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Operation Terra   April Message   Coming Times of Change

Dear ones,
This past week, many millions of people around the world mourned the passing of a single man, (the Pope) a man who had in some way touched them through his life. The tolling of the bells to mark his passage also marked a stage in the passage of the planet from one frequency band to another. It is about this particular frequency band that we wish to speak today.

Every thoughtform or idea or concept has a frequency pattern to it. These frequency patterns make up layers of different "heaviness" or "lightness." The heaviest frequencies feel "heavy" or "dark" to us and the lighter frequencies feel "lighter" or "light" to us. As the Earth is rising slowly through the frequency bands, each frequency pattern that has been passed through no longer can hold that pattern and it is flushed out into manifestation. And so, at this particular period of time in the passage through these frequency bands, the "time of sorrows" has arrived.

This is a symptom of the patterns contained in the band that has just been traversed. It will outpicture as many funerals, many losses, and much sorrow for many of the people in the world. The cause of these sorrows will be losses of many kinds -- loss of loved ones, both animal and personal; loss of jobs; loss of homes; loss of property; loss of health; loss of well-being in all kinds of ways. We have come to you today in the role of comforter, to help you come to terms with the sorrows that will be outpicturing in the world.

We wish to remind you that these losses are a passing away of all that is not in keeping with the frequencies of peace, joy, and love that make up Terra's foundation. They are a passing away of all that has kept people from truly being free to express themselves in all of their fullness. They are a passing away of everything that has CAUSED sorrow and the lack of peace, joy, and love on this planet. It will be a time to grieve one's losses, but it is also a healing of the root of those who suffer every day from the losses of personal freedom that have come down through the generations of ignorance, control, and penury.

So while this time is upon you now, we want to tell you how to be with this experience, so you can receive it for the healing that it is. We also want to express our support for you and your transition, and to explain how it will be after you have withdrawn from the planet for awhile, so that you can understand how the pieces of the puzzle fit together. We expect that having a frame in which to see through, it will make it easier to bear.

We are aware that you are very caring individuals, and that you have a tendency to identify with loss and suffering so much so that you experience it as if it were your own. In particular, you feel this way about those least able to protect themselves -- innocent children, elderly, those who are crippled by disease, animals and plants, and those who are already beset with life's harsher aspects. We ask you to detach from all of these individual dramas, to instead create a tent of your love over them, like a bowl or container in which these things can play out to their end, and the healing that will result from having gone through those experiences.

Many losses are coming now. We ask you to hold forth where you are, with all of the love you can muster for the entire process, independent of the details of each calamity. For calamities will be so numerous, it can and shall overwhelm many. We ask you to understand the real purpose being served by the calamities, to see them as a healing for the planet and a release from the conditions that have occurred over the millennia. We ask you to stand where you are and continue to sound your note. We ask you to do this until the time comes when the portal arrives, and when you move through the portal, to not look back upon the calamities you are leaving behind. You are moving to a place where you will let go of any sorrow you carry, to prepare yourself to offer comfort at a later time, when it will be of some use.

You see, at this time, the cleansing of the sorrows has just begun, and many are destined to depart through the portal of "death." Your time to be of use is not until this time of sorrows has come to an end, and you will extend a helping hand to those who have been transformed by going through them. Remember that a higher purpose is being served through all of this, and therefore, there is nothing to fix and nothing to stop. It all must come to pass. You can always pray for as smooth a process as possible in keeping with the highest good, but it is important to detach from specific outcomes, and most importantly from seeing any of it as either a judgment or punishment. It is none of those, for everyone is just being who they came to be, in keeping with the Creator's desire to experience everything. No one is being punished. No one is being judged. Those ideas are a creation of man, not of the Creator. As we have said, to the Creator, all of Its creations are good, in that they serve the Creator's desire to experience all of the possibilities through Its creations. Everything that exists is in existence solely to serve the Creator's desire to experience everything.

In speaking of the "end times" or "last days," many people judge others because they are different or believe differently, but the Creator does not judge. Many people say that THEY "are the way, the truth, and the light," and if anyone does not follow THEIR precepts, they will suffer an eternal punishment. There is no eternal punishment. There is no heaven; there is no hell. There is only the Creator, expressing through Its creations. All things stem from the Creator. All that you consider "evil" in the world stems from the Creator. All that you consider "good" in the world stems from the Creator. The Creator is All That Is.

Do not pay attention to the rhetoric of those who are enmeshed in division, hatred, fear, and rage. Many will be losing control and acting out from those places of division, hatred, fear, and rage. The response will be dramatic, and the only response that will be effective is to institute more and more control.   Health care delivery systems, especially those that treat mental disorders, will be overwhelmed, and a system of triage will have to be resorted to.  Those who cannot be helped will not be helped.  Those who will survive without help will not be helped, and will have to rely on themselves and their own resources.  Only those who can be helped within available resources will be helped within available resources.  And those resources are about to be taxed beyond the ability to respond.

A time of tyranny will follow this time of sorrows. It will be the response to the losses and the need to institute order and control, which will be yet another loss -- a loss of personal freedoms. All systems will be stressed to the maximum possible, and many things will be sacrificed that people have come to take for granted. Many things will be in scarce supply, and to control the fear levels that would result in riots and mass hysteria, more controls will be put in place until everywhere you look around the planet, helmets and guns will be seen. These measures will take place against the backdrop of growing discontent and a kind of unleashing of a wild beast. Nations are entities, too, and when an entity is in pain, it lashes out against what it perceives of as the cause of its pain. It identifies the cause of its pain as its enemy, and moves to destroy its enemy in order to stop its pain, but the reality of war is that it does not stop pain -- it increases it. And so a spiral will be set in motion soon, and that spiral will build upon itself until everything appears to be out of control. Then those who thrive on power will institute the controls that preserve their position and the spiral will continue to build until all will appear to be heading into the darkest days ever seen upon the planet.

The sheer numbers of people actually contribute to this spiral. Consider that 1,000 years ago, there were many fewer people on the planet, and their technologies and modes of transport limited them in the kind of destruction they could wreak on a given area.  The Bubonic Plague killed many more than the puny forces of people could, but now there are superpowers with superweapons, capable of destroying the entire planet singlehandedly.  There are other nations with more limited resources, but with enough people being drummed into hating others, alliances will coalesce and the united resources will throw everything possible at their enemies.   It will be like the entire planet has gone insane, but it is a madness that is already there, festering unseen and just waiting for the right circumstances to boil forth.

We tell you this now, to prepare you for this time of sorrows, so that you will know how to respond.  Your time to withdraw also helps this healing process go forward.  Until now, you have been acting like human lightning rods to anchor the higher Light into the planet.  You have done this and the Light is doing its work of scouring every atom clean of its contaminants.  The resulting "sludge" has to go somewhere, and it will outpicture in this image of human suffering, but please understand, it is just the PURGING of the suffering that has existed and gone on for millennia.   Many of you have memories of this suffering, for you experienced it yourselves. In this present life, you received it as a legacy from your elders, who received it as a legacy from THEIR elders, and on and on, back through the dim reaches of time.   Your Oversouls have created many lives, and played out many themes, but now it is all coming to an end.    This, you might say, is the "great end game" -- the game that will play out and then the end will come.

This time that has now arrived must occur for the ending to be a happy one -- in the end. This is a last look around at the things that the Creator desired to experience, and then you will move on to something else. You have your part to play, and you will be the deliverance from suffering that will be so welcome at the other end of this time, but in the meantime, focus on your own healing, focus on your own transformation, focus on what you CAN do to support your own transition, for it is only when you are fully transformed that you will be able to provide meaningful relief and support for others. This period of sorrows is upon the world now, and it will last until it is over and it is time to clear the stage altogether.

Please understand that all of this has been anticipated, has been prepared for, and we are doing our part to help all of you, and through you, millions of others when it is time to do that.   But each thing progresses in phases and stages, and this is where you are at in the overall process at this time.

We leave you now, in peace, honor, and blessing. Amen, Adonoy Sabayoth.  We are the Hosts of Heaven


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