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Chandler's Wobble    Loving Intensions  (below)

PopeJohnPaul Speaks.com
February 28, 2006

It saddens my heart to see the fighting between brothers, whether one is allied with Sunni, Shiite, Palestinian, or Jewish causes.  It seems that the world has not acknowledged that under the skin there is a physical framework that is identical in all human beings.

So the differences are skin color, place of birth, religious belief, or financial worth. It seems to me that to some people it wouldn’t matter what the difference is, because they want to find something to hate, as there wells up within them a fierce demand to destroy all that is before them.

These days will end soon; not the hatred in some hearts, but the ability to lash out at others.  There will be events in the human condition that will bring fear regarding the ground beneath their feet, and hatred of others will seem secondary to sustaining their own physical life.

Those who do not understand the Earth and how she functions do not understand that she sits at a crossroad of delicate balance, and harmony is needed now to settle patterns of change.

You who have read my messages understand that this is a precarious time for humanity.  This is the end of an age, whereby change in all systems will soon become evident.   So we say to you, “Feel peace in your own hearts, love God and your neighbor.”

Those who wish to kill and maim have little time to change their hearts, and you may not be able to change them.  You have a responsibility to yourself and your loved ones.  We would suggest that you send the purple wave of forgiveness to the Middle East, as it festers in hatred and torment.

We have asked you to live within your means and consume less and help one another.  Peace is coming for those who have peaceful hearts, and agony is ahead for those who are full of hate.

There are many who will end their lives in natural disasters, and they have agreed to this.  This is their means to help the Earth and those they love.

Some have noticed that the wobble in the Earth has stopped, and we say to you that the Earth struggles to balance herself.  Send your love to the center of the Earth.  Envision yourself connected to all those who love, and as a group fill the Earth with light.   See this light engage every particle of the planet until you perceive it as a ball of light.  This ball of light pulsates with your love, and Mother Earth answers you back, thanking you for your care and concern.

I say to you that New Orleans will never come back to what she was in the past.  She parties trying to be brave and put forth a new foot.  We love her brave people and are with them.  We have nothing but compassion for those who have tried to live as they have lived in the past.

The crime of New Orleans was lack of love for all her people.  Some prospered while others lived in deplorable conditions.  However, even those who lived in those deplorable conditions had dignity of soul.  Each individual was loved unconditionally by Source.  New Orleans will be a reminder just as New York City will be a reminder that there are certain events that occur because there is not enough love in the hearts of the people.  I do not mean that New Yorkers do not love, but the conditions at the financial centers were a stumbling block to humanity.

This is reflected in profit-taking by corporations where it is understood that their unconcern places hardships upon others, but they rape the people financially for their products because they see this as a necessity.  Whether it is an oil company or a drug company or a clothing company, profits must be fair in order for all to prosper.

Once one group prospers to the detriment of another group, that insult upon humanity is registered in the etheric layers which surround the planet.  This simply cannot be ignored by those who monitor your planet, whether it is the lower levels of spiritual hierarchy or the Source of All in the center of the cosmos.

This is a time when you who live here and your Source in the center of the cosmos are intrinsically connected to one another.  We have mentioned to you that there were energies that came to Earth in 1999 that imprinted your planet with a special kind of spiritual energy.  The planet must move forward, because she is answering an irresistible call to purify herself.

Mother Earth is throwing off all of the pains of suffering and insult.  I refer to the accumulation of negativity of all kinds: human thought, spilling of chemicals into the waterways, nuclear debris buried deep within the crust, warring factions refusing to turn toward love.

Energies coming from outer space continue to impregnate your planet.  The call is irresistible.  The Earth will purify herself; there is pressure building up inside of your planet.  We mentioned that there are layers of rock right beneath the crustal layers of the plate system that have restructured themselves after the tsunami.  The plates are seeking equilibrium.  Your meditations could settle some of the strain.  We lay the struggle at your feet and ask you to consider seeing a light-filled Earth as often as possible.

Blessed be

Your friend

Pope John Paul II


It was suggested to me to go beneath the plate system and view the layer of rock beneath it.  This is a form of remote viewing and you can do this with practice. When you are very relaxed, tell yourself to do this, and suddenly you are there. To me the plates seemed solid and deep. The layers of rock beneath it were smaller, thinner pieces, the tips irregularly stacked one upon another. I sensed something was not right and out of balance.

If you are interested in Chandler’s Wobble, do a search on the internet and there are many articles about it. It seems we have a 100 year history of tracking this movement of Earth which has a seemingly predictable seven year cycle. Suddenly this motion has stopped.
Major Anomaly In Chandler's Wobble

Carolyn Evers

Loving Intentions


January 22, 2006

Love is so powerful that you cannot see the results on the deeper levels of experience.  You see it on the superficial levels.  You feel love, and some even see the energy as it moves from individuals to those things that they hold dear.

On deeper levels, this energy of love can actually heal others and cause them to remember their majesty of soul.

Memory is indirectly connected to the love energy.  The force of love also offers protection to the physical.  You might be aware of the story of priests and monks who were in Japan when the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima.  These monks and priests were near ground zero, but survived the ordeal because of the love force.

Never underestimate love.  I tell you this because this year already there are stories of tragedies that seers are viewing and reporting to the masses. Most events in the future can be overcome through the love energy.  Rather than feel fear because of what you might hear on the internet or elsewhere, concentrate on the love force. 

Every time you hear of some distress, close your mind to that choice as you are able now to make a decision and follow it through the intention of love.  Everyday when you wake up and go to sleep, hold the intention of love for that one day or night.  It is such a simple act, yet the power is so intense that it can reshape your future and present.

The power of love can even reshape the lines to your past.  The body holds commitments from past lifetimes.  Sometimes these commitments were not helpful, because they were ensconced in fear or anger, lust, and hatred.  This can be changed.  Your body can be rejuvenated as the new energies which came just this month were of a nature that they are especially influenced by thought.

Thought, as we have mentioned to you before, impresses its nature upon the unmanifested form of energy that circles this planet. We have mentioned to you that this is the year of manifestation.  We remind you of this again.  Hold the intention to love so that your manifestations into the hard physical can remain helpful to you and useful to the world at large. 

You will hear stories of war and other losses.  Hold yourself in love, and it will protect you from such setbacks. Anytime there is an event that discourages you, ask yourself what the lesson is.  Your soul is guiding you in a more direct manner according to your intention.

There will be conditions in your life that will be dropping away.  It is the nature of the human to grieve for things that were comfortable and known.  You move into the paths of what might seem to be the unknown now.  Keep the intention of love focused in your heart, and you will find joy in these new situations.

There will be Earth changes as your mother Earth has decided to clear herself at a quickening pace.  That is the reason for this message.  The intent to hold the love force is a tool of protection not only for yourself, but for your family also if you but direct that force towards them and see the force engulfing them in a pink glow.

Blessings and good wishes for the coming year, and that means prosperity.  There are still some who feel that prosperity is an illusive gift.  It is yours; accept it.

Your friend

John Paul


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