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Message from Matthew - JUNE 21, 2005
Government, Sun & Sunscreen, Michael Jackson, foods & health, lotions, movies & media, dark stuff.


S:  Hi, dear!  I know we’re getting this out later than you wanted to, but we agreed that I shouldn’t do it until I felt a lot better than I had been.


MATTHEW:  Absolutely this delay was necessary, dear soul!  I think it’s important to mention that at this point you already have many unread emails, and with your imminent trip and visitors upon return, you won’t be able to answer any correspondence until nearly mid-July; therefore it would be most considerate if readers refrain from writing until after that time. 


S:  Thank you for mentioning that—I want the people who have written to know why they haven’t received a reply.  So, Mash dear, where would you like to start?


MATTHEW:  I’d like to start with the reminder that in a message some months ago I stated that possibly as early as June—and the month is three-quarters past—there would be clear evidence that the Illuminati political stronghold was unraveling and the presence of your space family would be apparent.  While there has been bustling activity in both of those avenues—most notably in the US government, where the momentum of public awareness will continue to pick up—we know that many were hoping for the drama of a mother ship hovering over an area as large as Delaware, say.   


It is too soon for that kind of impressive introduction to our space family, but Brazil’s official acknowledgement of their presence is an important milestone.  We would have welcomed mainstream US media reporting this, but considerable censorship control still exists there.  However, those major news sources no longer can omit the growing dissension within the Congress or the administration’s dropping approval ratings at polls or John Conyers’ demand that the administration disclose the truth about the planning and purpose of the war in Iraq.  Emphasis is intensifying for the full truth about 9/11 to come forth, military enlistments are well below quota, demands for troop withdrawal from Iraq are growing, opposition to President Bush’s judicial nominees is more and more vocal—those are some of the areas where reporting is breaking through from the Internet to TV and newspaper front pages.     


Because of its dominance in world affairs, the political arena of the United States holds keen interest globally, but that is not the only country where serious changes are underway, to be sure.  Two revealing events in recent weeks, which were at the very least disgruntling to the Illuminati, are the peoples of France and the Netherlands declining to join the European Union.  But much more is going on that isn’t apparent.  Mother, please copy my reply to the writers who recently expressed concern about Venezuelan President Chavez.  Since the information applies to numerous nations, inserting my comments here is an efficient way to mention how changes are occurring elsewhere.


S:  OK. 


    “Greetings from Matthew to you all who are asking for clarification about events in Venezuela.  Much more is happening than is apparent with 3D viewing and assessment, and I ask that calm and order be your approach to what is evident to you.  Chavez' activities that you are seeing as being restrictive, even oppressive on an alarming note, will be very short-lived in comparison with decades of dictatorship as this is preparation for a serious change in the business and diplomatic relationship between the US and Venezuela.  Although any trade treaties or even informally agreed upon issues can be reversed as soon as a new government is in place in the US, the Venezuelan president was eager to distance his administration and his country, both politically and its natural resources, from the tentacles associated with the US government and its powerful allies in the elite global consortium. 


        “In many nations now there is a ‘leveling’ process that often appears to hold potentially explosive repercussions insofar as new laws or harsh penalties or a repressive regime solidly seating itself.  Beyond these appearances there is an ‘honesty or honor essence’ emerging with a two-pronged effect: First, it is prompting a carefully measured withdrawal from the former stance of submission due to intimidation by the international cabal; and secondarily, this independence is what must precede demands for full explanation before the cabal can be pressured by growing national and international weight to voluntarily release its remaining stronghold on the international economy. 


        “Panic and fearfulness at what is now apparent and will for a while continue to emerge on national levels is unnecessary and counterproductive.  Just as planetary cleansing is ongoing, so is there the same need within government, corporate, religious and banking organizations.  ‘Status quo’ would be a reason for concern, but moving and shaking within these broad-based areas that control lives throughout the world is to be welcomed with shouts of HOORAY!”


Thank you, Mother.  I want to add that the most powerful activities—that is, those that will have the most powerful influence worldwide—still are in negotiations behind the scenes or, if they are becoming somewhat obvious, it is a mere hint of what will emerge in full scale.  People who are energy sensitive are feeling “something in the air” and those who are “following the dots” as reported even by mainstream media are sensing a kind of quickening.  This is the time to allow your optimism to surge!  It is a time to so fully live your faith in the light that you feel aglow from your own inner sun! 


And now, Mother, I think this is the ideal place to insert the excerpt of my greeting for the French edition of Matthew, Tell Me About Heaven that Jean Hudon wants to include in a compilation.    


          “Each of you is exactly who you are and where you are because this is vital to the special role you chose to play in this unprecedented time on Earth.  No other time in all of your planet’s history, which includes many other civilizations and spans many, many millennia in linear time, is as crucial as these days at hand.  Earth is leaving the limitations of third density, where the darkness that has caused everything that you may call ‘evil’ has flourished.  So it is not only for your own soul’s evolution that you chose to be who and where you are, but also because your essence is needed in your location.  Your cumulative lifetimes in areas familiar to you now as well as at other points in your evolutionary history, are contributing to your conscious knowledge and leading your pathway, and the collective energy emanating from your various regions is helping Earth rise into the higher vibrations of love, peace and harmony.  


          “In preparation for personal and planetary ascension, karmic lessons have been presented in concentrated and accelerated form, and this requires that some people create conditions that cause suffering for a multitude of others.  Again, this is purposeful—it allows souls to fill the gaps in third density lifetimes and attain the balanced experiencing that simultaneously readies you to accompany Earth and contributes to her karmic fulfillment.  So although it may appear that your world is in terrible shape and worsening, this is the end of the dominance of darkness as all that it comprises is coming to light.  Because you don’t know others’ soul contracts, you cannot know what strategic role someone may be playing in this crucial balancing act, and therefore you are asked not to judge any. 


          “How do you know what role you chose or if you’re on the right pathway?  By following your conscience, intuition and inspirations, all of which are your soul’s messages to your consciousness.  Let your inner voice lead you, and please do not ever doubt your importance!  Some roles may seem more important than others because of influential positions, but I assure you, all of you have equal capacity and opportunity to generate the light that is helping Earth to ascend.  Never are you alone—myriad souls in spirit and in physical forms are assisting you all along the way of this joyous, exciting and enlightening journey!” 


Thank you.  Now, I think we need to move on to the question stack. 


S:  Yes, but first, since so many people wrote about your Warnings about Sunscreen Lotions, I think it’s wise to mention here what you told me to tell them, that using pure aloe gel is good.   


MATTHEW:  Yes, it is indeed a good idea to include that for this far wider dissemination, and I want to elaborate a bit on what I stated in my previous message because I didn’t explain what is behind my admonition about sunscreens.  These products are manufactured by the same multinational conglomerates that make chemicals for all the diverse industries that use them, and the corporate leaders are Illuminati.  When you remember that deception, greed and corruption are their standard operating procedures, you can see how effectively their development of sunscreen fits into their overall strategy of making products that make well people sick and other products that—purportedly—make sick people well, but these create other conditions that require still other products.   Thus these conglomerates have created a captive world market for their endless assembly line of harmful chemicals.


How many hundreds and hundreds of years did people in tropical lands live in near perpetual Sun without getting skin cancers?  How many dozens of decades did populations flee wintertime by flocking to seashores or sunny resorts, again without those same repercussions?   Yet now there is what could be called an explosive outbreak of skin cancer.


There is nothing under the Sun cheaper than Sunlight, and Light is the Source of Life—but where in the world is there any monetary profit in that?  So the clever minds devised a means whereby the sun retained its enchantment for the masses but safely!—in accordance with their deluge of advertising the new sunscreens that protect against the sun’s harmful rays.  That “protection” not only prevents you from absorbing the full benefits of the Sun, but it causes the skin cancers that are removed or treated by other products manufactured by the conglomerates.


Mother, that’s enough of that, so would you type the first question, please.


S:  Let’s stick with the sun.  Someone asked if the sun has a soul, like Earth, and if so, does it regard this solar system as its “brood”?


MATTHEW:  Like every other intelligent celestial body, Sol IS a soul.  In fact, the name Sol derives from the sound “soul” and shows both the intelligent life form and the interactive relationship.  You could say that the ancient civilizations who worshipped the sun were light years ahead of your current civilization in recognizing that without Sol’s life force, there could be no life on any of the planets in this solar system. 


S:  Matthew, does Sol have any comprehension of what has gone on and what is going on with Earth, or is this only in terms of planetary alignment or an orbiting sense?


MATTHEW:  Sol is intelligent beyond your comprehension!  Its light is what kept propping up Earth’s light until Earth was too weak to continue their wondrous symbiotic relationship, and even then, Sol knowledgeably sustained your planet’s viability until the incoming light from distant sources reached an effective restorative level.


S:  I see! Next question: What do you think about Michael Jackson’s acquittal on all charges?  Also, one of the several who asked that wants to know if he agreed to all of this.


MATTHEW:  Acquittal is the only fair and just decision that could have been rendered.  Michael may have assumed appearances and conducted his life in ways that are “bizarre” in some minds, but he is innocent of the activities that he was accused ofThe allegations and his trial provided US media-huggers with the kind of diversion that the political and economic manipulators create for their perennial smokescreen.  While all the principals in Michael’s life did agree to play their various roles—not just this incident but throughout his life—the severity of stress from this incident and its effects on his overall health greatly exceeded his soul contract.   


S:  Thank you.  What exactly is the phenomenon of spontaneous human combustion?  Is it a purely physical event or does it have spiritual correlates or causation?


MATTHEW:  An interesting digression from current events!  Although bodies don’t have separate compartments for physical, mental/emotional and spiritual components, under “normal” conditions a number of frequencies are operating simultaneously.  A person cannot simply will his or her body to spontaneously combust, but without intense concentration on that effect at soul level, it could not occur.  The phenomenon results when the total energetic force is aligned at a frequency that is in great variance with the usual functioning of the body’s electrical system, and the body mass suddenly and violently reacts.  With the obvious exception of the mental and emotional processes at work in a human spontaneous combustion, the occurrence itself is not all that unlike an explosion in a grain storage silo where an electrical spark ignites the kinetic energy within the grain.        


S:  Do you know how often this happens? And if this is something a soul chooses to experience, why does it?


MATTHEW:  No, I don’t the frequency, but I know that it’s the rarest of all physical anomalies on Earth.  And I don’t know why the few souls who experience this phenomenon choose to, but since the provisions of a soul contract are to benefit all principals who agree to share in the lifetime and thus are designed for the spiritual growth of all, whatever personal purposes are at issue, the aim is soul evolution.  


S:  OK, dear, thank you. There’s really no way to summarize this full page of comments and questions about food, so will you please just address these key words: organic foods, supplements, meat or vegan/vegetarian, new diet with new DNA, diet and blood type, cravings.


MATTHEW First I would say that Mental Attitude about Food is nearly 90% of its value.  That percentage isn’t from any scientific study, Mother, it’s just what popped into my head, but it is true that one’s thoughts about food are of paramount importance insofar as how the body responds.  Blessing food at mealtime is more than a nice custom if it is done with true thanksgiving and the intent is for the food to serve one’s highest good. 


That said, some conditions or items have reached the mass consciousness of the “informed” populace and so they override individual attitudes.  Dietary supplements is one, plus it is a fact that natural nutrients have been largely depleted from all foodstuffs.  Therefore, whether you believe it or not, vitamins and other supplements made with the purest natural ingredients and in proper proportions are definitely to your health’s advantage.  As for organic foods, I’d say that any measurable advantage here is a product of one’s positive thoughts.  Even though these foods are grown under the best available conditions, those conditions are not sterile; but the far weightier factor is, the decrease in pollutants that one absorbs by eating organic foods is so miniscule as to be negligible because right now you are living in an unavoidably toxic world.


The transition from a meat-based diet to one without meat will come for many with a crystalline cellular structure and its DNA changes, which will naturally make lighter type foods more appetizing and more suitable nourishment.  This will be in tandem with the expansion of recognizing and respecting the intelligence, emotional range and spirituality of animals.


I don’t understand the question about diet and blood type, but perhaps this information will suffice: Body chemistries differ and yes, often food preferences are the body’s signals that it needs more protein or vitamin C or grain, and heeding those signals is prudent.  But it’s also true that preferences can be for foods that the body isn’t calling for, foods that aren’t even minimally nourishing but they taste good and so the mind craves their flavors and texture.  


I’d like to add something, Mother, and then we’ll go to the next question.  Serious concern about genetically altered foods isn’t warranted.  First, putting out information about their harmful effects is part of the dark plan to create fear about these foods, and second, the cellular structure of everything in the plant kingdom automatically will evolve along with humans and animals in Earth’s journey into the higher vibrations.   


S:  Thank you, dear!  Can you explain the orbs and other anomalies in digital photographs?


MATTHEW:  Yes, and I’d love to!  Film and photographic equipment have been developed with higher speed and more sensitive definition to the light formations that may be the essence of angels, spirit guides, visiting souls from Nirvana, members of the Devic kingdom, or representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations who have dematerialized their 3D bodies temporarily for safety from 3D vision.

So it isn’t that any of these essences around you are newly present, it’s only the capability of capturing them photographically that is.    


S:  OK, then!  The current trend in films seems to be portraying ETs as invaders—  someone specifically mentioned Stephen Spielberg’s “War of the Worlds”—is this part of an Illuminati plan to condition the masses to be afraid of ETs so when they land, there will be fear and maybe hysteria; or maybe because this is the conditioning, they won’t come?  Another writer mentioned that two popular comedians are “debunking everything from organic food to religion and recycling and psychics”—is this darkly inspired?     


MATTHEW:  Spielberg is not Illuminati in spirit and he has vacillated for some time about whether their stated intention “to explain ETs, entertain with ETS” will actually benefit society.  With this film it appears that his spiritual approach to other civilizations, as with the intelligence and emotional range exhibited in “ET,” is nonexistent, so apparently his focus is on special effects and theatrics for box office appeal.  While some of the humor that attracts Earth audiences to us is tasteless, we don’t see it as a significant deterrent to the progress of awakening consciousness.  Nevertheless, we surely would applaud more light-filled films, plays and comedy routines and much less preoccupation with violence and the prevalence of attaching sex to advertisements of a wide array of products.      


S:  Is the entertainment industry still pretty heavily controlled by the Illuminati? 


MATTHEW:  Their influence has waned and will not return to its former level, but still they managed to get in several films glorifying war and a few psychological “thrillers” that depict actual observations of some of their hybrid experiments, but not billed that way, of course.    


S:  What?!


MATTHEW:  Mother, you don’t watch even ad clips of horror movies, so you’d have no reason to suspect that some films are reenactments of the observed responses of the hybrid animal/human or hybrid human/other species that have been fabricated in laboratories in underground labyrinths.  These Illuminati creations are, pure and simple, satanic, or diabolical—the creatures and the movies about them—and they script these films almost as a silent taunting of the unsuspecting world.  When these massive facilities and the unconscionable activities conducted there become publicly known, it will be one of the most shocking revelations for your society.  Quite a few “preparatory transitional exposures” will have to precede this one or your world’s collective psyche will be so numbed that it will preclude spiritual clarity.


S:  Matthew, I’m not the only one who can’t see how this kind of mentality, or human nature, can ever be integrated with the light.  It’s the same with those who sell people as slaves; the sex slave trade; genitalia mutilation; genocide; psychopaths and sociopaths and serial killers.  Even if all of this is karmic, what will happen to the perpetrators and their victims—how can their psyches ever be healed?


MATTHEW:  Yes, Mother, most of these situations are karmic, either by original agreement or by a petition that was granted for concentrated experiencing to wrap up everything in this lifetime, thus these situations are necessary so that all the Souls involved —not psyches, but Souls—can achieve balance.  Many of these situations that affect many millions of Souls can be considered examples of polar opposites completing karmic experiencing, meaning that they have reached the spectrum extremes and are heading back toward the middle where the energies will be reconciled.  As for the hybrid creations I mentioned, there is a varying degree of intelligence in them but not Souls. 


S:  Why no Souls?


MATTHEW:  Because lighted souls enter bodies for spiritual growth purposes, and there is nothing to be learned from inhabiting an experimental combination of genes.  Dark souls aren’t going to choose to experience what they themselves conjured specifically to be horrible.


You asked how the psyches of perpetrators and victims can be healed.  The energy of love-light is what heals, and in light there is balance.  When balancing is achieved, a state of grace overshadows graphic memories and a peacefulness fills the mind and heart—it’s as if the soul is gently telling the consciousness, “Thank you—well done.”   


S:  So all of these people who complete these karmic lessons will be making the physical journey with Earth into the higher planes?  And what about those who don’t successfully complete these chosen lessons?


MATTHEW:  Well, like any other soul, they’re not going with Earth automatically, and definitely they’re not going en masse any more so than any other group.  It’s an individual situation, and as individual souls they may have other unfinished karmic lessons that require experiencing on a plane where the right conditions are available.  Maybe some came from advanced civilizations on a volunteer basis and once their mission is completed, they may want to return to their homeland physically or in etheric body.  When souls’ experiencing isn’t completed, very likely they will be taken to a self-evaluation center such as Nirvana offers, and with guidance from higher souls, they can choose an appropriate energy level for continuing the growth process rather than beginning from scratch.  Mother, in this time there are options galore to facilitate spiritual evolution!


I see that once again we didn’t make it through all the questions, and I want to end this on a more heartening topic than experimental creations.  I know there is a question about music, and that would be an uplifting way to end.


S:  I think so, too.  What role does music play in our ascension process?


MATTHEW:  Music in its purest essence is as eternal as the soul and is an inherent ingredient of the energy of love—that’s how important music is to ascension, or spiritual evolution.  Not all sound that is proclaimed on Earth as music IS music!  I’m not restricting compositions to a narrow band of “masterpiece” musical styles, but rather I’m saying that piercing, clashing, raucous, dissonant sound is not music, it is noise.  Those sounds fracture the body’s energy, short circuit its electrical system, shatter its equilibrium, and prevent light from entering.  


The spectrum of benefits from pure music—the harmonious, melodic tones that flow in intricate juxtaposition, in beauty and majesty from an abundance of fine instruments—is limitless, really, because its dominion and healing powers are universal.  The angelic realms are in charge, and what a glorious service they perform for all of us!  In higher vibrations tones and colors and aromas blend and waft in a sensory feast that can’t be described, only experienced—something to look forward to, no?  But until then, as well as the splendid symphonic offerings, composers have been inspired to write less elaborate, sophisticated or elegant compositions whose pleasing melodies and often lyrics, too, gladden the heart, bring smiles and laughter, and de-light the soul. 


And on that high note, dear one, I’ll say Ciao for now.             


S: Ciao to you, sweetheart, and thank you!


Suzanne Ward



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