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Herewithin from December's 2005 Issue of the Sedona Journal of Emergence http://www.sedonajournal.com is a message from Juliano and P'taah through David K. Miller.

Predictions and Advice for 2006
Juliano and P'taah through David K. Miller
Greetings! This is Juliano, and we are the Arcturians. Greetings to all my dear friends out there, the Arcturian starseeds and all of you around the world.


I want to remind you of the pulsing technique. It has many benefits, and in particular, it strengthens your immune system. The immune system, as you know, is going through many dramatic shifts. It is attacked continually by cosmic energy, by electromagnetic radiation from many man-made sources throughout the planet and from the solar sources that are bringing down unprecedented radioactive energy from the Sun. It has been a very active solar cycle. Adding to all this is
the fact that there are new viruses and other situations that are going to impinge on your system.

The pulsing technique is basically this: You visualize yourself in the cosmic-egg formation in the energy structure, and contract all your energy into a ball maybe the size of a fist inside your stomach. You command all the energy to contract, contract, contract, and then you expand out to where that cosmic egg line was. Then you push it out another half inch. You contract again and again, contract, contract, contract; then you expand, expand outward another half inch beyond the first half inch. Then you tone, if you can . . . Ooooooohhhhh.

Do this three or four times, and what you will find is that the contraction in your energy is going to shift into an expansion. It is the contracted aura, the contracted energy that is more susceptible.  The energy that is expanded will not be susceptible to impingement on the immune system.


We respect your wishes to help with this hurricane. The first
principle of biorelativity is that people must continually work to establish a biorelativity energy. This means that they do that even when there is not a catastrophe; they are always in some state of sending out light and energy for storms or whatever. Secondly, there are different energies required, depending upon how strong the force is. If you are looking at a hurricane and it is a two instead of a five, the twos are more easily shifted than the fives. The third thing is the continuation of the focus. The fourth is that if you are in an energy group like you are now, then the shorter burst may have more of a powerful effect than when several people are meditating but do not have the benefit of the full group like we have now.

I am going to ask that you visualize the storm. At this point, the storm is inevitable; something is going to happen to Florida. What we recommend is that you use your visualization. Because you have such beautiful television images with the circle and the big eye, what I want you to do is visualize that staying apart, not gathering a great focus and staying disorganized.


The hormonal system is actually related to and is being impinged upon by the immune system. The body is fighting to evolve into a stronger system to hold illnesses, and therefore the immune systems are requiring a lot of energy. The hormonal systems in both men and women are being stressed because the adrenal glands and the kidneys in your bodies are carrying the brunt of the stress that you are experiencing. Do not underestimate the level of stress that your body is experiencing now by being on this planet.

Because the adrenals and the kidneys are often in a state of extreme stress or are being taxed, the energy is being drawn away from the hormonal system. You might compare this to a child who has a great deal of stress and then doesn't grow because her hormonal system doesn't have enough energy. When the kidneys are weak, then the lungs are not going to work well; the hormonal system is not going to be producing. Remember that the kidney energy is one of the basic
life-force energies in the human body. You can look at the kidney energy as the energy that is purifying blood and many things. You are aware that there are so many toxins that it can be overtaxed.
Blessings. I am Juliano.

Learn from Your Fifth-Dimensional Self

1 October 2005

Greetings. I am Juliano, and we are the Arcturians. Let us look at the concept and meaning of group consciousness. Group consciousness has the ability to accelerate many aspects of the ascension and many aspects of the Earth changes. To be aware of the many facets of group consciousness will be very helpful in your understanding of this project and the many different abilities that you as a group can develop. Indeed, if the group consciousness is strong, then your abilities to ascend and to exercise biorelativity increase.

Group consciousness has many implications for your ego and for your participation. We have given the vision to you of the Crystal Temple, and we want to reintroduce to you this vision of the Crystal Temple that was beautifully painted by Gudrun Miller. In essence, the vision is of sixteen hundred starseeds sitting together in a huge circle on the fifth-dimensional Crystal Temple. This Crystal Temple has been designed and the space has been created especially for the starseeds.
You are now on the Earth and desire to come into the fifth dimension to return through the star gate and also to go on into the Arcturian system, if you wish. So you can see that this implies a group connection, a group energy that is in a unity. We, the Arcturians, feel that we have become experts on the group consciousness because our whole system, our technology and our spiritual development have been accelerated and enhanced by our group consciousness.


The group consciousness involves, from the Earth standpoint, a
paradox, because in one aspect, many people in the Western cultures of this planet are trained in individual development; they are trained in a method that actually enhances separation from unity. It is because of this separation that humanity has developed many of the selfish but also many of the brilliant aspects of society. These brilliant aspects, from our perspective, encompass a male energy. It is a male energy of separateness, but it is also assertion, an energy of domination and control. Creative male energy has created a unique aspect on this planet. Unfortunately, it is out of balance. The feminine side, the opposite, is the unity, the coming together and the working in unison.

I want to share with you the idea that unity is a feminine aspect of this polarity, and it is also a joining together of some powerful, separate energies into an enhanced group consciousness. It might be described, in terms of your understanding, as this: You work to manifest and develop your separateness and your identity so that you can merge with the greater group. But this merging does not mean that you lose your identity. The idea of merging has been the source of
great confusion in the Western world. There have been many bad
examples of spiritual leaders who have sought to lead groups and have asked the members of their group to turn over their identity in a way that gives these leaders great power and supposedly enhances the group energy.

I want to assure everyone that the Arcturians are not interested at all in any pattern in which you are turning over power to another person. We are equal, and we believe that all of you are equal in your spiritual powers, even though your consciousness and your gifts might not be as developed as they could be. There are some of you who are more advanced than others, but it does not mean that anyone is better. In fact, you are all equal.


There is a fear of the joining in group consciousness. All of you have agreed to participate in this beautiful project, and I believe that all of you have come to understand that this is not a giving up but a joining. This joining is going to enhance your identity. The key is that your identity is part of and contributes to the unity. That is where the misconception comes from. Each one of you has an
individualized self. Part of that identity includes an identification with that powerful part within you that is in unity with the greater spiritual consciousness known as the Arcturian starseeds. Your identity is also related to your soul family. I want to further discuss this concept of unity in the context of family and in the context of soul family.

You probably have already figured out that in most cases, your
biological family is not your soul family. The biological family has a certain resonant frequency that allowed you to manifest on the Earth,but in most cases, it is not your soul family. Indeed, you belong to the conscious soul group who is part of the Arcturian starseeds. You are part of a group who is aware of the galactic consciousness. It is true that there are many groups on Earth, but there are some Earth groups who have advanced awareness of the galactic family and of the star family. We are referring to all of our soul mates we call the starseed brothers and sisters. So I want you all to understand that we consider each of you part of our family. We consider you brothers and sisters, and we are coordinating and working with you to help teach you about connections with the star family.

These connections with the star family will help you to awaken your hidden knowledge and your hidden understanding. It will also awaken within you the ability to more readily join in group energy and group activation. So the activation of the sixteen hundred starseeds together represents a great family reunion. In a family that is in a higher, fifth-dimensional level, the brothers and sisters are helping one another, so if one falls down, another will help pick that one up.


In the images of the Arcturian fifth-dimensional group, we see that there is a holographic group consciousness. This holographic group consciousness includes yourself. Your greater identity is described in terms of, "I am, I will be and I was." You have, from the holographic fifth dimension, three aspects of yourself, and you are activating all three aspects: the present part of yourself, the future part of yourself and the past part of yourself. The past part of yourself actually can be healed and shifted so that past traumas or pains can be resolved. This has been the basic premise of the holographic healing: that one part of you can access all parts of you. By accessing all parts of you, you are able to heal the distorted and unified parts of yourself, bringing that past part of yourself into alignment with the new reality.

Using this model, I can tell you that you have already united in the Crystal Temple. You have already energized yourselves in fifth-dimensional light from the Crystal Temple. I can tell that you have already experienced the raised group consciousness of the Crystal Temple experience. I was there with you as you were doing that. You have all participated in a way that has maintained your individuality and integrity, and at the same time, you have united with that part of yourself that is in connection to your star family. We, the Arcturians, are part of your star family.


Many of you have been feeling homesick lately. Many of you have asked,"What is this feeling of homesickness I have? I do not understand it,but I just feel like I am missing my family. I am missing my home. It is painful." Well, you are awakening, my friends, to your greater star family. It is returning in your memory. It is returning in a way that may be activating a sadness within you. You remember the camaraderie, the warmth, the lack of competition, the lack of duality, the lack of defensiveness, the lack of disease, the lack of hatred, the lack of jealousy, the lack of all dualities in the family experience with your star brothers and sisters.

We have talked about duality on the Earth plane, but let me say that duality is also present in personal relationships on the third dimension. In comparison, the enhanced fifth dimensional relationships are in a whole other experience, a whole other world. You are sensing that in your memories, because you did experience it at one time. You are sensing the missing of that connection, and some of you experience it as missing your soul mates, your soul brothers and sisters. In the fifth dimension it is even more powerful, because we do not have that sense of duality. We are experiencing the relationships in a more family way, as I have described. We would not enhance any separation in our relationships.

So this explains part of the emptiness that you are feeling, the homesickness. I can assure you that you have all been unified with the Crystal Temple. Now your job is to manifest the vision, and through this manifestation, you will begin to reexperience these soul connections on the Earth. You will begin to sense that other Group of Forty members are also family. You will begin to sense and you will remember that they were connected with you in the holographic Crystal
Temple. You will not have any fears or anxieties with this unity.


The star family goes beyond just the sixteen hundred, because there are star families throughout the galaxy. There are different star groups in different solar systems. Eventually, each separate star group goes through something similar to what the Earth family is going through. In some cases, a star group may destroy itself first, and then it has to reincarnate and try all over again. Each star group is eventually faced with connections to the greater star family, the other great planets, the other great star systems, the other great star beings and the other great ascended beings who are throughout this galaxy. Each time a star group experiences the unity, the group consciousness is accelerated and enhanced. The beautiful connection in group consciousness actually enhances your individuality when, for whatever reason, you have to separate from the group.

I will give an example in the world of martial arts. Martial artists have studied with masters who are part of great families of masters.  Those families of masters come from other great families, and they pass on the wisdom from generation to generation. When you study with one, eventually you reach the plane in which you have become part of the spiritual family, even though the older masters are not on the Earth.

This principle also works in spiritual groups. There is a tradition in the Kabbalah in which students study with the ancient sages.  Eventually they reach a level in which they are connected with the energy of the sages, and somebody from the outside seeing a Kabbalah master would admire the master's high individual development. This experience with the spiritual families is also evident with the special shamans from Hawaii who belong to a certain tradition. And you can see it in many of the religious experiences of Native American groups who always refer to their elders when they are acknowledging their group consciousness. What we have offered to you are the elders, the sages of the star family. We are sitting with you, Group of Forty.  We are connected with you.


Let these tones activate your links to your awareness, to the star brothers and sisters. Allow yourselves now to rise in spirit out of the body. We will travel together through the corridor connecting to the Crystal Temple. We find each of you in your future fifth-dimensional self sitting there, waiting for your lower third dimensional self to return. Each of you has your fifth-dimensional self in this highly evolved future state. This may be referred to as your ascended state. Travel with me through this corridor to your fifth-dimensional holographic future self in the Crystal Temple around the Crystal Lake with the other sixteen hundred people.

You have arrived in the Crystal Lake in the Crystal Temple. You feel the unity in your star consciousness with your star brothers and sisters. In the center of the Crystal Lake is a beautiful crystal.  This is the basic crystal that duplicated several etheric crystals.  Each of these four duplicate crystals was manifested in etheric energy fields to these four locations. The original crystal is in the Crystal Temple, and we are raising that crystal now with the greatest
intensity of spiritual light. As the crystal rises, I want you
particularly to have and feel the experience of group consciousness with all of the sixteen hundred Arcturian Group-of-Forty starseeds.

This unification of group consciousness will be a great source of protection in the coming months. I want you to hold your
fifth-dimensional connection to the group of sixteen hundred. This connection has already been evolving and contains an aspect of your higher future self. This group consciousness also has the ability to unite with other star consciousness. I am calling on the Pleiadians to speak with us about the unity of consciousness, and I turn this part of the lecture over to P'taah. I am Juliano.

P'taah Speaks: Connection to Arcturians Helps You Ascend

Greetings, brothers and sisters. I am P'taah. I am a teacher on the Pleiades. We are a people who are genetically and directly related to you because we are also made in the Adamic codes. Many of our starseeds are on Earth, just like the Arcturian starseeds. Some of us have actually embodied in the third dimension. We have developed a special technology that allows us to temporarily embody on Earth without incurring karma. That is in part due to our similarity to you
regarding the genetic codes. It is also in part due to this new technology that we have. And it is due in part to our understanding of the laws of incarnation and to our knowing that there are certain things that we cannot do-if we would take those actions, then we would become subject to and part of the incarnation cycle.

Some of you hearing my words will remember that you have been with me before as a student of mine on the Pleiades. I had given you instructions then that you must follow certain patterns, or certain rules. One of these rules has to do with not harming anything or interfering with anybody while on Earth. I know that there have been times when you may not have been able to follow the rules. There may have even been individual instances in which you broke the rules and fell into the incarnation cycle. Now, several lifetimes later, you are awakened again, especially by the work of the Arcturians, who have a very unique ability to activate. Now you are remembering my lecture.  You are remembering that you have been in the Pleiades. You are remembering that you volunteered to work here on Earth. You are remembering that you want to ascend, that you want to leave the Earth and reconnect in the fifth-dimensional process. You will do that. You will especially do that through this connection and work with the

I, P'taah, have been working with the Arcturians to unite our
consciousness with theirs
. We have special meetings. You might, from the Earth perspective, laugh, because on Earth when you have a meeting, you are talking and lecturing. You take notes. When we come together, we just sit, communicate telepathically and merge our energies. We merge our experiences with no fear of being dominated or controlled, knowing that we are doing this for the highest personal
and group evolvement. So when you are in a meeting, I ask that you experiment with that. Sit together and merge your energies. You might even find that you are gaining more from that experience than from the lectures. I would like for you now to merge with everyone else who is connected and hold that merging energy.


The Pleiadian sages are now connecting with many of you. As I said, we look human, just like you. In some cases, our ears look slightly different, but in general, most people don't notice that difference.  My great teaching focuses on the ability of the future self and its connection to your heart. We know that the love, and especially the love that you can have for yourself, greatly raises your spiritual vibration. When you see your future self, you will see that it is more evolved than you now experience yourself; your future self is more beautiful in the physical, spiritual, emotional sense. I want you to hold that image of your future self that is already fifth-dimensional and more evolved. I believe that you will experience this love for yourself. I certainly feel love for each of you, because I see this higher part of you.

Now hold the image of the future Earth in your mind-the Earth that has moved into the fifth dimension, just like the planet Pleiades has moved into the fifth dimension. We have overcome all war, all disease and all lower vibrations. We have experienced the great unity of brotherhood/sisterhood that makes our planet a joy. Many of you are sensing your homesickness for this kind of life again. Why not hold
this image of the future Earth, the fifth-dimensional Earth?

Holding this image is important in the biorelativity exercise because the image represents a fifth-dimensional unity, where the polarities have disintegrated. Maybe in this incarnation, you will not see the fifth-dimensional Earth. Truth be told, most of you would prefer to ascend and not stay on this Earth for this difficult process. Given the opportunity, you would all immediately return to your home planets and to the fifth dimension.


Your participation now helps to develop the universal mental body of the Earth. Your love for the future Earth helps the Earth in her evolvement. We teach this truth on the Pleiades: Your love, which includes loving your future self and accepting that future self as part of your present self, accelerates your development. Look at all of the jealousy, all of the hatred and all of the war in a nonjudgmental way, because these people are only experiencing a polarity, a lower aspect of a polarity. You can experience the higher
aspect of polarity.

This ability to see your future self as exemplified in the Crystal Temple will help you to love yourself now in the present. We feel that this is one of the main things that Jesus came to teach the world about: the future self. Jesus has been on the Pleiades and has taught us many great things and many great lessons. One of them is this lesson about your future self, about using the future self as a way of loving the present self or enhancing that. I return you to Juliano. I am your teacher, P'taah.

Juliano Speaks:
We Are Still in the Crystal Temple

Iam Juliano. We are still together in the Crystal Temple. We have the ability to connect with many of your home planets. I am connecting to the home planet now, Xterra, which is the great planet that is by the Central Sun, where many of you have deep connections. I am connecting with Sirius. I am connecting with the Andromeda galaxy, Polaris, Aquila, Antares, Esparta, Telios, Procyon, Apollo and the Gamma Sector, where there are many deep planets. I am connecting to Asperalla, a deep-star system on the other end of this galaxy. Connect with your home planetary system where you have great brothers and sisters and use the power of the Crystal Lake to enhance your abilities to connect with the unities. You have the ability to connect on many different levels of unity. I salute you, star brothers and sisters.

So we will begin the return back to our Earth bodies. The crystal has descended into the water, and your group consciousness, which has been elevating, is now going to separate as you return to individual consciousness. This individual consciousness is going to be a raised vibration.  Leaving the Crystal Temple, you come back into your corridor and begin to return to your physical body. You go down to the corridor connecting you to the Earth, and then you realign into your Earth body. This Earth body now has greater access to your future self than you have ever experienced before. That means that your abilities also are dynamically enhanced. Your future self has lessons, information and techniques that are even beyond what you may imagine in this lifetime. Be open, please, to the information and lessons that are going to come to you.

May there be a great stabilizing light coming to the Earth in the next thirty days to hold a new harmony and a new brotherhood and sisterhood. May you participate in that. Blessings to each of you. I am Juliano. Good day!

2005 by David K. Miller
David K. Miller
PO Box 4074
Prescott, AZ 86302



From: mrlorink@ aol.com [mailto:mrlorink@ aol.com]
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david miller


Hi Keth, I love your website and the many wonderful channels that your site has turned me
on to.  I would like to share my knowledge of the channel David Miller.    Above Channel.

David Channels Juliano
and Helioa.  He thinks they are Arcturians.  He has written books by them.  THEY ARE NEGATIVE
ET'S, THEY ARE ANYTHING BUT ARCTURIANS.   Mother Mary taught me about the law of non
interference thru my harmful experience with David Miller two years ago.   Mother Mary told me
that there are many people that can hold the energies of the masters; David is one of them.   Due
to the law of non-interference, david also channels the masters, they leave and then he channles
these neg. beings. Mother Mary has said of him that he should only channel the masters.   In other
words, once he realizes his mistake, he will be fooled again and again.   he is not shrewd enough
to work with any Star beings or positve ETs.   

He has screwed up thousands of people. 
I wrote  him a 8 page letter about what is going on with him and gave him the name of three channels
to check out the information and he won't do it.  HE THINKS THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO MAKE
MONEY!   If you go to his website, you are downloaded with neg. energies, his channelings
YOUR WONDERFUL WEBSITE.      In light, Lorin Adam Kapen



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