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St. Germain        11.25.05

 I received an Email from a lady who referred to NESARA and expressed concern, as she did not feel that sufficient information had been given to explain how the various segments of humanity would be dealt with under its provisions. I asked for an inspired message from St. Germain, and I replied to her accordingly.   Afterwards I felt impressed to provide the answers through my daily message, as there are undoubtedly others who would wish to know, and they follow as under.

 “Firstly, may I say that your concern and aspirations to help those in need is admirable, as is your concern as to what will happen to certain segments of mankind. The groups you have referred to have contracted to have their experiences so as to move forward in understanding, and also to clear Karma. No one else can do it for them, and interference would deny them the opportunity to progress. When it comes to the time that they can move on, they will be released from their Karma either during this life time or subsequent ones.”

 “It is natural that people like yourself do not like to see suffering, and if you are called to help generally or in an individual case, the opportunity will come your way. You can offer healing and hope, knowing that we are all of the Light, and none are beyond being lifted up again.”

 “You cannot take on the responsibility for other people, and just now your evolution is the most important thing in your life. These are the end times, and Beings coming into this period will normally have already made up their minds as to where their path shall lead. Many will prefer to stay in the 3D and move to a new Earth prepared for them, where others have decided they are ready for Ascension.” 

“The benefits of NESARA will effect everyone, and by doing so will at a stroke help overcome many of the problems that you mention. Much crime is the result of inequality in society, and the denial to many of the basic needs to survive. However, I grant you that some crime arises from pure greed.” 

“With the advent of First Contact, the drug problems can be cleared and dependency on them removed. The homeless will be provided with shelter and generally speaking much of this will be free. The sick and dying will be helped by advanced methods that will be brought to us, and will eliminate the need for surgery or medical drugs. Those who trade in violence will also be treated to lessen their bodily chemicals that make them unable to control themselves. Weapons will be removed or made inoperative, and they will no longer be used to terrorise people. Mental problems and disabilities can also be overcome, through adjustment and suitable treatment which the ET's are expert in providing. Jails will no longer be necessary, as this is seen as a primitive way to treat people who have transgressed. Criminal tendencies can actually be removed from the psyche of people.”

 “I recall these matters being addressed in some of my messages, so it is certainly not a subject that has been overlooked or ignored.  Virtually everything I have mentioned has come up in mine or Sheldan Nidle's messages.”

 “You need not worry how the plans will work out, as the ET's have millions of craft and personnel to carry out their part. Also, where we can help you can be sure that at the appropriate time our services will be used. So I believe it is true to say that all aspects covering our needs have been taken into account, including the restoration and cleansing of Earth.”

 “It does not matter what nationality people are, the same benefits will eventually extend to all. Part of this is made possible by changes in various government personnel, or a complete government if that proves desirable. The new Leaders will reflect the spiritual changes that come with NESARA and First Contact, and they will not be appointed unless that it so.

Religions all over the world will benefit from the coming of the Master's, who will re-write many of the teachings that have grown out of error. There is but ONE GOD and that will be accepted, and people will draw together in their search for the truth. It will be presented to them, but not by force as it is still your freedom of choice that is paramount.  Some will refuse to believe the truth as presented, and this will retard their progress and evolution.” 

“One thing you can be sure of is that Spirit do keep their promises, whilst having the prerogative to move with the times if their plans need to change. Bear in mind that the greater plan is the decree of The Creator and no one thing shall stop it from manifesting.”

 “What Lightworkers have been asked to do is to send their Light into the areas where it is needed. Particularly after events such as the tsunami, but also to any individual who is in power who has the responsibility to make decisions that will affect our future. This equally applies to those working for the Light who need our help and protection, and those working for the dark who may yet see the Light through their darkness.”

 I am St. Germain, and I will remind you that we have vast resources at our disposal through The Galactic Federation. They will be quite capable of meeting the demands placed upon them. Problems that currently exist that would take you many years to deal with can be handled in a fraction of the time. We are well aware that personal well being is a priority before much else can be undertaken. The time of great changes is upon you, and soon it shall commence for all to see. Our compassion and love extends to each and every one without exception.

 Thank you St. Germain.

 Mike Quinsey. 

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Articles: 11/15/05



by Bonnie Waters

If you were beginning a journey into an unknown land, what would you take with you?   Knowing that the terrain is unfamiliar, and you don’t wish to be overburdened with too much to carry, how little can you pare down to?

We are beginning a new adventure, moving into unexplored territory. We have been preparing for this evolutionary moment for a long time now. There are things we have had to let go of, in order to even begin. The "unnecessaries" have been making their presence known, creating aches and pains in the attempt to hold onto them, until we consciously, or otherwise let them go.

Many of us have already found that if we try to bring too much on this journey, it gets tossed overboard early on, for there just isn’t room for it. It’s necessary to travel "lightly." Yes, pun intended. It is our energetic baggage, as much as anything, that needs to released at this time, in order to pass through the eye of the needle. There will be no room for the lower emotions of fear, anger, and shame. Much better to consciously release what is no longer needed than to have it ripped away unexpectedly through calamity, for it will be released, one way or another.

Also, we are going to a land of great abundance, where our needs will be supplied in the moment. It is a new way of living, where hoarding or laying in supplies for the future is counter-productive, where fear becomes a fading memory and trust becomes the order of the day. Sharing our abundance with those we meet along the way will ensure that we can keep moving forward, never getting too weighed down by what we carry. And it will allow others to trust that abundance is there for them as well, until they have learned how to create it on their own.

It is a great and beautiful garden that lies before us. It will become all that we have ever dreamed it might be. Set before us now, this garden is a panorama of wondrous possibilities of love, joy, beauty, and abundance. Release the old, and step through the doorway...the new world awaits.


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