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Online Channeling and Messages

April 6, 2005

 Greetings Everyone! 

Wow! The energies are popping! I hear from many of you that your “stuff” is in your faces, and that things are feeling kind of rough. What we need to remember is that we are experiencing a shift not only of energies, but an awakening of major proportions. When this occurs, we are naturally called to release that which no longer serves us. As those things surface, the reason that we have such difficulty is simply because we resist what we feel. 

When we resist what is attempting to escape our experiences, we are reliving old patterns that no longer are valid for us. No longer serve us in any way but to remind us that at some point or points in our lives, we hurt, we were angry, or we had issues which felt larger than us. We didn’t know what to do with those feelings so we stashed them within ourselves. 

Now is the time for letting go. Now is the time for setting ourselves free so that we can experience that which we have come to learn. That which we have come to do. As we allow ourselves the freedom which we have strived to obtain, that we have struggled to recognize, our world changes in the very instant that we step into who we are in Truth and the direction that our journeys call us.

 Each of us is experiencing something a bit different from the next person. A lot of our situations are similar, but the details are ours – We can choose to recognize those details as personal challenges, or we can blame everyone else who is in our experience for that which we do not wish to see within ourselves.

 We must remember that each and every other being with whom we interact is a mirror to us. Each of us originates from within the same One, and each of us is working toward our return ticket home. We can kick and scream all the way, or, we can relax and own our “stuff” and allow ourselves to take flight. Personally, I prefer flying, soaring, rather than the alternatives.

 When we become conscious observers, we have stepped out of the sense of first of all being separate from all others, and secondly, from the drama and trauma, as the Masters say, and it is in that presence in each moment as that observer where we truly find peace of heart, peace of mind and freedom of the very spirit which we are in essence. 

The pull that many of us feel right now has to do with a huge event which will be taking place on April 17th. There comes the opening of another star gate which links consciousness not only multi-dimensionally, but inter-galactically. With such refinement of possibilities coming available to us, we have a tendency as human beings to want to create difficulties in our experiences. These difficulties prove to us that we aren’t ready to fly, that our self worth is less than perfect, that we don’t deserve what we seek, and yet the very things which we seek also seek us. And our attempts to prove ourselves unworthy are lies that we create in order to sabotage ourselves in our journeys. After all, if we follow the standards of those who came before us, of what we are being told in the media, online, by others who have personal agendas, then we allow ourselves to judge and be judges by rules and standards which first of all are not truth and secondly come from generations whose functionality was not based upon the level of conscious awareness (for the most part) that we have available and within us at this very moment. In this now. 

The energies related to the opening of the star gate which comes available to us are causing our world and our very particulates, those things of which we and all things are created, to vibrate faster and in patterns in which we are unaccustomed. But what an opportunity.  

If we will allow ourselves to be open, to know that change within and around us is good for our experience, necessary for things to shift, then we have more than won what feels like a battle and is nothing more than an honest to God challenge.

 With each new star gate that opens, our possibilities of communicating our awareness universally become easier. Our potential to communicate with others in far away places becomes streamlined, and can be done telepathically. What can we share as people of this earth, of this dimension? What have we learned that would benefit others? How can we apply those things we have learned to our personal experiences and those within our world, and what example will we give to the entirety of reality as it listens, looks, ponders our human experiences?

 In each moment there is one now. In every now is all that is. Will we choose to remain present in the now’s as we find ourselves within them? Or will we continue to look behind us at that which no longer serves, or in front of us toward our hopes, our fears, or will we choose to allow all of the knowing that we already have within us to seep into our realities in the greatness of quantum awakening? 

As I always say, it is a choice.



 Online Channeling         April 6th, 2005

 NOTE: This Channeling was given live a little over a week ago. It was full of new information as well as some great tools for handling life in today’s experience. It is quite long, so I share part of it with you here and the balance, as always, is posted on my website at www.spiritlite.com/newsletter.htm.

 References to symbols in this channeling refer to individual written symbols that the Masters shared with the group prior to their teaching for the evening. Later in this Channeling the Masters explained about DNA, healing and emotions. I found it quite fascinating!

 CH:  Greetings to each of you.

Q:     Greetings [from group].

CH:  We are most appreciative of the opportunity to be of assistance to you at this time.  It is that each of you has your own reason, your own thoughts and ideas and motivations for joining us.  Each of you – and the energies that you bring to this room – as you come together and create a unity of energy within this room, you are creating more than you realize. 

         What you are doing is contributing to the, shall we say, raising of the consciousness within your world.  Because as more than one frequency comes together, there is an exponential expansion among those frequencies.  And since there are so many of you, that which you have contributed in this time is countless in its effect on That Which Is and that which is occurring within your world and other worlds as well. 

         Fortunately for many other worlds, they are not as chaotic as yours has been of late.  Not that there are not others intergalactically that are having their own issues at this time, but yours are unique.  Yours are unique because you have evolved into such a place in your thinkingness and feelingness and your needfulness that you are, shall we say, reacting and reactivating in quite different ways than many others would in the same situation, you see.

          And so it is that, as you have been discussing, as we have been listening among the room, there are many changes going on within you.  As you release those things that you have been speaking about earlier with our vehicle, you are allowing for #1 a lack of compression within your energies.  You are allowing for more space among that which is you.  That which is your particulates are not compacted by that which you have held so closely that you have sown your selves up, so to speak.

          In such ways, then, that this creates more receptivity amongst your self.  Do you see?  And within that receptivity also comes more adaptability, more adaptability, to whatever is happening within your self, your environment, your world universally.  You see?  But you must not be resistant to allowing your self to clear, because this is a most incredible opportunity that is coming to you.

         It might seem chaotic.  It might seem that the energies that are coming to you are accidental and elemental and exotic in the nature of what they are doing to you.  On the other hand, it is nothing more than perfection giving you the opportunity to let go now while you still can – before there is too much to think about and too much to feel in such ways, in such ways, that perhaps you would hold on so tightly that you would not be able to function properly if at all in certain circumstances.

          Now, we are not talking about dire and cataclysmic events.  What we are talking about is change.  Change to a human being is one of the most frightening things that there is!  Now why is that so?  Is it not easier to stay in comfortable discomfort?  [laughter]  Is it not easier to stay frozen in position and perhaps to strut your foot out in front of you?  At least you know where you are and what is going on. 

         Is it not easier to hold on to that which you know as opposed to that which you don’t know?  Not necessarily.  You see, that which you do not know is only because you think you know so much.  [laughter]  And when you think you know so much and that you have everything under control, then you are not open to that which is Truth, that which is Truth as opposed to that which you believe.

          That which you believe you have learned.  And that which you know is what it is – is Truth.  And so it is then that as human beings you have a tendency to feel quite important about your selves and what you are doing about your days.  And those things during your days get a hold of you and your emotions and your minds and you find your selves skyrocketing through your lives and missing every and each moment in which you are at any given time. 

         Because your thoughts are so far in front of you – following your lists and your agendas – that you have not noticed that everything that would have already finished everything that you have to do was right in front of you and you missed it.  And now you are doing it the hard way. 

         And so then it is to perhaps remember to breathe in your days.  Right now would be a good time.  [laughter]  We are grateful for the energy.  If you would remember to breathe and allow your self to be a part of that which you are doing instead of attempting to drive that which is doing to you, so to speak, perhaps you will find that your journeys become much more graceful.  Because your grace is only found in a moment and within your heart, not within your mind.  Only within the spirit of your essence and that which you truly are. 

That which you have convinced your selves that you are in this manifestation is the illusion of which you converse about quite regularly!  The illusion is what you create to convince your selves of what is real and what is important.  We ask you truly in this moment – in this moment, not in your life – think for a moment what is important to you now?  Ask your self what your gut reaction was to that question.  We are not giving you time to think about it, because if you have to think about it it’s not important!

 Whatever your gut reaction was, we would ask you to look at that and ask you what value that important thing has in your overall experience, in your life as a being, and in your growth as Beings of Light.  And if you find that it is truly of value and truly of merit in your experience, then it would go in your travel kit and you would carry that important thing with you.

  And ask your self again – is there another thing?  What would that be?  And if you deem that it is truly important then put it in your travel kit for your journeys.  And you may ask your self this question as many times as you wish – it is your experience!  And each time you ask your self that question, and you find the answer valuable, put it in your travel kit.

 And what we will tell you is that when you are preparing to leave for a journey and you get ready to lift your kit, you will not be able to carry it because you will have packed it with too many things that truly will not assist you in your journey, but will weigh you down – will weigh you down. 

Oftentimes you will discover that what you feel is important to you is really what is important to someone else.  And you have taken responsibility for it.  When you do this, when you take responsibility for what is important to another person, there are two things that happen.

 The first thing is that you take on energy that is theirs – it belongs to them.  It is not necessarily goof for you and in fact is most likely disharmonic with you Secondly, you have taken from them a chance to make a choice based upon the full burden of their choice in such a way that perhaps their path will find them in the same situation in the future because they did not fully do that which they created for themselves to finish. 

That which is important to you is your Truth.  It is that which you feel is necessary in your journey.  Our point of all of this is not to make you feel heavy or make you feel anything but lighter.  One moment...

 Our point is for you to get to know that which is your Truth because time after time that which we meet and that which we see among humans is that which has been taken on that does not belong to that being – that which has been taken on and responsibility accepted when it was not about that being in the first place, but of the dysfunction of others who had no tools in their toolbox to create anything different or more functional and, even worse, no awareness that that was in occurrence.

 And so it is then that we would ask you to look at the situations in which you involve your selves.  Look at the situations which are stressing you in your activities and your lives and your jobs!  And we will tell you that if you are leaning too far forward to please others, then you have not given that to your self, which is the most valuable thing – an acknowledgment of your perfection and an unconditional love for your selves.

 Because if you are coming from your fullness, you will learn then to be what we prefer to call a “conscious observer”.  We have said this to some of you before.  If you become a conscious observer, your heart is full and expanded and unconditionally the experience of love.  And at the same time you are aware that that which you are experiencing is or is not something that is yours.  And you can realize and be of assistance in other ways to beings from your fullness, from your fullness.

 But to do this, you must become aware of your self.  And the reason that you stress and you struggle is that you do not realize what it is that is driving you, what it is that is driving you.  What is it that you are afraid of?  What is it that the child within you does not want to see or feel because it is uncomfortable and the child was not nurtured or given what it needed?  Or what it is that you have experienced later on and you have taken full responsibility for when it wasn’t – truly wasn’t – your fault? 

Because those things are not Truth inside of you.  Those things are not of assistance to you.  And those things are destructive both to you as beings and to your physicalities.  And so we wish to create for you awareness – to pay attention to that which is yours and that which is not.  What are you comparing your self to?  How do you know if you have succeeded or not?  And by whose rules are you comparing your self?  Are you still trying to prove something to someone who isn’t even here any more?  Ask your self these questions. 

And we remind you that the unconditionality that you seek, the fullness that you seek, is not an experience that you will get from listening to us, from being in a class or reading a book.  It is that which is inherent in you already.  And it is there – the only difference is that perhaps you are not listening.  Perhaps you are not giving your self the opportunity to feel that which is in you because you are so busy protecting your self. 

Unconditionality is love as love truly is.  And in such a way, it is not an ideal, it is not an idea, it is not a sentiment.  It is a very real and viable and living thing that is at the center of each of you and can be radiated from the center of each of you and into everything that you do.

 And so it is then that, now that we have admonished you, we would ask you if there is anything that you wish to talk with us about.  Is there anything that we need to be reminded of in our state that you wish to express to us?  We are only of the perfection that you mirror to us, you see?


Q:     I have a question.  Why do you talk about fault?

CH:  We do not!

Q:     You said that “something that is truly not your fault...”

CH:  We understand your question.  Because that is the human way of expressing it, you see?  And we choose to utilize vocabulary in a way that you will understand what we mean.  Because the point we are making in that statement, Dear One, is that many, many, many human beings have a tendency to take on what is not theirs emotionally.  It is what we choose to refer to as “drama and trauma”, you see?  [laughter]


         And that drama and trauma does not serve you!  Someone else has created a situation – number one, for their learning process, either their growth or their choice not to.  You see?  And perhaps in that situation others are involved, energies are stirred up, and then perhaps there is a cry for help.  When the entirety of the situation was created as a learning process.


         So, if everyone jumps in and, shall we say, bails that person out of the situation, then they have learned nothing!  But it is the people that have a tendency to jump into the situation – now we do not mean that this applies to everything, so do not be so literal – we hear you thinking!


What it is that we mean is that when others get caught in the drama and the trauma, you see, and they reach out and accept a part of that situation with the intention of making the situation easier for another being, then they have lifted some of the weight of the energy of the situation away from that person.  They have lightened that person’s load.  And so that person does not have to go through the entirety of the process, you see, that they had begun!


And so karmically speaking, because it is a karmic situation, that person will now have to re-create some similar situation in order to finish the process that they had started!  Do you see?  Does this clear up what your concern was?

Q:     Yes.

CH:  Have we answered you fully?  [pause]  We can take it! [laughter]

Q:     Um, yes!

CH:  Then we are grateful for our intercourse and we thank you.

Q:     But I do have one more.  You’re right – it was “no”.

CH:  We know.

Q:     The answer is “no” – I’m not answered fully.  I understand what you’re telling me in terms of the human experience.  Does this also apply to other aspects of your life?  Specifically for me, I have two dogs that have issues and so I have taken on the responsibility of having a pet.

CH:  This is an entirely different situation that we speak of, Dear One.  We do not mean a relationship where you have chosen to be one who is – what is that word that you people use? – one who cares for.

Q:     [suggestions from the audience but I can’t tell what they’re saying.]

CH:  No, that is not what we mean – we knew you would say that!  [laughter]  You know what we mean?

Q:     [from original questioner] I know what you mean!

CH:  We are grateful!  And so we do not need to think about it!  It is that when you take on something that is an animal, they have taken you on as well.

Q:     Yes.

CH:  There is a relationship there that is symbiotic.  And their life span is not that which yours is.  This is an entirely different situation.  Unless, of course, the animal is poorly behaved and does not interact with others well and the animal is not given – we are not speaking of yours, we are just giving an example – the animal is not given the discipline in such a way that it causes all kind of little karmic things around itself, you see?

Q:     Yes.

CH:  That is a different story.   But in a general situation as you are giving to us and we are seeing it in your mind so we see it clearly – no, we are speaking of human interaction.  Not that animals do not communicate, not that animals do not feel, because it is neither of those.  People think that animals are ignorant and brainless and do not feel anything and treat them poorly.  And it is a shame because they are such pure hearts and they do feel greatly and they do actually share much in your world.  And so, have we alleviated you, because we have pushed your buttons?

Q:     [...]

CH:  We have pushed your buttons and we apologize if there was a misunderstanding.  We are speaking purely of human interaction.  And now the answer is “yes” – correct?

Q:     Yes.

CH:  We are grateful.


CH:  Yes, and we wait.

Q:     Well, I’ll talk with you all night if you’d like.  If nobody else is going to jump in here!  I actually would like to follow up on that a little bit.  To get a better feel for when it is appropriate to help humans in a situation.  The cries for help are in varied ways.

CH:  Did we say it was inappropriate to help another human?  Or did we say it was inappropriate to help in a certain way?

Q:     An example of the way would be good perhaps.

CH:  If you are a conscious observer, if you are in your heart space which is expanded, you are in your state of grace.  And you observe that there is a situation.  First of all, as a conscious observer, you are aware that that situation is created in and of whoever is involved and for whatever purpose perhaps – even perhaps your intuition, because you are expanded and have allowed your self, even if you are just beginning, your intuition does talk to you.


         So, you can get an idea if you have looked at the situation as an observer, what is the Truth in it?  And then, from the standpoint of fullness – not needing to be recognized because you’re so helpful, you see – from the standpoint of fullness you can offer a hand and help someone up.  But you don’t have to get underneath them and carry them on your back.  Do you see the difference?

Q:     Oh, yes!

CH:  That is what we speak of.


Q:     One of the things that’s coming real clearly to me with the energy shifts or my own whatever – growth – is that I’m finding myself literally knowing that I need to wait, to be asked, to jump into somebody else’s whatever.  Or to offer a hand because I have put out an energy for a lifetime that I know about that says I stand ready and willing.

CH:  And therefore everyone needs you.

Q:     Or for me it’s becoming more that I am being asked – very differently than Miss Full Charge having noticed that [...] remover or whatever it was.  So, it’s been an awesome thing.

CH:  So in many ways, you are contributing much more...

Q:     Absolutely!

CH:  for having been asked specifically for what one needs.

Q:     Absolutely!

CH:  And that is what we speak of, you see?  When you are ready to charge forward as was given into a situation and rescue everyone, you are not helping anyone.   But if one recognizes perhaps that one needs assistance, then one can give that assistance in constructive ways – perhaps by giving them ideas of what their options are rather than doing it for them.  You see?  Have we answered you fully?

Q:     Yes.  Thank you.

CH:  You are most welcome.


Q:     Asking is a wonderful thing

CH:  As well as learning how to receive.

Q:     Absolutely!

CH:  which most humans are not aware of being able to do as yet.  It is a process.  It is a gift that you give your selves when you are ready.


Q:     I have a couple of questions.

CH:  And we await.

Q:     I understand the process of forgiveness in terms of a release for my self.  The other half of that that I’m questioned about is exactly what you were talking about taking on what isn’t mine.  Forgiveness is the way to give back.  How do I release the things that I have taken on?  I understand taking back the power that I have given away.  I want to get rid of the power that I have taken from someone else.

CH:  One moment...  First of all, Dear One, you cannot take that which is not also given.

Q:     I understand that.

CH:  Perhaps instead of being concerned about the forgiving, it would be to move to a different perspective and be grateful for the challenges that you received.  You see?  Forgiving is fine, but what do you learn from it?  Where is the lesson in the situation?  Do you see?  That is where the true growth comes from.


Forgiving is a most excellent thing, and forgiveness is something that, of course, is a part of healing.  And, at the same time, if one does not look to what the situation offered to one’s growth and experience, then all the forgiveness in the world is not going to make a difference in the healing.  Do you see?

Q:     I ...

CH:  We have not given you what you want.

Q:     No.  Unless you get the lesson from the situation, I don’t think you’ve really forgiven.  The process is not completed.

CH:  Not necessarily.  The process is not completed – yes – if it is a karmic situation and you will re-create it again and you will do it again until you make different choices on how you act and react to that very same situation – different face, different day.  But it will still be the same issues.


         You see, it is not about the other person.  It is about what you did with it.  Do you see the difference?

Q      Yes!

CH:  Each of those people who are involved in any of those situations are nothing more than mirrors, nothing more than mirrors of what it is that must be dealt with.  You see?

Q:     Yes.

CH:  And?  [pause]  We will wait.

Q:     What?

CH:  There is more and we will wait.

Q:     Yes, I’m processing.

CH:  We know.  That is why we wait.

Q:     Okay.

CH:  Ask your heart what we have said to you.  [pause]  You are under pressure – everyone is watching you.  You decide when you are ready.

Q:     I’m not used to that.

CH:  Well, that is part of the problem, you see.  Be easy within your self.  Take your time and we will proceed and when you have come to a comfortable place with what you wish to say to us, we are open and willing.

Q:     Okay.

CH:  And so it is that we await the next question.


Q:     I have a question about assisting my self.  As you are aware, I’m not shy or cautious about my use of the pendulum.  And of course before one uses a pendulum, one needs to be grounded.  One needs to take certain precautions, etc., etc.  But I find that I am still capable of deceiving my self at some very deep levels.  And of course the deception comes from being invested, and where there is investiture that I’m conscious of, that can be made allowances for.  But it’s unconscious investment where I may even address it and say “I want objectivity, I want Truth, I stand in Light and clear communication”, etc.  “I don’t want to project my own stuff on this.  I’m asking for a clear and straight answer.  No matter how difficult it may be, I want to hear it straight”  And yet if there’s some part of me that’s sort of holding back and saying “Ah, well, I won’t necessarily always get ...” – or maybe I always do get exactly what I need.  But it seems like I don’t quite always read it the way I need to.  And I’m looking for any clues or suggestions that you may have to offer as a guide to knowing that I’ve gone as deeply as I can with this clearing of self.

CH:  We will ask you this, Dear One.  We understand what you have said to us in your recognition of investiture.  However, what is the intention behind the question?  Do you see the difference?  What is the intention for having the session in the first place?  Is it curiosity?  Are you waiting for a certain answer on a certain thing?  What is the intention behind the session?  The true motivation for that which is now – we understand that you are addressing that somewhat with us in your question.  But the deepest aspect of it is the intention behind what it is that you are attempting.


         And so it is then that – and we understand your dilemma and we understand that you are driven at this time in this situation – we are given this.  But also that is when one begins to become deceived as when one becomes of a need.

Q:     Um-huh.

CH:  You see?  So it is the need on whatever level that creates the deception.  Do you see?

Q:     Yes.

CH:  And therefore we return to what is the intention behind the session?  Will it serve a need or will it give Truth?  And that is where the depth is.  And you can question your pendulum – do you know that?  You can ask it “is this true?”.

Q:     I do.

CH:  And so on.

Q:     I ask every truth question I possibly can come up with.

CH:  And if the need is greater than the intention, it will lie every time.

Q:     It’s the level of unconscious need that I’m particularly concerned with.

CH:  Yes, that is so!

Q:     Conscious needs – you can deal with those.  I guess the general question for everybody here is “how well do we know ourselves?”

CH:  And that is why we spoke of what we did!  But truly, most of you are driven by things that you do not remember or understand about your selves.  That is part of your experience – it is part of the process.  And so it is imperfection in appearance is always perfection which is not recognized.  And so in each moment and everything that you are doing, Dear One, particularly in the process of which we are speaking...  We will say this to you.  It is very exciting.

Q:     Yes.

CH:  It is that there is much anticipation.  It is that there are many other descriptives that we could use, but you get our point.

Q:     Yes.

CH:  And so it is then to remain the conscious observer and to give a clean intention without the excitement, without the anticipation, without all of the other things that you know we speak of.  And in such a way we are given that you will find that your information is the purity that you are seeking.  And sometimes it is that one will push one’s self for truth because one feels that one must because one has been asked for certain contributions.  You see?  And one knows that one is contributing in certain ways.  Is this not so?

Q:     Yes.

CH:  And then in such a way, perhaps like so many others in your world, you are simply trying too hard.

Q:     That too!   Thank you.

CH:  You are welcome.


Q:     That was interesting.  Along those times, in certain other methodologies shamans use – whatever, they pose a question:  “Can you do a soul recovery on your self?”  And they answer generally – teachers I’ve worked with have answered “no”.

CH:  They just haven’t figured it out!

Q:     I don’t believe that they can’t – okay?

Q:     Then, totally different off the subject, in another arena, we’ve got 64 codons.

CH:  Yes.

Q:     We walk around with 20 activated.

CH:  Yes.

Q:     How do we self-activate our codons?

CH:  What you received this evening will give you great assistance with that.

Q:     Oh!


Q:     I don’t know the term that you used.

CH:  She speaks of an aspect of your genes.  Now we will tell you something else that will really get you excited.  The particulates are comprised of four-sided pyramids, are they not, which form into an octahedronal shape and are aligned by their flat sides, and so on.  How many facets are there inside of a particulate?

Q:     What about – inside of those are the spheres!

CH:  No, you do not understand.  How many pyramid sides are there involved in a particulate?  How many, if there are four sides to one, what is the total sum of the sides – not the bottom?

Q:     [...] times 64 – my goodness!

CH:  We were saving that for you.  What we are speaking of – to the rest of you who need the rest of the words to go with what we have just said – is that your particulates have within them 64 facets, the same number as that of your genetic makeup.  And in such a way, that is why when two particulates come together, a reality is formed, ever how small.


         Because you are creating a duality of the ... that is too complicated, we will not go into that for you right now.  You got that?

Q:     Yes.

CH:  And, in such a way then, what we are saying to you is that there is a comparison of the most tiny things that you are made of – your particulates – carry the same information, the same format of the way the numbers, the sacred geometry, that your genetic structure carries.


And in such a way, it is why your DNA is your intergalactic, your interuniversal, communication system.  It is alive and it is communicative and that is why you hear of different strands of DNA.  It’s not strands, actually, that you are looking to activate except on multi-dimensional levels.  You do not literally have twelve strands of DNA.  In fact, you have infinite strands multidimensionally.


What you are after is an instigation of the new relationship among the segments of your DNA structure in such a way that the communication among those segments becomes different.  And as that communication becomes different, you are re-harmonized.  And as you are re-harmonized – because you are nothing more than a harmonic manifestation – and as you are re-harmonized in this way, your vibrations rise.  You become closer to that which is the Light Being that you are evolving to.  Ultimately to be one with the Source.  And so that therein is the relationship which you have been seeking.

Q:     So that’s why emotionality affects the communication between all those particulates within the DNA?

CH:  It is so!

Q:     And blocks it ... and the DNA responds to ...  I got it. I see that.  All right.  Thank you.

CH:  Would you mind speaking the words so that everyone else understands?

Q:     All right.

CH:  It’s good for you!

Q:     Articulation, yeah.  When our emotionality, when our emotions rise up, it blocks or affects communication intracellularly to the DNA.  The DNA responds to the emotionality because it changes communication.  And it affects...  The emotional thought pattern, if it’s negative, it will affect you cellularly in the direction of the negative thought and manifest that.  And that’s why there is that conscious [...] about the emotionality so that the communication becomes clear and you can actually create a healing, a new reality or, an interference with either.

CH:  That was most excellent! [laughter]


CH:: Do you feel better now?

Q:     Yeah, mindfulness.  Going in that place of stillness.  Exactly!

CH:  And we will you this.  It is why when people are sick and they are emotional about their sickness – they have clamped down on themselves and they are no longer communicating and therefore can’t let go of it!

Q:     Okay, then what is the change...

CH:  Ah, we have started something!  We are happy now.

Q:     Does singing help?

CH:  You may sing if you wish!

Q:     No, I mean we were talking about vibrations and re-harmonizing.  I’m being very literal, I know.

CH:  You may use music if you wish, if that is what does it for you.  Certainly!  It depends upon where and when you introduce the tones as to how useful they are.  Think of it this way.  When you are listening to music, some music at certain times is most perfect and makes you feel wonderful.  At other times it annoys you terribly.  Why is that?  Because the tones were introduced at a time when they were not applicable.  You see?

Q:     Yes.  Thank you.

CH:  You are most welcome.  We will tell you, to further expand on what we were giving a moment ago, as far as illness and emotionality – emotionality creates a denseness in the energy field which actually acts as a shield and as this being was saying, as a static field which interrupts the signaling between the DNA process and the Universal process.  So it is like static on a radio, you see.


         Now, when there is an injury – have you ever thought about perhaps something at some point you got injured and you didn’t even realize you hurt until you looked down and you saw blood?  And then you freaked?

Q:     Yes.

CH:  Or someone else did about you.  If you were to command the injury to depart prior to the emotional attachment, it is so!  Once the emotionality has taken hold of the situation, then it becomes a completely different interaction – not only biologically, not only energetically, but genetically as well.  It is simply a matter of communicating wellness.  But that communication cannot be communicated because it is blocked with fear.

Q:     Okay.  So, there’s the emotionality around an illness that eventually – is it the emotionality that creates an identity?  The person you identify with the illness and you cannot – it’s almost as if you can’t be without that identity to live life and get well.

CH:  It is so!  Because that becomes the experience.  The experience is the identity.

Q:     The experience is the identity?

CH:  Of course.

Q:     Then why do we hang on to the identity of illness?

CH:  Describe who you are.

Q:     Light, love.

CH:  Describe what you’re doing in your days.  [pause]  Don’t think.  What are your days like?

Q:     Movement, experience.  More action then reaction.

CH:  You have a job.

Q:     Yeah, okay.

CH:  You interact with people.

Q:     Okay.

CH:  Not you particularly – we are making an example of you because it’s easy.  We will ask you this question – we will ask you all this question fairly.  If we were to ask you who you are, what would you say to us?  “I am a mother.  I am my job – whatever that job is.  I am this, I am that.”  And your experience of what you are doing in your life becomes your identity.  Your jewelry becomes your identity.  You look at it a lot.  It becomes your experience.  It is part of you.  You can’t go out without it!  You see what we say?

Q:     Yes [from group].

CH:  The experience becomes the identity and therefore the identity becomes the experience.  And it is propagated.  It is a looping.  It is an energetic looping!

Q:     And is the individual involved in the loop the only one that can stop that loop?   Why do they ask for people to help them?

CH:  How many humans could describe this in such a way that they could recognize it so plainly?  And, no, and yes, it is a two-fold answer.  When we assist with the healing work as we do through our vehicle, it is very powerful.  Often we see miraculous changes in lives, in lifetimes, in situations.  And there are times when we do not.  Why is that so?


         That is also a two-fold answer.  We will try to keep up with our two’s!  But first of all, it is that those who truly – this is part one of the answer – those who truly on every level desire and know that they are whole and well may become so, unless – part two – it is not meant to be in that experience.  Because that experience is that which is bringing that which one is learning – or that experience is creating lessons for those beings around the one who is having the experience in their discomfort.


         Therefore, one moment... We have lost track of our two’s!  We have included one with a second one which should have been the first one and we have lost our train of where we were going with this!


         The point is that if one believes and knows and truly desires wholeness and wellness or change in their beingness, and perhaps does not know how to reach it because they have blocked their communication, then another may facilitate the cleaning up of the communication system in such a way that that wellness may remember itself!

Q:     Shift their perceptions, assist them in shifting their perceptions.

CH:  That is not what we are saying.  That is not what we are saying.  Listen again.  If one is of an experience in such a way that the emotionality or a belief system has moved in and crowded the genetic communication system, and they cannot recognize what they have done or reach what it is that is perhaps the causal unit of the experience, another being can come in and facilitate that by assisting with the removal or the rearrangement that the emotions have caused in such a way that that is no longer present.  And the communication becomes whole again.  And the wellness is remembered.  You are thinking too hard!  Do you understand for the most part?

Q:     Yes [from group].

CH:  And so in such a way you know how that you will all be whole and well from now on.


Q:     May I ask a basic question?

CH:  You may ask us anything you wish.

Q:     You are using the word particulates.  Is that cells?

CH:  Oh, no.

Q:     What are particulates?

CH:  They are that of which all things are created – beyond the Light.  The particulates are the smallest unit of creation, of manifested creation, in such a way that they rearrange harmonically to create everything that you are and everything that you see and everything in between.

Q:     Are they not included in each cell?

CH:  They are uncountable in each cell.

Q:     Okay – gotcha!  All right.  So, my routine is I call on my DNA and my cells every morning and I talk to them and tell them what to do.

CH:  Yes?

Q:     And they’re not listening to me.  [laughter]  It might take a while, huh?

CH:  Perhaps you are giving the wrong instructions (laughing).

Q:     Oh!

CH:  Perhaps you wish to evaluate what you are instructing.


Q:     Do you also thank them and welcome them?

Q:     Oh, yes.  That I do.

CH:  Of course, you would remember that you are, as we said, 70% water.  And in such a way you can certainly affect your self by loving your self greatly.  And perhaps then those other parts might begin to listen.

Q:     Ah-hah!  Well, you answered two questions right there.

CH:  We know!  And we are grateful for the opportunity.


Q:     I would like to ask a question about the symbol I received and know if there is anything you can tell me to help me understand what that is for me.

CH:  We will not tell you what it is for you, but we will answer the question you have about your symbol.  What is your question?

Q:     I would like...

CH:  May we ask you a question first?

Q:     Okay, that would be a good start.

CH:  When you first saw it, how did your body feel?  What was your reaction to it?

Q:     I was pleased.  I felt .. mmm.

CH:  You see, you are thinking about it.  What was your gut reaction?

Q:     I was pleased.

CH:  I wonder what else there was?  Did any of you think that?

Q:     It was familiar.

CH:  That is what we wondered.

Q:     I don’t know how, but it was familiar.

CH:  As they will be.

Q:     So the “pleased” was coming from the familiarity?

CH:  And we thank you for that and now we await the question that you have about your symbol.  [pause]  If we tell you what it represents, if we explain it to you, then the challenge is no longer.

Q:     Okay, then give me some time to think about it.

CH:  There is no time, and so you have plenty! [laughter]

Q:     All you need!

CH:  We are not being difficult with you, Dear One.  If we are to give you your journey, then it is no longer a challenge.

Q:     Right.  No, I understand that.  I certainly understand that.  So I am in the place of openness but not particularly articulateness.  So I will just have to consider and listen to my self to know what my question is.

CH:  And then we have ears to listen.


         Have you come to your other question over here at this time?

Q:     I think ...

CH:  You are still thinking.

Q:     No.  What has come for me is that I have recognized half of the wholeness.  I understand the lessons of seeing the...  finding the lessons, finding the growth in situations where I feel I have been harmed.  And I didn’t recognize that I also have to find the lessons in the situations where I feel that I have harmed someone else.  And it’s the same process.  I just didn’t recognize it as the same process.

CH:  Congratulations, Dear One!

Q:     Now I recognize it as the same process.

CH:  And you can harm no one and no one can harm you unless the two of you agree to harm each other!  You see?

Q:     Yes.

CH:  You have to... it’s a giving and receiving, just not necessarily in a positively experienced way.  You see?  And so if you are concerned about detaching from the damage that has been caused up to this point...

Q:     Yes.

CH:  ... is what we heard in the beginning and we were waiting for you to say that to us.  It is simply to stop looking at what the other person did and ask your self what your own fear of the situation was.  And when you own that fear, then first of all it is not about that other being.  It is something that you needed to recognize.  And second of all, you will have healed the situation.  And thirdly, no one can ever hurt you that way again.  You will remember that.

Q:     I’m sorry?

CH:  You will remember that.  It was lots to think about.

Q:     Yes.

CH:  But we have given it to you as well energetically.  And so it will come to you.

Q:     Well, thank you.

CH:  You are most welcome.  Everything we do is most easily done energetically, and occasionally we have to use the mouth to be heard!  [laughter]


         Are there further questions to the moment?  We are quite enjoying our intercourse with you on this occasion. {End of Side A}


         ... in the truth of beingness and, yes, passing can be all of that.  And it can be whatever you allow it to be for your self, whether you go into it fearfully or whether you go into it with the knowingness that All That Is and everything else is you and you are it and a part of the greater whole which is an entirely infinite, living organism of which you have contributed greatly and will always, whether you do it in this form, in light form, or choose to manifest in another place, in another time, in another way.


         If you move into that which is your passing without fear, then it will be much easier for you.  If that is what you wish.  But do not be in a hurry, because it is that often humanness can also be of light and of joy and of bliss eternal as well.  Because it is all you, whether you are here or there!  Do you see?

Q:     I do.

CH:  But?

Q:     I understand that one.

CH:  You understand it, but do you know it?

Q:     You told it to me.

CH:  But then you believe it.  That doesn’t mean you know it!  Do you see what we are saying?

Q:     Yes, I do!

CH:  Okay.

Q:     Yes, I do.


CH:  Are there further questions to the moment?

Q:     Is there anything specific that I can do to prepare for the next [...] book that I’m working on?  Is there anything I need to know particularly?

CH:  Open your heart and hear with the right ears as you work with it.

Q:     [...]

CH:  Hear with the correct set of ears.  In other words, what goes in your eyes does not necessarily have to sit in your brain.  Read it with your heart.  It will be easier.  Do you understand?  [pause]  Is there something particular that you...

Q:     Well, I guess I’m expecting some fairly cosmic information and I want to be sure that I get it correctly so I can translate it correctly!  And I’m wondering if there’s specific preparation I should do for that.

CH:  Perhaps we are misunderstanding your question from the beginning.  We wish to clarify.  This is one you are reading or one you are writing?

Q:     Yes, I’m writing it.

CH:  Then we apologize.  We have misunderstood.  One moment...  There is a fairly well open field for you for this, except that if you were sitting and the floor was a flat line and you had a 180o arc over you, you have 45o that is blocked.  It is that something else is taking your attention and that you are not giving the fullness of the openness to that which you know is coming.  You are distracting your self.


         And so it is then to put your self in that place – which you know very well – without expectations of that fairly cosmic stuff [laughter], and allow it to be what it is.  Do you see?

Q:     Yes, I do.  Thank you very much.

CH:  You are most welcome.


Q:     How do you know when you have completely owned your own fear?

CH:  Can anyone hurt your feelings?  Are you walking in joy in every given moment that you are?  Do you have a tendency to get in your head and need to justify?  You see?  Those are ways that you know.  Do you understand?

Q:     Yes.


Q:     I have a question about this symbol Xion?  The Atlantis ring? Where did it come from?  What does it do?

CH:  That one which you create?

Q:     Yes.  [...] friend...

CH:  First of all, it is a representation of infinite energy in perpetual motion.  That pretty well sums it up.  Where it comes from is far beyond your time or place.  It is actually not from your planet.  In such a way, then, it is about 24 million years young in its development from when it became recognized as a symbol of that type of energy, that type of perpetual motion.


         In such a way, it also represents balance.  It represents that which is created outward in the motion that is represented and that which is created inward by the opposition of the other motion that is represented.  You see?  At the same time, it is also representative of the fields of balance that you can find along the body, because that which is the energy infinite, that which is the perpetual motion, is also created as a mirror – as is the body manifested – of that which is the same thing.


         Because your energy fields are in perpetual motion.  They are infinite in their energy.  They do not disappear – they simply change form at some point.  You see?  So it is truly about the infinite.  It is truly about the energy of the infinite and within the infinite, you see, and the perpetuation of all things infinitely.  You see?

Q:     Thank you.

CH:  You are most welcome.


Q:     I have been given a great challenge during this particular time period: my future daughter-in-law, who is driving me up the wall.  And I try to hold my tongue and sometimes I just can’t do it.  And I have to see her at least three times a week at the job that I’m at.

CH:  And what is it that she mirrors to you, Dear One, that pushes your buttons?

Q:     Well, she is promulgating [sic] my self worth.

CH:  How can she do that?

Q:     Because I don’t get a word in edgewise and my son is believing every word that comes out of her mouth and...

CH:  This is a perfect example of when you need to be a conscious observer.

Q:     Yes.  How do you do that?

CH:  Because her issues are not about you.  You are simply a target of them.

Q:     I figured she was some part of my dark side.

CH:  Not necessarily.

Q:     There is darkness all around her.

CH:  Well, that is most likely.  But what we are saying, you are not hearing.  Her issues are not about you.  She is drawing you into her drama and her trauma.  She is claiming ownership of your son and she is establishing her dominance.

Q:     That’s right.  She is.

CH:  So?  So?

Q:     Am I supposed to just sit there and take it?  He’s going to listen to her and not me.

CH:  Oh, so this guy has two of you telling him who is bad and who is good and what is the point?  Do you see what we’re saying?  What is that solving?  Who has to be right for what reason?

Q:     Nobody has to be right.

CH:  One moment...  Can you not look at the situation and see it for what it is.  Your son is marrying this woman.  This woman is afraid of something.  And so she is picking on you – or whatever it is that you feel like she’s doing – in such ways that she feels that she becomes more powerful in the relationship.  And she wants to make sure your son understands that you are not as important any more.

Q:     That’s right.

CH:  Are you not confirming that by participating?

Q:     I most definitely am.

CH:  Do you see the difference in what we are saying and how we are going about what we say?  And so the point is:  it takes two to play and it there is only one, then there is no game.

Q:     Okay.

CH:  Does that help?

Q:     Yes, it does.

CH:  It isn’t about you, Dear One.  It is not about you.

Q:     I figured that one out some time ago.

CH:  But you are allowing your own fears, your deep-down feelings, to allow it to be uncomfortable for you.

Q:     That’s right.

CH:  And so forget about her for the moment – and you do not need to answer out loud – but ask your self what it is you are afraid of that is making you so uncomfortable?  What could happen?

Q:     Losing my son.

CH:  How could you lose him?  You’ve had him his whole life.

Q:     That’s right, but I’ve already lost one son to a daughter-in-law that doesn’t care for his family.  So I’ll lose another one.  But I’m a mother forever.  Yes, I know.  And he can divorce a wife.  I know that.  Okay.  So what is this lightning rod going to help me with? [laughter]

CH:  One moment while we adjust the energy.  May we have your permission to change the room and involve you greatly in the process with an attunement?

Q:     Yes, thank you.

CH:  One moment.  [pause]  Now, Dear One, we will ask you again.  You are coming from a perspective of loss and having lost.  And perhaps it is what you fear of that loss, of not being needed or wanted, that is allowing you to participate in the conflict which ultimately proves your point.  Do you see what we say?

Q:     Yes, I do.

CH:  And you are angry because you feel that you are somewhat helpless in the situation because someone else has taken control and it does not feel good.  Sometimes the best drivers are in the back seat.  You see?

Q:     Yes.

CH:  And so it is... it’s not about her.  It is about what the situation is doing to you.  And if you can truly find comfort in and of that fear, then there won’t be a situation any longer because she will not feel it is necessary.  And if she does, she will be talking a lot to the air.  You see?

Q:     Yes.

CH:  Your sons love you.  They will always love you.  They will never not love you.  It is not a competition and there is always room for everyone if everyone has room.  Do you see?

Q:     Now, two big issues that have been in my life she’s brought up:  abandonment and self worth.

CH:  And she has learned to push your buttons quite well.

Q:     And I told my son she has been a gift to me if I can overcome this – and I’m going to.

CH:  And soon as you realize that it’s not about her.

Q:     Yes.

CH:  She is mirroring to you that which you have not let go of.

Q:     That’s exactly right, and I know that.

CH:  And you remember that travel bag we spoke of earlier?

Q:     Yes.

CH:  Put those in it.

Q:     Yes, ma’am.

CH:  When you choose and when you wish.

Q:     Immediately!

CH:  And so it is.

Q:     And this lightning rod that I’m holding – that’s what it reminds me of, but it probably isn’t.

CH:  We ask you to sit with it for a while.  How did it feel when you received it?

Q:     I liked it.

CH:  In what way?

Q:     It shows power.

CH:  Perhaps that is exactly what you need.

Q:     I’m losing control, gaining power.

CH:  Repeat that?

Q:     Well, you have to lose control in order to gain it, and that’s where the power is.

CH:  That is a misperception.  You must release control to find the true power.  There is no control in true power.  True power simply is in and of itself.  You see?  True power has no need to control.  Control is born of fear.

Q:     Okay.

CH:  Do you see?

Q:     All right.

CH:  And perhaps that power you are holding and your symbol will do you well.  Why don’t you sleep on it?

Q:     Okay.  Thank you.

CH:  You are most welcome.


The energy is shifting.  Are you needing to move around?

Q:     It’s warm.

CH:  We apologize for the...

Q:     [...] [laughter]

CH:  Shall we re-attune the room again?  Are you of comfort as you are or shall we re-attune the energy?  We await your vote.

Q:     Fine.

Q:     Go for it.

CH:  How many are not fine?

Q:     [...]

CH:  We are all perfect – that is true!

Q:      Are there jokes where you live?

         No, there are not jokes where we live.

Q:     There is not?

CH:  We bring them to you.  We do not need any tension lessened where we are because there is none.  And the jokes are entertaining because they keep you lighter in your seats and more ready to hear that which we have to share with you.  And, truly, we do enjoy it!  It is another way of expressing our Light-ness, which we do not generally do.  So we enjoy feeling it through this human.  You see?  Because, you see, when we create laughter and we feel that laughter within the body, it is an experience that we do not normally have.  And there are very interesting chemical interactions going on that create different things as well.  So, it is quite an experience within this physicality.


         Have we forgotten anyone?  There was another.  Have you finished considering that which we have spoken of you earlier?

Q:     Yes.  I don’t know that I have a question.

CH:  Good.

Q:     I see how this represents a very recent milestone for me.

CH:  Aahhh.


Q:     I have a question regarding the symbol.  Earlier, in reference to another symbol, you said “sleep on it”.  Do you mean put it under your pillow?

CH:  How about within it so you do not lose it?  Then you get the entire night’s benefit of it!  You remember when you put your teeth under the pillow, they didn’t always stay there?

Q:     That is true.  What are some other things I might be able to do with my symbol to receive the full benefit of it?

CH:  For each of you, you might consider putting it over your third eye or your heart area and experience the difference in the feelings of it.  You might simply sit with it and feel it.  It is a focal point.  It is a harmonization.  It is a personalized attunement that we have chosen to share for each of you because the energies within you and within this place are of a nature that it is now possible to do so.  We could not even have done this months ago for you.


         And there was another question over here.

Q:     Yes.  Over the past years, my right hand, my thumb and my first two fingers have been numb, or just tingly all the time, kind of like you had a putty ball.  I’ve worked on this through chiropractic and meditation – lots of things.  Do you have any suggestions for me that might help this go away?

CH:  There is ... one moment...  There has been a misperception that this may be a carpal tunnel type of situation when in fact there is an impinging of a nerve within the wrist just below the thumb joint.  What is being adjusted and assumed in this situation is not quite correct, which is why you are not getting relief.  Do you understand?

Q:     I do.  Thank you.

CH:  You are most welcome.  And if you would ice your forearm just below the joint in this area, it will relieve the pain in the further forward area for you.

Q:     Okay.  Thank you.

CH:  You are most welcome.


Q:     Can you tell me what ... not “can you”, “will you” tell me what purpose William is playing at this time for me?

CH:  Is there a specific direction?  That is a very general question.  If you do not realize it, for us there are infinite answers to that.  Can you narrow down your concern a little bit for us?  We feel as if there is a stirring up within the situation and need more specific direction to read this for you.  The energies are not clear. {sound of music on a radio}  Aahh, another who is not telepathic! [laughter]

Q:     [...] Sorry.

Q:     Maybe that’s why you talk [...] I’m not sure.

CH:  What is your concern, Dear One?

Q:     My concern is that I should be... my concern is that I should have a stronger relationship with him than I ... and I’m not feeling that.  And I don’t know if I’m not feeling that because I’m expecting something that isn’t there or if I’ve already experienced it.

CH:  If you are not feeling that you should have more of a relationship, then the relationship is not your truth.  If you have experienced your truth in it, you will know that.  Do you see?

Q:     Yes.

CH:  And so it is that perhaps you are pushing your self towards something that you think rather than something that you feel.

Q:     Okay.

CH:  And that is when you can get your self into trouble.

Q:     Okay.

CH:  Do you understand?

Q:     Yes, I do.


CH:  Are there further questions to the moment?  You weary of us.  It is difficult for humans to sit still for so long.  We can feel it.  In such a way, then, we would ask if there is anyone who has not expressed that which they wish they would have asked once we have left?  That which you would give to your self if you were not holding your breath and feeling that it might sound silly.  But we tell you that there are others who are waiting to hear you as well, because it is their question too.


Q:     I have one.

CH:  We are waiting.

Q:     First off, is it true that everyone we meet is here to teach us something?  And, if so, which I believe...

CH:  In everyone you meet, there is an exchange between you and they.  It is never a one-way situation – ever.  There is an exchange made.  You take a piece of that moment energetically, as do they, as you have exchanged among you.  What you do with that piece from that moment forward is up to you, if it even mattered to you.  But what you may never know is how that one moment, that one exchange with another being, may have forever indelibly changed their life.


         And it is not necessary for you to know.  If you are living in the moment, and if you are in your unconditionality, then everything you do will be life changing.  For whom is the question.

Q:     [...] good point.

CH:  Was that full enough of a response for you?

Q:     I was asking because I’ve become involved in a volunteer organization and I’ve run into situations where I think people think I’ve hurt their feelings.  I certainly didn’t intend to.  And I’m trying to be a conscious observer and back up and say “okay, what are these people mirroring me?” and thinking about it from a framework that would give me a better way to respond.  And it seems that I don’t know them well enough...

CH:  These are people within the organization?

Q:     Yes.

CH:  And we will tell you this because we have already the answer.  Any time that you put a number of people together for a singular purpose, there is each being carrying into that singular purpose their idea of what it looks like, and their motivations for being there as well.  And then you run into the factor of the types of issues that we are talking about with this Dear One over here that are carried around among everybody.  Everybody carries something unless they have chosen not to when at such point don’t have a whole lot of need to stay in the learning process.


         So there are those issues that, shall we say, lead to a need to control, to cover the fear.  If one is in charge, then one is not at the bottom of the heap.  One is not dishonorable when one is in charge.  Is that truth?  But, it is, you see, the situation.

Q:     Yes.  Okay, no shortcuts, huh? [laughter]  I can’t figure this out and do the right thing up front.  I’ve got to just play with it for a while and learn from it, I guess.  Thank you.

CH:  Why not experience one at a time instead of looking at the whole picture as being an overwhelming bunch of humans?

Q:     Yeah, there are only two or three that are really overwhelming.  [laughter]  And they’re killing me!  Some of them are really good.

CH:  Dear One, is there anything further that we can assist you with at this time?

Q:     Thank you for the session and everything that is being shared with us and given to us.

CH:  You are most welcome.

Q:     Thank you’s from group.

CH:  In such a way, then, we remind each of you of your perfection, of that which is all things and all things being you.  It is infinitely perfect.  In any given moment, any perception of lack of perfection is only a perception.  It is not Truth.


And so it is then that we would ask you as you move through your days to not only remember that perfection within your selves, but to allow it to move through your heart and be expressed to everyone that you encounter in some way, large or small, that they may take it and share it with another and share it with another and they with another.  And in such a way, you will not have such hard work to do within your times…  Be at peace.

 There are a couple of openings left for the 4 day workshop in Hiawassee, GA at the special discounted price. If you are interested, please e-mail me at drmeg@spiritlite.com.

 The conference in Sedona has a few early purchase tickets left, a great thing to take advantage of! Come to the 1st Annual Oneness Consciousness Conference! Get Details…

 I am looking forward to seeing many of you in Spokane at the Conscious Living Expo at the Spokane Center the first weekend in June. I will be in Booth 101 again. I will be giving a 2 hour lecture on the New Children and a one hour lecture on Manifesting the Reality you Want…

The first Annual Pachamma Conference in Peru is gaining great momentum… If you are interested in taking this trip with us, please see the website at http://www.pachamamaconference.com/

 As always, I am grateful beyond words to be of service to you. I encourage you to forward our messages to anyone you think might benefit from them. I wish you love in your hearts, peace in your minds and joy in your days…



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