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Monthly Weather Report

Updated July 15, 2005

Welcome to Weather Report Number Twenty-Eight.

This particular Weather Report explores the Summer months of 2005.

We continue to be in the FOURTH year of a Seven-Year Cycle of Integration or Tribulation
(2002 - 2008) and it continues to be the most crucial time of choice we have ever known.

SPECIAL NOTE: To get a greater sense of how these months fit into a bigger picture, we strongly encourage you to read the OVERVIEW of 2005 first.  We have included a great deal of information in that article that is important to understand each segment of the year. We will not repeat that information here.

Gabriel has been speaking to us since 1990, bringing clear information about this time of unprecedented change and opportunity.  However, he has also made it quite clear that the opportunity to shift into deeper levels of freedom and personal fulfillment requires that we each look deep within – willing to move out of habitual choices of fear and survival, moving into willing, responsive, proactive choices to heal, grow and expand.

We include this segment of Children of Light to facilitate that inner journey, giving clues to the energetic movements that are attempting to take place at particular times. With clear information, we are empowered to make conscious choices.

We are in a time of unprecedented planetary evolution, more accelerated than anything we have known in our recorded history. It is no doubt apparent to people around the world that CHANGE is the watchword of the day. It is also vital to remember that within change, it is our CHOICES that will determine what our world will become.

We are POWERFUL as individuals, particularly as we join together with others who are working to claim the power of their individuality in love.

We have discovered from working with thousands of people in various parts of the world that there are many similarities we all share in the process we are going through as a planet. That is comforting, for it reminds us that we are not alone. In facing the challenges that are presented to us as we move into our present opportunity of planetary initiation, focusing on the similarity of our worldwide humanity will be of great help.

Physical and Emotional Symptoms:

Before describing the movements of the next quarter of this year, we take a moment to remind you to read Gabriel's Overview of 2005. That Overview will help you to put this quarter's events into a much broader perspective.

The first three months of 2005 were a deeper introduction to the stillness of the Void than we have ever known in mass consciousness.

This comes from having just reached the mid-point of creation for our universe. At that point in a cycle, all movement ceases, much like a pendulum interrupts its movement before moving back in the other direction.

We are now going through eight years of that universal interruption or interval, where the energies of creation are encouraging us to get still and re-evaluate what serves us and what no longer serves us.

This interval is giving us each time to grow up into a greater sense of adult reality before the pendulum moves in the opposite direction into the oneness of the soul. It is vital that we take advantage of this time to clear what is in the way.  If we do not, the pendulum of evolution that will move in the opposite direction in 2012 will literally seem to move in opposition to all that we have held onto for a false sense of safety.

Unless we begin to build a stronger inner sense of self, this will wreak havoc on our lives.  We need to begin to accept that the universe is on our side, supporting us to make clear choices - but also moving us into deeper levels of our potential.  This is the natural movement of evolution.

However, most of us have habitually learned to resist change.  This will no longer work.

Evolution actually supports us to constantly grow into more fulfilling choices and a deeper awareness of our needs. These shifting energies are moving more powerfully than ever and will continue to encourage this process in these eight years of shifting evolution unlike anything we have known.

So it is vital to wake up - to pass the word and to encourage one another into the process of embracing change and learning how to proceed into the two more advanced potentials of love.

The first stage will be understanding that we have an impact and that we do make a difference - through a focus on what we give to one another. "I can love. My love matters and impacts the world around me."

This level of support will help us to move out of infantile love, through a process of learning how to give and create a healing impact - eventually moving into a deep awareness that WE ARE LOVE.

Once we reach this third stage of development, we will stand in the power of our true and authentic individuality. We will no longer need to make it "all about me," because we will have such a deep sense of trust in Self. We will then be able to give and receive in balance, taking full responsibility for myself. We will be able to live in value of Self, which leads to valuing one another. We will become a world that moves out of threat into the privilege of loving one another.

As we enter the third quarter of this year, we continue an exploration of the stillness of the void. This space may at first seem empty. However, this place of stillness is the bridge that will allow us to transform the limiting smallness of the personality we have always known into an awareness of our true greatness - through a direct connection to the Soul.

The soul is an experiential realm. The energies that prepare and sustain this soul connection are the experience of true value, meaning and purpose.

These three months bring our focus to a deepening into these three energies. The brilliance of the soul is that is comes through in increments, giving us a chance to transform layers of the personality's attachment and glamour. These form the walls or limits to the way we perceive reality.

Like little children we have habitually looked outside ourselves, glamorizing the things outside ourselves and attaching to certain people and situations. The wounded inner child did this as a creative way to compensate for the lack of a true sense of self. However, we have reached the energetic point when we can move into so much more.

The only way to move into this greater experience is to let go of these walls that form a prison on our consciousness, keeping us from our true divinity. The challenge is that the child of the subconscious is convinced that achieving and accumulating will finally get us the validation and approval from outside the self. This is because we are still caught up in looking for the love FROM mommy and daddy.

The big dupe is that if Mom and Dad had been conscious, they would have loved us unconditionally. But they would have also taught us that the only true peace comes from a connection to Self, a value of Self and space within the Self that allows us to KNOW that we are Love. We cannot get that FROM them. They would have provided a model, holding that space within themselves.

We are now a pioneer generation, learning how to build that sense of self and inner connection for the first time. If this is going to be possible, we must re-parent the child of the subconscious. We must love and nurture them into an inner connection and trust of life and love.

These three months are giving us a chance to focus on the three building blocks of a fulfilling life, as well as a conscious connection to a true sense of individuality. Value, Meaning and Purpose.


We are now working directly with the 7th Ray of Consciousness, the energy of Spirit that is seeking to transform the fear and shame of the subconscious child. We must work directly with these energies to practice bringing focus in the month of July to all that we VALUE.

We need to take time to re-evaluate our lives, deciding consciously what we value and what serves us. Where do we want to invest the precious energies of our lives?

This is a month to focus on our LIFE LESSON. Life Lesson is made up of all of the situations, talents and abilities that make up the structure of our lives.

Look at your life. What are your talents and abilities? Do you spend time developing these parts of yourself? Do you value these parts of yourself? What new choices do you need to consider?

Deep down in the wound of the subconscious child we each hold a great deal of unworthiness. This came from our misunderstanding that Mom and Dad did not love us fully and completely because we don't deserve. The adult perspective is that they simply did not know how.

We need to wake up and introduce some more empowered perspectives. We need to invest in our lives, in our developing talents and abilities and qualities of self. If we do not, then we will never know our true potential.

The soul is the awareness of our greatness. It is only accessed in the heart space. We can only reach the heart space as we learn to love ourselves. These are the clues that will allow this transforming journey.

It will not magically happen. It is up to you and it is up to me. If we do not take the time to re-parent the subconscious child, we will remain in levels of separation, isolation and defense against life. All in the name of protecting the child's myth.

The focus of July is on the inner movements of value and re-evaluation. This is encouraged by the numerology of July 7. July is the 7th month. The 7th day. And 2005 = 7 when you add up the numbers. 7 7 7 actually opened a portal.

The number seven is the natural focus on inner self and on spirituality. This portal opened us to the energies of the Sirian vortex as well. This is the portal of the Goddess. The Goddess is the aspect of creation that holds the sacred womb space. This is the stillness of the inner void that we have been encouraging all year.

The influence of this portal encourages us into the energy of our intuition, inner focus, deep soul searching and a move into the unknown.

This portal aligned us with Saturn in a powerful way. Saturn holds the energy of the tester or initiator. This is the planet of the initiate.

This energy is helping us to deal with the depths of the Shadow, held in place by the subconscious child. If we allow the natural movements of this time, the energies will bring up our unresolved wounds from the Shadow as tests in our lives. We then have the chance to nurture, resolve the misunderstood energies of our past and to move into true personal evolving.

Taking the time to move through this process will deepen your awareness of what you truly value. What are your priorities? Value of something has nothing to do with fleeting feelings.

Value comes through training the self how to evaluate and discern what serves the VISION of our lives. Why do I do what I do?

There will be a great deal of restructuring that takes place in this time, if we allow it. The inner reality will become the first priority and focus as we move into this new way of creating. The outer will then be a reflection of this empowered sense of self. Old values will fade away as we shift from outer to inner focus.

We will find that many groups around the world are evaluating what works for them and what does not. There will also be some sense of other groups trying to impose their perspectives on others.

People will tend to speak up and wake up, as freedoms are being taken away. This will trigger what we value to the surface. There will be a greater desire to make your own decisions, based on a conscious awareness of what you value. There will be a greater through line of passion in your life, as you get clearer about what you value. People will tend to assert their own truth more fully.


August will be a month that moves us into the second energies of the soul - meaning.
This will be related to the SOUL LESSON.

How much desire do you have for the experience of life to mean something? Why does a particular aspect of your life have meaning or not? Meaning will only come as we start to integrate the LOVE force. This can only come from an inner connection and a move into the qualities of the heart.

Hopefully you will have begun to practice those in the last month (qualities of the self are a part of the Life Lesson).

Meaning will support what you value. Rather that sitting back and trying to understand life as an intellectual experience - learning to jump in to have the experience will be much more fulfilling, filling life with more meaning.

How do I need to shift my focus from outside myself, where I have sought to find meaning through my symbols? People only look there, because they don't know how to value the Self. This is the greatest obstacle. This will be a time of soul searching, beginning to contact the soul directly.

If you show up, deeper trust will grow with the silence. This is the entryway to the truth of your own being. The heart is the clue to the depth of meaning. Opening the gateways of the heart will bring you into consciousness of this truth.

We must also learn to work with the three forces of creation - love force (a connection to true meaning), sex (a connection to value in the body) and the erotic force in September (which awakens a passion for purpose).

There may be a lot of upheaval about life and meaning in the world around us. The vortex of Sirius will bring us into a time of completion (endings and beginnings). This will create upheaval if there is resistance to chance.

Solar flare activity is also shifting the force of friction we have known as new, soul/solar energy is released, influencing from the soul or causal reality. This light is literally burning through the lower self/sub-conscious to prepare a move into the heart. Focusing on these things will allow some development of higher will at this point, directing your reality more fully based on the value and meaning of things.

There may be lots of things being discarded that you have outgrown - patterns and addictions. There may be some sense of extremes. Or a greater sense that the old choice cannot be tolerated in your nervous system any longer. There may a desire to go more deeply into things.

Some groups will begin restructuring the form of their organizations, based on an awareness of their imbalance.

We also need to realize that the Earth is moving fully into the Photon Belt at this time. This is remarkable, something that only happens every 26,000 years for Earth. This is the highest energy we can know in the physical. As the Earth reaches this point of evolution, we have the opportunity unlike any other time to know the soul. It will open us to multidimensional reality and the soul/solar force will peak through in deeper ways.

This process began in a much more distinct way in June of 2004. June 6, 2004 was the 6 6 6 vortex that aligned us with Venus and the energies of the soul. This will take place for eight years, until the major shift of 2012.


As stated above, this month will bring us into the energies of Purpose, a month of focus on true LIFE PURPOSE.

How are you honoring each aspect of your being in purpose? Are you in touch with your soul plan, your truest purpose and your place of World Service.

The initiation that is coming in October (connected with our journey to Bali) will open us to the energy of clearer direction into world service, based on a clear sense of soul purpose. This will only have a chance to take place as we work with these energies, do the evaluations and allow the shifts and new choices.

This is an opportunity unlike anything we have known. And this will be the first of the initiations to take place under the direct influence of the Photon Belt in a big way. This may bring you into a sense of being in meditation/dream state where everything is harmonic. There will be less extremes/ups and downs. You will experience the edge of the veil (that the physical is the only reality) as a very real experience. This may create a sense of panic for some.

Something is purposeful only when it is connected to meaning and value.  Passion for living.

This quarter is a powerful time of preparation for knowing the sacredness of Self in gorgeous ways. This will be a month of learning about our truest intentions. Are our choices and intentions aligned with what we value and what brings meaning into our lives? Are our intentions aligned with the fulfillment of purpose for the highest good of all?

Our bodies will move to a much higher vibrational rate, which will begin in July if we work consciously to allow this shift. This is preparation for the resurrection of the soul.

The soul reality brings us into a clear answer to all the why's of life. They will be rising to the surface. We will be questioning all the reasons for being. The heart of compassion will also begin to awaken through the higher will of the awakening soul.

This quarter is the preparation for the end of the year - the next soul initiation! We need to take the time to clear out the basement of the subconscious for the rising new levels of soul connection.

There will be a lot of activity in the dream state. It will spill over and sometimes you will not be able to tell the difference between being asleep and being awake. There will be more access to the subconscious and the astral realm that will take place consciously. There will be more connection to the devic realm as well.

The sixth senses of the soul will grow.

Our eco system is in a very dangerous place of distortion, based on our choices. Even the DNA has mutated. We have been on a course of destruction, which must be shifted by our new choices.

There will be some physical symptoms typical in this time.

There will be activity in the solar plexus, lower back and pelvic region. There may be pains or gripping there, particularly in the last two months. This may be felt like gastric pains, as well as changes in the elimination process. Constipation and then diarrhea.

There will also be activity, tightness and tension in the occipital lobe at the base of the skull. There are minor chakras around the crown chakra that also are lighting up. In the center of the head and behind the eyes, you may find activity or pressure.

There may be movements in the heart, as well as fluctuations of fever. There will be feelings of expansion, as if the surface of your body is expanding outward. This is your energy field spreading out the influence of you.

Those who are more used to doing this work, you will feel more contained and aware of your personal power. You will become more sensitive to the energies happening around you. Your feelings will become more acute. You will respond more quickly out of this heightened sensitivity.

Some pains in the temples will take place. Sometimes sharp pains with the eyes, as well as fluctuations of blurring and acute clarity. You may also feel tension in the jaw area, as if you have spent all night grinding your teeth. You may feel like you are hearing voices or music in your head.

These are some of the things you can expect to experience in this quarter of 2005.

Blessings to all.

As we move into a time of accelerated changes in the world around us, it is important to educate ourselves. It is vital. One website that demonstrates a remarkable dedication to educating people about what is going on in the world is www.truthout.org Please take time to go to this site. Read. Educate yourself about what they suggest is going on behind the scenes. Listen to your own heart… We must wake up if we are going to heal and change our world into the soul directed potential that becomes possible at this time.

And do yourself a favor and go see the new documentary movie and tell your friends – THE CORPORATION!!!!

It is a complete reflection of all that Gabriel has been talking about for these last years – about the realities of the distortions in our world and their impact….as well as the healing solution of coming together to claim our power to choose as people in unity!

It continues to be our goal to reach as many people as possible with these pieces of healing information. However, we also continue to be concerned about the need to gather specific tools with which to respond and integrate these changing energies.

We feel it is vital to be able to put the pieces of the puzzle into a larger context of healing.

That is why we have put together more specifics of the entire personal and planetary movement, as well as what we can continue to expect in each step, and a grounded process of dealing with these changes – in Ron's book, Revelations for a Healing World – Book One

It has already proved to help hundreds and hundreds of people all over the world. We hope that you will consider it as a tool to nurture and educate those around you at this time.


So this is the Monthly Weather Report for now! We hope that you will find it helpful in your life or for those around you. We ask that you help us nurture and educate by telling your friends about Children of Light.

Copyright © 2005 Children of Light

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