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Who Are The Indigos, Really?

By Kate Hyatt

Written February 1, 2005

 There are many galactic starseed races inhabiting Earth at this time.  As a veiled planet, Earth requires memories and true identities to be forgotten.  The numbers of people waking up to their true identities are growing, personal and group soul contracts are being remembered.  One group of souls that have had and still have some important contracts to fulfill here on Earth is the Indigos.  This galactic race has been one of the most widely discussed starseed races and yet many questions remain about them. 

 While other articles have portrayed the enlightening mission of the Indigos, this article focuses on the galactic history that led this race to embark upon its mission.  New information about the Indigos will be divulged and a look at what work is still left to be done will be reviewed. 

Some may read this article and find that it challenges their perceptions of what is already known about this race.  This article and the information given are not to change or discredit anything that has been previously released nor is it to sway any person’s personal truths about the Indigos.  This article was not written to be taken as the “absolute truth”, but rather to expand on the existing views of the Indigo race.  Keep in mind, while reading, that on the galactic level everything has value. While some of this information could be viewed as good or bad, it is neither. 

 There have been many sources that have written about this race and have published lists of characteristics of the Indigos.  The following list expands on what has already been published and opens up for a broader and more complete view of traits that these beings possess.  For the sake of space and time an entire list of characteristics will not be written, but I encourage the reader to research and read more about the specifics of the Indigo personality. 

 Indigo Personality Characteristics

 The following is not a profile of all Indigos, yet, shall classify the attributes and qualities most Indigos themselves can relate to and agree upon.

 -         Indigos have a tendency to either shut down emotionally or get overly emotional for no apparent reason. 

-         They have a tendency to swing from one extreme to another, to resort to an “all or nothing mentality” without being aware of it.

-         Indigos are extremely loyal and trusting, but only to a select number of people, as generally trust does not come easily to them. This feature can be detrimental to the Indigos if they are unable to discern if their trust is warranted or returned.

-         They have difficulty processing lower chakra emotions such as anger, shame, blame, and guilt.  These are usually suppressed, sometimes with the help of alcohol, food, and/or drugs.

-         Due to the Indigos extreme sensitivity to frequencies, they have a difficult time differentiating the source between their energies and other peoples.

-         They have a need to be around people, but tend to get overwhelmed easily.

-         They experience constant internal battles; conflicted between what they feel is happening, what they sense happening, what they see is happening, and what they think is happening.

-         Indigo starseeds don’t particularly like human culture, yet are driven to assist humans.

-         When passionate and devoted to a person, situation and/or purpose they are unstoppable at reaching and attaining their desired destination and/or goal.

-         Due to the high intelligence of most Indigos, one of the biggest defense mechanisms used when confronted with an unknown/uncomfortable situation is arrogance.  When it comes to full honest self-appraisal the Indigos tend to either believe that it is what is outside of them that is “wrong” or they swing to the other extreme that it is all their “fault” (playing the victim role).

-         Since the Indigos thought patterns are so quick, misunderstandings in communication often occur due to omitted trains of thought.

-         Indigos react rather than act independently based on others actions.

-         They seek out people who are at their level of growth and may be intolerant of others who are not.

-         For Indigos, individualism is difficult so that the majority become chameleons,  joining other groups, yet feel lost for most of their lives.

-         They have a higher frequency level and most can read the energy signals of others.  Psychic abilities are extremely high which allows them to uniquely assist others.

-         Balanced intimacy between self and others is difficult for the Indigos and they can be exasperating in close relationships.

-         Indigos will mirror another’s belief system back to them, but the true Indigo as an individual is often overlooked.

-         Some perceive their views are “absolute truth” or the “right/only way”.

 The above only skims the surface of the Indigos, but it is these attributes at this time that are the most important traits to look at for this race.  It is these characteristics that Indigos are now being asked to shift, not only from a personal growth/evolution standpoint, but also from the view that the very existence of this race depends on the integration and shifting of specific belief systems. 

 To understand how these belief systems were developed a review of the Indigos history is necessary.

 A History Lesson

 In the Indigo history there has been much war, suffering, and death.  Indigos have not only been on the receiving end of tragedy, but they have participated in the destruction of others.  At this time I will only focus on the two wars which greatly impacted the Indigos way of being and directly affect the reason why these beings are here now in mass incarnation.  The  circumstances will be divulged about these wars and it is up to each Indigo individual to process the information and find soul growth.  Also through understanding these wars one will gain a bigger perspective of the group lessons stemming from the conflicts.  One can conclude that these situations have had a direct impact on the previously mentioned Indigo characteristics and belief systems.  The first war to be looked at has been dubbed “The Great War”.

 The Great War

 At the time of The Great War the Indigos had achieved great scientific and psychic abilities.  They were a somewhat peaceful race, but that is not to say that there were not occasional wars and disagreements amongst themselves and other galactic races.  They lived relatively cohesively within their communities, the galactic community, and were active members of the Galactic Federation. 

 There was however one race the Indigos continually had problems with, but name of this race will not be divulged here.  Their squabbles turned ugly and the opposing race attacked the Indigo home world.  A long and bloody planetary war ensued where many were slaughtered from both sides.  The destruction and devastation was massive, especially for the Indigos, and when all was said and done the Indigos lost having to abandon their home world.  The remaining Indigo survivors gathered together and became known as the Elders.

 These Elders were distraught over their loss. A major percentage of the Indigos were killed during the war and it was uncertain how they were to survive future attacks to defend what little they had left with their small numbers.  The shame and anger over what transpired was daunting. Still these Indigos possessed their technology, seeing hope in their survival.  They looked at the situation as an opportunity and indication that they needed to become more united in the way of the ‘Light’.  It would be necessary to eliminate all “negative/evil” emotions, hold only “positive” beliefs, and have a collective consciousness connected within the entire community.  There would be no more individuality and the entire society would work together as one great force. 

 The belief of ascension held by the Indigos was one of complete light.  By eliminating those emotions associated with “dark” it served the purpose of higher consciousness.  Being this way was also a more effective stance against the “dark” races in the galaxy.  

 Modifications were necessary to create this new “network” and work began.  Because the Elders still possessed the physical vehicle that housed these darker emotions, the complete removal was not applicable.  The genetic manipulations made of the Elders DNA could, and did, lead to offspring in which complete success of the ‘Light’ was achieved.  These new “Indigos” had no connection to the lower frequencies and only the Elders had traces and memories of these energies.  The Indigos were now a collective race of Light beings.  Years and generations passed and the Indigos grew in numbers and in ownership of new planets.  They became a race of extreme “light” and at contact with any perceived “dark” threats they attacked and eradicated others.  The Galactic Federation did not condone the actions of the Indigos and saw no accountability or responsibility within the Indigo community/collective. 

 There is still much debate over what actually transpired when the Indigos broke away from the Galactic Federation.  One view is that a vote was cast regarding the membership of the Indigos in the Galactic Federation and the race was requested to withdraw from future association and participation.  From the Indigos perspective, they were the ones who decided to cut ties with the Galactic Federation due to the toleration and acceptance of too many races that were not of “light” nature.  The Indigos concluded that the Galactic Federation was no longer trust worthy and decided to break away from the Federation.  Either way, the Indigos association with the Federation was terminated. 

After The Galactic Federation

 The Indigos continued on their endeavors throughout the universe as time passed.  Difficulties started arising with reproduction due to the genetic modifications and the Indigos were at an evolutionary stand still.  The race was experiencing the long-term effects of the complete polarization to the Light.   This limited perception of beliefs and values greatly impacted the ability of the race to live harmoniously with the many diverse races in the universe.  Clashes occurred and conflicts broke out.  Although there were many wars due to their polarization, there is one particular war that is directly related to why the Indigos are on Earth at this time. 

 At the onset of this conflict the Indigos became increasingly aware of the impact and the price of their DNA modifications.  This battle held the high probability of loosing a significant portion of physical vehicles.  The Indigos knew to keep in control of certain planets and lesson the casualty ratio they would need the assistance of another race.  The Indigos decided to approach another race that was also experiencing problems with their enemy, and signed into an alliance.  The Indigos put total faith and trust in this alliance.  Regretfully this trust was misplaced and the Indigos were betrayed.  The Indigos saw that the only future was that of either being under the control of one enemy, or another, or being completely destroyed and disincarnate at the hands of another race.  None of these options were acceptable to them and they could not perceive any other alternatives.  Since success in the war was no long viable, and extinction was inevitable, the Indigo collective decided to destroy the timeline.   Some of the Elders did not agree with this course of action but could not stop the decision of the whole.  The disagreeing Elders fled from the system and went to the Galactic Federation for assistance.  The remaining collective launched the final attack and the timeline for the Indigo race was destroyed.

 The remaining Elders could not continue the bloodline race.  The DNA had been too badly contaminated and reproduction was impossible.  The disincarnate Indigo beings had no physical vehicles in which to reside.  With a proposition in mind, the Elders approached the Galactic Federation hoping to make a deal that would save their race.

 The Proposal

 It is well known throughout the universe, dimensions, and timelines that there exists a free will planet called Earth on the verge of ascension.  Many starseed races had already incarnated there to assist with the ascension process in exchange for opportunities that aligned with their races needs.  This was a perfect opportunity for the Indigos, since they themselves had no timeline to incarnate into and no able physical vehicles.   

The planet was projected and prophesized at that time to be heading for a 5th Dimensional plane.  This was a perfect bargaining chip for the Indigos since their race were masters of 5D technology.  An equal energy exchange deal was negotiated and following are some of the specifics.

The Indigo race could incarnate on Earth in mass in the human vehicle.  This would give the race an opportunity to reconstruct and gather missing and damaged DNA for the Indigo physical vehicle.  Most importantly the Indigos would again incorporate the missing lower chakra energy’s, the “dark”, they had previously manipulated and dropped and reproduction could then again be achieved.  The free will zone provided the unique opportunity for the possibility of shifting timelines.  The Indigos would have the chance to reconstruct their destroyed timeline by making different choices on Earth.

 In exchange for going to Earth, the Indigos needed to accomplish several tasks.  There was a need for a new 5D grid to be constructed and instituted.  The Indigos had the technological ability to do this by creating an informational “web” into 5D.  All the disincarnate Indigo souls would be needed to create such a web, lock in templates, and hold the higher frequencies of 5D consciousness.  Groups were assigned to specific specialty areas where their higher frequency would be necessary to create the templates and it was the responsibility of the Indigos to lock in the grid.

 It was agreed that this timeline did not belong to the Indigos, only that they would be given the opportunity to shift their own timeline.  It is the responsibility and accountability of each Indigo to embark on their personal tasks and lessons so the shifting of their own timeline occurs.  When all this is complete the Indigos will return to their repaired timeline.  It can not be stressed enough how important it is that this timeline shift occurs.  If it does not, the Indigos will be back to having no planet, no physical vehicles, and no timeline.  The very future of the race depends on this shift happening.

 The Indigos have completed the task of creating the new 5D grid for Earth and the templates are set for the new frequencies.  The work is not over. 

 The Work of Now

 There are enough templates within the 5D Earth grid to allow the people who have the appropriate DNA, blueprint, frequencies, and consciousness safe passage into the new Dimension.  The templates needed to shift the Indigo timeline have not been completed.  I take the stand that this shift can and will occur.  The beliefs, pain, and fears, created and stemming from the previously mentioned wars, need to be healed and new choices need to be born. 

 Everything that has occurred in the history of the Indigos holds immense soul growth value.  It is time to embrace this potential and release the gifts that wait.  There are lessons on the group and individual level that need to be processed.  The dark needs to be faced and the shadow of the Indigos way of being and actions needs to be addressed.  In each Indigo’s life there are reenactments of the choices previously made, and beliefs held, that needs shifting.  Responsibility and accountability is long over due.  Each Indigo will find that this work requires a conscious step up and a new level of integrity.  By taking on these tasks a new timeline will be created.  If this work is not completed the timeline will not be healed. 

 To all the Indigos reading this article, I speak to you from the heart.  Do not be discouraged.  All your hard work has paid off and continues to do so.  All the sacrifices, pain, hurt, anger, shame, guilt, loneliness and discomfort have not been for nothing.  I know all that has been accomplished.  I also know that now is not the time to sit on our laurels.  There is still work to be done and I know you are tired and wish to return to a new/better home.  No time is to be wasted and you know what needs to be addressed and completed.  Accomplish what needs to be done, face your demons and your fears, complete your personal contracts and lessons, integrate your shadow, and embrace all your emotions.  Find your individual voice and speak, stand on your own two feet and face the dark, I will meet you on the other side.

In service, 

Kate Hyatt
Council of Elders

 About the author:

Kate was introduced to galactic information in 2003 and felt that she had finally found the missing link in her life.  With this newly acquired knowledge she gained direct communication and connection with the guide realm and other dimensions, has contributed to the creation of templates, can read soul blueprints, and has the ability to download information about timelines.   

To fulfill her contract of service to others she writes galactic articles and created a new form of Individual Coaching called Multidimensional Coaching.  With the incorporation of her past counseling experiences and combination of intuitive and natural understanding of the Multidimensional concepts and tools, she assists others in integrating the galactic reality and living the fulfilled life they never dreamed imaginable.  For questions and more information about Multidimensional Coaching please contact her at Kate@NestingGround.org 

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