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A Message from Thoth
April 9, 2005
via   Lois Hartwick
Greetings ~
This is Thoth.  I am pleased to be among you today and to offer a number of
thoughts Iíd like to put across and bring to your attention some information
we have not previously discussed.

You have long understood each of you has a specific journey on this planet.
Each of you has chosen carefully this journey,
and understood the
consequences as a result of having taken it.  In many cases you have been
clear and knowing those things most highly attuned, needed and essentially
required for your particular pathway to unfurl and unfold.  In this given
time, there have been alterations, in some cases, to those plans you might
have made or chosen, because of ingestations of energies which have come
forth onto your planet at this time.

Some of these energies have been particularly beneficial and perhaps,
speeded you along in some regard, while some have held you back or
diverted your plan.  It is intentional each be clear as to what you are needing
to have within your own specific lives, so you are not diverted once again, in
a time when a confluence of energies is being either absorbed or perhaps,
blowing you around as if you were standing in the wind.  

I say this because some changes are coming forth.  Some will be
unexpected; some on a much larger scale than you have been aware of at
this point.
   And in the course of such events unfolding, it might be easy to
step aside or move away from that path which you have previously been on.

Please be clear in your meditations and in the time ahead as to what it is you
are choosing to accomplish and do here
.  Not just until the next year or until
retirement or until you move to another community, but an overall under-
standing of the inner plan of the goal that you have.

Now many of you may not have this depth of understanding or put this
particular question to yourselves so far, but I suggest this week in
meditation, you undertake this practice and exercise, because a number of
things will eventually play out as a result of what you are affirming now.

Recognize, of course, that your Higher Self has many aspects playing into
the physical form here on this plane
.  On many levels you are in, you may
not be so conscious of that which your Higher Self is planning to do.  At this
deepening connection, this level of this awareness, this connection between
your Higher Self and the physical self will prove important to you in the
times ahead.  Deepening that resolve you have to carry forth or to continue
through the many choices you make.  

Letís assume we take, for example, what J. * said earlier tonight in terms of
saying, ďI wish not to return to this planet.Ē

Well, if indeed, that is a plan or program from her Higher Self, which she is
playing out in this lifetime and has a connection and awareness of that, it is
an appropriate response for her to make.  However, if a number of situations
came forth in which she was diverted from that particular understanding or
karmic implications come into play which she needed to further clear in this
lifetime or another, it might not be so easy to maintain that goal.  Keeping
that as a beacon or keeping that as an ultimate goal within herself, she may
step aside those things that prove to be an entanglement or diversion.  

Now this is not an uncommon feature in your lifetime, for all of you set goals
and all of you have ways you choose to accomplish one thing or another.  I
am suggesting some of these diversions may be unseen.  They may not be
something you would witness or recognize, and therefore, within a
momentís time, turn yourself around and deciding, ďOkay, Iíve to reorient
myself to this goal.Ē  Instead you may find yourself adrift at sea, saying,
ďBut I wanted to do this...Ē  and yet you seem to be nowhere close to that

There are those of us who come in to assist in these situations.  It has long
been said and long been known we work with you on your plane when we
are invited in, when there is an intention and a plan, so we may assist you.

As a result of that which you already know Iíve said, set your intention to
request proper steerage along the way.

It is a two-part process.  First understanding what your goal is and secondly
requesting help to maintain it
.  You will be given it, and many situations
coming forth shaking some of the trees, will lessen in impact, at least with
respect to yourself.

If you doubt what I am saying in any regard, please take a look at the
many changes and alterations in your world.
  People you know who are
undergoing some level of change, whether perceived as positive or negative,
it still is classified as change.  These winds are blowing now for you to stand
steady within them.  You must be clear as to where you are headed.

That is the first part of what I wanted to say today.  Let me step a bit further
to suggest many of you have undertaken, over time, a great deal of empathy,
a great deal of understanding, a great deal of concern for the direction and
the pathways,  not only you have taken, but those who surround you, your
world or country.  Once again, these changes will be coming forth and some
of the things you thought were happening or would be happening, will not
necessarily occur as you have believed.

New alterations are coming in at this point.  Now what is going to be
understood within your being is that the changes coming forth will, to some
degree, affect a higher amount of light being brought either into yourselves
or friends, but I will say for the moment, your plane.  Your planet.  This

*J. being a weekly group member
higher light is something that will once again, allow for more to been seen.
In some cases, in what you witness, you may recoil.  You may find that not
everything seen is of beauty.  However, I would suggest each of you with
your abilities to create in one way or another, in whatever you are
witnessing, you take into your being whatever it is, and recreate it as you
would see or choose it to be.  

If you begin to plan or rearrange those things that you see on a daily basis,
which may not meet your standards or your Heartís content, imagine them
perfected in the manner you would see them
.  This will become an exercise
you can practice over and over and over again.  When enough of you start to
band in this level of realization, youíre going to see new -- what you might
even call miraculous -- compositions coming in that no longer effect the form
of the old or the form of that which has been used and not brought into a
higher level of reality.  Instead, you are creating a higher level of reality.
You are the ones who are seeing the beauty in something while it was, over
there not minutes ago, looking less than kempt.  

So it is a process evolving within your beings as you do this and as you move
through it, you start to see some changes in your own personal lives as a

First of all, what starts to happen is a breaking of some patterns of the past;
breaking some of the energy with a downward spiral to it, and allowing you
to transmute that which has been occurring around you.  Because you see,
you are very much given to the energies of the world; pretty much given to
those thought processes around you; the television and the phone and the
computer and the comments and the way you work every day.  You are
unable, always, to move out of the configurations that exist depending on
where you are.  

By re-altering the process of the energetic spiral, you are then creating a
completely different level of reality
.  Some of you have long done this in your
own minds, and will not necessarily find it to be a problem.  For others, it
has become extremely difficult, particularly depending on the levels of
sensitivity you have, because when one is engaged in sensitivities, you are
picking up many things around you that may not be the spiral of your own
given nature.  Yet it becomes a part of your reality.

So let us think from the perspective of changing an energetic spiral in your
being and then, within your world
.  You will start to incorporate for
yourselves some changes you may have felt were very difficult to bring

It is also said you are in a time in which -- or at least many say this -- that
everything must collapse to begin.  I beg to differ.  I suggest when you alter
the composition of energy and the direction it has been taking through your
thought processes
, through your levels of reality and choices in life, moving
toward your goal, that you are not becoming part of the process which may
be disintegrating or on a downward spiral, or perhaps, needing to collapse in
some regard.  You, in fact, are part of that which is being created in the new
reality and the newer void.  

You have a choice in terms of doing this.  You have an opportunity at this
point to do this.  And for all of you who manage to incorporate this level of
energy, you will connect with those of us who will support you in so doing.

Once again, it is a co-creative effort, but it is only that if you are choosing to
do your part
.  And it is then our suggestion and our willingness to participate
in a much different manner than we previously have.  This, too, will be new.
It will be an opportunity to break some of the strongholds here for quite
some time appearing to alter reality to much less than what it is.  

We have come from many places in many realities to assist those on Earth at
this time
. You have heard about us for many years.  We have worked with a
number of you in different ways and there is a confluence of beings engaged
in a specific plan overriding your plane now.  Many of you hear from those
who do channelings and from the areas of the Earth in which energies vary,
where the ability to hear one being or another also varies, but in this
connection today, I want you to understand this uniting of forces in which
we have chosen to serve those who are choosing to uplift their own personal
frequencies and to move into the new dynamics -- the new energies being
brought forth.  

You are able to connect with them in a number of different ways, and I have
shared with you one or two earlier in this discourse.  What Iíd also like to
share with you is because of this united energy force, there is not going to
be the same diversionary element coming in once you make a commitment
and intention and a connection with those of us who work with you.

If you have not paid attention, if you have not made certain goals, if you
have not aligned in this manner with those of us who choose to work with
you, you will find in the times ahead more fluctuations in your personal life
than you have previously had or owned.  

It is with our support you will  recognize a stronger and stabilizing energy
grounding your intentions into your own being and into this world
.  But
these intentions have a frequency and vibration that are somewhat different
than those which have been held here for eons of time.  And it is, then, with
this illuminated frequency, this newer intention and direction,  you will begin
to have a guided track on to play out meaningful aspects of your own
personal lives.

Take time to consider what you are trying to accomplish.  What your Higher
Self is needing to complete or finish here
.  What your intentions and your
goals and your needs are, and whatever else needs to be met.  Place these
things either down on a piece of paper or within your heart, yet spoken
aloud to each one of us who will come in to meet those levels as best we can.  

This will prevent some of the prevailing winds from moving you out of your
.  Some of you will need to be realigned for this intention to even
take place, so some shifting may come about as a result.  Do not feel, should
you be aware of this happening in your life, that something has gone awry,
but rather, a re-righting is taking place.  

Along with this confluence of energies comes a particular, letís say, bright
light that will support you, that will help heal you, in which you are
embraced on a continual basis
.  It is allowing for the transformations to take
place and particularly in areas previously not possible before.  Some of you
have succeeded extremely well in what you have tried to do, but not
necessarily every area of your life has come to this level of fruition.  Those
parts which have been held back, those parts which have been blocked or
unseen or even unclear, will start to loosen and come to the foreground to
be nurtured and be re-supported in ways that have not been to this point.
You are starting to see that what has been on the surface for so long will
now start to unearth in your being...the truer and greater essence of your

I, as Thoth, have worked with many of you through eons of time.  I have
been present with many on Earth, as well as in other dimensions and
realities.  It has been a privilege and a pleasure to do so.  It has also been
significant for my growth is dependent upon yours; my work is intertwined
with yours; my love knows no distinction from yours.  They are one and the
same.  And so it is with this particular message today I hope you will take to
heart the significance and importance of what I am saying, for truly it is a
time of eternal change and upliftment for your soul and heart.

I would invite those of you with questions to put them before me now that I
may have a chance to respond to each one of you.

(not included)

I have been attuned and aligned to each one of you for a long time, perhaps
with the exception of our guest today, but this, too, will be altered to some
degree.  Within the times ahead, you will need to develop strongly your
thought connection with me and those who have been a part of the
gatherings over these many years
.  We will support you in all that is coming
forth.  I say so with great love and intention, and I also open my heart, as
you know, to each one of you reading this, hearing this and knowing this.

I am, Thoth
The Atlantean

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