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February 2005 ISSUE # 73

Created, Channeled, published and copyrighted
by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
www.theQuantumAwakening.com   quantum77@earthlink.net


*** Council of Light of 13 Octaves: The seasons of Choice are upon you
*** Council of Light of Eleven: Do not lessen your Light
*** Sirian High Council of Elders: The lag time in Creational abilities is a quantum necessity.

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Council of Light of 13 Octaves 
The seasons of Choice are upon you

What was once hidden in ceremony now announces itself to the hearts of humanity. Will you align with the light that so seeks your companionship? Will you align with the holiness that seeks you that has not been felt on earth for eons? Will you align with what cannot be explained or mathematically calculated away? Will you align with the future and the fulfillment of all of your desires and all of your dreams?

The climate of humanity shifts, as does the seasons and the weather. The seasons but emulate the emotions that percolate within humanity. Who has grown colder this winter and who has grown warmer in heart? Who depends upon the seasons for work and who depends upon the seasonal catastrophes to fulfill their pocketbooks? As time wraps herself around all that you desire, who do you finally become, what do you evolve towards?

The earth herself rocks and rolls shifting in uncomfortabilty and upheaval as humanity sits shaking in fear. Expectations dawn a higher wave, a warmer winter, a colder summer. Expectations become alive as humanity fulfills the outcomes of others thoughts. Others can predict based on the alignment with the stars and how the planets were explained in time past and unknown. All planets moons and asteroids are explained in a new theory. As long as one bases ones calculations upon the past, whether written by Plato or upon the heavens, it will tend to repeat its self. If one bases a new conception calculation and configuration upon what is yet to be birthed Ė what will that creation consist of?

The seasons you enter explain and exclaim themselves appropriately. As mankind still sits at the stoplight of the past everything else that matters marches forward into an appointed alignment that cannot always be seen or explained by humanity. If you would but see yourself and earth in a place that is beyond despair, beyond sadness, and beyond the outward chaotic conditions you will find peace. If you seek peace in the past, or in what was once predicted or the political temperature you will find a trail of tears and despair.

Move your awareness into a creational quantum vibration above and beyond what is seen and what is deemed to happen, or what is suppose to be a truth. It is there that you will find your future and your peace amongst the world that does not choose to wear the garments of the day before, nor allow the dust of the past to bring the allergies of the future into the now. Do not wrap yourself in the mummified clothing of what once was.

As long as you live at an address of thought that is superimposed by others intentions and manipulations you will lose this game of life. Do not be cajoled into fear by the climate of world finances, by the temperature of politics, nor by the stickiness of your need for crude oil. Everything points out the limitations of an existence that is prescribed to fail and fall.

As these seasons of choice come upon you, you must prepare yourself Intuitively for you will know innately when the storms are to come. You will know instinctively when the tornadoes are birthed. Prepare in whatever way, no matter what state or country you live in. Intuitively the animals know, the plants know the soil knows, when an earthen doorway of shift is about to happen. You are composed of the same elements as the body of your Mother Earth, listen within the cells of your flesh. Because you are formulated from these things, you know as well. Trust your knowing and you will never fall short of your mark.

The climate of humanity is determined person by person one by one until a thought is turned into a reality. No other can be responsible for what befalls you. For intuitively you will feel within the deep abyss of your being. If your Angels give to you an intuitive thought, that is a gift. When and how you unwrap that gift is up to you and only you. You are given all truths to come on a cellular level of knowing. How you spend those knowings is a very personal choice?

Open up wider and deeper to hear with the sensories of the animal that lives within you. Open up to the messages of the crystalline being that is part of you. Open up to hear the Ancients swim in your thoughts and bask upon the shores of that knowledge. Prophecy can and will be shifted by intuition intention and preparation. That is what you are asked to do in the upcoming year.

We are the Council of Light of 13 Octaves. Thirteen representing the unknown, what is hidden, what is invisible, what is on the other side of the fog and Stargate. That is the doorway you enter and exit in this 7-7-7- year. If you do not trust your choices, you cannot trust your life. If you believe in yourself, then all will be well. You have been given the tools to dive down deeper then you are aware. Intuitively, you are an 'A' student. What you do with that grade of knowing is up to you.

Council of Light of Eleven

Do not lessen your Light

From time immortal, you have reined in your light. You are destined for what is great, what is unseen, and what is unknown. You are destined to move beyond the shackles of humanness into a place of arraignment. It is you and you alone that do the bidding of self. The soul commands you to move forward and the self screams no. The soul says that you can fly high in the sky and the self says, we can not. The soul says you can love, it will not hurt and the self says, but it has hurt, it does hurt.

Throughout your existence and time known and unknown you have battled more battles with self then any war or predicament upon earth. You have battled with the inner demons, the inner gods, the inner longings, and the inner truths. You have sequestered them, hidden them deep, waiting for the perfect time to sup upon them. At this time and this year all will arise to the occasion of remembering.

For far too long, you have held yourself back blaming and finger pointing at everyone in your life. You have held back what you felt for another. You have held back your angers for it was not proper. You have held back your desires due to the vows of poverty and celibacy and you have sequestered the most beautiful of hearts in a place that can only be reached by helicopter.

The time frames of the past now truly dissolve as you are seen in the new light of a new day. No longer will you paddle back to the past and lounge upon the shores of what was for you now exist in an octave of light that lifts you toward your true potential. The encodings of your bio-luminary field now have instructs that will take you beyond your understanding of who you are. Landing in a field of all possibility if one deems it so. Even in this knowledge you seek to see beyond the sands of time into a place of safety.

In times of old you held yourself in a perfect space, a space where nothing could enter and nothing could exit. Nothing could hurt and no one could disappoint you or betray you. You stifled the emotions, you stifled the pain, so time after time incarnation after incarnation you came back to experience it over and over again, your own personal ground hog day.

At this crossroads of all that is held holy within the world, and within self, you are able to stand at the apex and finally see for your self. The days grow short as time wraps herself around what ticks and what tocks. She does not see the need for you to worry about the length of your day, or what you were suppose to accomplish. For Time herself addresses the fact that you do not give to your sacred self enough time of day, nor time for prayer, or communion.

If you want your days more opulent and filled with opportunities, you must be the first in line that you give to. Stopping to honor holy self before you are entrapped by your daily duties and obligations. Stand in the presence of the holiness that is you, the sacred temple that is your human form; acknowledge the sacred light that shines from the inner temple of you. Hold your humanness in holiness. Do not become disgusted with your shortcomings. Do not become disgusted with your imperfections but allow the frequencies of all that is holy to lift you to a place of sacred union for self, by self with self. It is time to stop pushing the human self away as if it is tainted and dirty and lift it to a place of reverence.

The vibrations of all that interfere with your growth and your ability to love, can be felt through the soles of your feet, in the pulse of earth. Changes come in wave and particle before they come onto the physical plane. Changes come in heartbeat and blood flow before they exit the earth. The world gives to you her sensory barometric reading on a daily basis. She speaks to you of her ups and downs, of her sadness, of her disappointments, of her deaths and her births. She speaks to you through the feet and into the body to be held in the heart as a place of love. The one thing that the Earth needs from you this year is to love her unconditionally. To hold her in the highest octave of heart and align with the teachings she comes to give you. She knows her form grows in shortness of matter and brightness of light. Thus she must pass on her stories, her teachings, and her secrets. What she speaks is in a language that you can only hear with your heart. (anagram for earth)

As you move through your day, take off your shoes and place your sole upon the body of Mother earth and listen with your toes. Allow her to awaken what sleeps within you. As a mother she wants to dissolve your fears. She wants to heal what still hurts in your life, in your heart, in your memory.

Earth's memory and your memory are slowly disappearing. You can barely look back into the past without confusion or fuzziness of thought. Time makes itself present and the past can no longer be allowed to exist except in lower dimensions where it serves growth. The memories of how you have identified yourself in this existence will cease to exist. No longer will you be able to say; I am a victim of this or that abuse. No longer will you be able as a holy instrument to identify yourself with the past its limitations and pain. For your time, your energy, and your attention are needed in the threshold of now and you will not be allowed the luxury to meander in your past- shortcomings and disappointments. Filling the self with sorrow only shifts the immune system backward.

We of the Light need your thoughts and immune system at its peak. The hormonal imbalances that the earth has felt as a menopausal being are now being balanced as all matter releases a new hormone. It produces a vast sensitivity in animal like fashion, to sound, to color, to light, to vibrations, to weather changes, (the weather of your family, the weather of your job, the weather of your business, the weather of your best friend. Is it cloudy or sunny?)

The frequencies of the past have now released themselves. You hold within you a seed memory, a slight octave of past thought that you feel a need to hold onto. That seed will also be shedding its winter coat. When you finally align with this new information you will find that all of the pitfalls and the traps and the entrapping of what you have done continually to sabotage your life no longer exist.

The amount of light in your life varies for each of you depending upon thought and action and intention. New emanations of a far light will be given to you in increments throughout the year. The four seasonal changes will be doorways for this, as will the eclipses and two formidable planetary alignments. These increments of light encodings give the new instructs. Moving you into a place of Creational ability and as a god (little 'g' god for now) to learn to trust that which you desire. For the universe pulses through you with these desires of a fulfilling nature.

The treats that come this year have no tricks within them. In the time of August and September of 2005 you will need to batten down the hatches of your life. Many of you will choose after this year performs her new act, to move out of a chaotic unpredictable frequency into a place of peace and more solidness. In 2006, energies will shift and the same energetic confusion will not come. As the universe has created each of you in accordance with a one of a kind mathematical equation, color, sound, and denomination, every year gives to you a new outlet to plug into, a new frequency of electrical denomination. Each of you will be served differently.

Wear this year well in all of her beauty. Honor yourself and do not lessen your life because another is suffering or doing without. Do not lessen your ability to create wonders and miracles because another is sad. Do not lessen the love in your heart because many mourn for those that have pasted. As a Creational force, you must hold the highest octave of light for all to see. Do not lessen yourself for anything for we need you solid of light and solid of heart in this next leg of the cosmic three-legged journey. We are the Council of Light of Eleven. We leave you and bless you in all that you do.


The lag time in Creational abilities is a quantum necessity.

What was once deemed necessary has became unnecessary. What was once deemed unnecessary has become necessary. In times past as you studied earth evolution, many thought that she had an endless supply of bounty. They viewed her as something that would never end. They raped her, they abused her, and they saw her as something that was constant and would always be there.

As you moved into the 21st century that way of thinking shifted. Many of you came in with contracts that stated "We will help her (Mother earth) heal, we will help her remove the toxins by holding them within our own body. We will help her remove what pains her and we will use our human selves to do this." There were a 144,000,000 that dedicated them selves to this contract to assist Mother Earth. They are the ones that feel every earth injustice, every earth shift, and every earth child crying. They are the ones who are empathic. They can move their awareness from their humanness to the earth to the cosmos and back again because that is their contract and ability.

There was once a time that Earth was deemed to be destroyed but she was saved and shifted by those of stellar agreement. There was a time that she was suppose to ascend to star and there were interruptions of such that kept her in a position of matter. Now as you enter the year 2005 the Mother Earth has canceled all of your contracts. She has pulled that agreement back into herself. She has set you free from the agreement to be toxic, to be angry, to be heavy, to be less than. She has set you free from nerve/muscle pain from chronic fatigue from all of these Earth healing syndromes. The people thought that they needed to hurt for earth and they did, but by doing this they did not quicken her evolution, or her ascension. There has been a backward movement instead; stunting all that was to be birthed.

The energies of what was termed an earthquake, your 2004 tsunami, was caused by outside interference. It was something that Mother Earth herself gave permission to experience. It was one of the largest wake-up calls that has come to the planet Earth in many years. Now everyone knew she means business. Her energy is becoming badger like as she physically attacks the areas that are not honoring her through underground /underwater testing, that are not honoring her through toxic displays that are killing her inhabitants. The Earth Mother is very serious of nature. She asked for her body to ripped open to allow these poisons to leave her womb.

The outside source created the earthquake that was felt 6 miles down under the ocean and throughout the world. There were many who were aware of the warnings and readings. There were many who did not listen to the warnings and even some that did not tell of what they knew. They just watched as countries and cities went through a great death.

The energies in the next 4 years will supply healing to what you have not been able to shift through your physical bodies. Many people of earth try to shift the earth pain. They cry for the loss of trees, they cry for the children. They lessened their own light to dilute the toxic energies for Mother Earth. In her eyes, this is a wonderful selfless gift. What they have been holding as poisons, as angers, as energies that block them from supplementing their income, supplementing their heart and supplementing their life with a greater light is shifted. The doorways that you so seek to open for self and person are now polished grand and shiny. The extra weight, stress and pain upon the body will be lessened. As will the extra fears and the extra toxins within the body. As you have learned your own lessons well and taken them all to heart.

We come not to speak about earth disasters, but to make you aware that your body needs to shift into a thought pattern of healing beyond the physical earth. Begin setting up a grid of healing around and above the earth, one she can energetically reach up and draw to herself. She has pulled on her earth children and leaned on you, heavily. You gave it all that could give. Now, she sets you free from that contract. What she asks of you is to become the brightest light that you can by living in the fullness what your heart desires.

Donít allow the sadness of the world take you down to a place of such deluge you canít see the light. Your job dear ones is to hold this biological light that you house as high as you can and then reach higher. It is there that she will receive the assistance, for no longer can she receive the assistance through your body. The freedom on earth lessens everyday in ways that you do not see. Everything that you eat is deliberately clouded with toxins and plastics and debris undetected. You are doing all you can to keep your head above water and keep yourself from drowning in the toxins that your world knowingly gives to you.

Align your human energy field at a higher level of light and do not allow these energies to taint you in any way body mind or spirit. Move your energy upward and away from the distress calls into a place without judgment and chaos and shift from that point of knowing. Do not be sad because another is hurt. Your actual physical body suffers when you are sad for another. Your immune system drops when you are sad for another. Every time you watch sadness you lessen your life span. You must be a brave heart and stand as a great light shining hope upon those that cannot see.

You think you are supposed to hurt and feel sad and angry about the injustices on your planet. But what gift does that give you or another? How does that help your God, your Earth, your future, and your life? It does not. We ask you to be lifted into the higher octaves of light so that you can see from a point of view that is not argumentative that is not sadden. Mother Earth will break free from the shackles of the pain of the physical.

The masses of light and the star brethren mourn as earth shifts with such loss. Mother Earth agreed to have this incision, to have this surgery, to open up the eyes of the people that were sleeping. She has asked you gently and nicely to wake up for many years. Many of you did, but many hit the snooze alarm. We are the Sirian High Council of Elders. Our words are sharp. Our dialogue is thick. But you know in your hearts that what we speak is true. Understand that you were born to do great things and no matter what karmic releases others have felt and formulated on this earth, you have a singular vision that belongs to you and you alone. That singular vision must be honored. The reason you are afraid to See in the fullness of time is because you do not want to be happy or pain free or successful when others are in need. How dare you be successful when others suffer? You wear that exalted encoding a cloak of lessons and lessening a cloak of global karmic debt. We ask you to honor the earth and your holy self and remove it.

There are many beings that incarnate on earth that have not spent as much time in humanoid form. They come only when there is a great galactic need or shift. These Masters of change assist from the inside out. Many are dormant Masters who have lost sight of their reason for living. You are not here to be sad. You are not meant to lessen your light because of another's sadness or difficulty. You must hold your light as a great sun that shines for all those that are blind and must feel the light instead of see it.

The lag time in Creational abilities is a quantum necessity. Many of earth have been running ahead of themselves and the evolutionary schedule. Their energies were opening doorways that were about to cause havoc upon earth. The time frame of manifestation was lengthened for those who had hidden agendas. We could not just pick out who was to have the lengthening procedure, so the entire earth was gifted with this.

Do not take these energies personally, as they are not meant to lessen your abilities or offend you. They come to hold back the reins of death and the arrival of the 4 horsemen. There are individuals that are engineering situations on earth that must be interfered with by the universes of Light. Be patient with your manifestations and what you seek to create and accomplish. Do not take this interference personally. What man has placed asunder God will set right. We leave you at this time. the Sirian High Council of Elders


The Quantum Awakening and Goddess T.O.U.C.H.ģ Inc. presents


Sunday March 6, 2005 10:30 - 2:30 $50.00  Deerfield Beach, Florida

In the ancient temples of old chosen woman were taught the art of creating a Portal of Creation through the use of their Sexual Light vibration. They were sent to kings and pharaohs alike to teach the art of honoring the Goddess. They infused the Royalty with their high vibration of Sexual Light, lifting them to a place they could rule the country with honor. This Sacred order of women held tightly to their Sacred Sexuality and used it only as a tool of Creation for it was their greatest treasure. When they did interact with men in places of power they used themselves as a tuning fork, down loading the galactic stellar vibrations as instructed by Spirit holding the frequency until it was time to interact on a physical level.

Modern women have forgotten that they are the teachers of this inherent lost art. They need to stop waiting for men to make sex sacred. Each woman has a dormant encoding that is designed to be activated when in the presence of a male that is destined to be a catalyst. The female does not have to physically interact with the male to receive this encoding. The physical body remembers the previous interaction from times past and makes the appropriate adjustments to the DNA packet that has been energetically opened. Then the exchange contract is fulfilled on whatever level the female is comfortable with. (Astral, telepathic, physical, mental, or vibrational level) When the female aligns with the male vibration a chemical response is triggered via the glands within the chakra system and the Mystical Alchemical Marriage is announced and a new integrated Sacred Light is birthed and added to the earth grid.

This is a very empowering workshop for all women, whether young or old, married or single, divorced or still looking for the frog prince. In this "WOMAN'S ONLY WORKSHOP" Gillian MacBeth-Louthan will awaken your sleeping sex goddess within through a series of meditations, breathing techniques, & visualizations designed to activate and realign you with your Sacred Sexual Potential. To PRE-register for this workshop contact Carole Ramsay at CRamsay@Parlux.com or 954-570-7387


Learn To Create Something From Nothing But Possibility

Intuition always involves an awareness of time and movement. It enables us to sense a movement in the future. Turning intuitions into physical form will be the alchemy of 2005. Creating with a knowing is the next level of our spiritual development. Learning to move forward intuitively without doubt or fear of our choices is what we will learn in this New Year. Camping out in new thoughts will serve us up a variety of new possibilities waves in this 7-7-7 year. Possibility waves free the mind from the present allowing the mind to be set free from time and its rules of order. In this unique workshop taught by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan we will surf the possibility waves of your life moving them from sub-atomic thought into physical form. we will experience a series of exercises to unfold the fullness of your creational potential using sound, imagery, meditation, and ancient memory.

Saturday March 5, 2005 10:30-2:30 $45.00

Inspired Heart Bookstore Vero Beach. Florida

Call 772-569-2877 to reserve space or Email Pat@anchorageabaco.com




Our ability to unleash our potential floats to the surface of every thought, whether ignored or acted upon the potential lives. In this increased state of awareness all energies will be amplified. The sonar latent within humans comes alive and all is heard and felt. This state of being is an exciting place to be but there can be overload. Too much input not enough release. Psychic anger is an accumulation of stagnant debris. A multitude of energies bombard us 360 degrees every day and there is no where to put them. So we store them within our muscles and create headaches and sleeplessness.

These angers do not belong to us per say but some part of us is receptive/aligned with them on a molecular level. In this unique workshop created by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan we will gently release these global invasive angers through tone, sound, color, laughter, essences, meditation, scent and chakra food.

MARCH 19, 2005  HEART & SOUL Cocoa Florida 321-633-7230
10.30- 2:30 $38.00 (couple discounts)

Pre-register please so we will look forward to seeing you


(or trying to stick a square peg in a round hole)

Does your spiritual mission ask you to be in and of the real world? Are you having a hard time holding your Light in the workplace and feel like you are constantly doing battle? Spiritual solutions to workplace situations. Tactics for dealing with non-spiritual co-workers. Develop soul connections with co-workers. Learn to express your workplace anger spiritually and bringing the light to your boss.

March 12, 2005 1:00-6:00 $50.00 East Orlando Florida

Email to reserve space and get directions  quantum77@earthlink.net



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