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Saturn's Emergence
An Addendum to the The Dec 31, 2005 Lunar Planner

With breathtaking newly released images
of Saturn and his Moons. This Saturnian revelation in the astronomical world indicates a Saturnian revelation in the astrological world that will continue to unfold over these next few years as Cassini continues its visit to our Lord of Time.

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The Lunar Planner





Experience an In Depth Extraordinary Interview With World Renowned Astrologer Stephanie Azaria about 2006 and More.

Happy New Year 2006. Welcome and start to flow with the colossal global metamorphosis of a new order of awareness. You are born here on earth to claim your right to be divine. The Matrix, media and friends have lied, cheated, and stolen our minds and hearts. They have initiated fear to take away our civil liberties and enslave our souls.

Embrace your power, money and spirituality. In this E-Newsletter we will look at the vibration of 2006 Ė an "8" energy and its meaning and your Personal Year. Recently, I visited with the amazing and astute Astrologer Stephanie Azaria and what she shared about 2006 will provide great guidance for you and more.

Letís discuss the sacred Numerology of January 2006.

January 2006 Ė Universal Month Ė "9"

The Universal Month is the road map that we can follow to better understand our opportunities and challenges. It is obtained by adding the month and Universal Year.

January is a "1" energy of being centered and strong; seeing a new way of living life. The 2006 Universal year is an "8" which represents how you delegate power, money, and its influence on big business and spirituality. Both Jan + 2006 is a "9" which causes you to reflect greatly on your spirituality and materiality. Let go of what belief systems have been impeding you from being successful and move on to new beginnings in February 2006.

The Power of 2006 Ė an "8" Energy

The "8" energy is all about circulation. No matter how old you are walk, run and exercise. If you donít you will create problems with your circulation, blood and be stiff in your body and also your thinking.

The "8" is the DNA code. This year view and listen to your body. Your physical body conditions are a result of your life patterns, programs and belief systems. Reinterpret your body in a new paradigm as a field of changing patterns and systems that you now control.

The "8" embraces all the "Laws of Prosperity." Prosperity is the new spirituality of embracing your wholeness. When youíre living in harmony, you are healthy and wealthy.  

The "8" is a very materialistic vibration. Connect with your business self. Work on getting rid of all blocks and fears that still create poverty consciousness in your daily life. Ask questions, read and take workshops to understand how to make and use your money, as this is a very important aspect of being whole, creative, productive and prosperous. Know how to create, spend and save your money. Learn where and how to invest it.

The "8" is a choice of creating your heaven or living hell. Please be careful of being greedy, judgmental and living "just" a material life. Embrace your spirituality. Help and empower others.

The "8" is the Destiny of an "Earthquake." In this very powerful transformative year we will witness many earth climate changes taking place.

The "8" is the vibration of government, big corporations, banks and the stock market. This year will be very interesting to watch as all these old foundations may start to crumble. This will bring a new world order of the people, who will want to know and have a say in whatís going on.

The "8" sideways is the movement of going in and out of infinity. As teachers and light workers, we are learning to access whatever we need to create and manifest to our hearts desire.

Numerology: Personal Year Vibrations

Finding Your Personal Year

The Personal Year is a yearly forecast of what is happening to you and where life is leading you. It reveals your challenge(s) and will enable you to prepare for experiences that may occur in your personal and business affairs.

To calculate your Personal Year, add the Year of your last Birthday + Your Birth Month + Date of Birth.

Johnny Depp, a famous actor is:
Born June 9, 1963
2005 + 6 + 9 = 22 = 2+2 = a 4 Personal Year

You may now ask: But we are in 2006 and what effect does that have on Johnny Depp and my own birth date?

The 2006 - "8" energy will effect Johnny and you by asking you to be aware of your executive abilities; how you deal with money; and your spirituality, which is part of the "8" vibration. As a Numerologist, I calculate the Personal Year from birth date to birth date and feel this vibration is paramount to your life now.

For further information, please go to the May 2005 E-Newsletter on my website at   HYPERLINK "http://www.julianmichael.net"   www.julianmichael.net . Press the Newsletter bar on the left side and that will take you to my Newsletter archives. Calculate your Personal Year and follow the descriptions given to guide you.

A Conversation With Astrologer Stephanie Azaria About What 2006 Has In Store.

Astrologer Stephanie Azaria and I work together to empower people with our Astro-Numerology workshops and Iím a contributing writer for her e-Zine, which can be found on her website at   HYPERLINK "http://www.thecosmicpath.com"   www.thecosmicpath.com .

During the 2005 holidays I sat down with Stephanie and asked her to share her thoughts about 2006.

Astrology  2006
Julian: What can you say about 2006?

Stephanie: 2006 will be a year where tremendous shifts will take place politically and economically. These shifts are going to accelerate making things very straight forward and clear. Everybody will know that we are in a tremendous time of transformation. Where some of us knew before, everyone will know now. Thatís the difference.

Julian: Do you feel there will be more clarity? Will there be a public outcry for the truth from our government officials and the people around us?

Stephanie: I donít think we will not be able to help it. I think that itís going to be this way. I donít know if the collective consciousness would have chosen clarity. I donít think there is going to be any choice. I think there will be tremendous exposure politically which is going to become plain and undeniable.

Julian: What about all the untruths and disinformation weíre being told at work, from people we love and from our own families?

Stephanie: None of that will hold ground any more. As the year goes on it will become more and more obvious. Saturn continues in Leo this year and that means that we continue to learn the lesson of living from the heart. Last year the Venus Mercury mind and heart connection was rewired. Humanity now has a new connection.

Julian: Was this connection created by the tragic occurrences like Katrina? Will there be more connections created by earth changes that will bring people closer together helping each other in 2006?

Stephanie: Every time one of these catastrophes (earth changes) happens, a great love event takes place. Thousands of people die. Leaving this earth these people become angels. They are now out there helping the living hands of the world to open and send out love. The hearts of the people go out to others as a collective and we experience a love event on earth. Thatís what these catastrophes are for. These catastrophes or earth changes are the earth giving birth to a new order. This has to happen. Humanity is embracing each other and learning to love.

Julian: True. A new order of politics of fear is slowly taking away our civil liberties. Do you feel that people will become clearer, understanding that they are being manipulated and that dangerous games are being played? "Big Brother" is here!

Stephanie: I think it will become pretty obvious. People are going to get fed up. Of course even when it gets obvious thereís not much we can do right away.

Julian: Can people make a difference in the electoral process and by voting? Will this make a difference in 2006?

Stephanie: Voting isnít that important this year. I personally donít think that itís going to get to that in 2006. I think itís more about exposure then itís about making actual change happen. Exposure has to be the beginning of it. Itís going to happen in a big way. I think exposure is going to be a big word this year. Even parts of the earth are going to be exposed that have never been exposed before.

Julian: Will the earth changes bring up islands out of the sea? Will mountains rise and land go under and will some land be unearthed bringing with it lots of treasure?

Stephanie: Lots of treasure. This Mars Retrograde cycle in Taurus that we have gone through almost all of 2005 has unearthed great treasures. We have not realized it yet. This Mars cycle isnít over till February. When thatís finished we will also begin recognizing our own treasures that have been unearthed. The inner treasures of our creative talentís, joy and our fountain of the essence of who we are have started to reveal them selves.

Julian: How beautiful. What about relationships between women and men?

Stephanie: The Goddess energy continues to manifest itself on the planet. I think that itís a very equal manifestation that is taking place, as the Goddess power is so powerful. Men have it too. Those who are open and meditate, practice stillness and are centered will experience a profound transcendence of the duality of the male and female energy. Itís going to be ultimately normal for men and women to understand each otherís emotions and each other. They will be Gods and Goddesses together.

Julian: Will we be contacting other worlds, ETís and other dimensions this year?

Stephanie: Yes. We have moved into new dimensions. As we move toward 2012 we are going to experience those dimensions physically, literally and very profoundly. As we move into those dimensions we will experience other forms of consciousness, light and light forms. I donít know what you want to call it but we have been co-existing with them all along yet we have just not realized it. These ETís have been with us forever. Again itís about exposure.

Julian: How does exposure affect us?

Stephanie: Itís like a veil lifting and uncovering this Jupiter Pluto mutual reception thatís going on all of this year. This is metamorphosis Ė that gets bigger, bigger and bigger. Itís also spiritual. Itís about wisdom and knowledge; learning and growth; and expansion as Pluto is deep, intense, global and powerful. These two planets work together in a sort of interactive way.

Julian: Itís like the "8" isnít it?

Stephanie: Very much like the "8."

Julian: The two zeroís of the "8" are constantly interacting with the conscious and subconscious worlds Ė embracing heaven and earth or heaven and hell.

Stephanie: Yes, heaven and hell.

Julian: Emotional stuff is constantly coming up isnít it? Unearthed from within ourselves using lifeís experiences as a Rotor-rooter. All this stuff is coming out so we can have clarity and achieve conscious awareness.  

Stephanie: Yes.

Julian: Letís talk about relationships and marriage. Whatís going on? It seems like people are falling in love and out of love just as quickly. Whatís happening to love?

Stephanie: Well things are happening because of the Venus Chiron dance thatís going on. Chiron is in a bigger dance with Saturn. An on-going dance is happening now. We are learning a very powerful dance of the heart. Venus has just gone Retrograde. Venus will be Retrograde for the first months of the year. As the year begins, we will all learn lessons about love. Depending on where we are at in our lives weíre either making our way back to people we love or we are splitting from people we love. I believe that on some level that this is fairly temporary because Venus is Retrograde.

Julian: This Venus energy is very loving and powerful. Please say more.

Stephanie: The legend goes that Venus left Mars in order to go into the Underworld. This is a metaphor for her gaining new wisdom. She goes through some sort of hellacious period by herself Ė "all alone" Ė and gains great wisdom and comes back to Mars. When Venus goes retrograde she is just taking a sabbatical. At this point in time the Goddess power is trying to manifest itself powerfully. This is a very important Venus Retrograde now.

Julian: The "8" embraces big business, real estate, stocks and making money. Is it a good year for us to make money and invest it?

Stephanie: Venus rules money too. Iíve been telling people for years not to invest in the stock market.

Julian: Youíre saying stocks arenít good? Do we need to have more discrimination and be aware where our money is being invested?

Stephanie: Venus rules money. It also rules art and Real Estate. These are the places to put your money. Real Estate is the best and safest way to invest your money. Even though the market is topped out that doesnít mean itís going to crash. Itís just slowing down. Thatís all. Itís still a very good and sound investment.

Julian: Thank you.

To Be Continued in February 2006. Next month learn about the effect of 2006 on health, time moving faster, age, and the course of the human race and more from Stephanie Azaria.

I would like to thank Stephanie Azaria for her very important answers to questions and predictions for "2006."

Knowledge is Power. Embrace your New Order of Awareness. Love your Numbers. Happy New Year and Lets go to the Next LevelÖHave a Magical January 2006ÖBlessingsÖLove Julian Michael

Currently in N.Y.C., Julian will continue to do private and phone sessions. Please call 323.384.1333 for special New Years rates or visit Julian at www.julianmichael.net

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