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Manifesting Holistic Abundance

Abundance Discourse

 A Spring 2006 discourse presented by Kuthumi through Conscious Channel, Ronna Prince as part of “Manifesting Holistic Abundance Workshop.”

 We welcome you and we would like to start by introducing the group of Masters here gathered this evening. As your consciousness accelerates as a group, your ability to receive wisdom from  ever larger numbers of Ascended Masters increases also. 

 The topic of abundance is of very great interest to the spiritual hierarchy. This evening’s discourse could be seen as the externalization of wisdom, but in truth, as our messenger speaks, there is a group of inner teachers manifesting inside of each of you. The consciousness of the Divine Mind communicates with each of you through different aspects of the rays, through the chakra systems, through the dimensions and through the grids.  Each of you experiences the teaching in a unique, vibrational way.

 Today, speaking about the energies of abundance and manifestation is primarily the Ascended Master Kuthumi, the world teacher on the yellow-golden Ray of love and wisdom.  When Kuthumi is present in consciousness, so is Lady Pallas Athena, his co-creative partner in Light.  For every single person in this room, we would suggest that Pallas Athena is the head of your karmic board.  Each and every one of you.  For most of western humanity, Pallas Athena presides over the decision-making processes for a soul, as the soul determines what lessons s/he wishes to experience in the pending incarnation.  She is here today to represent the energies of karma, and the potential for each and every one of you to move off of this cycle of repeating the same lessons over and over. 

 In this lifetime, you each have the opportunity to enter into Dharma, which is your spiritual service and purpose of being here. In Dharma, one gains conscious clarity. Other than Loving, the search for conscious clarity is the single most important thing you engage in.  This evening, Kuthumi and Pallas Athena present the opportunity to you to obtain one small piece of consciousness to assist you on your path to Dharma.

 Also present is the Lady Portia, who in Aura-Soma[1] is represented by the gold energies of “Judge-not”; this is the activity, very sacred in and of itself, of releasing judgment which we will speak of later.  When we work through the energies of Lady Portia, we automatically bring in her co-creative partner St. Germain, on the violet flame of transmutation.  When we entertain a topic such as Abundance, we do not represent one or two aspects of the Divine Mind; it is integration that we are interested in at this time of transformation.   Present and representing the energies of Compassion, are Sananda, the Christ and Mary, the Magdalene. 

 The trilogy of Masters that you have before you is one of the keys to creating integrated abundance: love, wisdom and power. 


Love – Sananda & Mary

Wisdom – Kuthumi & Pallas Athena

Power – St. Germain & Lady Portia


Of course, we can think of Love-Wisdom-Power as only words. However, let us affirm that words carry vibration. When we combine words with thoughts and actions, it creates the Trinity of manifestation:


love, wisdom, power

thoughts, words, actions


These go very closely together hand in hand.  These are two Trinities; we will be speaking quite a bit about Trinity energy and how it relates profoundly to the power of manifestation.  Nine is a powerful energy of completion. Nine is the triple Trinity. - three plus three plus three.


We have outlined two of the Trinity concepts this evening, and we have a third one that we will add to this, which is the energy of trust, surrender, and believe. 


trust, surrender, believe


When we combine these three Trinities, we have all the keys are necessary to create an abundant life.   

 There are many more Masters present in this room this evening. We could go into a list of “Who's Who of Ascended Masters” this evening, because so many are gathered. We are All very much interested in this topic. As we begin to share in the coalescence of knowledge, you have the opportunity to access each and every one of the consciousness rays within your self.  So this evening, the question-and-answer session will be very interesting. For we have said on several occasions, one of the most important activities as spiritual being is asking. 


Ask and you shall receive.


We have oftentimes found people can be rather timid in these group sessions, and we encourage you to surrender into the energy that there is no such thing as a silly question.  There is no such thing as an irrelevant question. Every question you ask pertains to each and every other person in the room.  Thus, we begin.

We are here in the energy of a very powerful Trinity – love-wisdom-power.  We suggest that perhaps one of the things which has caused difficulty for many of you in this room, is not the vibration of love.  Perhaps it is not even the vibration of wisdom, because you are all very wise and experienced spiritual beings.  Perhaps the problematic energy has been that of power. 

 Many of you have more than a mere “reluctance” to access your own power. Many of you have an outright fear of manifesting from a place of great inner power.  In great Truth of one of your beautiful, current-age prophets, Marianne Williamson has said:

 “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”

 This fear is seen by the Ascended Masters as the timidity of your souls to take the full reign of all the abundant gifts that exist around you. 

 Another of today’s great artists and prophets, Maya Angelou has said:

Ask for what you want and be prepared to get it.

You see one aspect of duality consciousness, which humanity is in the throes of attempting to release, is the “either-or” mentality.  This evening we are not discussing two concepts, but the Trinity. You see, in duality the belief is “either I am in prosperity or I am in scarcity. I am in lack or I Am in plenty.”  You then shift your consciousness and your self-definition between these two opposite ends, hoping, in the very best outcome, to end up somewhere in the middle. In this way you can get by, and perhaps even get by with a little extra to spare.  This is the frustrating aspect of manifestation. If one is operating out of the duality belief system, that there is never quite enough to go around, at any one point in time, a small event could tip the scales of balance one way or the other.  This is the Piscean symbol of the scales of justice, the symbol which still resides in your courts of law today – this the either-or mentality.  One small shifting in this operative system can tip the whole scale off-balance.  This is why, over the course of the last several years, we have been encouraging people to shift their consciousness out of duality thinking and the symbology of two – represented by the scales of justice, into a more integrative system. 


We are suggesting that you shift your thinking beyond even the simple two-dimensional triangle and into the pyramid. The pyramid, by the way, is emblazoned on each of your dollar bills. It represents the Trinity of love-wisdom-power. At the top of the pyramid is a clear manifestation symbol: the eye of the Horus.



The eye represents many things, including conscious clarity, which is exactly the purpose of this discourse - the clarity to see Truth. This is symbolized by the all-seeing eye of Horus.


What we are holding in intention in this discourse, is not simply to convey a combination of words and concepts. The intention we hold is to offer to you a small bit of enlightenment. 


Enlightement in Aura-Soma, is represented by the clear energies such as you see in the Master Serapis Bey:


#54 – Serapis Bey


The clear color within Aura-Soma represents the reflection of all things.  This clarity, is not only a mental concept. Clarity is the ability to access all levels of the ray teachings. It is the ability to see, hear and know all dimensions of your own sacred being.  Within the clear, is every other color.  Within the clear, we have the ability to manifest from the high heart. The high heart is an energy center located within the upper part of the chest. It is the feeling side of your being, connected to the heart energies of Balance. From the high heart, we serve humanity.


The high heart combines green of the heart chakra and the blue of the throat chakra into the combination color of turquoise. This color energy is a sacred Trinity.



 Within each one of the chakras of the human anatomy structure is a Trinity color, which combines the three primary and four secondary colors.  For example, if we take the energy of red in the root chakra and orange in the second chakra, we create the beautiful color of coral.  Coral is the energy of Athena - Love and Wisdom.  Coral is a new consciousness color. 


Moving up the chakra system we may next combine the energy of orange and yellow. Between these two chakras is the manifestation of gold energies.  Gold represents the wisdom of El Dorado. El Dorado is an Ascended Master. El Dorado holds the key to Treasure.  The Treasure our dear ones, is the inner treasure of the heart. It is not the elusive “pot of gold” which none of you will find on the exterior.  The true Wisdom of your soul resides between the yellow and the orange chakras of the body.  This is what is called the Hara chakra by some, and the incarnational star by others. This is the area of the physical manifest body which resonates deeply with your soul’s purpose and mission here on earth.  The hara chakra is located around the area of the navel. It is truly a “star” within the center of your being. [2] 


We enjoin you Now to center your consciousness in your own hara chakra as we proceed to discuss Balance and Manifestation. For now, the year 2006, is the time of Balance.  We are speaking of balance in a new way. As we have said, balance does not manifest from the dual scales of justice. Balance comes from connecting your own Wisdom in the hara chakra to the   all- seeing eye at the top of the pyramid. And what is that eye? It is your own soul-mind in unity with the Divine.  


Why are we speaking to color energies, perhaps you would like to ask?  Because they represent a very visual outpicturing of love, wisdom and power. (Note – the following Aura-Soma energies were sitting in a Trinity at the front of the room):


#52         #41         #16


When we see these combinations, they resonate into our core, energizing the trinity of how we actually CREATE: our thoughts, our words and our actions.  

You are each, at essence, spiritual beings.  You each possess the ability to create any great and beautiful work that you are capable of imagining. The key is to create from the center of the sacred Trinity of love, wisdom, and power. From here, you incorporate your own wisdom by understanding the importance your thoughts, your words, and your actions. 

 This becomes an exercise of self-control. And by this, we mean the following:


I Am in control of my thoughts,

I Am in control of my words,

I Am in control of my actions.


For our dear ones, if not you, then who is? Your own unconscious and subconscious process. You are not puppets or marionettes. You are Divine Souls.

 Let us assume that you agree with the “concepts” and Truth of the first two trinities – love-wisdom-power. Thoughts-words-actions.  Just as soon as we have told you how you are in control, we ask you now to incorporate the third trinity of surrender-trust-believe!

 The Truth is that the Divine is in charge. And only in surrendering to the Divine, do you truly begin to manifest your greatest dreams!

 Let us examine the second trinity before we enter into the third.

 We have pointed out the power is problematic for most of you in the first trinity.  If you are lacking in personal power, you will have difficulty in exercising Right Action. Right Action, part of the 8 fold path[3] is the POWER of using your thoughts and words to manifest Reality. Without Right Action, you live in scarcity, pure and simple. We believe that you Know This. So, what do you suppose is the problem area of thoughts-words-actions for most of humanity? It is not actions. It is your thoughts. 

 We have seen each and every one of you in this room repeating affirmations such as "I am a being of light, and I am manifesting for the greatest good". 

 If all you had to in order to create abundance was to repeat certain words, you would all be greatly abundant in wealth and prosperity and health.  But words you see, if not impelled by the passion of your emotions and the truth of your thoughts, fall into the dust and have no impact at all on your actions.  Likewise, many of you have been engaging in actions, such as searching for a meaningful job or such as creating  something unique. On the surface, this looks as if you are attempting to manifest something. But you see, if  you do not control your thoughts, if you do not even “know” your thoughts, you do not manifest in the sacred Trinity. You create from duality, your create from less than, and you create from fear. In sum, you create from the unconscious belief system running in the background of your mind.  You are stuck on the scales of justice.  You are limited by the duality construct of scarcity versus abundance. This is precisely why we work through the energy of Trinities.


It is of great importance for you to be in 100% conscious clarity of your thoughts.

 For example, if you say: “I have been working so hard, and I have nothing to show for it.” We categorize this as “poverty mentality”. Or, you could look in your wallet and you could simply state the Truth: “All I have in my wallet right now is $10.”

 This may be true for you. What do you do next? Perhaps you are afraid that the $10 is going to be gone soon and then you will have nothing, correct? No. One of the most sacred thoughts is in this whole scheme of things, is gratitude. Gratitude is complex because it is spirit inviting you to exercise more than a grateful attitude, but to enter into the spiritual practice of Trust, putting the thoughts into actions.  Perhaps you no longer say: “All I have to my name is this $10.” But instead, you state with great conviction of Belief: “I bless the energy of this financial wealth, and I send it out to the Universe, to be returned to me tenfold.”

 This is not to say we are asking you to give away the last $10 in your wallet, because perhaps, you need to eat that day!  And of course, this is the way that your society works – you provide for your basic needs through the exchange of money. The green dollar in your culture.

 We are referring to  the energy of the thought pattern. To be specific, the common thought pattern is: “There is never enough.” This is very fundamentally, the scarcity mentality.  “I am broke.  I don't have enough.  There will never be enough for everyone in the world, including me.”

 These are the thoughts in many people’s minds. Even when you are stating prosperity affirmations, the thoughts are still there, making the situation of “lack” much more difficult to work your way out of. Underlying these thoughts are deeper thoughts of fear. Fear that there will never be enough. The fear is this: “If I let go of this last $10, perhaps I shall never have any more.” 

You see, there is a Relevant Law of Manifesting operating in the Universe that we would like to bring to your attention. This Law manifests in One Sacred Activity which contributes to Abundance. Everyone has heard of this Law, but few empower it by the Sacred Action. This laws contains an infinite Truth and Manifesting Power. But many of you do not “think” it pertains to you. For we are working through the power of thoughts, and this is where you often fall short. 

The Law of the Universe that we are referring to is the Tenfold Return. The Sacred Activity is the Activity of Tithing.

 The Law of Tenfold Return is truth in action:  what we give out, whether it be money or effort or love or happiness or joy, returns to us by the Law of Tenfold Return.

 This is something you often forget. If you say, “If I give away one dollar of my last ten dollars, I may never get anything back”, you are operating out of fear, because the reality is that you will get something back.  

We will give an example of this Law, by using a real life situation which recently occurred for our messenger. We will use round numbers to simplify the example. At the time of Christ-Mass, our messenger said, “Let me give $1,000 to the home of my spiritual church. I am going to donate this money from my heart in Gratitude for all I have received.” This step came first.  An inheritance of her mother’s estate was pending and had been mired in legal process for over two and a half years. Neither the amount, nor the timing of the inheritance was known. Two months later, the  inheritance came in exactly tenfold.  This was the Law of tenfold return in action.  Now, you may say, “Well yes, this is all nice and well and good, but she knew an inheritance was coming. Is not the true test that of giving without knowing where the 10 fold return will come at all?” Yes and no. It matters not if you “know” or “do not know”, what matters is the Intention and the trinity of thoughts-words-actions which impels you to Trust and to give from Gratitude. The true test is always what you “do”, not when or how or even why, you do it.  

If you make the conscious choice to enter into the trinity of surrender, trust and believe, you will find that over and over again in your own lives, this Law works.

 Now, the Sacred Activity of Tithing (giving after you have received) is something very many people do not like to think about, much less practice. Why? Because it brings in all the past and present life resonant energies of religious doctrine from the Church.  This is also the energy of one tenth. Aha, you may say, “she is going to speak about tithing just like the “ministers” do on their annual fund raising drive.”  Well, this is not a religious organization, and no one is trying to put their hands in your pocketbooks. We are simply telling you that the Sacred Activity of Tithing is to give out one tenth (1/10th) of your gain, and then, by the Law of Tenfold Return, you will Receive 10 times what you gave out, in some form, be it love, money, gratitude or compassion.  You see it is a complete circle. When you fail to give out the 1/10th of your gain, whether that be in time, treasures, or talents, you stay in the mentality of poverty consciousness.  The Truth is this:


once you begin to give freely from your soul, you are truly creating Abundance from the limitless supply of Light and Love.


We are not always talking about money. We also are speaking about your talent, what you have to offer to the world.  How do you go about offering your talent?  Is that in the energy of stinginess?  “Perhaps if I give by volunteering my time, maybe I won't have time to watch my favorite television show.” We see a very great many of you spending ad naseaum time on the television or your computer when you have talent that you can contribute to the world by way of tithing your time.  Your efforts are as important as your money – and oftentimes, more important. You see, we are also speaking of your time. How do you serve the Divine? Do you serve the self all the time, or do you serve 10% of your time specifically giving to others?

 This tithing of your time and talent does not have to be complicated.  Most assuredly, we are not asking you (especially you note takers), to tally up the number of hours you spend in service to others.  (Many people were diligently taking notes during the channeling and Kuthumi was making light of it, and adding some humor into the process.)  If you really want to keep track of yourself, make a few notes and add how many hours you spend sleeping vs. working vs. playing etc. This way you can really monitor yourself all the time and achieve very little!! We make light of this because, this discourse is not all seriousness.  It is about Manifesting Abundance and this can be, if you choose, Fun!

 One very sacred and fun activity of manifesting is writing something down.  Very profoundly, to write something down energizes the intention, it creates the framework and geometry for the action. We are not speaking about typing into the computer.  You can certainly write in this way, but you see, the computer has become a somewhat mindless activity for people.  The Ascended Masters still prefer the energy of writing with pen to paper. We have spoken of this before.  Write down:


What are my goals,

What is it that I wish to accomplish,

What are steps to this project?


Write it down because there is the power of the words; there is the discipline of putting thoughts and words on paper, and there is the creation of  sacred geometrical patterns which are activated by the symbols in the letters of the words. Letters are created from sacred geometry.  Sacred geometry creates everything in this room including yourselves.  This is why we mention the activity of formulating goals and taking the time and the discipline to write them down. This is something that you can consider as a tithe to yourself of your time.  “I will dedicate myself to the path of formulating what this concept of abundance means to me.”

 Perhaps you will even coming up with some categories:  health- relationship- community- leisure time-  finances, of course.  Most people like to put financial wealth in the first column, as if that’s the most important thing.  We would like to suggest that you put finances/wealth at the end, because if you take care of everything else, oftentimes the final exteriorization of this symbol of abundance (money) comes very naturally.  Yes indeed. So we suggest that you put these aspects of abundance into columns, and write down your goals. 

 I have already done this, some of you are saying. Let us suggest that what many of you do, is enter into this in the energy of “vagueness”.  “Someday I will have enough money, perhaps to buy a house, buy something or have a great big vehicle to drive around.”  You oftentimes think that a “thing” will create happiness.  And this is when you encounter the great lesson of Buddhism. In vernacular terms: “be careful of what you ask for because you just might get it and find that was not the thing at all that you were looking for”.  This is why we suggest that you put the things of financial concern into the last column.  Because if one is constantly running around like a hamster on a treadmill, one does not have the opportunity to see where the things of true value exist. 

 Where is the gold, is it in the exterior pieces of gold? No! We suggest that the gold is the gold of your own incarnational star- your Hara chakra.  In your Hara chakra exists the purpose for which you came here to incarnate. In your own Hara chakra are the keys your soul provides you with in order to integrate love, wisdom and power.  If you choose to Believe this, you have within your own self , the opportunity to manifest abundance in your life.  Thus, when you enter into the activity of writing things down, perhaps one of the things you may wish to consider is to experiment with tithing.  We do not tell you exactly what to do, but experiment with the energy of tithing 1/10th  of your time, treasure and talent. Do this and then experience the great benefit of the Universe coming back to you ten times multiplied.  Perhaps you wish to give yourself a time frame:  “I will try this for one week, just in case.” Try a limited time in case it is too scary. Then you can shut the experiment down if nothing happens.  You always exercise free will choice. 

 If you find that you've given out $20 to every person on the street that asks you the time of day, you might find out that you don't have two thousand at the end of the week. Why? Because this is not the way and the spirit of things that we are speaking of.  No, we are speaking of the energy of “What is it that I have to contribute?” Not just money. But an inventory of your gifts and your talents.  “What is it that I willingly give out freely from my soul, not from fear that it might not come back to me tenfold, but out of the fixity of purpose of knowing this is a Law of the Universe.”  From here, then perhaps you may state:  

“I am a being of light with great compassion for the self and the soul. I give from the Intention entering into the trinity of Surrender, Trust and Believe.”

 Now where within this trinity would we suggest that most people fall short?  Is it in believing that we are worthy of all the great abundance that God, the Creator of all things provides?  Is it in trusting that those things can flow with great grace and ease into our lives?  Or is it in the surrendering?  This third trinity is somewhat difficult to generalize about, because we suggest that there is no one clear cut thing as there is in the other trinities that we can say that humanity is stuck on. For many people, the energy of surrender is nearly impossible because they work out of the operative consciousness of I CONTROL.  And when I is separated from the I AM, as we have said several times before, one is operating out of the ego.  I CONTROL is very different than I AM in control of my life.  Very different energies.  Those people working through I CONTROL frantically spend quite a bit of time organizing things in the energy of contingency plans.  And we do not say just simply give everything up to the flow of life and make no plans. If you do this, then you end up in the opposite energies of spiritual people who say:  “I don't need to deal with the details  because God will manifest everything for me.” These people often end up in poverty all the time - and that is quite the opposite energy and once again, we see the workings of duality.  I CONTROL EVERYTHING versus I CONTROL NOTHING. I control nothing people usually end up with very little to show for the fruits of their labors. 

 What are we suggesting is the Trinity Consciousness:


I AM in control of manifesting abundance and prosperity

in an integrative holistic fashion.


I AM.  This brings one into the energy of the sacred trinity of creation. 

 Some of you like to just say: “I am a being of light.” Well, this is very nice, but then when you enter into manifestation practice, you need to be somewhat more specific, because of course the entire Universe agrees with you: Yes, you are all beautiful beings of light.

 More specifically, you may wish to state:


“I Am in control through my thoughts, my words and my actions.

I manifest from the balance of love, wisdom and power. “

 You see, if you are one of these “control beings” or as you say sometimes, “control freaks”, then you never enter into the energy of surrender.  And surrendering is the first step.  Saying, “I AM in control of x,y, or z, does not mean “I refuse to surrender”. It simply means: “I AM able to manifest for the greatest good of all concerned.  Not only for myself, but all of those around me.” For surrendering is saying: “I AM in control of my thoughts, my words and my actions.”  Because no one else controls your thoughts, your words, or your actions other than you and your soul, unless you are one of these people who believe you are controlled by aliens or something, and we have seen some examples of that belief system lately.  That attitude or belief is vibrational fear. We are suggesting that saying “I AM in control”, means this:

  “I take a proactive stance in my life to that which I wish to bring in. I do not simply react to things coming from the exterior, I go through the deliberate activity of sacred writing, of setting my goals on paper, of making these columns, of taking an inventory, in deciding where are the places that my soul is calling for me to accelerate my consciousness, and to Know my belief system so that I AM in control of my thoughts.” 

 You see many people still have these old messages running in the background of their minds, that to accumulate wealth is somehow negative and evil. This can come through religion, through past lives, and many other avenues. You must be conscious of what is the origin of your thoughts.  Oftentimes you believe that to spend money on the self is selfish. Some people believe that spending money gives them a sense of pleasure. This may be true, but that pleasure is almost always very fleeting.

 Abundance, as we have stated, is not always about money. Many people are lacking in abundance in relationship, in issues of the heart. For many people, it is simply easier and more concrete to speak about financial aspects of abundance. However, when we enter into surrender, we are speaking of spiritual surrender. We are not speaking about surrendering your thoughts-word and actions and then not taking the steps that are required for you to manifest.  It is not staying in a place of laziness such as: “If I have time, perhaps I'll spend 10 minutes meditating.” “If I have the inclination, I may go to church or I may tithe…..”  or something like that.   Spiritual surrender means allowing your spiritual consciousness, the Truth in your own hara chakra in connection to the Divine, to be the leader of your life rather than in the background. This choice is  at the essence of True Surrender. 

“I surrender to Spirit. Thy will be done.”

 This is the energy of blue, El Morya, who works with the goddess of light, Amerissis. 

 “Thy will be done. I enter into surrender. If I am being called to serve in a new and different way, I will look with conscious clarity and see the signs in front of me.” You see, many of you are in the process of major life transitions. You have ALL had many signs along the way. The more you resist the surrender and refuse to see the signs, your team of guides and Angels have no other choice than to create a more dramatic lesson.  Perhaps the lesson is a lesson of love. Perhaps it is needing to surrender into the soft place of vulnerability so you can then receive. 

Many people have closed off the energy of receiving which comes into the back of the heart center, in the center of your being.  We have outlined this concept before. Many people believe that,  “If only I am more giving, I will receive more.” This is slightly different energy than we are speaking of the law of the tens - tenfold return and 10% tithing. The tithing energy is truly an action that we take and then we see the return.  We are now speaking about the energies of the heart and of surrender.  The challenge many people face in the surrender energies, is an unwillingness to be vulnerable. This stems because having suffered hurt, disappointment, and loss. Normally, you wish to shield yourselves from these things.  For example, if one has been involved in a relationship that has failed, oftentimes you say: “never again will I allow myself to be this vulnerable because I cannot suffer another loss such as this.” Then you begin to develop the shielding at the back of a heart. You usually continue with great spiritual consciousness to give to others, but you have energetically blocked the receiving in part of your subtle anatomy.  For you see, if you cannot receive love, it is very difficult to manifest anything in integration.     

Oftentimes people like to look at examples of your celebrities in this culture and say: “Look how fortunate they are.  They have status and they have power and they have money, and they have recognition.” But how many of these people do you think are truly in the energy of integrated abundance?  And people also make the mistake of saying, “Well yes, if I had that amount of money, I could manifest my own happiness.”  Well, you see, this is not the way of integrated holistic abundance.  That is an exteriorization. If we were to look at the deep sorrow of the heart of many of these people, none of us would like to exchange places with any of them. 

 It is much more productive at this time, to simply be a spiritual being on a path of understanding.  You are humans here to learn by example and it is not by the exterior signs of success when you transition to the soul world that you will be measured.  It is how well you have loved.  And if you close off the receiving part of the heart, you WILL come in to a moment of knowingness in the soul world: “I gave love, but I did not open my heart to receive love because I was too afraid.”  

 This recognition washes over you as a soul, in great tidal waves of regret often.  The soul then cries out:  “But I gave! I gave love!”  Well you see, Love is a circular and spiraling passionate energy: As you give, so shall you receive!  If you do not receive, are  you truly giving? Ask yourself that as deeply as you are able to in your own quiet time.

 Let us suggest as a way of concrete example, that you are giving out love all the time, but you are not allowing yourself to receive, what happens?  You become tired, you lose our vitality, your energy begins to drain away and you begin to feel somewhat lost and out of sync.  And perhaps then other things happen in a domino effect; perhaps you lose your job, perhaps you lose a relationship we was truly based on love.  This is a domino effect and it all goes into the heart where we receive.  It is just as important, our friends in light, to receive love as it is to give.  As so, if you hear no other thing this evening, hear this:

 Have the courage to surrender to receiving love no matter what.

 We bring forth the great compassion of Mary and Kwan Yin to say:  no matter what! For the risk is not in being hurt again. The risk is not to love enough, and to find out that this gift was a lost opportunity in this life. For once you have transcended into the world of spirit, you do not love in human form. Incarnated human love is palpable, it is sensate, it is in fact, the reason you choose to come back here over and over.  You see, you souls come back not only to try again because you are held to karma. Or to try again because you are diligent and impeccable souls working to learn the lessons of love.  You come back because human, incarnate love is the Elixir of the Soul. By Divine Law, if you are open to Give, the greatest good comes ALSO in opening to receive. 

 There is the energy of fear, as we have said.  “Perhaps I will be hurt.” There is no great need to reside in this energy anymore because you all have experienced many things in past lives and even in this one. Too many things to list or think of or tabulate. But look around you! You have loved and you have lost countless times and you are still here!  Perhaps you have some scars and some sadness in the heart center, but that is the greatest of all gifts in many ways. For those of you grieving for a departed lost one, we say to you this: Grief, while a very difficult experience, in the end is a very great gift. It is an emotion that is highly respected and honored by all spiritual beings. Because you see, the truth of the matter that many of you know is this:


Grief is a reflection of how much you have loved.


If you have not loved, you do not grieve the parting of a soul.  So you see, even these places of hardness in the heart, the places of scarring, the places where you have grieved for the loss of something – all these are signs that you have Loved. You all have the capacity and the capability to love.  And this is why you are here: It is to take the risk each and every day, to go out and love more in the sacred activity of making contact with your fellow beings.  It is to respect every person, in every encounter. For without question, many that you meet along the road are spiritual masters. If you encounter someone with an attitude of nonchalance and non-caring, you have lost an opportunity to love.  You do not need to love in these great dramatic relationships of perfect love and union between two people.  You each have the opportunity every day, through the energy of the eyes of the soul, to recognize the Christ-Nada consciousness in your fellow beings. 

 You see loving is not always about the seriousness of the heart, it is also about lightheartedness.  If you sometimes want to remember that love is fun and exciting, you can enter into the sacred activities of tithing your time.  Spend some time with a child who is ill but still smiles. Spend time caring for animals who are abandoned and are grateful for some attention. 

 You see, as adults, you have built up all these shields against hurting in the heart. Your lives are seemingly complex. Thus, if you forget that love is very simple, you can go back to some things that are indeed very simple and basic in nature- children, animals, plants,  - all the things that you feel safe with. We assure you, do this and you will Remember. Then you can enter in to these “big adult relationships” where you risk what you think is your very heart and your existence. Then you may remember again, a very important Truth: once expressed, love never dies.  Once you love, that energy of love is sent into the Universe to expand. And let us assure you, love does not simply go out as one cord of energetic feeling. The energy of love, our friends in light, is exponential, so when you love and you are in the energy of compassion, it increases tenfold and ten times ten.  In actuality, Love expands in the Fibonacci sequence of 1,2,3,5,8 etc., adding each number before it to achieve the next one. Thus, very quickly you arrive at numbers that you cannot even pronounce because your knowledge of numbers does not go up that high.  This is the exponential energy of love. It does not have to be through these dramatic Hollywood-type of relationships you see on screen which are not real at all. 

 The real matter of love is oftentimes messy and painful and difficult. Why? Because when you have the courage to Surrender, to say: “I Am choosing to experience in this life, the energy of Loving to the fullest of my capacity.” You no longer shield your own heart from receiving Love!  

 Center in your own hara chakra right now and ask yourself: “Have I ever transitioned to the soul world and experienced as my greatest regret that of not having loved enough?”  And this is the time where perhaps you wish to consider this in your own private thoughts and musings.  “Where in my life can I love more?” Because the risk is not in being hurt, the risk is in not giving AND not receiving your God-given gift of the exponential power of love.

 Now we would like to speak about the second aspect of this third Trinity - trust. You see, trust is a problem for some people, much more so than surrender.  If one is willing to surrender, it often is done as a conditional surrender, because you do not Trust.  So you think: “I will surrender my way. If I am called to do spiritual work. It is going to be on my terms, by the way.” You often times like to make deals with God and with your higher consciousness.  And this is all very amusing to the Ascended Masters and your Guides. Because as soon as you enter into the deal making proposition, we up the ante!  You see, if you make a deal with an Ascended Master or God, you will certainly encounter exactly that challenge you need to learn a lesson! 

 This is the lesson of Trust. Trust is about unconditional love. If you are all willing to enter into and receive unconditional love, you must Trust that you are worthy enough. Not just that you are worthy enough of giving love, but that you are also worthy to Receive Love. You Trust in the unconditional surrender because that goes along with giving and receiving unconditional love. 

 This means that you cannot put conditions on how well you love and whom and when, because then you are involved in the duality mentality of love: “I love you if, I love you when, I love you maybe.”  You see Trust is the energy of: “I love you no matter what.” We can see this in a bond between sisters, between partners, between children and parents, between friends.  Do you truly Trust that you have the capacity to love unconditionally?  Do you Trust that you are worthy of receiving exactly what you give? Or do you hedge your bets, so to speak?  “I'm going to perhaps come up with several conditions about loving.”  Then you go back into the energy of: “Well, I've surrendered, but not really.”  Because the blocking energy here is unwillingness to Trust in the Divine Heart and Mind.  

We suggest that the people who have issues with Trust take an opportunity Now to breathe into the center of the heart through the golden energies of Lady Portia. Perhaps you wish to say: “I am releasing judgment”.  Because a failure to Trust, is often fear of judgment either of the self or others.  Or even from a higher plane of view, fear of judgment by some spiritual being after physical death. But you see, there is no such thing as a Judgment Hall; there is no Truth to the image that you have in Christianity of the gates before which you must be deemed worthy to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven.  The golden energies are: “Judge-not, lest you be judged yourself”.  Truly the judgment which harms the soul is judging yourself as not worthy of Love.

 Many of you in this room are constantly judging the self.  You are taking blame and this is the opposite of Trust. Truly, often times we choose as souls to learn lessons in a difficult way. Perhaps part of your soul contract in reality, is to serve in the energy of providing a lesson for someone else.  So even those times when you act from the energy of less-than integrity, (and each and every one of you have done that lest anyone think you are above this and that you are some saint already – if so, you wouldn't be sitting here) it is not useful to judge yourself.  It is very simple.  Each and every one of you have acted at some point in your life with a lack of integrity. Many of you continue to hold a very harsh judgment on your soul for that.  We would like to mention this fact because this is not the time to blame. 

 Let us give you an example and this is going to be somewhat difficult because we're not here to do the easy work this evening.  Often times we think of ourselves as all-powerful souls - of course this is true in the great scheme of things. We have been taught lately to operate from this belief system: “I create my reality. I am in charge of everything around me, so if something goes wrong by way of this definition, I am 100% responsible. If I have manifested lack it is because I am less-than, etc.”  This creates a great burden on you, for if you are indeed 100% responsible for everything in reality, then if something goes wrong of course, you judge yourself very harshly.

 Let us introduce the concept of intersecting realities. Each and every one of you has a set of soul energies which are separate from all others. Each of you has a pathway that is unique to you and you alone. And yet nonetheless, here you are interacting with a huge group of souls! Even tonight, as we come together in this circle, you are a sacrosanct soul. Thus, in the way of 100% responsibility thinking, does it mean perhaps that you are responsible for the person sitting on the right of you for being here? What about the person on the left?  Not really, you see, and this is the lesson we would like to speak about: How does this intersection of soul realities work through the energies of manifesting for the greatest good? 

 The lesson here is this: In the soul world we come back many, many times with the same groupings of souls and families. Sometimes in the soul world, there will be a soul who says through Pallas Athena and the karmic board: Perhaps the greatest good for my soul group is for me to learn the energy of the truth that my soul can never be harmed. Pallas Athena may ask: How do you, the soul, wish to learn that?  Perhaps you would say, “Well, I am going to learn this in a very difficult way.”  (Note – a cell phone alarm went off in the room at this point…)

 You see, our friends in light, just at the time we are about to speak of something difficult, many of you have an internal alarm sounding: “Maybe I don't want to hear this message, so I'm going to create a distraction!”  So we say to you: go ahead and distract all you would like, because we are still going to pursue the message.  (Laughter and a shifting of energies back to lightheartedness…)  You see, it was getting somewhat heavy in this, because we are bringing in something which is a challenge conceptually to many of you. 

 Continuing: what you say in the soul world, in the great planning effort you go through is this: “Perhaps I choose to learn the lesson that my soul can never be harmed.  How am I going to best learn this lesson?  Well, I am going to enter into a family where, as I child, I will be severely abused.  And this is the way I am going to learn.  My very ability to say yes and no will be taken away from me. I will work through the energies of the victim. I will be harmed, mentally, emotionally and physically.  And let me see and experience what happens spiritually.”

 Well you see, this is an intersecting reality of souls. Because in order for that lesson to be learned, which carries great value, someone, a group of souls in fact, must agree to provide the lesson from the standpoint of the abuser. This lesson of the soul is invaluable. If one is able to emerge from this pathway of difficulty, one is truly in the Reality of spiritual gold.  This is the alchemical transformation into Wisdom that the soul can never be harmed.

 You see, someone has got to agree to be the perpetrator.  And this is what the difficult part is in the intersecting realities.  Someone has to say: “I will do this task, at the great risk of my very soul.”  The one who is at risk is not the one who works with the victimization energies, as difficult as that is. It is the one who agrees to be the perpetrator.  This is done in agreement; this is not an accident, if one chooses this way. So someone has to say: “I will serve.” This is why we bring this into the area of trust and judgement.  For who are you to judge?  In the world of the soul, those who have agreed to play this role are often at the very heart of willingness to serve the Divine, as difficult as this seems.  Because the intersecting reality is that, in order for you as a soul to learn “My soul can never be harmed”, someone has to agree to play the opposite part in that story.  And oftentimes it is the perpetrator who spends, in the sense of “time”, eons of time restoring the energies of their soul in order to learn to forgive the self, and that is their lesson. 

 And so those of you who are holding onto these rather small, by comparison, and inconsequential acts of lack of integrity, we say to you: It is time to forgive!  Because perhaps there is a larger Truth behind the truth - that you are providing the lesson for someone else.  And that is why we say, through the energy of gold: Judge-not, for you do not know what has happened on the other side of this veil of what you think is your reality.  Holding onto the energy of judgment and lack of Trust is to say: “Perhaps, God is not all powerful, or all-knowing, or these types of lessons would not be necessary.”  But our dear ones, the soul learns through experience, and what a more profound lesson to learn, taking our example to completion, than to experience the depth of degradation as a child, and then to understand Now as an adult, in the full capacity of body, mind, and spirit integrated, in wholeness, this Truth:

My soul can never be harmed, my soul is sacrosanct.


From here, one is truly able to enter into the energy of Gratitude.  One is able to enter into the truth and the depth of forgiveness. Because one can see that this scenario could only have played out if someone had agreed to play the part of the perpetrator.  And therefore, you can forgive all of your enemies. This is the truth of the Christ, Sananda who came to tell us that this is not the passive energy of surrender, it is the Truth of forgiving our enemies, because they have allowed us to learn the lessons we set out for ourselves before we even came here.  This is also, very profoundly, the Lesson of Trusting your soul, and trusting the Divine. 

The third part of this trinity we would like to speak of is Believe.  Many of you have a very strong belief system, and not only in the sense of the tapes and conditioning, but truly, we are speaking of spiritual belief. Belief in the Divine Heart and Mind, Belief in the Creator of All things Heaven and Earth. Many people have what we call, a “shifting-sands” belief system: “One day I believe God is good, and another day I believe God is punishing.  One day I believe that I am a being of light, and another day I am wallowing down in the mud of the spring that is coming up and getting on my tires, and tracking itself into my living room.” 

You have many of these conflicting duality beliefs within your lives. Thus, you have many times when you doubt what it is you truly do believe.  And you see, True Belief  is where your power lies.  This is why Belief aligns also with the color gold and the hara chakra.  “I believe that I have access to all the great abundant resources in the Universe, whether that be health, relationship, leisure time, meaningful work, finances” I believe!”  For if you do not Believe, as you know, the saying goes, you cannot achieve it. 

 Many people continue to work through the energies of lack and say with very much lack of conviction: “I believe I am worthy to receive all the great gifts of the Universe.” But the belief system is not supported with words and actions. Once again, we go back to the weak point of thoughts, and that is the trinity.  Often times it is useful to go back and replay some old scenarios to examine –“What is it that I do believe?  Do I believe that if I give away my talents, that I will run out of talent?  Do I believe if I share my treasure, there won’t be enough for a rainy day?”

 How many of you have heard that? That you must save for a rainy day?  Well, you see a rainy day is very important; rain creates new growth, so if you continue to hoard and save, oftentimes the new growth can’t even come up through the soil. It is in the darkness that all new life is created.  It is entering into surrender, trust and believe, that we plant the seeds for the New.  You see we are coming into, in the next few days, a very important full moon time of the fourteenth of March.  We come into the time and the season of the Spring Equinox.  It is no accident that we sit here in the very powerful coalition of spiritual beings and coalescence of energies of the New. 

 Each and every one of you sitting here has the opportunity to plant something or to begin to plan about what you are going to plant.  Often you allow yourselves to be completely “reactive beings”. This means that whatever seems to sprout up, whether it be a weed or beautiful flower, you  simply react. Some of you choose not to even notice what is before you. We stated this early in the evening: many gifts are laid at your feet if you choose to take notice.

 For those of you who are working through the deliberate energies of creation, we suggest that you take great care at this time of very powerful coalescence of energies of the Full Moon of the Spring Equinox.  The gathering of Masters here this evening, and the coalescence of your souls –  is very powerful energy. It is a time to create a new reality to manifest abundance.  And of course, we will be speaking of some of the tools and techniques tomorrow for creating, for those of you who wish to take this to an even deeper level. 

 Thus, we bring this discourse to a conclusion in the energy of nine: Nine again, is the sacred trinity of three plus three plus three. It is:






This is the energy that we cycle into as we return to the One. One is and always will be Unification Consciousness. All of this discourse, all things that are True, reduce to One or Zero.  The Alpha and the Omega.  All things between Alpha and Omega are yours by Divine Right.

 So our dear ones, that “thing” that you wish to manifest most in your heart, that thing that you may think of as elusive, not only can be, but will be yours.

 If you are aligning in Purpose with the Divine Will (Surrender, Trust, Believe); if you are in the energies of your creativity as spiritual beings (Love-Wisdom-Power); if you holistically manifest your reality  (Thoughts-Words-Actions)… you WILL see in conscious clarity from the top point of the pyramid the path that is before you.

 This is the final thing we would like to share in the trinity way of consciousness. We would like to ask you: What is the energy between dark and light?  Is it grayness?  What perhaps, is the trinity position between yes and no?  Is it maybe?  What is the trinity energy between fear and joy? 

 We will affirm to you that there is only one Energy that unites all of this, and it is Love.  The trinity between yes and no is love.  Between dark and light is love.  Between fear and joy is also love.  If you align yourselves with that - the greatest of all Unification realities, then indeed a great many miraculous things WILL happen in your life: Your heart begins to open.  You begin to see the Christ-Nada Consciousness in every being in front you.  You begin to access all aspects of your physical being through the seven chakras and beyond into the twelfth chakra of absolute truth.  This is the twelfth dimension of Metatronic consciousness, which we will be speaking of tomorrow afternoon. 

 We close this discourse by saying:  it has been an honor to be in the presence of those spiritual seekers who understand the truth of “Ask and you shall receive. Knock and it shall be answered.”  And with that, we say, for the greatest good of all concerned,  

I am Kuthumi,



© Ronna Prince 2006

[1] Aura-Soma is an integrated system of vibrational color and light. Ronna Prince is a certified Aura-Soma Practitioner. For more information, see www.aura-soma.net


[2] I must attribute this concept to Aura-Soma’s Subtle Anatomy of Man.

[3] Many of Kuthumi’s teachings on the 8 fold path are located on my website archives: www.azlivinglight.com


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