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St. Francis through Anina Davenport 

Easter is a time when much peace energy comes to your planet. It is not just of religious reasons; it is also related to spring and the feeding of plants and flowers in those parts of the world where new seeds start growing. But it does not really matter what time of year it is. You can always attune to peace. How?

1) You start by intention: “I want peace.” Keep saying it: “I want peace. Universe, please send me peace.” Peace is your most precious gift but many people don’t recognize it. They chase after fame, fortune and new experiences and peace gets lost. And we have nothing against fame, fortune and new experiences but there are peaceful ways to get to it and harsh aggressive even violent ways. Don’t lose yourself.

2) When you feel peace say, “Thank you, thank you Universe, for this happy day. Thank you for the cool breeze on a summer’s day. Thank you for the smell of roses, my baby’s smile, fresh air.” Say, “Thank you.” You might even hear back, “You’re welcome.”

3) Spend time with peaceful people, plants and animals. Remember the phrase from Jesus: ‘when two or more gather in my name…’ if two or more gather in peace the peace increases for each of you. Energy converges and expands. So be peaceful together.

4) If you live in a violent culture which you do, separate yourself. Not necessarily physically but mentally. Turn off the television if it glorifies violence in movies or on the news. Or put a book between you and the TV. A peaceful book, one that says what you give out comes back not one that tells you the greatest bully wins.

5) Don’t condemn those who commit violence. There is a law of karma. Negative seeds mental or physical seeds come back to you. Who directs the law of karma? God does. So it is not your job to condemn another. Justice is on its way and certain people such as police officers, judges or sometimes ordinary people will feel led to hand out justice. It’s not your job unless God uses you in this way.

6) In this vein don’t hate anybody. Wish them Highest Good. Separate yourself if you must but don’t hate. It only comes back to you. Practice peace. Practice common sense. Practice kindness.

Let us do visualization: imagine Archangel Michael, Ariel, Raphael and Gabriel at the four corners of the room. Ask them to help you and clear the room and your energies. See a golden ball in your heart chakra. Expand it throughout your body and then throughout your aura. Release all old energies and cords.

Now visualize a little blue flame in your heart, a light blue similar to the blue light of your gas oven. See it flicker in your heart. This is the flame of peace. See it in there. See it give you a feeling of peace, a feeling of warmth. Remember that flame throughout the day. Walk with it. Remember it when you are with another. Say, “I want peace here, Highest Good.” Ask for peace. Close down the meditation and relax. Feel the flame in your heart.

Questioner: I don’t feel peace right now.

Saint Francis: That is okay. Keep asking for it. Pester the universe with, “I want peace.” Soon you’ll hear the angels, “Martha down here wants peace. We better give it to her. She just won’t stop bugging us (laughter).

As you say, “I want peace,” other things will come up. Life will say, “Are you sure you want peace because we have some drama we can offer you? How about some violence? How about a roller coaster relationship? It’s available you know”

Keep saying, “I want peace.” Keep affirming peace. Say, “I want peace and joy.” Oh my you are becoming demanding (laughter). Keep saying it. Keep affirming it. That is the secret.

Questioner: What if sadness comes up?

Saint Francis: Say, “I want peace,” and let the tears roll. You can ask for peace and cry. Say, “God please help me here,” and she will. Holy Mother will help. Buddha, Mohammed, your ancestors, great spirit, the angels, your guides. There is plenty of help available but you have to ask. Ask and pray instead of marching toward your enemy and hitting him with a two by four.

Questioner: I am mad at someone.

Saint Francis: Keep affirming, “I want peace,” and feel your anger. Write it out if that helps. Don’t suppress but don’t fuel it either. Whenever the person’s picture comes into your mind see the words HIGHEST GOOD. Send them Highest Good. Whatever that means? You are not really sure. It might mean they will soon feel better or there is a painful lesson to learn. Stay out of it. Your job is to be a vessel of peace not to give out lessons. God does that and yes, some day you might be part of someone’s lesson by saying something with peace in your heart.

Questioner: I expect someone to do something he said he would do and he is not doing it.

Saint Francis: So you are angry?

Questioner: Yes.

Saint Francis: Relax and give up expectations. State what you want for example, “I want more abundance in my life.” Add, “I will accept it from any source God chooses.” So it could be the lottery or an inheritance or your job or other sources such as the stock market for example. You are open. It does not have to come from place A or B. So what you want from your friend could come to you from another person.

Questioner: ”Well yes, I already have another friend who will help me with this task.

Saint Francis: So problem solved?

Questioner: Yes, except I’m still holding a grudge.

Saint Francis: See a cord from you to your friend, let’s call him Mark. What has happened is you have thrown him a cord, an energetic cord. Like a fish line with a little hook at the end; you threw him this cord and now you don’t let go and he is annoyed at you.

Questioner: Yes.

Saint Francis: Cut the cord or see yourself unhooking. Say, “I’m sorry I corded to you,” and let go. Ask your guides to remove it for you if you wish to do that. We are giving you various options but let go. It will free you and him. After letting go of the expectation of Mark fulfilling your wish make a statement to the universe. For example, “I want help with painting my house. Universe, please help.” Then watch what happens. Let old Mark go. Don’t let your expectations destroy your peace. The universe is abundant. There are many ways to get what you need.

If you decide to live in peace it will have a ripple effect. An energetic ripple effect.  You can influence others not by cording to them but by just being. Your peace energy will be felt by others and it will make a difference in their lives. Believe us. Peace is very powerful.

Our love is with you.

Saint Francis

 Copyright Anina Davenport.

 Anina Davenport is the author of Reflections on Ascension and her new book Energetic Empowerment. To read an excerpt of  Energetic Empowerment or to order go to IUniverse.com or call 1-800-AUTHORS. Anina can be reached at Aninadavenport@earthlink.net. 

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