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Perspective on 2005 and Beyond
By Jelaila Starr
Written February 27, 2005

This morning I awoke with a tremendous feeling of joy. A packet of information had been downloaded to me in the night and upon opening it I discovered a reason for hope.  It was this message, the one I am writing now. Some of the information in the packet may be a bit difficult to understand if you are not familiar with the Nibiruan’s work so I’ll start with a little explanation.

For many years, long before I came on the scene, the Nibiruans have been involved with humanity’s evolution. The ultimate goal was to help this fledgling race to enter into the galactic community, and take its place as an equal and a role model for compassion; a tall order for any developing species; a goal that has yet to be achieved.  In so doing, the Earth humans would become a seed race for compassion, for a civilization that could live in harmony with diversity, experiencing unity without sacrificing individuality.

As part of their plan, called Project Earth Shift, the Nibiruans would, in the latter times, focus on creating electromagnetic grids and the templates that go into them. With the assistance of Nibiruans embodied on Earth along with those from neighboring worlds that are also here, they would provide the tools and training to anchor grid points and do the emotional clearing necessary to create the new templates.  (see 9D Nibiruan Council Update for January 2003 for explanation of templates and grids).  To date they have been instrumental in creating a 4D, 5D, and 9D grid, what we have dubbed, the Ascension Staircase.  With this staircase of grids, humanity can now step out of 3D, increasing their consciousness by using the templates filled with higher knowledge and beliefs, thus ascending while changing their DNA one step of consciousness at a time.

In addition, they have given us the DNA Recoding Process to recode our DNA, along with the Multidimensional Keys of Compassion; the tools that help us complete the emotional clearing work that changes DNA from carbon to crystalline.

But, that is not all.  The Nibiruans, quite familiar with time travel and timelines and having already projected out along several timelines to see the probable outcome of Earth’s ascension, realized that there were several key points where Earth could end up with a less than desirable outcome. To prevent this from occurring, they enlisted the aid of many time travelers, those ancient souls experienced in the art of time travel and timeline work. These time travelers are a unique group. They travel the timelines, repairing them or helping to create new ones by creating an event as a specific moment that creates an offshoot.  Sometimes in order to do their work, they must incarnate or, if that would take too long, walk into a body and braid with another soul for a period of time and then move on.  In essence, they are time healers. 

I explain this last part because just recently, I came to discover that the 9D Nibiruans whom I have been working with for the last 13 years are such a group.  They come from the First Earth Grand Experiment, their descendants now on many planets but primarily on Nibiru, hence the name, 9D Nibiruans.  It explains why I have been so passionate about grid work, making templates, and DNA Recoding.

The templates involved making choices out of a higher state of consciousness that can only be achieved with a change in the DNA brought about by embracing a more compassionate/integrated view of the event. In the case of the 9D Nibiruans, the event was the destruction of not one but two worlds--two failed experiments in polarity integration involving many races and their home worlds. (see the 3 Earth Grand Experiments)

As 2004 came to a close, I began to notice that I was not hearing from Devin and the Council as often as before.  He and they seemed more distant as if in another area of time and space than before. At the same time, I felt that somehow something major had changed. When I tuned in to inquire about this, I was informed that yes, something had changed.  Having completed the final template to heal the last major galactic wound from the previous two failed Earths, their timeline (The First Earth) had changed. It had blown apart ending an intergalactic war involving several races but as a result of the timeline shift, it was now intact.  Family members who had previously died were now alive. The war had never occurred and peace now reigned.  I noticed that Devin sounded different, younger, with a sense of optimism reserved only for the young.  He told me that in time we would experience a shift here on Earth, the third Grand Experiment, as the timeline changes rippled backward.  All the Earths’ timelines are connected so that what happens on one ripples to the others. 

For months I have struggled to determine what to do with this information. How do I explain the work of time travelers and timeline shifts without sounding like I’ve gone insane? Finally, I decided that I’d just wait to see if any other channels were picking up on this timeline shift. If so, that would be my cue to write about the message. Just a few days ago I received a message from another channel, forwarded to me by a client.  This channel was talking about being in a new world.  As I skimmed the message I realized that this was the sign I had been waiting for.

The New Earth Timeline and 2005

Yes, the timeline has shifted. That is what the message said. This means that many of the Earth changes and political events that have been predicted will no longer occur while others either haven been or can be changed.  As the Nibiruans project out along this new timeline, they see that 2005 is the year to make templates that will change those key events and anchor grid points in strategic locations to stabilize Earth in the coming years. 

As part of my new assignment, I’ll be traveling to key locations this year to do just that, explaining time travel, how timelines work, and how we can change shift from one to another by using our “inner technology” of compassion.  So, though the timeline has shifted, our work is not yet over. 

To all my fellow time travelers out there, thank you for all you have done, for helping to establish the 4, 5 and 9D grids, or anchoring them and thus securing humanity’s ascension. I hope to see you in my travels this year.

In service,
Jelaila Starr
The Nibiruan Council

About Devin and Jelaila Starr
Devin is the head of the 9D Nibiruan Council and spokesperson for that Council and Project Earth Shift.   Jelaila Starr, messenger from the Galactic Federation’s Nibiruan Council is a gifted channel, teacher, counselor and author of
We are the Nibiruans.  Through her lectures, workshops, and articles, Jelaila's message of compassion has touched the hearts of people around the globe inspiring hope and understanding.  

As a psychic/intuitive counselor, Jelaila works with individuals to assist them with emotional clearing, healing relationships, and DNA Recoding.  Jelaila's unique approach enables her clients to clearly discover who they are, what they came to do and how to achieve it.  Jelaila can be reached at (816) 444-4364.  Email: Jelaila@NibiruanCouncil.com - Website: www.nibiruancouncil.com

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