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DK Teleconference Class, Wednesday, November 2, 2005

Opening and Enhancing Clairaudience (hearing)"

Channeled by Terri Newlon RevTerri@lifetimeaddress.com

Djwhal Khul, here.  Tashi delek.

Well, I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween, Happy All Saints Day, and Happy Cross Quarter Day, half way between the Fall Equinox and the Winter Solstice.  There was also a very powerful new moon and many other things happening here. 

As you know, if you pay any attention to the world news, we have quite a few things happening politically that are all pointing towards Truth Be Revealed.  In essence, humanity is no longer willing to be complacent with things; they're ready for changes.  The theme right now is change, change, change.  We're going to be in a time of very rapid changes.   It's very important to remain flexible during those changes; in other words, don't get stubborn or try to delay the inevitable, that sort of thing.  Do your best to shift with it as rapidly as possible and then you'll be all right.

The basic question is "Does this serve my path or does this sabotage my path" - for any choice you're making about anything.  It could be a place to move, a location, a class, a book, a family member. You could be deciding whether to be with a family member for the next holiday, or whatnot.  "Is it serving my path or is it sabotaging my path?" Really check in.  In the case of relatives, sometimes a shift in your attitude or a shift in your energy field can make all the difference in the world, and make that a support system.  Look within, sometimes it's coming from within.  But then again, say, if you go to Thanksgiving every year and there's one relative with whom you have a personality clash, and it's really very uncomfortable for everyone, then it may not be in the highest service of the whole family if you both go.  So, really try to evaluate.

Now, certainly, I'm not saying, "throw the baby out with the bathwater." What I am saying is keep evaluating everything right now, and if it's not serving your highest good and your purpose for being incarnate, see if there's a way that you can make any changes so that it will, and if the answer is still "no," delete it and move on.   Don't spend a lot of time, especially in the past; move forward.   I guess that's the best advice.  And you'll also want energy or flow, something that's exciting you, like you're looking forward to a new adventure or you're excited about the changes or you're glad you're getting your finances straightened out, or you're really happy that a relationship is going well.  There needs to be some passion associated with being alive now, at least in one area of life.  If you've lost your passion about life, go back in and reflect, "When in the past have I been really excited about life?"  Then I would examine: was it always at the beginning of a relationship?  Or was it always at the end of a job?  If it's a repeating pattern, it tells you there's something there to clear.  But if you see a thread there, "Oh yes, I really love new adventures and I don't like being stuck in a rut," or "I really love it when I feel free and I don't like it when I feel caged, confined to a certain area or a certain job," or whatever.  So, self study, going back to what is appropriate for you. 

Now let me go into the next level here before we start our topic. Just a note:  11:11 - we've got some powerful days coming up when I pretty much parked[?] the eighth ray attunements -- which are now available by the way.  You can contact Kandi to get in on an attunement for the eighth ray, which is green violet.  Power, money, manifestation,
especially  - those are the theme words.  There are a few others, purification is another thing associated with that ray. Kandi can be reached at this phone number, 928-282-5093 or at the email address dkgroup@esedona.net.  For that particular eighth ray attunement - there are seven left this month - I picked power days.  11:11, is one of them.  The 8th and the 11th and the 12th are the next ones coming up.  You can get that whole list from Kandi if you want other time

The 11th, your Veterans Day in the US, Remembrance Day in Canada, is very, very powerful numerically.  So no matter what you're doing on that day, stop and reflect on what it is you would like to co-create from that point forward.  In other words, many of you are here, dedicated to co-creating world peace, for example, or you want truth revealed gently, or you want a healthy planet.  What is it that you are choosing as a co-creator from 11:11 forward and put your attention on that.  You can start working on that a little bit early.
Self-empowerment is a theme of a lot of the lightworkers, wanting to see everyone self- empowered and equal, and what not.  So, where is your passion?  What is your reason for being incarnate this lifetime? Keep asking for that to be fully revealed to you.  Choose to remember how this time period fits in with the exact reason why you wanted to
be incarnate now.

Probably your dreams are starting already to be very vivid. Halloween is rather good for that, and also very good for opening clairaudience and clairvoyance. That window is really still open and we're going to take advantage of that today.  Today's topic is opening and enhancing clairaudience, which is psychic hearing -- basically the ability to hear, whereas clairvoyance is the ability to see, and clairsentience would be the ability to feel.  We're focusing on hearing today. 

One of the things that I'm going to do is to start with the jaw hinges.  Now, if you have TMJ or something that resembles TMJ, it may or may not be a malformed joint, jaw joint; it may in fact be emotional.  It could be a lot of anger at not being able to speak your piece, particularly for women growing up in families where you were not supposed to say certain things.  The boys could say them, but the girls couldn't; or if you had an objection to something, you weren't allowed to voice it.  Or it can transfer into the workplace too.  Perhaps, you're a nurse and you'd really like to tell the patient that you think they're being impossible, but it's against your employment
agreement. Or if you're a salesperson, "the customer is always right" -- all of those things.  Now, sometimes men store this, too, but usually it's women.  Not talking.  Occasionally, it truly is a malformed joint, but for the most part I'd say I see it as suppression of _expression most of the time. 

The jaw hinges affect the psychic hearing. The ear channels and canals, and the throat chakra can affect it; the heart chakra can affect it; certainly the third eye and sometimes taste buds, when you don't have much taste or smell it will affect the ears.  Sometimes it's coming more from the root chakra area, specifically the bladder, in men and women. In women it can be the bladder/uterus relationship affecting the ears, making the ears not quite hear correctly (inner
ears meaning psychic ears as well as the outer ears meaning you're just hearing the usual way). 

So, let's see what we can do here.  Mostly in the beginning we'll be doing some exercises just to open all of that up. Now, I do want to use the energy patches.  One moment here, I'm going to go get them.  For those of you who haven't heard of these yet, if you want to listen to a very specific recording of DK Group members and a few others talking about the effects of them, I'll give you a phone number.    The recording is 405 - 244 - 4000, box number 662 (just for that; it's not a channeled call).  I'm quite excited - this is some of the vibrational healing technology that I've been talking about for a very long time.  It's software that you wear on the body, nanotechnology, and I don't mean that as catchy new age term; that's the literal term. 

Now, what I'm going to do with the patches -- those of you that do have them can follow along -- I'm going to put the white one. the white one generally goes on the right side of the body unless you're reversed, and if you just feel along, you'll feel the energy running through the body.  The white one is just in front of the ear; the tan one is on the left side also just in front of the ear, so I'm making a match between the sides of the body there.  I'm running the energy
like a vortex:  it's going to come in on the right ear and it's going to flow out on the left ear. 

Now if you're feeling a little fluttering in the chest, or maybe the liver because they're close enough to the eyes that they might trigger a little fluttering in the liver, or a little fluttering in the heart center, that tells you that your ability to hear psychically or clairaudiently is somehow impaired by either your liver/gallbladder being congested, or the heart chakra having some fear in it -- fear of what you might hear. Now, while we're opening this, I'll just say that
certainly there are people with personality disorders who hear negative voices. That's not what we're doing here.  When you're open to the ascended masters and the angelic kingdom -- the real ones, not the ones posing as such -- what you'll hear only is very loving, nonjudgmental things.  You're not going to hear negative things, gossip, spying, psychic spying type things (like you want to tune in to someone to see if they're off the telephone now or not - that's called spying, and we don't do that).  Again, think in terms of yourself.  You don't want people constantly dropping in to see if you're on the toilet, or perhaps you're still asleep, or maybe you're having dinner with so and so.  It's inappropriate to spy.  Period.  So, we're not going to use the hearing to try to get "inside information."  It's inappropriate. 

What you're doing it for is so that you are able to hear words of wisdom, words of encouragement.  If there ever is a survival concern, I do communicate. If there's going to be a very large earthquake or a building's going to crumble or something, and you're working with me or one of the other masters, we do pop in and say, "don't turn left here," or "gee, maybe you don't want to go to work today," or "you might not want to get on that airplane." 

Pay attention to what your body is feeling; go with cellular yum or yuck.  When you hear these things, it's your job to discern: "was that really Djwhal Khul or was that some inner critic inside myself or some part of myself that wants to perpetuate fear?" and what not.  So, it does take some work.  You can always run it by people that you trust to really have a good discerning nose, and hopefully they'll give you the straight talk and tell you, "gee I don't know; that sounds like a negative entity" or "that sounds like your own fear," that sort of thing.  Again, when it involves another person, like, "I don't know; an inner voice keeps telling me that my boyfriend's going to break up with me," or something like that, ignore it.  Go straight to the boyfriend and say, "how are you feeling about our relationship?"  In other words, don't go spying, probing, trying to get information.  That's not spiritual plane use of your powers; that's astral plane use of your powers, and I would hope that you would not even try.  Use communication the old-fashioned way.  Tell the boyfriend, "I'm feeling kind of insecure lately, and I just need to know how you are feeling about our relationship?"  Standard communication is better than possibly getting distortion from the clairaudience.

All right. Moving. it's really heated up those temple points. I'm going to move it now to the throat chakra, white one on the front, right about the larynx; tan one on the back.  And the energy again is going to flow through the front side of the throat chakra and out the back.  You can use crystals for this; you can use flower essences; you can use essential oils; you can use your fingertips, purple plates, resonance tuners, colorpuncture, any tool that you have that you like. 

Now, I'm going to do the third eye.  White one in the center of the forehead; tan one at the base of the skull, top of the spine, because the third eye is angled that way.  Again, vortex energy coming in the forehead going out at the base of the skull. Actually the group is very clear on the third eye.  Probably a lot of fifth ray attunements had something to do with that.  Good. 

Next one is a little bit of a liver clear.  I'm going to put a white one on the front side of the right rib cage over the liver. Tan one on the back side of the body same spot.  So any chakras. if you want to protect your solar plexus, for example, because it increases the density of the aura, it improves the quality of all the chakras.  Just in general, it's a very good remedy there.  So use anything that you
have, including intent, breath, any tools that you are comfortable using.  There, we've got the liver cleared.

I'm going to go back to the ears, because there are so many points on the ear when you're looking at it in the Chinese way.  So, I'm doing the actual ear, the ear lobes, the outer ears, the inner ears.  We're just going to energize these, and all those meridians and points contained within the ears are going to get opened and balanced.  Meanwhile you might want to look at whatever patterns you have.  If you've heard of other people who have heard negative voices that told them to stop eating or jump off the bridge or whatever it is and you're afraid of hearing that, just toss that fear into a blue triangle and send it right up. [exhales]

By the way, Raney Alexander, the author of The Blue Triangle book, is now recovering at home from her stroke, and probably well wishes are most welcome.  So, if you feel like letter writing, or emailing at raney@rainstar.com, or telephoning 805-987-3393 your appreciation, I'm sure she'd like it very much. Letters and cards can be mailed to:
Raney Alexandre, 2827 Corte Caballos, Camarillo, CA 93010. 

Terri: It might be best to email or snail mail her, so she can read the messages.  Her speech is still not too good; however, she does now have a motorized wheel chair and is going around the block as she pleases.  Good news!

All right, still working on the ear.  Again, any fear., fear not, just trust yourself to discern.  If a voice comes in and says, "wait five minutes," to drive to a location and you say, "ok, I guess I can," then you might find that there was an accident just in front of you;or "hurry up and go now instead of waiting, " and the accident's behind you.  You'll get guidance from guardian angels, ascended masters, and those of the light with good intent who choose to support the lightworkers, the world servers.  You have a tremendous support system. 

By the way, sometimes the hearing doesn't come literally in an audible sentence.  If you're getting garbled sentences, that's good. It means you're getting opened.  Just keep working until they're not garbled. Sometimes they'll come as symbols, a language of light, symbols,colors, tone, a certain tone in your ear.  Usually, if it's in your left ear it's incoming.  The left side of the body is more receiving generally. --- I'm going to switch these patches now just to see if this will help.  White on the left ear and tan on the right.  That's actually a good pose for this group. --- Tone in your left ear, if it's not tinnitus, and if you don't have an inflammation problem in there or an infection or something, means some incoming information is reaching you.  If the tone is in the other ear, the right ear, it usually means some part of your consciousness - and remember you're multi-dimensional - is sending a broadcast and you're blocking it. It could be sending a thought - say you're thinking a negative thought about a political figure, or you're thinking, "oh my goodness, I hope they don't serve that again at Thanksgiving" -- and your higher consciousness is actually blocking or interfering with that thought reaching its destination. 

While we're on the hearing, I'm going to move the patches now because that's actually very well stimulated.  Now, I'm going to go behind the ear on the right side, kind of behind the ear but on the skull a little bit low, in the memory section - it's very good for helping with memory - putting the tan patch on the exact same spot on the opposite side of the head behind the ear a little down at the base of the skull there, not into the neck or the lymph nodes; we're still on the bone. 

A thought reaches its destination in a fraction of a second, usually about 1/14th of a second.  In other words, it's very important to clean up your thoughts because they get to maybe where you don't really want them to go.  Now, another way that you can redirect that is you can invoke myself or one of the other ascended masters, perhaps an archangel.  If you're talking with a therapist or something, what you want to do is put up a little protective barrier so that you're able to discuss how you're feeling and what it's mirroring to you and whatnot without the thoughts actually reaching the individual.  That is possible to do; it's usually a bit more advanced.  It's also the same technique that you would use for psychic protection. 

You can envision yourself in a tube of light that's impermeable.  The tube protects you.  It goes straight up the spiritual plane, and it's got free access there to the spiritual plane, so you can talk to the masters and you can visit with very enlightened ascended people, not just those that are on the other side. (Just because you dropped a
body doesn't mean you've gained enlightenment.)  You can converse that way, or if it's with a therapist, you can imagine that you're in a sealed chamber, if you will.  So that nothing leaks outside.  If you're just by yourself wanting to mull over things and come to a point where you're settling with your own feelings, then you would put yourself in something like an egg-shaped chamber.  Make sure the qi is circulating inside the egg, but the eggshell itself is impermeable. Nothing leaves the egg, nothing gets in, until you've finished, and then you want to open back up all your circuits and what not. 

Now, I am picking up a little bit of drainage in some ears.  If you're feeling a kind of warm liquidy feeling in there, you might want to do something like the Chinese ear coning, or ear candling, or in some other way dissolve the ear wax in a safe way.  You may just have a build up of wax in there, and wax, of course, allows a variety of other things.  It's protective, but it can also host parasites and what not.  So, it's a good idea to drain or clear the ears. One of the simplest home remedies is to pour a little peroxide in the ear with the head tilted so it just bubbles in there.  When it's done bubbling, you can pour it back out and then do the other ear. That's usually safe for most.  If you think you might have a perforated eardrum you should just go for medical attention and not try these things at home. You can also put a bit of colloidal silver, dropper it into the ear, let it go down into the Eustachian tube until it makes a sound there, give it ten to fifteen seconds, then again tilt your head until it drains out.  Do both ears, usually.  Even if the other ear doesn't need it, they'll feel equal.  Whenever you have things that come in pairs in the body, generally speaking, [it's good to do both sides].  If it's just one ear that has the problem, it will take the healing better if the other ear gets attention, too.  That just tends to be the way it works on the physical body. 

All right, I'm going to add.forgetting the energy patches for a moment.I'm going to go with the sleep patch on the third eye at the brow point.  Now this is right between the eyes, top of the nose.  It helps with the brain waves, but mostly it relaxes everything.  It puts out kind of a relaxation wave going into the head, and that brow point of the third eye can really affect the ears.  We're going to see here energetically, if we can get that to loosen up a little bit.  Good. Just a few seconds is usually all it takes.

Now the sleep patch I'm also going to put on the upper lip, just for relaxing, relaxing or gently opening the ability to use clairaudience.  Now you have cranial nerves.  The tip of your nose is interrelated with the cranial nerve.  So I'm going to put a sleep patch - it's really kind of a quieting, not necessarily sleep [inducing] but quiet, calming, on the tip of the nose.  Again I'm doing the group body, doing a surrogate healing here.  There, actually of those three
points, the tip of the nose was the most effective at softly opening the hearing canal.  Good.

I'm putting the patches aside.  We're done with those for the moment.

Now, we're going to work with the channeling chakra.  As you know, coming in through the crown chakra and straight down through the main chakras you have a channel there.  You can use it for contacting other beings, you can use it for universal knowledge, you can use it for clearing your own consciousness.  On the right and left of that are
sub-channels.  Just like you would see meridians in the Chinese way, going up and down the body, you have auxiliary or sub-channels to the right and left of that crown that goes straight down the body.  If you were looking at the front of the body, you would see a big channel right down the middle, then two little ones going side by side, running parallel to that.  When those side channels are open you have clairaudience. 

Now, bear with it because it might take a little while.  I'm going to bring in the energy to open those side channels.  If you're experimenting with the patches - and I know a lot of people like them - you can clip two white patches on top of the head on the side channels, not on the crown, but either side at the top of the head, and then two tan patches under the sitting bone.  So if you're sitting up, just slide them so they're on the chair.  It's ok if you stuck them on your body, but you don't have to.  It's only going to take a few minutes to open everything up.  So two white patches on the side
channels .on each side of the crown, tan patches on each sitting bone. Sometimes the energy will flush up and down the channels first, and then it will finish and flush down, go down the legs and into the earth. 

This is the way when we work with voice channels and other types of mediums that, say, if you have a very bad head cold or a very bad sore throat, or something's that's affecting your main channel, we'll sort of go around that spot using a side channel.  So, if you see road construction and you've got your little dirt path around the sides, that's somewhat what it would be as an analogy.  Ideally, you want your central channel and your side channels always open. 

I'm working with the side channels now. Good. 

At some point you may feel a little build up of pressure around the ears and it'll pop open a little bit.  It's just like stone therapy, or laying on of crystals or stones, or again any kind of vibrational healing.  I'm going to add to this mixture, the sleep patch on the tip of the nose, just for a moment, just holding it up there.  You can use an affirmation, something like, "I open my clairaudience now, and only to the good use with ascended masters, archangels, and my personal guides that are very well balanced and very evolved." Something like that. You can change the words certainly.  But again, you're saying, "no lesser energies, no tricksters, no multiple personalities getting in there saying things, and certainly no thought forms or tricksters posing as ascended masters," because there are those who, if you say, "Oh, are you Saint Germain?," they're going to say, "sure I am, of
course." There are entities that love to attach to light beings and manipulate; that's what they do.  So your discernment is very, very important.  I've always talked about discernment; I will always talk about it so you will keep sharpening and sharpening, and clarifying how to properly use discernment.  But mostly, we're still back to that yum or yuck feeling.  That's good enough; you don't have to go to the next step to figure out why or why not.  Go with yum or yuck. 

All right.  I'm done again with the patches and am putting them aside.

Now, what we're going to work with is hearing the wind tunnel.  Now maybe you've heard this sometime when you were falling off asleep When you get to a certain plane, it's kind of like a wormhole or wind tunnel; you can hear it whooshing.  That's a good sign.  It means that all of the channels are opening wide, and that you'll be able from there to move into. for example, you could go sit in on a meeting in Shambala, you could go to a healing chamber to get energized, or you
can have a nice little chat with your favorite ascended master, your favorite archangel or what not, go take a class, go study.  So we're going energetically now, just ask to be---I think most people commonly describe it as a wind tunnel, so perhaps that's the easiest way to put it.  But you want to actually hear the inner planes.  If you want to go a little higher up than that, you can go to the celestial music, you can hear the Music of the Spheres.  Your consciousness can go anywhere that you direct it. 

There's also a feeling of openness here, no confinement, just open and very spacious. I sometimes describe this as the umbilical cord that takes you back to the Source, or the way home, or the way to the Source of light, the Source of all that is. 

Let's work with the celestial music.  Sometimes you hear toning; sometimes you hear instruments; sometimes it's a song or a melody.  So, let's go a little further up into the celestial realms here. (long pause) And if you're hearing the theme from Star Trek, that's because it was copied from the celestial realm. It's one of the celestial sounds that you'll hear.  So don't think that was just you projecting that. 

All right, I'm continuing to do a little energy work.  If your neck is a little stiff or something just stretch it out gently; same thing with the spine, you can just stretch.
Now keep in mind that creation is always made in the same image.  It's always replicating, replicating, replicating, or duplicating.  You're here, you exist, you are clairaudient.  Your dog, your cat, the birds, the plants are all clairaudient; they can all hear thoughts.  This is because creation is made in the same image.  In other words, this isn't a special gift reserved for a certain number of people.  It's the standard issue of creation.  So, what is happening, like it or not, with humanity is that clairaudience is opening.  And like it or not, if you see someone and you think, "Why did they put that shirt with those pants," chances are they can hear exactly what you just thought, exactly the intonation and so on. 

Please, please, clean up the thoughts, whether you're in person or long distance, it's very important to send loving thoughts.   When you can't think anything loving, send blanks, kind of just let yourself go blank.   And go back to "How can I focus on the positive?" "How can I say something nice?" or "How can I say something in harmony?" like "gee, that is a really lovely shirt and you have an interesting knack for putting combinations together. How creative." Or, "Just look at that beautiful tree; aren't the blossoms gorgeous?  Isn't this a gorgeous day?"  Whatever you can say, but trip your mind immediately when it starts to go to criticism, because more and more people are already hearing your thoughts.  While they might not spit it back to you what they just heard you think, you can tell by the look on their
face.  They look a little taken aback, or they wince their eyes at you like, "you said what?" or the body language is suddenly turning away from you rather than facing you with an open heart and what not.  So you'll catch that they've got it, either consciously or unconsciously they got the thought.  So, please, please, please, keep turning things around to positive energy only:  "How can I support?" "How can I say something nice, think something nice?" whatever it is. 

Now generally speaking, that is something that you have to be doing for yourself before you can genuinely do it with others.  The inner critic is usually the first one to deal with here.  What are you thinking about yourself?  Are you thinking, "Gee, I need to lose some weight," "I need to exercise," "I need whatever"?  Are you putting yourself down?  If you put yourself down, you'll put others down.
Sometimes there are some other variations on that, but generally speaking that's the core of it.  So, let go of perfection.  You don't need to dress perfectly, look perfectly, speak perfectly, whatever, and then you won't project it onto others either. 

A little bit more, but generally speaking, the clairaudience is looking good.   Out to the sides of the head and ears is very, very open.  If you put your hands out there just briefly, you'll probably feel the energy coming out of your ears.  You can also put your hand out in front of your face and feel how much energy is coming out of the eyes, different parts of the body.  But there's quite a bit of energy pouring out the sides of the head, which means your clairaudience is open. 

Have fun, and as always, I thank you and send my love to you.

Djwhal Khul

(Transcribed by CR)

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