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Rainbow of Hope

A vision inspired by the Holy Spirit of Love

Flight of Aquarius’ Josephine Wall© 

 While there are rainbows on your planet there is always hope. Each ray brings a different quality of GOD which you can choose to accept. The sun shines over everyone in equality and nobody shall be denied this love. So while the sun shines and the rainbows appear, know that I am here. Always live in hope and live under its rainbow, imagine this rainbow overhead and all humanity benefiting from the colour that it gives.

 The Qualities of GOD

 ·        Safety in the arms of love to replace fear, so that you may know that you are safe.

·        Freedom to replace control, so that you can be liberated from bondage and be happy and patient creators.

·        Power of will and integrity, so that you can fulfil your purpose and reason for being.

·        Divine Love to replace anti-love, so that you can give your love beyond measure and take compassionate action.

·        Communication from the heart of conscience, so that you can replace misunderstanding with a shower of blessings and build bridges of peace. This is the pure intent of understanding and conscious awareness.

·        Acceptance and merciful justice to replace disharmony, so

that you can flower in peace and flow in harmony with the

synchronicity of the cosmic laws and the universal truth.

·        Divine guidance and intelligence to replace intellect that creates judgements, lack of trust and faith in me, so you may know and see the Spirit of equality and unity.

·        The Grace of GOD, so that you can realise the natural beauty and perfection in all of creation, so that we can be in balance together and merge as one.


The Good Tidings

 In the ovaries of humanity a Lotus flower has been growing. The Lotus is the same as the Rose and the Lilly.

 It represents the Mother and Father that are coming to be, it is the flower of the great beginning. This Flower of Light floats above emotion and precedes the spiritual renaissance that is coming; it is the ultimate perfection of your beauty.

 The lotus connects you to your origins like an umbilical cord and your cup will receive and overflow with the divine feminine. You chose to experience emotion but you have allowed the experience of the emotion to control your lives, the cosmos and dis-empower your souls.

 You now know that physical reality is the barometer of imbalance, you have prayed for peace and now it is time for you to come home, realise and accept this peace and love. By re-dressing the balance you are redeemed and the harmonics of the universe rejoice in your honour.

 When in bud the Lotus is full of potentiality and when it unfolds it blooms with an enlightened heart. It is the divine birth of the pure cosmic golden egg, which now sits in the uterus. GOD springing from the lotus signifies the world rising above the sea of emotion and in doing so humanity will emerge from the impending chaos.

 The flame of pure love and the union of souls will support all planes of existence; it is the resurrection and the power of nature, so that humanity can live in harmony with the universe. In this lotus there is a beautiful jewel and this is your heart, so walk in grace beloveds of GOD for you will experience the golden age.

 The jewel of the golden egg is the rebirth of humanity and the cosmos. As it breaks open you know that you can transcend time, space and all states of being. It is a time of transcending the shift of currents in dimensional consciousness of the whole, in unity and sacred union all that you hope for will be achieved, the brotherhood of man will walk this planet once more.

 The sphere of influence is the expansion of the outpouring of love in response to your love. The stitches in the walls of separation dissolve after the hatching of the golden egg and then you hold great joy and the power of the universe in your hands.

 The new field of consciousness is growing organically; it is fresh and good for you and the community. Good for earth and its children, an ecological, sustainable, pure and ethical alternative to those that are profit driven. There will be dedication to maintaining a healthy consciousness of the risen state of being.  To some who witness this transition it will seem like the change as happened in a twinkling of the eye, but you know beloved ones.

 The children will grow up through experience that is embedded into a holistic culture. The prophecy of my son will come to be  ‘The harvest is the end of the age, and the harvesters are angels.’

 Angel’s praise be to you for we are one.

Sodality stream of love, peace be with you always.


You have divine authority to be

the rainbow of hope

now and forevermore.


GOD bless YOU


 As we send this message out I am mindful that many have been in 'Hermit' stage preparing and consolidating for what is ahead of us. Be rest assured that it is nearly time for you to reap what you have sown, and begin the outward journey once again.

Saturn in Cancer is now moving forward (four months left) and the "hybrid" solar eclipse on April 8, 2005, occurs in Aries, the sign of the Ram, as we enter the new astrological year combined with the numerical year of the power of seven the impact of these words will take affect.

  Love beyond measure 


Love Ambassador


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