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Who are The Illuminati?

Dear Ones,
Below is a very good description of who and how the Illuminati came to be by my friend James Gilliland, a very enlightened being. For those you who may not be aware, James has built a Sanctuary at the base of Mt. Adams in WA where he has regular visits from his ET friends and family. He has worked diligently to set up a place where people can come and commune with Nature, God and our ET friends. You might want to check it out and maybe schedule a workshop or a get together. I think his new conference center is about complete now and it's a great place for meetings. His contact info is at the end of his message.
Love & Blessings,
Suzy Star
I have been asked over and over how I feel about the Illuminati or
what we would call the Gray men.   Before I begin we need to learn
just who the Illuminati where in history and what they have become.
The world Illuminati means the enlightened ones.   There was once a
consortium of enlightened men and women who joined together for the
betterment of humanity.   It became very powerful and as we know
perfect power perfectly corrupts.   The illuminati degenerated into
self serving individuals who were very clever.   They were adept at
control, domination and swaying the masses into believing they were
their saviors.   They created fictitious enemies, generated unrest and
mistrust between nations until the inevitable escalation of war.  
They financed and sold arms to both sides during these wars and are
doing so to this day.   They have nothing to loose because they make a
killing, literally, on both sides and ended up owning the
governments of both sides that were deep in debt to their banks.
This has gone on since the days of Napoleon.   As civilization evolved
they found out they could no longer fool the kings and leaders
therefore they welcomed them into their flock.   The kings and leaders
were offered a big piece of the pie if they cooperated if not they
were assassinated or publicly humiliated and forced to resign.   There
were good kings and leaders which resisted this temptation and
burning within their souls was a desire to truly serve humanity and
better their kingdoms.   They were no match for the resources of the
now corrupted Illuminati.   Having front men took the focus off the
illuminati and their bankers which are now international.

 As clever as these men may seem there is a major flaw in their
plans. The first flaw is ignorance of the universal law of
action/reaction.  To be a willing participant or directly responsible
of the pain, suffering or death of others has karmic consequences.
In their lust for power and wealth they have forgotten the true
power which is creation and warring on creation creates the illusion
of being separate from the true power.   They will never realize the
power they seek.   Think about this, who in history is remembered?   Who
in history is loved to this day?   Who were the great ones?   They were
the truly enlightened saints, sages and masters of every culture
which served humanity.   These great ones knew the real power comes
from the source of all life, all life is connected and allowing this
force to flow through them was the most powerful loving joyous
experience one could generate.   These gray men have greatly limited
their access to the true power which is eternal due to their lust
for power and temporary wealth at the expense of humanity and the

Believe it or not these gray men also desire to be loved.   These
men/women do not know how to make love they only know how to take
love.   They are surrounded by people that truly do not love them.    In
truth the people that surround them only love what they can do for
them and can only be trusted as long as their needs are met or until
someone else ups the anti.   These gray men are controlled by the
actions of those beneath them because their move depends upon the
moves of those beneath them.   They think they are in control of many
yet in truth they themselves are controlled and have no freedom.  

The simplicity of the lives of the enlightened ones granted them all the
freedom they needed.   They were controlled only by the love that
flowed through them and because of this they were greatly loved.   It
was an honor to be in their presence, house and feed them.

 If one were to look at our present leader and how he is welcomed in
other countries my point is well made. Has he gained the love or
respect and acceptance of the world?
How will he go down in history?   Who is pulling his strings?   In their
lust for power and wealth which they have mistaken for power and
their desire to be loved and remembered they will fail.   There is
another universal law which states you can never keep for long what
you have taken from another.   There will always be a balancing. What
the Illuminati have taken from the people is a debt beyond
imagination.   The best advice I can give to them is to shift their
energies and invest in the awakening and healing of humanity and the
Earth.   Nature will provide many opportunities in the days to come.
Forgiveness is available even to the Gray men yet they must make
restitution.   Words without action are dead.   In the grander scheme
they are providing a service.   They are the impetus for people to
stand up, regain their power and a grand example of what happens
when the alter ego runs amuck in search of in the outer world of
what it already has within.

Let us recap the gains of the Illuminati.   The short term gains at
the expense of humanity and the Earth in the long term will be lost.
What they have gained is a lot of karma, a grand reaction and cut
themselves off from the one true power as well as the ability to
experience the heights of love and joy that making ones own personal
God connection offers.   They have stunted their evolution and will
not have access to the higher planes and dimensions.   The greatest of
all travesties they are bringing on themselves is they will be left
behind during the shift of the ages.   They are very heavy in
consciousness, their attachments to the material are too great and
when the shift comes the Earth will move beyond their frequency
leaving them to the void or lesser planes to continue in their
devolution.   Evolution will leave them behind.

There is an upward spiral and a downward spiral in evolution. These
gray men are on the downward spiral ending in eventual collapse.
Social, economic and environmental collapse is what the gray men
have to offer. We are now at the crossroads, there is no more fence
sitting. Our intentions must be pure and we must act in service to
humanity and the Earth. We are moving into a new highly energized
place in the galaxy. This will accelerate the reactions to actions
and make everything transparent. No rock will be left unturned. We
are entering the age of ethics according to the Mayan Calendar. The
masses will be made aware of the transgressions against them. The
Earth itself will accelerate in its clean up process in preparation
for its birth into a new time. We are clearly left with two choices.

Live according to the universal principles necessary for a healthy
society and environment. Principles such as Brother/Sisterly Love,
Individual Freedom and Prosperity for all living in harmony with
each other and nature, the upward spiral of evolution.

The second choice is the downward spiral which will end in social,
economic and environmental collapse.   The wars, diseases, and
accelerated reactions to actions against humanity and Nature.

You are loved either way for love is the great accelerator and
manifestor of what you choose and set into motion. Love will be
making itself very apparent as a force beyond imagination. It is a
force of the highest frequencies that no man can stop. It is the
Earth's destiny and those who choose to flow with it to evolve to
the next level. Choose wisely in the days to come. The good kings
and leaders are returning from higher planes and dimensions
undreamed. They are here to lead you to yourselves. To bend you
inwards to the one true power. It is their day and they are not
alone. Be well
James Gilliland
www.selfmasteryearthinstitute www.eceti.org

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The Cabal A Geoplutocratic "Elite" bent on Global Domination


Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

"The Cabal" refers to a claque of global-scale plutocratic manipulators who use their immense wealth, prestige and power to control governments and economies to perpetuate their stranglehold on global society. This group is comprised of the most selfish, megalomaniacal, and sociopathic individuals, some of whom are bigshots in the Bilderberg Council, the Council on Foreign Relations, and the Trilateral Commission global policy-making groups. But these groups are not synonymous with The Cabal, since BC, CFR and TLC also contain some well-intentioned individuals. The Cabal is a kind of "parallel government" to the official elected and appointed governments of the more developed countries.

In the Cabal five branches may be identified. These branches are: the Executive Branch, the Intelligence Branch, the War Department, the Weapons Industry Branch, and the Financial Department. An analysis of the overall purposes of these five branches suggests that the overall purpose of the Cabal is to exercise covert control by:   1) collecting comprehensive institutional and personal information,    2) by establishing national and international policy independently of the established Governments,   3) by developing high-tech arms and equipment, and, with these, establishing small, specialized, highly-mobile, elite military units to effect these covert policies, when need arises, without having to rely on the official (and "unreliable") Armed Services, (whose subservience to the Cabal is reasonably suspect),   4) by developing an armed capability to repel any threat to the status quo, (including the uncertain ontological, social, and economic impacts of any revelation of the reality of UFO and extraterrestrial presence) through the development of a Star Wars/BMDO ground and space-based surveillance and SDI weapons network,   5) by denying information compromising to the Cabal from all those outside "need-to-know" policymaking levels, and   6) by exercising control on the money supply, availability of credit, and the worth of money, through policy decisions made outside of the official Governments.

The Cabal are also the rogue group behind the continuation of the unauthorized UFO Cover-Up. Unfortunately, The Cabal has its proxies on some of the seats in the Special Studies Group of the U.S. National Security Council, which controls official-government UFO information and access.

Since the Cabal has enormous international wealth at its disposal, it has the funds and influence to make sure that the majority of presentations which make it to public view are negativistic in tone. Their thinking is that if they canít sell you the lie that "UFOs donít exist", then their fall-back strategy is to convince you that "they are evil mean invaders." Thus, the presentations they finance and promote feature the Star Visitors as torturers, plotters and monsters.

The unauthorized UFO Cover-Up is to be distinguished from the official-government UFO Cover-Up.

The unauthorized UFO Cover-Up is the organization that conducts kidnappings and terrorizing of innocent civilians, camouflaged as "alien abductions". They do wholesale "cattle mutilations", hoping that angry ranchers and terrorized citizens will blame it on "the aliens".

It should also be noted that some of the lurid reports being palmed off on the public as examples of "alien misbehavior" are actually secret psychological warfare operations by human rogue military-intelligence units. These renegade military-intelligence units kidnap civilians without legal authorization or justification. These units drug those they kidnap, (often experiencers). These renegades deliberately intimidate, interrogate, physically abuse, and even gang-rape the civilians they kidnap. The renegade military-intelligence units then use brainwashing techniques to make the civilians they kidnap forget about the military kidnapping, while the renegades narco-hypnotically implant a false memory about the horrific experience as an "alien abduction"

This is the level of evil, distortion and treachery that the Cabal repressing UFO truth goes to to protect their monopoly of highly-advanced extraterrestrial technology recovered from UFO crashes: a monopoly which has brought them trillions of dollars in profits over the last four-plus decades.

The Cabal's operatives also terrorize some "too-close" UFO researchers, and even assassinate a few. They hijack some psychotronic weaponry for unauthorized use on their "enemies" or on innocent civilian "guinea pig" test subjects. In general, most of the horrific stuff done under the UFO Cover-Up comes from The Cabal's unauthorized version of the UFO Cover-Up, often using their plants within military and intelligence organizations (to further camouflage who is at work.)

The official-government authorized UFO Cover-Up is _relatively_ benign, yet is still morally responsible for the global suffering that could have been averted if the general public had access to clean non-petroleum energy, psychotronic healing machines, ZPE-powered hydroponic food-growing machines, gravity-shielded superfast airliners and sea freighters, and the immense store of spiritual, metaphysical and scientific knowledge that the Star Visitors wish to share with the people of Earth.

Some remote viewers have seen The Cabal's power broken between 2003 and 2006.

They definitely will be left in the trash bin of history, by the time the transition from Fourth World [current societal mess] to Fifth World [cosmic, just, nonmaterialistic, peaceable, "extended-family" society] is well established by 2012.

Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

Richard Boylan, Ph.D., LLC, P.O. Box 22310, Sacramento, CA 95822 USA

Phone, voice mail, fax number: (916) 422-7400

E-mail: drboylan@sbcglobal.net Website: www.drboylan.com

> [doveofo] NESARA Video Arriving in a Mailbox Near You;
Fitzgerald Uncovers All
November 6, 2005 11:09 p.m. PST


> Hello Dear Friends and White Knights,


> Some of you have probably seen internet reports about the additional

> crimes which Patrick Fitzgerald, the US Federal Prosecutor, has

> uncovered.   My sources have confirmed that Fitzgerald has considerable

> testimony and evidence that the Bush governmentís story of the 9-11

> attacks is a total lie. Fitzgerald has uncovered evidence of many

> crimes which have been committed by US officials of the current Bush

> government, the Clinton government, and the Bush Sr. government.

> Fitzgerald has received proof regarding who ordered the assassination

> of John F. Kennedy, Jr. and how it was done.   Fitzgerald will be

> instrumental in bringing the truth to Americans and the world

> regarding many past crimes and acts of treason.


> My sources state Fitzgerald has a plan to use the case against Libby

> as a foundation from which to bring forward indictments for many other

> crimes he has uncovered. After NESARA is announced, it will be much

> easier for Fitzgerald to move forward in prosecuting those who

> committed much bigger crimes than leaking a CIA agentís identity.

> Fitzgeraldís revelations will certainly help Americans and the world

> to understand WHY the reforms in NESARA are absolutely necessary.


> I received a call from Britain a few days ago and was told that

> Fitzgerald gave an interview to the BBC which was very well received,

> and which re-kindled criticism of the Tony Blair government and their

> support of the war against Iraq. What we do here in the USA will help

> good people in other countries to reform their governments as well,

> and Fitzgeraldís interviews are just the beginning.


> I have now viewed the final copy of the NESARA Video; it looks very

> good! We appreciate all the long hours of effort given by our event

> photographer, Dennis, to make the NESARA Video as good as it can be.

> I also acknowledge the great artwork done by our graphics artist,

> Scott, in giving of his talents to create the beautiful label for the

> NESARA DVD which gives such a strong and significant visual

> representation of NESARA. And, I thank Tami and all who have given

> hours of effort in handling all the mail and preparing the mailing

> packets which will bring the NESARA Video to all of you who have

> ordered the video. Numerous people behind the scenes have volunteered

> many hours of their time to make it possible for us to provide the

> NESARA Video; I give my deep thanks to all involved.


> We now have almost 1,000 requests for the NESARA Video and are having

> a company mass produce the DVDs in the same way that movie DVDs are

> made. Some of you should be receiving your videos this week if all

> goes according to plan.


> I cover many topics on the NESARA Video which are too complex to cover

> in the Dove Reports. When you see the end of the NESARA Video you

> will realize why it is absolutely crucial that ALL of us do ALL we can

> to help NESARA move to announcement. As the information below reminds

> us, our world situation is quickly moving toward a repeat of Hitlerís

> Nazi Germany! NESARA will save America and the world from repeating

> the terrible experiences which occurred under Hitler.


> For those of you new to NESARA, the major provisions of NESARA - the

> National Economic Security And Reformation Act - include the

> following:


> 1. Restores Constitutional Law in the US as the forefathers intended

> when they signed the Declaration of Independence.

> 2. Requires the current US administration to resign their positions to

> allow a fresh start at the national level and installs

> Constitutionally acceptable NESARA President and Vice President

> Designates until new elections can take place within 120 days.

> 3. NESARA US President Designate declares "peace" due to NESARAís

> abolishing all unconstitutional "national states of emergency". All

> US military aggressive actions will cease immediately.

> 4. Zeroing out credit card balances, forgiveness of mortgages and

> other bank debt as a remedy for 70 years of bank and government fraud.


> 5. Initiates the US Treasury Bank System with new U.S. Treasury

> currency backed by precious metals. Bank personnel have already been

> trained on NESARA and the new currency is already in some bank vaults.


> 6. Abolishes Income Taxes in US and creates a new national sales tax

> on new non-essential items as revenue for government.


> As we cover in the NESARA Video, together WE have the ability to fix

> NESARA and bring NESARA to announcement! NESARA Now!


> Blessings and Love,

> Dove of Oneness

> Executive Director

> International NESARA Take Action Teams


> Dove uses a pen-name for security and privacy reasons. The term "White

> Knights" is borrowed from the Wall Street Journal and the world of big

> business hostile takeovers when a vulnerable company is "rescued from

> a hostile takeover by a White Knight" corporation or wealthy person.

> Certainly, these people fighting to bring Americans and the world the

> benefits of NESARA and to rescue our people from government and

> banking fraud deserve to be called "White Knights".


> The Dove Report currently has 16,345 subscribers and is read by over

> 320,000 people worldwide in forums on other websites and published in

> magazines and journals nationally and internationally.

> ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


> http://buffaloreport.com/021123rohde.html


They came for the Muslims, and I didn't speak up...


> By Stephen Rohde


> (Author's Note: The USA Patriot Act became law a little over one year ago.)


> First they came for the Muslims, and I didn't speak up because I

> wasn't a Muslim.


> Then they came for the immigrants, detaining them indefinitely solely

> on the certification of the attorney general, and I didn't speak up

> because I wasn't an immigrant.


> Then they came to eavesdrop on suspects consulting with their

> attorneys, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a suspect.


> Then they came to prosecute noncitizens before secret military

> commissions, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a noncitizen.


> Then they came to enter homes and offices for unannounced "sneak and

> peak" searches, and I didn't speak up because I had nothing to hide.


> Then they came to reinstate Cointelpro and resume the infiltration and

> surveillance of domestic religious and political groups, and I didn't

> speak up because I no longer participated in any groups.


> Then they came to arrest American citizens and hold them indefinitely

> without any charges and without access to lawyers, and I didn't speak

> up because I would never be arrested.


> Then they came to institute TIPS (Terrorism Information and Prevention

> System) recruiting citizens to spy on other citizens and I didn't

> speak up because I was afraid.


> Then they came for anyone who objected to government policy because it

> only aided the terrorists and gave ammunition to America's enemies,

> and I didn't speak up ... because I didn't speak up.


> Then they came for me, and by that time, no one was left to speak up.


> Forum Column (from the Daily Journal, 11/20/02). Stephen Rohde is an

> attorney. He edited American Words of Freedom and was president of the

> American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California.


> Does Rohde's text seem familiar? It should. He based it on one of the

> web's most widely-circulated texts about silence in the face of evil:


> In Germany, the Nazis first came for the communists, and I didn't

> speak up because I wasn't a communist.


> Then they came for the Jews, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a

> Jew.


> Then they came for the trade unionists, and I didn't speak up because

> I wasn't a trade unionist.


> Then they came for the Catholics, but I didn't speak up because I was

> a protestant.


> Then they came for me, and by that time there was no one left to speak

> for me.

> Rev. Martin Niemoller

> (1892-1984)


> That text appears in several slightly varying forms but is always

> attributed to the Lutheran pastor Martin NiemŲeller (1892-1984), who

> was several times jailed by Hitler in the mid-thirties, then spent

> eight years in Sachenhausen and Dachau.   He survived to become an

> important anti-nuclear pacifist.   He was, from 1961-1968, President of

> the World Council of Churches.   One source says that he frequently

> ended his speeches with that text, so the several variants may simply

> reflect transcriptions of those different events.

> ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


> For more information on NESARA, go to WWW.NESARA.US .


> To SUBSCRIBE to the Dove Reports, please send an email with Subject of

> "Subscribe" to dovelist@nesara.us. Please allow 72 HOURS for

> processing your request.


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