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Greetings Kindred Spirit!
These 13moon.com emails serve to explain the 13-Moon Dreamspell Calendar System, Galactic Time Science for personal and planetary transformation. Delivered to us by Dr. Jose Arguelles, this system is based upon the ancient Yucatec Chilam Balam Jaguar Priests, what we know in today's time as Earth Wizards.  (For an introductory overview of this Time System, please see http://www.13moon.com/overview.htm  )

This Planetary Moon Emailer Features:




Today: Red Magnetic Dragon, April 14/Planetary 11 is the start of a NEW GALACTIC SPIN CYCLE! The 260-day cycle we just completed spanned from Gregorian July 28 2004 -April 13 2005, aka: Magnetic 3 - Planetary 10 of the Blue Crystal Storm Year.

Each time we begin a new Galactic Spin cycle it signifies that we have completed a journey through all of the 260 sacred permutations of creation energy, and Now we begin again, traveling through the same 260 frequencies of movement and measure, yet at a new rung of experience on the ascending evolutionary Spiral. The perpetual unfoldment of the codes of creation spirals over and over, inviting new and current interaction, ever-revealing deeper layers of its Synchronistic Magic...

As we receive the initiation delivered to us by the launching of this new Spin cycle, we are collectively invited to make space to review what has occurred in our inner and outer lives in the last 9 moons that we may consciously and lightheartedly integrate all we have realized, learned and experienced in the last Spin. Let us honor all that we have undergone in the last 260-days and note where we have grown, as well as the personal aspects and areas of our lives we have more room to evolve. May this self-reflection gift us with an expansive and fortified sense of inner truth and clarity with which to operate from! This new spin cycle also offers us a potent invitation to forgive all of our "mistakes" or inadequacies of the past cycle, and start fresh with humility and connection to the grace of our own inherent innocence and wholeness. May we also extend this peaceful vibration by compassionately forgiving All of our Relations, thus offering our hearts and minds as a "clean slate" for the Universe to once again create upon. As the Wise Ones say, "The Journey is the Destination!"



We are now in the 10th Moon of the 13-Moon Year, corresponding to Tone 10 of the Annual Wavespell Spiral.

Moon 10 is called "Planetary Moon" (always correlated to Apr 4 - May 1). Its totem animal is the Dog.
The key words to focus on for "Planetary Moon" include its -
Power: "Perfect"
Action: "Produce"
Essence: "Manifestation"
Action Directive: "How do I perfect all that I do?"

This Planetary Moon reminds us that, first and foremost, we must see the glory of our existence on this sacred Earth, all of us equal as Planetary Citizens, endowed with the same rights and responsibilities as stewards of our shared Global reality.

Tone 10 represents the culmination of the Tones 1-9 which have preceded it, and marks a critical check-in point to review what we have manifested in our lives and by what means have we produced these manifestations. This Tone also clarifies that our intentions preceed our manifestations, and therefore are deeply linked to our current circumstances.

One of the teachings held within Tone 10 is that ALL manifestation in inherently perfect, as it is, simply because it is manifest - yet, that said - our quest as human beings is to strive to perfect all that we manifest. The energy of Planetary invites us see that the alchemy of manifestation is produced when we consciously balance RECEPTIVITY to the Divine Perfection of All with ACTIVE PURSUIT of achieving mastery and excellence. This is the recipe! All in all, without judgement there is only perfection!

The 13-day Wavespells which flow through this Moon 10 are:

****The Red Dragon Wavespell***
Planetary 11 - 23 (Apr 14 - Apr 26)
Red Dragon's Code Words: Nurtures / Birth / Being

Suggested focuses to activate Red Dragon's energies include:
Let us explore what happens when we relinquish our typical conditioned state of Human-Doing-ness, freeing ourselves from the need to perform, and let us instead dare to rest in the wholeness of our primal, natural, innate Human-BEING-ness, replentishing our sense of simple, divine, fulfilled Existence. Let us invite this relaxation to nurture the depths of our selves, that we may dissolve all unneccessary stress and pressure and allow our inner Being to feel directly nourished by the Universe, receiving Unconditional Love from the Source of Life.

Red Dragon is asking us to nourish our whole beings - our bodies, minds, emotions and Souls! May we focus on holistically nurturing our potential while treating ourselves and our loved ones with reverence, honor, and acceptance. Let us provide ourselves with what we need to believe in ourselves, and what we need to grow - whether material or spiritual resources. How can we treat ourselves even better? How can we give ourselves even more supportive conditions to assist our development and raise our vibration? Let us extend kind consideration to all beings we interact with, utilizing soft strength and compassionate wisdom as our guide. The love we meet life with will meet us back! Whether action or energy, this time cycle of the Red Dragon wave is asking us to claim our abilities to start again; to give birth to new inner and outer manifestations. Tune into what you might want to begin - new projects; new attitudes; new focus, new ways of being!

The Red Dragon Wavespell is always the first, "initiating" wavespell of the 52-day "Red Eastern Castle of Turning," which unifies the 4 wavespells of the Red Dragon, White Wizard, Blue Hand, and Yellow Sun.

***The White Wizard Wavespell***
Planetary 24 - Spectral 8 (Apr 27 - May 9) (begins in Planetary Moon and continues into Spectral Moon) White Wizard's Code Words: Enchants / Timelessness / Receptivity

Suggested focuses to activate White Wizard's energies include:
Let us become the Wizard - rooting ourselves to the radial mandala of Now-centered Timelessness. We can see through the illusory, dis-empowering limitation of linear, quantified time by activating our personalized sense of non-linear, qualitative timing. We can feel natural time's inner guidance as its beats the rhythms of our hearts and moves us with the pulse of our Inspiration. We empower ourselves as Timeless Earth Wizards of Synchronic Attunement by bending time; stretching time; playing with time; dancing with time; Being the Art of Time! We open ourselves up to receive the enchantment of this universe by following that which appeals to the passion of our inner Magical child's heart. Our peace and joy enchants our shared moments!

The White Wizard Wavespell is always the "initiating" wavespell of the 52-day "Red Eastern Castle of Turning."



Natural Mind, Natural Time - Spiritual Training on the Road to 2012, By Valum Votan http://www.13moon.com/naturaltime-naturalmind.htm



***This upcoming Full Moon (Planetary 21/April 24/Blue Spectral Monkey) is referred to as the WESAK full moon, and is the celebrated focus of international ceremonies to attune ourselves to incarnate higher vibrations on our planet.

Often called the most powerful full moon of the year, this 2005 alignment occurs at 3:06 am PST / 10:06 am UT (with a lunar eclipse occuring a bit earlier that day at 12:49 am PST!) Apparently it is also thought by some that in addition to the day of Wesak, the 2 days before and after Wesak are also extremely important opportunties for us to align ourselves with our Highest selves and bypass our lower, less evolved tendancies, as these days have extreme effect in magnifying our actions and intentions. The 3 links provided below offer unique and complimentary perspectives which may interest you.

The Origin and Tradition of the Wesak Festival
- explains its relationship to the Buddha:

The Legend of Wesak:

Significance of Wesak:

***DVD's of the recent seminar offered by Dr. Jose Arguelles-Valum Votan: "2012: The Spiritual Journey - The Coming of Cosmic Civilization and the New Mind" are now available to order thru the Foundation For the Law of Time.
The transmissions Dr. Arguelles offered in this seminar were powerfully insightful, inspiring, as well as deeply practical and relevent to navigating the highest possibility of our Awakening during the Closing of this Cycle.
If interested, please see http://lawoftime.org/content/seminar-dvd.html

Thank you for participating in an ever-expanding global community of natural time Earth Wizards!
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In Lak'ech - I Am Another Yourself!



A small crescent Moon on the evening of April 9th/10th marks the beginning of the Hindu New Year, the Jewish calendar year and start of the Cherokee Spring Festival.

The lunar cycle beginning with the New Moon/total eclipse of the Sun in Aries on April 8th is the first Moon of the new zodiacal year. The 28 day period that follows is the Phoenix Moon or Renaissance Moon.

The soli-lunar zodiacal New Year begins when the first crescent New Moon of Spring appears. Seven days later the highlight of the celebration occurs:

On the evening of April 16th, at the first quarter Moon, the Hindu celebrate the birth of their fire god Ram, just as the Cherokee begin their Spring New Fire Ceremony.

Seeds sown at New Moon flower at the Full. The first New Moon of Spring 2005 was a total eclipse of the Sun, the flowering comes at Passover and the Wesak Full Moon.

A solar eclipse is never just here and gone. The pattern of the heavens at New Moon unfolds its potential through the lunar cycle. The 28 day period following is a time for ego adjustments, dispelling illusions, revelation, revolution, awakening to new light, new spirit fire.

A total eclipse of the Sun carries influence until the next time the cosmic clock is reset: the Spring New Moon of March 29th 2006. Welcome to Renaissance.

1) RENAISSANCE SPRING MOON 8 April - 8 May '05

The tide of new energy rolling in with Aries New Moon continues through the lunar cycle. Whatever occurs at New Moon and days following carries influence through the lunation. Take note of significant events in your life. What interesting things have you seen?
What have you dreamed?

A solar eclipse unfolds power through the cycle of the Moon, a total eclipse exerts influence until the next total solar eclipse occurs. Hold on friends, we're in for a big ride.

We are entering pivotal time in an important year. Thoughts seeded and cultivated during this Spring tide will influence the year. Whatever we plant in our inner garden now will flower through the year and years to come.

Many dark shadows shrouded the world during the last Moon cycle and Winter season from which the last lunar cycle had its beginning. These shadows reveal to us the work we are to do.

The Sun entered Aries March 20th and a new zodiacal year began, yet the world continued to be in a Pisces lunar/ emotional mood until the April 8 Aries New Moon that begins the first lunar cycle of Spring.

Spiritual dimensions are revealed and may be responded to as time is taken to go within and connect with Spirit especially in the first hour of evening.

Appreciation/making note/sharing special signs from Nature, a dream, illuminated word or flash of thought in the time of New Moon, following an eclipse or other cosmic alignment, gives positive feedback to soul and quickens synchronicity and spiritual magic.

There may be some hang over from the old cycle. The more old ways and feelings are moved through now and let go, the more blessings flow. Breathe. walk. Run. Dance.

Energy flows where attention goes. When old patterns of thought and habit break, energy is released and naturally goes where attention is focused. This is a time then for rethinking the world, feeling what is needed and for visualizing an ideal we wish to make real. Keeping faith and focus we find our way, make our way, in the new day.

As the 1st Spring Moon grows attention is shifted toward the new creation. Simple faith in future is needed to enjoy. the best things to be can't yet to be defined.
Faith comes with smell of spring flowers and morning bird song. Why do the birds stir to life 30-40 minutes before and then become quieter at the rising Sun? Maybe the birds have something to say, let's get up and check it out. It's Renaissance New Year, let's enjoy it!

Note: Click on NASA's VLF Receiver
Listen to the "birds" at dawn as the solar wave rolls over the horizon. I believe they're singing our song.


The Aries Moon, the Phoenix Moon, brings a rejuvenating tide of energy, inspiration and initiative.

Indigenous peoples have long recognized the power of the (visible crescent) New Moon. Days following the appearance of the New crescent are ideal beginning new things. This is a good time to speak up, let needs be known, let seeds be sown, announce intentions to the world.

All new movements are favored for success when begun during waxing Moon, especiallythe first waxing Moon of Spring.

Attention given to soul light, soul star just over head can help power new possibilities taking form. Attention to the crown center activates psychic transformation.
Then, through the action of the breath, energy moves from old forms felt breaking down, toward realizing heartfelt wishes, desires of the soul. Breathe deeply and think thoughts, focus feeling toward peace, love, universal prosperity and joy.

Did you know that every New Crescent Moon is in "the 7th House"? Is Jupiter aligning with Mars? It feels so.

“Through celebrations in their seasons
are the deeper powers of human nature realized.”
~ Rudolph Steiner


Celts, Jews, Arabs, and Native Americans begin their lunar cycle with the sighting of the New Moon crescent. (Hindus begin the day of no Moon to include Dark of Moon ritual.)

The 1st Spring New Moon is Hindu New Year, the 1st day of the Jewish calendar year and the beginning of the Cherokee Spring Festival.

All these events are supercharged this year because this 1st Spring New Moon was also a total eclipse of the Sun in Aries.
The Sun is exalted in Aries, it is the most powerful sign in which the Sun can be eclipsed.

In ancient times traditional Jews would blow the shofar, a ram's horn, at the sighting of this New Moon. Fires would then be lit on hill tops to signal the beginning of a new cycle and reawaken vital forces of nature.

The appearance of the Aries New Moon (Apr 9th/10th) marks the beginning of the Cherokee Spring Festival. The sighting of the crescent Moon marks the beginning of their Friendship Dance that continues until the crescent sets, a relatively brief period. Next morning (Apr 10th/11th) they gather at dawn by the river and immerse themselves 7 times while looking toward the rising Sun. No one eats this day until Sunset when there is a feast followed by all night dancing.

Hindus always do ritual bathing at New Moon, they celebrate New Year when the Aries New Moon appears (April 9th-10th).

Traditional Hindus clean and decorate their houses to welcome the New Year. They paint mandala like patterns (rangoli) on the ground (rangoli) in front of their houses with flour.
At the middle of this design is placed an earthenware pot decorated with a red and white swastika that is considered an auspicious sign. This vessel is filled with holy water and mango leaves to bring a prosperous year for the family.
(A beautiful clay pot with swastikas to the 4 directions can be seen in the Cherokee Museum in Cherokee, North Carolina).

During the New Year celebration (April 10 - 18), Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth is honored ...The Hindu goddess Gauri is celebrated throughout the waxing Moon of Aries. Gauri is a protector of women and goddess of love, our Venus.
Wearing the red beauty mark of happiness on their foreheads (energy of Mars joined with Spirit), Indian women exchange gifts of spices, fruits, and flowers; sing, dance and anoint each other with oil sacred to Gauri (Venus). Good fortune and luck in love come to those who remember to wear paisley, “Gauri’s lucky footprints.”

Note: Hindu Gauri is planet Venus. Pisces Gauri / Venus in mutual reception with Jupiter @ Spring Equinox is a positive omen for love in this zodiacal year. Venus/Gauri now resides in 3rd decan Aries where she rules and guides warrior kings.


Starting on the evening of April 16th, the Hindu celebrate Rama Navama, the birth day of the fire god Ram. The birth of Ram is celebrated on the 9th day of the Aries (Ram) Moon figured from the day of the astronomical New (Dark of) Moon.

7 days after the Spring New Moon appears, the Cherokee gather for their Spring New Fire Ceremony. A fire is kindled that will be used for all ceremonial altars and family cook fires until the Autumn New Fire ceremony. The Spring New Fire is kindled from dried golden rod blossoms and fed with 7 kinds of wood. The Cherokee call themselves Tsalagi, “the People of One Fire.”

The Cherokee Spring New Fire ceremony is 7 days after the New Moon crescent appears. In 2005 this will be the evening of April 16th. The Hindu Rami Navami, the Birthday of Ram, also begins at this time, it is celebrated from Sunset April 16th to Sunset April 17th. Many celebrate for two days.

Ram is the divine king who returns to annihilate evil.
In the Cherokee view, New Fire from “the elder fire above”
dispels the demons of the old year.

The Birthday of Ram and the Cherokee New Fire ceremony are timed to occur at the 1st Quarter Moon, a time of the Moon cycle also revered by the Druids who lived in the far north so would have counted only 6 days from visible crescent to 1st Quarter.

This 1st Quarter phase of the Moon is likened to a scythe cutting across the sky. It is time for decision, a time to consciously cut away the past, a time to vigorously affirm will and purpose, spiritual fire, for the new time.

Isn't this what the fire god Ram and the Cherokee New Fire are about? How more effective can we be if we gather with friends around fire this night?

"The Druids had a great number of feast days. The new and full moon and the sixth day of the moon were sacred periods."
- The Secret Teachings of All Ages p 23, Manly P. Hall

SRI SWAMI SIVANANDA Om Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram "Ramanavami is the ninth day of the Hindu month of Chaitra.
In some parts of India, it is a 9-day festival, coinciding with the Vasanta Navaratri (Spring Navaratri). This 9-day Hindu festival commemorates the birth of Lord Rama who was born to annihilate the demon King Ravana. It is an occasion for great rejoicing. According to the ancient texts, Rama fulfills wishes of all those who fast and pray on this day."
(Sunset Apr 16 -17) http://www.divyajivan.org/ramanavami/

Fasting and other austerities are practiced during this 9-day period (Spring Navaratri) in order to invoke the blessings of goddess Durga. Chanting the Gayatri Mantra and performing yoga is considered highly beneficial.
Lord Ram's birth is looked upon as the beginning of the end of the evil era. Fasting aids Durga and Ram to end the reign of evil. !Attention!


Cherokee Indians honor the Spring New Moon with Sunrise river bathing. 7 days after the Crescent Moon appears, a New Fire is started on the ceremonial altar that will be the source of fire for ceremonial fires and family hearths for the comings months.

The Cherokee call themselves the “people of one fire.”

Fire is a key part of Spring celebration. Celts of Britain and Gaul lit chains of bonfires across the countryside and on hilltops at Equinox and other special times. The early Jews lit bonfire chains on hilltops at the siting of each New Moon.
More than a signal fire, these fires rekindle the places of natural power and help the world begin anew.

A deeper appreciation and respect for Fire will be beneficial in our time. My own most powerful experience of this happened when a Cherokee medicine woman led me in deep breathing
(“rebirthing”) while I was lying next to open fire.

Fire transmutes what is being released through deep breathing.
Young people singing around a campfire shifts adolescent mood, a fire timed to the Moon or the season turning can work wonders for months or years to come.

Focusing on a candle flame contemplating a desirable quality fixes this ideal in consciousness. Extraneous thoughts burn away. Applying fire to imprint a positive thoughtform into quartz crystal is an ancient way practiced by the Cherokee.

A basic belief in Cherokee sacred teaching is that “every fire is a piece of the Sun.” This is essentially true:
When wood burns light and heat that came from the Sun are released. Plants gather carbon atoms from thin air, join and bend them into hexagonal carbon rings that can hold the energy of the Sun. This is a miracle scientists call photosynthesis. Solar energy stored in carbon rings is released in the form of heat and light when wood burns.
Our bodies are heated by calories of heat from the food we eat. All our food calories came originally from the Sun.
We are solar powered!

The Cherokee call the Sun the Elder Fire Above and say this spirit fire shines through each fire we light on Earth.
The Sun spirit is renewed each year when the Sun joins Moon in Aries, the sign of the Sun's exaltation.

Note: Traditions of the Cherokee may be particularly relevant to us as this tribe is one of the 7 Iroquois group of Native Americans who Edgar Cayce has said carry the ancient ritual traditions that are to be restored in this time.

CERES SPRING FIRE CELEBRATION a note from Roxana Muise April 15 was the midpoint of CEREA´LIA, an eight-day festival celebrated at Rome in honor of Ceres (aka Demeter), whose wanderings in search of her daughter Proserpine (aka Kore) were represented by women clothed in white, running about with lighted torches. Proserpine was kidnapped by Pluto, god of the underworld while she sat in a field with a lap full of daffodils. Some think that she was immobilized or entranced by the toxic aroma of the daffodils. Proserpine became queen of the underworld for half the year, and returned to her mother for the other half. The festival was completed with [fiery] entreaties to Ceres, goddess of the Earth and its fruits, for successful crops.

Note: This is an excerpt from Roxana's April Astrology Report Write Roxana Muise roxana@entheos1.com to subscribe or visit her web site at www.entheos1.com


WESAK, the Sun in Taurus Full Moon, is widely considered the most powerful Full Moon of the year. The Sun's transit through Taurus exalts the Moon and Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet identified by Alice A. Bailey as representing the feminine soul of our world. Venus is identified with Mary, the World Mother. In the east she is Maya, mother of Buddha.

According to metaphysical tradition, Buddha was born, achieved enlightenment, and left Earthly incarnation under the Full Moon of Taurus. And the Buddha returns at this time each year to bring new light to the world.
Spiritual leaders gather in Wesak Valley, a mythic place high in the Himalayas. Here initiates, led by the Christ, arrange themselves into a great pentagram (the Venusian emblem of world soul) while the Buddha hovers over those gathered radiating light. This cosmic alignment occurs during the eight minutes centered on the moment of the WESAK FULL MOON. (See Geoffrey Hodson’s The Masters and the Path published by the Theosophical Society:

"During this special time of the Full Moon of Wesak, it is as if a door is suddenly opened wide, which at other times is more closed."

Wesak Valley Photos


Each Full Moon brings revelation and potential for healing mind, body and soul. Fulfillment comes at the Full Moon in response to what was seeded at the New. Moon is the Mother whence the Light of the spiritual Sun is received to nourish, support, protect and illuminate.

Energy builds during the two weeks before Full Moon. Now is the time to catch the lunar wave. Calm and balance make way to receive most blessings of the Moon. Deep breathing while attending the jewel in the lotus overhead frees from distraction and draws energies from distractions to light of soul. Seek first the light, all else gets added.

Gathering the “elixir of immortality” at the Full Moon is a core principle of Chinese alchemy. “Ching” (primal energy) is conserved during waxing Moon particularly the three days before Full Moon. Ching is raised and converted to chi via spiritual alchemy of breath and meditation. Conserving ching before the Full Moon parallels the Christian parable of saving oil for the lamp. This is done simply, with little effort, by allowing attention to rest in the jewel of the lotus over head. See there "icons" of your hightest hopes.

The Full Moon is time for raising the vessel of the psyche to receive blessings of heaven. The Full Moon is a pitcher pouring out healing elixir.

The May 24th Full Moon is a partial lunar eclipse, another opportunity to eclipse/eliminate patterns of being that no longer serve soul purpose. Wesak brings enlightened vision of what is to be and the spiritual power to make it so.

The exact time of the Wesak Full Moon is 10:06 am GMt,
6:06 am EDT. Make a note of it. Those who wish may be in meditation, those sleeping may attend Wesak in their etheric body if prepared with fuel for the lamp.

The 12 hours before Wesak is a time for meditation and celebration to clear way between Moon and Sun within.
Each Full Moon is an opportune time to bring prayer wish to cross roads or place of natural power for healing, revealing and opening to natural flow of life energy.

"During Vedic times, and afterward increasingly, the Moon came to be identified with the plant Soma from which was extracted the drink of the gods."
- The Hindu Religious Year, p 66, M.M Underhill

PASSOVER commemorates the Jews’ escape from bondage.
Crossing the Red Sea (astral waters of Mars, the ruler of Aries) is an annual experience, a recurring opportunity to gain freedom from emotional bondage, let go ego attachments and false pride that keeps from Soul.

"Philo, a Greek-Jewish philosopher, described hametz as pride because leavened bread is puffed up. To remove hametz, then, is to struggle with our self-importance."
- The Jewish Holidays, Michael Strassfeld

The Last Supper was a Passover Seder. Sunrise sacrifice of the lamb was a key element of Passover celebration in the age of Aries. The Angel of Death spared homes with the blood of the lamb on their doorposts.

In the former Age of Aries a lamb was sacrificed in the temple at each Sunrise of Passover. Now each Sunrise during Passover (April 24th to May 1st) is opportunity to relinquish personal desires to the purpose of soul.

Those religious traditions most deeply rooted in cosmic and natural order survive through time to be translated into forms suitable to a new Age.


The HIGHER INTERLUDE is an exceptionally inspirational and creative period that usually occurs between the Full Moons of solar Aries and Gemini. This is the most powerful time of the year for the work of world renaissance according to Alice A. Bailey teachings. The solar eclipse of 8 April 2005 resets the cosmic clock so energy is shifted to the 2-month period between the Wesak Full Moon on 24 April and the Asala or Sundance Full Moon of 22 June 2005.

“Let vision come and insight.
Let the future stand revealed.
Let inner union demonstrate and outer cleavages be gone.
Let love prevail. Let love be known to all.”


Spring New Moon / Hindu New Year Ugadi
Hindu Soli-Lunar New Year, Chaitra Vishu http://www.eprarthana.com/festivals/fchaitravishu.asp
The Hindu New Year's Day commences on the first day of the month called Chaitra or Chithirai.

Hindu Rama Navami, 9th day of Chaitra = April 17th 2005 http://www.bbc.co.uk/religion/religions/hinduism/holydays/rama/index.shtml
The house is thoroughly cleaned and decorated. Offerings of fruit and flowers are placed on the family shrine and after an early bath, prayers are recited...The youngest female member of the household leads the puja (prayers) by applying a red tilak (mark) to all the other members of the family before everyone joins together in worship.
Rama Navami http://www.recipedelights.com/indianfestivals.htm

Rama-O-Rama! The Return of the King
Rama is the most popular symbol of chivalry and virtue, Rama - in the words of Swami Vivekananda - is "the embodiment of truth, of morality, the ideal son, the ideal husband, and above all, the ideal king." The 7th incarnation of Vishnu, Rama is said to have taken birth on earth to annihilate the evil forces of the age...The celebrations in Ayodha involve thousands of pilgrims, colourful processions, religious plays, prayers and ritual blessings. They peak at noon (April 17th) when the god is said to have been born.

Jewish Calendar
The "first month" of the Jewish calendar is the month of Nissan, in the spring, when Passover occurs. However, the Jewish New Year is in Tishri, the 7th month...

7th Moon: Rosh Hashanah and Cherokee Great New Moon Ceremony http://www.aquarianonline.com/Spirit/September.html

Cherokee Tradition: The Seven Ceremonies by Rob Wood http://www.powersource.com/cocinc/ceremony/seven.htm
For more information about Cherokee sacred traditions see the Lewis & Kneberg book “Tribes That Slumber” and James Mooney’s “History, Myths and Sacred Formulas of the Cherokee”
Traditional Cherokee calendar info is found at ATAGAHI:
Also See: How the Sacred Pipe Came to the Cherokee http://www.snowwowl.com/swolfstorycher4.html


4) THE INNER SKY APRIL 2005 by Gretchen Lawlor

Solar eclipse today, April 8 at 12:35 pm pacific time.
Try to find time this moonth to reflect and sense the potential for the ending of an old chapter, beginning of a new. Be aware that the window between this eclipse and the Lunar Eclipse at the Full Moon on April 24 is a powerful period for reorientation and dedication to our most passionate priorities, and may require concentrated focus in order to maximize its potential.
This eclipse is activating similar themes in each of our lives as the one in April 1986- food for reflection.
Ancient celebrants would burn fires after major eclipses to clear the energy and celebrate the renaissance.

³Fresh start, fresh start² bleat the new lambs in April.
As the Sun moves through Aries, March 20-April 19 it¹s time to shake off inertia and ponderings of winter.
Start, invent or get courageous- about something.
Stop waiting for everyone else, just get on with it and if you didn¹t dream something up in the last few months - trust your instincts as the force of life is carrying you upwards and forward anyway. If you¹ve got a lot of Aries, Leo or Sagittarius in you it feels good; some other signs may feel more rushed, but everything¹s growing and pushing up out of the ground anyway so you may as well go/grow with it.

The always powerful New Moon of Aries on April 8 is quite a rare one this year as it coincides with a solar eclipse. Solar eclipses happen only twice a year when the earth, Sun and moon align so perfectly that the Moon blocks part or all of the Sun¹s light from the Earth.
Even if we cannot view it from our part of the globe we'll still feel its influence. When the Sun's light is blocked, so is the existing trajectory of our lives and infinite other possibilities can appear in the gap.

Eclipses can be used to your advantage; if there is something that you want to change, use the awareness generated by the eclipse to glimpse other options, this is a great time to end a chapter and move on. Aries time is perfect for venturing into unknown territory and new experiences, and the Sun, the Moon and the eclipse in Aries just couldn¹t give you a better nudge.

Mercury retrograde ends on April 12 early in the am- communication and computer snafus start to smooth out- just in time to get your taxes ironed out. After the 12th original ideas brewed up in this right brain dominant reflective window of the retrograde from March 20-April 12 are ready to be shared and aired, they reach peak ripeness by the end of April.

Mars, the ruling planet of Aries, is traveling through Aquarius throughout April, supporting team and community efforts especially those of a radical or maverick nature.
Mars represents our inner warrior self, and in Aquarius that warrior is not particularly interested in conforming.
A conjunction of Mars and Neptune on April 13 lends enthusiasm for any mid month community projects involving art, imagination and a good cause.

The Sun moves into Taurus on April 19, the rush of nature begins to even out and stabilizes, it¹s time to revel in the abundance and appreciate what¹s coming forward to help us follow through with the impulses that welled up in Aries time- especially potent as much of Aries this year occurred during a window between 2 eclipses.
>From Full Moon on April 24th through May Day the seething,
humming of nature will be at a seasonal peak, the past is gone and the momentum of the year steadies our efforts.

Email me to arrange for a personal astrological update or receive my Inner Sky emails. light@whidbey.com Gretchen Lawlor Astrologer
LIFEMAPS: Tools for the Journey
(cell 206 391 8681)


* Happenings in the heavens are mirrored in events on Earth.
When an eclipse occurs above, there is eclipsing/elimination
in the world below.

* A total solar eclipse is Nature's editing tool.

* Shadow aspects of human nature are revealed to be dispelled.

* No longer desirable patterns of belief and behavior are
broken during an eclipse and in the lunar cycle that follows.

* Psychic energies released from the breaking of old patterns
reconstellate toward intentions put forth during days and
weeks that follow the eclipse.

* Psychic independence, self-empowerment, realization of our
purpose in the tribe/society are goals of the inner quest.
Eclipses clear the way toward realizing our soul's destiny.

* The Druids built fires following a total eclipse of the Sun
to restore the natural order and power a new mythic story.

* For our present cycle, the time ideal for fire ceremony will
be the week end of 16-17 April at the 1st Quarter Moon.

"When patterns are broken, new worlds emerge."
-- Tuli Kupferberg


A key principle of our astrological tradition is that all points (planets, stars etc) sharing celestial longitude are energetically and meaningfully connected. As this is related to the Earth Zodiac, it can be added that all points located on the same great circle, i.e. sharing same and opposite longitudes are linked.

Marc Edmund Jones original book The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, details each degree symbol with its opposite on a facing page.
Looking at the Earth geomantically it can be seen that each of the 360 longitudinal degrees has a unique nature blending energy with and garnering influence from its polar opposite.

So, the influence of the seemingly unfortunate Medusa star Algol at 27 Taurus can be implicated in the occurrence of the Dec 26th Sumatra earthquake epicenter 27 Scorpio in the zodiac on Earth.
Also the influence of the 9.3 earthquake at 27 Scorpio Dec 26th can be seen reflecting back to 27 Taurus = Atlanta GA and other points along this same longitude line.

The April 8th total eclipse of the Sun exerts particularly strong and continuing effect along lines of longitude on the path of totality.

APRIL 8 SOLAR ECLIPSE REGIONS OF INFLUENCE The Zone of Totality from 150 W = 20 Pisces to 90 W = 20 Taurus includes all of Mexico and all U.S. and Canada from Anchorage, Alaska to St. Louis/Memphis/New Orleans (all 90W / 20 Taurus).
By reflection the region of the Earth from 30 E = 20 Virgo to 90 E = 20 Scorpio is strongly effected. This includes much of East Africa, from eastern Congo and Khartoum in Sudan, Uganda, eastern Zimbabwe, Cairo in Egypt, all the Mid-East, most of Turkey and Russia, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India.
All these areas will be strongly impacted by this Eclipse.


Location, location, location, it's important.

The locations of certain nebulae included in my February newsletter were incorrect due to an error converting from astronomical to astrological terms. This error was nicely pointed out to me by star expert Diana Rosenberg.

Contact Diana to have her chart your "lucky stars".

So the heavens moved a good bit from my perspective:

Diamond Star Lucy is at 3 Scorpio instead of 13 Libra, that's quite a shift and way more interesting placement!

According to Diana's trusty calulations, the location of "diamond star" Lucy is 2 Scorpio 24 in almost precise longitudinal alignment with Sigma 1835 and Nu 1 Bootes, small stars at the top of Bootes' staff. Bootes is identified with Mercury/Hermes, a hermit wizard figure and shepherd god in many old stories. King David and Jesus embodied much of the Hermetic wizard tradition, both were seen as shepherd kings.

Arcturus, the brightest star in Bootes, is the star of Gandalf in the Tolkien trilogy. Every star is meaningfully linked to other point that shares its celestial longitude. So, though "diamond star" Lucy is actually far to the south in constellation Centaurus (another wizard at his altar), the light of Lucy links to the top of the staff of Bootes/Gandalf. Lucy is like a Silmaril Jewel in the staff of Gandalf.

The red star Arcturus can easily be found in early evening now: Simply follow the Arc of the handle of the Big Dipper to the lower right (east), by little more than the dipper's length, to find Arcturus.
Just above Arcturus is bright Jupiter, the King.

In Arthurian tradition, Arcturus is identified with the wizard Merlin, the guide and protector of Arthur.
The Big Dipper, called Arthur's Wain, is said to draw the Round Table in its daily motion round the pole.
Arthur means "bear," Arcturus means "bear protector."

"Arcturus is Morwinyon, said to mean 'the glint at dusk'.
Morwinyon is a Lamp, translucent, set in Ilwe or the edge of Vilna and Middle-earth's breathable air. They flickered and waned in the upper winds." In Tarot, Arcturus is the Hermit standing alone on a high mount holding a lantern.

The Valacirca (our Big Dipper, Great Bear) is called the Seven Stars, the Sickle of the Valar, Sign of Doom, and the Seven Butterflies in "The Coming of the Elves".

Have you heard of the plethora of wildflowers and butterflies in California this Renaissance Spring?

Valacirca: Sickle of the Gods
"This is the mightiest of the works of Varda, Lady of the stars. This constellation is by the Elves called the Sickle of the Stars but by Men called the Burning Briar. It hung above the North as a threat to Melkor and an omen of his fall; the Judgment day."

"And high in the north as a challenge to Melkor she set the crown of seven mighty stars to swing, Valacirca, the Sickle of the Valar and sign of doom."
--"Of the Coming of the Elves" Silmarillion

Compare Alice A. Bailey's "The Seven Stars of the Great Bear"
"The seven Rishis are the Regents of the seven stars of the Great Bear, and, therefore, of the same nature as Angels of the Planets or the seven great planetary Spirits."

* The Ring Nebula is 20 Capricorn 05 instead of 13 Cap where I had misplaced it. When J.R.R. Tolkien was born, the Ring Nebula was at 18 Cap with Sun at 13+ so there is a 5 degree orb conjunction, a mythic connection.

M57, The Ring Nebula is in the constellation Lyra, Lyra is the Decan Star Sign for 2005 (Part III coming)

A Spitzerspace telescope view of the nebula in Lyra.
The ring of the Ring Nebula is about one light-year across.

* The ROSETTA nebula is at 8 Cancer 28
Astrologically, the Rosetta Nebula signifies natural grace and power to manifest through accepting responsibility that is defined by planetary aspects and house position.

Also see Hubble View of the "Cat's Eye Nebula"
in Draco, or is it the Eye of Draco the Dragon?
"In this detailed view from NASA's Hubble Space Telescope, the so-called Cat's Eye Nebula looks like the penetrating eye of the disembodied sorcerer Sauron from the film adaptation of 'The Lord of the Rings.'

North Star Tara, is she your Lucky Star?

For more Tolkien cosmology, see this site.

April 8th Solar Eclipse Photo Gallery

Renaissance Astrology, Christopher Warnock http://www.renaissanceastrology.com
Astrologers and mages like Cornelius Agrippa and Marsilio Ficino brought traditional astrology and astrological magic to their greatest heights in the Renaissance.

Mercury returns to the morning sky the week of April 10th.
Mercury turns direct on April 12th, Wednesday/Woden's day/ Mercredi April 13th will be a powerful day for communication.

Times of New & Full Moons for the Year


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