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   September 22, 2005

Messages from Matthew

Levees in New Orleans detonated; emotions in the higher vibrations; what is behind Rita; wise leadership by year end; Katrina death toll; war troop casualties; FEMA; “All my love”



S:  I’m here, dear!


MATTHEW: Thank you for coming to the computer, dear soul.  I’ll begin straightaway to explain why I answered “Bad news” to your question, “What about Rita?”  Indeed this is one of the most powerful storms in Earth’s history, and once again, this is the work of humankind befouling Mother Nature’s own cleansing efforts.  As with Katrina, your extraterrestrial family is alleviating to the extent possible the intentional disaster course and velocity of this hurricane’s force.  But as powerful as their technology is, it cannot quell the storm’s natural momentum that has been greatly compounded by the weather controllers’ efforts.  I shall say more about this in a moment.


Mother, when I told you shortly after you sent out my last message that the levees had been strategically blown to flood specific parts of New Orleans, you asked why I hadn’t mentioned that in our message sitting.  I didn’t tell you the full reason, and I’d like to state here why I did not.  It was difficult for me to accept that fact, just as it was to know that Katrina’s course was steered by weather control measures.  How could I have added our awareness—much less our expectation!—of the intentional flooding to my message and then plead for all of you to send love to those who did it?  Mother, I just couldn’t do that.  Not because this terrible truth won’t become publicly known, not because knowing it will be any less painful at that time than before, but because of my own emotions. 


You cannot imagine how deeply saddened we are by the massive extent of personal tragedies that need not have happened.  Yes, Earth must release negativity along her ascension path, but it is not her wish to have such needless death and devastation result.  In many ways we are so closely bonded with you—with those who are suffering and those who are responsible for the agony and anxiety—that we cannot help but feel sorrow.  It goes beyond compassion.  We know the anguish of shock and grief—it is an integral part of us from lifetimes wherein we experienced these emotions ourselves.  And so we grieve with those who are grieving and we grieve for the ones whose darkness caused it. 


Because the thought forms of intent to blow up the levees were in the mass consciousness, we anticipated that.  Light warriors on the planet did not know where all of the dark energy streamer attachments led and could not prevent all the detonations.  What we in these higher vibrations could not know was all facets of the aftermath or their extent because many details were unknown until they unfolded in the chaos.  But we also knew from thought forms that people who survived the storm would be allowed to die afterwards, that they would be doomed by the design of the perpetrators of this entire unconscionable happening.  This is what we saw before it became known on Earth through the accounts of people who endured and survived the inhumane-ness of deliberate neglect. 


I have told you, emotions are more deeply felt in the higher frequencies, and your heartaches are intensified in us.  I am not in Nirvana, so you know I don’t mean only the thousands of souls who entered Earth’s spirit world due to the storm and that neglect in the aftermath—I mean countless souls in various places in the universe feel your horror and sorrow.  We cannot hold onto those feelings and still radiate love energy to Earth, especially to the dark ones responsible, so we do not let the feelings engulf us; but we know what happened and why, and we cannot erase this from our hearts and consciousness.  Now you can understand why my emotions got in the way of my “full reporting.”


To return to the uncommonly monstrous storm named Rita, there is great need for cleansing the Gulf area of the negativity formed by diverse sources that now include the dark aspects of Katrina.   Remnants of heavy karmic influences from many generations of injustices must be completed, and the extraction of oil—an element of your planet’s body that is essential in its natural place for her well being—must be stopped.  The latter is a global need, and it will happen as other energy sources are implemented, but because oil production in the Gulf area is inextricably tied with the “illegal” drug industry, hidden amassed wealth, rampant political and corporate corruption, widespread “black-ops” operations, extensive environmental damage and disregard for marine life, in that area it must cease the soonest.  


Mother, I know that you’ve received a number of questions pertaining to higher gasoline prices—basically, “Is this the reason President Bush’s first focus of Katrina’s destruction was on the oil fields?”  Creating additional financial hardship on an already overly-taxed population is certainly one goal, but there are many and more significant aims afoot.  In the field of potential, Rita is an ominous arena for the light and dark forces’ overall struggle.   


It is as with Katrina’s origin, if left alone to do her cleansing, Earth would accomplish the mission far enough off coast so that minimal destruction would result by landfall.  Especially so soon after Katrina, why once again was manmade weather control introduced?   Political expediency because of Katrina.  Bush is determined to redeem his presidential image, so severely tarnished by the well known aspects of that storm’s aftermath, and his band of Illuminati scientists are using Rita to counter with adequate preparation and immediate assistance the shameful lack of it regarding Katrina. 


This shows the extent of his madness.  He is unwilling to end the occupation of Iraq or the diverting of billions of reconstruction dollars into the pockets of his friends; and he is unwilling to scuttle, only delay, his plans to invade Iran with the same intent.  He is committing billions of dollars to rebuild a wealthy “white” New Orleans, which means incurring billions more to establish permanent resettling of the vast majority of the people who were evacuated.  Ignoring the decreasing numbers of military troops and aid personnel for his new purpose via Rita as well as the bankrupt economy of his country, he is determined to devastate more of it so he can be acclaimed for effective leadership.  Clearly, for the good of all life forms on Earth, this madness cannot continue, and it won’t much longer.


S:  Matthew, do you know how much longer?


MATTHEW:  No, not exactly, nor does anyone in any station because energy set in motion must be played out—it cannot simply be stopped at a predetermined cut-off date.  The favorable factor in our calculating “sooner” rather than “later” is, by Earth’s request, God’s authorization for increased ET intervention in your world’s affairs, including other civilizations’ representatives who are residing on Earth.   Part of this is pressure on individuals who have evidence showing the Bush administration’s betrayal of the country throughout his time in office,  where pervasive voting fraud and Illuminati members on the Supreme Court placed him.   This means heightened and strategically directed rather than overall light-beaming to those who are wavering in their intent to speak out due to life threats, which could be construed as interference in free will if it were not by God’s authorization.   In a term of popularity there, a “proactive paradigm” is now in process—your space brothers and sisters may take charge where they previously could not because all free will choices, however dark in nature, in those situations had to be honored.     


S:  People are publicly speaking out about Bush’s lies, comprehensive reports about documented evidence are swirling around the Internet, and there is a Chicago grand jury indictment—maybe more than one—of Bush and others in several issues that amount to treason, so I can’t see where this development you mentioned will have any influential effect. 


MATTHEW:  Mother dear, it’s precisely “influential effect” that I’m referring to.  The public denouncements of your government’s policies and activities are from people whose impact is on others who also have no power to be persuasive beyond their actions.   Please don’t think that I’m denying the enormous power of this collective energy of intent!   It’s that the development affects individuals in the government whose positions are so influential that speaking out publicly cannot be ignored or swept away as “conspiracy theory.”    


S:  Do you know who?


MATTHEW:  I do and I cannot say.  Soon you’ll know!  No, I can’t say exactly when, but again, this is “sooner” rather than “later.”  I am sticking with our observations that by year-end there will be considerable changes in your leadership.   


S:  OK, dear—I’m counting on you to be right!  You’ve often said that Earth demanded that no more actions on the scale of 9/11 could happen.  Why doesn’t everything “manmade” about Katrina and afterwards fall into that?   More people died, more devastation occurred, more people are affected.


MATTHEW:  Mother, I know this bothers you tremendously, beyond your discomfort of thinking that my information about that was wrong, and I’m not sure I can explain this to your satisfaction.  There are fine lines between what constitutes free will acts of “terrorism” and free will acts in connection with natural cleansing efforts.  God is bound by Creator’s law of free will, and in honoring Earth’s free will choice for no more acts equivalent to 9/11, all dark attempts to repeat that kind of act have been prevented.  I can only say that it is different when Earth follows her natural course to release pent-up negativity and human hands enter.  I understand that you can’t perceive this situation within the universal laws.       


S: You know I can’t, but thank you for trying.  Do you know how many people died due to Katrina? 


MATTHEW:  My information comes from monitors in Nirvana, who tell me that deaths attributable to neglect after the storm and flooding still are occurring and the toll exceeds 12,000.  Do not expect this number to be announced.  There is no central point where people can register names of deceased or missing family members, and their wide dispersal from the affected areas is, in large part, to prevent the combining of individual stories that could lead to an accurate count.  You have seen in some Internet information various numbers, all in the many thousands, of body bags ordered for New Orleans.  The order was predicated upon population figures in the large areas of planned flooding when fewer survivors were expected. 


Bodies are being disposed of in expedient ways without attempts at identification.  This is not new—the same mass disposals were carried out after previous weather-controlled storms in your country, also among peoples without the power to protest or even means to inquire about their lost families and friends.


The same disinformation about death toll applies to military troops in the Mideast.  The official count of about 1900 is perhaps 20 percent, maybe even less, than the actual number.  Those who question why no photographs can be taken as the coffins arrive are justified in suspecting that it’s because the death toll is much higher than the official release.  And there is little media acknowledgement of the hundreds of thousands of troops who have been severely wounded physically and psychically by this war.      


Mother, as heartless as mass burial of unidentified bodies is, and as dishonorable as it is to deny the actuality of the war dead, the SOULS of the people who perished are not adversely affected or they benefit immensely!    The loss of the bodies designed for the specific experiencing they chose is a fleeting moment in their eternal life.   The many whose pre-birth agreements weren’t lived out due to their physical lifetimes being cut short, receive “full credit” in Nirvana via a divine realization and transformation process, just as if karmic lessons for soul growth had been successfully completed during the Earth lifetime.  They are free of third density’s limitations!  The vital significance of this must become known to ease the grieving of their beloved families to the measure possible. 


I could have said earlier that for these departed souls, we rejoice!  It is our joyousness for them that helps to relieve the sorrow we share with the souls who “lost” them.  And I could have mentioned the same about our joy at seeing the burst of light emanating from Earth as souls globally offer and provide aid to those who survived Katrina and the week that followed.  As Earth’s journey progresses into the higher frequencies, you, too, will achieve the emotional balancing that souls in these stations of higher evolvement have.  The entire universe is perpetually balancing, and the more a soul advances in spiritual clarity, the easier the balancing act becomes. 


S: Let’s go back to what happened after Katrina hit land.  I’ve read reports from people who were there, interviews with survivors and rescuers’ personal experiences.  I can’t believe that everyone in FEMA has a “dark heart,” but from those personal accounts I read, it seems that they all hindered rather than helped rescue efforts.


MATTHEW:  Federal Emergency Management Administration is a misnomer.  It implies that the purpose of this unwieldy but powerful organization is to be at the ready to help in disasters of natural origin, but it is not that at all—FEMA was established to control the country’s population, period.  What the world saw via television and front pages of the press is proof that the agency is not set up to manage any needs of the people.  The ranks of FEMA workers are not “dark-hearted,” but they are not trained to deal with emergencies, they are not given proper equipment and supplies, and they are given assignments they don’t feel are helping the people they are there to help.  My colleagues in Nirvana report that these workers are disheartened by the confusion and the lack of assistance they were permitted to give, and they don’t realize that confusion and lack of assistance is exactly what was intended by the few “dark hearts” at the scene and at the top of the agency. 


Mother, something else I said at the time I told you about the levees is that the men on their way to repair them were fatally shot because they knew—or it was suspected that they knew—about the detonations.  Prior to the storm’s arrival, CIA members of the Illuminati were covertly in place in New Orleans with assignments not only to explode the levees, but also to ensure there was confusion in rescue operations, to cut communication lines, start the looting, and eliminate all threats to any of the truth becoming known—that is why those levee repairmen were killed.  But it is as I also said then, others have evidence of what many know but cannot prove about the levees, and this evidence will become publicly known.  It will be one of the pivotal nails in Bush’s presidential coffin, so to speak, and will lead to the public’s easier come by belief when his complicity in “9/11” and his affiliation with the Illuminati’s master plan for world control are disclosed. 


S:  Was the very formation of the United States part of that master plan?


MATTHEW:  In some minds, yes, but not in the minds of the leaders of the Revolution and the founding of the nation as a republic, when the prevailing energy was political, religious and economic freedom.  Even with denying women a voice in voting and the buying and selling of slaves, that freedom energy was strong, much stronger than the off-planet dark souls could tolerate.  Therefore, along with voting rights for women and freedom for slaves came the dark side of both advances: The dark souls infiltrated the hearts and minds of the young nation’s people who had tendencies toward greed and control, and thus was born the ideas of fraudulent elections and continued subjugation of the former slaves by discrimination.  The original energy of individuals’ freedom has been plunging to the current nearly non-existent level, largely without the awareness of the citizenry.  I say this without judgment of their ignorance or character, as the dark ones are exceedingly cunning about infiltrating even the tiniest cracks in godly resolve and then dulling sensibilities and blinding reason.  


S: It does seem so, dear. You’ve said before that a transitional government is in place to minimize confusion and disruption of life’s “normalcy” when the current administration is ousted.  You in the higher realms obviously think the new leaders will be able to prevent mass anxiety and dangerous resistance, but is there any indication of certainty?  We can’t have our hopes raised and crushed at that critical juncture!


MATTHEW:  Mother, fear NOT!  If you could see the billions of light sparks on the planet as we do, if you could know the wisdom and “supernatural” powers of the new leadership souls as we know them, and if you could see Earth in all her transformation glory in say, five years, as we do, your mind would be at ease! 


S: How many of us will be here in five years?


MATTHEW:  Less than your current population, and for that, feel only joy for the souls who won’t be.  All with dark proclivity will be gone—they will be in placements for starting over at the level of comprehension they need.  All who are afflicted with diseases or slow starvation or malformed bodies due to the various toxins will not be there—their physical ordeals will have ended.  The projected birthrate according to statistical calculations will not happen, and the souls who are incarnating with long longevity contracts will reproduce judiciously.  It is not that your planet is over-populated so that there cannot be an abundance of good for all, but that “evil” has long prevented this from reaching so many.


S:  I see.  Mash dear, what can light workers do to hurry this along?  You’ve got to know how disheartening it is even for us, and surely far more so for people who don’t have an inkling that everything so abhorrent is going to end.


MATTHEW:  Oh Mother, dearest soul to me, we do.  We do.  How we wish all of you could feel the love and compassion we feel for you, the respect we have for your emotional strength, for your steadfastness in hope despite the heartache at what you see happening.  We cannot ask more of you than we already have, we can only ask it again: Hold love in your hearts for all of Earth.  This is the most powerful thing you can do for beloved Gaia and for all souls within her essence.  Remembering that thoughts and feelings are prayers, please pray for all to be healed.  Yes, do whatever you can in logistical and financial ways to help all who need it—this generates light to sustain you and them—but above all, feel LOVE.


S:  That reminds me of a question on this growing list I have. Someone wants your opinion about signing a letter “All my love.”  A family member chided her for doing that, and the question is: “Is she right that this indicates no love is left for anyone else?”


MATTHEW:  Oh my goodness!  I do hope that the person who objected to “All my love” sees this.  Love is infinite!  It can’t be quantified or divided or diminished or used up!  Each of you has a boundless capacity to give and receive love.  You can give “all of it” a million times or more and it remains as it always has been and always will be—the most powerful force in the universe. 


Mother, I think this is a lovely and loving way to end this message.  Your smile lets me know that you feel the same.  So, with a reminder to you about the note you wish to add, I send ALL MY LOVE to all of you.


[Note: My heartfelt thanks to everyone who had various kinds of healing sessions, sent prayers, or recommended therapies after reading about my hand in Matthew’s August 31 message.  The effects were amazingly quick and my hand is almost perfect again—even my overall health is improved—thanks to your response with caring spirit and healing energy.  


A hand with compromised use is such a very minor condition that I’m embarrassed about it being mentioned, but typing the message with my left hand in a carpal tunnel (not the diagnosis) brace and two fingers in splints did become stressful.  The consequence of still having to type in an unfamiliar way, only one finger on that pesky hand (but now without contraptions and discomfort), is an inbox filled with 100s of unanswered emails.  I’m spending many hours daily in an effort to catch up before our Oct 5-13 trip, but with new emails daily and other things popping in to claim my time, it seems unlikely that I’ll be able to do that.  This is a lesson in patience for me more than for you!  LOVE and PEACE, Suzy]


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