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April 20, 2005




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I am Gaia, returned again to assist you in continuing your journey. To prepare for Section III, activate your theta waves by using the meditation in Section I, and review Section II in which you climbed the stairway to your Inner Temple, entered the Temple, merged with your SELF and entered the Void.  When you feel centered, take a long, slow, deep breath and breathe all the way down to your feet.


You have experienced the Higher Dimensional Light that Flows through the skylight in your Inner Temple. Now, take a long inhale deeply to draw this Light down through your Crown Chakra.  With your exhale, reflect the Light onto the mind-screen of your Third Eye. 


Your darkened room is now illuminated to reveal the full splendor of your Inner Temple. Take a long moment to imagine how it looks.  See your Doorway form the inside, and the skylight behind you.  FEEL your Higher SELF within the Higher Light within the Inner Temple of your mundane self.  The secret is out now, for you have found who your really are.


Your journey into the Void has expanded your consciousness to Galactic Consciousness, which allows you full, conscious communication with your Inner Guides and other aspects of your SELF who resonate to the higher dimensions.  The computer of your personal hologram of reality has been restarted so that you can incorporate the Higher Light into its programs. You have more memory now, and your processor is faster.


New worlds are now open to your mundane consciousness, which will create greater opportunities for personal expansion and creativity. Furthermore, due to your increasing awareness, you will receive updates of Higher Light as they come in to our Planet, and as you are ready to integrate them.


With the activation of your Third Eye, more and more Veils of Illusion will gradually be released, and you will be able to conceive of, and acknowledge, that you are a component of me, Gaia, the consciousness of Planet Earth.  You shall assist me by choosing to balance your thoughts and emotions, clear and heal your inner darkness and by living the Mission for which you took embodiment.


In turn, I, Gaia, will assist you in integrating your future infusions of Higher Light by grounding you with our combined Essence while I constantly inform and protect you.  Your instincts are awakened now, and you have regained the ability to FEEL my Presence within you.  Therefore, you will hear my voice within your soul and see my face in every living thing.


You are now ready to recalibrate your chakras so that you may effectively use the Higher Light in your daily life.




First, allow me to review the function of your chakras.  Your Chakras are the step-down transformers of your body through which the fourth dimensional prana enters the aura of your third dimensional form. Fourth dimensional Light/prana enters through your chakras and is disseminated through your body via your endocrine glands, nerve plexus and meridians.  With the opening of your Third Eye, you will be taking in not only fourth dimensional light, but also Light from the fifth dimension and beyond. 


For the safety of your earth vessel, this download of Higher Dimensional Light occurs from inside the Sacred Triangle/Inner Temple and is dispersed to your chakras from the inside of your body.  As the Higher Light enters your chakras, they will need to be recalibrated so that you can receive, integrate and consciously perceive these multidimensional stimuli. 


The cerebral spinal fluid within your Sacred Triangle permeates your physical brain and spinal cord.  Once you have downloaded the Higher Light through your Crown Chakra vortex, the frequency of your cerebral spinal fluid rises.  This fluid will then become the conductor of Light that was the intention of the original Divine Blueprint.  You will begin with your crown chakra.



http://www.multidimensions.com/con_emotions_control.html )



VISIONsee the higher dimensional realities overlaid on your mundane sight.

HEARINGhear the Music of the Spheres an octave above your mundane hearing.

TASTEtaste the sweet nectar of Spirit and allow it to enhance your mundane taste.

SMELLsmell the aroma of Spirit as it flows through your inner and outer realities.

TOUCHfeel Beings of the Higher Worlds Touch you in guidance and protection, as you pass their Touch on to others.

SEE the matrix of your Lightbody embedded within your physical form.





7         As the Higher Light enters your physical heart, imagine that it is activating and/or filling your High Heart.

7         FEEL the Unconditional Love of your High Heart.

7         Allow the Higher Light to enter your bloodstream and circulate through your entire cardiovascular system, raising the vibration of every cell that it touches.

7         Visualize the Higher Light traveling from your heart, down your arms, and out your hands.

7         Allow the Higher Light to heal and balance your heart, lungs, immune system, arms and hands.

7         Connect with the Collective Consciousness of Earths third and fourth dimension.

7         Breathe the Higher Light around and through your heart chakra and down into your solar plexus.










We are a team, my humans and I, for which I am eternally grateful.  Together, we shall transform OUR planet.

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