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Hello folks,
    I told some of you at today's lecture that there were two very good sources of astrological weather information.  I've included the links below as well as the most current report for hurricane season this year from Carolyn.  Notice this is a preliminary report from her.  Check back after she's had more time to look at the summer season charting.  Like I said this afternoon, there is a ton of work to do to begin to form local forecasts.
Your friend,
Tim Rubald, C.A. NCGR, C.A.P. ISAR
The name I was trying to remember is Carolyn Egan http://weathersage.com/
The hurricane report can be found at http://weathersage.com/forecasts/2006spring/prelim.htm
Here is a copy of what she has up now:


The 2005 hurricane season that produced horrific storms named Katrina and Rita is one that will not soon be forgotten. I was adamant that the season would be ‘riddled with storms΄. The long range report, written in April 2005, concentrated on the peak months of the season – August, September and October. Katrina belongs to my August 26th forecast for a low pressure system developing at the Bahamas/Miami area. I did not track the storm across the Gulf coast. During that week, another forecast had a system affecting Puerto Rico and they received 13” of rain.

Hurricane Rita developed over South Florida to my forecast of September 11th where I describe a strong low pressure named storm that would develop and the central Gulf states would also be affected.

For the perigee week of October 10th, I wrote that a hurricane would develop affecting the large islands, then the central Gulf coast. The storm was Wilma. She started just south of Jamaica, cruised up by Cuba, then landed on the Yucatan coast. She then took a sharp turn to the Gulf coast of Florida and raced across to the Atlantic.

With all the funding, special equipment and well educated meteorologists – not one could write and predict the storm systems as found in my report. One local RI meteorologist happily stated in a television ad that his job was one where you could “have a wrong forecast and not be fired for it”.

The Astrometeorologist covers thousands of miles of coastline over several months and is able to forecast developing storms and strength as you have read. If you check other long range forecasts claiming 80-90% accuracy, you would find the Almanacs mentioned one hurricane for the whole 2005 season that did not materialize in their forecasted time and place.

HURRICANES AND STORMS – 2006 – Preliminary Report

February 2006 - The initial foray into the hurricane season gives broad information. A deeper analysis and observation will be forthcoming soon to update the following forecast.

July 2006

July 3-9 Quarter Moon
Florida – Heavy rains
Louisiana – Strong winds early, heavy rain later.
Carolinas - Breezy to windy, thunderstorms.
Other – A moisture laden system develops north of Puerto Rico and a low pressure event is possible in the middle of the Atlantic

July 10-16 Full Moon *Perigee – 13th

Florida – Breezy thunderstorms; seasonal humidity
Louisiana –.Breezy, high humidity.
Carolinas - Rain; cloudy
Other - A weather event off the coast of Senegal, Africa near the Canary Islands. Convection is possible.

July 17-24 Quarter Moon
Florida – Rain, thunderstorms
Louisiana – Stormy weather. Heavy rain.
Carolinas – High pressure
Other - Clouds and thunderstorms off the coast of Senegal, near the Canary Islands.

July 25-August 2 New Moon
Florida – Wet and windy
Louisiana – Heavy rain
Carolinas – Heavy rain and windy to gale force winds
Other - quiet.

August 2 – 8 Quarter Moon
Florida – Unstable atmosphere leads to thunderstorms and squallish weather.
Louisiana – Thunderstorms
Carolinas - A week of variety. T-storms, windy, warm, rain, humidity, sunny.
Other - Disturbed weather in the mid-Atlantic. Tropical storm flare-up.

August 9 – 15 Full Moon Perigee August 10th
Florida – Searing heat and humidity – tropical downpours, T-storms. Hurricane weather.
Louisiana – Sunny, warm to very hot and humid.
Carolinas – Hot – turbulent. Violent atmosphere, downpours.
Other – Very hot temperatures in the middle Atlantic.

August 16 – 22 Quarter Moon
Florida - Seasonable, typical summer weather.
Louisiana – Seasonable, hot. Cooling down with T-storm.
Carolinas - Hot, humid. Cooling down T-storm.
Other – A very strong tropical depression forms in the mid-Atlantic.
Baha, CA/MX will host a strong hurricane this period.

August 23 – 30 New Moon
Florida – Very hot and humid.
Louisiana – Warm to hot, pleasant with some humidity.
Carolinas - Hot and humid with strong winds.
Other – Very powerful tropical system develops and becomes a category hurricane near or at the Canary Islands. Heavy rain to flooding on the west coast of Mexico. Southern California has extremely difficult weather, flooding rains.

August 31 – September 6 Quarter Moon Perigee SuperMoon September 7th
Florida – Hurricane of great strength threatens Florida and the Gulf Coast.
Louisiana – Torrential rain and flooding
Carolinas - Windy; heavy rain.
Other – Honduras and parts of Central America may be in the storm΄s path.
Generally the steering currents will move the hurricane north.

September 7 – 13 Full Moon
Mercury sq Pl
Florida – Strong gusty winds.
Louisiana – A tropical storm develops with very destructive winds.
Carolina – Mostly hot and dry
Other – A strong, very wet depression develops in the eastern Atlantic on the west side of the Canary Islands.

September 14 – 21
Florida – Take cover for another big blow. A high category hurricane strikes Florida. Oppressive heat.
Louisiana – Heavy rain; flash flooding; strong squalls. . Very high humidity.
Carolinas – Mixed weather events. Hot, then cooler with rain.
Other – Off the coast of Africa there will be convection with a tropical low. It has the potential to be good sized.

Preliminary Hurricane 2006 Report

Carolyn Egan February 2006 ©


I mentioned a "guy in Australia."  That would be Ken Ring in New Zealand.  http://www.predictweather.com/  While his reports are primarily for New Zealand, Australia and the UK, there is loads of good information about astro-meteorology at his site.

He writes that "The Moon has about one sixth of the Earth’s gravitational force. From only a couple of hundred thousand miles away, changes in the Moon's orbital patterns are going to have major effects on Earth. Simply stated, changes in the Moon’s movement changes our weather.. ..."

Tim Rubald, C.A. NCGR, C.A.P. ISAR
Life cycles and success timing for people in transition.
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