune, synergy and harmony with the
Universe and God. You are being convoked in this sequence of Aquarius
for you to completely resign to what you are not and that it is cause
of friction and destruction. The energies of Aquarius have begun to
spill in the Cosmic Chalice of the new Aquarian civilization, where
the evolutionary genetics are beginning to implant in the future
descendents that are being integrated to the electromagnetic Earth

It is my deeper desire that all of you emerge from Aquarian waters of
the transformation so that you can radiate the transparent, pure and
divine energy of your Superior Being.

You are an updated extension of all the other civilizations that
comprised of the evolutionary cycle of the Earth, and now they have
come to restore as part of the pact of Light that, makes eons was
signed by Cosmic Regents of the evolution.

End of transmission...




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