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August 31, 2005

 Greetings Everyone…
This will not be my usual newsletter as current events call me to speak out. The full Channeling follows.

 We are all watching and praying for the people of the Gulf Coast. Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, Florida, and it is a powerful and sad time as we watch being after being, desperate, helping, stealing, dying… as one state official described it, it is now a city at sea.

 The levies that hold back water of Lake Ponchetrain and the Mississippi River from New Orleans have broken. New Orleans is under water and areas in four states are in ruin. There are family, friends, others, who cannot be located. The people in the streets and elsewhere are dazed and in shock. They have no where to go. There are thousands dead. There are gangs running the streets who are shooting at the rescue helicopters. This is an incredible statement on humanity and the polarization that we often talk about.

 There are others who just want a dry place to sit, a drink of water, a place to lay their heads at night. Basic human need has become paramount to all other things.

 The destruction of New Orleans really hits home for me, as my entire maternal side of the family is from there and many still. Well, not exactly. They are all displaced and nowhere to go. Their homes were flattened, they have lost everything. All of it. My family has a long history in New Orleans that has been artfully rich in many ways. I grew up climbing on the very levies that no longer hold back the tides, rode the street cars and walked a thousand miles in the French Quarter over the years, where my great grandmother had her store.

 My great grandmother designed floats for the Mardi Gras parades and costumes for the balls. She was Queen of the Atlantean Ball. My Grandmother was Queen of Proteus and, I think Rex, the same year. My mother was also Queen of a ball. My great Grandfather still holds the record of being president of a Krew (Atlanteans) for 30 years. He worked at the cotton exchange. All objects of the family art and history were erased when Katrina came through. That is ok, really. It is only stuff. We have wonderful memories and since the truth is always found in the heart, that is where all of that history will flourish.

 I grieve none of this. What I do grieve is the strife of humanity there.

 There are hundreds of thousands of people who have lost their homes, their lives as they know it, and more. And in most if not all of those areas, there is no gas for people to travel further, to go to family or friends.

 In some ways this event is no surprise. We had the tsunami a few months ago and from what I gather, people there are still without even the most basic needs. Parts of Florida are still without power or basics, but we hear little to nothing about them on the news. The polar ice cap has shrunk by 20% and continues to melt. This will raise the ocean waters considerably over time. And in Iraq yesterday, 950 people were trampled to death because of a rumor of a suicide bomber. Yet, in these times, there is no room for fear.

 There are people in the streets of the Gulf Coast where the hurricane struck who have stolen everything there is to steal. Some have taken food because they need it. Others have taken more than they need because they can. Others are carrying high power rifles and semi-automatic weapons that they stole from gun stores. They are shooting at the rescue helicopters and boats attempting to rescue those who are stranded and worse.

 I have heard some of the media people and others, some online or simply in conversation, judging people for not leaving the coast. Many did not have transportation, money or other resources. Others had hospitalized relatives or those who were too weak to travel. Some simply couldn’t get gas because there wasn’t any. I could go on but what is the point? I paint a grim picture, but that is not what I mean to do…

 All of us, each of us is a part of the One. What we see mirrored to us in these times is our fragility as human beings. In essence, we are timeless creatures! These are the temporary experiences. What will we do with them? What can we learn from all of this?

 This kind of occurrence and more have been prophesized for many years by many, including the Masters, who showed me what was about to happen days before the storm went to shore. Some of the visions I receive have been hard to watch, and yet I know that this must be for some greater reason than the human mind can fathom. Those changes which precede the coming shift occur. Things are shifting. We work toward the step every moment that we live and breathe. It doesn’t make it any easier to watch.

 These manners of things happen and yet the devastation, the human experiences are riveting. My heart and soul reach out for all of those caught in the wake of Katrina as well as elsewhere where there is difficulty, catastrophe. Hard to be a conscious observer, as the Masters say when there is so much devastation and yet, it must be that I am. We can know that we have awareness. We can strive to be that which we would hope for if it were us in those situations. We can be an example of unconditionality by contributing whatever we can to those who need it, be it food, water, clothing, shelter, hugs. We can remember that all of humanity is our family.

 A representative of the Vatican said yesterday that the National Guard are doing everything that they can, but that the National Guard doesn’t give hugs. God. Excellent point! Everyone needs reassurance that they are OK. Whatever we do, let’s be a positive example to the world. We are Light Workers!

 What we need to remember is that so much is taken for granted each moment of our lives. The conveniences we don’t even think about, our loved ones, friends, and even the most basic things in life like our homes, jobs and so on. Today, if just for a moment, take a look around you. Give thanks for all that you see and experience.

 And keep breathing.

 The question then becomes how can we help the victims of the storm? Praying always works. To physically go there would hinder efforts, (if we could even get there). There are thousands of us on this list. To donate to just any charity is risky because of all the scams that will come up.  I suggest that we all make donations to the Red Cross which is making massive efforts at support of the victims. This is the largest deployment of Red Cross people in history. The Red Cross provides food, water, shelter, counseling and more. I say, let’s donate to them. I tried to make a donation via the internet yesterday, and it wouldn’t go through. The website is overrun right now… I tried several times. So, I called the Red Cross and here is direct donation info if you choose:

 American Red Cross
Development Department
2025 East Street NW
Washington, DC  20006

 From what I can tell, tens of thousands of you ultimately receive these newsletters each month. If everyone gave only $5, $10, $20 we could add up to millions in relief! How about it?

  I am going to put Light Worker above my name on the check. Why not make all donations like that? Let them know there are a lot of us out here who are working on this! Forward this to your friends! Don’t let this be another one of those times when we feel bad in the moment and mean to do something then don’t! Please give what you can! This is one of those times that sending love isn’t enough. Let’s put that love in a form of energy that can be used for basic needs.

 What I see is that we are experiencing chaos because it is time for things to change. The United States of America has become a world power by dominating less fortunate countries and yet, there are more than a dozen other countries rushing to aid the U.S. with funds for disaster relief as they have in Asia after the Tsunami.

 Neighboring states are taking in the refugees here. They are opening their doors, their arms, their schools, health care and social services. They are sending other assistance as well.

 My observation, my belief, my hopes and prayers are that this is a step toward one union for peace and of the people of the world.

 Let’s erase the boundary lines across the land. We are One. Please ACT in whatever way you can.

 Blessings Grace and Peace,


 A small garden plot using Rudolph Steiner’s agriculture work. 4

What you eat together is important 5

Be aware of your physicality and what it is saying to you. 5

People are beginning to smell different, to look unhealthy, from the food they eat 5

Genetic modification is a very dangerous thing. 6

When you modify the structure of any living thing genetically, you are changing the form of reality. 6

As the food is ingested, there is a different molecular reaction. 6

You have receptors on your cells that are receptors toward the different minerals. 6

When there is misinformation because the food product has been modified, the mineral relationships begin to err 6

Genetic alteration moves through the food chain. 7

As a result of much of this, you are seeing changes in insect and fish behavior, for example. 7

How are these receptor sites affected by a person’s belief system or emotions?. 7

That belief, that emotionality, triggers certain chemical responses, certain emotional reactivities. 7

If the situation is an emotionality, if the situation is a thought form, a belief system, that is not Truth. 8

The genetic structures, depending on the information, will begin to actually change form and move. 8

What occurs is like radio static - the DNA is not able to hear the body clearly to heal it 8

What if there is a knowingness that the body can transmute whatever comes to it?. 8

What happens to the human soul after death on this Earth?. 8

Soul Groups. 9

Are all of the original seeding groups present today?. 10

Do we still have walk-in’s?. 10

Are the Crystal children the newest group or are they the Ancients reincarnated?. 10

Are the Elohim present at this time?. 10

The children of the white energy will come from the Crystalline children and the Elohim in about 12 years. 10

Questions about a book. 11

Changes in wild animal behavior and interactions between wild animals and humans. 11

The animals’ rhythms are changing because of humans. 11

Find a way to educate people. 12

There is a balance being sought 12

The energies you are seeing and feeling in the brain will ultimately build a new and different neural net 12

Is losing weight a mental process or is it a physical process?. 13

3-D vs multi-D choices, particularly with respect to the economy and money. 13

Further discussion on investing in gold and following your heart 15

After energy work, how can we keep our systems aligned?. 15

Let go of any issues that had caused imbalance. 16

Learn to receive your healing. 16

Breathe to keep the energy moving. 16

These are ways to maintain healthfulness whether you have had the work or not 16

You must with all your heart know and believe that you are whole and perfect just as you are. 16

What stops your creative processes is that you hold on to the tail of what you have sent out! 17

Project the reality you intend with purity and a knowing that now it is done. 17

Each moment your energy is different, so when you send out your reality over and over the message is slightly different each time. 17

Humanity tends to attempt to control things because it feels safer that way, but control is a perception. 17

When you send out a negative emotion, do you have to say “cancel that”?. 18

No, that moment is past.  Project a new reality. 18

Project without a laundry list 18

Put your self in the place of already being in the reality you intend. 19

Bringing the feminine into balance. 19

Sacred Relationship in the Fifth Dimension. 20

Symptoms of apathy from moving into a higher frequency. 20

Aunt diagnosed with cancer 21

Cancer is more prevalent; physicalities are changing due to genetic manipulation and toxic products. 22

How do we address the issue of plastic leaching into water bottles?. 22

You are seeing your self as separate – stop! 22

Doesn’t the science of our body overrule what we put in it?. 22

What can you tell us about the situation in the Middle East?. 23

War will continue until everyone has tired of it and someone will fight back. 23

 CH:... Greetings to each of you.  We are most appreciative of the opportunity to be of service with you at this time.  It is that before we speak of much, we would offer to create for you an initiation to the heightened and new energies and that which we will bring you on this occasion.  Is this acceptable to you?

Q:..... Group “yes”.

CH:... One moment.  [pause]  You are not breathing!! How can you accept and receive if you do not allow your self the air to experience it?  One moment.  [pause]  [words in Language of Light, ending with asi, asi, asi.

 ........ And so it is, then, that the new energies will set in as we speak.  They are within you and around you, and it s only to call upon your self in the energies for that which you need, because all that you need is within you.  And it is then that because there are so many of you on this occasion, we would like to know what you would like to know.  We are open to share with you on any subject or any matter.

 ........ And so it is then that rather than make you sit and listen, we would like to intercourse with you once again, because we enjoy this.  And when you know what it is that you want to know, then we know what it is you want to know as well.  And therefore it is not simply delivering a broad message, but rather to give you that which you request.  And so it is then that we ask you where you would like for us to begin on this occasion.


A small garden plot using Rudolph Steiner’s agriculture work

Q:..... I have questions on several topics regarding our food source and the Earth.  We talked about parasitic relationships.  Lately I’ve begun to investigate Rudolph Steiner’s work regarding agriculture, and I’m wondering whether a small garden plot would be helpful to me or anyone else if I pursued that.  I’m also concerned about genetically modified foods.  And then I have a question about the “eat for your blood type” rage that’s going on.  So, broad food and Earth questions.

CH:... Some of our favorite subjects!  [laughter]  The garden situation is fine, depending upon where you put it, because it depends upon what has been done in the Earth prior to your using it.  You see?  If there are additives to the soil or petroleum distillates present or any other aspects such as fertilizer use and other things, it will still affect your food in detrimental ways.


........ And so what it is then would be to perhaps have an analysis of the soil which you wish to use so that it suits your purpose – or doesn’t, you see?  So it would be to be careful about where you are planting that which you intend to eat.


........ Secondly, we are going to answer these out of order for a reason, because the middle question is the longest answer.  So we are going to the third first.  When you eat toward the type of blood type you have, it is beneficial to you.  And it first of all makes one aware of what it is ones sensitivities are.  It is that it could be and would be done responsibly.  It is not that one has to stick to a list – one must also listen to one’s body.


What you eat together is important

........ But we tell you this:  that it is not only what you eat, but what you eat together.  The combinations of foods that you ingest have everything to do with how your body receives and processes them.  And so it is then that mixing fruit and dairy is not acceptable, because there are different enzymes used to process these things within your body.  The same thing with the proteins of meats and so on.  Different enzymes, different proteins, are used to break down different types of food within the physicality.  Do you see?


........ And so it is not only about being conscious of what you eat and being conscious of what you put together, but it is to be aware of how your body is reacting to those things.  Many of you have food toxicities are not aware of it.  Some foods will affect you immediately or by the next day.  Others do not affect you for months.


Be aware of your physicality and what it is saying to you

........  And so it is then that the greater answer to this query is to be aware of your physicality and what it is saying to you.  If you are uncomfortable, if you are low on energy, if your digestive tract is not functioning properly, if you eat and you don’t feel well, have a look at that.  Have a look at what you have done to your physicality that it is saying to you “please don’t do this again”.  Most of you in your society do not hear that question, do not hear that request.


........ And the pre-prepared foods – the chemicals that you are ingesting – go into any public rest room anywhere in your country and many places in your world and you’ll notice smells that you did not used to smell.  And these are toxic smells.  These are chemicals that are not processing within the physicality and are, shall we say, being rejected and utilized as waste product.


People are beginning to smell different, to look unhealthy, from the food they eat

........ But you will notice that people are beginning to smell different; people are being to look unhealthy.  Notice the skin of people around, notice the pallor, notice the texture, and notice that many people in your world look swollen.  The reason that they do is because they are eating very little that is real and almost nothing that is fresh.  And so we come back to the fact that, of course, living food is the best food.  Living and fresh food is the best way to go.  You cannot even count completely on organic any more, because organic has taken on broader meaning to suit many of the food providers, so to speak.


........ Now, have we answered those two questions fully enough because we would like to speak to you about genetic modification?

Q:..... Yes.  Thank you.


Genetic modification is a very dangerous thing

CH:... You are most welcome.  Now, when it comes to genetic modification of your food sources, your food that you would eat, the vegetables that are growing – what we tell you is this:  this is a very dangerous thing because the creation of matter in your world is based upon a certain logical and healthful system that is incorporated in all of nature and all of living beingness upon your planet.


........ It all has mineral relationships.  It all has genetic responses.  And what we tell you is this:  your DNA, your DNA, is your universal satellite system.  It works like liquid crystal.  It is that which communicates interdimensionally, intergalactically, and biophysically.  It is that which tells you what you will look like and how you feel and how well your body is.  It is that which helps you heal and it is that which can devastatingly sicken you if it is dysfunctional.


........ What is occurring with the food sources and the genetic mutation is that the genetics of certain biospheres, as we call them, certain living things – frogs, fish, other things – are being introduced into the vegetative population of foods that are being grown for public consumption.  There are also mutations being created genetically across species for better weather tolerance in the field, for longer lasting foods in the stores and in your home.


When you modify the structure of any living thing genetically, you are changing the form of reality

........ There are many reasons that the foods are being modified and changed.  And what we are telling you is this – and we have said this before, but we will take it a few more steps – when you modify the structure of any living thing genetically, you are changing the form of reality.  Because of cause and effect in all of creation, when you modify reality in such ways, you are going to find that other realities will change as well.


........ Now how this occurs and what is being done presently is that genetic changes are created in laboratories and are utilized in the growing of the food products and even in the animals that many of you eat.  What occurs is those genetic mutations are not biologically appropriate.  They are not appropriate in reality in the way that matter has created itself in your local reality, in your world.


As the food is ingested, there is a different molecular reaction

........ And so what occurs is that as the food is ingested, there is a different molecular reaction, a different molecular absorption rate and process, that occurs within the physicality.  And you do not process these foods in the same way!  What begins to occur is a difference – first of all, your DNA reacts because there is an error present.  There is a mutation present.  There is possibility that your autoimmune system will actually move toward destruction of the mutated genetics that you have ingested because it does not recognize this as normal or healthy.


You have receptors on your cells that are receptors toward the different minerals

........ Secondly, that mutated genetic – those strands – are giving information both to what has grown of them and within your body as to how your body is going to process those things.  And what occurs is you have receptors on your cells and different molecular structures within your bodies that are receptors toward the different minerals.  The different minerals are actually different shapes and the receptors are shaped in order for them to plug in, to give you nutrition, to give you healthfulness.


When there is misinformation because the food product has been modified, the mineral relationships begin to err

........ And when there is misinformation because the food product has been modified, the mineral relationships begin to err.  They begin to change.  And so, for instance, you might have aluminum plugging into magnesium receptors.  You might have carbon molecules being spun off as waste rather than working for you as they would.  You might also have a buildup of carbon molecules which ultimately is carcinogenic within your physicality.  There are many, many, many interrelationships that are being changed by the ingestion of genetically altered foods.


Genetic alteration moves through the food chain

........ So that is one set of issues.  The second set of issues is:  genetic alteration moves through the food chain.  It moves through the food chain:  it is grown, it is harvested, it is ingested, it is eliminated, and it goes into the ground, it goes into the water supplies, it is fed to other creatures, and so on and so on and so on.


........ And so what you get is a chain reaction of misinformation genetically into the environment, into the physical processes.  It becomes of the insects, the microbes, the animals, the water source and the water that is fed, and so it is a vicious cycle.  And so what is occurring is because this irresponsibility is taking place, what is happening is you are changing the way that your world interacts with itself, with itself.


As a result of much of this, you are seeing changes in insect and fish behavior, for example

........ And what are you seeing as a result of much of this?  You are seeing that there are certain insects, for instance, who are now suddenly eating whole groves of trees because they are voracious.  Something in them is changing and requesting and requiring that they have more than they needed prior.  You are finding this particularly with the pines – there are certain beetles that have spread, so to speak, and are quite destructive.  You are finding it locally with your dogwood trees and many others of the more delicate trees that have otherwise survived for thousands of years and millenia even.


........ You are finding that you are seeing in the news that there are great what they call “fish kills” – many, many fish will float to the shore from the ocean or in lakes and no one knows why.  And they can find no obvious pollutants or balloons of other type growth that might, say, take the oxygen out of the water, and so on.


........ And so what is occurring is you are beginning to see signs upon your planet that that which is being done, besides all of the pollutants which is entirely another lecture, is that you are changing the reality of the way that everything natural interacts within you and your environment and your planet.  Do you see?  Are there further questions to this?  Have we given you full information or are there more specifics you request?

Q:..... No.  Thank you.

CH:... You are most welcome.


How are these receptor sites affected by a person’s belief system or emotions?

Q:..... You spoke about receptor sites that each individual human has and within their DNA.  How is that affected by each individual’s specific belief system about, for instance, that maybe one food is worse for them than another or that they should be on a specific diet or even the collective consciousness around a certain diet.  How does that come into play with that?

CH:... The word “diet” is one of our favorite paradoxes because if one is properly dieting, one does not need a diet.  You see?  It is that the RNA and the DNA within the physicalities – any physicality and plant and any living thing – is communicative.  It is receiving and it is sending information – the RNA carrying the information to the DNA and the DNA responding in kind.


........ And what is occurring is different ways of communication, which we spoke with you previously about, how it is no longer a linear communication among the segments but rather an arcing, an arcing.  It is creating a grid within itself between the strands.  There is a grid formation that is occurring and that is amplifying the information.  Are you with us so far?

Q:..... Yes.


That belief, that emotionality, triggers certain chemical responses, certain emotional reactivities

CH:... Now, when one brings to the situation a belief or an emotionality, is that not a form of reality?  Therefore, in such a way, that belief, that emotionality, triggers certain chemical responses, certain emotional reactivities within the physicality.  As those occur, then the relationship of the DNA changes again!  It will change the way that it is communicating in order to adapt, in order to adapt that physicality to the situation.


If the situation is an emotionality, if the situation is a thought form, a belief system, that is not Truth

........ But, if the situation is an emotionality, if the situation is a thought form, a belief system, that is not Truth.  Are you with us so far?  Because a thought is an attempt at logic.  A thought is an opinion or something which is learned or supposed.  It is not Truth.  It is mental.  Emotionality is something about having to do with the connection between the ego and the thought processes as well as the Spirit self, but the Spirit self is having its own experience and it is not attached to the emotionality or the thought form.


The genetic structures, depending on the information, will begin to actually change form and move

........ So the belief or the emotionality communicates chemically into the genetic structures.  And what begins to happen is the genetic structures, depending on the information, will begin to actually change form and move.  Sometimes it will actually curl up in response to an untruth that is occurring.


What occurs is like radio static - the DNA is not able to hear the body clearly to heal it

........ As we told you previously, when there is emotionality involved in healing, there comes a static field in relation to the genetics, around the double helixes, even all the way through the interstitial tissues in the body.  And so what occurs is like radio static.  The DNA is not able to hear the body clearly to its fullest extent of ability to heal completely and perfectly.  And instead is getting sporadic messages or not responsive at all because the static field has created yet another reality and that reality is dysfunctional.


........ And so what happens is then the illness or injury becomes exacerbated and does not dissipate readily or easily as it could have the emotionality or the belief system not been interjected in the process.  Does this answer you fully or is there...  you have more questions.


What if there is a knowingness that the body can transmute whatever comes to it?

Q:..... Well, you’re speaking of this in terms of fears that someone may be carrying, in terms of that type of thing.  What about if there is a belief system or a knowingness or a connection that comes through the resonance of a person’s heart energy that says “my body is capable of transmuting whatever comes to it through the vibration of Light”?

CH:... And if it is believed completely, and if it is known purely, it is already done.

Q:..... Thank you.

CH:... You are most welcome.


What happens to the human soul after death on this Earth?

Q:..... What happens to the human soul after death on this Earth?

CH:... Well, the soul is infinite.  You see, you call death “transition” in your world.  The true transition is your humanity.  We will say that again.  You call transition the dying process – you leave your body and you go elsewhere.  What we are saying to you is your humanness, your humanity, is the true transition.  This is the temporary situation.  And you see this as fully all there is, many of you, and you see that people come and people go and you miss them and you don’t see them any more – some of you see some of them.


........ And so what we are saying to you is that the true transition is the time that you are here – what you allow your self to experience and grow with (or not), what directions and paths you choose to go.  When you leave this body, you shed it.  You actually will shed this body as if it is an unneeded skin.  And certain things happen within your energetic system.  And you leave the field that has held you together in this reality.  Your essence will escape the field in such a way that it moves outwardly and onwardly.


........ Now what happens at that point depends upon where each of you are in your journey.  Some of you may be able to move rapidly back through and into the Source from which you have come.  Others of you will go through different processes in such ways that, first of all, you have probably got healing to do from the life you have just finished.  You have assimilation to do from that which you have experienced in the current life and all other lives in relation – what have you gained, what have you learned…  You see?


........ And then you move through different aspects.  It is kind of like when you scuba dive and you go very deep, and you must come back up in certain increments.  Because if you don’t, you can become very sick from nitrogen and other things in your body because you have not equalized.


........ Well, returning home is very much the same way in such a way that, as we said, healing to go through.  There are assimilations to go through and there are other interactions out there with your soul family, your soul group, and consultations even that you go through in such ways that you have fully processes that which you have experienced.


........ And then you reach an ultimate point where you completely rejoin the One, the Source, the All That Is, that which is everything – depending upon what you want to call it – or returning for more experience to another place and another time.  It is not always of this Earth – there are many, many places that reality occurs.  And so it is a choice.  And so it is that you will come to the point where you can choose.  And you will do it happily and joyfully.  And it won’t be a hard decision.  You see?  Have we answered this fully for you?

Q:..... [...]

CH:... It is more than you wanted to know!  And not as much as you’d like to know.

Q:..... Right.

CH:... So what else would you like to know?  [pause]  Don’t think about it because you can’t find any logic in it and you won’t understand it because out there there are no boundaries, there is no time, and there is no space.  Space is a perception as is time.  Time is created to control the experience so that you can weigh it and measure it.  Beyond your current reality, beyond your local reality, there is no time and there is no space – it is infinite.  It has sectors of reality, but that reality truly has no boundaries.  We are here talking with you, are we not?

Q:..... Um-huh.

CH:... And we are a good example of some of that, only we have not had bodies.  But we are an example of other reality, you see?  And it can be perfectly joyous and perfectly safe.  As a matter of fact, almost all of it is.


Soul Groups

Q:..... Will you talk about soul groups?  There are many soul groups.

CH:... It is so!

Q:..... On this planet, in this moment of time in linear space, what are the soul groups currently present?

CH:... In linear space?  You threw us with that.

Q:..... What I mean is the here and now on the Earth plane.

CH:... And you want us to name all the soul groups that are present upon your Earth?  There are many. There are many.  They are in the book.  You know the book.

Q:..... I know the book.

CH:... They are in the book.  And all of them are present at this time, because this is the time to be present!

Q:..... I understand.

CH:... And to name each – because there are multitudes of groups.  There are smaller groups and there are greater groups, you see?

Q:..... And groups within the groups.

CH:... Yes.  And so the interrelations are very intricate and that is why we are resisting beginning the naming process, because we would be here for weeks!

Q:..... I understand that.  I’ll try and rephrase.

CH:... We are asking you.


Are all of the original seeding groups present today?

Q:..... The original soul seeding group was comprised of many different groups.  Is it true that that group and all of those who were present at that time need to do that big wide circle and as a group we move to “next”?  If you’re understanding...

CH:... It is so that they are present.  It is so that it is coming full circle – as we call it “full circle evolution”.

Q:..... Are they merging?

CH:... Not yet.  Because what has happened in this time, in this moment, as the question was asked, is that there has been a dispersal.  And each is accomplishing certain tasks toward that full circle evolution.  And so there are many walking the Earth who are of the original seeding who are guiding in many ways, teaching in many ways, and even in some cases bringing technology forward and in different forms and format of being.


........ So, while many of them are present, many of them are present from elsewhere as a part of that.  Do you understand what we are saying?

Q:..... I understand.

CH:... And has this answered you fully?


Do we still have walk-in’s?

Q:..... So we still have walk-in’s here?

CH:... Oh, absolutely!  There are those who are coming along for the ride who simply are not appropriate for this now, but they do try!


Are the Crystal children the newest group or are they the Ancients reincarnated?

Q:..... And the crystal children?  Are these the newest group here or are they the Ancients reincarnating into what we call the Crystal children?

CH:... Both!

Q:..... How do we differentiate between the Ancient ones and the new ones?

CH:... Look in their eyes.


Are the Elohim present at this time?

Q:..... And the Elohim?  They are also present at this time?

CH:... Oh, yes!

Q:..... And is it true that they, like you have said, have not incarnated yet, that this is their first incarnation?

CH:... It is so.

Q:..... And when the Elohim fragments merge ... you know what I’m going to ask – I’m looking for confirmation, you understand.

CH:... Ask it!


The children of the white energy will come from the Crystalline children and the Elohim in about 12 years

Q:..... When the Elohim fragments interact with the Crystal fragments, those hybrid children – those are the ones, correct?

CH:... They will be coming in fully or nearly fully realized.  It will be about twelve years. And these will be the children of the white energy.  They will contain a full spectrum, but will not be... you know, as the energies of the Crystalline act one certain way and the energy of the Indigoes is a different kind of way.  And the Rainbow children, who are very much like the Crystallines, is a slightly different patterning of the relationships of the energy.


........ The children who will be coming in in approximately twelve years are going to be fully diffusable with and of their beingness, their consciousness, in such a way that they will be operating purely on a particulate level.  And if you think you are seeing magic now, hang around for a while!

Q:..... And as a soul group, if we can label them as such, do they have one particular mission that they are here to do such as old souls did and the Indigoes did?

CH:... Well, what we would say to you is this:  that that is too defining, just as the “old souls” and the “Indigo” labels become like blanket diagnoses.  They become too defined, because you have an ongoing evolutionary process.  There are overlaps; there are interlaps; there are many things that are going on.  So to say that it is a specific group or a specific cause or a specific purpose – that is not so.


........ What is so is that it is part of the shifting, the evolution, of you as beings and your beingness in this reality that you are in.  Do you see?

Q:..... Yes, I see.  It was not always thus, ...

CH:... No.


Questions about a book

Q:..... but with the new quantuming it has been.  So my next question would be on my book,  Soul Identification, I want to hold the information that I already wrote there.

CH:... And it is fine and it is accurate.

Q:..... Thank you.  Do I need to add the extra chapter on the interblending and the quantum and the overlapping that I know is there, or should I leave it stand as is?

CH:... One moment.  We would ask you to sit with that question for thirty days and you will know the answer.  And this is not in avoidance of your question, but there are a couple of pieces that have not come to you yet.  And when those pieces come to you, you will know what it is you are to do.  And it won’t be quite the way you are asking us – it will be a wrapping of some things together that you haven’t quite found yet.

Q:..... And that’s the reason I have delayed on the rewrite, correct?

CH:... It is so.  It is so.  You are missing a few pieces.

Q:..... Well, I fully trust that you will be there to assist me in that unwrapping so the book can get published!

CH:... Just call us and we will show up!

Q:..... I have asked.  And thank you.

CH:... And so we are already doing this.

Q:..... I know.  You have been pressuring me to rewrite the book – yes, I know.  Thank you.

CH:... You are most welcome.  We are enjoying our intercourse with you on this occasion!  What else shall we speak about with you?


Changes in wild animal behavior and interactions between wild animals and humans

Q:..... I have a question about wild animals, actually.  It seems that recently I’ve been – and the news may have already been out there – but I’m much more sensitive and actually get very angered at animals attacking humans.

CH:... Who are you angry at – the human?

Q:..... I’m angry at the human.  I’m sympathetic with the animals.  The question then is something going on that I seem to be so sensitive about?

CH:... Your outrage in some ways is appropriate and in some ways is appropriate!  [laughter]  It is that the animals upon your planet are reacting to what is being done upon your planet.  The planet is being deforested.  There are chemicals being used upon the land for different reasons.  And in such a way there is civilization moving into areas that have always been natural habitat for many animals.


The animals’ rhythms are changing because of humans

........ And so what is occurring is that the rhythms are changing.  The breeding patterns are changing; the migration patterns are having to change because their habitats are disappearing.  And at the same time, people are feeding them that which they should not – first of all, it is not good for them; it makes them sick.  And secondly it takes their fear away.


........ And so what begins to occur is that ...  Oh, and there are other issues.  Because of the chemical situations that we were speaking of and the different things that are happening within your ecosystems, the way that their bodies are acting is different too.  And their hormone relationships, in some cases, change, particularly in the bears.  And what occurs is some irrationality, some irrationality, which is a normal result of changing environment.  And then people trap them or kill them, mostly they kill them, because they have acted in poor behavior when in fact they are simply trying to survive just like everyone else.


........ The other issue is that many of the animals, particularly some of the mountain lion population – the cougars and things like that – are beginning to move into more populated areas because they don’t have enough food.  The climate is changing or the areas have been overhunted by humans who just want to shoot something.


........ And so what is occurring is that these animals are hungry and they are looking for food and they range for weeks at a time.  And unfortunately, people look pretty good to them sometimes because that is what they have been able to find.  And so they will stalk moving, living things because to them you aren’t a cute person with a nice smile, you are a biological format that is edible.


........ So sometimes it is about perspective.  To get angry because animals are attacking people may not perhaps be appropriate.  Some people deserve it, but it is not because they are bad people.  We don’t mean they deserve it because they have malperformed or something, but they are not thoughtful when they go into the wilderness, you see?  They invite disasters by not watching their children, and their children are running all over the place, or not being familiar with where they are or how to be safe in an environment and how to co-habitate with nature.  People are getting out of the city and they are tromping around in the woods and “oh, isn’t it beautiful?”  And they are leaving their garbage behind, and they are leaving other things behind.


Find a way to educate people

........ So there are many, many factors going on here.  And to be mad at people is not the approach.  What it is to do is to find ways to educate people and to perhaps find ways by example to show people how to act.  It is fine, you see, to be angry that a bear has just killed a camper – and in many cases those campers have done nothing – we are not...


There is a balance being sought

........ What you need to understand is there is a balance being sought – bottom line, there is a balance being sought.  And the balance is not existent and so they are trying to survive just like all of you are building more and more subdivisions farther and farther into the land because there are so many of you.  And how many of you control how – and we don’t mean you present, but as people – how many of you control how far you are populating your Earth?


........ The animals have natural systems, and some of their young live and some of them don’t.  There is a natural process which culls those which are not strong and wouldn’t survive.  But you are creating more and more ways for more and more of you to not only live but live longer, and once again have disturbed the natural process.  And so there are so many factors involved in that one question you have asked us.  Have we answered it enough that you get the idea?

Q:..... Yes, more than enough.

CH:... More than you wanted?

Q:..... No.  Gratefully accepted.


The energies you are seeing and feeling in the brain will ultimately build a new and different neural net

Q:..... In experiences of energetic communications and these various energies – deep space stuff especially – I’m experiencing...  well, I sort of visually see them within my brain...

CH:... The energies?

Q:..... Yeah.  Feel them, see them.  And then it’s as if deep inside of my brain – the actual brain matter – there’s a set...  hmmm...

CH:... A subset?

Q:..... Yes.

CH:... Of course.

Q:..... Well, certainly!  And it’s as if that communication is setting up – I’m responding to the communication from a level in my brain that I’ve never used before.

CH:... Yes.  The Truth part, not the part that figures it out and does it.

Q:..... Okay.  Does that create new transmissions, new neural transmitters?

CH:... Absolutely!  It will ultimately build a completely different neural net.

Q:..... Okay.  How can we assist that?  Stay in our Truth in every moment of Now.  Okay.  [laughter]

CH:... You are fast!  If you are in and of the moment, if you are truly present and participating within that moment, you are allowing that subset to become more activated.  And as it is more activated, it will expand.

Q:..... I see.  Thank you.

CH:... You are welcome.


Is losing weight a mental process or is it a physical process?

Q:..... I have a common question.  Is losing weight a mental process or is it a physical process?

CH:... It is both.

Q:..... Why?

CH:... The physical will not lose the weight if the mental is struggling with it.  The mental cannot let the body lose weight completely unless the emotional is also participating.  You have to make it a team effort!

Q:..... Thank you.

CH:... Is that enough information for you?  You see, what your body retains, no matter what kind of weight it is, has everything to do with not only the physicality but the experience of the experiencer who lives within the physicality.  That is you.  Therefore, if you, for instance, are trying to lose weight and you are believing that you are not losing weight because the scale isn’t moving, then it must be so.


........ One would then ask oneself what perceptions is one holding on to that is keeping the weight present?  One will find, if one looks deeply enough, that they are untruths.  Because when you allow your self to be in your Truth, your body perfects.  Your body will drop the weight.  Your body will begin to exhibit youthfulness, and it will begin to exhibit healthfulness.  But it is generally thought forms, usually emotional protection or belief systems that keep the weight in place because it is very much like protective padding.  The body is displaying what is deeper inside of it.  Do you see?


........ And so the body will display that which is lived within it.  For instance, our vehicle had some fairly serious health issues a couple of years ago.  And in the process of that, she gained much weight and was having difficulty shedding that weight because she had emotional protection and certain perceptions around the situation.


........ When she chose to make a conscious and intentional choice to no longer embrace the emotionality and to release the perceived protection, the changes came and they came rapidly.  But it had to be brought to an awareness and a conscious choice.  Do you understand what we say?

Q:..... Yes.

CH:... It can be done by anyone.


3-D vs multi-D choices, particularly with respect to the economy and money

Q:..... I have a question about being in 3-D and being in multi-D.  You mentioned earlier that we are in multi-dimensional reality now.

CH:... It is so.

Q:..... An example of it might be money and the economy.  You have even mentioned previously that the economy is in for a rough ride and that buying gold might be a good thing to do.

CH:... It still is!

Q:..... We’re looking at that!  If I take that approach and I say “okay, let me scurry around and see how much gold I can find and hoard food and do this and do that”, that seems like almost a fear-based approach.  And yet, if I do what I’ve had other people say “well, we’re in multi-D now – money is not important.  You’re a lightworker.  Everything will come to you.  Your needs will be met”, that seems pretty arrogant.

CH:... Really??  [laughter]

Q:..... I’m struggling between those two and I would like some...

CH:... Arrogance is an interesting choice of words to use, Dear One.

Q:..... Okay.

CH:... First of all, if you are in and of the moment in this Now (which is all there ever is), then you will be aware of that which you need and that which you would do because you will be led there.  When you walk in your Truth and stand in your Light, that which you need comes because you are allowing your self to be the creative process.


........ That is not arrogance; that is accepting and acknowledging your part in the One.  You are operating as an intentional aspect of all things.  And when you do this, you can create intentionally from within that.  There is nothing wrong with preparing for the future, but when one views the future as a possibility of lack, then what is one creating?

Q:..... Lack.

CH:... One is going to lack what one fears.

Q:..... And so my viewing that as arrogance ...

CH:... The arrogance is thinking that you are totally aside from everything else and that you will not have what you have, what you need.

Q:..... Or a self worth issue?

CH:... Of course.

Q:..... So I see it as arrogance because “I’m not worthy of doing that” – as we’ve discussed before.  Thank you.  That helps.

CH:... Have you truly gotten it?

Q:..... I’m going to try not to think about it.  [laughter]

CH:... If you are in and of the moment and you are truly free of your attempts to perceive control of your experience – because that is what the bottom line is – you are talking about having the reins on the future and doing everything perfectly so you do not lack.

Q:..... Yes!

CH:... You cannot ever do that!  [laughter]  Because you are supposing what that future is going to look like and what it is that you will need in those moments.  We will ask you something:  in this Now, do you have everything that you need – in this moment?

Q:..... Yes!

CH:... Are you safe?

Q:..... Yes!

CH:... Well, that’s all there is.  So what are you worried about?

Q:..... Well, it’s a question of where does my energy go?  Does my energy go in trying to...

CH:... We will tell you.  Where your attention goes, your energy goes.

Q:..... Okay.

CH:... Where your focus is, therefore your energy is.  And if your focus is outside of this moment, then you are not experiencing it to its fullest.  And you are in fact limiting the outcome of everything that you could be experiencing by grabbing hold of a supposition or an imagined scenario that may or may not happen!

Q:..... And yet, as you said a few minutes ago, yes, buying gold is still a good thing.  Is that not imagining a possible future in which that would be required?

CH:... You want to know what to invest in, and we have answered it.  If you are in any country and have U. S. dollars in your pocket, how far can you spend them?

Q:..... Not very far.

CH:... If you are in any country and have gold or silver in your pocket, where can you spend it?  What is it worth?  You see?  Your money is not backed by gold or other valuables as it was intended, but rather by debt.

Q:..... So taking an approach like that, for instance investing in gold, is not a negative, fear-based approach?

CH:... Of course not!

Q:..... Okay.

CH:... If you want to have and to hold and you want to invest in something that might be suitable for another time and another place, or either or both, just think about what you are doing.  Are you investing in something where someone else controls what you have given?  Or are you giving to your self?

Q:..... Yes.  I will let that sit and try not to think about it!  [laughter]  Thank you.


Further discussion on investing in gold and following your heart

Q:..... You’re basically saying your whole life is set around a bunch of processes that guides itself towards which direction it should go as far as investments, and where you are now is proof of that.

CH:... Could you rephrase that for us, please?

Q:..... All of nature planning that you xx in the past has gotten ...

CH:... Are you speaking of us?

Q:..... No

CH:... Who is you?

Q:..... I’m talking in terms of this lady.

CH:... All right.  We are with you now.

Q:..... She’s uncertain about the future and what to invest in.  And you are saying that your spirit and your mental processes that you’ve learned all through life have gotten you to be successful, and proof of that is where you are right now financially.  So, you should always remain with your gut instinct.  Is that true?

CH:... Oh, that is – what would you call that?  That is an extrapolation of what we have said.  What we have said is, in this moment, do you have everything that you need and are you safe?  And in this moment there is no other moment.  And so the concern of survival often takes on within people to the point where they are pressured about it, and they become worried about it because it is ingrained to them.  Do you see what we are saying?

Q:..... Yes.

CH:... And the point that we are making is that it is fine to invest in your future – just make sure you are investing in your self in a safe way and not in a way that you become the victim of everyone else’s whim.  Investing in gold, in silver, in such ways, is something that is attainable.  It is storable.  It doesn’t take up much room, yet it has much value.  And in a situation or a time or series of events where cash means nothing because the ATM’s don’t work, gold, silver, other things like that will be barter fare much more easily and much more valued because it is tradable than other things that are more specific.  Do you see what we are saying?

Q:..... Yes.

CH:... And, yes, follow your guts!  If you are telling your self the truth, you will do well.

Q:..... Thank you.

CH:... We would say more highly to follow your heart, because it will tell you the truth.  Your guts are going to react.  Your heart is going to show you the way.  [pause]  Have we straightened that out for you?

Q:..... Yes.


CH:... We wish to create a refinement of the energy in the room.  It is getting kind of still and stuck.  May we attune the room?

Q:..... Yes from group.

CH:... One moment.  [pause]   Ah, that is much better.  Many of you are thinking too hard and you are compacting the energies around us.  Others of you are not breathing and so the energy doesn’t move and there it sits.  So what else shall we discourse with you about on this occasion?


After energy work, how can we keep our systems aligned?

Q:..... I have a question.  When we go to someone like Meg and we have them work on the energy fields of our body, and things get back into harmony, adjustment, alignment, and that type of thing, what can someone who does not have those special gifts do for themselves to help keep their energy systems ...

CH:... After the work or in lieu of?

Q:..... After the work and... either.

CH:... First of all, the {End of Side A}


CH:... ... get so we don’t have to do this in linear format!

Q:..... Don’t we already do that??  [laughter]

CH:... Some do.  Part of the interruption from the third dimension. [laughter]  It is that your energy fields, your subtle bodies, your other aspects become dysfunctional due to experiences that have been had and not fully processed, or damage that has occurred during those experiences.  Other things get picked up along the way - there is much out there and you are multi-dimensional beings.  And so when that is clarified, when you are brought back into the balance that you feel shortly after the work, what is in occurrence is you are refined, you are unified, you are working as one total and functional unit.


Let go of any issues that had caused imbalance

........ In order to maintain that, what it is that would be done are many things.  First of all, if you have found that there were issues that caused those things, it would be to make certain that you have let go of those issues, that you have let go of the fear that created the issues.  Because otherwise, you change and create dysfunction within the system again, depending on what the issues are.


Learn to receive your healing

........ It would be also to allow your selves to learn to receive. Because if you do not learn to receive how can you hold on to anything, if you do not give it to your self.  Do you understand that?

Q:..... [...]

CH:... If you do not give your self the pleasure of receiving your healing, your experiences, the learning processes, then all you have done is to deflect life as it has come at you.  Think about this.  You can give and give and give until the cows come home.  But until you learn to do it from fullness, having received for your self your perfection, all of that giving in the world will not change anything for you except to convince you that you have done well.  If you have or have not is up to you.


Breathe to keep the energy moving

........ Now, secondly, thirdly, you would continue breathing and breathe the energy through your clarified system in such a way that you keep the energy moving.  Because human beings have a tendency, when they are experiencing life and something comes along that they don’t understand or they don’t know what to do with, they stop breathing – they pause.


........ And every time you pause, and every time you are not breathing, here is what is happening.  The past is tapping you on the shoulder, the future is in the front of your head, and the moment is under your feet and you can’t see it.  And so it is then to not allow your selves to get stymied to the point where you do not breathe, but allow your self to find the moment under your feet.  It will always be there.  What is here [gesturing in front of vehicle] and what is there [gesturing in back of vehicle] do not exist in this moment.  Do you see?

Q:..... Uh huh.

CH:... And so you keep the purity of your system by staying within the moment, because in that moment the entirety of you and all that you are, outwardly and inwardly, is paying attention.  Your DNA is listening and it is telling your body what to do.  Your intuition is being given mainstream information, but you have to open the door to hear it.  And if your attention is in another moment, you will not hear it.  How could you – you are not there!


These are ways to maintain healthfulness whether you have had the work or not

........ And so these are ways to maintain the healthfulness whether you have had the work or not, but it is to give to your selves that which you seek, because you already have it.  The having is in the recognition and the acceptance of that.  Have we answered you fully and completely?

Q:..... Yes, thank you.


You must with all your heart know and believe that you are whole and perfect just as you are

CH:... You are most welcome.  And one more thing – you must with all your heart know and believe that you are whole and perfect just as you are, because it is so!  Any other perception is untruth, no matter what. [pause]  The energy shifted on that one!

Q:..... So are you saying you are not supposed to think about the issue or just not dwell on it or...

CH:... Isn’t thinking about it dwelling on it?

Q:..... Yes.


What stops your creative processes is that you hold on to the tail of what you have sent out!

CH:... What you confuse as human beings in your creative process is thinking and worrying with creating.  We will tell you a secret (some of you already know this): when you are creating reality and you want to create something for the future or for tomorrow or for this moment – it doesn’t matter – all that you have to do is project that reality, your intention for it, outwardly into the universe once, purely, fully, not as a request but as if it is already done.  And then let go of it.  What stops your creative processes is that you hold on to the tail of what you have sent out!  How far can it go?  What will it create if it can’t get across the street?

Q:..... Like a kite.

CH:... It is so!

Q:..... And how do we know that we’ve done that?  Is it the positive emotion that we feel from the xx or seeing it or feeling it...

CH:... If you let it go and you know it to be so, then it already is and now you are in the process of it.

Q:..... The feeling of positive emotion – what does that have to do with it?  I mean, I know that other people have spoken about that in terms of creation.

CH:... Positive emotion you mean in the process of creating?

Q:..... Yeah.  Feeling excited about what you ... as if it’s already happening – the happiness that comes from...


Project the reality you intend with purity and a knowing that now it is done

CH:... Absolutely!  Because you know that if you have projected it, it is already so and now you are in the process and you can be quite excited about the reality you have just created.  Positive emotion has everything to do with the outcome of what you attempt to create.  If you throw a reality out into the Universe and you have all of that junk with it, that “I don’t deserve it, I’m not sure I believe it, What if so-and-so doesn’t do their part?”, then what happens is all of that.  And a might inkling of the reality you meant to create, but not the truth of it.


........ Instead, if you allow it to be projected outward, imagine that in my hand (because we have one in the moment) is a reality that is about to be created.  And that reality with pure love and intent and knowing that it is so, we release, we throw it away outwardly into the process.  We don’t have to worry about where it will bounce – there is nothing out there it can hurt.  It is limitless out there.  We don’t have to worry about it – it’s going to do its thing.  Then, knowing that the reality is coming, you will participate in the process.  You won’t be aware.  You will know, you will see the signs of when it comes.  Generally, it is happening faster than it used to.  Does this assist you?

Q:..... Yes.


Each moment your energy is different, so when you send out your reality over and over the message is slightly different each time

CH:... When you do it over and over again, each moment that you exist your energy is different.  Each moment that you exist, reality is different.  All of the dynamics and all of reality are changing constantly.  So each time when you do it over and over and over again, that you send a message out, the message is different just a little.  And so you are sending confusing messages into the universal process as if it hasn’t heard you the first time.  And what begins to occur is struggle.  Things don’t quite look like you meant them to.  Is that sufficient or shall we proceed?

Q:..... Proceed.

CH:... On what avenue?

Q:..... The struggle, the conflict.

CH:... The conflict, the struggle, is about not allowing things to create themselves purely.  It is about trying to control the experience from perceptions and expectations.

Q:..... Which are belief systems.


Humanity tends to attempt to control things because it feels safer that way, but control is a perception

CH:... Belief systems, whatever.  Emotionalities, fears.  Humanity tends to attempt to control things because it feels safer that way.  But control is a perception.


When you send out a negative emotion, do you have to say “cancel that”?

Q:..... So when you put a negative, a negative emotion, out there and say “oops, shouldn’t have done that”, do you have to put the positive one ten times harder or can you just say “cancel that” and be done with it?

CH:... That is an excellent question.  If you have done something – and you are saying this to us as if you have done it – which moment are you in now?

Q:..... That would be the past.

CH:... And so then you’re not present in this moment.  Do you follow us?

Q:..... No, I think I’ve lost you.

Q:..... What you’re saying is if you’ve sent out this negative intent and then realize that wasn’t really what you wanted, but you’ve sent it out there. And if you sent it out there with pure intent and passion and so on, don’t you need to “fix” that?


No, that moment is past.  Project a new reality

CH:... Project a new reality!

Q:..... “Cancel that” – just like that?

CH:... Project a different reality because it is now a different moment.

Q:..... Ooohh.

CH:... Do you understand?

Q:..... Uh-huh.

Q:..... So in that place of creation it’s really important then to let go of all judgment about anything that has ever come before or any fears that you have of what ..., the box that you live in, so to speak, is to step into a neutral place where anything is possible and create your new projection from that place?

CH:... No, create your projection from your heart of being.  Create that projection from your perfection.  You don’t have to step into neutrality because if you are neutral, then you are not participating!

Q:..... Hmmm.  Okay.

CH:... Do you understand?

Q:..... Yes.


Project without a laundry list

CH:... And so it is then to project a reality without a laundry list.  [laughter]

Q:..... But we’re list oriented! [laughter]

CH:... How will you feel when you have attained that reality?

Q:..... Which one?

CH:... The one you are creating.

Q:..... I may not like that.  And then again, I may like it.

CH:... When the reality that you mean to create, that you intend to create, has occurred, how will you feel in that reality?

Q:..... Assuming that I have understood that I have now achieved my reality and I am in touch with that moment, I would probably say “hmmm, do I like this or do I not like this?” and create something else, or stay in it.

CH:... You are being quite too analytic about what we are asking you.

Q:..... I am sorry.  I will be quiet.

CH:... What we are saying to you is if you want to create a reality, do you know what it is you are creating?  Because if you truly create what you mean to create, then you won’t have to question whether you will like it or not.

Q:..... Boy, that’s kind of hard.  That is very true.

CH:... And so if the reality is what you mean it to be, what we are saying to you is to project outwardly as you create this reality how you will feel when you have attained it.

Q:..... Which just shows what I’ve silently asked for – isn’t that correct?

CH:... Is it?

Q:..... Are you saying to attain that feeling of joy, happiness, pleasure from that creation that you really wanted – that you feel it now?  Is that what you’re ...  Or explain that a little bit.

CH:... You are getting warmer.  [laughter]  We will explain a little more fully – we are trying to get you to reach from inside!

Q:..... Right.

CH:... And you want us to tell it like it is and so you will understand it and you won’t have to work so hard.

Q:..... [...] working

CH:... We do know that.  [laughter]  We are actually inhabiting one of these bodies in the moment, and it is quite restrictive.  All right.  We will start again.


........ Imagine that you want to buy a new car and you are creating that in your life.  Well, immediately you wonder how much it will cost.  “I can’t afford it” – I heard that.  So as an example, you are intending to create a new vehicle for your self.  Forget about the cost.  Forget about where you will find it.  Forget about anything else.  Forget about making a list of all of the things that it has to have before you are happy.


........ And instead, send out the belief that you have a new vehicle and this is how you feel in that experience.  Period.  Do you understand now?

Q:..... Yes.  You see your self behind the wheel, feeling wonderful – is that what you are saying?


Put your self in the place of already being in the reality you intend

CH:... If you need that many details.  The point is to put your self in the place of already being there.  And then let it go.  Because part of you is already there doing it.  And everything between this now and that now is going to line up so that you meet.  Think of this.  You are choreographing your reality and all of the rest of the world is doing its thing and that reality is going to come to you that purely because you didn’t hold onto the tail.  You didn’t limit it by making a list.  And you told the Universe exactly how you will feel when that which you have intended is so.  And therefore it must be.  Do you see?  Are we clear on this?

Q:..... Yes.

CH:... Who does not understand and wants to think about it or talk more?  Because we would be delighted.  [pause]  Breathe while you think.  It helps.


Bringing the feminine into balance

Q:..... Could you please speak about the importance of bringing into balance the feminine in every aspect?

CH:... It is very important to bring the feminine into every aspect because there has been a great imbalance in your world for quite some time, and even in some directions universally.  What occurred was in the offices of power was created a patriarchal society which doesn’t work.  There is not the intuitiveness; there is not the sensitivity; there is not an acknowledgment of the people or their needs.  And there is not a balance of the feminine.  And in fact the feminine has not even been well respected and has been, in many cases, used and abused over time.

Q:..... It has been that way for thousands of years.

CH:... It is so!  Well, we speak from an eternal place, so to us this is yesterday.  In such a way, that balance is being forced front and center, and the pendulum will swing the other way for a short time.  It is that the sensitivity, the compassion, the awarenesses, that are necessary for the survival of you as people and as a populace, must come back into play.  It is not all about power and money and corporate entities and political parties and world powers and religious beliefs.  It is about people among people.  And the world on the whole, at least those who are representative of the world and set examples for the rest of the world, do not exemplify that.


........ And so it is, then, for the divine feminine to be an extremely important aspect for the turning of the consciousness within and upon your planet.

Q:..... How does that femininity [...] power?

CH:... You see, you are thinking of it as male and female energy.  You are thinking of it as perhaps even strong and weak energy.  And it is not so.  The feminine can create from, shall we say, the Goddess perspective, which is quite ancient and quite powerful and quite knowing.  Does that assist you?

Q:..... Yes, but it has to be recognized.

CH:... It is so!  And perhaps it is in the self-recognition that will empower the external recognition, because many women have a tendency to buy into the stereotypical behaviors.  And we said earlier, where your attention goes, your power goes.  Where your thoughts go, your power goes.  And so on.  And when women are being certain ways because it is expected of them or doing certain things because they think that is what they should be, then they are not in the truth of their power, but are in the dysfunction.


........ That is not to say, now, that men are dysfunctional.  We are talking about the societal ways of operation; we are not talking about men and women so much as we are talking about the balance of masculine and feminine. In spirit, in God, there is both.  There is the masculine and the feminine; there is the dark and the light; there is always, always, two opposites that create a whole.  And what has happened is societally the patriarchal energies have overshadowed the feminine, and in doing so have denied the divinity of the populace.  Do you see?


........ And so then it is to bring it into a balance of ... think of it as the yin and the yang.  They are opposites; yet the two make a whole.  It is the line between them that is the balance.  That is where bringing the feminine back into empowerment can bring you as beings back to that center line of balance.  Have we answered you fully, Dear One?

Q:..... Yes.  I am sensing a universal urgency, or is it just my personal...

CH:... No, it is so!  It is quite universal, because the patriarchal aspects have gone far beyond this here and now.  And you must know that everything is continuous and contiguous.  And therefore it is all happening now – that which has been, that which will be, and that which is.  That’s why you don’t need to worry about it because you’re in it – always!  And universally, there is a big push for many things to change, not just the feminine.  It is an entirely... it is a request completely for energetic relationships to change, for consciousness to shift.  There are many pushes universally at this time because time is crucial.

Q:..... Why is time crucial on a universal basis?

CH:... We are not speaking so much that it is crucial universally because out there there is no time.  But you and your world have many things that you must remember, that must change if you are to survive as beings.  And that is the reason for the push.

Q:..... I thought you were speaking of the same kind of push for balance in other places besides the Earth.

CH:... You are being literal!

Q:..... Oh, okay.


Sacred Relationship in the Fifth Dimension

Q:..... With that said, what is ... with the male and female within each one of us.  Could you speak about what sacred relationships in the fifth dimension will look like?  What we can expect?

CH:... It will not be needful.

Q:..... It will not be what?

CH:... It will not be needful.  Sacred relationship will be just that.  You see, for many of you sacred relationship at this time in this now has a lot of strings attached to it and a lot of needs and a lot of wants and a lot of expectations.  As you move into fifth dimensional reality – some of you are already living in it – what begins to occur is that there is a refinement of the emotional systems that does not have the requirements.


........ We are not saying it is androgynous in its feelingness.  What we are saying is there is a refinement of the emotionality which does not have any room for drama and trauma or disappointed expectations and so on.  Rather, there will be more honesty in relationship because those of you who have stepped into those realms are living from an honest point of view from in your self or you wouldn’t have stepped there.  Do you follow us?

Q:..... Yes.

CH:... And so in such a way, then, that honoring, the purity of the relationship, the joining of the energies, and the mutuality and synergistic aspect of relationship will become quite well refined.  There will be less fear in relating because there will be no reason for it.  Does that assist you?

Q:..... Yes.


Symptoms of apathy from moving into a higher frequency

Q:..... I have one other question, too.  Lately, within about the last four weeks, I’ve gone through what feels like a reset pattern to myself.  And since that time I’ve known a couple of other people have been going through that.  It’s almost a period where I moved into this place of total apathy.  It was like I really didn’t care one way or another – I guess you would call it apathy.  And it was kind of kind I could be here in physical embodiment or I could not.  And either way was perfectly okay with me.  It was really nice because no buttons got pushed because I just wasn’t feeling anything from one place to the other.  I realized, kind of on the tail end of that, I had some new guidance that came in.  My question to you is, is this something that happens every once in a while when we move to a higher frequency or is it something that is happening – which could be about moving to a higher frequency anyway – that I’m beginning to see this with other people – because of the windows that have been opened lately or...  Could you speak about that?

CH:... Yes, it has everything to do with stepping into the higher frequencies and, of course, the higher your frequency, the more windows you have open, the more possibilities you have to choose.  Do you understand?

Q:..... Yes.

CH:... And so that is what it is about and, at the same time, when you step into higher frequencies and you begin to operate from within those frequencies, your physicality has difficulty keeping up.  And so often you may not know how you feel.

Q:..... So this is like an integration period where your physicality is kind of catching up to this other frequency level?

CH:... We prefer to call it assimilation.

Q:..... Okay.

CH:... But, yes.


CH:... There are a couple of you who really want to ask us something and have not found the courage to do so.  Now is a good time.  If you want to know something, you can be sure that others will want to know as well.


Aunt diagnosed with cancer

Q:..... Well, I have a question.  It seems like there is a lot of cancer out right there.  My aunt has been diagnosed with lung cancer about two days ago and she’s been guiding me a lot in the past.  And she’s on the way to Germany.  So I’m wondering whether there is anything I can do.

CH:... You are doing it.  But what you are doing is you are grieving and she is still here.  Do you understand?  You are afraid of losing her.  Instead, celebrate her and be what you can in whatever way you can while you still can.  Do you see?


........ It is afraid to lose, but here is the Truth.  You are not going to lose her ever.  She will be a part of you in all time.  And you will see each other again and it is a beautiful thing.  And so, do not fear the loss; celebrate the life.  Do you see?

Q:..... I hope.

CH:... Give her from your heart that which you have to give.  You can send her healing from wherever you are in the world.  And you can give to her of your heart.  You can even go see here if you wish.  But don’t hold her situation so tightly that it cannot be what it will.  Love her and celebrate her and allow her to take her journey in whatever direction it will go.  Like we said earlier, this now, this beingness that you are in, this body that you are in, is the true transition.  At the moment of death comes freedom.  And so there is nothing to fear.  It is truly infinite and timeless.  Do you see?  And it is all perfect.

Q:..... [...]

CH:... We are touching you, Dear One.  [pause]  Did we give you that which you sought?

Q:..... I think so.


CH:... Are there further questions to the moment?

Q:..... I have something to go along with that.  As far as the cancer, it seems like it’s becoming so prevalent.  And obviously there is a reason for that.  I’m not sure, but my guess is that we really start taking control of everything about us, and this is just a real sign to all of us that, you know, we do have control.  We can control what we put into our bodies and we can control a lot more than we are instead of giving our power away.

CH:... Yes.  How much attention does the average human pay to what is being ingested or what is being worn or what is being used in any kind of way?  Or do you just pay the bill and it is done?  Do you see?  It is about conscious awareness of your beingness’ conscious reality.


Cancer is more prevalent; physicalities are changing due to genetic manipulation and toxic products

........ And you are correct in that the cancer situation has gotten more prevalent.  As we have said, the molecular structures, the chemical relationships, in your physicalities are changing – both due to genetic manipulation and to toxic products that are utilized in your food products, in your home products.


........ Are you aware that your toothpaste, your deodorants (many of them), many other household products that you have, are filled with aluminum?  The fluoride that is in your toothpaste and your mouthwash is a waste product that is being distributed with the auspices that it is good for you!  And you buy into the marketing.  Ask your body; ask your soul.  Start there.


........ And the other reason, truly, that cancer is claiming so many biospheres and has become insidious is because the information, the chaos, in your world keeps you off balance because you do not take the time to balance your selves amongst the chaos.  Think about that!  How much input are you having and where is it going?


How do we address the issue of plastic leaching into water bottles?

Q:..... Okay, for instance, to further address that in the balancing of our selves.  Water comes to us in plastic.  Plastic is leaching into the water.  We can bless and influence the water to remove the toxic effect of the plastic as we ingest it?  What positive things can we do or is it a continuous...

CH:... First of all, we would suggest avoiding plastic.  It is carcinogenic.  The process in which it is made leaves carcinogens in it.  Yes, you can bless it.  But how many of you believe in it fully enough that that blessing is going to keep those chemicals from hurting you?  How many of you truly can believe with all of your heart that that which you do when you run your energy into that which you put into your body is truly and completely changing it, changing the structure of it, and changing how it will relate within you?  How many of you truly believe that that is so?

Q:..... I believe that the tap water is cleaner than the bottled water – any bottled water.

CH:... It depends upon which tap it is coming out of.

Q:..... Testing [...] the major population areas have pretty clean water systems.

CH:... Is water not marketed as a health product?  Have a bottle.

Q:..... Yes, it is.  Otherwise they wouldn’t make so much money on it.

CH:... It is so.


You are seeing yourself as separate – stop!

Q:..... So, if we continue to avoid everything that is really not good for us, what can we do within our beingness?  How do we connect that makes that impermeable to us?  What can we do?  What are some things that you could share with us that we can do that are steps that we can take like getting into our hearts and ways that we can do that that can put us into a place where that doesn’t affect us?

CH:... Be in total connection with your light body.

Q:..... And how can that happen?  Can you give us some steps?

CH:... You want a method?

Q:..... Yeah.  That would be great!

CH:... One moment.  We will give it to you in a nutshell.  You are seeing your self as separate – stop!


Doesn’t the science of our body overrule what we put in it?

Q:..... Can we not trust the science of our own body to know what is right for our body or wrong for our body, even if we ate that cheeseburger and whatever?  Isn’t the science of our body – if those are the correct words – doesn’t that overrule?

CH:... No.

Q:..... No?


Q:..... You already know what is good and bad for your body.

CH:... If you are in and of the moment, if you are here, and you are aligned in your aspects from here infinitely outwardly and inwardly, and you are in touch with your light body, your beingness, your perfection, then and only then have you achieved the mastery that those things that you are asking us about will not hurt you.  But as long as you doubt your self as a being, as long as you allow your mentality or emotionality to run the show from behind the scenes, the fear, then you are vulnerable.


........ But if you stand in your perfection, you call in all of your beingness, and allow your self to be balanced and aligned and let go of the fears and the perceptions of controlling, then you are truly being in your Truth and then your Truth is whatever you want it to be!  Did you get that?

Q:..... Absolutely!


Q:..... So imagine you are God and feel what that feels like.

CH:... You are God – each of you.  Some of you may be thinking “Uuhh – how could that be?  How could that be?  How could I be God?  God is perfect.  God holds an iron hand over my life.”  That is not so!  Each of you creates from within your very godliness, your very perfection.  You just forgot!


What can you tell us about the situation in the Middle East?

Q:..... The world situation is chaotic.

CH:... Yes.

Q:..... Especially with our involvement in the Middle East.

CH:... Yes.

Q:..... What can you offer us?

CH:... Find the Truth.  Do not listen to the illusion.  Here’s what we say:  In the world, in your world, there are many beliefs, each person acting passionately in the name of God, passionately in the name of God, each having a different name for God.  But are not all of you on the path toward the same outcome – finding your perfection?  Why not acknowledge your godliness now and be an example to all of the other beings upon your Earth of what they are capable of?


........ In such a way, do not buy into the propaganda that many will try to give you to tell you that their destructive and murderous behaviors are a good thing, because they are not!!  But when you have people who are operating passionately for what they believe in, and each aspect of the situation passionately believes that they are right, there is not a solution that killing people is going to change!


........ The only thing that needs to change is how you see each other in relation to your world.  It is truly quite simple.  It is about being That Which Is and not taking that which is not belonging to the being.  In fact, this is Universal Law, not the laws of man.  That is not what you were asking us, but that is what we were given.  Did that assist you?

Q:..... Yes.


War will continue until everyone has tired of it and someone will fight back

Q:..... In exerting its will over others, will the United States start another war?

CH:... War will continue until everyone has tired of it and someone will fight back.  What will you choose?  You see, it is not an “other war”; it is an ongoing war.  It is not a war as much as it is an agenda.  How much will you accept?  Because your name is on it too.  [...]  The energy is shifting again.  Are we wearing you out?


........ No matter what you encounter, and what your beingness brings to you in any given moment, we would remind you to walk lightly in your shoes.  Walk lightly within your self and your beingness.  It is only experiences.  It is not forever being.  Do you see?


........ And so, when you think about the fact that in any given moment it is an experience, but that experience is not forever, it kind of lets you off the hook, doesn’t it?


........ We will be departing soon, and so we ask if there are further questions to the moment that we might address for you.  [pause]  And so it is.  In such a way, then, we wish to remind each of you that you are whole and perfect just as you are, in any given moment.  The choice is whether or not to step into your grace or to become a victim of perceived grace.  Think about that.


........ In such a way, then, we will offer you blessings of all kinds and all natures, remind you that you are not only in this now but in every now.  And in such a way, anything and everything is possible both within you and around you, if only you believe it to be so.  That which you believe already has happened.  Simply be that which you intend.  Blessings,  Peace  and Grace to each of you

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