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Discourse from Kuthumi on the important Distinction between Desire and Will  

Group,     Part II  8/9/05

 Please address the topic for the greatest good of the group at this time.  Is there anything we need to be aware of that we are missing or not paying attention to?  

WE welcome you and we will first of all say that there is a great air of anticipation and expectancy about all of you at this time.  All of humanity that is awake at this time is expecting something great to happen and is waiting for something, clearing the pathways of repetition and old patterns and invoking the spirit of readiness for what is to come.  This is all well and good our friends in light.  However, we would like for you to think about one thing:  What if nothing on the exterior is going to change?  What if there is no big event that will shift the foundation of your life and prove to you that there is “more”?   What if all that you have been waiting for and hoping for and even dreaming about is no-thing more than an illusion based on fantasy and dis-enchantment with your current reality?

 We do not wish to disappoint all of you who are hoping for a new way, for in the energy of expectation, there is great power to create reality.  But there is most definitely a current about humanity’s hopes and fears that is creating a new problem all on its own in terms of energy dynamic. You see, invocations, affirmations and prayer are all powerful things, but the most powerful way of creating reality is in the Now, with Right Thoughts, Right Words and Right Actions. You do not create a new reality by expecting something on the exterior of your life’s palette to change!   For you are the artist of your own life. The artist does not paint a picture by thinking about it and then not mixing the colors, preparing the canvass and choosing the right brushes.  The intentional artist creates from the high self, the image of reality he wishes to portray and then goes about making it happen in a real, tangible way.  

Now, why, you are asking, are not the things we are doing already just such things as this analogy depicts?  Is not meditation akin to preparing the canvass?   Is not affirmation akin to mixing the colors?   Is not prayer akin to choosing the right brushes?  Is not opening the heart the very thing you have spoken to us about to prepare the Right Way for the return of the Cosmic Christed Self?   Are not intention and mindfulness the very tools you have given us for self transformation?   Yes, to all of the above our dear friends.   We are nonetheless going to speak of the element that has entered into many of your energies that is creating a roadblock so to speak, to all of your other spirit-filled activities.  This is the roadblock called “desire”. We will make a promise to you, that by the end of this discourse, rather than disappointment and confusion, you will have a greater understanding and a higher sense of purpose, if you so choose to read this without a sense of failure or loss.

 First, let us begin by asking you a question: What did the Master Christ state in his moment of divine surrender?   Thy desire be done?   Or Thy Will be done?  This is an important distinction. The concepts of will and desire have become confused by you in your sincere attempts to create your reality, following the techniques and prescriptions of “new age gurus”.  What is in the stillness of your own hearts? Will or desire? For there is a very great difference between the two. Desire stems from lack, whereas Will stems from fullness. Desire stems from the ego, whereas Will stems from the Divine Mind. Desire stems from longing, whereas Will stems from fulfillment.  Desire stems from hoping, whereas Will stems from believing.  Desire has its basis in negativity and duality, whereas Will stems from power and integration. WE believe that you are beginning to understand the difference and while we could continue with these comparisons, we see that you are enlightened on this very important distinction.

 Our friend Alice Bailey has written a very important treatise on Will if you so choose to explore the intellectual basis of this energy. (The link to Esoteric Astrology is included at the end of this discourse.) What we wish to present here is the spiritual underpinning of will which has the potential, if you so choose, to enter into your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical bodies in an integrated fashion.  We wish to digress for one further moment to illustrate the origins in Greek of the two words: thelo (will) and zeteo (desire).

We do not expect that you have studied Greek in this lifetime, although many of you have been expert in the language before. The word zeteo has as its root meaning: to seek, implying something as lacking within the self. By contrast, the word thelo has a meaning: to love and to take delight in, with further word roots of haireomai (to choose ) and the primary root airo (to raise up, elevate and lift up). This explanation provides you with the deep linguistic roots of the two words, and alone, illustrates the principal difference between them: one is based on lack and one is based on love.  Yes indeed, most simple and profound. For is this not the essence of your choice as humans?

 When you desire so strongly for things to change, you send to the universe a signal of lack.  What is the energy of lack?  It is envisioning the self as “less than” and as imperfect.  You may see others having more in the way of material goods, relationships, vibrant health or satisfying avocations, and you, in spite of all of your intentions and “work” are not in the place you desire to be.  So many of you have come before the Masters in the last few months and have asked “what do I need to do to be on my spiritual path?” or “I sense that I am “supposed” to be doing something different right now but I don’t know what it is, can the Masters tell me my purpose?” 

 Our friends in light, you are all on your spiritual paths, you are all exactly where you are supposed to be, you are all fulfilling your purpose.  If this were not the case, you would simply not be Here Now!   “What does this mean”, you are asking?   “We hear this all the time but why do we still have longing in the heart and a sense of unfulfillment?”   This goes to the root difference of desire and will.   For if you wish to be at another place, doing another thing, surrounded by different circumstances, you are desiring change out of the lack of your own self love, and you are seeing your situation as one of struggle.  This is by contrast to the inner knowing that you are in a process of becoming Divine Love, and thus, all things in your life present you with the great opportunity to learn exactly the lessons in front of you, for your own greatest good.

 If you flow with Divine Will, you experience fully the lessons in front of you and integrate these lessons as an impetus for change! This is a very different energy than desiring change and moaning and groaning when things stay the same. For the saying, “the more things change, the more things stay the same”, is based on desire, not on will.  Through Divine Love, things DO change, and change in miraculous ways. Does Divine Love come from the exterior of your self? Or is it in you, of you and through you in all things? The more you desire things to change, the more they will indeed stay the same. The more you surrender to Divine Will, the more things will flow through you, manifesting the very change you wish to see not only in your own life, but also in the world. Are the lessons of life that you have drawn to yourself a struggle or an opportunity?  Are the things that you believe that you lack, a sign of your spiritual failure or a sign of your potential for spiritual evolution?

 Let us put this into a concrete example.  We must say that 90% of people who have come for a personal reading with the Masters have all been in transition of career and avocation.  Many of you have up and quit a job that is no longer fulfilling.  Many of you are in pursuit of new beginnings.  Many of you are studying new avenues of healing and helping humanity at this time of transition and change.  This is all well and good. But, we ask you to ask of yourself at this time: “What is my motivation? Is it desire or is it Will?   Do I desire to become a healer or teacher or leader or creator of a beautiful way? Or do I activate my higher self and divine will, to express love, to choose the path of light and to elevate my purpose to that of the Divine Mind?”  If your true answer is the latter, all of the things in the former happen with great grace and ease, with purpose in alignment with the Plan.  So you see, this energy of Will works its way thus:

 “I align myself with Divine Will, to express love, to choose the path of light and to elevate my purpose to that of the Divine Mind.  Through my will, acting as an instrument of Thy Peace, I am a teacher, I am a healer, I am a leader, I create the Beauty Way.” 

This is very different than telling your self, I want to be a healer etc., I want to manifest abundance etc., I want to create radiant health.  These are the things of desire. For desire is the ego mind intent on avoiding all that is unpleasant or difficult. In so doing, you will often miss the very lessons you came here to learn!  Do you not trust in the perfection of your own soul and the lessons it has set before itself in great consideration before incarnation? What if the current struggle you are having with a “boss” is the opportunity for your soul to present itself with a phenomenal chance of healing, clearing and replacing with love a multitude of lifetimes where a lesser choice was made?  Thus, if you are on a path with a difficult boss and you wish to change the situation, what is the best way? “Thy will be done”, does not mean to submit and suffer.  It means to open your eyes and hearts and minds to the opportunity to complete your spiritual tasks before you move on to new ones! (For most assuredly, if you move on before the task is complete and the lesson learned, you will manifest it again in another form and find yourself in exactly the situation you were attempting to avoid.)  It means that once you see your boss as yourself, as a person who is here to take the opportunity to heal and clear and replace with love all vibrations and energies that are not love, you set yourself free to follow the path of Will.  You may not change the pettiness and selfishness that drives the boss to criticize you or to hold you back in your career, but you will change yourself. If you forgive your boss and thus, forgive yourself, you will change your reality.  For this activity of will frees up energy that is held in stagnation and duality, and allows you to move on in grace and ease.  More often than not, once you have activated will and disconnected desire, a new pathway will open up, one that you did not even anticipate was there.  For your energies were being used in resistance and resentment, not in willingness and love.

 Our own messenger was struggling with just such a situation one year ago.  Engaged in a great karmic dance with an employer-person she saw as selfish, greedy and judgmental, her life was full of strife and stress.  The great power of Love impelled this into reality for her to learn the lesson of forgiveness, release and surrender to Divine Will.  Once she let go of the desire to change him and to change herself and situation, Divine Will was activated and many serendipitous events occurred to place her into the Now, where indeed she is fulfilling her Divine Plan of service to humanity free of ego, doubt and lack. Some of you may wonder if the very giving of this example feeds the ego of our messenger. But we would ask you, where does this question come from? Your heart, or your desirous emotional self? For we are not saying that she has arrived at spiritual perfection.  What we are saying is that the power of divine will is so magnificent that when it is working through your life, it is transparent to all.  The absence of desire is will to serve humanity from the heart.

 Now, you may wish to pause to ask, “Is it really this subtle, this distinction between desire and will?   Is it true that the Divine Mind would make such a distinction, thus impeding us from our spiritual path if we do not use the right word?” We have indeed been telling you that all words have power and meaning and force. It is not simply the word that creates a reality, but the vibration and intention behind the word.  Desire contains the seeds of in-tension – tension within the soul to keep energies in duality.  Will manifests intention to move to a higher reality of integration.  You see, ultimately the phrase “Thy will be done” does not signify an exteriorization to God, thus abdicating your personal power.  The phrase by design, activates the trinity of Divine Love, Will and Power to move in and through your life in grace and ease, completing all lessons you came here to learn, turning to face into the center of your own soul while at the same time, centering your being in the Divine Mind.  We wish for you to contemplate this and discern its meaning for your own self. 

For thus, we get to the spiritual underpinning of Will and the choice between lack or love.  Divine Will is the very opportunities you give yourself along your path to learn the lessons you came here to learn. Did you choose a path of ease, free of hardship in your early years? Or did you choose a path of exquisite learning through fixed design of your soul?  (We do not wish for you to judge the quality of your lessons by the difficulty of them our friends! For many profound lessons come without difficulty. For example, have you  ever had to force anyone to love you (as if that could work)? Or has Love happened in your life with perfection and ease? For in great love also comes great lessons!) The spiritual underpinning of Will is indeed Love.  Do you love yourself and the Creator enough to let the lessons present themselves to you as opportunities, or do you struggle with lack of perfection and with using the outward conditions of your life to judge yourself? For if you judge yourself and then use this as a basis to desire to be other than you are, you hold in place the very conditions which are troubling you.  If you love and accept yourself, just as you are, where you are, what you are doing and whom you are with, you will find Divine Will working silently yet powerfully through your life.  You will see the exterior as an opportunity to heal the interior places of the self where lack and judgment have created duality and separation.  You will then feel those interior places of imperfection fall away into the perfected plan of the Divine Mind. Is your lack of abundance a curse, or a crutch or a conundrum? Or is it a deep impelling force to surrender to Divine Will, allowing it to work through your life to forgive, accept, heal and replace with Love those energies which no longer serve the greatest good of all concerned, most assuredly, your own Self?  Is your lack of radiant health a burden to bear? Or is it an opportunity to look at the unhealed places where beliefs and emotions are stored in the physical as spiritual signposts to opportunities to Love and accept your inner self? Is your heart broken from a failed relationship or even the absence of a deep meaningful relationship in your life now? Or is your heart beckoning you to turn to itself for the fulfillment of its greatest urge – the complete and total love and acceptance of your own self, exactly as you are, exactly where you are meant to be? Do you in fact surrender to the Divine Mind outside of yourself, or do you surrender within, because the Divine Mind exists within, just as the Cosmic Christed Self exists within, just as the Center of All exists within? These are questions you may wish to ponder.

 For now we will finally address this issue of anticipation and expectancy. When you expect change to occur on the exterior that will impact your life and direct the current of your life in a different way, you are engaging the energy of desire.  When you activate divine will from the interior of your soul, it matters not what may or may not happen in the exterior world.  How do you think the energy of status quo is maintained? How is a political regime or a war-like mentality maintained when all exterior events seem poised to be impelling a new reality into creation? It is through desire of the masses to control the outcome to their exact and specific definitions of success.  It is the desire to “win” and thus, to control and thus, to continue the duality paradigm of “us vs. them”.  Thus, do we wait in expectation of a new political regime based on our own programs and desires? Do we wait for a landing of fifth dimensional beings of light to transform humanity to a new understanding of co-creative relationship? Do we wait for the exteriorization of the spiritual hierarchy to make God’s Will manifest on the planet? Even more intimately, do you await your own “ascension” so you can be close and more aligned with the Christ Consciousness? Or, our dear friends in Light, do you activate your divine Will now, allowing it to lead all things in your life, allowing you to live in the Now in perfection of your own Plan of love and light? Do you accept the Holy Grail into your heart now, activating the Christ Consciousness Self within, thus allowing Light, Love and the Will of God to move in you, through you and of you, in all thoughts, words and actions?

 This is the distinction of thought we wish to bring to your attention at this time. We do not wish for you to wait for some exterior occurrence to lead the life you are meant to lead Now.  We hold you in the highest degree of respect and admiration and wish for you to let this permeate your being at all levels of your energy system – for we are not outside of you either! What we communicate to you is within your own heart, mind and soul.  What we in the halls of Shamballa extend to you is the loving hand of your own self, through the symbolism of the Spiritual Masters, the White Dove and the kiss peace. In the words of another of our brothers in light, the Master Gandhi, “you must be the change you wish to see in the world.” You must not wish for the change, you must be the change.  This is the same as activating the Divine Will through your own Christed Consciousness.  Do not look to the skies and wait. Do not look in the future timelines and wait.  Do not even look in the mirror and wait. For the time is Now. Do you lack or do you love? Do you desire or do you activate Will?  The choice is yours, our friends in Light. 

The time has Come.

Love, Light and Power has restored the

Plan on Earth. 

Blessed Be, 

For the greatest good of all concerned

 Kuthumi with the aid and assistance of many Masters.

 © Ronna Prince 2005 (This message may be sent on to others with this copyright attached. Namaste.)

 Reference to Esoteric Astrology:  http://laluni.helloyou.ws/netnews/bk/astrology/astr1208.html


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