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  Zero     Tolerance February 20 , 2005



This message, I feel, is perhaps one of the “harshest” I have written, but none-the-less, a necessity as it is part of our next evolutionary step.


Time is up. All energies are now ready to be matched and there is now no more wiggle room. There is no more time for the “intolerable” to exist. It absolutely must be removed from our New vibrational space.


The last “bump up” we experienced lifted us into a very high vibrational space, and now all else must follow. How will this manifest?


Anything not matching our vibration will be removed, either by us intentionally through intolerance or by a simple mismatch of vibration and a directive from our souls. For instance, if you have been in a personal relationship that was not working in all ways, and all parties were not participating in expansion, then it will suddenly and abruptly end. Boom.


There is no more time for “working on” anything, processing, waiting, accepting, understanding or moving through the energies. A steel door has slammed shut and the lower vibrations will have no more access to the higher vibrations. They will be removed and be forbidden to interact.


NO MORE” will be the theme. Anything in our lives that has not felt good to us and that has caused any discomfort or feelings of victimization will rapidly depart. This will occur with relationships in all areas, whether personal, business, political, or societal, and even with our animal friends.


This New space has some other interesting attributes as well. We are now standing VERY TALL and totally in our power. The wind is most certainly at our backs. We now have total control and will begin to demand nothing less than a higher vibrational way of life.


We will be finding ourselves saying “No, no, no” to many, many things. The lower vibrational ways and realities that have had us “imprisoned” for so long will vanish like dust in the wind. They have no power now and absolutely can no longer flourish in any way.


Although this has been building for quite some time, it now the time of do or die, of change or leave, of now or never. There will be ZERO TOLERANCE. This is a monumental house cleaning at the physical level.


It is precisely now that the people will finally rise up and say, “enough!”. Large numbers of individuals will approach the current regime and old status quo and present their “documents”, their “proof” of the original intention for the planet and demand it be restored to this original intent. They will reveal the game and the plan that has held us powerless and introduce the New with no room for anything but.



All of this will be embodied in a very powerful lightworker that will not tolerate any room for “understanding”, “compassion” or allowance for the lower vibrational ways of being. We will not bend or compromise. We will dictate. It is our way or no way.


What has been “powerless” will now have power and what has previously had power will now be “powerless”. The light is taking over, and in many ways it is a fierce, demanding and angry light, but rightfully so.


If you are experiencing what feels like a rapid and almost unkind force removing things from your energetic space, know that these things will also be replaced by something that will match your vibration in a much more enjoyable way. All must be swept away in order for the New to arrive. There is much aligning and placement going on right now. We now have to be where we had planned to be for the New World . Our old world positions and lives are over.


And in addition, this is only reflective of the “current” state of affairs. Many times individuals and situations eventually “catch up” and will be returned to you when they are ready to be in your particular energetic reality. This has happened to me personally with my daughter. We just need to trust.


There will also now be no more support for “carrying” anything or anyone. It is not of a higher way. Each of us is, in a way, is on our own to be in our own individual power and glorious vibration. There has been more than enough time for all to catch up and to awaken. The time is up. The lines have been drawn. (Know that those that have chosen to stay will still be expanding, and the matching and mismatching in this regard will still have time to be “rearranged” at different times on the chessboard.)


We will all eventually arrive at the stop light at the same time, no matter how fast each one of us is driving. Our freedom of choice along with our soul path and plan is putting us in various places on the road. In the end, we will embrace each other with glee, and have a great laugh at how we interacted during the game!


About this time, there will also manifest a substantial focus on our little ones. They are very wise. They know what is going on. They know that the tide has turned and they will begin to “come out”. They embody much of the energy of the New and we will absolutely crave their companionship.


My four year old granddaughter Amayah is due to arrive here in Flagstaff on March 1. She has been communicating with me at the soul level for several weeks. She is behind much of this shift, as are most of our little ones, and they are choreographing many things. They are very powerful beings and it would behoove us to listen to their guidance.


They understand about “playing”. They live in the moment. They trust. They are connected. They are extremely blunt and totally honest with a great clarity. They tell it like it is. They do not understand “wiggle room”, and they expect what they expect, with no wavering or backing down (much like we are now becoming!).


If you are feeling confused and frustrated, know that there is a very divine plan unfolding for you. I have seen very powerful influences at the higher levels lately that are absolutely putting everything into place and assisting us tremendously. There is a huge amount of movement occurring now. If you can, just trust and let go, do what feels good, and enjoy the ride. If you are tired, allow these higher forces to do the legwork for you.


Yes, this will be an amazing year. The tide will turn, our physical reality will drastically change and by the end of 2005, we will find ourselves resting on a clean slate, ready to put the New World into form. For those of us that have been in the higher realms for awhile now, this has been a very long wait, but we will be rewarded and taken care of in a grand way. We will need only put out our wishes and intent and they will manifest as if by magic.



Are you ready to create the New World? Are you ready to make your unique and special contribution through your passion and joy?

I thank you for sharing in my joy of being me through this energy alert. Many blessings, much peace, and incredible joy in these miraculous times,



www.whatsuponplanetearth.com  Karen Bishop

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Blessings Dear Ones, we are on the threshold of the new dawn. All that you have been and known is ready to shift into the new. Know that all that you have experienced has lead you to exactly this moment.

You have worked hard in preparation for this time, and now it is a downhill ride if you will allow it to be. Know that all is on track and moving forward. View all things from a place of love; love of self, and love of others. If there are boundaries that must be set, for love of self, then do so. Trust your own truth.

Humanity has reached graduation. You are each responsible for your creations in the new earth. Accept your power to create a wondrous new earth. Know that your thoughts, along with the passion of your heart, have the power to create. If you wish to change your creation, you change it with your thoughts and emotions. Follow your highest vision, for all is possible.

Believe in your worthiness to receive abundant blessings. Create abundance for all, by knowing that it is available to all, and then it is their choice whether and when to accept it for themselves. Yes, there will be those who are leaving in this time, for many have made this choice. Bless them in the gift they give in awakening others, and share your love and compassion for those they leave behind. There are many that will seek you out for your wisdom, and example. Envision the smoothest transition possible for the changes that are still to come.  See beyond the challenges to a time when your world has again become the paradise that you choose it to be. Envelope the planet in your light and love.  See a world of the most wondrous beauty. Celebrate the diversity within the Oneness.

Step into your power now, the power of your very being, with all the light and love that you are, and know that you will use it for the best and highest good for yourself and for all. Know that you are the innocence of your true self. You are radiant beings of love and light. Create in joy. In loving admiration, Maria-Sophia

 Through Bonnie Waters


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