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Sananda’s 15th Message

November 6, 2005    via

Lois Hartwick

Dearly Beloveds ~

I welcome you to the fold.  I appreciate your intention to participate with me to hold Light bringing forth further illumination on your planet.   You have held this Light for a very long time. Some of you have been returning to Planet Earth many, many times with this very specific intention.  It has, of course, not always been gleaned as Light by those who have chosen another course.  They would see this as an interruption or interference to a particular path they might design or hold in some manner.

Now you will see the outcome of choosing such Light, for the time has come for obvious things to come out of the closet and rise to the surface and be seen clearly from distances and understood within human hearts.   You are going to witness a time in which the Light is transforming beliefs long held by those who have chosen not to see what has been before them.   It is time for you to realize you have been the reason much comes forth.   You, as a group, sitting in this room, and you, who participate around the world, with the same intention, with the same care within your hearts, with the same love being shown to embrace all Light.

Those who have disregarded the most basic principles brought forth to your plane, in the form of Ten Commandments, in the form of the Golden Rule, in the form of each religion on some level or another, will find that the disrespect so shown in mankind’s eyes will now be reversed and shown unto them.   It is a time you will see a great change herewith, and I come as a witness and perhaps, to foretell of such change in the air.     You have long known these changes were upon you.   But the direction that they were taking is not seen clearly, for no sooner did you witness or understand one level of reality than some calamity might come forth to color all that you were witnessing.

Be it known that you are coming into a time heralding Light, where Truth becomes the reality; the only reality witnessed by all consecutively, coherently and concurrently. I speak to you now, today, as a forewarning, perhaps, to some, but in this time of change, there is coming to your plane an intensity of Light and direction foreshadowed by myself.

For those who have wondered when there would be a return to Planet Earth, by the one called Jesus of whom I am a part, let me say clearly, that time is here.

Embodiment in physical form may not be the practice that I take, but within the Light I am contained everywhere. And what is known and apparent to me will be presented and shown to you. It is a time of great openness, a time in which you will understand what it means to work in the higher realms within your being, for you shall service the Earth.

My heart has aligned with the path of mankind for eons of time. And I have made it my journey that you may witness the potentials and the possibilities and the opportunities before you. In the same token, many have chosen their own direction and pathway. I do not suggest there is only one way to the Truth, and many will begin to see the embracement that all paths will lead in the same direction, regardless of intention.

It is time for the Light to reveal the Truth.

Within your hearts you will hold some level of trepidation, perhaps, for not all things are so easily witnessed, and yet, within this revelation comes the reality of life, for the ultimate aspect of your being still retains Love. There is a conclusion which will be drawn as a result of the changes forthcoming, that mankind would chose to hold in his or her heart, ultimately, this single aspect, this contention that love is the higher frequency with which you may reside on this plane.

Those who have chosen otherwise continually, perhaps, through eons of time, will find this particular energy most difficult to withstand. For it is not that love would not encircle and hold and embrace everyone, but it also reveals those areas within an individual where they’ve chosen not to do so. There is a shirking from the difficulty one feels as a result. Many would chose within their being to say they hold love as the highest common de- nominator. We shall find out shortly, shall we not?

My heart is open and directed toward each of you today, although my words may seem more stern and less caring or unfolded with flowery exaltation. Yet witness what I carry in my heart, for no one is excluded. And no one ever will be. It is merely the direction that one chooses to go in as to whether or not what is in my heart is accepted by you.

As the World Turns is the name of a (TV) program, is it not? It is one some of you have seen, I’d imagine, along the way. In the turning of the world, there are so many different changes which are embraced and forthcoming, that if you were to stand outside your planet to see it circling around, you would have a very difficult time concentrating on individual stories; but rather, see instead those areas where large amounts of energy are brought forth or are expressed, such as in Iraq. From a distance an enormous amount of energy is happening in this area. You also recognize, if you are able to see your world, rotating around and around, that the energies, such as the disruption coming out of Iraq, will also reach all the other parts of the world as it circles around through this energy. It does not mean as the world turns everything is going in exactly the same spot, but some of that energy is diluted into the atmosphere, so as the world turns around, you start embracing these energies and taking them on and feeling them.

This is due to change. The time is coming where you will be engaged in activities toward much greater peacefulness on your planet. Yes, I recognize there are those who are seeking to disrupt in every area of the world. But this, too, is going to be quieted. I understand many of you believe you are in a time in which these changes will be forthcoming for a number of years. I would suggest to you this is true, and there will be areas in which turmoil exists because these changes are exacting a very strong toll on what has been status quo. In the same token, sometimes when you witness there has been some level of difficulty, and that when completed, there stands a silence and a quiet, a period of thinking and a period of calm in which one considers rejuvenation or re-creation or how to move forward from the point one is in. You will start to see certain areas doing this already, particularly those devastated by some act or activity known as an earthquake or another form of earth change enveloping a portion of your planet.

From these places, from what I am looking at, I am recognizing enormous energy will now be generated toward restoration -- re-creation of a greater amount of Light for your plane -- and I shall be the main component of this Light sent forth.

Receive me then in your hearts. Receive that which is intended for your plane. Recognize that mankind is not in charge 99.9% of all that is to occur on your plane, but there is still an intended, co-creative act and a Universe that participates within the scope of reality playing a part in the overall configuration of your planet, Earth.

A change is coming forth. I invite you to join me in acknowledging it. I invite you to combine with my heart and the Light for the times and days ahead. Expect me soon.



Several days prior to this message being given, I had a dream.   I stood on the Main Street of the lovely town in which I live, overwhelmed by a transformation of the brick-colored storefronts to a street filled with such light the buildings became white or the lightest of colors and shades.   I stood with a friend, amazed at what had taken place, and the beauty everywhere.   Light filled the street, opalescent diagonal sheets of it, yet everything was transformed, recolored, renewed in beauty, brilliantly clear or easily seen through.   I excitedly spoke to two friends nearby about what was happening right in front of us.

Upon awakening just after, I wondering whether this was a ‘higher’ vision of my town etherically.   Perhaps I was to leave and be there instead of here, but the complete meaning why such illumination came forth remained unclear.

Prior to our weekly channeling sessions, we do a meditative practice I call

Anchoring Light.   It’s a l5-year practice for us and geometrically powerful provided by Master Hilarion and A. Gabriel. In yesterday’s meditation, Sananda reminded me, "No, you are not leaving yet."   I had forgotten my reaction to the dream.   However, he said no more.   It was only after the above message I understood the transformation forthcoming.   Only the message is for all of us...


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blessings all,



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