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News Letter #178

Coming Back

6th Feb 2006

Message from Maitreya:

Many souls have said to me, "Master, I have had three husbands. Which one will I be with in the spiritual world when I finally pass over?" This is a very important question that may frighten many souls, who think people return home to the same partner they have shared their life with in this incarnation.

Only a few Earth days ago from writing this newsletter, Coretta Scott King came home to the spiritual realms after 78 years on the Earth plane.   She was the wife of Martin Luther King, who came home to us after the incarnation that ended in April 1968 of Earth time.  When his wife died, many people said she had returned to heaven to be with her husband.  However, little did they know, after coming home to us, Martin Luther King immediately elected to return to the Earth plane to finish the work he should have completed in that life, and once again as a black man.  He is now a 36-year old man living once again in the USA. He never met his wife from the last incarnation.  She will not be with him now that she has returned home.  She, like he was, is a soul who came to the Earth plane to learn lessons.

It is NOT whom you are with that is important, but the lessons you have to learn. Yes, you can stay with one partner for the whole of your life, but when you return home, you return home alone.  All of your relationships, husbands, even enemies, are no longer in our world.  They are just fellow souls who enabled you to learn what was necessary in your life, nothing more!

In his lifetime, Martin Luther King was a man who was hounded by authority and investigated beyond what was normal.  In his current incarnation, the man concerned has a fear of government authorities, a fear of communications, and even of the telephone, for his soul remembers the persecution so well.

He has returned to the Earth plane to once again do spiritual work, but his fear now is such that he hides himself away.  It is hoped that he will eventually overcome his fear and resume his spiritual work.   He is not married yet in this incarnation.

Even when you return home, you may not be on the same dimension as your friend, partner or husband.  If you have raised your vibration higher than that of your significant other, then you will go where they cannot go, to a higher dimension.  Many souls fear not being with their partner in our world once they return home.  They do not realize the more they fear it, the more they will bring that occurrence into their lives, so that when they return home, their thinking on the Earth plane has created an even worse situation in our world.

Let go of the need to own a partner, for that is what it is when you fear separation in the spiritual world.   Why do you have the fear?   Are you afraid of being alone?   What is at the cause of your fear?   In our world, you can have such a beautiful time with the ones you have loved.   Know that you will be reunited in our world with those you have loved and lost, even those who have been your enemies will be your friends once more.

What of Coretta Scott King?  Will she return to the Earth plane and meet the man who was once her husband?   No, she has finished her Earthly existence and she will now stay in our world.   When the man who was her former husband returns, she will rejoice and they will celebrate perhaps, but she will not be with him for the rest of eternity.   This is the way of the spiritual world; nobody owns anyone else, and all are free to do as they wish.  The Higher Self in all souls knows and understands this.


News Letter #177

Our World

6th Feb 2006

Message from Maitreya:

It is interesting how humanity views us in the spiritual realms. A large majority of people who are on a spiritual search see us as ethereal beings in white robes with sandals and looking a lot like the way Jesus is commonly shown in many of the pictures on the Earth plane. We are not like that at all.   We look very much like you do, and we have many colors to our skin.

There are even some souls you would not recognize because they have not lived on the Earth plane, but in other dimensions.  We do not wear your clothes, but neither do we wear robes.   It is difficult for me to describe the apparel we wear, but needless to say, it suits our existence in our world.

Margaret once asked me what it was like in our world, and I told her: "It is like a big corporation without ego" for that is how it is for us. In our world, every soul is connected to the Ultimate Being, whom many of you know as God. We know all that is and we cannot lie to each other, so lying is not a part of our world. When we lie, our energy reveals it. Some do try this when they first come home again, but are soon found out, and it can be embarrassing to be found out. So once it has been tried, it is never repeated. We also have the most amazing sense of humor, and we laugh a great deal at social gatherings. We are certainly not holy individuals in prayer all of the time.

Your world is an illusion, and as such, when you come home again, many of you will find it hard to adjust because you have this image of us that gets shattered very easily. Whatever your conception of our world and us, I can assure you, you will not see that once you come back. It takes some of you much spiritual time - if you can call it that - to adjust once again to our world, which is your true home.

There is actually no time in our world. There is also no night nor day.

However, if you wish to experience this, it can be created, because every thing in our world, including all our needs, is created by thought. This can be a difficult thing for many of you who come home, because you have to learn to control your thoughts. We are a happy community in our world. But there are areas known to many of you as the grey areas where souls, who cannot forgive themselves for what they have done in their previous incarnation, find themselves. To help those souls, we have specially trained people from the spiritual realms who go to the grey areas and assist them with their healing, so that they can eventually return to our world once again.

More than anything, we know a great deal about your world and, surprisingly, about the Internet, as you call it. We can use computers through our channels. We actually create many of the electronic devices you use in your world, and we do this by providing ideas and intuition to those who work in these areas. Margaret's husband, Alan was one such person, whom we channeled information to, and who used this information very successfully to create his own business.

There is nothing in your world we do not know about. You, on the other hand, have to wait until you come home to see our world again. Why is this? It is because if you saw our world, you would not want to be on the Earth plane, as simple as that. Try not to have pre-conceived ideas of what we look like and how we live - I can assure you, it will be wrong!


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