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June 20050730 Sedona Journal of Emergence


Presented at the United Nation in New York City on April 22, 2005

It is the greatest of honors to be speaking here today, in this company, in this sacred space, in this place dedicated to unifying the separated societies of man. Yes, this is sacred ground, sanctified by your intent and efforts to bring in global harmony. Dear humans, anywhere you gather, anywhere you pray, is sacred ground. We remind you at the very beginning of this piece that you are God Incarnate, the Walking Divine. We would also like to mention that, by no coincidence (chuckle) today is called "Earth Day" in countries around the world. What better day to speak your positive intent to unify the earth? Indeed, that which you speak becomes concrete! That is the Law of Divine Manifestation in action. You have your hands full, dear ones, with the colossal divine task of bringing an entire planet out of darkness into the light of Living Grace..

We applaud you, and ask you to hold fast to your faith, for what you are doing is divine homework. To begin, we will first point out that the divine homework you were given a good 2,000 years ago is still your foundation for spiritual integrity - the Ten Commandments, including "Thou shalt not kill". So, how is the old-energy homework going, dear ones? Are you finished yet? Hmmm. Not quite. Well, here we will add to your list two more commandments, yielding a round dozen - 12, the base of sacred geometry which will unlock many puzzles of the universe for you, once applied. They are simply: Honor all life, and Give and Receive only Love. Truly, these two could be combined into the second one, leaving you with the over-ruling definition of living in God-hood: Give and receive only love. But, we will let these two stand for now, as a goal for you to achieve! (Chuckle - do you see sacred geometry at play here? 12 is its base. From twelve to two shows your progress towards co-creation, 2
being you and God, which eventually merges into the One!)

Second, in order to speak about a "united earth", we will define this as a global brotherhood of man, a consensus of all populations that you all have equal right to live, learn, and find joy along the way. Sounds simple, doesn't it? (Chuckle) This means that all human beings have equal worth, that all belong to one group, the group of humankind.

With all that you know and all that you have accomplished, how is it that you do not recognize that you are all the same species?  You are all kin.  You are all related, underneath your different colors of skin and cultural clothing and religious posturing. With all the incredible advances you have made in science, in medicine, in technology, psychology and the arts, we ask you simply this - why are you still killing each other?

In order to unite the earth in peace, all men must meet and embrace at a higher level of spiritual integrity. To reach a concert of peaceful intention requires a purification of individual, and then cultural morality. When enough people, that is the collective human consciousness, agrees to outlaw war, then peace will conquer this world! When ego and greed are excised from your motivation, all of your actions will be focused toward a greater good. When war is no longer an option in your global negotiations, all paths of communication and reconciliation will lead to peace!

It is such a joy for us in the higher realms to watch the uplifting of the human consciousness. Yes, you have made much progress in ending old grievances, religious and secular. But no matter what is happening in the global arena, keep in mind that the energetics of humanity's heart is changing. You will see this reflected more and more around the world, as countries begin to help each other, to share resources, to share information, to share this planet as a home for all of humanity. We advise you to seek among the younger generation for those budding leaders clear of heart and clear of mind. Fill them with peaceful intent, not old stories of war and hatred. It is the role of the current leading generation to shift first into peaceful intent, to embrace a new paradigm of beliefs, behavior and good intent for the many needed changes to come in.

Sad to say, it is often the worst of disasters that brings out the best in men. You can attain and maintain a higher moral integrity in the face of huge calamity, as shown in the recent Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami. How beautifully all the earth's peoples came together to help their brethren in need! Now that you have achieved a globally sophisticated level of interpersonal communication (the Internet), you used your plentiful resources, your information-gathering skills, your expertise in medicine and psychology to help each other. Yet, this same Internet network is also used to disseminate biased media reporting, to infect each others' equipment with damaging viruses, to add to the fear and misguided thinking of the common man.

As in all of humanity's lessons, the choice is always yours. Yes, this is a free-will zone! As each of you is working on creating better levels of self-worth, self-love and harmony in your lives, that is a conscious choice of perspective you are making. Any physical action is preceded by thought, good, bad, light or dark. How you think affects how you act, and how you feel affects how you think. If enough of you open your hearts, forgive each other and yourselves for all the mis-creations in your past history, you can change the world! If enough people gather in each country and tell their leaders, NO MORE WAR! We will no longer fight each other! Then who will man those wars? How effective will the "dark side" of human nature be, once enough light has been added to the human consciousness? Yes, you've heard it before, impossible as it may seem, but we state it here in bald terms to make the goal you seek concrete - it may not come fully in your generation, but global harmony can well
be done by the next. If you take good care of yourselves, you will live to see the birth of world peace!

We have often said that global peace starts in your own backyard. From an energetic perspective, yes, this is the main lynch point of any societal advancement - sheer numbers eventually will reach a saturation point at which an energetic shift in human enlightenment will take place. In the spiritual realms, we can determine the amount of "light" that is building in the global human awareness. How does it add up? One heart at a time! You are all connected, dear ones, in a vast, energetic web that is a specific frequency called "the global human signature". We say, yes, you can all speak together as One! Spirituality teaches that "all is One." So take it to the next level, speak and act as One! Have you imagined what it would be like if war was outlawed?

What if nobody showed up to fight? Where would your "right is might" perspective be then? What if, at every negotiating table, you only allowed avenues toward peace to be considered? Dear ones, get your hearts out of your wallets and out into the open air! If only you would turn all those political energies and military machinations towards fruitful endeavors - yes, get money off the table, too! Barter for what everyone needs! Some of you have extra food, some have more manpower or technology, some have teaching and training skills. Start balancing out the resources on this planet, and you will find that there is enough for all of you to share.

Have you not seen, time and again, that merely feeding the hungry does no good? Why not? They'll still be hungry the next day, and the next, and the next. You'll still be doling out resources, with less and less enthusiasm, because you have not changed the equation - you cannot solve survival problems for others! What do the down-trodden need? Self-worth. Skills. Jobs. The ability to grow their own food, and take care of their own families. Give them training, help them establish new and better support systems in each country, give them hope and pride and a legacy that they can pass on to their children. Make each culture self-reliant and self-responsible - that will bring positive change to your planet in a huge way! This cannot happen if you are still adding up the value of each item in terms of money. Just releasing the money funneled into military pursuits back into the needs of the population will allow every country in every culture to help their own misfortunates, and then the
nations will be better able to help each other!

Go back to bartering, dear ones. Trade with each other, in services and goods, for the betterment of all. Money is one of the two things on this planet that has slowed down your spiritual progress. When a person's value is seen only in terms of how many bits of paper and metal they own, the potentials of their soul self are denied. Their true value, their divinity, is reduced to a superficial rating of how well they are surviving in this life.

The other thing that has slowed down your spiritual awakening is the negative, controlling misconceptions that have tainted your religious beliefs. Indeed, most wars were and are being fought over differences in religions. It is time to embrace those differences, to allow for the varying views about God to belong to each individual, and not be a banner beneath which to do battle.

God is all One, dear ones, as you are all One in the eyes and heart of Spirit.

In order to accept and embrace total Brotherhood of Man, you must get past whose God is better, whose God is more just, whose God is right
. Remember, God never judges you, only men judge each other. It is man who created a vengeful, judgmental God in man's own image! It is man who has the audacity to "kill in the name of God." It is man who sees his own newborn child as being sinful, instead of the clean, shining vessel for embodied Spirit that every child truly is.

As you are in the process of becoming a self-aware civilization, we in Spirit see you as children, learning how best to play well together. What is the biggest enemy of world peace? Misguided belief structures. Who creates and perpetuates those belief structures? You all do, teaching what you were taught as children to your own children. We say simply here: When parents love their children more than they hate their neighbors, you will achieve true global peace.

How do small children disarm bullies in their midst? There are two ways. They can find one or two bigger bullies to stand behind in safety, and let the bigger bullies fight for them. What is the result? A playground with new, bigger bullies! And a third, lesser bully, slinking away humiliated, with revenge in his heart against the entire playground of children. Are the children now safe from harm within and beyond their group? It all depends on the new bullies they chose, and what those "warriors" hold dear to their hearts (i.e. what their level of moral integrity is). If size and power is all they care about, the children now have a bigger, worse problem. If those bigger children stepped forward in defense of the others, hold no malice in their hearts towards the others, and will not harm anyone except to protect themselves and others, then that will become the new paradigm for behavior in the playground. Why? Because the ones with true spiritually-blessed power wield that power to
protect and serve the good of all.

So, are we saying that you should pick your bullies carefully? No (chuckle). A child has not the wherewithal to do that. They trust. They close ranks, they watch, they hope all turns out well so that they can play again without being hurt. That works for children, dear ones, but not for adults. Adults have the intellectual capacity to realize that the bully's mindset must be healed and heightened so that the person can then wield their personal power for good, in a harmless way. Their perspective will change naturally if they are taught a higher level of spiritual integrity.

Here is the second way to disarm a bully: What if all the children were to gather in a circle, legs planted firm, shoulder to shoulder, arms crossed over their chests, and stared down that first bully?  What could he do then?  Not much, without risking retribution from all the children.  When you all stand together in the light, dear ones, firm in your beliefs, you shed that light over everything that is dark to be revealed.  What does that bully now see?  A solid wall of defiant children, denying him any power over them.  He sees that if he tries to rush against any part of that circle, it would close around him and he would be hit by them all.  He cannot continue his bully behavior if nobody will allow it in their midst.

We say, stand together and stand witness. That is your biggest strength! There must be a global unity of higher purpose and higher goals in order to achieve peace for all.  Remember the commandment: God wants no man to kill another.  Even more so, that goes for animals, plants, and the earth itself.  Look to the health of your planet - it is a clear measure of how well you have fulfilled your role as caretakers of the earth.  Have you taken care of her?  Not enough.  Have you taken from her and not given back?  Way too much.  There is imbalance on your planet at all levels, and the rising energies will no longer allow the perpetuation of these imbalances.  Do you understand now the scope of the changes, the magnitude of the "rising up" that will shake off all pain and misery?  For those lesser energies cannot and will not survive in the face of the incoming higher energies. In order to rise up, you must be cleansed. The earth is doing this now, in her own time and way.  Are each of you ready to
rise, to be cleansed of your imbalances so that you can merge into the flows of the rising planetary frequencies?

Dear ones, you are still killing so many things on this earth by your day-to-day actions. You are beginning to see the ripples affecting the planet, but have a long way to go to taking responsibility for your actions.  One country wastes resources while another country starves.  You say it is circumstance, oh well, some have and some have not.  We say, the planet is rising up into a new balance.  The growing soul of Collective Humanity is trying to create that same new balance.  Yet, everywhere you turn all you see is imbalance, inequities, fear, distorted views and values, the haves and the have-nots.

The escalation in world misery that you can now see and feel is due to more and more Divine light coming onto the planet, bringing to light the imbalances of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual perspectives on reality.  These disparate "views" of your lives must be merged into one harmonious, cohesive reality in which all peoples on the planet are happy and healthy, living together in peace.  Therefore, all imbalances must be purged, at all levels, from the school playground to the global battlefields at hand.  The earth does not need to be a battlefield, dear ones, it is your home.  It is your choice.  Will you continue to soil it with your own blood, or will you clean up your playground so that all can play happily?

Remember, you are in a specially-designed free will zone which necessitates that you, each one, decide for yourself how to believe in God, and how to live that _expression of faith.  We add that children (should) have free will too.  They should be free to grow and learn, and then choose how they wish to believe and behave.  Your bullies are created by bully parents, who teach separation, racism, bigotry and misuse of power.  How else, where else would these children learn to harm others?  They learn it from grownups, they learn it at home.

We are delighted to state here that out of intense complexities, intense simplicities will emerge.  If you can, in your every day life, have respect for yourself and others, and take responsibility for your actions, you will be contributing to world peace.  When peace among nations is more important than who is richest and strongest, world peace will be born.  When we see you put your wealth and resources into healing a sick population, rather than into weapons to destroy an unwanted population, then we in Spirit rejoice.  One day you will do it gladly, freely, and not in response to some cataclysmic event or military debacle.  Along the way, you will see a shift in your media as well, from reporting only bad news, to reporting more and more good news!

Watch for it. It will come. You will see peace grow, especially in the next seven years, as major changes sweep the globe, its surface and its people.  Now, at the end of this piece, we remind you again, as we did in the beginning, that you are all Divine.  You are each an _expression of a divine soul, here to uplift and spiritualize the very dirt of this world.  God is all that is your best potential.  God is waiting to peek from your eyes and speak from your mouths.  God can only blend with you if fear, hatred, bigotry and greed are no longer driving your physical vehicle.  Do you understand this, precious little pieces of God?  You can do this!  You can heal the world, heal each other, and all lead more peaceful lives.

It is a matter of choice. We say, now is the time to put better choices on the table, choices that all lead to peace.

It is that simple, if enough of you can agree to war no more.

- We Are, Ever-Loving, The Brotherhood Of Light.

Copyright 2005 by Edna G. Frankel

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