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Messages from Thoth

Channeled by    Lois Hartwick 
May 22, 2005

I would like to speak to you today earnestly and with great hope for those times you are presently in and what you are seeking to accomplish.

Around the world people are looking for a new time, being discouraged or disheartened, confused or concerned in the manner and way in which life has been present on this planet for some time. Very few peoples in most parts of the world are leading a life of upliftment and calm. Rather, they are feeling the pressures, that if not emanating from within their own personal lives, coming forth from many disruptions in other places being energetically transmitted to where they presently are. Few beings are finding great hope in the times ahead, as you can witness in your own thinking and mindset today.

You are seeking answers, not only from within, but within the words you read or friendships you carry or even childrenís voices, which may be transmitting certain expressions that bring you joy.   But beyond that, where are you seeking?   Perhaps you pray, perhaps you meditate or perhaps you even ice skate or find some other situation particularly helpful to you.   Yet beyond this you are also disconcerted when that activity is over at some point by the vicissitudes of your present time.

It has been of concern to those of us on other levels in trying to eliminate, in some cases, the drastic amount of energy coming forth onto your planet.

Not because it is not important or significant or even altering to some degree, but to set forth within your beings a course or pattern within these changes allowing you to remain intact, with a sense you are able to make change and have it a positive reality, not a negative.

However, when things begin to alter for a period of time longer than 2 or 3 years, a sense of hopefulness begins to dissipate, at least for some of you.  You are aware that at the Wesak certain patterns and intentions are set each year to be brought forth onto your plane and for peoples to be able to, let us just say, inherit the energies we shall choose to focus on or use to dominate the Ďair wavesí.   This year there was much that went into the decisions for choosing the realities you were going to inherit, and because of this, we are now beginning to move in a direction where there will be placed into your energetic perceptual frequency a sense of completion. A sense of accomplishment. A sense of being able to come to a place where certain needs or answers or situations which have now come to the apex or to a point where there is resolution. And within this type of resolution comes the hope that is necessary.

In many cases, you find what is occurring for most of you is this sense of ongoing unsureness as to what the course and direction is you are presently taking. And if not you as the individual, you as a whole in terms of humanity or in terms of the planet. What does this evolvement mean? Is there a continuation? Do we manage to live through this? Does it mean that half the population is leaving? And how are they leaving? Does it mean they are dying or does it mean they are uplifting and taking a spaceship somewhere? You have many questions that are put before you in the information you receive.

There are people who have not been in touch with any of this information whatsoever and have heard very little of it and would choose not to.    And yet they, too, have questions.   Why is my family in turmoil now?   Look at so many changes.   What does it all mean?

With this open-ended, unresolved response to those questions you have, there is a dissipation of your own individual energy, because what it does is create certain levels of anxiety.    And anxiety takes energy, doesnít it?   It takes a part of yourself and when you are able to let go of anxiety, many find yourselves ready to collapse because you are tired. It has taken energy to maintain that state. And yet, there is also a relief when that is over because you have an answer. You have a sense of, "Ok, now I know where to go from here. Now I can make a decision about the next step or my next choice."

So what we are going to focus on, not only in a worldly sense, but in an individual sense, as best as possible, is to put right for those individuals who request it, a sense of completion for something which may be ongoing for you for some period of time. Now it may be an esoteric question you have unresolved as to what is the nature of your reality to something very basic, such as with Lois, as to what is going to happen with her roof.

I would like for you to think about those questions you presently have.   Unresolved ones that need answers and write them down as if you were preparing to come to this class and ask questions at the end -- something important to you. Now obviously, if you say to me, "Well, how long is it going to take for me to get my next new car?" and you have a car that is in perfectly good order, this is not a question which will receive much of a response for you. If you have a car thatís on itís last legs and youíre concerned about getting to work, that creates anxiety within your being, and is a realistic situation from where you presently sit, you will receive help for that question. It does not have to be the most expansive question; it can be a very simple one, but one in which you now need to focus and request help.

I understand in many cases you have been told over time about the importance of going within to receive your answers.   I do not suggest any part of this be dismissed, but I am suggesting, that in our emphasis to allow and lessen some of the anxiety building on your plane, we would like to assist those requesting help to lower anticipation of what is happening to allow the energy and pervasiveness of Hope to come forth into your lives.

Now many of you think about these words used from time to time, such as peace or hope or faith or many others in a similar context, as nouns or perhaps certain ones you use as adjectives, like peace turned into peaceful, etc. I would ask you to look at them from a slightly different perspective today, to understand they are, indeed, headed by, let me just say, a group of individuals, if not a collective, a force able to be brought forth, individually to each one of you, or collectively, by many of us who are choosing to allow such level of energy to be present on your plane. It can happen in many, many different ways. It may be an energy field you enter like walking into a vortex area and feeling the energy there. It can be that tangible. It can also be, in another way, such as when Lois was guided to give her dog the name of Hope, because it is a very distinct energy this dog has, necessary for Loisís reality in the life she has been living and needing that extra quality, that extra energy to push through certain situations along the way.

Now this energy can also come in as a ray.  As a very specific energy directed to a person into their chakra, into their being, or directed to encompass a very large area. We are doing to do what we can in terms of an expansiveness regarding a ray of energy being directed toward the Earth plane now. We are going to need certain people to hold this energy in the next several months. It will be the Energy of Hope, and each of you who agrees to hold this particular energy, merely to be open to receptivity within it, will also be given the assistance to complete or to generate those things necessary in their lives to hold this energy.

So how could we ask you to hold Hope as a reality if you are despairing over some life situation?   Would it not need resolution and assistance so you then could freely hold such energy? We must allow, somehow, for that situation to be released.

This is not unlike what Sananda had asked at some point several years ago with respect to holding the Light.   Only now it is a newer configuration with respect to the energy of Hope. This blessed being of Light, this blessed being of Hope, this blessed being of Peace, this blessed being of Faith and of Grace are all levels of reality which you are able to receive upon request and focus. It is no different than within your intention to receive healing or to medicate and receive light.

So think about it in the same regard.   We have worked together as "Lightworkers" for a long time.   You have envisioned yourself in this regard and you look at your meditations and the times of being present as holding and containing more light. Shift that thought to Hope. To containing it the same way. Receiving it the same way, linking together the same way. It will be significant and allow you to step up your vibration in a positive and meaningful way. You are not required to find other attendees in your life to make this possible, but merely to open your hearts to this direction, should it call you.

As I speak to you today, I am also aware that this message will go to a larger audience, for this measure of energy must be held elsewhere as well.    There will be those who will respond and understand clearly within their beings this particular formula, this particular combination of releasing and receiving as highly significant. I am wanting you to understand there are dispensations which occur from time to time as a result of what I would call, the Heavenly Hosts, who put together sacred intention for the betterment of mankind overall. It is truly mankindís decision whether receptivity or being present in this choice, is to his or her liking.

Let it not be said that the assistance and this level of energy is not there, for it will be.   Before this goes out to the larger audience, let us together, those of you here who feel comfortable embracing this energy, this talk we have just had, come back next week to respond whether or not or to share if you have any sense of connection with it, if indeed, you have requested further assistance or resolution. And when I say resolution, there are times when you receive answers to something so that you then can take your next step. Resolution is not always the end goal brought to you in the instant, but it may be when you finally are clear to know what is next, you get a picture of what those steps are and there is a sense of resolution. "I need to do this; I need to see that; I need to finish this" and so, from that point, you do have a sense of releasing anxiety or tension or that which has been difficult to hold, and perhaps, tiring.

Many of you do not understand some of the physical effects which have been felt at this particular time are very often attributed to the energetic shifts and changes being directed at your planet and in some cases, from solar flares, that have some level of impact upon your being, and certainly the transition and changes you are going through.   I would suggest to you there are others that are not necessarily discussed very often. How do you think your physical being responds to the magnetic shift that has occurred on your plane? How do you think you would feel when you see there is a tilt to the axis and so that everything you have been aligned to in a certain manner has been slightly altered? How do you think you feel when there are frequencies reverberating around the world from the increased tensions in so many places? From the war in Iraq? From the level of fear generated in many places around the world.? From the disruption to those unseen beings (at least to most of you) like the devas and those here to hold a specific types of energy? That are continually being disrupted and changed through, letís say, use of sonar or use of bombs or guns.

If you look over specific times in your history, you will understand in most wars that existed or confrontations which may have gone on for years, that the actual confrontation was for a short period of time, such as a day and a night, and then onto the next and then the next.   Yet your world is in an ongoing situation, which is one of the dibilating effects of the energy brought forth during the 60ís creating change.   So you set the stage for a newer time with an ongoing, unceasing, unresolved war in Vietnam that created enormous disruption within your world as a result.   For those who had one mindset as to what they were doing, they would return home to find there was another mindset as to what was happening from their perspective.   The repercussions, not only in terms of thinking, but energetically, were long-lasting and are now being stirred up again in many respects as well as reverberating around the world.   You will find there are countries now pitted against each other, and that there is very little comfort and safety ongoing.

You are affected by these things. You are affected by the many changes occurring and the disruptions to the planet in areas you havenít even begun to see. Some of these areas will come forth in the forthcoming year.

Yet even within this, where does one find Hope?

It would seem as if the entire earth is shrouded in an energetic format you cannot break free. This is going to be our work this year and the energy that will flow through for you to carry. It depends on your own personal perception as to whether or not this would be a work or a connection you choose to seek, but many will. And it is a way we will start, together, to create openings and doorways so that that which is so needed now can come forth.

There may be peoples living in Tahiti or some other part of the world who remain relatively untouched, and I say Ďrelatively untouchedí compared to others. This may not seem like such a calling to them. But for those of you who are finding, that on one hand, there seems to be opportunities or openings in life and on the other, there seems to be this stuckness predominant now, you vacillate between one or the other, knowing full well you must maintain specific frequency in order for the opportunities to be a Ďmatchí. On the other hand, you may find you canít shake loose some situations because you donít have the answer; youíre not sure how to proceed forward. And not all those answers are clear yet for you.

So let us put together an alignment and connection with the Energy of Hope, releasing whatís stuck while bridging to the opportunity which stands before you. I am convinced alterations can take place much more easily in this regard. Make it a focus and intention this week to receive this energy. Request it so, when you sleep at night and when you awaken in the morning. Include as well, your list needing resolution, and let us together speak next week to see what you have to say and what you have sensed as a result of this conversation today.

I would like to think no matter what plane we are presently residing on, that levels of mastery can be maintained and in that vein, I speak to you as one.

This is Thoth, the Atlantean

This message is channeled by Lois Hartwick before a weekly group meeting in western Massachusetts. To contact her: hilo88@msn.com or see the website:

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