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There has been a lot of channeled info about the "cause" or spiritual reasons for Katrina. This one (below) by Shepherd Hoodwin makes a lot of sense to me.
For those of you not familiar with Shepherd, he is one of the "Michael" channels.
This is not Archangel Michael, but a spiritual entity composed of over a thousand souls who comes through a number of professional and non-professional channels.
A number of good books have been published by a number of the "Michael" channels.
To learn more about it, check out Shepherd's website below.

Also note: It is very common to have turbulent weather involving rain and sea water when Mars makes a hard angle (in this case, a "square" -- a 90 degree angle) to Neptune.
Astrologers have documented this for centuries. Mars rules great activity, aggression and war. Neptune rules water. When those to planets make a hard angle (90 degrees or 180 degrees, and sometimes 45 degrees) it is common to see storms, tornados, hurricanes, floods, etc. Mars began to make a square to Neptune on Aug. 25 (about when Katrina was born) and moved to exactly 90 degrees (it's strongest influence) on Aug. 28, and moved out of the square position on Aug. 30 (when Katrina started dying out).

So, you can look at "causes" any way you want, but the planets certainly had a hand in making it happen, or at least the timing of when it happened. It might well be that human consciousness that contributed to the intensity of Katrina. However, it would be good to know that psychics and channels have been predicting for many years (at least 15 that I personally know of) that at some point, New Orleans would no longer be here.


Shepherd Hoodwin <sh (at) summerjoy.com > wrote:
Mon, 05 Sep 2005 13:36:32 -0700
PERSPECTIVES on Hurricane Katrina

Human beings are part of the self-regulating ecology of the earth, and that ecology is not merely physical; the physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual are interconnected both individually and collectively. Something not shifting on the intellectual or emotional level may emerge physically, sparking a shift intellectually or emotionally. A spiritual change may then occur.

This is a time of great moment, a coming together of many factors both earthly and cosmic that can bring a breakthrough for humanity. Although there is not a direct correlation, it is often the case that external turbulence reflects difficult shifts in consciousness. Weather patterns tend to reflect human consciousness to some degree. This is not to say that human consciousness causes the weather; it is one factor of many. The fact that this disaster struck where it did does not particularly reflect on the consciousness of those who live there. Humanity is a whole; the pressure wells up, and then it is released where there is an opening, such as through a naturally occurring storm.

When there is more resistance, there is often more disruptive weather. The more human beings move with internal changes with grace, the calmer the experience tends to be on all levels, including weather-wise.  In any case, the stress of these and any other circumstances can be used to open further to essence and allow greater love and understanding to emerge.

--Michael channeled by Shepherd Hoodwin, 9/9/2005

sh (at) summerjoy.com       http://summerjoy.com


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