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Channeled through Michelle Eloff©
FRIDAY 15 July 2005.
Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA
This information may be shared with other sources on strict conditions that no information is altered or deleted and the source of the information be acknowledged. 
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Lord Kuthumi:
I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the rays of love and wisdom to greet thee at this time and to bring unto each of you the blessings of tranquillity, the blessings of wisdom, inner integration and abundance. Greetings beloved ones.
And it is with great joy and pleasure in our hearts that we may gather with each of you upon this day as we hold you firmly within the heart of Christ and securely upon the hands of God. Beloved ones in preparation for the grounding of Archangel Michaels energy we ask that each of you centre yourself in the Divine light of what you consider to be the highest realm of light and purity. Allow yourself to find peace, to find the sense of centeredness within this presence, and to bring your presence fully into the present moment. Breathe deeply into your body, allowing the oxygen to open the cells of your body, for the purpose of integrating the light that you align yourself with, and intend that every breath you exhale releases everything within you that does not hold you in the light, so that you may continue to manifest the centeredness of light within the presence of everything in every manner.
It is now time for you to invoke into your presence your celestial master being of light, call upon your Guardian Angels and any other guides to support and assist you in your personal journey of Ascension. If it is your conscious wish and will, give Archangel Michael permission to link his energy field with yours…. and in so doing activating rays 1 through 7 connected to your chakras 1 to 7. Visualise the energy linking with him, bringing your consciousness into yet another level of peace and tranquillity. Surrender your lower ego to the light of Mother-Father God, call forth the power and presence of your higher self, and ask, that all that must be released from your consciousness, manifest under Grace and perfect, harmonious and miraculous ways.
Beloved ones I shall now take my leave, making way for Archangel Michael to deliver his transmission and bringing to activation the light you have called for,
I am Kuthumi, Adonai.
Archangel Michael
I am Michael, Archangel and protector of humanity, welcome. I join you in the presence of light, to support your awakening and reveal to every level of your consciousness the power existing within all forms of creation. You were created, not only to hold light, but to create light. Today my lesson will reveal to you, what exactly, my mission for you planet has been, and how you as light workers are part of this mission. It is imperative this knowledge becomes a part of human consciousness, in order to bring into manifestation, the various levels of light required to take your planet into the next level of its evolutionary cycle.
For centuries humanity has grappled with an inner battle. I Michael, protector of humanity have stood by you, within you, and outside of you, reflecting the inner battle taking place, within your lower self, the battle with your higher self. This battle has been played out, between the lower worlds and the higher worlds, this manifested in your external reality, one you have created. My mission has always been to reveal the truth; this is why I stand holding Excalibur the Sword of Truth. This icon is what slays the dragon inside of you; dragons have always represented the inner self separate from your higher self. Humanity's consciousness created a fall that is existed through ages, symbolism - the dragon, came about as a result of this inner battle. Through all the stories you have witnessed, the knight in shining armour, rescuing the damsel in distress slaying the dragon. The knight in shining armour has simply been your inner God trying desperately to save the Goddess, which you have been separate from as a result of lost consciousness, because humanity fell into a material world.
The world has reached a point of such materialism that once more I stand before each of you, and I ask YOU not to separate yourself from the material world, but rather, to integrate the world of spirit and remerge it with your material world. You have come to remember your super sensible self. You have felt the calling to unite humanity with the truth. You have come to open your eyes to that which you have forgotten and cannot see. Today I shall teach you about your mineral body, and tell you, that what you see as a visible human being, and what you see as the physical body is in fact the mineral body. Your soul has manifested particles in a form, which you see as physical, the rest of you is invisible. You are interacting with one singular layer of the entire make up of what you perceive as being human being. You are dealing with only one level of the human being nature. You are interacting with the animal nature of the human self. You are made up of many levels, and as the solar angels come to greet you, they re-introduce you to your Divine Angelic Presence, the part of you that is invisible, that shall come into visibility by you recognising that what you see is not anywhere close to what you are. You are made up of water more than anything else; therefore the fluidity of your being is far greater than the solidity of your being. If you have associated with the miniscule aspect of solidity, because you have associated so much with the attachment to the material world, you have made it your sensitive self, you have forgotten your super sensitive self.
Your mission LIGHT WORKERS, is to RE-MEMBER all the other aspects of yourself and to open the material world to integrate the super sensible worlds so that that which is invisible becomes visible, and that which is currently visible moves into another level of vision, no longer being the primary focus of consciousness, of becoming the lesser sensitivity. In no manner am I asking you to separate from the physicality you experience, I am asking you to reconnect with the higher senses of the etheric world so that it may become visible. Each of you here have given permission to integrate an aspect of the Michael consciousness, this cosmic presence has been with you from the very origin of your creation. The Michael energy has been present all the time, you know it as your truth but it has been distorted because of the association primarily within your lower body. Your soul is far grander than you can ever imagine, and in order for your world to evolve beyond what has been created, it is necessary to move beyond your animal nature and integrate the higher vibrations.
In order to complete this, we must activate the sapphire ray of higher communication, which shall activate through your throat chakra. We also bring into activation the higher rays 8 through to 12. This ignites the abundance consciousness through your higher self, it will bring into activation your humanitarian consciousness through the ninth ray of your higher self, and it will give a new level of light to the transformative ray of higher wisdom through your higher self. It will bring to life the reconnection with your fully mastered and Christed self of the light, through the eleventh ray of your higher self, and manifest in the reconnection of life through all 12 strands of your divine nature as it awakens, through the memory of what exists within your super conscious self. Bringing these levels of consciousness into humanities evolutionary patterns has become necessary in order to move old consciousness beyond the vibrations which were held by Atlantis, and which resulted in its destruction. Your world is already showing you the results of destructive forces, you are seeing the consequences of depleting the body of mother earth, just like you deplete the body of the physical mineral self you associate with. The animal nature is not sufficient to feed you through existence and through the time lines that take you into the higher worlds, in order for the spiritual and religious self, and the scientific self, to merge through spirit and religion. You must come to understand, that what you see in existence is a drop in the ocean, the time has come for you to fully accept your Angelic presence.
The activation today is for the purpose of realigning humanity's will with the divine will of the creator of all that exists. In centuries past the, human beings did not exist as you see them today, human beings existed as the Angels and Archangels do. Their role was not of a free will as you know it, there was no desire for free will as you know it, for the will was at one with divine will of the creator. Therefore everything manifested in its divinity. What you were entitled to was emotional maturing. As the emotional body matured as a result of evolution, certain beings’ roles were in a desire to experience another level of will, the desire to be free, free to experience something different. And so the manifestation in creation that you experience now began the materialisation of self. This materialised as the dragon symbol, this dragon wrapped itself around the heart chakra, and the energy of the inner battle with the lower self and the higher self came about. Understanding your dragon energy will help you understand how humanities consciousness became lost in the battle. This war has been waged for centuries, but the cycle has come to its close, when now the spiral moves in an upward direction, offering those of the light the opportunity to evolve and to get another _expression, and the _expression that is current been, is that there have been beings who have risen, who have asked for an experience that will free them to merge with divine will again. This has been honoured for it is part of the plan of evolution, yet there are still those who have become stuck in their battle with the dragon, who have associated themselves with the dragon to such an extent that they do not see beyond it.
The Masters of light have returned, your Angelic presence has been re-birthed and every one of you are catalysts in re-activating the super sensible self, so that you may realise that you share a world with invisible beings which are in fact visible, and the visibility of your current vision will change. Every form you see exists because of minerals that pull themselves together, you see it because you perceive through your animal nature. To perceive through your super sensible self hold your truth to you. You are now at a time in earths evolution where no longer will spirit descend the spiral, now you are ascending the spiral to meet spirit on the higher planes and operate from those levels. Your consciousness will become more conscious, the need to seek outside of yourself for light will cease to exist, for you will discover the light that lies within all that exists beyond the vision of animal nature. Time is now before you to integrate your micro consciousness, to spread your wings and to fly.
Please take your attention to your heart, draw your shoulders back giving your heart space to expand. Your wings of light manifest in the back of your body, in direct alignment with your heart chakra. The wings emerge through the power of love, the divine love of your super sensible self. The self that is inspired by the will of Mother-Father God, not the will of your animal nature. I now ask your permission to step into your akashic record, I shall access the consciousness of your super sensible self and with your permission link you to this through your heart chakra. Come with me now, imagine yourself in a space that resembles your akashic record, allow it to unfold in any vision. This is the place where everything you have ever experienced on any level, through all dimensions exists. Here you have access to every answer that exists, here you have the power to retrieve the answer. If it is your divine will to carry the light of the revelation of Michael and the light of the Solar Angels, and to become the Angelic presence and Solar Angel that you were created as, then call forth your Solar Angelic Presence to step fully into your animal nature and to become one with the mineral presence you associate with. Each time you take breath into your body, feel the fire of the solar light filling up your being. Fill yourself up beyond your mineral physical self; expand the solar fire light beyond your physical body. As you do this, imagine your wings extending through you heart chakra, feel them expanding, stretching, and opening. Your wings of solar light are what shall carry you upon the ethers to rise above the density of your current world, the consciousness that you associate with specifically.
The lightness of being that shall come into being, will rise through you, carrying you. You are to trust your ability to rise above the density of the collective consciousness of the world of fear. You are to call forth your divine Angelic Presence and intend to rise above the animal nature, the mineral physicality of the world you associate with and you are to intend the reunion with the divine will of the Mother-Father God and Goddess through which you were creatively birthed. You are to intend that your Angelic Presence ground itself through the Solar Archangelic Presence, uniting firmly with mother earth and allowing you to penetrate the material world and become your super sensible self. Breathe deeply into your body feel your heart chakra extending its energy beyond your earth, expand it and embrace the Solar Archangelic Presence of your solar system. The Solar Angels now step into your sacral chakra situated just beneath your navel, they extend a strand of Divine Nature Awareness into your sun chakra located between your sacral and base chakra. They breathe the solar fire into your base chakra, this expands the light of awareness within your animal nature to feel the power of your super sensible self as your Solar Archangelic Presence prepares you to accept and aspect of the Archangelic Michael consciousness I bring to each of you this day. Feel the energy coursing through your lower chakras; now imagine the magnificent sapphire energy in your throat, drawing the solar fire from your base chakra, up through your sun chakra, through your sacral chakra into your solar plexus chakra, and into your heart chakra. As this energy accumulates in your throat chakra the sapphire ray expands beyond the physicality of your mineral animal self, and it expands your consciousness to reunite with your super sensible self, so that you may become a conduit through which communication shall pass, bringing the revelations of Michael to your world. Truths that shall reveal to you and all the aspects of yourself reflected in the humans you perceive who share life with you, that the limited perception of light experiences expressed through material world, will now expand beyond _expression and remerge with the super sensible selves of the multi dimensional worlds of higher consciousness. And those who are ready to re-unite with the divine worlds, will rise from the dragon body, ending the battle of wills, ending the battle between the light and the dark selves and stand in the full presence of the Solar Archangelic Presence, and emanate the vibration of the solar presence through this. The Lions gate becomes fully active and the Lioness presence that was the truth of all ages, prior to the material age can once more become. As this becomes, so you become, so you behold once more, you are liberated from the chains that bind you to the stress and deprivation of the material world.
The evolution of humanity has now reached a point, where the material world, the spirit world, the scientific world and the religious worlds combine, east and west merge, dark and light become one as the light consumes darkness, and light exists within every atom of consciousness. The atoms which make up the hydrogen within you, the solar light, expands and becomes stronger, this strength gives birth to the Lion heart of courage, and so your divine world releases its grip on control. You are free from the dragon’s wings and you hold your Angelic wings, and you fly into the dawn of the new world golden age of Aquarian consciousness. On the energy planes, we have a further four hundred and forty four thousand presences of light connected all around your globe, to align with this presence. I ask each of you now to breath deeply into your physical body, and to call forth the aspect of the Archangelic Michael consciousness, that vibrates in divine alignment with the divine will of your Solar Angelic and Solar Archangelic and super sensible self, to merge fully with you and become one with you. It is vital that you breathe through this process; each breath brings light into your body.
Imagine your mineral animal self-rising, meeting with your Solar Angelic self. Let it rise to meet with your Solar Archangelic self, feel it rise to merge with your super sensible self, and unites your energy with each person present in the room and the four hundred and forty four thousand presences of light. Imagine each of you spreading your wings, and as these wings open they enfold your planet, and you form the solar ring of light around your planet. Now project the sapphire ray from your throat chakra into your planet, with the intention that the sapphire ray bring the higher vibrations of the truth, to be communicated through the voices of light present within the soul of every human being. Imagine the sapphire ray increasing in vibration penetrating every animal nature present, and every mineral body present. Call forth your divine truth, as you stand united with the Solar Angelic and the Solar Archangelic forces, you integrate the aspects of the Archangelic Michael energy I extend to each of you, and you are given the opportunity to move into any area or field, within earthly existence. This will give you opportunities to emanate the solar light, to bring light to the solar presence within everyone else ready to receive it. You are now to decide if you choose to be a physical catalyst within the physical world of mineral density, or to be a catalyst within the emotional world of water, and of fluidity. Whatever choice you make will determine how you make an impact on peoples lives in order to bring them into full consciousness and knowing that the evolution has come. This evolution manifests the revolution that shall bring humanity into the next level of _expression, in assisting not as singular animal nature mineral expressions, but Angelic beings to be carrying out the divine plan of God, expressing and creating through the divine template of Mother God.
Draw your consciousness back to the planet, draw in your consciousness back into your body, feel your energy back in your physical self. For the following 7 hours, your body will continue to integrate.
End Of Tape
Your solar presence will continue to reveal to you over the next 7 days where your animal nature limits your _expression of truth, and in what area of your material world you need to release the grip on, in order bring the battle between your higher and lower self to an end. You are continuing the process of integration for the collective consciousness of your planet, your connection with the Solar Archangelic league of light and the Solar Angelic presence and all the higher levels of yourself will remain connected.
In order to seal this energy, draw the sapphire light into your third eye, move it up into your crown chakra, allow it to spill forth into your energy bodies. This sapphire ray shall continue to serve as a shield of protection around you. It will act as a mechanism, through which your animal nature shall ascend. Visualise the sapphire light moving from your crown chakra to the crown chakra of the person on your left, now visualise the sapphire light connecting to the throat chakra of the person on your right. The sapphire light pulsates through the group; we seal the sapphire ray of higher consciousness of truth and divinity within each of you and through the levels of super sensible selves that shall bring into existence a divine plan of higher wisdom for the planet. You shall continue to integrate the higher wisdom of rays 8 through to 12, and your celestial master and guides will educate you through these vibrations, and reveal to each of you the plan you have created of the golden consciousness as part of the plan, of taking you world beyond the Atlantian imprint, and into the divine golden consciousness of the golden world that never came into being. And so it is that I Archangel Michael protector of the human race, bless each of you with the fire of your solar light, farewell.
I am Kuthumi and I return at this point greetings beloved ones. Brothers and Sisters the energy you have been introduced to today is a foreign one to you, in the sense of what you have experienced up until this point. The only reason why it is foreign to you is because of the association with you physical body that you have taken so seriously. I assure many of you recall the teachings that spirit has brought, asking you to move beyond the association with the physical world, to trust and to see beyond what you have created by your conditionings and your belief systems. You have been taken through this process of guidance for this time, so that it would be with greater ease that you could integrate that which lies beyond the physicality you have come to accept as physical existence. Because you are integrating quantum consciousness, it is vital for you to be able to begin to see how your psychology has defined the physiology you associate with, now your psychology moves out of its animal structure as Archangel Michael described it, and now it moves into quantum psychology where more becomes possible. It is the realm where science and spirit or science and religion merge, and humanity will come to see with greater clarity how neither can exist without the other. Humanity will come to see that East and West are mirror images of one another as are North and South, and when all of the 4 polarities merge, so the singular _expression of unified divinity will exist. During Atlantis the 4 polarities became more separate, rather than closer together. Those polarities have existed through the four elements of your earth. You are made up of all these elements, you respond and react to all these elements.
You have been told for many, many cycles that you are one with the earth. You are one with all that is. Now you can begin to understand a little more what was meant by this. You have within you the element of water, your mind is your air element, your creative passion is you fire element, and your ability to manifest it is your earth element. All must be balanced for existence to be in a harmonious manifested existence. And just like your masculine and feminine self must merge and become balanced, so must your visible and invisible selves. As you evolve and mature you will see beyond the singular reality you have grown accustomed to, you have grown accustomed it to because you forgot. You were not always limited in this way, children are proof of this. As children you saw clearly as children still do today, therefore become like a child to enter the kingdom of heaven. Heaven is not above you, or beyond you, it is within you, and to perceive the kingdom of heaven requires you see beyond the limited consciousness you have adopted as reality.
I know you know that what you have existed in has not been everything. You have always known there is more to life than what you see. Every cell of your body knows the truth of creation and existence, and you have reached the point where you are free to know the truth. You are now moving away from the density, and as you move so the energy is stirred, and a ripple effect is created, and every new ripple of consciousness will impact upon other levels of consciousness lower and higher, and those still locked in the density will have there world shaken, perhaps even stirred, as yours has already been, but do not deny yourself the blessing of merging with your super sensible self, because those who still sleep do not believe what your heart knows is true.
You do not have to deny yourself any longer. If there is one thing that I was permitted to tell you, and not ever to speak to you ever again, then it would be the words I have just spoken. Do not deny yourself because others do not see what you see or feel what you feel. You sold your soul a long time ago and you have earned your right to reclaim it. Reclaiming the power of your soul is not esoteric, or new age or metaphysical, or of an occult nature, it is a divine right. Every human being regardless of their faith is granted this opportunity, and it manifests in a number of ways. You have chosen a pathway to remembering, as has everyone else, which is why placing judgement on another person’s pathway is so dangerous for when you judge you limit your experience. By being limiting by the judgements of others you sell your soul again. You have deprived yourself of the truth because you have placed too much emphasis on external sources of acceptance and confirmation. Now the source of truth and confirmation rises from inside you, it is where it has always existed and you will gravitate to those who reflect that inner source of truth. You are accountable to your inner soul self, you are responsible for your growth and evolution no one else. The cycles of selling your energy have ended a long time ago. To end suffering you must make a choice to experience another way, when you make a choice you must take action. You, and only you can change your reality. You, and only you can create your existence as a harmonious, as a happy and divine one; no one else is responsible for that, only you.
You have received the blessing of reclaiming your sword of truth. Archangel Michael has travelled with you for many cycles, and now he stands with you once more, slicing through the veils of illusion, showing you the new world. Only you can decide whether you will see with new eyes or not. Never again can you ever blame anyone for anything in your life because you are a divine being, completely responsible for what you have created, because you are of an intelligence, and of a consciousness that allows it to be so, and if you are to expand in consciousness and grow upon your path then let go of the lower ego. Choose to end the battle and experience something different, I have said before beloved ones, that if you continue to do what you have done, you will always get what you have always gotten; it is as simple as that. The more you seek for truth outside of yourself the more you will find illusion, because it does not exist outside of you, your power is inside of you, you will not find your power in anyone else or in anything else. This is what has caused the downfall of humanity. Because you have searched for love outside of yourself, you have grappled for the answers outside of yourself and you have forgotten to look in the mirror and see the truth that exists within you. You carry it around with you every single day. You walk in it, so stop now for a change and turn your vision in and recognise it has been staring you in the face for all this time. Give up your victim archetype set it free to be transformed by the light of your Solar Archangelic Self, choose victory consciousness, and give up your indulgence in poverty consciousness and depriving yourself of your divine rights. Choose prosperity consciousness, give up your lust consciousness, give up your ego’s desire for revenge, give up your ego’s desire to hold on to fear because it holds on to victim consciousness therefore believing that there is insufficient energy to sustain your planet. You need not fear power, the only power you fear is that power that is governed by lust consciousness which holds onto everything, it does not allow the free flow of energy, for it believes in poverty. You are not poor souls, you are not victims, give up the war. War, revenge,and fear make up lust consciousness, give up conditional love, true love is not EVER conditional, it simply IS, it TRUSTS, it IS the DIVINE WILL in divine _expression.
The revelations of Michael beloved ones are very simple, yet it is the most DIFFICULT THING for humanity to integrate, because it requires that every human being take full responsibility for their own life, and for their creations. It requires that every human being step completely into their power, and let go of everything their life and their IDENTITY is built upon. Humanity holds on to disease because it has become their identity. Human beings identify with pain and suffering, with poverty and with limitation because that is what you have come to know as a reality. You pray to released from pain and suffering. Many people ask God why the world suffers so, it is not up to God to change your world, it is up to you to allow the God within you to serve through you, and the only way that this can happen is by you giving up your dance with your inner enemy, the devil so to speak.
It will take some getting used to. You will be left speechless by your own power, so I dare you to give it your best shot. I dare you to stand before yourself and to look into your own self and embrace what lies beneath the masks you have adopted that you believe are your true self. I dare you to challenge your identity to find the truth. For how else will you know what the truth is, and truth is in a constant state of change because you are evolving, and as you evolve you discover higher truths which make other truths for you specifically obsolete. I trust I have made myself clear yes? Now are there any questions I can assist anyone?
Question: inaudible
MK: because all the new energies coming into the earth plane are of such a high vibration and because the heart chakra of every human being including all the heart chakric points around your planet are being re-activated it is causing the energy of the lower chakras to be pulled up into the upper chakras in order to ground all the systems of new light. This has manifested in sensations such as you are experiencing, because it is also creating change in the blueprint of every human being, the blueprint is stored etherically in what is known as the cerebral spinal fluid. As that changes so it causes other shifts of energy which are felt more physically within the spine as well as within the head. Some people have been complaining extensively of severe discomfort in the head, we call these expansion headaches. It is the expansion of consciousness which is causing physical aspects of the brain to become more active, this means humanity is beginning to tap into greater abilities within their brain, no longer is all of humanity operating off 3,8% brain capacity, it is increasing. Does this answer your question?
Lord Kuthumi, I want to ask you a question relating to…. I play tennis, and I have been hit this year so many times on different parts of my body by opponents. On Wednesday I received a shot right in the middle nose, between my eyes. Does this indicate…………do I draw that energy to me or is there a message for me?
MK: sister the body is very unique in its ability to shed what it no longer needs. All over your body energy points exist, when the pressure of energy becomes too much in an area it needs to be released. This manifests in experiences such as you experienced, some people may find they bump themselves, and if one is able to experience bodywork, those pressure points are automatically released. So perhaps it is time then, for you to indulge in some bodywork and then you wont have to be hit by your opponents to release the pressure points. Inaudible
MK: you are welcome.
Question: how many survived the Atlantian destruction and why is there such a huge gap in archaeological…from the time of the destruction to the emergence of the new…rest. Inaudible?
MK: Thoth brought with him exactly 1 million souls; these souls came from the Atlantian imprint of physical existence and etheric existence. The only reason why there is a gap archeologically, is because there was a time between Atlantis and Egypt where the Lords of Light specifically the Ashtar Command had to intervene in order to bring back into balance that which had been thrown out of balance as a result of the activity of that time. I can also quite safely say that evidence will come into being probably over the next 30 to 40 years, hopefully approximately 20 years sooner, that will close that gap, because people will be ready to accept its evidence. This is where the so-called missing link will be explained, and many of the changes in humanities evolution will be explained. Is this clear?
Question: I have the impression that we jumped time lines?
MK: that happens all the time.
Question: but in this instance specifically?
MK: from your current perspective? Yes
Rest inaudible
Question: inaudible
MK: Saaron is from Antares and works directly through the 12 gateways linked to the 9 pyramids, one of them being the Great Pyramid of Egypt, Giza. You understand?
MK: these 9 pyramids form what is known as the Fibonacci spiral.
Question: inaudible
MK: the flames do continue to expand; each one represents a level of humanities consciousness as well as the soul fire, which exists within the solar plexus. The solar fire expands in many different directions and the 2 additional flames that you have connected with are connected to the solar plexus specifically. As humanity becomes more empowered and more alive within their divine will and power, so the solar fire will increase in its power to burn through the veils of illusion. So the flame does not always extend itself upwards, it also expands itself through parallel timelines and multidimensionally. You understand? The dragons of Lady Quan Yin represent the battle known as karma played out by humanity, her dragons represent the power of ones ability to enter into higher consciousness through the integration of the lower self, which takes one into greater understanding of the higher self, which has been the purpose of darkness until this point. You understand?
Yes thank you
MK: you are welcome
Question: I have 2 questions please if I may ask them; one is a personal one who is my celestial master?
MK: Lord Soltec
Question: and the other question it relates to the London bombings 2 weeks ago, there have been a number of revenge attacks particularly on Moslems in London in England. Is it really the Moslem fanatics who through suicide bombings they …….the underground and the bus…….. because they say now investigations are finding proof at the scene of the bomb blasts, I can’t understand how if the place was bombed how can they find documents at the scene of the crime. What is this proof they have? …….. Something about the Illuminati
MK: sister let us put it to you this way, the Illuminati does not limit itself to Americans or Irishmen it will utilise whatever source available that will continue to feed the darkness of the fear. You understand? So to label it in any way is very dangerous, darkness is in existence. 777 is about opening all 7 levels of consciousness through the 7 rays of consciousness that humanity has been striving to achieve. As the ascension process continues its expansion process, so the chakric system will continue to expand. You see humanity's tendency is to focus on the negativity of everything that occurs, rather than see what light has come out of what has occurred, and if humanity had to focus on the gift, they would find the solution immediately, but because they harp on the negativity they lose the plot completely. Do you understand? Yes thank you.
Question: relates to 5 lion cubs that died recently
MK: sister there is a link between the animal kingdom and the animal nature of humanity as well as the link to sun energy. All of these links are about transformation currently taking place, for it is a very powerful ascension wave currently taking place. You understand? So everything that does not align with this current wave will undergo a process of de-materialisation.The cubs transmuted some negative energy through their transition. Do you understand?
MK: what part are you not clear about?
MK: I did not say they were not aligned with the ascension process, energy manifests itself through various forms, because the energy is transforming, you must understand, that some forms will bring forth an energy in order for it to be changed, just like humans will be born for a short period of time and leave the body for that is the entirety of the experience that was needed. When one looks at the animal nature and sees how a mother devours her cubs, does this not happen within the animal nature of humanity on a psychological level? So it was representing this transformative process. You understand?
Question: I was recently asked to do a clearing that involved artefacts and I felt very uncomfortable working with them and I refused to do it, I would like to know - please explain why I felt that way - my reluctance, and how should I proceed in future if I come across or find myself in the same situation?
MK: sister what did you feel?
A: I felt that there was still a connection to the maker of those artefacts, it was like a soul part to the maker of those things, they were still a linked and they didn’t want that link broken.
MK: can you trust this? Can you trust what you felt?
A: I do trust what I felt, but I would just like to understand… why I am asking this is that people who have done this kind of work will do it regardless and I don’t know whether…
MK: sister there are people who are born into this world to do that work specifically, therefore they have the resistance and resilience within themselves energetically, to withstand such density as what you experienced. It is not your soul plan to work with such density you are a teacher you understand? It answers your question?
A: it does but on some level I feel drawn to do this kind of work.
MK: you will do it to a degree sister; you will not be required to have to release such density on a permanent basis.
MK: beloved ones I shall take a final question.
Question inaudible
MK: you are a mother are you not? Is that not a career? Your daughter needs your focus right now; it is your soul contract with her to give her the undivided attention she requires now in order to assist her with what she shall accomplish in her future. That is part of what your purpose is right now. Have you not witnessed her reactions to the initiation energy?
A: inaudible
MK: so you are an instrument in which she draws this energy for and when the divine time is the perfect manifestation the next part of your contract will be revealed and you will move into the external world. You are building the heart plan with your daughter, do not see your role and service as less than any other persons because you are being groomed for something much greater than you currently perceive, be patient……. tape ends
And so it is then beloved ones, that we continue to embrace each one of you in the power and light that you are created from, that you are moving into more and more with every breath you take. We bless each of you, with everything you require in order to bring your divine will into its full manifestation. Trust in the many invisible arms that hold you, and know that not ever do you walk alone, for we are all one and we are with you always in all ways. May the light of Mother and Father God continue to shine upon the pathway before you, and may every step that you take be a steady one, and may all come to always be well in your world.


I am Kuthumi Chohan of the Golden Ray of Love and Wisdom,
Michelle Eloff
083 478-6777
Founder/Director - The Lightweaver & The Lightweaver Children's Fund
Trance Voice Channel Specializing in Ascension Initiations, Ascended Master Teachings & Old & New Sacred Site Tours locally & Internationally
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Channelled through Michelle Eloff©
Wednesday 10 August, 2005.
Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA
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Lord Kuthumi
I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the rays of love and wisdom to greet each of you at this time and to bring unto you the blessings of emotional maturing, mental maturing, deeper spiritual awakening and understanding. Greetings beloved ones, and it is with great joy and pleasure in our hearts that we may gather with each of you upon this day, as we hold you firmly within the heart of Christ and securely upon the hands of God.
Beloved ones in preparation for Lord Hilarion’s transmition and initiation, we wish to re align your energy with the Emerald Ray of higher consciousness, therefore focus on your heart chakra for now.
Imagine emerald light igniting in the centre of your heart chakra, as you breathe in and out visualise the emerald light expanding and growing in strength. Imagine every breath strengthening the emerald light until it enfolds your entire physical body. Set the intention that with every breath you continue to inhale and exhale, that the emerald ray spread beyond your physical body, and beyond your subtle bodies until it envelops your universe. Remind yourself, that this emerald ray brings you the higher vibrational seventh dimensional light, light that continues to feed your body, and raise your consciousness through the dimensions of higher learning for the purpose of your personal ascension.
I shall now take my leave and make way for Lord Hilarion.
Blessings and Adonai.
Lord Hilarion
I am Hilarion, welcome.
Gathering with us here today, is all levels of your consciousness which you have actively been concentrating on bringing into a higher state of awareness. Your personal spiritual development is moving at a very rapid rate, one which you deserve to integrate, in grace and through harmony. I am Master of the fifth ray of concrete knowledge and science, and in our gathering today I shall assist you all to integrate the wisdom of the scientist, the wisdom not only of logistical and logical science but the wisdom of the universal and spiritual science. Understanding the world through God’s eyes is vital for your personal ascension program to manifest itself into another level through which you can express and grow.
Your time has come to understand that life is not about reacting to what comes your way, it is now a process of responding to what life is presenting you. To be a master of the rays, you must integrate your fifth ray body; this serves the purpose of bringing into your conscious consciousness the awareness of concrete knowledge and science. You are moving through the spiritual movement of the golden age. For those of you who are ready to integrate this light and to understand what it means to grow as a spiritual being, will help you to understand the importance of tapping into the higher wisdom of the universal masters, and deliver to humanity spiritual scientific principles of co-creation and manifestation.
I Lord Hilarion am Lord of manifestation. Not only do I work with concrete knowledge and science, but I also teach you how to integrate your co-creative powers through the God aspect. As you unite this with the Goddess aspects you have been working with for some months now, you will come to see how heaven and earth have always been one, how body, mind and spirit are always one. It is only your ego and your belief systems that keep you separate. Your heart becomes the bridge between the physical world and the spiritual world, and your throat centre is the bridge between heaven and earth; in other words your mind and your heart. I have spent many cycles in human form in Europe, it is in this place that I set in place many temples of light. It is upon the dimensions 5 through to 7 that you shall be transported to places of Europe where you shall activate the aspects of your parallel consciousness' that have experienced many European incarnations, so that you can activate a conscious memory of that which you have learned. All of you here have had many such cycles walking as my students. I have taught you many of the laws of manifestation while you embodied in physicality and upon the higher planes. For the past 7 days I have been working with all of you upon the higher planes, I shall continue this for the next 77 days.
It is important that, if you want to utilise the memory of mastery that you allow yourself to tap into your universal wisdom and embrace that which you know already. The fifth ray of concrete science and knowledge in itself is in the process of immense change and reconstruction. Many of the truths set in place by the scientists of the old world are now being proven to not bear the truth they did before. This is cause for delight for this inspires the golden age scientists who are in truth also spiritual beings motivated to discover the connection between heaven and earth. You are part of this, you do not have to be a quantum physicist or a rocket scientist to be considered a scientist, for a life is a science, it is one that you have come to embrace and understand that it presents opportunities for growth, and for creation all the time. Life is science, you are a science, what makes you who you are in physicality is science of Mother-Father God in His-Her physical manifestation. It is important that you understand the place of science in life. Your scientific mind is not being activated to confuse you. It may bring to the fore your personal belief in inadequacy, perhaps a belief that you do not have the intellectual capacity to understand complex formulas, however the science I speak of has nothing to do with complex formulas, the ego creates enough complexity, the fact that you have mastered some of those complexities makes the science of God quite simple.
The science of the heart, the science of the mind and the science of manifestation, in other words the science of co-creation are very simple to apply. For many months now you have been told by the grand Masters to drop your conditioning, and to move beyond your belief systems and the attitudes you have adopted throughout this lifetime. Many of you have been presented with wonderful opportunities to move beyond the conditionings of your past; therefore you are already on the path to embracing your inner Einstein. Let us not limit your consciousness by making it an Einsteinian consciousness, for it was also that Einstein did not trust quantum energy, for he did not understand its volatility. You however are coming to understand, that the volatility of quantum consciousness is not dangerous, all it is, is offering you great opportunity to understand the power within the science of the minds ability to change at will the outcome of all situations. This is what Einstein interpreted as a volatile energy. The person or scientist responsible for the experimentation within the quantum world determines the outcome just like your attitude determines the quality of life/light you create. It is that you have been using this science all along, but you have been utilising it in a limited manner, you have been creating your reality within the box of your conditionings and belief systems. Your current advantage is that no longer are you trapped by this, because you have sufficient knowledge to take you past it, to show you the greater advantage in dropping your conditionings, and re-adjusting your belief systems to support the new truth you have discovered.
You have been told before your truth will continue to change as long as you continue to grow. This means your power to create is enormous. The more you choose awakening and expand your consciousness and venture into the unknown to search for deeper and greater truths, so your power as co-creator increases. Your discovery of what lies within the universe liberates you with every step you take. So yes, your truth will always set you free from what ever boundary you have created that restricts you, and prevents you from being your greatest potential. Our purpose of gathering with you here today is to activate the memory on a cellular level, so that you can remember the greatness of your power. As we activate your fifth ray body, you will be supported in really seeing attitudes specifically that govern your attitude to creation, as well as attitudes that govern your attitudes toward your belief in your capabilities as a master manifester. You are master manifester’s already, I am not here to teach you anything new, I am here to simply remind you.
The next six months of your life will be filled with much change, what you are experiencing in your life now may appear like a distant shore, but at the end of the future six moth cycle, see it as an adventure into new territory where you shall discover lost treasures.
Let us now begin by taking you on a journey to discover one of your many lost treasures.
Imagine yourself standing on a tropical beach, the ocean is calm and it gently laps upon the shore at your feet. Take a few steps into the water, and as you look into the distance you become aware of an urge to move deeper into the water. Take another few steps in; as you stand in this water you are graced with the presence of 4 magnificent dolphins. These dolphins represent your spiritual consciousness, your adult consciousness, your adolescent and your inner child consciousness. All these levels of consciousness will guide you to discover a lost treasure, one that you have been searching for, for most of your life. The dolphins gesture for you to come into the water and swim with them. Follow them, remind yourself the water is calm, and there is no reason for you to fear the water at all. The dolphins reassure you of their protection, and if you become tired of swimming all you need do is ask them to carry you, and it shall be done. First play with them a little, for this is the dolphin’s priority, playfulness, as they swim around and underneath you they begin to weave the infinity symbol around your body. They create the infinity grid, woven into your energy to support your inner child, adolescent, adult and spiritual consciousness. Imagine the feeling of this infinity symbol being woven around your body; allow it to penetrate the pores of your skin, and to move deep into the core of your physicality.
The dolphins gesture now for you to go a little deeper into the water, if you like, you can now grab onto the fin of one of the dolphins, and let them pull you out deeper into the ocean. The water is still calm; and it is completely safe for you to explore this unknown territory. Your dolphins now begin to circle over a particular reef within the water, and indicate to you that there is a treasure beneath the water where you are swimming, and it is your duty to dive down to the coral reef and see what treasure lurks there, one that belongs to you. If you are afraid you cannot dive that deep, ask one of your the dolphins to assist you. When you are ready, take a deep breath and ask the dolphin to take you and see what you discover there. Know, that the breath of air that you are taking, can sustain you for many minutes under the water, there is no rush. Take time to observe the beauty of this coral reef. When you have found your treasure, you indicate to your dolphins to return you to the shore, when you have returned to the shore with your treasure we shall continue.
Sister on my right, what have you discovered, what is your treasure?
A: I have discovered a crystal ball and a wand with a crystal at the end?
LH: and what do you interpret this gift this treasure as being?
A: the wand to manifest, and the crystal ball the world of possibilities.
LH: now which of your chakras respond to the ball and the wand?
A: the throat and the third eye.
LH: therefore it is clear, that your throat and the third eye are the chakras you are to utilise with the assistance of your newfound lost treasure, in order to manifest and respond to the world of opportunity you have discovered.
LH: now before we continue is there anything you would like ask of us?
A: I just want to ask you, the manifestation, and I would like to understand the manifestation of the slender tailed mongoose that is an almost daily occurrence.
LH: Your mongoose is there as a reminder of the hidden treasures you must now discover, having found what you now sit with will add to your ability to create and to manifest. The mongoose is one of your totems, and every time you see this creature let it serve as a reminder that you are a master manifester, that you work with me, Lord Hilarion. I am your manifesting Master as I am for all of you here. I do not take on many students, you as a group and I have done this, you are personally receiving your training as manifester’s in my ashram. Your mongoose is there as a physical indication that you have the speed and agility to move from one aspect of being to another. Have you noticed how rapidly the mongoose will run across a path? It shows you, you can cross the path from one side to another safely and with speed, its tail serves as an antenna to the world of spirit. You are creating you personal antennae to the world of spirit, as are all of you here today, and your fifth ray body is the one that shall hold the energy you are integrating, through your throat and your third eye as a result of your choice of being here today. 10 is the number of transformation, you are all transforming your old way, and finding new ways to create. One cannot use outdated and obsolete systems to function in the new timeline, which is why it is so important to find the new tools. Your initiation today is a deeply spiritual one, for you are becoming master manifester’s not only on the physical plane, but on the spiritual plane too. It is through the fifth ray of concrete knowledge and science, that you will open the gate to the next level of your personal path of ascension. Is this in your understanding?
LH: sister Sandy what did you discover, what is your treasure?
A: inaudible
LH: and what will you do with this passion?
LH: and which of your chakras respond to this passion?
A: the heart chakra
LH: therefore it is, that you must utilise your heart chakra to integrate this treasure and it is through your heart that you shall manifest your master hood through. Your fifth ray body shall be connected through your heart chakra, as you continue to co-create with spirit and the grand masters who guide you. Know that life shall change rapidly for the simple reason you are ready for it, trust in the synchronicity supplied. Work every day to align yourself to the magnetic grids of abundance and of peace and grace. I oversee the spiritual development of all of you. You are part of the spiritual movement into golden age consciousness. Spiritual movement is not about an uprising or revolution, it is an awakening and revelation of what science of spirit truly means. I have always been responsible for bringing about change through spiritual movements, through to monitoring psychic development of the many systems of consciousness in your galaxy. I shall personally oversee your development. So time for a little horsing around yes?
LH: do you have a question for us?
LH: you are at a cross roads where you can choose this, currently there is the vision of the chariot in your energy field. The chariot is depicted in the major arcana of the tarot deck, the tarot is made up of the white horse and the black horse, symbolising clarity and confusion, the cycles through the night, and the cycles through the day. You have had to address many new cycles over the past 18 months. Where you are at now, you have the opportunity to decide what you would like to do with your time, and how you would like to invest your energy. You create the outcome of what you conceive in your mind, that is the nature of the quantum world. You have a destiny as does have every one, but it is the choice of every soul as to what one creates as ones destiny unfolds which is what makes the journey so exiting. Your time and choice now allows you to focus very deeply on you inner self, and to determine what will bring you great happiness and release what has bound you in the past. Therefore your horses can be a part time pleasure, or they can be a fulltime pleasure. I Lord Hilarion will assist you with your decision, I repeat to you, every day take some time to align your energy with the magnetic grids of abundance of peace and grace, set an intention for your day. Knowing that you are currently facing a crossroads means you can ask the powers of spirit to show what your next step is in accordance with the highest will of your soul. It is safe to allow your higher self and Mother-Father God to make decisions and guide your ego to integrate the transformation. All you need to do right now, is get in touch with what will brings you pleasure and liberation, peace and harmony, and leave the rest up to God. You understand? It is an honour and thank you.
LH: sister Marianne what is your treasure?
LH: and what are you going to do with this remembrance?

LH: and which of your chakras respond to this?
LH: therefore it is through these chakras that your fifth ray body shall anchor itself; it is through these chakras you will create and manifest. We believe you locked yourself out of your car this morning yes?
LH: What does your car represent for you, what is it symbolic of?
LH: And why did you need to lock yourself out of it? What are you preventing yourself from experiencing, where are you preventing yourself from moving to?
LH: do you see the symbology, think carefully of this, because your journey is very important to you as a soul as is your ascension path as you have chosen. Bear in mind you do not have to compromise your truth or sacrifice your journey to keep peace. You have a purpose you must focus on your purpose and strive not to be distracted by other peoples insecurities, their anxieties, nor their jealousies or their fears of what you represent. You understand?
LH: It is an honour and thank you.
LH: sister Despina what is your treasure?
LH: and what would you like to manifest as a result of integrating this new treasure
LH: who is that true and real you, who is she, what does she do, what does she feel like?
LH: that is very important key for you, knowing without fear, creating fearlessly, and being fearless, because you are teacher you must be prepared to lead the way and at times to be pioneer. You understand? So it is through all your chakras your fifth ray body shall anchor itself and resonate its frequency into the physical world. You have a question?
LH: this trip is certainly an important one for you, for what you have discovered today you shall integrate and on your journey you will discover deeper aspects of your spirituality and how the mature emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of yourself feel being awakened and awake simultaneously. You will come to sense what it is like to be awake all at once. Not having to switch off parts of yourself in order to feel with different areas of your life. You will integrate the energy all into one system, so that you can just be. So it is your anchoring time, it is your time of grounding that true you. The part of you that you have described you wish to be, therefore it is important for you to commit to bringing that forward and not compromising it because others may be uncomfortable with what they see or feel. You reflect others potential as much as others can reflect your potential, if ones are not willing to see their potential it is not your responsibility then to deny it and shut yourself down, yes?
LH: it is an honour and thank you.
LH: and which of your chakras respond?
LH: between your heart and solar plexus?
LH: then it is through these chakras that you shall anchor your fifth ray body; it is through these chakras you shall manifest the energy and the light to transform the old world into the golden age of new enlightenment. As this golden energy is absorbed by the cells of your body, you will find a new inner strength developing, one that will motivate you to remain on your path. It is important that you keep yourself focussed on the task at hand, and not become distracted by energies or entities trying to deviate you from your task. Therefore we suggest an activity that you can participate in at least 5 times per seven-day week, one that will keep your mind clear your mind focussed and your body strong and clear of toxins, fit and balanced. You can choose any kind of creative activity or martial arts or being with nature, is a very important part of your personal program. You understand?
LH: this will suffice, however your body does need some physical activity to clear the energy through it, it must be able to move through you. Your body tends to hold stagnant energy in your chakras, and this makes your head a little crazy. You understand?

LH: if you are unable to do physical activities, then you must have some deep tissue massage once per week minimum, it is clear?
LH: your question?
Q. ..... Legal situation needing resolution .......
LH: you are to perform a ceremony of request. You are to call upon Lady Quan Yin, Lord El Morya, Lord Jesus, and I Hilarion shall come when called, the Angels and Archangels of manifestation and of the legal systems of justice and right action, and you are then to present to this board of light what you require, for what purpose you require it, and how you require support and it shall be done in accordance with the highest will of the divine plan of Mother-Father God. Is this clear?
LH: you are to bathe your energy field in the gold light you have brought from the reef in the ocean; this golden energy will bathe your energy field in the golden energy of the golden masters and keep you alive in the world of Shambhalla of which you are a great part of. Lord Kuthumi will bring you your golden mantle, you must ask for this every day to serve as a mantle of protection. Yes you understand?
LH: it is an honour to share with you, thank you
LH: what is this power, what is your full power, what does it look like, what does it feel like, what does it do?
LH: and which of your chakras do you feel respond to this treasure?
LH: then it is through these 3 chakras you will anchor your fifth ray body, it is through these chakras you will manifest the power, and you shall come into the grace of this power, and this awesome light that you wish to now align yourself with. Therefore, it is essential that every day upon arising that you give thanks for the new day, and you are to align yourself with the magnetic grids of power, which shall bring your full potential for you to merge with it so that you may move into your future aligned with that great and vast potential. You are to align yourself with the Elohim of Grace, for it is the power of grace that allows ones individual power to be emanated gracefully and with the authority and true power of Mother-Father God. You understand this? You have a question?
LH: first of all you need to all understand, what past behaviours resulted in self-sabotage and all the limitations of manifesting whatever you have needed at any particular time of your lives. Being aware of what your past behaviour has created, gives you greater awareness in the present so as to not repeat your past. Take time to observe the patterns of your past, look at your frustrations and where there have been barriers that prevented you from achieving your goals. The greater awareness will create an avenue for new energy to flow toward you so you can find creative solutions to whatever challenge or obstacle comes to limit your progress. Every time you encounter stagnation or limitation, ask yourselves, "is my process being blocked because I am blocked?" " what have been my actions up until this point?" and, "what is the similarity to past behaviour that has manifested in limitation?" If you can clearly see there has been no repetitive behaviour from the past of a negative nature, then one must accept that one is in the cycle of being, it is time of the in-breath, where you would be better supported by just being creative. Not trying to formulate any specific plan or program or initiate anything new. If you are aware of past behaviour being repeated, then you call upon the lords and Angels of manifestation and ask that the process be facilitated to assist you in discovering a new way. Visit the shore, call your dolphins ask them to swim with you in the ocean of life, and to take you to discover any new treasure that you require, and you repeat the process we have done today. You understand?
LH: it is an honour and thank you.
Now that you have your treasures you must utilise it, for if you don’t use it you will lose it, and if you abuse it you will also lose it. Practise the process of trusting that your power will help you to continuously create what is for the greater good of the whole. Visit your dolphins regularly, and let them take you into the ocean of life. Every time you visit the ocean in your imagination the water will always be calm, the dolphins will always be ready and willing to play, and to swim with you to discover your treasures. There are many treasures, even as we speak with you now, you create new treasures, and you place them in strategic places for yourself for the future, by consciously and conscientiously taking the journey of self-discovery, and introspection, because of this you will find your hidden treasures. The talents that you have mastered in the past, talents that you can tap into now, new talents surfacing that you will have an opportunity to master, that will continuously and consistently feed you the power, wisdom and knowledge to expand your path, to extend your path, and to place you in the synchronistic flow of divine time. An attitude of gratitude, an attitude of trust, of faith and grace will ensure that divine time becomes a synchronistic flow in your life on a daily basis. Observe your response to change and transformation, your attitude will show you where you are in your emotional, mental, and spiritual maturing process. If you are still constantly reacting out of fear and frustration, then you need to centre yourself and look at your life from the perspective of the master. The master in neither happy nor sad, the master looks at what is before him or her, opens their energy for God to step in. In the moment of the presence of God stepping into your presence gracefully align your energy with the magnetic grids that bring solution. When you become embroiled in fear and emotional reaction to your life challenge, you create an obstacle, you create a boulder that you do not know if you must push or pull it out, or if you must walk around it, and you waste time pondering what you must do to get the boulder out of the way. Open yourself to the grace of God and trust He will show you a way out; one must be emotionally, mentally and spiritually aligned in ones physicality to manifest harmonious and synchronistic interaction with the physical world. This creates harmonious relationship with all the unseen levels that influence your daily experience, and so a harmonious interaction of all levels is created and you witness your mastered manifester in action.
These tools you are to use to show others how to embrace their master manifester. The simplicity of the situation is, that if you drop your old way and find a new way everything will automatically be different. It cannot remain the same if you are behaving differently, believing otherwise and observing your life with a positive attitude. Taking full responsibility for what you create empowers you on a much deeper level. Every time you blame someone for your dilemma, you give them the power to abuse you; you give them the power to interfere with what you have created. Every time you blame another for what you perceive as going wrong in your life you give them permition to interact and create even greater turmoil. So the world is not about reaction to emotion, it is about responding to the opportunity that life presents you; it is like God giving you a puzzle and watching what you do will do with it. You could imagine it by giving a child a box of building blocks and watching what he or she creates with the tools at hand. Because you are master manifester’s you will be given 2 boxes, these you will utilise to create whatever you require to take your journey to its next level.
I suggest that you journey to the ocean of life with your dolphins at least once per week. If you do not have a journal get yourself one and write in it all the treasures you are discovering, and what you will do with this treasure, what it feels like exactly and refer to what I have asked you today. I assure you the more you integrate these treasures, the more confident you will feel in your ability as a co-creator and manifester. You will be astounded by your ability to manifest exactly what you need at any given time, as long as it is in accordance with the greater plan of your soul and that of your planet. For the duration of this day, we will continue to raise your fifth ray body into seventh dimension, therefore be very conscious of your thoughts and your attitudes to what life presents you today. Take some time to consider what you wish to create in the future, so that you may utilise the full benefit of the energy we are presenting you with right now. You are a channel for the manifestation energy, you are a teacher of this energy, use it wisely.
Now to complete the process we have created with you, draw the emerald energy back into your concentration, imagine this emerald light washing through your mind, and as it washes through your mind, it washes away all your worries, your anxieties and all the petty discomforts of your life. In your mind tell yourself, "I fully and completely and consciously trust that today everything I need in my life which is in divine harmony, and accordance with the highest will of my soul will come into being, gracefully, harmoniously and miraculously." " I align my divine will, with the will of Mothe-Father God, and I command, by the authority of my divine will, that the will of Mother-Father God, act through my life this day, for my divine will and the divine will of Mother-Father God are one and the same." Continue by saying, "I consciously align my magnetic energy field, with the magnetic field of abundance, of joy, of peace, and of miracles." " I align my awareness with higher wisdom, knowledge and light." " I create the manifestation of the highest will of my divine plan, and I create and manifest an abundant life filled with the positive qualities of Mother-Father Gods creation." Brother and sisters, you can do this every day, you may add to what I have said or you may remove aspects of what I have said. Design this intention to suit your personal circumstance. Make notes of the changes that take place in your life as a result of your conscious alignment with the magnetic grids of abundance, and have faith that the world is truly your oyster.
I am Lord Hilarion may you be at peace, arrivederci!
Lord Kuthumi
I am Kuthumi and I return at this point beloved ones, is there anything I can assist any of you with regarding what it is Lord Hilarion discussed with you?
He obviously made himself very clear this is truly wonderful. Beloved ones let me just remind you at this particular time that you may call upon my assistance, remember that I am the Chohan of the Golden Ray of Love and Wisdom. I am one of the leaders of the ascension program of golden consciousness, and not ever do you have to wallow in any level of confusion or conflict. We the Masters are here to serve you, to assist you, to guide and support you, and through your personal process of enlightenment and discovering your truth so you can show others how to do the same. And so it is beloved ones, that we embrace you in your full potential, and in the light of the Master manifester that you are, may all that you require to guide you on your path, come to you under grace in perfect harmonious and miraculous ways, and may the light of Mother-Father God always shine brightly upon the path before you. Trust always in the invisible arms that hold you, and know that not ever do you have to walk alone.
I am Kuthumi Chohan of the Golden Ray of Love and Wisdom; I greet and bless you in love.
Michelle Eloff
083 478-6777
Founder/Director - The Lightweaver & The Lightweaver Children's Fund
Trance Voice Channel Specializing in Ascension Initiations, Ascended Master Teachings & Old & New Sacred Site Tours locally & Internationally
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