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G.A.I.A. E-zine       Blessings from Qala

Wave - January 2005 Circular

Blessings Beautiful Hearts,

Presently, many are feeling the waves of energy affecting them and often when high frequencies energy is coming to Earth in waves, this will effect beings two different ways. If your soul are grounded and the spiritual current of your energybody is grounded into the Earth , then you will be lifted by this wave and spontaneous wonderful events will take place to create your transformation. If your current is not anchored through your lower chakras and your soul is not anchored in your body, the unresolved energies of the collective (being brought to the surface by high frequency waves coming to Earth) can deeply effect you and if you choose to resonate with these unresolved energies they can deeply move through your chakras and you can begin to be weighed down by unresoived energies.

The waves of ascension coming to Earth at present are here to lift the oldest energies that may be blocking the flow  of love within our relationships, our actions and our energetic and physical exchanges. The Tsunami has brought this to the consciousness of all beings on Earth and offered us all an appreciation of what we have, an opening of our compassionate hearts and a clear path to give to others through our charitable heart. These waves of energy coming to Earth are related to the lifting of humanity’s oldest memories of Ancient Egypt and a time when we began as a race not to receive our needs physically being met, our communities deeply effected and distressed. A time prior to the dark ages of humanity’s descent into fear and suffering when the collective lost their connection through their lower chakras to Source and the collective closed their heart to the light of God within.

The following ceremony has been created to allow you assistance with this and to assist each of you to ground your God Presence energies or spiritual current into earth more deeply so as to stabilise your energies at this time. It was during an ancient period within Ancient Egypt that humanity first experienced a disconnection in the flow of their God stream through their 3 lower chakras and or Spirits were unable to be in our bodies. Prior to this humanity as a race, experienced communion with God as a divine frequency of pure love flowing through the chakras and grounding into the Earth. Through breaking some of the ancient agreements humanity made during their exploration of life without their God stream present, we unbind our lower chakras to allow the well of love to begin to connect through our lower chakras again. You may wish to ask to be placed on an Ancient Egyptian healing program with the Ascended Masters if you wish to further open the three lower chakras to allow the flow of God stream to manifest. It is the flow of our God stream through our base that allows our physical body’s health, our abundance and allows us to ground our manifestations from our ideas or guidance, and ground our God stream into the Earth. It is the flow of our God stream through our sacral that allows our sexuality, physical intimacy and creativity to flow  beautifully in our life. It is the flow of our God stream through our solar plexus that allows us to be in synchronicity with the universe with timing, the use of will and the highest potential intentions and empowerments in our lives.

The following ceremony will support each of you who find yourselves having difficulty at this time, to release collective energies you may be carrying from the effect and global shock from the Tsunami that has arisen to be compassionately healed at this time, as well as open to the energetic process of reconnection of your God stream through these 3 lower chakras. May we ask that all who have been effected by the Tsunami also receiving a filling of their beings with love and may humanity continue to open its charitable heart to manifest all needs for all effected to be provided through grace and ease. Let us ask that the divine blessings of all that is Love , radiate, hold and nurture all within this sacred tragedy. May you enjoy this sacred connection create a flower of life of activation throughout the Earth that will remind all beings of the divine force of love within them and the power to transform all through this love.

All my blessings and love

Ceremony of Connection to God Presence

We call forth the angels and archangels, the Ascended Masters, the mystery keepers, emissaries of the Divine Mother and Divine Mother and Divine Father to be with us. We call TO beloved God/dess and our God Presence to merge with us, We ask that a cocoon of love encoded with our God presence signature be woven around us and around all beings on the Earth wishing for assistance at this time. We call forth to all beings who have been affected by disease, Earth changes, loss of loved ones or loss of identity to receive that which we receive. We ask the Divine Mother to bring forth the wave of divine love and holy communion as we call forth our God Presence to ignite the energetic pathways of our heart, mind, soul and spirit and body as one.

We ask for an exceptional joyful upliftment and a gentle soft holding of all parts of our soul, body, mind, heart and spirit. We ask that this cocoon of love encoded to the truth of our God presence signature be woven through every meridian, cell, energybody, chakra and portal of our soul body and of our auric energybody. We ask for a gentle purification of the bridge between our hearts and minds as we call forth to the Emissaries of Christ consciousness and to those Masters that lived and supported all beings in the times of ancient Egypt – a time when humanity last held our God presence connection as a collective. We ask for collective dispensations to support our base chakras, our sacral and solar plexus chakras to open and release all that does not serve us at this time in our life and soul journey. We ask for karmic absolution for any journey we may have encountered to create us as souls to choose to limit our God presence connection and close any chakras through any time, space or dimension.

Blessed be, all beings as the angels come to thee and each one of us is now supported to make new healthy choices relating to breathing love and light through our lower chakras. We ask that our base chakra be cleansed, cleared and purified of the fears of connection to the Earth and to the crystal matrix that lives inside it. We ask that all beings are grounded in their bodies through their base chakra and call to all souls to be willing to align as souls to their energy column and chakras. Grounding down into the earth is our intention as a group. Grounding our God presence frequency on Earth. Let us forgive all that may have occurred in other times, when we grounded our presence on earth and parts of our heart or mind may have experienced shutdown during the process of spirit descending into the body and merging with our soul on Earth.

We call to Mother Gaia to hold each of us and inspire the feminine and masculine spirit that is our higher self bridge to Source, to release any fears of grounding into Earth and merging with the divine heart of mother Gaia. Let us choose a new path of grounding and releasing gently, the old energies that may be trapped in our old energybodies as we transform our cells and chakras. Let us also become aware that we are creating with our God presence, new chakras. These new chakras are able to receive our God presence frequency...let us chose to release all patterns and memories that create us to live in old chakras systems that do not resonate with the frequency of Gaia and the truth of our Earth system.

Let us call for the release of our old 4th dimensional chakra systems and ask for the opening of our souls to life within our newly forming fifth dimensional chakra system. As a dispensation, we ask that this be granted for all beings who are presently in the process of transforming their old beliefs and releasing trapped emotions that may have been repressed in previous times.....let us ask that all beings may receive this in divine order and divien timing for their being. The temples of light and love and the emissaries and temples of the mystery school in initiation, hold us all presently.

We ask for God/dess to merge deeply with us as we release our base chakras from the 4th dimensional connection and activate our base chakras to begin to form itself within a fifth dimensional connection. Allowing the release of the astral plane connection from our base chakras is the first key of our clear path of descension.

Descension is the grounding of the spirit into the body ...call forth now to your guides and ask for the assistance in divine order for your life in relation to releasing the old base chakra.

It is our base chakra that allows the grounding of God presence into the physical body and allows the manifestation of the divine to activate through your physical life on Earth and energize your physical body. The God stream activates this as you are asked to break three agreements you may have made in relationship to not allowing the God stream to flow through your base chakra and your physical system.

By divine decree in the name of our God presence, and through the laws of grace and forgiveness and divinity, we now break all agreements we may have made across time, space and all dimension in relation to rejecting the light, love and power of our God presence and closing our base chakras to our divine presence in fear of distortion.

By divine decree in the name of our God presence, and through the laws of grace, love, forgiveness and divinity, we now break all vows and agreements we may have made across all time, space and dimension in relation to redirecting our love, light and power of our God presence stream to all others around us before receiving this personally, due to the fear that others will not survive without the redirection of our God presence stream to them. We now break all agreements to not ground our God stream and break all agreements in relation to choosing to feed our God presence vibration to others before grounding it through all our chakras into the Earth, receiving it fully ourselves and building our column and pure channel on Earth.

By divine decree in the name of our God presence, and through the laws of love, grace, divinity, freedom and forgiveness, we now break all agreements we may have made, across time, space and all dimensions in relation to not trusting that our God presence is always present with us and always has lived within our hearts and always has the ability to flow and create through the divine plan, our true heart dreaming and holy communion, in any space, time or dimension, in any situation or circumstance. We now break all agreements we may hold in relation to holding the beliefs and living from the beliefs that we are limited and our God presence is limited. We now accept that God is unlimited and infinite and this very force of creation lives within each one of us and in any circumstance, through opening our hearts, we may create as God presence, in mergence with God presence, unlimited, and with infinite potential and manifestation. So be it.

We give thanks to the Divine Mother and Divine Father that also live within us and ask for a special dispensation for the opening of our 3 lower chakras in divine order for our being. We ask the Egyptian emissaries and Masters through Serapis Beys’ ashram on Earth to facilitate with us, an opening of our consciousness in the  grounding of the God presence current through the three lower chakras. We ask that we be held in a love cocoon and that all obstacles be lifted to allow our empowerment, creativity, freedom, and sexuality, divine partnerships through our God presence connection  We ask that all obstacles be lifted to allow  the abundance and universal energy exchange to open within our base chakras to allow the God presence stream to flow freely in our base chakras. We call for this grounding and for all that is needed for grounding to activate now. We call for all obstacles to be removed now. We call for all obstacles to be removed now. Through God’s will, all obstacles are removed now. Through God’s will all obstacles are removed now. Through God’s will all obstacles are removed now.

Let it be as divine will aligns it now...as I ask each of you to align your will with the divine will of your God presence now. Call for an alignment of personal will to divine will and surrender that which your will has attachment to, and allow  divine will to manifest through you. Breathe as you call for this and as you breathe, open your energybody and heart to release the old energies that are attachments to outcomes, or the process of manifestation of you heart dreams in the now...

Breathe and allow as the surrender of your will is the first key to allowing a descension of spirit into soul and body. Breathe, and as you give over that which you are attached to...all is aligning within you to allow a further dissension of the God presence stream through you chakras and your bodies...breathe and know that your will, as it aligns to God’s will, may need to release agreements relating to this so as to allow the free flow of energy with this. If struggle occurs within you as you call for this alignment, you have agreements that do not serve you in relation to your will, and how you will allow it to be directed. You may have sworn in oath to never allow God to flow through you and for your will to never be used for God’s will. You may have have decided to separate form all others and close down your power access and may have experienced great disempowerment through your choice to separate yourself from the group or from others like you.

You may have decided at some time in some life, that you would not be a vehicle for God’s work in any other life.
You may have chosen to agree to close your chakras to God stream so you would not need to be responsible and offer the divine work to others that are could be assisted by this work. Each one of you holds agreements personal to you, as well as the following three. Go within and break the personal agreements after you break these three that you share collectively with all beings on earth.

By divine decree, in the name of God presence and through the laws of love, divinity, grace, forgiveness and karma, we now break all vows and agreements that we may have through time, space and dimension, to misalign our wills from God ‘s will and the heart of our God presence, and also to not allowing our spirits and souls to merge in the fear that further separation comes from aligning with God’s will.

We now release all fear memories and ask for karmic absolution for all experiences we may have had in situations where we held the power and others were disempowered, or where we were disempowered in the presence of others who held the power. We forgive these experiences and realise through the law of karma that all times we were disempowered, was a karmic balancing returning to us from others times when we have overpowered others.

Let us forgive all situations and receive the dispensations for release of this and release from the karmic cycle related to this. Let us transform our consciousness in relation to this and choose now to ground our power of God presence through our solar plexus as we ask for a clearing, cleansing and purification of our solar plexus chakras.

We call on the feminine Masters of the Sisterhood to hold us and hold our feminine spirit in their hearts as we ask our feminine spirits to forgive all experiences of the masculine overpowering or disempowering them and their hearts. We ask our feminine selves to receive the law of forgiveness and karmic absolution as we gently ask them to know that these experiences, that have been very painful and difficult, are energies returning to them that they originally projected at males and men in matriarchal times on Earth or in the stars, where the feminine overpowered and disempowered all masculine energies and their hearts. We call for karmic absolution and ask our masculine spirit to also forgive, to forgive the feminine for these experiences when feminine energies overpowered or disempowered them. We ask the feminine and masculine spirit of our soul to truly know that they are supported by our soul to embrace each other in a new way. We share with them the divine opportunity this golden age offers them to return into the one heart, and leave their separate realms to experience love again. We call for the release of all memories in this sacred ceremony and ask that these memories and any binding patterns related to this, be cleared and lifted into the light of God now. Allow your breath to let it all go now...

As Serapis Bey steps forth now, he shares that the sacral chakra is to be cleansed, cleared and gently purified now. He shares that the opening of the chakras to be able to receive the God stream and transmit this Source frequency, which is like a golden liquid elixir (also known as the amrita) ...is a journey beloveds, and does not take place in one ceremony. It is affected by your choices and the focus of your consciousness in every moment, and that the clearest path to this opening is to always make choices based on love, and to not make choices based on fear which will only close your heart. Make choices not from limitation and old beliefs, but make choices from your heart and the guidance of your clear heart and leap in faith and love to meet your God presence. It is this leap in love and faith that allows your soul to meet your God presence on your path.

It is the work of your soul to take these leaps when it is guided from your heart, and to trust that your God presence will hold you
. Even when you look down and the path is rocky, or appears to disappear, know beloveds the God presence is within you and is all around you holding you as you release your fears. This is our simple message to all of you who are on the path of opening your God presence stream within your chakras so you may ground your divine presence into your body and activate your soul purpose in this lifetime. Take the leaps in faith and love and trust your God presence now, follow your heart and make choices from an unlimited space of mind and ask for that which you need and create this with God presence at any one time. These are the keys we offer you as the sacral chakra is aligned now to allow a flow of frequency through. Breathe as we ask you to break three more agreements that the collective holds related to the spark and ignition of God presence within the sacral chakra.

By divine decree, in the name of God presence, through the laws of infinity, grace, freedom, karma, love and divinity, we now break all agreements we may have made across all time space and dimension in relation to not embodying our love, light and power through our wombs of creation and our sacral regions. We break all agreements we may have made to create obstacles to our path of creation as God presences on Earth in the fear that we will be seen as creator Gods and be given power by others, and this will create them to worship our beings and lead to our fall from our ascension.

We choose to release the old patternings, memories and beliefs around experiencing worship and glory, to be lifted now. We choose to create fully with our power and release the beliefs that we are seen as superior when we create with our power. We release all holdings related to not seeing all as equal, even when others choose not to create with their power. We also break all agreements and vows not to experience holy communion now in the body due to the fear that it may create physical separation from our loved ones as they will not be able to relate to us in the now.

By divine decree, in the name of our God presence and through the laws of divinity, angelic presence, grace, love, karma, freedom and forgiveness, we now break all agreements we may have made across all time, space and dimension in relation to choosing to shut down our wombs of creation and our ability to create and merge with God presence in the physical, and the choice to block the flow of creative spirit through our sacral chakras.

By divine decree, in the name of our God presence, through the laws of love, karma, forgiveness, grace and divinity, we now break all vows and agreements we may made across all time, space and dimension, not to allow our physical union with others unless they are holding their God stream or unless they honour our God stream...and to choose to judge the others who are not activated with their love as distorted, and we release the fear now that these ones will create us to be distorted and we will need to close our chakras to them.

We release the fears and thought forms that we can be marked or impregnated or embodied with distortions from another, and now choose to recognise that as we merge with others and our hearts are open, our love is a purifier of the old energies that these ones may be sharing with us.

By divine decree, in the name of God presence, through the laws of infinity, grace, freedom, karma, love and divinity, we now break all agreements we may have made across all time, space and dimension to close our hearts and judge others in the experience of our relationships, sexually, intimately and sensually, due to fears we will be distorted by other energies.
We now break all agreements, we may have made across all time, space and dimension in relation to closing our sacral chakras to others out of judgement in the belief that they are no longer honourable or respectable and are therefore unworthy of the flow of love through our sacral chakras.

We ask God presence, God /dess to entrust the dispensations of clearing and purification to us. We ask for wheels of clearing and discs of alignment and purification to spin and activate through all dimensions, all aspects, all extensions, all bodies of our being, and all others connected to us through our solar plexus, sacral and base chakras. We ask for a release and clearing of all old ties bound through time, that may be binding our chakras and our chakra relationship to our God stream, or that may be binding us through any intimate, physical, creative and powerful relationships we hold. We ask for resolution through all time, space and dimension in relation to all life experiences and collective experiences with Ancient Egypt and all that may effect our God stream to not anchor through our lower chakras into the Earth, grounding our God Presence stream on Earth. We call forth for karmic absolution in relation to this and ask to be filled with love elixirs and placed in a divine healing chamber for the manifestation of this.

Blessed be all beings on Earth and may they receive these blessings as we receive these through our path on Earth.

So be it.

Sacred Journey to Egypt  

With  Qala Sri’ama and The Ascended Masters

February 27 to March 13, 2005   

 Divine Mission Training - A Journey of Activation of One’s Divine Mission through The Great Pyramid, Sphinx to the Temple of Isis, and a Nile River cruise to the Temple of Luxor.

February 14 to March 20, 2005

Divine Mission Exploration – A journey from Luxor to Mt Sinai and the Red Sea completing at The Great Pyramid and Sphinx for the March Equinox.
The 2 journeys will both be very different Beloveds, as the first journey will be as an embrace of the Power of God Presence that lives within you and an acceptance of this very power of co-creation that manifests life to move in divine waves as the rhythmic pulse of your sacred heart. The second journey is for balancing, and for a deeper manifestation of the integration of a new consciousness that all will be processing through the first journey we offer.

“A Clarion Call Sounds out to all who wish to co-create their Divine Mission on Earth

The Holy Mother, Maitreya, Mary, Sananda, Serapis Bey, Isis and the Ascended Master place the clarion call out to 55 emissaries to receive a divine mission training in the heart of Egypt.  The Masters will offer profound “new “teachings on divine mission and offer the steps that activate your Divine mission.  All will travel in a loving pod, Divinely guided, in support of each other as all open to the power of their mission and their path in the presence of the Ascended Masters. This journey is a divine gift, offering a profound doorway for a vast acceleration within your consciousness and awakening of the last keys needed to create your purpose on Earth to manifest.

The Ascended Masters will offer direct contact teachings for the purpose of the activation of one’s mission and the clearing of all obstacles to this, found within your akasha, and offer clearing of all that may hinder the grounding of your God Presence and divine mission on Earth. In March 2005, the portal of the Great Pyramid will be uncapped for a period of 21 days through a dispensation allowing for the activation of the new wave of emissaries, world and community teachers, planetary healers & activators and angelic mother emissaries and their personal or group missions. If you are dedicated on the path, this mission activation journey may have been created for you to awaken fully to your purpose and to receive the divine assistance for this to manifest clearly.

An extra week journey for Divine Mission Exploration is also offered for a smaller group from March 14th to March 20th. This group will be travelling with Qala Sri’ama from Luxor to the Red Sea and will return to the Great Pyramid for the Equinox ceremony on March 20th.

Contact Zy at zy@g-a-i-a.com for a detailed information package or registration. Last registrations and full payments are able to be taken February 11th, 2005.

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