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12:12   Stargate for 2005
Archangel Michael through Kate Spreckley 
The energetic activation of the 7:7:7 Vortex in July allowed for a Sacred Union of Divine Feminine and Masculine energy and the grounding of this energy within and through your Multi-dimensional Energetic System.  Since that time, Lightworkers have been going through a process of clearing, cleansing and energy activations that have resulted in an even greater connection with Mother Earth and with the Creator through the heart.
We recognize that it has not been an easy time as you have gone within and faced the last vestiges of your shadow.  You have allowed your light to illuminate your own truth and power and you are learning to merge your light and dark.  As you continue to merge, you will see the relationship between your inner and outer realities and how you manifest both your fears and desires.
The 11:11 Stargate
The 11:11 Stargate has given each individual the power of access to the collective unconscious in order to remember ancient knowledge.  It is the ancient knowledge of your own creation; the knowledge of your Spirit made flesh.
This Stargate activation will continue to focus huge amounts of energy into the Earth and through Lightworkers who have chosen to carry this energy to assist Earth and humanity to shift to the next level of consciousness.  As you effectively begin to carry and ground this energy, you will feel very energized and focused.  The many shifts and changes happening within Mother Earth have been working towards Her accepting and holding this beautiful energy.  This is also true for Lightworkers; as you shift and change so too do you accept and hold this new energy.  The key is to stay centered and balanced in both body and mind.
For many there are symptoms of this shift: weight gain, heaviness in the legs and ankles, headaches, sore throats and burning in the hands and feet.  Some of these symptoms are very similar to what a pregnant woman feels during the last few months of her pregnancy.  This state is very relevant because you are holding a new energy that will be birthed into Mother Earth and shared with the rest of humanity.  The due date for this "birth" will be the Stargate of 12.12.2005.
The energy coming through now is of the Blue vibration, which represents a rebirth and the beginning of a new cycle of consciousness.  This cycle will link you to higher levels where you will discover even more of yourself, your soul and your purpose.
The color blue is linked to the stories of Creation.  It is the color of electricity.  A spark of blue energy in the darkness created light, therefore we all come from darkness and your essence is a spiritual light of Divinity clothed in this life by a physical body.  The Blue vibration entering your energy now will bring light to your dark and therefore bring about the knowledge of your own creation as a being of Love.  This knowledge will further help you to continue to create a reality filled with Love, Peace, Joy and Abundance.
Blue is also the color of Truth and you are encouraged to begin walking your talk, speaking your truth, knowing your soul mission, and balancing your past, present and future in the now.!  Each individual has their own knowing of what is true and you have an opportunity now to discover your inner knowing and to begin expressing that.  One of your tasks as a Lightworker is to speak your truth, to express your knowing and in doing this, you shall encourage and empower others to do the same.  We urge you to take advantage of this opportunity and move into your power, begin accessing your knowing and begin expressing it.
The 12:12 Stargate of 2005
The 12:12 Stargate will be the birthing of the sacred knowledge of your creation.  The number 12 represents great understanding and wisdom and this Stargate affords you the opportunity of understanding and accessing the knowledge of your own creation, why you have chosen to be here, your soul purpose and the very reason for your Being.  You are being offered the power of yourself and what it truly means to be a Human Being.  It is an opportunity for you all to change your patterns and beliefs about yourselves as individuals.  It is a chance for you all to realign yourselves with the original Blueprints of your creation, which is one of LOVE.
The Stargate will allow for you to bring spiritual stability into your life by bringing you understanding and therefore harmony between your mind and heart.  Your heart knows where you are going and why you are here, but this Stargate gives your mind the opportunity to understand why and therefore you shall become even more conscious of your power, yourself and your individuality.
This energy vibration plays an important part in your memory activation and is moving directly into your Root or Base Chakra.  The cells in your Base Chakra hold the memory and knowledge of creation for each individual, as you are all the Keepers of the Sacred Knowledge.  Just as Mother Earth has shifted in order to release ancient knowledge of Her creation, so too must you shift in order to unlock the ancient knowledge of your own.  These original patterns for humanity's creation need to be grounded into the Earth so others may access this energy and therefore activate their own cells of ancient knowledge.
The balancing of your Masculine and Feminine energy has allowed for the activation of this new energy to take root.  We ask that you draw this energy into your Base or Root Chakra so that it is able to activate the cells of ancient knowledge within your twin strands of masculine and feminine energy; your DNA.
The energy will rise like Kundalini through your energetic system and will exit out of your base into Mother Earth and from your crown into the Universe.  In this way, you are accessing the ancient knowledge of Mother Earth and of the Stars.
The rising of this new energy will raise your own levels of consciousness and it is critical that you learn to use it well.  You all have the ability to shape the world with fairness, integrity and in balance and the awareness of the many ways in which you abuse your power and energy will become clearer during this time.
In the past, humanity learned ways of abusing energy and power and have caused destruction on many levels.  Due to the amazing work of Lightworkers around the globe, you are now being given the opportunity to access ancient knowledge that tells of the sacred ways of energy and the correct use of its power.  These sacred ways have been hidden because of the fear of abuse but you have worked hard at clearing and cleansing your energy systems in order to hold this energy and begin using it in ways that are not damaging to yourself, to humanity and to Mother Earth.  It is the responsibility of Lightworkers to embody these sacred ways and therefore show new positive ways of working with energy to create a reality that is one of joy, peace, love and abundance.
All actions and deeds come around full circle as the Universal Law of Balance is always upheld.  The Sacred Laws tell of the beauty and sacredness of life and it is time for you to look at the values that are governing your lives.  Are these the values of an open heart?  Learn to open gently and lovingly to an expanded view of life and see how the values and beliefs that you hold are reflected in the choices that you make each day.  Life is not meant to be a struggle but a spiral dance of your own creativity.  Look and see what lies behind your creativity and rekindle the wisdom and radiant love of your true self.
Expand and unfurl the divinity of ancient knowledge within you, use the energy available to you now and see that it is a life force that brings health and wealth to body, mind and spirit.  This energy will help to further fuse your soul life and physical life so you are more equipped in manifesting your dreams and desires.  We encourage you to accept this wondrous gift and to join us in celebrating the awakening of your ancient selves.
With love and many blessings
Archangel Michael

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