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JULY 2005 ISSUE # 77 (on 7-7-2005) 
Created, Channeled, published and copyrighted by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan 



**** 7-7-7 A DAY TO REMEMBER









written by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

As our hearts opened to the vibrations of the holiness of the 7/7/7 day our eyes were shocked to see such a darkness appear as a banner across the plains of Light. Plans that were made in secret many months ago came into play as the darkness orchestrated its musical salute to chaos and unfettered destruction. The world was once again shocked by the antics of its inhabitants looking on in horror as the never-ending story repeated itself. Deliberation was the motive of those that seek to cover up what is at the core of the problem. Truth is seen with blind eyes that are covered in soot and debris. Clarity or understanding of what transpired is only an echo in the halls of destruction

The Light woke up brilliant in the morn, as she knew that on this day a vibration of holiness was to be birthed. The earth herself has waited for this date from time beginning knowing that she was moving closer to the homeward path of ascension. Stopped in her tracks she skidded to halt as all eyes watched what was holy turn into pain. This day will forever be remembered as a day of destruction not a day that a beautiful light was birthed onto Earth.

The darkness raised its ugly head and said 'look at me and see what I can do...look at me take your peace, your hope and your heart. I can make you cry with the death of one or a thousand As long as I have your attention I am in power, as long as you believe I am greater than your God, I am in power. As long as you hurt for injustices I am in power.'

The angels come down in droves as they wrap themselves around the broken hearted of earth. Lightening has struck on a clear day. Look into whom was declared dead and missing for it is there you will find the truth of the matter. Like a 007 movie is one bus destroyed for one person or all?? Question what you are feeling as you search for answers and truth. Things are not as they appear to be. Motives are many and not explainable to those who are not willing to listen with a clear head. Keep your Light higher than any darkness, push anger away and seek your internal peace. For peace will come from the inside out not the outside in.

Just like the vibration of 11 was tainted on 911 the vibration of 7/7/7 now wears a shroud when it was destined to wear a wedding veil. All of my love and blessings go out to those that have suffered during this tragedy, hold onto the love in your heart and let nothing or no one take it away, blessings Gillian


written by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

In 2005 the holy vibration of seven rings throughout all cells on earth and beyond heralding a conjoining and adjoining of what has appeared severed and disconnected. The number seven incarnates in form and deed as we enter the Initiation of the Seven Holy levels of Self as birthed in the year 2005 (#7).

Seven shows us how to create thought by thought. It moves us inward as the internal index and the outcome of each Creational Thought is felt within the cell wall. What makes a thought vibrate at the Creational level? Science is on the brink of an ancient discovery that will explain this.

Mankind is a holy vessel, a holding arena for that which has incarnated from the stars. He has awaited this time and place to finally reveal himself as a Being deserving of all that has been promised. Defying the inherent programmed limitations and confusions of the flesh. Standing up to the Creational beginning and declaring himself free from that which wants to own him or correct home or belittle him.

2005 (#7) is about trusting the cycles of time and the universe in a way that surpasses all earthly notions of what can and cannot be. It is about the untapped wellspring of divine potential birthed in a way that mankind can use it and understand it. Knowing this wellspring is there and drinking from it is two different things. In 2005 you will drink from what has been hidden in plain site. Knowing you are deserving of all that you have denied your-self up until this time. The universe has always see you as a deserving vessel without judgment.

This year leads you home to heart without losing yourself in emotion. Seven veils are lifted exposing what cannot be seen nor felt. The 7th sense of light is activated reviving an inner vision beyond time, space and pre-designed future. Many come to terms with their soul agreements and DNA contracts of old refining and redefining their contract into completeness. The turning point of evolution speeds up to meet itself at a designated rendezvous point.

2005 holds spiritual undercurrents that can be miss-interpreted by the untrained. When one predicts, one must do so with a clear certainty, otherwise the prediction will fall short of its watermark. Haphazard prophecy is as 2% milk. Inherent within it are the main ingredients but it is diluted of strength and purpose. Movement through the heavens in 2005 is seen with a magnified eye. Nothing is hidden no matter how hard it tries to dodge being seen. July 7, 2005 brings to the world the healing equation and sound of 7-7-7. A stellar alignment assists in this task that begins to be felt as of Thanksgiving 2004.

77, 777 or 77:77

This is the vibration of the spiritual warrior. One who walks a narrow path within self and soul. Seven works for the light, by the light and with the light. Sevens eat drink think and speak the light. Sevens are not allowed to stray outside the boundaries of light for more than a fleeting thought. Seven brings you home the place where miracles are an every minute event, where you can fly and dance in the stars while in any and all forms. Seven is a place where wonder, magic and miracles are seen as natural happenings. Seven is your natural state of being.


written by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

The energy of ILLUSION has become a living breathing entity, thanks to humanities dedication and efforts. No longer is it shapeless and formless and living only in the far reaches of the human psyche and imagination.

ILLUSION once lived only within the walls and confines of the Void, A place that theoretically did not exist. A place where time and space came together, outside of what we could officially imagine. The Void consisted of everything that did not exist as of yet. Everything that had not been birthed into existence by mankind.

It was a melting pot of everything and nothing, of all things and no thing, of the beginning and the end, and everything in-between. It was the breath in between night and day, in between thought and in between potentials.

The void was a glorious place. No expectations or limits were placed upon it. It could expand and contract continually, without repercussions of any kind. It was continually fed by Earth and other such places of existence. On any given day you could view billions reaching into the void to discard what was no longer needed and then partaking of unlimited potential and divine possibly.

Everything ran smoothly and precisely on schedule. All of the Soul qualities such as Love, Truth, Wisdom, Courage, Joy, Honor, Faith and Peace, lived in the void. All were anxiously waiting in line to be chosen and brought to life.

On the other side of the street from the Soul qualities lived Doubt, Fear, Illusion, Anger, Sadness, Injustice, and Failure, it was a very thick and dense group of energies. Since the denseness took up so much space in the void, the Soul qualities were squeezed into a little corner of existence.

As humanity evolved decade by decade, all of the qualities found themselves being singled out and focused upon. Thus bringing them into aliveness and form. The form continually changed according to the needs and manifestations of the people.

In wartime Hate and Fear as well as Love and Peace, were given form and brought down to Earth. Each giving their gifts, teachings and truths to a different segment of Earth’s population. All were serving a higher evolutionary purpose, as well as enacting the laws of Cause and Effect. the energy of ILLUSION has been issued freedom and birthed onto Earth in physical form. It now stretches itself all over earth, veiling from the eyes of humanity, what can only be seen with the heart and felt through the sensories of the body.

ILLUSION brings a fog to the mind and brain, narrowing it’s perspective and tunneling its vision. The energy of Illusion comes in many forms. It usually arrives with Fear not very far behind it! First Illusion burrows into your humanness causing you to doubt, initiating what seems to be truth. It gets under the human skin like an itch that cannot be scratched nor erased. Internally pushing all the buttons of Fear, Doubt, and Confusion.

Short-circuiting any remembrance of your connection to Source/God. Deleting the knowledge that you are not a victim. Deleting the knowing that what you think and believe does and can make a difference.

ILLUSION grows bigger and bigger as humanity doubts itself, and becomes entangled in its own creation. It is only through a belief in yourself and your Divinity can you possibly pop the bubble of ILLUSION! All depends on how you view your glass of Life, ½ full or ½ empty? All of life responds to energy, to thought, to prayer, to words! Everything outside of yourself only reflects the chaos or peace that lives within.

When one person believes it radiates out through all space and time, when two believe that energy is squared, when 10 people believe it is multiply exponentially. Like vibrations coagulate, creating an even more defined and multiplied outcome.

The energy of Illusion depends on you to feed it, to house it, and to birth it. Alone it can do nothing. Its entire existence depends upon you. All energies that live in the Void await your words, thoughts and beliefs to be released from their holding tank. Knowing this take 100% responsibility for your loves, your hates, your wants, your needs and your fears, every thought you have is attached to a frequency in the Void. When you want Peace on Earth, speak words of Peace, when you want Love on Earth speak words of Love. They are all birthed from the same Nursery of Allness in the Void.


written by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

As we enter the time of the dog days of summer when Sirius is rising to a great event a sound chamber is opened for all to feel the effects of their personal sound on the rest of the universe. The sound of you goes through all space and all time and knows NO END. When you speak a criticism, when you do a deed that is un-just and un-light --- those deeds, those words, those energies echo out throughout all time -- never to stop, never to come to a point of resting or completion. Your words, your thoughts, your actions have ripple effects that are eternal.

With this thought in mind, what are you giving to the future – not just the future on Earth- but futures throughout time and space. Your words wait in the nursery of the nebulae for a new star to be born. Your words wrap around the beginning of all life. Your words are your power. It is time to let your reverberations be the sweetest sound that your soul can give another – not harsh words, not harsh expectations, not harsh judgments – but the sweetness of who you truly are in the center of your being.

You criticize another when it is really yourself that you are angry at. You belittle another when you yourself are not feeling big enough. You point your human finger outward continually – pointing out the faults, the frailties, the shortcomings of all those who have the privilege and the honor of walking before your eyes, into your heart and into your door. Yet in truth your words bounce off of them like a bullet that is ricocheting. They bounce back to you, they adhere to you, they grow thick around you, and then they head out forever.

Many of you are weaving a fortress of stick and stones, through the words that you speak to others. These worldly sticks and the stones then become the mortar holding the fortress together, cutting off your very life force. You are cutting off yourself from the very gifts that the Creator has and wants for you.

Nothing in existence punishes itself except humans. No animal places itself upon a demerit list. No animal confesses to another of its sins and shortcomings. No animal talks badly of its neighbor even if the neighbor is a predator that threatens its very existence. There is honor among God’s creatures. Humans are the only ones that set themselves up for failure by speaking of others’ failures, and negativity's. It is all but a reflection of your own creation abilities. Everything in your life is your baby. You birthed it and now you throw it out with the bath water. It is that very same bath water that you will be drinking for this new cycle of learning.

Your path is clear. You are the ones that cut down the trees and put them across
your path.
You are the ones that put the rocks there, the potholes and the
pain. It is all birthed from the words that you speak. You give these situations to yourself as a gift and learning. You are the one that birthed them. God is not mad at you, life is not mad at you. You blame and point at others for you not living the life of heaven on earth, for you not having the money that you so desire or the opportunity or the love or the friendship.

Your words continue to echo in the hallways of all time, but mostly they coagulate around you. They wrap around you because they are your creation. So look at your lives and your words and your expectations of others and see: "IS YOUR PATH CLEAR"? Or are you in a fortress of your own making, of your own words?

When your path begins to clear –one window, one door, and one step at a time– know that you have done well. You cannot stop what has been set free, but you can a send secondary message at a quicker pace and a purer heart. The negativities are slow and dense as they move out, almost as if they are waiting on you to delete them. The words that are pure of heart and pure of intent are light and travel much faster.

We tell you this not to point fingers but to show you how much damage you are doing to yourself. It always comes to you first. Every thought you wish for another, every prayer you speak for another, every person you curse and every person you love, the energy comes to you first. You birth it, you live it, and you wear it. SPEAK KIND WORDS TO YOURSELF.

"Time Gate Crystals"
written by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

"TimeGate Crystals" are energetic portals that allow the higher light aspects of your being to travel upon in order to consciously connect with extended parts of the self that exist in other times dimensions. "TimeGate Crystals" allow one to be released from the illusion of temporal time and travel to and within all dimensions of reality known and unknown, seen and unseen.

With these rare one of a kind crystals you can tune into all aspects of yourself from the past and into the future. You can transmit healing energy to your past releasing any emotional or karmic trauma and baggage that you still have with your past. Finally releasing the ongoing need to drag it back into the now where it does not belong. The "TimeGate Crystals" also invite you to access your future-selves embracing any energy, knowledge or creativity that will assist you in the present.

The "TimeGate Crystals" work on multi-dimensional levels/realities helping you retrace your steps upon the time-space continuum. With the new vibrational unfiltered Light that is being birthed after the Summer Solstice of 2005 we are finally able to integrate and assimilate fragmented aspects of our very vast being.

This summer we finally begin to complete the journey of the great time cycle of the precession of the equinoxes. Starting our homeward journey to the higher light of the next 12,500 years***. Finally we have parted the curtains of darkness to see just how bright our future can be if we allow it. The parts of us that have been frozen in time are finally ready to be defrosted as the ancient spells of forgetfulness are finally released from the castle of the sleeping beauty within.

With these "TimeGate Crystals we will learn to relate to 'time' in a new way which allows us to link to all aspects of ourselves through other incarnations. Thus releasing the need for time slippage (which is going back over and over to complete karma) and continued learning the hard slow way

Each one of these "Timeb Gate Crystals is uniquely different in shape, size and energy, as well as wisdom and teaching. They offer you exactly what you need to move to a place of healing in all that you have been and all that you are to be. They ride all sides of the time line allowing you access to whatever time door of healing or insight you wish to experience.

They are aligned with the 11th chakra, which is a time link chakra point. The tone to activate these "Timeb Gate Crystals" into fullness of expression is "HU-EEE-NU" which opens an entrance within the Pineal gland and a pathway to the Akashic records, which one needs in hand to travel these new pathways.

I have had these "TimeGate Crystals for several months waiting for the exact moment to release them to the public. Be assured they have already aligned with you light and energetically picked you out already. Several of you have been aware of this and have emailed asking about these new crystals; of course I said you just had to wait a little while longer.

HOW TO USE YOUR TimeGate Crystal

When you receive your crystal it is important that you bond with it, like a parent and child. Look at it lovingly turning it around to see all of its angles and energies. Bath it under water as one baths a newly born infant with care and love. Speak softly to it then take time to tone 'HU-EEE-NU" at least 7 times. That tone will be the key that unlocks the TimeGate Crystal's timelines. Think of a past you would like to heal or a future you would like to access, think of a bad habit you would like to break or a new habit you would like to embrace. Hold the TimeGate Crystal and then with pure intentions let it take you to a place and time that is for the healing of your highest good. You may not see the color pictures or the bright lights but you will feel different as if you are here and there simultaneously. After you journey with this crystal you need to ground yourself and then close the time portals with this sound "EL NU RA" toning it 3 times and seeing what you have just experienced grounded unto earth for the benefit of all beings everywhere. Whatever you do in light and life you do for ALL not just for one, it is important that your remember this especially when you work with these TimeGate Crystals.

These are very unusual and powerful stones please do not order one just to let it sit around and gather dust, they need to be worked with.   To order these crystals go to www.theQuantumAwakening.com


written by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

In ancient times what was considered holy within the earth spoke to those that were considered holy upon the earth. Priests and priestesses gathered in these sacred places of power to be used as vehicles for the holy truth and prophecy. One of these such power places was the ORACLE OF DELPHI in the Temple of Apollo in the beautiful land of Greece. It is here that females from the order of the oracle were awakened to serve as conduits for what was known to be 'the ability to see the un-seeable'.

These chosen holy woman sat upon a tripod over a fissure in the earth in a lower chamber of the temple. They inhaled sweet gasses that were later found to be mildly hallucinogenic. They spoke in riddles and hidden text testing the minds and patience of those that sought council. The oracle's warnings and advice figure prominently in Greek mythology. Above the Temple of Apollo and the Oracle of Delphi were written the words KNOW THYSELF, Knowing thy self and learning 'who you really are' seems deceptively simple, but is forever the quest of the searcher.

The 'priestess oracles' themselves were forever changed as the gases opened up other realms and heighten their already honed psychic abilities. They were entrusted with the inner knowledge of earth. They did not misuse these energies or try to control them but just allowed them to naturally flow through them and to them. Such are the teachings and energies of these beautiful 'ORACLE OF DELPHI CRYSTALS'. Soft and sweet with a hint of power and a dab of knowing is what I would say these beautiful crystals radiate. 'Opening' is their only way and destiny ....as is ours.

They can be used to open /cleanse/activate chakra points and meridians with the greatest emphasize upon opening and expanding the Heart chakra. Once activated the chakras and meridians can allow one to become more conscious in their manifestations and creations. The ORACLE OF DELPHI Crystal is a "down-to-the-Earth" energy merging all crossings of energy and time in a place that can be conductive to a higher outcome. This stone multiples the energy of other stones many times over.

Info about Oracle of Delphi Crystals (Lemurian Seed Crystals) from Katrina Raphaell These crystals Lemurian of nature are aligned with the ability to create a holographic connection between Inner Earth, the surface of the Earth, and the outer stellar regions. This holographic connection also links the Lemurian Crystals with other crystals in, and on, the surface of the Earth; integrates the crystals with the human magnetic field; the human magnetic field with the Earth; and the Earth with the outer multi-dimensional universe. One of the main purposes of these crystals is to complete the hologram of higher earth. This connection forms an energy grid around the Earth, which links us to inner and outer worlds. The horizontal striations on the natural long crystals appear to be lasered into these pink hued beauties. They carry knowledge of how to attain unity while being individualized and living on the physical plane. These Crystals stimulate the Limbic part of the brain, which is our most instinctual, animalistic part, and stimulates the cerebral spinal fluid with a higher frequency. In doing so, it is as if a holographic transmission is received which will help us evolve our consciousness to include the linear and mundane equally with the divine and cosmic.

To Activate the ORACLE OF DELPHI Crystals, meditate with them by using the index finger to feel the striations, opening them like a file cabinet to retrieve information. They are extremely powerful in grids as well. If you hold this Crystal in your right hand while you encircle something (person, object, house, etc this will create a circle of light protection.

These crystals are attracted to people who will actively assist in enhancing the energies that will aid the planet in these times of change. They crystals are connected to inner earth, the earth's surface, and the stars, and serve as links to these various magnetic fields. On the individual level, each seed crystal is energetically connected to all other seed crystals.


As we enter this new time of seeing in the year 2005, we look to our future with our eyes closed and our hears open. Feeling a holy presence once again as we move closer to the sun and its natural broadcasting of full spectrum galactic light. The Oracle is once again birthed from the solar gases as all of life seeks to remember its divine nature hidden on earth. The ORACLE awakens deep within the heart of humanity stirring pools of remembrance that was birthed in the beginning of light. The ability to Know...just know without a hint of doubt. Mankind is the only one of all species that continually seeks the oracle looking for Source through horizontal vision and drinking from a dry wellspring. Mankind asks over and over again in prayers and actions to be lifted to a place of divine knowing and where he can sup without regret or thought.


As of summer 2005 the ORACLE or the voice of what is holy is birthed within each and every Being of earth. What was once silent is heard clearly without frustration and the need to experience unworthiness. Instructions and encodings of light are delivered via intergalactic specifications. Downloaded and rebooted into all livingness that aspires to be more. Cell counts changes as what was hidden in Trojan like fashion undulates to create new definitions of itself. New wave patterns create stresses and stains in the summer element for many, as Earth rearranges her self into new sections of meridians and grids. Maps no longer define the outer edges of what one owns as nothing can contain the brightness of the light that is issued if so desired.


The earth speaks in a synthesized song and pattern that can be understood by all opening a sound gate allowing humanity to catch up to itself. Many time locks are set to go off between 7/7 to 9/19/2005 opening opportunities that have been hidden until now.

Elements that were awakened during ancient times come to the surface again. Encouraging ones Spirit to remember the truth of the matter (mother). Sacred sites from time known that have been remembered in poetry and prose now take center stage as they show all sides of their land. Lifting occurs via water and land as earth stretches herself to reach out and touch those that she loves.


These ORACLE OF DELPHI crystals offer you an opportunity to align with the energies spoken of above. Do not wait for the rest of your family or the earth to catch up. The light needs you to continually move forward without emotional baggage and fears. Each of your soul agreements vary in length and documentation. Move before the winds of change escort you out of the building and on to greener pastures.

To order these crystals go to www.thequantumawakening.com

QUANTUM THOUGHTS written by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan


A great healing echoes in the halls of records and the halls of our heart. Truth is set free to be itself without any censoring from earth or her inhabitants. Announcements to self on all levels of emotional terrain comes as a tidal surge. No regrets on its part, only cleansing of the nodal differences within the planetary thinking. Time passes quickly and slowly as two hearts in the night. Shadows are seen in the light of day and light is seen in the shadows. Why do we hold to the thickness of humanness when within us lives a vast light that knows its way home. Many chose to go home without our hearts permission emptying us of past requests and regrets. We mourn the potential of life and of others as they chose to be what will serve their evolutionary history. We are precluded not included in their choices. Inter-personal healing makes us feel more than we ever thought possible.


Life and worthiness cannot be measured by what shifts come. Hold tight to what you understand to be your life and heart path and do not stop living because another chooses to evolve differently than you. Sadness comes as a deterrent not as a catalyst. For who and what do you actually mourn? Is it your past, your future, what once was, what once could have been? In 2005 you will define your emotions before they drown you. For most thoughts have only just landed in this life and not begun here. Sorting through and through we lessen what has been heavy and hard upon the softness of our humanness.


The door between worlds opens wide allowing all to see what has been hidden from the human eye for far to long. Dimensionally everything smiles at mankind showing it's multiple levels of dark and light. Dreams are chosen for future workings as the seeds of the past are dug up and sown anew. Ancient history should not have to repeat itself as the time spirals begin to be seen in a new geometry. Many have worked hard to keep the past in the past and the future in the future, yet these love starved essences seek one another out... swooning in a place in-between time and space. Illusion is dominate in all of her costumes as emotional tides run higher than a mountain and deeper than then one is able to see..... The mad hatter runs about looking for the correct entrance to the next leg of the race and yet finds only more choices. ...what to do... what to do.... echoes in the halls of time as life that was once tied with 'I do's' screams don't!


The summer will show all of her true colors as one dream is sacrificed for another. The god that so held us through the first several millenniums is no longer available to be seen or heard. Injustice seems to prevail as those of a light heart are given fewer and fewer choices narrowing down there field of entry and inquiry. Mankind feels abandoned by the once generous gods that used them to play out there own needs and wants. Ancient rites that went wrong. A great explosion is heard in the Halls of Records as a Great Light is set free from her shackles. Like a she-wolve that protects her pups nothing can stop this Great Light from being seen and heard in the hearts of all that will listen. Static abounds in the communications.... as such is the way of man....but these instructs go deeper than the human ear landing in a place of hope that has been tarnished with time and disappointment. What was once taken away is then restored and humanity is given back all chambers of their heart that has been held hostage in time. Belief is more precious than all the treasures of earth...as humanity has stopped believing in peace and hope and the inherent goodness within man. The instructs of Light will come on the soft breezes and the song of a bird....you will not find it in the words and promises of man. Do not give up for what is Good about all Creation seeks to partner with you and correct the hologram that has been distorted.


As we all seek to be comforted in these times of immense change, we look to the heavens for protection, for love, for truth. We seek the signs that have always illuminated our path and our day, seeing only as a blind man in the daylight of darkness. Where are the angels? Where are the miracles? Who will come to lift the pain, the hardship, the fear? Our world lets us know that the ball is now in our court as we play with the matter and anti-matter of self and purpose. We feel as the straw man coming undone over and over again. being strewn hither and yon beyond what has ever happen to us in the past. There was a time we could gather our strength, gather our hopes and know without a shadow of a doubt our prayers would be answered and filed within the heart of God. Our very perception of the Holy Ones has changed as we do not see the solace that we so need to sooth our worldly pains. Like a cosmic orphan we ask who will come to save us... crying in the night, in our beer and in our hearts. We try so hard to lift others to a place of safety not seeing the ground we lift them to is crumbling as well. How can we save those that drown if we have forgotten how to swim? How do we serve a universe that does not answer our calls in a timely fashion? Humans need to know that the Almighty will not desert them. Humans need to know they are loved by the Universe especially if there is no one in there life to love and nurture them. From time immortal humans have always looked up for their answers, now that option is not available as the stars and the clouds and the winds speak in silence not out loud. A great feeling of abandonment has set upon the earth as she reaches out as a frighten child. hold me love me save me.....echoes only in the halls of human not in the halls of heaven. The children of earth are being taught to be self sufficient. Whatever they feel they need becomes invisible to their senses and eyes. How can one serve such a silent and invisible god? How does one know that their instincts and choices are divinely inspired and enscripted if there is no memo attached?




The matter and the antimatter come fact to face in the summer of 2005. In this meeting a new source of Light and Direction is birthed escorting all that is earthly into a place of understanding beyond what is written or had been previously thought. Trusting ones self is the antidote for what ails you as you repledge your Light to eternal and internal self. Looking for answers outside of yourself will take you down a fools trail entangling you and bringing you back to the original point of start. Free fall into your vastness... it is the only way to get there. As we enter what appears to be the longest days of our life we need to clarify and understand that what we are forced to endure as hardship is an energy shift (nothing more nothing less) and not to be taken so personally. It is happening to everyone. As the old falls away a great sadness and mourning comes upon one that really has no beginning and has no end. Like an ocean that has a rip tide this energy is not out to hurt or consume anyone but is a natural occurring event. A grand illusion is produced as what was right seems to turn wrong. In the universal scheme of things there is no right or wrong. Energy adjusts itself to become something more not something less. As this summer issues herself to us we need to let go of taking all of the changes so personally. We are not being punished but lovingly lifted to a more spacious place where we can stretch our wings and heart and learn to fly. Everyone and everything is doing what it needs to in order to become more and fit into the divine plan (yes there is a plan even though it does not appear that way right now). The darkness does not seek to make us winch in pain as it is held at bay by what was birthed as pure Light in the beginning. This is a time of counting blessings and not misfortunes. This is a time of loving no matter if the person place or thing is loveable. This is a time of seeing the good in all things instead of what appears negative. The deep sadness within comes from leaving the known to enter the valley of the unknown not the valley of the shadow of death. We are dying to our past and in that efforted closing sadness is released as a gaseous substance that sometimes takes our breath away. Have no regrets as you morph into your new form and format. Like all devices of earth that eventually become outdated it is time to upgrade. You are becoming a holographic projector birthed from the schematics of a 8-track tape player. Those 'happy days' are over there is nothing to play that old tune on any longer. Stop grazing in the past and enjoy the fruits of the future that are planted by you thought by thought in this beautiful now. Until you have gratitude for all you are and all that you have created up to this point in your life you will continue to have phantom emotional pain that forces you to release with a great love.


Time turns itself inside out adjusting to its new coiffure. Stopping only for a moment to catch its breath as it moves into the higher numbers of the Fibonacci spiral of events. Coming undone is not as easy as it appears. Once ruffled feathers are asked to fly above the local chicken coop universe. The flight of the 'wanna be' phoenix is impeded only by the illusion of limited perception, not by the Almighty Creator. Chickens with amnesia who were once eagles learn how to fly again as the undercurrents and back drafts escort them in their search for what seems impossible and improbable. 'The sky is falling... the sky is falling' is echoed throughout the Halls of Time, as new horizons are set as default perimeters. All ceilings of 'less than' are asked to bow out if they are not willing to expand into more. What is truly crumbling is the illusion of lack. in a world that already has too much. Global foxes in the hen house take more than there fair share creating the feeling of not enough. Everyone wants a piece of the Pi in the Sky, (Pi = 3.1415926) not realizing its everlasting potential.


Getting caught up in seeable traps is another's days learning's as the energies of matter sway into new patterns of holding. Running amuck seems as recreation in a world that divorces peace and weds more chaos. The planets turn round and round for the summer as the baby boomers play poker with Saturn (Lords of karma/ Master of learning via structure) Who wins and who loses is of no consequence to the planetary dealer. Poker faces are seen in various shades of red as they realize it was all slight of hand. Calling a spade a spade does not serve the greater good of mankind. Earth is no longer a 'correctional Institute'. Do not spend so much of your precious time correcting another for their own sake.. Play the game in your home court keeping your eye upon the donut and not upon the hole.



On or around the time of July 23, 2005 Sirius rises before the Sun announcing the ATLANTEAN NEW YEAR and the Ancient EGYPTIAN NEW YEAR. On August 8, (8:8) we have the 8:8 SOLAR LIONS STAR GATE activating another level of the dormant encodings of ancient truths, on earth and in the stars. Bringing into remembrance on a cellular and stellar level the Activation of the Hall of Records on every planet and star within this universe. As you enter the sign of Leo and the Sphinx 8:8 Stargate rise early from your bed and walk out to meet the Goddess Isis in the form of the Star SIRIUS as she rises before the Sun. August 8, is a Natural doorway. Nothing forced, nothing prodded, nothing stressful. Just a natural downloading of remembering from the heavens initiating dormant light codes. Lifting us up to a place where we can see the parade of light that is yet to come. Set your intention as you set you watch.

JULY 23, 2005 East Orlando Florida
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