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You are receiving the text version of the Beacons of Light ~ Re-minders from Home.
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Lightworker proudly presents:
The Beacons of Light
~ Re-minders from Home 

June 15 2005
~ The Sixth Stage of Life ~

Practical Magic Series The Beacons of Light Re-minders from Home are presented live in the internet, transcribed and posted here on the 15th of each month.

~ Re-minders from Home ~
:his month's Beacons of Light was presented live in Zeist , Holland . We decided to offer the live internet broadcast that included this channel from Holland so that we could connect the family of light in several countries. Due to that this Beacons of Light includes a question and answer section from the audience of about 300 in attendance. The imaginary borders that divide countries will not keep us from knowing that we are one heart in the light.

Big GROUP hugs   Steve Rother
Spokesman for the Group

Prediction Alert:

The Group has been talking lately about the Earth changes just ahead.  One of the Q & A below touches on one prediction they have made.  Another prediction they have been making is to watch for seismic and volcanic activity under water in the Pacific Ocean. Today we had an 7.2 earthquake off the coast of northern California. 

From the Group:

Greetings from Home.

We visit you this day with the greatest joy for we now sit in the presence of masters. Those of you who have played on this Gameboard daring to forget your mastery, your heritage and own royal lineage. Your willingness to do this has set into motion a whole process of evolution never before reached. We sit at your feet and honor you. Do you know who you are? We do. We only wish to spread our wings for you this day so that you may get a small feeling of what it is like to hold this energy from Home. Every time any one of you holds your own passion in your own heart and steps further into your own development, every one of you comes a little bit closer. You are doing that even now for as your own evolution continues, you will find changes happening in your own process of the seven stages of life.

The Final Stage of Life

It was only last month that we asked you to envision yourself going through the fifth stage of life and to experience the process of mastery as experienced in the stage of life known as maturity. Instead of being the grand seeker, you became the enlightened seeker. As each one of you began doing that, you began understanding what was truly important in your lives for there comes a time when your stuff owns you. What happens is that it diverts you from your primary purpose and your own passion and your own joy. Having the courage to intentionally go through change opens the door for you to receive all the gifts of the fifth stage of life. Having experienced that during the last thirty days, let us now lead you into the sixth stage of life, for it is why you are here today.

In the series we call Practical Magic , we wish to offer you insight of what it is like to go through the final three stages of life, but not to stop there. It is no secret to tell you that we will leave you on the third and final month with the challenge of re-scripting your next life, to step into the next newness of yourself that you will create intentionally. Every moment your foot hits the ground, you are creating the grass beneath your feet. The road is only created in front of you because you are moving in that direction expecting a road to be there. Life is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Is that not an interesting equation? Now you will move even further into that and further into the potentials and possibilities that you have before you right now. Let us speak of the sixth stage of life. Let us show you what this process can be because it is beautiful beyond description.

Simplicity of Universal Truth

In the first stage of life as an infant comes in, it holds the memories and vibrations of Home. As a young child, you attempt to adjust to the vibrations and cellular memories of Planet Earth. It is like having one foot in both worlds. The sixth stage of life is similar, for this is a time to prepare for the transition and to become simplified. The fifth stage of life was to determine what was truly important in your life, thus to prepare for the simplification process in the sixth stage. In the days of Lemuria, you advanced as a society so much that all of you were childlike. It is only possible to do that when you simplify everything. Likewise, it is only possible to simplify when you are aware of what is truly important. In the days of Lemuria the collective vibration of all Lemurians had reached a stage of evolution where you existed in simplicity. The complications of life are a byproduct of the veil; that you wear. Please know that all truth in its purist form is simple. Imagine that there are many different levels of understanding and therefore different levels of what you know to be truth. The key to moving to a higher level of understanding is always finding the simplicity in truth. In order to access the next stage of your understanding and truth shared throughout the universe, the collective vibration of humanity will naturally simplify as it evolves.

God is Simple

There was a time the Keeper was asking us for answers. He used to do that a lot. At this point he asked us, “What is it all about? Show me how everything works.” He thought it was an interesting challenge that he put to us, so we did. At that moment he found himself sitting on a cloud, looking down at Planet Earth, watching the gameboard of Earth. As he watched it he began understanding everything that he saw. He comprehended everything that he was able to perceive and understood how all the connections were made. At that moment he looked up at us and said, “You are not going to let me re-member this, are you?” And we said, “not in the normal way.” Then he began to bargain with us, which we think is so imaginative. He said, “Let me take back one piece that will re-mind me of all the others and how everything comes all together. I just want to re-member how simple it all is.” Even to this day all he can remember is that it is all so simple. Life is so simple it would bore most humans so we try to complicate it just enough to engage you. It is often that we share with you the embellishments around the truth we share with you rather than sometimes just giving you the truth. On the planet of free choice it is only possible for you to find your own truth and that is accomplished through the illusion of complexity. Complexity is the veil that you wear to play the game. As you advance, everything becomes simple.

Simplify and you become childlike. Simplify further and you become godlike.

Because of your recent advancement as a collective, you no longer need the complications of the veil in the way that you once did.

Sixth Stage Exercise:

Thirty Days of Simplicity.

During the next thirty days we challenge you. If you wish to play the Game that we offer, find ways of finding the simplicity in everything you experience. For thirty days, find ways of becoming simple and you will understand that all the life experiences that you have had up to this point come down to just a very few things. For the next 30 days, look at the energy.

Follow the energy for that will tell you where to find simplicity. Energy in all forms is simple. All energy forms seek the path of least resistance. We have spoken of the divine water. We have spoken of the divine flow, for water is an energy form. It never dies. It is never created. It only transmutes from one form to another. Like energy, all energy forms always find the path of least resistance. If you can follow that path of least resistance in your own choices, in your own life, in your own evaluation of your own relationships, in everything that you do, you will find the simplicity in your life. Watch where the energy flows in your own life and you will uncover the motivations of what is behind the energy. If you understand that, everything becomes simple. For the next thirty days we ask you to follow a similar search for the path of least resistance in all things. This will help you to develop a habit of simplicity. In the human experience the sixth stage of life is important for the seventh stage of life to have its greatest effect.

Simplicity equals True Beauty

When you find the simplicity, the next time you see anything complicated it becomes easier to bring it to its true essence. Finding the true essence in anything allows you to see the true beauty in all things. Smile a lot during the thirty days for it will help you simplify everything. It will help the energy around you to bring only the core essence. Enjoy the ride.

Questions and Answers from the Group:

At this time we have reserved the space for many of you have questions:.

Question: Why is it important to balance the male and female energy within you?

the Group: It is very simple. On the other side of the veil there is no division of male and female. There is no separation between individuals. You still have a core personality which is uniquely yours. Sometimes you have a prankster who lives all his life playing jokes on people. One who loves to laugh and loves to pull pranks on everybody. Then he dies and goes to the other side of the veil. Yet every time you look at something that he might have used as a prank, you think about him and he is right over your shoulder. He still carries the same core personality even though he is on the other side of the veil. The reality is that he is pulling those same pranks in heaven. He is having his fun there so he retains the same core personality and yet he loses the division of the illusion of polarity.

In order for you to play the Game of being finite when you are actually infinite, it is necessary for you to do so in a field of polarity. Polarity consciousness gives you illusions of being separate. It makes you think there is an up and a down, a right and a wrong, a good and a bad and a black and a white. There are no such things. There is only a core personality (soul) expressing itself in a field of polarity. Each lifetime, each one of you takes a job and comes down to play this Game as one sex or the other. You do so in order to balance the energy. On Earth you play in a field of polarity and the polarity is expressed in human form as male and female. So as you evolve back into spirit, you evolve to the next level of life and the next evolutionary process. The balance of male/female energy will help you to move forward in evolution and emulate Home. No matter who you are, no matter what sexual form your physical body has taken, the energy of male/female balanced will help you to step forward more easily and more comfortably in the higher vibrations of the New Planet Earth.

Are you aware that all of your wars on Planet Earth have been caused by an imbalance of male/female energy? It is not difficult to see if you stop and think about it. From present day to ancient times, it all goes back to the same imbalance. Currently your societies are under male influence and domination. That is changing. Yet, we tell you there were times when the feminine energy was dominant on the planet. And that caused as many problems as you are experiencing right now. It is not about the rise of the feminine energy to take over once again. It is the rise of the feminine energy to balance your planet. That is the job of Merlia, the feminine part of Merlin, for she is back. She is here to take her power with you for you have invited her to be part of your energy. The women will balance the male side as well so they have a balanced energy to walk into. That will be done through the aid of Merlin and Merlia. These are magical times. Invite the magicians in. Play with the energy. Find your own balance and enjoy the ride. We thank you for the question.

Question: I would like to ask the Group about the safe place we created yesterday. It already existed in other dimensions and we put it in 3D and we want to realize it here. We felt that the Group was present there. Is there something that you can tell about it?

the Group: Yes. You are moving between dimensional realities. Not only are there eleven dimensions of time and space, but there are eleven dimensions of you. These are parts of you making slightly different choices in each dimension. Four of you were beneath that tree yesterday making slightly different choices. We tell you there comes opportunities to create sacred space to connect all eleven dimensions of time and space. That is what you did yesterday. Many times you have called these portals or vortexes or called this dimensional time shifts—whatever it is that you call them, they are a safe, comfortable space. As you move from living in the third dimension of a field of polarity where everything must be white and black, up and down, and forward and backward, to a field of unity, things can get very scary for humans. Those of you who start crossing these boundaries will step into what we have called the sacred room. This is a place that you have created for those who step out of a field of polarity.

These connections can mean more than you could ever know. There is more. There are changes on this planet that are necessary and they are not wrong, they are not catastrophic. You saw some of them in the recent past with the Tsunamis. We have spoken recently of changes that will be happening to the water levels of Earth. You are particularly vulnerable here in Holland , yet we tell you that you are the Planet of Free Choice. There are things you can do and one of them is to create safe space. When you come together as a small group of Lightworkers, you can set an intent and to connect that intent through the Earth. Your connections to the Earth in any way, through a tree, a labyrinth, or a vortex in your back yard, will soften and alter these changes. What we tell you is that you have already changed the outcome for we spoke of these same events four years ago and they are already less traumatic than when we first spoke of them. You have already made it much, much less catastrophic than it was to be. Yet, the waters are still rising. Be aware of it. Do not be in fear of it. It is not for that purpose that we speak of this. It is to tell you that as you come together as Lightworkers, you change your reality. You allow the Earth to shift gently instead of harshly. That is within your grasp today by coming together in big or small gatherings. Connecting hearts through your focused intent changes not only your reality, but also the Earth herself.

Question: Can you tell us more about walk-ins?

the Group: Walk-ins. Very interesting subject. We will tell you a little bit about it but first of all, we will tell you that they are real. It is entirely possible for a spirit to leave a body without having to die. It is painful and not easy for the spirit. It goes through a real stretch in order to do that. When that happens, there is a healing period that the soul exiting must go through in order to settle the energy. There are times when it is easier to leave intentionally than working through situations that may have grown far beyond the challenges that you set up for yourself. It is a viable option for some people, but it is not easy for the new soul to come into that body as many would think. As a result there are relatively few walk-ins—many less than first thought. Those that are walk-ins will generally be quiet for very few dare to stand on stage for they are so sensitive. It is difficult for them to retain their own boundaries. It is difficult for them to be here on the Earth and still hold the high vibration that they have to hold. Some will be teachers, but they will generally be the quiet teachers. When you encounter them reach out to them. You do not need to fix their world. You do not need to make anything right. All you need to do is acknowledge that they are a soul in need and that you see them and you thank them for the job they are doing for they are helping to change your reality very quickly. They are the grand, but quiet teachers.

Question: There is a lot of change going on in my family. It gives a lot of depression and fears coming. Is it because I do not go with the flow or is it with difficulties…

the Group: We tell you that in your lifetime, family has been a very big grounding energy for you. It has been one of the things that you really came in to work with and yet the challenge is that if you work with a life lesson of adaptation so any shifting of that energy becomes very difficult. Even though there is a lot of change going on in your family at this moment, all of it will be very, very joyous—the potentials that are about to be uncovered because of that change will start showing in the next 6-8 months and you will have some excitement around the potentials and the possibilities that that change will start uncovering. Yes, we know, it is negative and it is not easy to watch this. We ask you to be patient. There is nothing wrong. It is on a path of change and it can be wonderful in a very short time. Expect a miracle and you will create it.

Question: I am living in a very loving partnership with a beautiful, wonderful man, who still has a problem with alcohol which worries me a lot. Today I got a very strong feeling that I am in my life lesson of trust and ready to move to truth, but I am in fear of leaving him in a position of really being too vulnerable and not finding his own power and maybe checking out. I'm not sure I am ready for that.

the Group: Let us speak of two different but related topics. Number one, you are taking responsibility that is not yours. Let us throw the possibility to you that perhaps by protecting anyone in your field, you may actually keep them from the lesson they came to learn. There are times when scientists have worked with insects to improve on nature. One of the experiments was to make a cocoon for a caterpillar that would grow very quickly. They created an artificial cocoon where a caterpillar could make an easier transformation into the beauty that awaited it. The cocoon had little resistance so that more energy could be used to transform with no difficulties. The day finally came when the gestation period was done and they opened the cocoon. That moment a frail butterfly fell to the ground because it never built up the strength to flap its own wings. Sometimes what we do to help people, restricts them from working with their own lessons. The only way to check your balance to see if you are over involved in anyone's energy is to ask, is it serving you?

Secondly, please understand that there is a very useless human emotion that lingers on among humanity called guilt. That emotion has no use in the higher vibrations of the New Planet Earth. As you step further into working with that area, you begin understanding that you are not responsible for anyone. You place yourself first and all those around them will do whatever they need to do to step to the next level to work with their life lessons. We honor you for you are moving into truth and it is exciting to watch.

Dear ones, we thank you for calling us in this day for we are only with you because you have created the space for us to join you. You have created a space by asking to re-member Home. It is our honor to greet that call and to be here to reflect your magnificence. Do you know who you are? We do. You are the greatest angels that have ever lived. It is our honor to offer you only three reminders. Treat each other with respect of the highest degree. Nurture one another at every opportunity for you are helping All That Is. Re-member that it is a wonderful Game and play well together.


the Group


Connecting the Heart


By Barbara Rother

As much as Steve and I enjoy traveling throughout this wonderful world I have come to the realization that there is no place like home wherever you create that to be. For many years San Diego was our home. When we would return from a trip I felt blessed to return to this sacred space of tranquility. Funny, how when I felt the time to move on this place no longer held this same peacefulness. It had not changed but I had. This discontent was my signal to move on to find the next step. With trust in my heart we did find the new surroundings that welcome us home. It is interesting that until I went through the upheaval of change did I find something that fit for me. This has been a lesson to being open to the flow of life and to accept the gifts that are there for us to ask and to receive.

I now accept the challenge that the Group has presented to all of us. I am open to the simplicities in life. For the next thirty days I will uncomplicate my life. This is a perfect time of year with it being our summer, a time when people naturally are in the mind set of slowing down and taking time to unwind. When we simplify our realities we can again move into the flow of life unfolding in a beautiful, natural way. We all get caught up with the hectic schedule our daily lives can put us on if we allow ourselves to fall into this chaos. It is a matter of choice. We have stress that creeps into our existence. This is a natural event of life. It is up to us how we deal with it. We can control the stress or it will control us. It is again our choice.

I like to play in this energy. I put my intent out to the universe that life is unfolding in the most perfect way then I find myself surprised when it happens! An example is just last night. Steve and I had just returned from two weeks in Hawaii , had a short break then went to Holland and Belgium for three weeks. In the last six weeks we had only been home six days and those days were filled with catching up and preparing. Each event was special with connecting with Lightworker family. To say the least we were on a busy schedule. That makes it all the more special to be at home for awhile. Yes, we will still be busy with all the many details of daily life and Lightworker but this is the time to unwind and accept the gifts of simplicity. With this I promise myself to be more spontaneous. So often we feel the need to plan our lives down to the very minute.

A few days ago I mentioned to Steve that the Moody Blues were performing a concert in Las Vegas . He said that was great and we talked about how much we have always enjoyed their music. Neither of us really took the time to consider going. After reading Steve and the Group's current message I came to the realization that it was important to take the time out to do things like this. A few hours before the event I said to Steve “Let's go see the Moody Blues!” I had called and was told there were only a few seats available for the concert and they were far away from the stage. I also was told since we could not pick up the tickets until shortly before the concert there was a chance they would be sold out by then. Still I trusted my heart. Steve and I both got a gleam of anticipation in our eyes and decided to go for it. This would be a spontaneous fun night out just for the two of us. We let go of the outcome. We had told each other if the tickets were sold out by the time we got there then we would enjoy dinner out and move to plan B by exploring the town. We both felt a sense of playfulness and joy. We knew whatever the outcome we would enjoy our time together. Some of my most enjoyable moments in life are without plans. When we got to the box office where they were selling the last remaining tickets for the concert I said to the young girl in a fun joking manner “give me your very best tickets please.” She in return said “would you like two seats directly in front of the stage in the center?” Steve and I both laughed at our creation. Needless to say we had a spectacular evening listening to some of our favorite music and enjoying each other.

This was a reminder of what joy life has to offer. Allow life to unfold in the most beautiful way by finding joy and passion. Find the possibilities that are yours by being open to the simple pleasures of life. Enjoy the game. It can be quite a fun adventure!

Love and Light,


Barbara offers private sessions "Readings from the Heart"

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