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    Assisting and Raising the New Children
The Wave” – April/May/June 2005

A Global  E-zine with Teachings and Messages from Qala Sri’ama & the Ascended Masters

Welcome and Blessings to The Wave

Blessings to all of your beautiful hearts,

This month’s Wave has transformed to an email-zine, and has three months of Waves forming GAIA’s new email magazine. The Waves, in the future, will be also sent out in an e-zine form as a gift of love to all of GAIA’S subscribers. You have received this e-zine either because you are on email lists subscribing for Qala Sri’ama Phoenix’s assistance messages, or a friend of yours has networked this to you. We send our love from GAIA (a spiritual teaching centre based in Australia) and an offering in this e-zine that assists you to raise your vibration and support you to experience your divinity.  
This e-zine is filled with messages from the Qala Sri’ama & Ascended Masters in relation to a series of topics. We have included an index of the contents so you may browse through it to receive an overview of the e-zine.

INDEX of this  E-ZINE







Embodying Our Divine Love – 6-13 August, 2005
Enlightening our Physical Bodies – 21-28 August, 2005


May you enjoy the Wave and may a wave of love fill you from head to toe as you read it.
As it is an e-zine, you may wish to print it out and read it as you have the spare time.

Blessings from all at GAIA

The Wave is copyrighted © Qala Sri’Ama Phoenix, 2005. This may be freely distributed as long as none of the content is altered, and as original source and copyright is honoured.  If wishing to share the Wave with others, please do not delete this section of the e-zine. You have received this message as you are on the GAIA email list, as you have made contact with Qala’s work in some way. If you no longer wish to receive Qala’s emails then please send a message to subscribe@g-a-i-a.com with the subject –UNSUBSCRIBE.  If you have received this indirectly from a friend and wish to subscribe to the GAIA list then send an email to subscribe@g-a-i-a.com with the subject - SUBSCRIBE.  Qala’s web site is http://www.g-a-i-a.com

A Message from Qala Sri’ama – the importance of having a Higher Vision for all on Earth

Beloved friends and family,

I wish to share a vision and message of inspiration with each one of you in honour of your life path of embodying your love on Earth, embracing your life challenges, and your choice of creating a new reality based on love. I meet many across the Earth who share this dedication with you on Earth, and each beautiful soul I meet that has awakened and chosen to expand their consciousness and grow in rapid acceleration, share one thing in common, and this is a higher vision. It is a higher vision of their lives and all their family’s lives, and as they work towards making the inner changes that ultimately create the outer reality to manifest their vision, they meet a greater vision for all of humanity as a society. They also meet the puzzle piece that they hold that may support this to be dreamed by others and also created by others. So many I meet are looking for their soul family, and in groups that I work with as pods, many experience this meeting of soul family. I wish to inspire each of you to know that soul family lives around you, and through bonding together in your circles more deeply, you will also form groups like the dolphins do. So many others within our human collective are also looking too, and I wish to share with you that it may be you that is a member of their soul family, and that they may be looking for you. Deepening your bonds with those around you offers you a vehicle to not only be supported, but an avenue to be triggered. It is through your love and honesty, that your bonds will grow stronger together when you each take responsibility for the triggers that take place. I have heard many stories from many beings I have met where these triggers of ancient cellular memory have separated friends, or even like-minded people, who in their hearts hold a higher potential of opening in soul family.

The vision that I hold of humanity is of soul families forming and meeting again in sacred pods and sharing such a high love vibration when they meet, like the dolphins do. These pods come together through not only like-mindedness and soul connection, but through a greater deepening in sharing, that moves beyond the triggers of cellular memory and needs each soul to wish to move beyond these triggers. Going beyond the triggers, when activated, that create fears and subtle judgements to arise within, is a path that not only creates love, but brings the darker aspects of self and transforms them to love. The Ascended Masters honour deeply all souls that have the courage to resolve their triggers in relationship to other souls, and teach all souls to choose   responsibility without judging self or others, and offer dispensations for all souls to transform these energies. The love that I have met through unity consciousness in groups has been one of the greatest foods in my life, and has given me a strength to travel the world and teach and meet many other souls and embrace them as a part of my life. Without the connection to other souls as my soul family, it would be difficult to give up living with my personal family for many months a year to travel to meet others, to share God’s teachings with others. It is soul family that calls me there and feeds me when I am there.

I wish to give thanks to all of you with whom I am personally connected, and I honour you as my soul family. Each one of you is important to me, even though I do not have a great deal of time with any of you personally as this is a very large soul family. I love you deeply and will always love you for who you are and not what you do. I do thank you for your divine service and your gifts and your dedication to the process of awakening these gifts, your love, and sharing this with all of humanity. My gift to you is a vision I received from God many years ago which inspired me to begin my service work. I pray and hope that this inspires you with love, and with the power and light to also open to a deeper connection to your service work. Every soul I meet, I recognise gifts within them, so I assume there are no souls that are giftless in this life. If all of the souls could exchange their gifts, what a world we would live in on Earth. If all of the souls could receive love and assistance to open these, what a vibration our society would carry for the Earth. If all souls were recognised as divine beings by all others they met, what a collective within humanity, of joy there would be, and what, a new race of children, would find within humanity. I leave this to your imagination and share this simple vision that the Ascended Masters gave to me.

All my love,
Qala Sri’ama

My Gift to You – a Vision from the Ascended Masters

Many years ago I was told by a channel that I would be a teacher for the children on Earth, and that I would learn to meditate. I went home and put my hands together in an unusual mudra and tried to go inside and meditate. It was very loud inside and I gave up within a few minutes of trying this. Many years later, I was impulsed deeply by spirit to travel to England and America through the Michael and Mary leylines, touching many standing stones and stone circles. There I was met by many seers and spiritual teachers who were guided to help me, and each one of them reflected to me a future part of myself and the gifts I was to discover that lay within myself. I did not understand this at the time, and was overwhelmed by the gifts and powers that these ones held, and was holding fear and being triggered by some of them. Many years later, when studying at university, I had a profound experience which changed me. I was studying the brain in a physiology lecture and all of a sudden, everything within the auditorium began to glow with light, and Ascended Masters, Archangels and Angels appeared to fill the auditorium and begin to communicate with me. Although nobody else appeared to see them, they appeared very real and solid in their lightbodies, and almost appeared to form in the physical before me. This was the beginning of my new life and for the next three years, they appeared in visitations in these semi-fluid liquid lightbodies in my home and on the land where I walked, as an escort to me.

Within this time, my consciousness transformed rapidly, and it was during this time that I was given a very important vision for humanity. I am guided now to share this vision with humanity after holding it for seven years within my heart. It has been the driving force behind all my decisions in these past seven years and has led me to develop a large library of teachings for humanity, a series of one-year trainings, and connection to a large soul family who live in many continents and countries all over our sacred Earth. Within the last three years, I have been travelling for at least six months a year away from my own country, meeting more soul family and touching the sacred sites and portals of Mother Earth, with the gifts I have been given to serve humanity and the Earth. During the three years of visitations from the Ascended Masters, my sacred escorts also trained me and escorted me into their homes within the cities of light. After meeting my Family of Light and reclaiming my multidimensional awareness of life and all energy, as my gifting ceremony from the Ascended Masters, they gave the vision to me, and asked me to begin teaching in the world, and shared that this would lead to this vision occurring in the world. They shared many things with me, and every one of these things has happened. So through all the miracles God has given, I have full awareness that this vision will also happen. I share it with you because humanity will create this, and I am just a messenger of this vision, and I am now guided by God to share this vision that I feel others hold in their heart as a higher vision. If in some way this touches your heart, share it with another so we may create a network together to create this on Earth together.

I was taken by the Ascended Masters out of my body into the light realms so that this vision could be given to me. The Ascended Masters had asked me, many days before the actual event occurred, to go to a sacred site about 25 kilometres from my home and sit in meditation so they could lift me out of my body to receive this very important dispensation. On the day that they requested me, I travelled to this sacred site by the beach, and as I wandered down the beautiful path that led to the site, a fear began to arise within me. Part of my soul was fearful that I would not return and that something would happen to me. So when I sat in meditation to receive the dispensation, of which I was told that I would be knocked out of my body and my body would lay on the ground with no consciousness, and I would travel into the light to receive a gift of extraordinary consciousness, I was a little surprised when this did not happen. I sat and meditated and journeyed as I had many times into the light realms through bi-location, yet there was no floundering body on the ground, and I was still aware of being on the Earth, simultaneous to being present in the light realms. I returned home and let go of this and several days later, this experience did occur to me. I was offering a healing to a beautiful woman and towards the end of this healing, the Ascended Masters took me out of my body. I was gone for what appeared to feel like several years, and my body was on the floor for many minutes, making no sound. The beautiful woman who received the healing from me, found me and supported my body.

The Vision

Many, many, many, many light beings were shown to me that were on the path of travelling to the Earth to be united with their souls, souls who were living in the bodies of humanity – billions of light beings, glowing with radiant liquid light forms appeared to me. Every single one of them was preparing to travel to the Earth to unite with all the souls on Earth. These are the forms of light which many call the higher selves of all souls, and their radiant light was so bright, it ignited a fire within my own soul. Each one of them beamed at me and asked me to travel back to the Earth and share messages with all of humanity that they were coming to Earth. Within moments of finding myself in this meeting, the saints and Archangels and Ascended Masters that I had been meeting on the Earth, called me to look at the Earth from the light realms where they lived, and see the truth of the Earth. As I opened to this, my own light being or higher self merged with me, and I turned to light completely. My consciousness became the consciousness of the Earth, and Mother Gaia shared a vision with me. I began to see all the beings that I knew in my life and their light selves, connecting on the Earth. I saw all of the beings I knew over many years, transform and awaken to new choices in their lives.

It was an amazing transformation that I witnessed, and although Mother Gaia showed me that it was occurring over many years, it appeared to occur quite instantly to me. As each one of them awakened, and the light being that was their higher self or spirit merged with them, the transformation was instantly occurring within them. Although I understand that it appeared to take many years for this to occur, it was really occurring instantly after a sequence of events had occurred. I was shown my partner of that time, and how his brain would soften and his mind would soften over many years, and then it was to occur instantly to him. I witnessed many others and was shown the key for each being that was close to me, and the sequence of events in relation to their hearts opening and their minds softening, and once they placed the call out after this occurred, the instantaneous experience of uniting spirit, soul and mind within the body was to occur. Gaia showed me all of humanity in this experience, and that my parents were a part of this, and all of my brothers would experience this. I was suddenly merged with the presence of my own spirit in the light realms, not on Earth again, but in a circle of many light beings who had committed to assist me. I was shown the contracts of my spirit and asked if my soul would agree to all the commissions and missions, set through the divine plan, that were a higher potential for me.

I was flung back onto the Earth and shown groups of children gathering around me in a small prototype centre for children, guided by the Ascended Masters, and that these children would know me. I was shown it was on a beautiful community with a very large education centre, and I was told by Gaia that I was one of the founders of this centre. A large temple stood within its centre and the vibration it held was the same vibration as I experienced in the circle in the light realms. I was shown many thousands of beings travelling to this centre from all over the world, and taking teachings back to their homes, and forming other centres from the blueprint that they would receive. I saw many of these beings bringing children to meet with the new children in the smaller centre, and large projects of charitable service involving the creation of books for children, and these being freely distributed to parents and guardians of the new children. I was shown these parents and guardians travelling to the centres and to some of the other centres, and receiving these free books for the children, and taking them home to other centres built from the prototype’s blueprint that we had created. The love shared within these experiences between the humans, was what most astounded me. I had never met this love from within humanity.

I was lifted again into the light realms where I was pure light and solid light. These realms are not etheric like the spiritual realms of light. All the beings are formed from bodies of solid light, and each of their forms are as bright as the Sun. I was then shown our Central Sun and its bridge to the Earth, and then I was shown a bridge to Sirius that formed a trinity with the Earth. I was shown how the light beings travel to their souls on Earth, and how this will take place through the photon band activating the frequency and vibration to raise on Earth. I was aware that the spirits could not travel to the Earth and live, unless the bodies of each being within humanity had released their cellular memory of fear and density. I was shown the photon band spiralling through many systems and anchoring the bridge through Sirius and the Central Sun, and it aligning the Earth’s vibration to a greater Central Sun. I was suddenly flung into the light realms of this Great Central Sun, Rakuna. Then my body became brighter in its solid light form and bigger, and my body began to take an Ascended Master form. The Ascended Masters who had escorted me on the Earth and trained me, arrived, and I was shown a very large bridge through the universe from larger suns away, and on those bridges were many, many Masters, and they shared with me that these were the master bodies and the Ascended Master consciousness of all souls.

Many of these Ascended Masters were the higher consciousness and master bodies of souls on Earth, and this group that I could see, was coming to the Earth. I was then suddenly flung again onto the Earth and shown thousands of different areas on the Earth where many beings were awakening to their mastery, and that it was these ones that were going to unite with the Masters that I had seen on this bridge beyond the Great Central Sun. Gaia showed me that this would be soon, and that many more would come after this, and that these Masters travelled in waves when they came to the Earth. I was lifted out of the Earth and taken into the light realms to see the Pleiades and a large spiral of light that anchored through the Pleiades and continued to spiral into the Earth. I saw many other beings there, not light beings of solid form, but many, many etheric beings, and the numbers of these astounded me. I was shown that they were the teams of assistance that were the bridge between humanity and the stars, Angels and other forms of emissaries. I was shown that the light beings sent parts of themselves to help humanity, and extended themselves into a form of etheric light to travel to the Earth to serve all beings on the Earth. As I met them, they showed me that I would be a bridge for them to humanity through my work. Each team came to me and gave specific information to me so that I would know them when I returned to Earth. Each one shared that they would come to assist all beings that I connected to, and they asked me to write for them. From the light realms, the Ascended Masters then began to honour me in a ceremony and shared that as I received this, I received for all of humanity. They shared that through the blessings I received, each time I hugged or shared my love with souls on the Earth, these ones would receive a wave of these blessings through me. As I received each Ascended Master come to me, they began to connect their filaments of energy to mine, and they began to align my mind through all the suns.

Beyond the bridge were the Masters I had seen, and they extended their light to draw forth a connection for me. Directly through all the suns to Source, they braided my light and shared that this was the reason I was unable to be in the body when I received this blessing and dispensation. I was flung further into the light beyond what I knew as realms, beyond that which was formed into a place where there was no form, where I was not aware of myself as a being anymore. God came to me, not in a form, but as consciousness. Although I was not aware of being individual and separate from this, I knew that this was God consciousness. As I received this consciousness, it downloaded through me, and I saw a greater plan universally. I saw the Earth and the spirit or light of the Earth. I saw the birthing of a new age of consciousness on Earth. It was new, this age of light that was forming through the Earth, and through many other galaxies of light that were spiralling in motion with the Earth, invisible to the eyes of humanity through their telescopes, yet very visible through the eyes of God. Within the Earth physically, a flame was forming. At the time of this vision from the heart of God, the flame was three-quarters filling the Earth.

>From this united oneness with All That Is, I was aware that the formation of the new age and turning of consciousness into a light age on Earth, was to take place when the physical structure of the Earth was 100 percent filled with flame. At this point, the consciousness I was experiencing began to travel into that flame, and I began to become aware of myself as a spirit travelling back through the suns into the Earth, and into my body on the Earth. The body I was entering was so small that I was not aware that it was my body at all, and suddenly the body moved from the floor and sat up, and although I was not fully in it but surrounded it, I was able to move it. I did not personally remember it. I began to transmit messages through this body to the person lovingly sitting beside it and to all the other beings that travelled to the Earth with me, that were standing around the body looking at it and assisting the braiding of my soul and spirit to it. I was not aware of them anchoring my energy through the body. I was just aware of them and the being beside me. I began to share all that I had received from the heart of God with them, and then suddenly my consciousness became aware that I was on Earth, and I was in a sacred place, and I had a name. I began to remember my name and who I was on the Earth, and then I suddenly became aware that I had been healing another being, and that the Ascended Masters had lifted me out of my body and my body had fallen onto the floor, and laid waiting for me to return.


The Lightworker’s Grid is a grid of love and light anchored by an immense number of lightworkers who have been channelling the light through their bodies into the Earth since the 18th Century. The grid is made from platinum lovelight and is anchored through the major portals of the Earth and is anchored in the homes of all who consciously work with this grid. It supports all lightworkers to receive empowerment with their sacred work and to be supported by the light held by humanity. Just as the psychic children connect through a grid they have created with their consciousness, adults working with the light (as lightworkers) are also able to connect to each other through this grid.

A Message from Mary - The Lightworker’s Network

Beloved hearts,
I address each one of you in offering to support you to expand your hearts and receive the support of many others on Earth like you. Know you are not alone, and each of you that chooses to embrace all with love and activate the light within your hearts, are able to be strengthened and honoured by others who also recognise your divinity. Know that each one of you that has awakened to the light within you, holds a sacred point on a grid that is known as the lightworker’s grid. This grid has been created by your own birthing process, and the choice for your soul to commit to the path of love and transmit as much light as you can to all other souls. Know there are many, many others on Earth like you, and each one of you is connected through a sacred platinum grid of light. This is the network of light that has been created by you, and it expands over the Earth through every continent, and its purpose is to anchor the light.

Beloveds, Archangel Metatron, Maitreya and my own heart Mary, have made an agreement to support every lightworker on the Earth to connect to this grid more consciously so they may feel supported by humanity on the Earth. Know that the journey of awakening to the light within a family situation, can at times be troubling or confusing. When one chooses a path that one’s family does not choose to follow consciously, and one chooses to work with the light, one is faced with three sacred quests in service to this awakening of the light.

The first quest of a soul when awakening, is to birth a new consciousness as a soul. Each one of you may have found it difficult to birth your new consciousness when others in your family did not join you. We share that we have witnessed many of you breaking through the old illusions and birthing the light within you. We share that this is not only changing your DNA and chemistry, but also your family’s DNA and chemistry. Although during this first quest, your family may not always support your quest, know that the Family of Light supports you and the many others who are also awakening to the light, also support you. We share that in this first quest of birthing your new consciousness, there is a clearing process between you and others in your family. At times, family troubles may arise, and we ask you not to be upset or confused by this, but to understand that the light you are drawing down from the heavens and from the heart of the Earth into your body, is transmitting a light to all others in your family, and they are merely showing you that they have not chosen to receive this light. Your prayers for your family at this time will support them to receive you, so we guide you to say prayers for each of your family members if they do not support you.

Understand that every lightworker has incarnated on the Earth and chosen one family to assist through their transformation and opening of their hearts on Earth. Know that this does not take place overnight and your light is needed, and one day your family will honour you for the light that you radiate and choose to anchor through you. Know it does make a difference to them, and in the first quest we say to you that they may not support you, and that this is not personal to you. It will occur because the transformation has not taken place to them, and it is not their time of awakening yet. But know it will occur to them, and you anchoring the light first, will support them to then awaken to the light again.

The second quest our beloved hearts for all awakening to the light as souls, is manifested after the completion of the first quest, once the new consciousness is birthed. Know much will change for you and your body and mind may have reactions to the light that is anchoring through your soul on Earth. This is a time when the mind and body is asked to release energy, and we say to you, no matter how much light you have felt before, know that you have not fallen from grace, even when your mind and body has difficulty with receiving the light with grace. Know that if the reactions come from within you and the judgements flood to you, know that this is not a sign that you are not divine, but is a part of the second quest which brings transformation powerfully to your body and your mind. This can be a difficult time for all awakening to the light, and we are suggesting to you to connect to the lightworker’s grid to support you. It will stabilise your mind and body to be able to receive the light that your soul has called for, to flood through you in this second quest of birthing the light. It is a birthing process for your body and mind to also connect to the light, and know that no matter how lost you feel, or how disconnected to the light you feel, at this time you are birthing through a transcension of that which has not been able to resonate to the light. Know that you may feel alone during these times if you do not have soul family with you, and it is prayers for yourself that we ask you to say at this time to support yourself - prayers for your body and mind to be able to receive the light at this time. This is what will help you to feel the light and to experience the light grounding through you.

The third quest I share with you is one of completion. It is a process when service comes to you and the light begins to flow through you. It is a time when you begin to think of others more than yourself, and the part of your quest of transformation becomes less important in relationship to yourself, and you begin to serve other beings’ transformation with the light that you hold. Know that this is a completion of your quest, when others are in your heart and you are dreaming of assisting them and supporting them with the light that you now hold. Know that the light is anchored through you now, and it is your own spirit that drives you to serve others, so they may also receive the light and awaken gently to their own light. It is this that completes your transformation of your body and your mind. It is your service and your focus of the light through your mind and body at this time for the benefit of others and their transformation,  that completes your own transformation. Know that this is a time of celebration and your connection to the lightworker’s grid is fully manifested. It is a time of knowing that the light is travelling through all chakras of your body into the Earth, our beloveds.
The awakening to the light is an alchemical process that changes and opens the very chakras of your energy body to a great current of light that comes from the heavens, through the suns, in through your crown chakra, through your heart, and out through your base chakra into the heart of the Earth. It is this that grounds the light of your soul on the Earth and creates your spiritual contact with your own higher self, beloved ones. Upon the completion of your quest of service, you will begin to receive more direction from your higher selves beloved ones, and the spirit of your own soul will begin to merge and flood you with light and love. Beloved, know that your transformation is only the beginning of your ascension, and after these three quests have completed, and you have become confident in your abilities to work with the light to support others to also honour their divinity, to transform their old energies and open their heart to love, you will then find a greater connection comes to you, to your own spiritual guides and to the God Presence that lives within you.

Beloveds, the lightworker’s grid is a very special manifestation created by you and all others that have birthed and opened to the light and become channels for the light on Earth. Know that this grid our beloveds, began to form in the 18th century on Earth, through secret societies of lightworkers during this time. A special dispensation was given to humanity to create this sacred grid at this time. Know that this grid has been used for over 2,000 years, by the souls of humanity who work with the light to support humanity in their evolution at this time. The grid is now birthing powerfully and many millions of points have been activated through the hearts of humanity. It is now time for lightworkers to recognise the power of this sacred grid and we are suggesting that this grid may be focussed upon to make changes in your Earth society. We are bringing forth a sacred suggestion to the lightworkers on the Earth to work with this grid to help the whales on the Earth.

Beloveds, know it is a powerful time at this time, and many on the Earth are now considering the whales. Humanity as a collective has chosen to honour and respect the whales, yet the body of institutions that control humanity, hold old thought forms that do not presently recognise the sacredness of the whales. Know that in the past, this lightworker’s grid has been focused upon by many at once through global meditations or link-ups, to transmit a global consciousness to make changes for the highest benefit of all at this time. We are proposing a global meditation for the whales and suggest that all lightworkers link to this grid on August 17th and for the three months prior to this.

We ask that the lightworkers choose to gather or singularly connect to this grid and transmit the loving message to all institutions that it is humanity’s birthright and choice to respect the sacredness of the whales and to choose to ban the killing of all whales on Earth. We are asking all lightworkers to transmit this and the message that humanity would like to hold this ban permanently in sacred respect of the whales on Earth. We are asking all to gather or work singularly with this grid on May 17th, June 17th, July 17th and finally on August 17th.

Global Link-ups for Assistance of the Whales

May 17th  , June 17th , July 17th , August 17th -
in support of the whales and their protection

We offer these three affirmations/ prayers as your transmissions:

Beloved Heart of all humanity, we call on the angels, archangels and all ascended beings who live or have lived on this Earth, and ask that the whales be protected in every country and in every waterway of the Earth. We call to the whales to receive our protective light and ask that the fear thoughtforms that  humanity holds, that create them to not honour the whales as guardians and ancestors of the Earth and as sacred teachers for all of humanity. We ask that our invocations be transmitted through the lightworker’s grid into humanity’s collective consciousness. We call on all lightworkers to assist us and for all of humanity to receive a new consciousness in relation to the protection of whales.

“Through divine law, and the law of grace, love and forgiveness, the whales are now fully protected.“

“It is Divine Will, that all obstacles to the process of protecting all Whales on the Earth, be now removed, and that all whales are now fully protected.“

Know it is within your power to make the difference. Know that many believe that they alone cannot do this, and we say to you, you are not alone. There are many millions of you. We ask you to network this and create, through your own hearts, gatherings for transmissions. We offer this sacred decree to support you to connect with each other and work through the lightworker’s grid when you are meditating and transmitting your messages, clearly, with love, and asking for the healing to take place within the institutions of the Earth that make decisions about this.

Decree for Connection to the Planetary Lightworker’s Grid

We call on the light and love of all beings and ask for our circle of light (all my heart of light) to connect through the platinum ray to the lightworker’s grid now.  We call on all spiritual guides and higher selves to support the anchoring of this grid here now through our circle (all my being). We ask for the light to fill us in divine order for our beings and for all lightworkers to support us with our divine intention and transmissions as we meditate, pray and gather in love, in support of all other beings’ awakening to the light. We call on the love and light emissaries to bring the appropriate dispensations to us to open our energy bodies to this sacred grid so that we may receive the support and empowerment of this sacred grid. We now honour all beings as divine and ask that all that does not resonate to the light and love of our souls be gently nurtured and loved, and enlightened to transform to the very original essence of our soul. We call on the lightworker’s grid to support this now, as we ask for a pillar and a temple of light to anchor here now.

We ask that this temple and pillar support the lightworker’s grid to empower our intentions, transmissions and healing energies, and support our intentions, transmissions and healing energies to be received by the collective grid of humanity’s consciousness. We call on the higher selves of all of humanity to support us, and we invite all of the souls of humanity to be with us to receive the light with us and create the highest purpose for all beings, as a support to humanity’s awakening to the light. May this be supported by the brotherhood and sisterhood of light now. May all obstacles be removed from within us, around us, and through us so we may now be lifted into the light, and so that we may become clear channels of the light. We call on the Angels and Archangels to also assist us to bring the blessings in answer to our prayers. We give thanks for this and now choose to transmit our messages and prayers.
So Be It.

12 Sacred Keys to Developing your Lightwork


I ask each of you that chooses to gather in a circle or work with this sacred decree, to also know that a powerful light will now come to you for the empowerment of your light work, each time that you use this sacred decree. Know that this must always be used for the highest good of all beings, otherwise the lightworker’s grid will not empower your being. I offer you twelve sacred keys now in support of your light work on Earth.

1.    Light is an ever-present healing force that feeds all life on Earth, and therefore, it can heal anything that is occurring within you if you are willing to work with the light. The power of light cannot be transmitted to others for healing if another is not willing to receive this. Therefore, your connection to the light is personal and although you may share it with others, others will not always receive it from you. Know as a lightworker, all beings receive the light that you bring to Earth when you choose the path of anchoring the light, when you ground the light into the leilines, or when you open portals of light. Know that when you do your light work in the same place regularly, a portal of light begins to form in this place. Know when you complete this light work, you may offer this portal of light to the land and the spirits of the land that live in this sacred place. Beloveds, when you work with the light and you do not ground the light into the land where you do this work, you will not only attract the light to your work, but you will also attract many lost souls or unresolved energies around your work. It is only when you ground the light through you, that the attraction of unresolved energies and fears will stop occurring to you. Know in the beginning, all lightworkers meet this challenge. Know the most important thing about light work is grounding the light into the Earth when you work with the light, otherwise the energies that many call darker energies, will be attracted to you.

2.    When calling for the light beloveds, know it is your crown chakras that first receive the light, and then your souls, and then your bodies begin to receive the light. It may be that your crown chakra wishes for the light to come, but your soul has a wound with the light and will not receive the light. This will create you to carry a great deal of ungrounded light. It will flow through your energy body, and this ungrounded light attracts other ungrounded light. Lost souls, fear thought forms and trapped emotions live within the ungrounded light. This light is not clear light, and we say to you that this may occur to you if your soul has a wound with the light. If this is true for you, you must work with soul healing before working with the light again. The Angels are the carers of all souls and will bring all healing to you. If you hold a wound with the light, the light will be too powerful for you, and it will make you shut down your heart and withdraw from the light. Know that you are not a lesser lightworker for this, but your path is the healing of this soul wound before the light can ground through your soul and ground into the Earth beloved hearts. Know also that this must occur before the light can travel through your body and through your base chakras into the Earth core. It may be that the light is able to be received by your crown chakra and soul, but your body rejects the light, and if this is true for you, Mother Earth holds the healing for you. It may be that your body is not receiving the Earth connection clearly, and so the power of the light creates it to feel separate from the light and for each cell in the body to contract when it receives the light. This creates pain our beloved when parts of the body are contracted so they are not receiving the flow of light. We say to you, Mother Earth will support you. It is your Earth connection and the times when you may wish to lay upon the Earth that will heal your body’s Earth connection. If you receive pain in your body through the light, it is important for you to lay on the Earth to heal this before again calling on the light. Know beloveds, grounding the light is very important for you if you are to work with it and promote the consciousness of it. Be patient with your own journey with receiving and grounding it.

3.    Beloveds, as lightworkers your auras are expanding, and this attracts other beings to you. We ask you not to be scared of your brothers and sisters taking the love from you, or distorting your light, or tainting your light with impure energies that you may feel that you carry from within their ungrounded light. As a lightworker, we ask you to hold compassion, for it is compassion that is the balance to holding the power of the light. Light is a creative force that travels on all thought forms and through all intentions. Know that you may be destructive with your light as well as creative, and it is for you to learn to work with the light for the highest intention. The highest intention of working with the light comes through channelling the light through your compassion to all beings, beloved hearts. To work with the light in the highest way, you must channel it through compassion, otherwise your light may be destructive and not manifest your highest intention.

4.    Light cannot be owned, controlled or bound as it is an infinite element within nature. Light is the sixth element our beloveds, and love is the seventh. Within the elements of fire, air, earth, water and spirit, all is created on the Earth, but it is the light and love that creates the radiance of all forms on Earth. When the light is not present there is no radiance beloveds. As a lightworker, you have the power to activate any plant, animal, human or any piece of land to energise again and radiate with the light. Know that if one being transmits the light to another and they receive it, the healing power has manifested and reactivated within another. Know that if the light is transmitted to a being and they do not wish to receive it, the light will rebound back into the one that transmits it. We ask you to be aware of sending light to those that do not ask for it, because when this light returns to you, their thoughts of you also transmit to you. They may not be happy about you trying to heal them or fix them. We say to you it is not the highest to send light to others that do not ask for it personally with you. Know that Mother Earth has called for the light and she asks humanity to channel the light into her body. Every animal, plant and soul will give you permission beloveds, if they wish to receive the healing light from you. We request you not to try to support others with light as this will rebound back to you, and negativity may be transmitted through your light returning to you. Many call this psychic attack our beloved, and we say to you as lightworkers, if you receive this, it is created by you.

5.    The blessings of the light cannot be described in one lifetime our beloved, or even in ten lifetimes. If I was to channel to you the magnificent blessings of the light, I would need more than the lifetimes on Earth that you may choose. Know that the light was a gift from God prior to the creation of the Earth, and it is what forms all that is life on Earth. Know that this a great power and it is important for you as lightworkers, not to abuse this power and not to carelessly misuse the power of the light if it travels through you. If you have chosen to be a channel for the light on Earth and to bring it through your crown chakra, your soul and your body into the Earth, you will need to remember you are responsible for how you transmit this light. So we ask you to apologise to any being that you may abuse with your light. We speak of words that you may verbalise to another that are unkind, or inconsiderate, or not compassionate to any being at any time. We understand that many souls hold wounds that create this to occur, but we ask you to apologise to these ones if abuse comes from you to these ones. This may be mental, physical, emotional or spiritual abuse, but know that if your light brings this through to others, you will create karma with this sacred abuse. Know through apologising to another and offering service to the light, you may heal this immediately so you do not create karma with your light. This is an important teaching so I ask you to consider it deeply and to know that every word transmits your light.

6.    All lightworkers not only receive the light for themselves and the Earth, but they also receive it for their families on the Earth. There is one potential lightworker in every family on the Earth who has chosen to initiate the transformation of the family. You are this very lightworker, and I say to you that many, many souls are thankful to you. It is a journey of dedication and remembrance beloveds. Know that many souls on their path of opening to the light, release an original wound of persecution for holding and choosing to hold the light. If you hold this wound, I ask you to call for karmic absolution in relationship to this wound so you may not create persecution in this life as your way of releasing and embracing this wound through this life. I bring this to your attention as the wounds that you may hold as a soul are not only your responsibility as a soul, but also are the doorway to the awakening of your gifts as a soul. Honour these with love if you hold any wounds as a soul, and they will disappear through the love. It is only when a soul denies their own wounding that fears grow stronger within the soul in relationship to this wounding. I ask each of you to honour any wounds you may have as a soul, with love, and ask for karmic absolution for the lifting of these wounds as a soul so the light and love of your soul may flow powerfully through every aspect of your life.

7.    Sacred ceremony with the light begins with the invocation of the light and the invocation of all beings that work with the light. Know that you may invoke the light and call for all beings who work with the light to open a portal of light. It is the Family of Light that supports you and empowers the light to be brought forth to you. These ones are ancient guardians of the light whose souls and spirits are fully merged with the light. Within your ceremonies, all souls who need assistance come to the portal of light and receive divine assistance and healing from the guardians of light. You may ask for the portal of light that you build and create to expand more powerfully by calling on the different rays of the light - the violet, golden, white, blue, yellow, peach, pink, green, silver, platinum, opalescent, ruby lights or rays - all have different healing dispensations. Beloveds, know that there are many forms of light, and each one has a power to balance and heal different parts of your body, mind and soul to connect to your spiritual goals. These spiritual goals are what guide you to work with the light and support you to open more fully to the light. Know that within a portal of light when you are working with the light, you have the power to discover many of your spiritual gifts and powers. It is only through experience that these spiritual powers and gifts open. It is only through the experience of bringing the light through you and working with the light that these spiritual gifts and powers will open within you.

8.    I speak of spirit now and the relationship of the light with spirit now. The light is transmission from the heart of the great spirit and it is the energy that links all spirits. As one receives the light, one purifies one’s spirit with the light. As one calls on the light to come through one’s crown chakra into one’s soul through one’s body into the Earth, one’s spirit begins to merge with one’s soul. It is this that purifies one’s spirit to allow the transformation and union of soul and spirit. Beloveds, as this is a purification process, breath is essential with this process, and when one calls on the light, one must breathe the light in to receive the light and intentionally, consciously, focus on the light. This light may be violet or white or blue. Know a different thing will happen to you depending on the colour of the light that comes to you. If you call on the light purely without any colour, know the most appropriate light will come to you. You may use the words, “in divine order for me” through your invocation to empower the correct and most appropriate light to embody you.

9.    Grace is ever-present in your life beloveds, if you wish to receive the grace that the light provides for you. Grace will create a child to not hurt themselves when they fall, or for a couple not to lose their home when they have been unable to learn lessons of how to hold and create their home. Grace will support you to learn your lessons with comfort rather than struggle, for struggle does not need to occur within you. Struggle is created through resistance to the light, and resistance to choosing the path of love in life. Grace is the power that God offers to all souls to support them to learn their lessons without the difficulty that their karma may create for their soul. Sometimes grace will heal a being, and at other times, a being must heal themselves to be able to receive the grace so that their bodies can heal themselves. In other words beloveds, a soul may not be ready to receive the grace of God, for the soul may hold beliefs that they do not deserve this grace. I say to you, all beings deserve grace, and I ask your souls to call on grace each day so that your path of learning as a lightworker is comfortable and you do not choose to sabotage your path with resistance and unconscious energies that arise on your path. As you open to grounding the light, you may experience some period of ungrounded light. This is for your learning. We ask you to know that you create your reality, and grace is here to support you to have no difficulty during your learning and empowerment within the creation of your reality. Call on grace beloveds, and know that you deserve this grace.

10. Light work is very simple our beloved. It begins with calling for the light and completes with grounding the light, but there are many forms and dispensations that can be offered through the light. If you begin to channel the light, know that the light may bring you unusual experiences for your own learning with the light. Others may not know how to help you with this, for they may not have had these experiences with the light. Know that if you are experiencing unusual phenomena, it is always suggested that you call on God directly to support you in integrating the unusual circumstances that may occur to you. Your own God Presence is your channel and is the highest connection to the light that you can call to. There is the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light that also supports you. Your own God Presence is one of these light beings, yet I say to thee, your God Presence is your highest connection and will always come to you in any situation. This is your greatest support and Mother Earth is the next most powerful support for you. After this is the Family of Light and your soul family around you. Know the lightworkers are the next support to you, for they are all birthing with you. Remember to give thanks to each of these, and you will live a life of grace and ease. Giving thanks is very important, for it shows that you have grounded the light fully, for giving thanks always completes every ceremony.

11. Humbleness and the loss of victimhood are two energies that I ask you to consider now. Humility is the energy that will not allow you to experience great difficulty. This great difficulty I speak of is met by many lightworkers when they bring the light through them, and that which is known as their ego begins to grow with the power of the light that flows through them. We say this only occurs when the light becomes ungrounded and is unable to be received by the heart, leading to an imbalance between the mind and the heart. The big headedness comes from too much light in the mind and not enough light grounding down through the heart. This creates superiority and disconnects the soul from all other beings’ hearts. We ask you to be aware of this for this may occur to you if you are not aware of this. Know that many lightworkers experience this as a learning in their life, and they begin to place themselves on a pedestal for others to worship in this life. We say the temple of your own heart is your place of worship. Here you will meet every other being in the universe and you may share love and light with all beings. If you choose to worship another being’s heart, they will become a bridge for you to meet the love and light in all other beings. You do not need a bridge to do this, so we ask you to take all beings from the pedestal that you may have placed them upon, or to take yourself from any pedestal that you may have created for yourself at this time. For the advancement of your consciousness, you will need to do this if this is true for you, for you will not truly raise your consciousness if your head is larger than your heart. Know that all beings who have others on pedestals, also have a pattern of victimhood within them that creates them to feel separate and less than. If this is the case for you when the light flows through you, you may become a greater victim, a greater actor, calling for others to save you. We say that no souls need saving on this Earth. The truth is that all souls are awakening on this Earth. It is the awakening to the light that creates all souls to have happiness in their life. Let go of all beliefs of needing to save other souls in this life. Release any patterns of victimhood so that you may be a clear channel for the light.

12. Peace is a birthright that is available to all beings on the Earth. Peace is birthed through the grounding of the light on Earth in the presence of love. Love fills the hearts of all beings and Earth and brings peace to all communities of the Earth. Where love and light is anchored our beloved, you will find peace within the heart. Through only one soul anchoring the love and light in their lives, peace will return to the community where that soul anchors the love and light. Only one being is needed to choose this, and it is the one being who dedicates their life to this, that masters this. It is the birthing of a master, a soul transforming to a master that can create peace to radiate out through all communities. Know within 70 kilometres of that being, peace will be held in the field of all beings. Consider dedicating your life to transforming to becoming a master.
Beloved hearts, these twelve keys to working with the light may help you to fully ground the light clearly, and direct the light in divine order for you. You may share these with others who are also awakening to the light. We ask that you keep this information together and share the full information that we have shared with you in honour of our gift and the work we offer you. This light work I speak of is also known as ‘the great work’. Through many ancient texts, this light work has been referred to, and within this century’s and the last century’s alchemical texts, it is referred to as ‘the great work’. Know it is known as this as this work serves all beings, and through this, you are also served by all beings. We bless you now with a sacred dispensation that will support you to open to your light work in the most suitable way for you. This dispensation is an energy that is specifically encoded for you in complete support of your soul, mind and body experiencing unity. May this energy we give you unite all parts of your soul, mind and body that are ready to receive unity.

Sit for ten minutes now to receive this energy we offer you now, and know that your spiritual guides will bring this to you directly from the Ascended Masters who also serve you.

Blessed be,
Mother Mary


Divine Assistance for Raising the New Children

Blessed Be Sacred Heart,
We address all who are guardians, parents and beloved friends of the new children of Earth, and invite you to join us in the physical, or in link-up at a special sacred retreat that will offer the new teachings to you. These new teachings we speak of are profound understandings of the new children, why they are here, and how to actualise a bridge for them to be supported and educated so they may fulfil their purpose here. Their purpose we speak of is manyfold, yet the primary purpose is to create a new society that reflects the divine consciousness of all higher selves of all souls who live here. We speak of all the Earth souls and their higher selves joining forces and the new children being the directors of the plan for a new Earth society here. This is not a new plan, as many channels and prophecies have described a new age that is birthing here. We speak of this new age as an age of consciousness, and it is the new children that are the carriers of this new consciousness, yet each one of you as parents, guardians and friends of the new children, are needing to recognise your responsibility to these children. The new teachings we are offering come directly from God-Source and hold very specific details about the plan that these new children carry for all here on Earth. This will be revealed in a sacred retreat known as the Sundarah Retreat which will be held in Hawaii in June 2005. Beloveds, we invite you to physically be with us or to link-up with us to receive these new teachings as they arrive on the Earth.

We offer you some simple tips as a gift now to support you with the new children, and with the responsibility and roles that you have contracted as souls to hold for these new children. We bless you for taking this contract our beloveds and support you with this through these six tips that are very simple and practical. We ask that you share these with other parents, guardians and friends of the new children, but when you do this, we ask that you leave this whole message intact in honour of the gift that we give you.

1.   A Message from Lord Buddha about the New Children


The new children are investigators and discoverers, and they will be more willing to investigate and discover than other generations of children. It is consciousness, and how the energy flows on the Earth, that they are investigating when they seem to run away and play wildly with energy. Know that they are very aware of energy, and it often affects them negatively. Many adults are not as aware, of energy and environments, as the new children, so we ask all parents, guardians and friends of the new children to cleanse the energetic environments that they place the children in. We ask you to cleanse your homes, schools, play schools, and all places that these new children gather, by simply asking the Angels to bring the light through these places to change the vibration of these environments to suit the new children. Each of the new children carry a unique frequency, yet it is a higher frequency of energy than the adults carry in the world. Therefore, they are the ones to be first,  psychically aware of anything occurring in the world, and their behaviour often reflects psychic activity. Therefore, it is important to cleanse the beds and the bedrooms of all new children not only with the light of the Angels, but with a higher vibration of protection. It is pure white light that will protect each child from having nightmares or experiencing fears that come from the collective consciousness of humanity, that which is known as the astral plane of fear. As adults watch TV and see the wars and other misfortunes in the world, they often psychically send this out through their environments and the new children pick up on this, and feel they are responsible for the world. They know they are here as activators to change the world, to transform their environments, yet many of them come and feel powerless within their environments because of the way adults treat them in the world. It is a lack of awareness of energy that adults often have, that creates adults to misunderstand the reasons why children behave as they do. Sometimes the behaviour of children bothers adults so much that they are affected severely and begin to act negatively towards their children.

Know that even if this occurs to you, you may heal this instantly by apologising to your child. Know that if you do not apologise to your child, they will remember this in you and begin to fear you. If a child fears an adult, they will close down their soul energy to the adult and withdraw into another world. Know if you have any children that have withdrawn into other worlds, it is your responsibility to assist your child to come out of this other world. It is only love beloveds, and your child’s forgiveness of your behaviour and your judgement towards your child that will heal and allow your child to come into the outside world. It is of the highest importance for each of you to recognise your responsibility with the children and that you have the power to heal anything that may have occurred between you and these children. Know it is the Angels and Archangels that support you as humans to become caretakers of the new children as emissaries of love. If you wish to develop this powerfully in this life and support these children in this life, we suggest to you to link-up with us or travel physically to be with us for the Sundarah Retreat, as we will be gifting the very necessary teachings that are needed by humanity to be true caretakers of the new children.

2.    A Message from the Divine Mother about the New Children

Blessed hearts,

I call forth to you and share that I am here to support you. I am the Mother of Love that lives inside each one of you. I am a spirit that holds the love for you and all the new children, and specifically is holding the love for your journey as a caretaker or guardian of the new children. So many of you wonder about your role, and where the guidebook was hidden when you birthed the children and became parents or sacred guardians to the children. I share a simple message about tranquillity and how to create tranquillity in your relationship with all children. Tranquillity is a very important energy that allows clear communication and the honouring of all souls through their relations.
The relationship between you and any child that you have taken responsibility for, is of the highest importance in your life for it reflects your own relationship with your own divine child. I speak of the child that lives within you that is a playful, light, innocent spirit. Your soul’s relationship with your own children or children you are a guardian to, reflects your own need to expand your love to the child within you. Tranquillity comes in your relationship with your children when you are ready to explore relationship with your child as if you are also a child. Exploring a relationship with your children, not from being an adult but from the child inside you, is what brings tranquillity to you. Every child will respond to you with tranquillity if you connect to them from the child within you. This connection needs playfulness, light and innocence so you must discard any adult ideas and adult concepts or fears, to connect with tranquillity with your child.

There are many who are parents and guardians who are so busy in this life, that their children do not receive tranquillity in their relationship to them in life. We say to each one of you from the Mothers of Love, a small time each day or when you have your children to stay, you are able to experience tranquillity and love. It will need you to take the time out from your adult personality and be a child for a short time, and this will sustain your relationship with your child. Beloveds, if you offer this simply, even for the shortest time, it will feed you greatly. Your child will see the light in you and truly see you, and you will be fulfilled by your relationship with your child. For it is tranquillity, peace and love, when shared with your children, that brings your soul into a state of peace as a guardian to the new children. Your guardianship will not be fulfilled unless you do this, and every action of being a child in lightful play with your child, will create this. No matter how small the act is, it will delight your child. No matter how short a time you provide with this, it will feed not only your children, but also the child within you that is your own divine child. This will change you to allow you to see the world through a child’s eyes and the more you do this, the more innocent and light and playful you will become in life, and the seriousness of your worries as an adult will be dispersed into the light through this. Know it is not only wonderful for the new children, for they are offered a way to connect to the light within you and truly see you, but it is also healing for you.

3.   A Message from Mother Mary and Archangel Raphael about the New Children

Beloved parents, guardians and friends of the new children,

We bring a small key to each one of you in relationship to assisting your children to grow spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically. Know beloveds, many children have experiences that block their growth within one, two, three or four of these aspects. We ask you now to contemplate your relationship with any children in your life or to your own divine child within you, in relationship to this. Each soul that comes to the Earth that births as a child is given a great gift and a blessing from Mother Earth. This blessing is known as the energy body of the child, and within it is formed a physical body. We say that this energy body, that is also concentrated as a physical body, remembers everything the soul experiences in this life, and also brings into this life, memories from the last three previous lives.

Every child that is born begins with full spiritual, mental, emotional and physical growth, yet during their life at some time in their life, memories may arise to block their physical, mental, emotional or spiritual growth. Your child may be advanced mentally, yet may have a closed heart about some things in life. If this is the case, your child has remembered something from the last three previous lives, or experienced a trauma in this life that has created this child to choose to not grow emotionally. It is the same our beloved if your child is spiritually developed, yet mentally abusive. It may be that your child is growing spiritually, yet mentally has become fixed and negative. This will have occurred because of a trauma in this life or a memory arising from another life. It is your role as parents or guardians of the new children to support them to move through their own limitations and fears that may create them to not grow spiritually, mentally, emotionally or physically in this life. We share the physical body is also a part of the energy body, and although it is concentrated into an atomic structural form, it is still consciousness and energy, just merely in a more solid form. Therefore beloveds, it is the consciousness of the soul or child that creates a block in their physical growth in life. If you assist your child to release the fears of their physicality, they will begin again to grow physically and be more fulfilled in their physical life. We speak of physical growth as cellular growth and vitality, just as we speak of emotional growth, mental growth and spiritual growth as growth within the personality, mind and heart of the child.

Know beloveds, that investigating this within yourself may assist you to support your child to become balanced in this life. Each one of you are a living example for your children and each one of you pass on patterns of behaviour to your children. Know that if your child in any way reflects old behaviours or present behaviours of your own soul, then you may call for assistance to have these patterns lifted from your child and your own soul. Know that these may have been passed down to you from your own parents, so we ask you not to blame yourself for this and to merely investigate this. We ask each of you as parents, guardians and friends of the new children not to blind yourselves to the behavioural patterns of your children. Know that each of you may make a huge difference to transforming these behaviours if you choose to do this with objectivity, love and compassion. It is when you are judgemental that you will become tired and unable to be clear about how you can assist your children.

You must first clear your own negative behavioural patterns as the first form of assistance to your children. Secondly, it is important to hold compassion for them if they also hold this behaviour through the patterns that you have given them. Thirdly, it is important to re-educate your children by communicating to them and assisting them to realign the beliefs they hold. Know that you will not be able to do this until you have already changed the beliefs within you that have created these behavioural patterns. Fourthly, know that your own spiritual guides are supporting you and all effort you put in, they will empower 100 times through their healing. Fifthly, hold the faith that what you are doing is making a difference and be patient with this. Very soon you will see a change and you will see what a difference you have created by doing this.

4.   A Message from Babaji about the New Children

Beautiful hearts,

I am here to remind you of two things primarily. These involve the fulfilment of your own heart and how this affects your children, and your willingness to choose the path of love and not the path of fear. Know that both of these affect your children’s consciousness if they live with you or if you are a mother or father of these children. In this way, I ask you not to be ashamed of yourself and any fears you might hold, but to recognise that if you hold fears in your life, you may need assistance with this. I come to you primarily because if you are willing to receive assistance, all fear can be lifted from you, and you can truly affect your children’s consciousness in a way that fulfils you. Your own fulfilment of your heart as a parent comes when you see your own children glow with light. No matter how difficult your circumstances may be in this life, each one of you can transform your lives. I am here to assist you with this and share that if you are unable to do this for yourself, I am requesting that you choose to do this on behalf of your children and on behalf of the consciousness that is your reflection to them. Know you are a teacher, and although life may have been difficult, and may still feel difficult to you, your children have an answer for you. Every child you have birthed or been given guardianship of in this life, is a sacred teacher to you. I am asking each of you to look at your lessons in this life - gently with love I ask this, not only for you but for your children so they may also learn from you, and you may earn 100 percent respect from your children.

Learning is not a path where all is shown and all is seen. Learning is a path of discovery, and this path of discovery removes the obstacles on the path even when they are not seen. I speak of invisible obstacles made of energy that come from your own past or come from your children’s past, and ask you to recognise if there are invisible obstacles on your, or your children’s path, these invisible obstacles can sometimes create humanity to give up on the path of love. I say to each one of you for your children, do not give up on the path of love, but instead receive assistance to have all fears lifted from you. It is by receiving this assistance that you will find gratitude for every aspect of your life, even the most challenging aspects of your life. This assistance comes to you from spirit if you call for this and are willing to receive this. Know that when you call for this, you must be willing to receive this. I bless you with three understandings to support you to choose the path of love and not the path of fear.

Fear comes from your mind or soul when you feel unsupported as a soul. When love is not flowing through your heart, you are unable to feel supported fully as a soul. Fear is a simple thing, although it transmits into many different reasons for it. It is love turned in on itself, trapped, and unable to share the truth of itself. Love is an energy that flows freely, whereas fear is the same energy bound and trapped by memory.

The memory may come from this life or from another life, and each of the memories that trap energy to become fear are memories of times when you chose to close down your energy and not allow the flow within your energy. Your energy is your consciousness, and each time you have chosen to say no within your consciousness, you have chosen to shut down to whatever you have said ‘no’ to. It may be an energy coming to you. Beloved, not all no’s create fear, but many of them do create fear; no to never having a relationship again and never trusting a partner again creates fear; no to never working in a group or being part of a group will create fear; no to experiencing an open heart to new things and choosing to never change again, creates fear. These no’s create fear of the very thing that no has said no to, and these fears are held within the energy or consciousness as a bounded energy. So that when you open to wanting a relationship, and in the last three lives or in this life, you have powerfully said no in this way, what will be triggered is the memory and the fears held within you created by all no’s in relation to this.

I speak of these no’s as shutting down your energy, and ask you to become aware of when you say ‘no’; if it is truly coming from a place of your heart and love is flowing with the no. When love is not present with a ‘no’, it creates a shutdown to your energy and you are choosing this decision because of something that has occurred to you before, and the fear of this happening again to you. I ask you to question what your decisions are based on, and whether they are based on fear or love and openness. It is this that will change your reality the greatest, and affect your children’s consciousness in the most positive way to fulfil your heart as a guardian or parent in a profound way. I ask you to consider all that you say ‘no’ to with your children, and whether this comes from fear or love when you say this to your children. Love carries a wisdom and does not carry fear, yet many parents project their fear upon their children. I am asking you to be very considerate of your children and that the most considerate way to live with your children, is to live without projecting fear. In this way, you must become responsible for your fears and connect deeply within yourself and question why you make decisions and how you make decisions in relationship to your children. I bless and support you on this path and you may call on me at any time to help you in regards to the changing of your consciousness to love.

5.    Message from Lady Nada about the New Children

Beloved hearts,
I give thanks to you for your love and all that you do for the new children. I address each one of you and bring a gentle understanding to you to support your role with them and your experience of divine love with them. I speak of your own receptivity of their energy and the frequency they carry. Each one of them have birthed on the Earth with a high frequency, and when their soul is fully happy to be on the Earth, they begin to channel this frequency. It is a frequency of energy that will transform you. It may be subtle and invisible to you, yet each of these souls has a very special gift for you, and unless you are willing to receive it from them and acknowledge that they also have something for you, you will not experience this gift of energy. Know that these souls have chosen you, just as you have chosen this relationship with these children. There is a reason for your interrelationship that goes beyond your present knowing, and it is related to the exchange of energy and vibration.

Sometimes parents have experiences where their hearts become blocked with energy. This is a very stagnant energy and a child’s light can heal and dissolve the stagnancy of this energy. Your own child or the child of another, has a power to open a closed heart if you are willing to receive their energy. If you are in pain for any reason in your life because of many challenges in your life, a child’s light and love can lift this from you, for they hold a higher frequency than you. They are the new children of the Earth that are birthing with a higher frequency because they are here to create a new light society on the Earth. Give your children a chance to heal you, rather than pushing them away because you do not have any energy to give to them.

I ask you to know that if you are feeling down, depressed, worried or challenged in your life, by giving yourself time to receive your child’s love and light, miraculously a lot of the difficulty will lift from you and any heart blockages will begin to dissolve within you. Worries, concerns and fears all create stagnancy within the heart and block your happiness in your life, and a child’s light and love can lift this from the heart. Give them a chance to give back to you, and know that you are not only a carer of them, but they are here to care for you. Their role is to hold the energy for you and to give you this frequency when you are unable to love yourself or to feel supported in the world by your own frequency. Know that you chose them and they chose you for this very reason. It was a supportive decision that you made together before you incarnated on Earth. You sat together and chose this as the highest support for yourself. Know that your child has healing energy for you and your children will always hold a higher frequency than you. Know you hold the same energy for your parents beloveds, if you allow yourself to be that child of light, and love them for who they are with the innocence inside you. This is all I have for you as my blessing this day. My love is always with you.

6.    Message from Saint Germaine about the New Children

Blessings divine friends and family of the new children,

I come forth to bring you a divine key or simple teaching about generosity and abundance consciousness and provide this as a template for each of your children’s consciousness. Know each of your children have come to Earth and have a great purpose here on the Earth. Each one will be provided for through their abundance consciousness. We share with you that not all of the parents and guardians hold this abundance consciousness and that it may be important for each of you to resurrect your abundance consciousness. The abundance is ever-present when thought consciousness is focussed on expansion and not focussed on limitation. All is available to one’s being if one is focussed through one’s thoughts, on the unlimited potential of one’s being. We ask you to speak to your children in a way that transfers abundance consciousness so they may learn to live their lives knowing that the highest potential for their lives can take place merely through a transference of positivity in their thought consciousness. Teach them to think without limitation, and teach yourselves to speak without transferring limitation and ideas of limited beliefs. It is this that will prepare your children to truly create their purpose here on Earth, for with their own abundance consciousness, they will not experience unnecessary limitations in their life on Earth. Know also this will prepare them for any challenges ahead which their karma may provide for them, which they have contracted to learn in this life, and their abundance consciousness will then support them to embrace and move through these challenges in their life.

It is of the highest importance that each of you recognise how you relate to abundance in your life and whether you transfer a lack of abundance to your children in this life. Know this can be altered within seconds within you, and there is no need to blame yourselves for this, for we share with you that it is possible that the lack of abundance was transferred to you. Know it is your ancestors that have transferred this originally, and it is your role to release this so a new transference can occur - the transference of the new consciousness that supports your children to know that there is an abundance available to them when it is time for them to receive what they need to create all that is of the highest benefit for them. Teaching them to align their thoughts to unlimited beliefs is of importance if you have already transferred to them a lack of abundance. Know that the minds of children are malleable, and all children are available to changing their consciousness and their beliefs if clear communication is offered to them, and responsibility is taken by the adults near them in relationship to what originally created these negative beliefs.

Once you have changed your own consciousness and transformed it to abundance consciousness, we ask you to explain to your children that certain beliefs were passed onto you and that they are not true. I offer you the following three simple steps to transform your consciousness to abundance consciousness.

How to Transform your Consciousness to Abundance Consciousness

The first step our beloveds, is to honour and give thanks for your reality as it is, and even if you feel unsupported at this time in your life, and in a state of poverty or lack of abundance in this life, for you to give thanks for what you do receive at this time. It is the giving thanks for what you have received that truly opens your heart to further receive. Without an opening in the heart and an expansion of your heart, it is very difficult to receive more of any form of energy, whether it is money, friendship, light for the healing of your body, or whether it is simply more awareness and a raising of your consciousness. There is an abundance of energy within your universe, and it is all available to you, but this relates to your own connection to the universe. It primarily relates to what you give to the universe and how open you are to receiving from the universe. The universe is made of many things including your friends, your family, including your work environment, including everything on the Earth as well as a gigantic abundance of energy that surrounds, and has created, the Earth. The universe is unlimited and ever-expanding, and you either have a connection to the universe or you are disconnected energetically from the universe, and this will be due to an energy body shutdown through your own consciousness choosing to isolate yourself from all other beings, or a group of beings on the Earth.

Your abundance consciousness is also reflective of your relationship to all beings on Earth and your openness to these souls or light beings. How open you are to others, affects your abundance, and your fear of others, closes you to receiving this abundance. The abundance is available to all souls, but it is all souls that create their ability to give and then to receive in relationship to this abundance of energy. Energy can be manifested into any form including money, including objects, including social connections or work connections, including physical health, or wisdom and the experience of divine love.

The second step is to align your will, for each of you have a free will, and this was given to you to create your own reality as you will. There are universal laws which support you, and if you work with these universal laws, you can open your consciousness to the universe and to the abundance available to you. The second step is to call on the universal laws of abundance, forgiveness, love, divinity, karma, grace, wisdom, liberty, creation, manifestation and faith to flood through your energy body and open your consciousness to the abundance that is available to you.

The third step our beloveds, after receiving this energy, is to transmit clear thought forms without negative or limited beliefs attached to these thought forms. Therefore you must clear and release all the old beliefs that create you to think in a limited way about your reality and the abundance that is available to flow your way. Giving service to humanity or to projects for the Earth will always create your abundance to grow if you are a soul on Earth, for the more that you give, the more you are able to receive in energy. We clearly suggest to you to improve the flow of your energy, it is best for you to give service or to give charitably. With all abundance issues, there is a cause or core that is the root of this stagnancy in the abundance consciousness of your soul. It is very easy to work with your higher self to release this from your soul. This cause, core or root will come from a genetic belief system or from a soul belief system. Any soul belief system will come from the last three lives of incarnation, and you may call for assistance from your spiritual guides and higher self to release these limited belief systems. Prayer in relationship to this will create this, and a focus of your energy on service and giving thanks will assist this. Give thanks for the service you receive when you pay money for the service, and ask for the abundance to return to you in money. Say this prayer three times each time you work with your money. If you have not enough money, know that you may create abundance with any energy, and money is just one form of energy.

Know that beings who have obstacles with money consciousness, are beings who have beliefs that they cannot receive money due to its consciousness. Many humans project negativity upon money, particularly if they do not have a flow of money. It is your own negativity towards money that will create a lack of money in your life, and we ask you to lovingly not project this on your children in your life. Teach them that money is just an energy, and there is an abundance of energy; that it is their thoughts that create what they receive as the form of this energy. If you call on the universal laws and then focus with clear thought forms upon what you truly wish to manifest, and you release the old beliefs that do not believe that this will manifest, you will create the energy that is returning to you, from the energy that you gave out, to manifest in the form that you have intended. This is how you can create your abundance consciousness to flow. Practise this and then teach this to the children that you know, so they can be prepared in their lives for the manifestation of their purpose in their life. I give thanks to you for your dedication to the new children in this life. Each of the Masters who have given messages to you now honour you with a bath of love that will now fill you.

Blessings of love,
Saint Germaine


A Message from Maitreya

Blessings pour forth to you now as this email opens and pours forth this transmission to you. A wave of light anchoring on the Earth at this time in your life is now blessing your life, your family’s life, and each of your divine intentions. As the Angels now gather around you to support you, their wings begin to transform the energy that surrounds you. It is energy that we wish to give discourse about through this wave that comes to you; the energy that you transmit through your thoughts, your intentions, your words, and your charitable actions. Beloved hearts of humanity, we call to you to recognise the power that lives within you, the power to transmit the frequency of light and the power to transmit, generate and regenerate your own physical body, mind and soul with light. The power of the light is that which we wish to offer as educational information at this time in your life.

As we share this teaching with you, we ask that you recognise the light within you; and from this point of light, you open with us to a new perspective, new objective, that is 100 percent resonant with the true nature of your light. We ask each of you to consider the words that arise from you, and whether these sacred words truly vibrate love through you, or whether they deaden the cells within your body to contract or react, or whether they clearly transmit that which your heart wishes to transmit. We ask you to consider your words and the very thoughts that create your words, and ask you to consider altering the nature of all words that do not hold the immense light that reflects this point of light that is the very point of light that feeds your soul. This point of light that lives within you, within the very core central point of you, emits the light as  sacred energy into the outer world outside of you. This light is your radiance, and each time a word is spoken that does not reflect your radiance, the light within you dampens through the veils that you create with the spoken words.

This simple teaching that we give you has the power to transform every aspect of your life, and every aspect of your mind, soul, heart and body that you experience life within in this life. We speak of the life force that lives within that is the very flowing force of the light - this that many call chi or prana. We share that this is pure energy or pure light. Beloveds, you may call on this light to fill you when you have no energy. You may ask for this from within you to heal and transform anything within your life. The power of the light is infinite, and this very power lives within you. Consciously call for the light to fill you, and know that this light will support you to experience that which you pray for in your heart, or dream or wish for from the very core of your heart. We ask each of you to consider the Earth as your body and to know that your body is made from the very substance that lives within the Earth. We ask you to recognise that Mother Earth is your body, and your body is a part of Mother Earth. Just as the light has the power to balance all in your life and heal any part of your physical body, it also has the power to transform and change the physical Earth and anchor a light society on the Earth again.

This light society I speak of, is the many billions of higher selves that are coming to meet their souls on the Earth during this new age forming on the Earth. Many speak of the troubled times, of the wars still in existence on the Earth, of the difficulty of starvation and poverty, and how can this possibly be a light time on the Earth? We share with each one of you that just as you are transforming and deep crisis has occurred to many of you, it is occurring through the Earth society, and this may continue unless humanity chooses to align their light to creating a new society. Know Beloveds, many are awakened to this, for humanity is in the awakening stage of the formation of a new light society. Many silently prayed for this, others work with the light towards this. Many others give charitably and with love, and give profoundly to many on the Earth through these troubled times so that humanity can create a balanced society. Others sleep a little or live in a darkened or grey confusion overtaken by the fears, or are locked in unresolved emotion. Know there are many parties here on Earth, and souls in many states of consciousness, yet there is not one soul forgotten, no matter what they experience or choose to create, no matter how dark another being sees them. Beloveds, we say to you, their higher selves are with them, and one by one, each soul will awaken and turn their heart to their higher self and to a light that lives within them.

The divine plan has been created by the higher selves of all souls incarnated on the Earth to support humanity to awaken. This awakening occurs in stages as the group consciousness or collective consciousness of humanity makes new choices, just as seen in many generations. Layers of an onion of the unresolved emotions, thoughts and actions of humanity begin to release through the collective consciousness of humanity, as these new generations make new choices and new paradigms enter the collective consciousness of humanity. Presently on the Earth in western society, the children are awakening, and these ones are being educated in a new way about the Earth. The Earth has been forgotten Beloveds for centuries upon this Earth. The very life that feeds all of humanity has been forgotten, mistaken, and not protected fully by humanity. It is this now that creates trouble for humanity, and as the ancestral trees (the largest trees on the Earth) are beginning now to be protected by humanity, a new current of life connection to Mother Earth is taking place globally within humanity. We speak of this with you Beloved hearts, as this is of the very essence to you. Your caretakership is a responsibility. We speak not only of your environment, and to care for it physically, but we speak and place the clarion call out to all of you to care for the Earth energetically.

Presently, this work is being held only by some on the Earth, and we are now asking all lightworkers and all loveworkers to take responsibility for energetically caring for Mother Earth. We speak of the tectonic plates of the Earth, and how humanity affects them with their negative thoughts, and how these thoughts destabilise them. We speak of how each human being has the power to stabilise these plates and anchor the light within these sacred plates. We speak of how these plates are affected by the inner grid system that is invisible to humanity within the Earth system. This system, the inner grid system needs to be realigned as the Earth is continually mined for energy resources. We share that many Masters of light from the heavenly realms and stars, and many who are embodied on the Earth who have great gifts with working with energy, hold a caretakership to these grids; and it is these caretakers that are continually realigning the inner Earth grids. This is not the responsibility of all the lightworkers, yet some of you may be the caretakers. We place a call out to you to be aware of your thoughts and how you transmit your thoughts, as this affects the plates and the inner grid system of the Earth deeply. To all of humanity, we ask you to know that every positive thought that you transmit, anchors the light into these grids, and the tectonic plates of the physical Earth stabilise through the power of humanity anchoring these positive thoughts about the Earth.

So many have channelled about prophecies, Earth changes, and the tsunami has awakened a fear within humanity, within the lightworkers and loveworkers. The fear of more Earth changes has created a sequence to arise of negative vibrations in relationship to the thoughts of the Earth. We say to you, and ask you from the core of our hearts to consider the words and thoughts you transmit in relationship to this sensitive subject of the Earth. Know each one of you has been given the power, and it is now important for you to learn how to use that power. We ask you to use it constructively to create your new light society, and it is your words and thoughts that can empower this very, very, very close reality. The light is here on the Earth Beloveds, yet a larger plane of light is to anchor on the Earth. It begins with the homes of all beings who choose positivity, for these beings are the beings that anchor the light on Earth. For Beloveds, those that channel the light bring forth a new light, and this light shines a new potential into every dark corner, every old situation, and every complex situation. We say to you, the light brings forth transformation, but is only shared by you through your positivity in every situation.

The light is a living force filled with truth, and it carries the power to transform all to truth. Beloveds, as we offer this request to you, we also wish to ask you to simply live your truth. To many this seems complex, and to many who are seeking their truth, there is a large journey ahead to find this truth. We say to you, truth is very simple - it is a living force of light within you, and when you are connected to your truth, light shines out of you. It cannot be found outside of you until it is met within you. This is a simple teaching of your own connection to the light. The very light that lives within you cannot be seen outside of you until you meet the light within you. And Beloveds, know that every soul holds the light. It may be veiled by unresolved thoughts and emotions, but every being is able to find it within themselves if they are willing to travel deeply inside themselves. The light is always there and will always be there. It is the very essence of your soul, and it is the power that creates your soul to be incarnated here. There is no connection to the Earth without this light, and when the light travels and leaves the body, the soul is not any more connected to the Earth. It travels into the heavens into a greater light.

Know that this journey of meeting this greater light is not only met through a soul leaving the body, but it is also met through a soul calling for the light and choosing to hold the light and be a channel for the light. Each one of you may be a guardian for the light, and if this is your role on Earth, know that all light keepers of the light are watching over your life on Earth. If you may be a being that calls for the light and works with the light, know that many Angels and Archangels and Masters of the light watch over you and all beings you are connected to, as a thank you. Know that these ones see you as one of them, as a guardian spirit who lives on Earth to care for not only the physical life, but to care for the energy of the Earth. We honour each one of you as caretakers, and we ask each of you to join the Family of Light, to call on the light more powerfully to support the physical Earth in her transition during your life. As we honour you now, know a council of light surrounds you now, and asks only one thing of you, and that is for you to choose to receive the light fully through you.

Will you be embodied by the light of your God Presence, and will you choose the path of your God Presence? Will you allow your mind, your soul, your heart, your body to transform through the power of the light to support the ascension of your soul? Will you allow the consciousness of your soul to raise with the light as you are filled by the light? Will you allow your light to transform, to allow your own heart to open and express the divine love of your soul? Each one of you has been given free will Beloved hearts, and we are asking you to know that it is your choice Beloved hearts. We are here to help you and will bring to you that which you need, and that which you truly need to receive the light, and complete all that will raise your consciousness and allow your soul to be ascended and free - free from the karmic bonds of previous lives where your actions, your words, your thoughts, may have been made from a series and sequence of negative vibrations, rather than the positivity of your light. We are here to offer each one of you support with your karmic clearing and opening to the light and the God Presence within you.

This is a journey, and know that many of you have begun this deeply, and for this we honour you. Those of you awakening to this journey, we invite you to awaken more powerfully to receive the assistance that you need from soul family and from Mother Gaia’s body. It is this Earth connection that we return to, and the universal law of that which calls you to give and receive and to recognise that which you have given out, you now receive. We ask you to consider this now, and all that is occurring in your life now - that which you have given out, you now receive. It returns to you now to be released and experienced by you. Know if this is uncomfortable to you, we now may assist you deeply and the light will stabilise you. It will stabilise your mind, your heart, your soul and your body through your receptivity, yet you must be willing to choose this and also be willing to receive this. The light that will come to you carries a strong frequency. It is encoded to change the energy within you to allow the transformation of that which is uncomfortable to you to complete in divine order for you.

Call if you wish to receive this light now and know that it will begin to pour forth through your chakras now to assist the transformation of that which may be uncomfortable to you. If you are peaceful and there is no issue in your life, then we say to you, you are filled with light, and the light is already held by you and your soul is filled with light. We say you are grounding the light for others now, and you may transmit this light into the tectonic plates of the Earth now and choose to hold the vision of these plates fully stabilised, so the Earth changes many humans fear, will not actualise. We say it is relevant to all of you, and these tectonic plates are creating shifts within the Earth’s physicality, within the seas and islands, the continents and all that is of a structural support to you. We say it is time for humanity to emotionally support the Earth, the whales, the dolphins, the trees on Earth, and choose to hold the light of positivity rather than the fear of negativity.

The trees, dolphins, whales and Mother Earth ask you to not grieve for the Earth but to see the light fill the Earth. They ask each of you to be anchors for the light and to know that the collective consciousness of humanity will ignite, as you do this sacred work. It is up to each one of you Beloveds, for you have each taken a contract in this life to make a difference and to offer service in this life. Within your own hearts, you already know what this service is, and how to offer this in the highest way for you to make this difference, this difference to the Earth and to your society, and to release your own indifference. For there are many humans presently that are speaking of the light, yet within them is indifference and a sense that they do not carry any responsibility. It is time for each of you to awaken to your caretakership and recognise that not only physically, but energetically, you hold responsibility as one individual on the Earth, and you can make a difference to all that occurs on Earth. In regards to this, we speak of karma, service, charity and the universal law of karma; this law that states to all that whatever energy has been given by all, is received by all as a sacred return of this energy.

We share to you that if you are experiencing a great difficulty in your life, and you have recognised that karma has created this in your life, you may do service or give charity to also balance this energy and release this karma from your life. Service and charitable acts bring dispensations to that which you lack. To give more Beloved hearts, will allow you to receive more and particularly that which you lack. We say to you, understand that you lack because you held and did not give, and it is your time to understand how you affected others when you did not give. To give more and not hold onto all is indeed a balancing energy to allow the flow to continue and open more. We speak of this flow of energy in any aspect of your life where lack appears to manifest through this aspect of your life. We offer you a decree to say to release this lack from your life if you are prepared to commit to service or charity to balance this energy karmically.

Decree for Balancing Karma

Beloved God Presence of my soul, I call on the law of karma, the law of grace, the law of love, the law of forgiveness and the laws of faith, liberty, freedom, creation and manifestation to flood through me.. Through these universal laws, I now ask for a freedom from a lack in the flow of energy in relationship to ................................................... in my life and in all parallel or past lives. I call for karmic absolution and ask that all soul records be released, and through the law of transmutation and purification, I now receive this as a karmic release. Through grace and ease, I ask that this take place and all obstacles to this path be removed through God’s will and through my soul’s will. I now ask for all sacred dispensations to support this lack to clear from my life and all my life connections.

So Be it.

A Message from Sananda

Beloved hearts and sacred friends,

I bring forth the message of love to each one of you, and ask you to receive this with love. It is a message about the truth of the nature of the Ascended Masters and why they are here to support you, and what frequency they truly carry for you. So many within humanity have confused ideas about the Masters that have lived on Earth and ascended, and that have now chosen to support all of humanity in their own evolution. Many saints have ascended, and many of you are ascending as I will explain to you. Ascension is merely the expansion of your consciousness and the raising of your awareness to a higher platform of energy. The platform of energy that the Ascended Masters hold for you is a platform of unconditional love, where not one judgement or fear is able to be transmitted to you. We ask you to understand this not simply to create your connection to us to grow, but also so that you may realise that the messages you read from the Ascended Masters will always expand your vibration and make you glow. There are no words on the Earth from these Masters, and no paragraphs and no books our beloveds, that truly will in any way affect you to create a fear to arise in you, for the energy that the Ascended Masters transmit to you, is held within a band of energy that holds no fear.

Due to this, I am asking each of you to know that when you read articles that create you to have fear, and the name of the Ascended Masters is written on these, it is not the Ascended Masters that have written these. All messages from our hearts will create you to experience a sense of safety, and a sense of peace and tranquillity, or a filling up of love within your hearts. Know that all on the Earth are learning to transmit our energies, and we ask you to forgive all beings who transmit our energy and it is not always transmitted with love. We speak of all humans learning our beloveds to be channels of light and love in their ascension process, and each one intending to give that which is the highest for all of humanity. We speak of those of you in service to the light and to the Earth and the evolution of humanity, and we bring an assistance program to all channels of the light, so clarity can become crystalline and the transmissions can flow with love at all times.

We share with you that it is your choice to receive this, but it is my gift to offer you a program of assistance which will create this. This program of assistance is known as the Transmutation of all Fear Program, and as I share this message with you, know that I also stand in the presence of you. I hold the light and the love for you to clear all fears that may be unconsciously held by you that may create you to transmit fear through your channel with the light. Know your own heart resonance if this is for you, and whether at times you transmit fear with your words and your light. It is very difficult for a channel to be 100 percent clear on the Earth without the transmutation of every fear. We share this message as many channels on the Earth are learning to channel the light 100 percent clearly, so the messages from those that hold no fear may be transferred in their fullness without fear.

Know that every channel holds their own consciousness, and when we channel through a medium or a rainbow bridge, it is their very consciousness that also transfers the messages that we bring through as our gift to you. We ask you to hold the love for all beings that have chosen to channel messages for you, and know that every one of them holds the highest intention to serve you. Know also that we ask you to recognise when a channel is learning not to transmit the fear through the messages to you, and to recognise that we will never transmit fear to you. It is your compassion and love that is needed for all channels on the Earth, for they carry a great responsibility as bridges of truth from heaven to the Earth. If their own lives are not clear and they are unable at times to live the truth, their channel will also not be clear. We ask you to say prayers for all of these divine emissaries who bring the very special messages from the Angels, Archangels and the star federations and from the ascension world to you. Ask that they be assisted to bring through the clearest messages for you.

The presence of the Christ heart shines light through every word to you if it is channelled from a sacred heart that is clear and available to transmit the ascension energies to you. The light will be present on the page of writing our beloveds, and it will bring a new energy to you. I ask you to call for the highest messages to be brought forth to you so the truth can be presented to all. Pray for this beloved hearts, and it will come to you, and you will receive the most divine messages that you could possibly receive within your heart. You will receive the greatest messages that will support you to ascend into the light and experience a life of delight. Call for this, and these messages will come to you, and many more will be created if you call these forth. Know that the messages that arrive on the Earth come in answer to your own prayers and what all of humanity calls forth. Within the new age, many ask questions, and the channels on the Earth are only available to answer those questions. We ask you to call forth for what is most suitable to you, and then the channels who write from us and the other assistance teams who are here to serve humanity’s evolution in consciousness, will bring forth the messages that are most appropriate to you, that you have called forth.

Know all of God’s living library of wisdom is available to you, and the channels who hold the service role of being bridges for heaven and Earth as wisdom teachers can only bring forth that which humanity has called forth. Know each of you hold the power with this through your own prayers, so I ask you to know that you hold the power to call forth that which you wish to know if it is not available to you in another form. Know that all of the mysteries may be revealed to you if it is a quest to you, and prayer is the key to this, for all your prayers are answered when you are open to receiving this. Blessed be to all of you. May all of the divine blessings that you are able to receive in this life, now flow to you.

With love and blessings,
Namaste to you,


Qala Sri’ama’s Itinerary

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We invite you to join Qala Sri’ama during her American 2005 tour in the following areas of the United States:

Sundarah Retreat - A Blessing Way for the Guardians, and Teachers of The New Children
Hawaii 12-25 June, 2005

“Sundarah” refers to the blessings and divine teachings that are offered by God in response to the sacred prayers of all beings and their clarion call for guidance and the awakening of a new way of being, a “new path.”  

Qala Sri’ama offers her love, blessings and God Presence teachings in support of the awakening of your divine consciousness and the evolution of your mastery. This Sundarah is a 14 day passage for all who wish to step on a new path in life based on seven Oceans of Love - faith, grace, harmony, peace, inner bliss, joy and celebrationary love and seven Principles of Unity Consciousness - trust, freedom, divine union, integration, mergence, oneness and Source. Also over the 2 weeks all will receive daily, profound new understandings and teachings from God/dess and the Ascended Masters about how to presently support the new children through your loving role as Teachers, Guardians/Parents and Emissaries or how to open to becoming a New Teacher or Emissary for the New Children as your service in the world

This is two-week Sundarah Retreat is divinely offered as an intentional focus for preparing oneself to care, guide or teach the new children in a completeley new way which is based on unity consciousness. Registrations are still open to this sacred retreat.  

Enquiries/Registration through info@g-a-i-a.com.
All details available on the website www.g-a-i-a.com
Ph:  +612 6687 2236 (For calls outside Australia - add this number to your international access code)
Fax:  +612 6687 2611 (For calls outside Australia - add this number to your international access code)

The GAIA Sacred Mystery School One Year Training
A sacred journey of opening to your mastery and keepership through the activation of the gifts of the seer,
akashic recordkeeper and rainbow bridge channel.

We welcome you to receive through this sacred invitation, a deeper connection to your own inner mysteries and the journey of your ascension. The Mystery School is anchored on Earth for your own self discovery of your keepership (mastery) and the teachings or sacred keys of assistance that you hold as a keeper of love. This keepership is the mastery you have held through all initiations within the Sacred Mystery School. This one year training is an advanced training in group consciousness within a pod of 55( maximum) through the Ascended Master’s Lodge.  It is a journey of deep transformation with the purpose of opening one’s spiritual gifts or mastery to activate so each can bring through their own teaching/healing system. The Alcyone Pod ( 2005 training) begins July- August, 2005.

This training has been created and is supervised by Qala Sri’ama. All receive a training package in the post, monthly pod link-up mediations through the email (for the new moon) and a password to the on-line mystery school library and chatrooms.  The GAIA Mumaras ( loving ascension teachers) support all who join the mystery school with personal assistance over the year.  The three mumaras who will suppporting all who join the Alcyone Pod (2005) of the mysterty school are Tiannamai, Lelama Sjamar and ZaKaiRan  All are invited to meet at a Keepership retreat at the end of the year for two weeks to meet with Qala Sri’ama and their mumaras to receive connection to the practical application of the years training as a seer, recordkeeper or rainbow bridge channel and to activate their keepership  through birthing some of the library of work and teachings they hold within themselves.

Enquiries/Registration through info@g-a-i-a.com.
All details available on the website www.g-a-i-a.com
Ph:  +612 6687 2236 (For calls outside Australia - add this number to your international access code)
Fax:  +612 6687 2611 (For calls outside Australia - add this number to your international access code)

God Presence Retreats in USA ( July, August, 2005)

NEW YORK   July, 2005
(dates/venue to be announced very soon - look on website www.g-a-i-a.com)
In the heart of God Presence – Anchoring our Divine Mind
Enquiries and Bookings: Vonnell Stahl (860) 242-7245 Connecticut

This one week God Presence retreat brings forth a series of new teachings for humanity in relation to these 7 pillars of enlightenment with a special focus on the divine mind and the opening of the mind to one’s God Presence. The awakening of the divine mind manifests through 7 steps and over these 7 days, Qala Sri’ama offers a sacred journey through the 7 steps of the opening the Sacred Mind to the love, wisdom and Divine Presence of God that is ever present within all souls.

COLORADO 6–13 August, 2005
In the heart of God Presence – Embodying Our Divine Love
Sunrise Ranch Center, Loveland, Colorado
Enquiries: Courtney Eves (203) 853-7177 New York
             :Jeanne Russo (201) 825-9486 New Jersey

Bookings: Chris Hoehn (530) 926-4896 California

This one week God Presence retreat brings forth a series of new teachings for humanity in relation to these 7 pillars of enlightenment with a special focus on the expansion, growth and immense opening of the heart and the channel of God’s love. Clearing the 7 veils of the heart and opening the heart to the Universal Mother and Father are the doorways to this sacred heart opening and anchoring of Universal Love for all beings. Over the 7 days beloveds, all will receive the 7 veils of illusion lifted from their soul and all will receive 7 sacred keys of divine remembrance each day to open the flow of divine love through the heart and soul.

CALIFORNIA  21-28 August, 2005
In the heart of God Presence - Enlightening Our Physical  Bodies
Mount Madonna Center, Watsonville, California
Enquiries and Bookings: Chris Hoehn (530) 926-4896 California

This one week God Presence retreat offers all beings the divine exploration of the 7 principles of enlightenment and the 7 keys for the embodiment of the eternal elixirs of love within the physical body. We speak of an invitation of health and prosperity to not only your souls, but to your physical bodies beloveds. In ancient times, the well spiring of your soul also fed your bodies and through this sacred 7 day journey, your physical body and soul will receive this connection once again. We offer to reconnect your physical body to the source of all love so that each of your cells may fill and overflow with love. The heart of all that does not create cellular regeneration and rejuvenation will be lifted from all organs, and cells of your physical body. Beloved this will be a 7 day rejuvenation of all major systems within your physical body.

Christed Emissary One Year Correspondence Training  

A one year group consciousness training and journey for the celebration of your Christ consciousness and healing of your feminine and masculine. This is facilitated through the Divine Mother , the Angels, Dolphins and Ascended Masters. All who receive this training join the Dolphin pod and each receives a training package in the post, pod linkup mediations with the Divine Mother, angels and Dolphins each full moon  through email and a password to the dolphin pod chat room. They are assisted by a GAIA mumara (loving emissary/teacher) who they choose as their personal assistant for the year. This package is available for 6 months and for  one year.

Enquiries/Registration through info@g-a-i-a.com.
All details available on the website www.g-a-i-a.com
Ph:  +612 6687 2236 (For calls outside Australia - add this number to your international access code)
Fax:  +612 6687 2611 (For calls outside Australia - add this number to your international access code)



NOTE:  Qala Sri’ama will be travelling from the east coast to the west coast of USA during July- August, 2005 to offer the God Presence retreats in each of the areas above. If you wish to provide a group of 50 or more for Qala Sri’ama to offer her service for an evening, or a one or two day event during the July and August period 2005. If you are not far from these areas and you would like her to come to your area during this time and you will organise a group for her, please contact Shenwa about this at light@g-a-i-a.com with your invitation. Blessings from all at GAIA.


Would you like to become an Emissary of GAIA?

Blessings, we offer you and invitation to become an Emissary for GAIA through an energy exchange program designed to support all facilitators or group leaders. This energy exchange program involves each GAIA Emissary receiving a special package of teachings (incl. practises, chants, energy keys, meditations, dispensations, decrees, breath exercises and prayers), guidelines to working with the material and a GAIA Emissary Template (in your name) which authorizes the Emissary to offer this aspect of Qala’s work to groups. All GAIA Emissaries are also offered a series of assistance programs from the Ascended Masters to support the numbers to come to your groups and the energy to increase in vibration throughout your home and within your workshops/groups. This emissary program is designed to support all already facilitating circles/groups or anyone interested in beginning to facilitate. It is designed to support all to integrate their own teachings or other teachings they have permission to teach, to blend harmoniously with this teaching package. It is designed to encourage all Facilitators to receive a more direct contact with their God Presence as facilitators and to support them to create a very high love vibration within their circles. The teaching package is sent out through the email (as three stages) over a year. The first aspect of the package( about 1/3 of the years material) will be sent out in October, 2005 to all who choose to be GAIA Emissaries. There is no fee for this teaching package or for the use of this aspect of Qala’s teachings if this is sent through the email. A fee for postage, printing and packaging will be asked if a GAIA Emissary receives their package through the post.

In return all GAIA Emissaries are asked to give a service energy exchange to three different levels of networking information. The first level relates to the networking of global UNITY meditation linkups for the benefit of the creation of positive effects to earth issues such as balancing the effects of global warming, assisting the whales and other marine life, balancing the energies within the tectonic plates etc. The second level relates to networking information about the GAIA services of retreats etc and how beings can receive a larger connection to this form of teaching. The third relates to networking material in support of the new education centres and further services relating supporting these to new education centres to be developed.  

If you interested in receiving more information about this exchange and you are willing to commit to networking the three levels of networking information to your groups and to others you are in contact with through personal relationship or through email - then you may wish to email us at GAIA through the email address
networkers@g-a-i-a.com with the message “GAIA Emissary” . You will then be sent a GAIA Emissary information package through the email.

Blessings from all at GAIA

**************************************************************************************************************************“Lest Do not forget who you are and why you are here… to be love… to live the truth… to create the highest heart manifestation of all lifetimes and to heal all that does not serve you anymore… Let us gather as one family of Love to experience The Divine.

      We knoweth the truth… no more, no less… and we offer this to you only from the Grace of God that we serve with our hearts… May it be that you receive all that       you are willing to give to yourself through your own open heart, one thousand fold again as we hold you in our hearts and all that is not love lifts from you… You are freed to feel your soul love to the brim of your being and overflow the Golden Chalice that you are.”

Lord Maitreya


This article/message is copyrighted © Qala Sri’ama Phoenix, 2005. This may be freely distributed as long as none of the content is altered, and the original source and copyright is honoured.  If wishing to share “The Wave” with others, please do not delete this section of the e-zine. You have received this message as you are on the GAIA email list or ASCEND email list, as you have made contact with Qala’s work in some way. If you no longer wish to receive Qala’s emails, then please send a message to subscribe@g-a-i-a.com with the subject –UNSUBSCRIBE.  If you have received this indirectly from a friend and wish to subscribe to the GAIA list then send an email to subscribe@g-a-i-a.com with the subject - SUBSCRIBE.
Qala’s web site is http://www.g-a-i-a.com

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