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Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
13 Imix, 9 Chen, 13 Eb    1/11/05
Selamat Jarin!   We come again, dear Hearts, with further items to discuss with you!  At present, the great changes in your reality are moving swiftly toward their inevitable conclusion.  The final link in this chain is by far the most complex.  It is not easy to push the regime representing the strongest government on your world from power.  This operation requires a global and a united effort on the part of several international legal, financial, and banking agencies.  A powerful contribution is also needed from a number of like-minded sectors within this government.  This is presently occurring.   The intention of these courageous, diligent, and dedicated groups and individuals is to bring down this last cabal and to end the continuing illegalities that surround its foreign and domestic policies.  This cabal has used its remaining financial and political power to maintain itself in office.  Surrounding its core is a vast array of greedy multinational corporations and morally challenged, wealthy and powerful individuals. This evil combo can and will be driven from power by Heaven!

      While this task is going forward, another group of international agencies and influential world power brokers is creating the foundations for a new reality.  As noted in previous messages, this work is largely done. A whole host of new rules and regulations for international finance are in place. The replacement for the Federal Reserve banking system was formed a few years ago, and major banking organizations in North America have covertly joined this new fiscal engine. Further, a number of plans have been instituted to convert the Federal Reserve's fiat currency (its Federal Reserve bank notes) into a precious-metal-based monetary system. Finally, a newly proposed UN Charter has been secretly passed among a number of allies in friendly governments. This crucial document is being created under the highest conditions of security and is now in the process of final revisions. This document is scheduled for public delivery only after many necessary global regime changes have been made. This is only a small sampling of what is being planned.

      Included in the vast fiscal abundance programs is a veritable ocean of monetary grants accompanied by debt forgiveness.  A special watchdog panel set up by our Earth allies will monitor this program and compel illegal dictatorships and other power-mongering regimes to change their ways or be forced from power.  Extensive powers have been conferred upon this panel, but at present its existence is largely unknown.  We are making it public at this time only to assure you that the move toward democratizing this globe and enabling true "people power" is paramount in the intentions of our Earth allies.  Furthermore, our Earth allies fully intend that an open education (an exposure to the great literary works and all fields of knowledge and wisdom of this world) be made easily available to all citizens of this globe.  The Truth needs to be made known. The abundance funding is also to make possible the gift of literacy in all local languages. This involves children and adults, males and females! The age of the manipulation of the masses is now at an end!

      These initiatives demonstrate that the great shift in your reality is well underway.  This shift allows a degree of cooperation that the present world system prevents.  This system has undermined the efforts of every major international agency or organization during the last sixty years.  Only in the past decade has there been a concerted effort by our Earth allies to reverse this dark control.  Happily, many agencies converted to their benevolent agenda.  Those remaining in an adversarial position were hard put to accomplish their projects, which were achieved only by the use of very astute public relations, very high secrecy and security, and forced through with the use of the clumsy battering-ram of the last cabal.   This latter's arrogance alienated many and gave our Earth allies their opportunities for success.   In this atmosphere much was accomplished, including the present new financial systems, which in turn influenced many important legal entities to come on board.

      As this diverse group of powerful individuals and agencies grows, the actions of the dark cabal become ever more obstinate.  Its increasing arrogance and misuse of power demonstrate its deep anxiety over what is occurring.  The noose has tightened. The power it possessed after the World Trade Center terrorist attack has enormously dissipated.  It ignored the decreasing global good will and chose instead to focus on the false victories spawned by fixed elections and supposed new allies.   In reality, the number of genuine allies has shrunk to an all-time low.  The fiscal bleeding of its resources has been accelerated by the covert seizure of the foreign accounts belonging to this illegal regime.   These constant raids on the cabal's resources greatly worry these wrongdoers.   Above all, there is a silent mutiny taking place within its ranks of those who recognize the lunacy of its foreign policy and want to end it.

      This silent mutiny is composed of many different elements within this dark regime; diplomatic, military, legal, financial, all involved in a sweeping movement to bring this government to a swift end.  The chosen replacements for this regime are in place, awaiting the moment to take up their temporary positions of command.  The present plan of campaign is two-fold.   First, the members of this government are to be arrested and charged according to the evidence accrued by the duly appointed legal agencies.   Second, a temporary regime will restore common law and constitutional governance.  This regime will oversee the re-ordering of local, state, and federal institutions.  After 90 days or so, fair and free elections will be held to fill the offices vacated by this abrupt regime change.

      Because of the dominance in this government of "special interests", the entirety of the government needs to be dismissed.   The self-interest of the rich and powerful has spread like a cancer to all levels of governance, suppressing any vestiges of initiatives in the public interest.  This led to legal rulings and decrees that ensure the supremacy of the power elite and the powerlessness of the citizenry to oppose it.   This skullduggery was cloaked by the biased coverage of a lapdog media.   When the Ascended Masters helped to found this North American government, it was with the intention of creating a special place, a training ground for this world in the joys of democracy.   Although, today, this great sacred experiment has been subverted by the dark, a "quiet revolution" is now ready to pounce and restore what has been so soullessly rent asunder.

      This quiet revolution is considered both a sacred and a civic task by our Earth allies.  We all realized that the great shift in consciousness was leading inevitably to the redirecting of the resources of this global society.   Furthermore, Heaven and the divine plan forthrightly decreed that the time to formally end your separation from your space and spiritual families had arrived.  This meant that the lies and manipulation encouraged by the Anunnaki and carried out by their Earth minions were also at an end.   Therefore, first contact had either to be imposed from without, or encouraged and invited from within by Earth's major governments.  The latter alternative was adopted by the Ascended Masters and is now being played out.   We expect this second scenario to lead shortly to the completion of our first contact mission.   Remember, Together, We are Victorious!

      Today, we have added to some of the topics discussed with you previously.   We hope to have enlightened you about what is happening on your planet.   These amazing events are shortly to burst forth upon your world.  Be prepared and firmly focused on your role in what lies ahead.  We now take our leave.   Blessings, dear Ones!   Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven is indeed Yours!   Selamat Gajun!   Selamat Kasijaram!   (Sirian for Be One! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)

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