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Breaking The Fever
April 21 , 2006
Well, well, well….we are finally turning a corner and what a long haul it has been.  But the longer the haul, the much bigger the rewards and more glorious the outcomes.  A friend of mine likens it to an engine stalling; never really getting going, but certainly trying.   But oh so surely the pieces are arriving in due order.  And during the last day or two, things are really beginning to shift.
 And all in preparation for our New roles.  So much loss and disconnecting (please see the energy alert in the archives for April 17 (below)  if you have been experiencing much crying and grieving for the losses),  but all in preparation for a very New connecting to very New people, places, roles and supports.
  This last phase since January was a real doozy, but it was also so very vital for where we are headed and for where we are finally beginning to arrive.
With the detoxing being felt throughout our bodies (which still continues), to the severe grieving for the loss of all the illusions, to the most recent “dumping” of more darkness within us, this process can really take a toll.
In the higher realms all is magnified.  Add this to feeling weepy due to release, and you may have found yourself crying your way to the higher realms. The smallest act of kindness, the smallest expression of beauty in nature, or even the awareness of suffering can bring us to tears.  Add to the pot the tumultuous feelings resulting from the intense energy surges that
knock us completely out of our old grooves, creating shock and sometimes trauma within us, and at times we may wonder how we will ever arrive safely in the higher realms and in what kind of condition!
This past week greatly illuminated all that was not real.   So much was brought to the surface.  And as always, like energies did their dance of attracting and bonding to like energies.   And in this regard, the opposite also occurred.   Much was blown apart and sent elsewhere if it did not match our newly higher vibrating selves.
Relationships were redefined, brought to higher levels, or simply ended.  And if we were to think about this loss of relationships, we would admit that we really weren't surprised. And according to where each of us was now vibrating, our new assignments were brought more clearly to the surface.   We were either here or there. Decisions were made in December during a lull as we were deciding at higher levels what we would be doing according to where we were vibrating……this created a temporary standstill in the energies.   Shortly there-after we had a real “ascension shock” as we were very suddenly moved into positions to support these New decisions. So now, this is simply another step in the process.
Then, most recently, we “dumped” a huge chunk of darkness or lower vibrating
energies within us. This was indeed another step in preparation for our very
New roles. This may have been experienced by some of you as almost a dark
night of the soul. We found ourselves in states of questioning and
re-evaluating who we were, why we continued to create what we created, and
what we may be needing to work on in ourselves. The shadows were up and
ready to be balanced and integrated. It was a time of deep pain and
questioning, but very necessary. And if done in the highest way, even served
to bring us closer to our faith and trust to know that all was in divine
order and always will be.
Many found themselves realizing that they needed to start asking for more
for themselves. Perhaps being too “nice” and too accommodating to others, or
even always being the one who understands and supports and gives but does
not get enough in return. This was precisely what was needed in order to
shift things within that needed shifting. For our New roles and if we are
going to be ready to create the New Planet Earth, we need to be very
comfortable and accepting that it is OK to demand that things be the way we
need them to be. We are the New creators of the very New Earth and we are
therefore, in charge and need to be running the show and very sure about it.
So now this phase of darkness is coming to an end for many. Although the
pieces are still coming together, and we will still be integrating and
readying a bit more, things will begin to get much better in the months to
During this time, you may be feeling a strong desire to serve or to support
and assist the planet in some way. What is occurring now is the arrival and
more integrative stages and higher connections to our highest selves or to
the parts of us that are much more connected to our souls. We are moving
into our New positions. We will be attracting or now connecting to either
New spiritual partners for our service and work, or taking our current
partnerships to New purposes.
We will be ideally matched with these people and purposes. And if we allow
ourselves to trust and know that we are going in the right direction and
that we are right on spot with what we will now be doing, the supports will
arrive in record time. In addition, if you can allow yourself to be fully
passionate and engrossed in your purpose, you will need not even concern
yourself with the “how.” It is not your job. Your passion is.
Being “in between” has been a big theme of late as well and this state
creates some challenges in itself. You may only be able to create
“temporary” things in this state. If you need something right now (or I
should say in the past 4 months or so), it ends up being “temporary.” I am
in a temporary house, am in the process of hooking up with a new “temporary”
publisher and much of everything else seems to be “temporary” as well……….but
not all is temporary….just most (I'm speaking to you, my new web designer
and copy editor (smile) !). There is good reason for this. As I have bored
you so many times with this repetitive fact, things have to be lined up
first before we can move into them. If at all possible during the stages of
readiness, wait before you move ahead. If situations and conditions demand
that you need to move ahead during the in between time, know that it may be
into temporary circumstances.
While in the “in between” we also experience much lack of support. I talk a
lot about this kind of thing in The Ascension Primer. The energies pull out
while they are recalibrating and while we are readying and realigning
ourselves. During these times we can feel very disconnected to most of
anything….simply because we are . It is also very easy during these times to
become lost, confused or feel simply futile. And as always, the ascension
process creates times for us where we loose all our confidence. This is not
a maybe in regard to the confidence….this is a sure thing. It happens to all
of us. It is part of the process. But it passes.
 So, also during this time of especially the last few days our bodies are
integrating and “dumping.” I have never really felt inspired to use the word
“dumping,” but this is the best description this time around. Within us, we
are also dumping much for others as well. It is not all our stuff. It's that
crazy service we agreed to provide for the planet in order to assist in
raising the frequencies. Why were we so brave and confident J ?
Headaches and body aches are very prevalent now. As is ear pressure and back
pain. Our bodies are totally realigning, morphing, dropping density and
changing into higher forms. This can at times make one feel as though their
body is dying or very rapidly growing old. Sometimes we may wonder why we
aren't feeling rejuvenated and re-born instead of hobbling around like a 120
year old!
Much has transpired and been completed this year. These very New roles are
incredibly exciting indeed. If you choose to look back, perhaps to even a
few months ago, I imagine you would see a person and scenario vastly
different from who and where you are now. If not yet, then very soon.
Are you ready to move into some very New territory? Are you ready to trust
that this is where you need to be? If you will allow yourself to go there,
you will find supports and joy and happiness and great connections that you
had yet to experience in the old world.
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Wishing you Heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in
your life in these miraculous times. Until next time,

Grieving the Illusions
April 17, 2006


The process continues on as we prepare for the summer months of great change, manifestation and abundance, and, of course, the never-ending process of ascension continues on as well.

If we are to be ready to manifest and create the New World at the highest levels, we must first be the highest levels ourselves. This first half of 2006 has been all about preparing ourselves to be in this space. Although many of us “crossed over” into a higher dimension in December and most notably in January, we then had to “match” where we were at all levels. The ascension process will always continue, but its intensity is being felt much more during these first 6 months.

The energy surge of April 6 had a great affect as it pushed us to higher levels in many ways.  As we begin residing in the higher realms, the illusions are gone.   Firstly, as we begin “rising above” it all, we begin to really see what is real and what is not.   Things you may not have ever seen or noticed before are suddenly right in your face. “Have I been that naïve or blind all this time?” you may begin wondering.

What our connections were based on in the past were simply not real, only we were not able to see this and now we can. And if you try and “go back” once you have become aware, it does not work. The connections are broken and it is time to move on.

In the denser vibrations we cannot see nearly as much. We are caught under the spell of being behind the veil. This is why I have always loved giving readings (I don't do them anymore… please do not mail me (smile)), as I can view things “from above” the illusions. And then as we progress through ascension, we are continually in a space and reality of “being above” the illusions.

This can cause much frustration at times.  Being able to readily see what is real and what is really going on while everyone else is operating from an illusory state of mind can literally drive you to a hermitage life! You will be unable to interact with much of the other world and many of its inhabitants.

Another primary reason that the illusions are now gone is because our “hooks” or connections are now gone.   In the lower realms we interact with one another through corresponding energy….like energy attracting like energy.   We interact and come together through need or imbalanced energy patterns.  This is not real. A  s I mentioned in the last energy alert, in the higher realms, relationships are based upon mutual love for one another.

So here is what has most recently occurred. The energy surge of April 6 brought us up to higher levels.  At these higher levels the illusions were blown apart. Like a bomb going off in our lives, everything was revealed in some way. Our old and unhealthy connections were severed. For the creation of the New World , we need to be connecting with the soul groups that we have planned on connecting with at this time. These connections to these individuals that will be on our team need to be pure. No hooks or corresponding unhealthy energy. And no connections to individuals who drain us. Things need to be free and clear with a strong connection to Source and with our true selves at the highest levels. This is what the ascension process continues to support and create. Again, things need to be free and clear with a strong connection to Source and with our true selves at the highest levels .

And how might this be manifesting for us at the very human level?   A great grieving for all the loss.   A great grieving for what we thought was real. Like a child just learning that Santa Clause and the Easter bunny were really only our parents, we may feel shocked. And this latest manifestation of the ascension process can easily place those of you who are sensitive into a state of some kind of ascension shock.

What we thought our relationships were about we are finding were simply not.  We had “believed” things were this way or that way and now we can easily see that they are not.

A great ending is occurring.  And if you have a birthday in this time frame of January to June, you are really getting a double whammy.  During the magnified times of ascension, we really experience a death of the old and a re-birth around the time of our birthdays.  Some say that Jesus was actually born today as well.  Another shift in the energy in regard to the re-birth or ascension.

I have been crying for a week straight.  Never before have I felt so much energy of loss or grieving.  For me, it felt as though my entire life abruptly ended in one big and vast sweep of some unseen hand.  While in the store talking to clerks or on the phone I get so choked up I can barely converse.  And within this suffering or loss or grieving comes another level of compassion and even greater connection to Source.  I can barely bear the suffering anymore.  It brings me to sobs.  These deep levels of pain bring us to such high places of love and compassion.

The simplest acts of support or kindness can create immense states of gratitude.   And this is what it is all about.   And in these higher states just about anything can bring you to tears. The beauty of a sky full of stars, the smell of a cool night, the feeling of a breeze through your hair and even the beautiful loving and feminine energy that comes from the color pink! Everything is magnified in the higher realms.

But as the old departs through the illusions being recognized, the New most certainly arrives.  You may find that you did not think you could ever live without this or that, but then in comes something else that is even better.  Like being on a blind date, the New can take some getting used to, but it has arrived because it matches our New state of being oh so much better.

Not only are we breaking apart with individuals and loved ones and friends as our vibrations are no longer a match, but we are being re-organized to unite with the team we had planned on connecting with at this particular time of ascension.   Many are now being “re-assigned” according to these New roles.

For awhile our sense of security may feel ever so jeopardized, as the ascension process greatly serves to swiftly and consistently remove our old attachments, but we are only strengthening our true and only connection and security…..which is to Source and our true selves. As our egos continually get blown out of the water and we feel so fragile and shaky, wondering where our power has gone and where we have gone, we are only becoming more of who we truly are.

As this latest process of the past few months continues to wear away our egos and beat us down, the old is departing in oh so many ways.  This is simply in preparation for the New.  Our finances may be at an all time low, but we are only in transition. We are going from one reality and life to another. We will be having all that we need very soon. This latest preparation and transition phase has been a very long one, but it was necessary in order for us to be ready and in alignment to be the powerful creators of the New Planet Earth.

We are leaving so much behind in order to receive the New.  But we are the leaders here. We are paving the way for all to follow. We are being watched over and guided by incredibly loving beings from “above” who are oh so grateful for what we are doing for them and for all of the universe. We were not meant to be left in the gutter in poverty.  We will be supported through this process as we are so vitally revered and needed. We will be taken care of. All is not lost.

The new roles are coming in if only in small and intermittent pieces. Things are beginning to be revealed to us in regard to the very New things we will be doing. And for many of us they are quite different indeed. “How can I make money doing this ?” you may wonder in frustration. But the pieces will arrive and it will simply work. We are being guided and supported from above. We are needed .

More energy surges will arrive and place us in alignment to an even greater degree before June arrives.  When we look back we will be grateful for all we went through as we will love where we are.  Like the process of childbirth, the pain is worth it in the end….because look what it produced.

Wishing you heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times,




God said:

When you feel a moment’s envy, you are feeling that you lack. You are feeling that someone else is the favored son, and you are not. You can never lack Me, beloveds, nor My love.  Success in the world does not mean that one child is favored over another.  That is what you think, isn’t it?  You have always been alert to make sure you receive your fair share in the world, and so you spot lack and point to it.

Success in the world is nice, but it is irrelevant. It is not the aim of your life.

Instead of incurring envy, radiate love in your heart. Love another’s success as if it were My blessing to you. You cannot lack My blessing. You are Myself.  All are Myself, and I do not compete with Myself.  What I give to another, I give to you.  The world may not agree, but, then again, the world would not.

There is also nothing for you to compete for. As in tennis, one shakes the hand of the other, win or lose. The one who met his match congratulates the one who made a higher score.  That is all that happened.   Someone got a better grade on a test than you. Is that really so important?

When you feel a twist of envy in your heart, congratulate the one that has something that you want. The twist of envy is merely saying: “I want that.” Even when you may not really want the success, you will tell yourself you do, and that you don’t want to miss out. But what you really want is the love that you feel accompanies the success. Love counts, and that love you have already. It cannot be otherwise. Sure, you can hang the phone up on Me, but I am still on the line nevertheless.

You do not have to choose your awareness of Our mutual love over success in the world. You can have both. What carries you, however, is My love. Pick up the phone. Hear My love. Take it, and make it yours. What ruby will you envy then? What diamond will shine as brightly as your awareness of My love? You can wear a bright diamond on each finger, the world can fall at your feet, every prize can come to you, and yet without your awareness of My love, you carry an emptiness, for something then is indeed missing, not My love, for no one is without it, but your awareness of My love. Without this awareness, the world’s acclaim is not enough. It does not begin to be enough.

Remind yourself you are not here on Earth to win something, and yet, you cannot lose. You are here to give the love I give to you.  With your awareness of My love, you cannot take second place. There is no second place in My heart. Accept this. No one is loved most of all. All are beloved.

Become the most generous person in the world. Be King and Queen to the world. Knight people. Be gracious to them. Remind yourself that you are an emissary for God. You carry My wand, and you bless all with it. Whatever else befalls, that is success, and it is yours. The brass ring is within your grasp.

Do not give your rightful inheritance away, for there is nothing to equal it. Do not abandon love for money or anything else that passes for gold in the world.

Gloria Wendroff, Overseer
The Godwriting™ International Society of Heaven Ministries
703 E. Burlington Avenue, Fairfield, IA 52556

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