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1 November 2005   from a “loving voice”


Dear One,

Do not worry. Even if you see no way out of your present situation, there is one. At times you may feel as if you have no control over your life, but remember you are creating everything that happens to you. Here we are referring to the “you” as the collective one (mind), not necessarily the little egotistical “you”.

How do you handle apparently stressful or unpleasant situations? Do you remain true to yourself? With other people’s feedback, you cannot help but be “off course”. Every person around you will have a different idea of how your life can and should work. If you look outside yourself, you shall become only more confused. We advise you to go within and to be silent. When you follow your heart’s desires you cannot go wrong. It is only when you try to reason or be logical that you will find yourself going in circles – not knowing what to do. Remember, dear one, you are being perfectly guided by the One True Source. This guidance system operates within your heart, not your head.

If you are unsure of what direction to take or what to do next, ask for guidance in this way:

“What is it that I want?”

Each time you have an answer, ask again exactly the same question except change the question slightly:

“What is it that I really want?”

Okay, let’s try it. Pose the question: “What is it that I want?” and see what response you get. Remember not to try to answer this question with your thoughts. Close your eyes and sit still and allow the answer to bubble up from deep within you. In other words, the best answers are those that come from the direction of your heart, not from within your head!

So, the question: “What is it that I want?” Pose it.

Response: I want to work.
Now pose the question: “What is it that I really want?”

Response: I want to contribute to the good.

Repeat the last question. (From now on the question will be indicated with “Q” and the response with “R”)

Q: What is it that I really want?
R: I want to be used.
Q: What is it that I really want?
R: I want people to need me.
Q: What is it that I really want?
R: I want to control this uncertain world because I’m afraid.
Q: What is it that I really want?
R: I want to change the world I see.
Q: What is it that I really want?
R: I want to be peaceful.
Q: What is it that I really want?
R: I want to be me.
Q: What is it that I really want?
R: I want to express my authentic self.
Q: What is it that I really want?
R: I want to know how to do that.
Q: What is it that I really want?
R: I want to create.
Q: What it is that I really want?
R: I want to paint a picture with words.
Q: What it is that I really want?
R: I want to be free.
Q: What it is that I really want?
R: I want to remember in every situation that I’m spirit having a human experience.
Q: What it is that I really want?
R: I want to be in my right mind.
Q: What it is that I really want?
R: What I want has nothing to do with doing and everything to do with being. When I am who I am and when I remain true to my authentic self, then I am at peace and that’s what I REALLY want.

So now you see how that one simple question works. Throughout the day when you feel trapped by not knowing what’s next or what you could or should “do”, you can remind yourself that what you really want is peace of mind.

You have been looking for a way out of your current situation and now we have given you the door to open. The only consideration left is this: do you really want out? Do you really want change? If so, then go to the door marked “inner peace” and open that door. It is the only one that will give you what you really want. All the others will keep you bound to the material world, to your intellectual functioning, to the whims, opinions, and strategies of others, and they will not give you what you truly seek.

We ask you to let go of the illusion of control. You do not have to be solid in your beliefs. The only thing you have to do is this – repeat over and over: “I want inner peace.” Or “I choose peace.” That’s it.

When you are seeking peace, all else will fall into place.

The only butterfly that you can capture is one that is already in the net and that is called “inner peace”. The rest of the butterflies are illusive and can never be captured. Remember the old adage that when you chase a butterfly you can never catch it. One must be very still and then the butterfly will gently alight upon your shoulder.

When you are peaceful, all things shall come to you. All solutions, all opportunities, all blessed relationships, and all illuminated pathways will shine like gold before your very eyes. So, dear ones, seek peace above all else and the golden doors of life will fly open to you, as you await the sacred butterfly.

So now be still, be peaceful, be quiet and wait. The butterfly of peace will alight upon your spirit, revealing your next step, the perfect solution. Shhhh -- no more questions, no more thoughts. Go to peace instead of going to pieces!

Remember being peaceful is the only goal worth having.

We are with you.

(Message received by Phoebe Lauren:   MmePhoebeLauren@aol.com)

Ms. Lauren is an international author, lecturer, workshop leader, and artist,  specializing in issues of self empowerment through embracing spiritual truths.  She also works as a “spiritual counselor”and takes down messages which come through her from a “loving voice”.. She lives between Santa Fe, New Mexico and Paris, France and considers herself a citizen of the world,   and currently gives workshops and lectures in Europe and the U.S.A

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