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Parenting Crystal children

What are Crystal children?  

Crystal children are part of an evolved type of child that seems to have different physical as well as psychological attributes. Why I stress the term “seems to have” is because these are statements based on observations. To date there are no scientific double blind studies to back up any of these theories. This does not negate the fact that these observations have been recorded by various people with PhD titles as well as supported by information channeled by various mediums including well publicized personalities like Steve Rother and the group, Doreen Virtue and other visionaries. Let’s list all the characteristics and then discuss them in more detail.

Are usually born in 1995 and later

Possess large eyes with an intense stare*

Have magnetic personalities*

Are highly affectionate*

Start talking late in childhood

Are very musically oriented, and may sing before talking*

Use telepathy and self-invented sign language to communicate*

May be diagnosed with autism or Asperger’s syndrome

Are even tempered, sweet and loving*

Are forgiving of others*

Are highly sensitive and empathetic*

Are very much connected to nature and animals*

Exhibit healing abilities

Are quite interested in crystals and rocks*

Often discuss angels, spirit guides, and past-life memories*

Are extremely artistic and creative*

Prefer vegetarian meals and juices to “regular food”

May be fearless explorers and climbers, with an amazing sense of balance

  Any of the characteristics with an asterisk (*) ring true for the majority of Children of the 21 st century. It seems to be rather an indication of evolution than specifically of being crystal. Quite a few of the characteristics described above are indicative of a right brain dominant child. The majority of children born after 1995 is right brain dominant. A lot of the characteristics are modeled by parents. It is claimed that crystal children are mainly born to very “aware” parents. Aware parents are smart parents. Smart parents walk the talk and when kids copy them you get smart results.

  Let’s look at the observed traits in more detail

  Unusually large eyes with an intense, wide-eyed stare. Eyes that gaze straight into your soul.

  So far this could be true for myself and my daughter. I remember people commenting on my eyes and gaze all my life long. Now that I have a daughter and she gives me that look, I start to realize what they meant.

  Magnetic attractive personalities as if people are drawn to be in their space.

  The “attraction” part fits my daughter, many people just love to be in her company and seem to feel something special about her. They often comment on how kind and special she is. I personally feel that any child that is being honored and respected, not talked down to, allowed to make choices appropriate to their age is attractive and pure. Their innocence always attracts people. The more a personality is cared for, the brighter it can shine. As parents become more and more aware, having workshops, information, books and websites at their disposal, kids can evolve faster and shine brighter.


Crystal Children’s Aura: Crystalline rainbow colors.

  I myself cannot see colored auras (energetic field around people, plants and organic matter, that can be photographed with a Kirlian camera). When I eat lighter foods for more than 2 – 3 days, I can see the almost transparent whitish hue around trees and plants as well as some people.

 I have been told that I was born with the life color Indigo by 2 different psychics long before the Indigo hype. I remember, the first time I was told, I had to go and look up what that color looked like. I have never seen my own aura nor the one of my daughter. So here, I definitely don’t match with the attributes of a Crystal anymore, my daughter, I am not sure regarding her aura. At this stage I would guess that it is pink, and since she was a two year old often turning into raging red of frustration. As most people do not see colored auras, this might not be the safest criteria to gage if your child is a crystal child.


Psychological attributes:

  Telepathic Communication:

  Crystal children are born psychic.

  So are 90% of all other children, until we negate their innate truth so much that they loose these abilities. Example: Mom and dad have an argument. Child enters room and scans the energy pattern of the room and knows intuitively that something is very wrong. Child asks parents: what’s wrong? Parents answer: Nothing darling everything is alright. Out of the intention to protect the child, the parents just negated the child’s inborn intuition (psychic ability, 6 th sense) to feel and sense when something is wrong. All kids are born with it. If it gets nurtured and encouraged, the child develops a very strong 6 th sense. Most crystal kids are claimed to be born to very “aware” parents. It makes sense that their children present more skill in this “normal” ability because it gets reinforced and honored.  

Telepathy and Mind reading are very much based on the same skill. Your psychic channel has 4 possible settings: It is either on “send & receive”, “receive only”, “send only” or it is off. If you honor your child’s intuitions on a regular basis, you ensure that your child retains a natural ability and through training will develop it. Being psychic is not something evil. It is a natural ability that can be enhanced by using it on a daily bases. It starts with the game “peekaboo” played with babies and evolves from there by dialoguing honestly and truthfully with your children. Honor their feelings and assist them to work through their emotions.  

Crystal children are often late talkers

  Apparently it is a specific crystal trait to start talking late. Some “crystals” get wrongly diagnosed as autistic although quite frankly I fail to see the similarity. There is such a huge difference between a child that decides to communicate non-verbally up to a specific age and a truly autistic child. I urge any parent that got a diagnosis that their child is autistic to get a second opinion from a spiritually aware practitioner. Autistic children do not communicate and/or are speech impaired yes, but because they don’t seem to take notice of the world around them. They have limited social abilities. Crystal children are very social to the people they want to be social with.

  Imagine that your 6 th sense is highly developed. You trust your “gut”-feel and notice a bully from a mile away. Why try and expose yourself to this situation? The new kids are very authentic. They will not entertain somebody against their inner truth. So if there are no kids around that are pleasant enough, they rather stay alone. It often amazes me when parents scold their children for not kissing the uncle goodbye, you know the big ugly one with the bad breath, (especially in South Africa where it is custom to kiss relatives and close acquaintances on the mouth!) This does not mean the kids are anti-social, they just don’t want to interact with a person that they do not resonate with at that moment in time.  

This trait becomes a problem when parents start to stress about it. Listen to your gut-feeling. If you communicate non-verbally with your child and know what your child wants, you are most probably communicating telepathically already. If your child is otherwise friendly, outgoing, kind, interacts in play, autism is most probably the wrong label. You can also check up on my site about the diagnostic criteria used to diagnose autism or aspergers syndrome under “health”. There are many reports of children that do not speak or communicate with single words only and overnight between 3 and 5 they start to talk in complete sentences. In D. Virtue’s Crystal children book, parents who can communicate with their children on a non verbal level or telepathically also reported that it helped to remind their children that not everybody has the ability to communicate telepathically and therefore it would help to learn the language of words. Some professionals are of the opinion that speaking late is an indication of humanity evolving more and more towards telepathic communication where words are going to be used less. Kind of like years ago we wrote letters by hand, today we mainly use e-mail. Today we speak with words, years from now we might all “telepathize” with each other as telepathy includes images as well as words and can be more accurate. Imagine, less misunderstandings, no more problems with Telkom…

  Crystal children are highly sensitive and empathetic

  This seems to be a trait of the majority of “new children”. As the human being evolves, the vibration rate increases. As the children’s vibration rate increases, anything that is of a lesser vibration rate impacts on the new children. Look at the typical curses of current society. Chips and crackers stuffed with food colorants, food additives, msg and other nutritional nightmares, sweets, white bread, processed cheeses, hormone filled meat, vegetables and fruit full of pesticides, play stations with violent content and music that disharmonizes the most balanced energy system, even cartoon channels and kids channels on TV are full of violence, greed and other undesirable behaviors.

  My daughter had nightmares for a week after she was exposed to Little Red Riding Hood at a “Kindermusiek” session when she was 2 years old. Needless to say I never took her back to that class again.

  Imagine you are telepathic and at the same time clair sentient or clairvoyant, which most of the new children are, you walk into a room where people had a huge disagreement. You are 2 years old! Your only way to show your displeasure is imitating what is upsetting. Educational psychologists call it acting out and it is very normal for kids to mirror their circumstances. The new children have built in radars for emotions, any dissent gets picked up instantly. Please remember to do a quick reality check when your child plays up or acts out. In what frame of reference are you right then? The new kids can be our greatest teachers if we allow them.

  Sensitivity expands to other stimuli as well and can be observed on most new children not just the so called crystals: Stimuli like loud noise, crowds, anything of a vibration range below themselves, eg. low vibration food, music, environment, places where crimes happened, places where stimulants and drugs are abused or consumed, malls with an overload of stimuli, the artificially created Christmas hype…


Connection to nature and source

  Crystal children seem to have an uncanny close relationship to nature and heightened spirituality.

  This can be said about many of the new children. If your environment is conducive to sacred living, honoring all living things, connecting with nature and you are honored as a being, then true innocence, inquisitiveness and a natural spirituality can be expressed. I remember how many hours we were watching and observing ants, beetles, grasses, anything could hold our fascination.

  One thing that I observed with my own daughter is the uncanny memory she has. She will bring about information that happened when we think they don’t even register and pop it out. The claims that a lot of children talk about angels and spiritual things are surely not fake. But bear in mind, how many programs, magazines and talks about angels have you been exposed to as a 4 year old? Reality check, over a period of 2 weeks, consciously write down every time you hear or see anything about angels, past live regression, spirituality and the like. You will be astounded to say the least. It is almost the same as when you buy yourself a brand new metallic red BMW and all of sudden you see them all over the place. Our new children are no doubt brighter than we were. But were you exposed to flash cards, brain teasers, educational toys, moms and babes workshops, the Einstein factory and the like? James Flynn discovered in 1987 that people’s IQ’s are affected by environment and genes, but that their IQ’s are matched to the environments they live in. That when the environment changes, the IQ changes (Psychology 101 UNISA textbook people in context, chapter on IQ’s).



  Is there such a thing as Crystal children? If you decide there is then it is. You make a convincing case with all the facts. As long as you do not discriminate people that are either not Crystal or do not believe in the concept of Crystal children, I assure you that you will not cause any harm. It is kind of like the concept of religion. People went to war about it. They killed each other about it. Yet there is still no double blind study that can prove beyond any reasonable doubt which of all the religions is the one true one or closest to the truth. It is encouraging that people start to talk about it. The number of schools that encourage zero discrimination of culture, race and religion are doing the world a huge service. So are people that point out new concepts; trend setters that coin new terms like Crystal children. Crystal children could be a flavor within a flavor. Meaning that yes, there are definitely New Children with observable differences in behavior that request new treatment. And maybe there are slight variations within those New Children. If you compare the traits/characteristics of children working with Crystal energy, children working with Indigo energy and highly gifted children, there are not many differences. So far the only real difference I have spotted is that Indigos are more often misdiagnosed with ADD/ADHD and Crystals rather with AUTISM/ASPERGERS. "Indigos" seem to have more of a Brave-heart spirit, "Crystals" more like a Ghandi approach. The rest of the characteristics cover the majority of children born in the 21 st century.

  Like with religion, if you follow the 10 commandments, you cannot really go wrong and you do not harm anyone. If the 10 commandments turn out to be commitments (see Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsh) or show how close you are to source, at least you were on the right track all along. If you follow the new parenting paradigms applicable to Indigo’s or Crystal’s no matter if the child’s aura is a bit more blue a bit more purple or canary yellow, you will guide your “New child” with the most modern parenting tools and that will lead both of you towards a special, loving, nurturing relationship, a space where optimum growth and development can take place.  

So long, enjoy them all, crystal, indigo or potpourri auras...

Carmen M. Schnider-Kemp

Divine Inspirations   frm  http://www.parentingtips.co.za/Crystals.asp

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