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Sananda’s llth Message
 channelled through
Lois Hartwick
January 9, 2005

Blessed Friends:

It is always an opportunity that fills me with joy to be able to speak to those
of you on earth who are able to hear and understand the words that come
through Lois.  It is through her that many expressions from higher light
come into materialization.  Yes, many of you serve in this manner, and it is
not to lessen to any degree the service that any of you perform, but it does
assist us in a number of ways, and in that regard, I would like to speak to
you today.

You have been aware that vast changes have come forth onto your planet
within the past month or so, and that there have been extreme difficulties
for a series of people in the population of Asia and beyond.  Many of you in
other countries as well have been connected to those beings who may not
have survived the tsunami. 

It is within this context I would like to address you today, but also to take
you into other areas of realization and contemplation, for the time is short
between now and those forthcoming events of your world.

You have been given, by many different peoples around the world, certain
awarenesses, prophesies, concerns and thoughts regarding the times you
are presently in.  It will serve no one to go back and look at what has
previously occurred -- what has been paid attention to and what has not
been.  Rather, utilize the time you have to see what manner is highest and
best for you to serve.  To serve those who have gone on to other realms, to
serve those who live next door to you, to serve those in your community or
other callings you may be feeling.

Within this context is the opening of the doorway to understand greater
reality, and as you are able to do so, you begin to realize the changes
occurring in your world are changes happening within yourselves as well.
These changes relate to an inner parcel of self which has come forth to the
planet to turn over a new leaf.  To have a new beginning.  To look for new
opportunity and to begin to understand, once again, that which you carry
and bring here, is to come to light. I am offering you this concept today for
you to further within your own minds and relate to the possibilities you all
carry higher light.

It is a time for it to be seen.  Many of you have shouldered a number of
difficulties throughout the years and have tried to find ways of expressing
this light you carry.  Some of you have done a good job of this and others are
still struggling trying to find one avenue or another where you seemingly
matter in terms of what you came here to do.

I would suggest there are many openings which begin to occur with respect
to those people who are needing assistance on one level or another and
within it, you will find a way through your past experience (in this lifetime
and others) that you are able to find a manner of service.

It is this service that will bring you to a greater frequency and vibration, as
well as understanding of life on your plane.  For was it not myself who came
here in to assist people and remind them of who they are and what they can
possibly do themselves?  Would you not do the same?  Not with any level of
arrogance or superiority, but rather, understanding part of your own mission
and work,  what you have learned and are willing to share with another if
they are willing to embrace it. 

Yes, of course, there will be those who are not willing.  It will take time.
When enough changes have come forth you will find what people believed
will start to be destabilized and new ideas and opportunities will need to be
put forth to expand their understanding and levels of awareness.  It is this
time you are in in which unfoldment of self begins to come forth, whether it
be a trickle or whether it be the roar of a waterfall.  In any case it is
beginning, and it is with this new year.

For eons of time there has been a Higher Plan.  An overall consideration and
a direction for your world.  Many times this plan has gotten turned into some
other level of reality by those of you on your plane forgetful of the
connections and higher levels of awareness potentially there for you.  It has
also been planned on some levels for this to occur, in the same token that it
is planned for a great awakening to begin happening the days and times
coming forth.  An awakening that you, perhaps, felt was to be here at a point
much earlier, and you have witnessed those who are paying attention and
connected to you in some way, but there is a much greater awakening
starting to happen.  Perhaps it starts with wondering what is going on or
why did all of this happen? 

Many changes come forth to create this level of questioning.  I am coming
forth to remind you that you carry within you certain codes; certain
realizations are going to be awakened as these changes occur.  Not only are
these codes for you to realize or to understand in a much greater manner,
but for you to share in levels of service when the time comes.  Codes that
may represent other times on this planet, but more importantly, codes which
contain information as to how one steps forward when changes occur. 

Many of you are walking into times that are unfamiliar to your conscious
mind and are not sure of the direction to take.  Many of the choices being
made are based on old solutions not particularly viable in a newer frequency
and a different level of reality.  They no longer function as they once did and
means of decay seems to come forth, or crumbling perhaps, of the systems
once steadily in place.

It allows for the new to come forth, but where does the new come from?

Is each one of you completely aware of what you will do if this happens or
that happens?  I would say no, not necessarily.  But as some things are
changed or altered within yourselves, codes become awakened and then you
find that aptitudes within your being you may not know or have known will
come to the foreground.  You will find levels of leadership -- potentials and
possibilities begin to form within your mind that were previously not there.  

This is because you, too, have intuited with determination the work you are
here to do.  As the awakenings or the frequencies which come in creating
change are also altering aspects of yourself.  Almost as if you were looking
at having some stone moved away from the cave.  The opening of the cave.
Look at that as a metaphor for some of the cellular memories and cellular
parts of yourself coming forth.

For some of you, it will almost be like awakening from amnesia.
Remembering entire segments of who and what you are and what you came
here to do and to complete.

When this happens, not all of you who are consciously aligned with each
other remain in the same patterning, for you will find your own individual
pathways are ignited.   Some of the groups which have existed for a period
of time may fall away with those taking a direction that needs to happen
individually now. 

Recognize that nothing is ‘wrong’ in such instances, but rather, that which is
being called for in this given time.  Yes, there are those who will be called to
form communities and to enlarge the gatherings of which they are a part,
but others will be called to a completely different area of earth.  And new
groups will form as a result of those individual pathways. 

Now in such a new time you may often wonder what you are doing, at least
from where you are at this point.  But that too, begins to become clearer as
you take steps and move into other patterns, realizations and new
alignments for yourself.  The uncovering of self becomes a part of this
mission and journey.  In so doing you will receive support from other levels
as well.  Of course each one of you has a higher self, and you are in tune
with this -- some more consciously than others.  Some of you meditate and
make this a consistent practice; others do not but follow intuition and even
others do not have an awareness of either situation but are following a
pathway nonetheless. 

In the next three weeks there will be further shifts and changes and more of
you will begin to awaken to another level or realization within your own
worlds.  You will be triggered a step further toward that direction you are
needing to take.  With the inner guidance from yourself and those who work
in guidance with you, you will be taken into new areas or new steps, baby
steps in some cases. These will continue to grow throughout the year.

Within such change there could be, of course, difficulty.  Particularly for
those who are refusing to let go allowing the new beginnings to come forth.
For those standing stubbornly, “I will not go, I will not change, I will not
allow”, you will find a greater tearing of the heart than those who are in
acceptance of that which is a greater plan.  Please allow for yourselves this
ability and momentum and acceptance.  It will be far easier to do so.

I know not all feels so easy and comfortable when facing a new beginning,
but there is, then, the excitement within of the potential and possibility of
yourself being fully engaged in the light. 

In such expression you will find joy.

In such meaning you will find yourselves.
And in yourselves you will find the light within or that connection or aspect
of God of which you are a part.

I am here today to offer these thoughts and encourage you to step forward
into the movement, into the swaying and motion coming forth, allowing
yourselves to let go if need be and move on to where you are taken, guided
or intuited in some manner. 

For those of you in America, the country you are in has come to another
point in time in which the changes will become, once again, dramatic.  You
have long understood that there are certain properties, inalienable rights
that are a part of your Constitution and part of the direction your country
and countrymen agreed to take long ago. 

Some of these rights have been violated and some of these positions that are
being reversed or reworked or reworded to sound equally fine and highly
regarded are, in truth, falsehoods in which difficulties will arise.  It is so
because the light has been disseminated with such intensity toward this
particular distortion, that the changes may turn around a lot of ideas
presently set, so the focus and plan and direction you think you have been
taking will be altered and greatly so.

I want you to understand there is an opportunity within every change.  And
it depends on how you are viewing it and whether you are letting go and
allowing this movement to go into a flow that creates an intensity and
point-of-focus needed now.

Each of you will be tested in some regard as to your perceptual value and
what you are allowed to bring forth.  I suggest you allow a flow of light to
move into you and prove greater understanding of the course and path you
are on.  Individually, as well,  you may certainly be observers of change
forthcoming, but you will also be able to welcome and anchor in a light that
is significant and important now.  Be willing to do so.

We have spoken in the past very early on as to whether or not those of you
scattered throughout the world would be willing to hold more light.  And you
have said ‘Yes’ and answered this call.  You have heard much of what has
been said over time.  I can say to you that this light is pervading your planet
and will be coming in greater and greater strengths.  Some of you will be
feeling this to such an extent you will need to take naps once again.  You will
need to almost steady yourself so you can contain that which is coming
forth.  Pay attention to the foods you are eating and the water you are
drinking and the exercise you are having so you are in optimal condition to
receive that which is coming in

Additionally, let me suggest to you as you are carrying more light, as the
intensity and frequency comes in to each one of you, not only in this room
but around the world to those who said yes so long ago, that you recognize
you may be triggering many situations around you as a result.  For if the
light is very strong and powerful in you, others will need to look at certain
aspects of themselves and not necessarily feel terribly comfortable as a

Do not look at situations as being difficult or those you are unable to handle,
but those which need to come to the foreground to be acknowledged and
accepted.  Then, move on.  It is important, too, you understand within your
expression of ‘Yes’, you have completed or are completing a part of the
greater plan.  And this was the intention and focus, not necessarily to carry
out for each person around you exactly what they were choosing to hear or
have implanted upon them.  In other words, it is going to take time for
understanding to happen, for your ideas to come forth, to be known and
understood.  If situations are triggered, you will need over time, to allow
them to witness the direction you are taking and recognize, perhaps, you
understand more clearly where to go.

It is going to be given, as well, that others around the world have accepted
and embraced in a global manner, a new consciousness forthcoming.  Global
understanding requires that the planet needs to be “saved.” 

Saved from toxic waste and pollution, saved from disregard by so many and
saved in terms of the waters so necessary and important toward world
survival.  Each of you will, in time, begin to assist with this level of
consciousness.  It is beginning with the tsunami, and it is beginning with the
prayers that have been engendered and the thoughts that have been focused
and the many intentions and visualizations and exclamations toward the
devastation.  It is beginning.

In the same token, it is also embraced by all of you who are assisting
through thought or action and deed toward those many who have undergone
such hardship.  It is a catalyst for what is to occur in the world.  It is the
beginning of a new time in which there is much greater concern and care and
realization that it is those of you on the planet who have felt, perhaps, quite
insignificant over time, ruled by many others, who are now coming to the
foreground and claiming your ability to care about others.  And that may be
your neighbor and that may be the person that is halfway around the world,
but these expressions are going to be felt. 

Such expression then, is going to promote greater world understanding, love
and completion of harmony or the tools of harmony to be present on earth.
This has not existed in your lifetime, and many other lifetimes or for eons
really. There have been, of course, periods in which peace has reigned, but it
is now time for you to recognize there are two diverse energies occurring.
One of which is a great deal of fear, anger and blame generated in your
world toward one group or another for one reason or another, through one’s
sense of righteousness over someone else or some country or territory.  And
yet, as areas of destruction happen or difficulties come forth, these concepts
and ideas are being radically altered and changed.

Your governments will make great effort to hold onto the statutes, their
plans and long-range goals they have affixed to their administrations,
whether here in the States or elsewhere.  But the changes will be far to rapid
and what has been planned by them will begin to fall by the wayside, and no
longer be the long-range goal for one can never ‘get’ to that part of the
problem.  There is too much else occurring.

Be willing to move with the flow of what happens and recognize that
triggered within you come those openings of divine light, encouragement
and awareness of where and how you step forth.  Each day is a new one;
maximize it to the fullest, enjoy and be present within your moments for
herein comes a greater Truth:  That when you are experiencing heightened
reality, you come to the fullest design of yourself.  You become engaged with
the light and within the heartbeat of your being.  And this expression allows
for you to unfold as a lotus blossom would open overnight. 

It is your time to be present.  You have long awaited those things which you
carry now coming into a much greater field of awareness for you to
understand and see. 

I address each one of you here tonight, understanding full well that you
have accepted on some higher plane, all of what I have said and even more,
yet it is merely a reminder, an intention on my part to accept those ‘yeses’
once made and to promote for each of you far greater light than you have
carried or consciously carried for a long time.  Your hearts are aligned and
hold the messages within them to be disseminated in the days and years
ahead.  Your minds have allowed and have been culled in some regard
toward accepting new ideas and expansion.  The direction of your lives
comes through -- the intuition and heart connection of self.

 Pay attention to what is brought before you.

I am a part of the Divine Plan, as are you.  And I am but one part.  I may
represent all parts, but I am one part and all of you are a part as well.  If,
indeed, for some reason, the aspect you are holding were no longer possible,
you would find a replacement to come in and assist. And you would find your
opportunities would begin again in another manner.  Do not hold fear that
you have made a mistake or chosen incorrectly or perhaps, disseminated
some aspect of light that was inappropriate at a given point in time.  Rather,
be clear what you are here to do and step forward.

I will be standing with you.

I speak to you now from my heart.

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