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February 16, 2005        Matthew    

 S:  Matthew, hello dear!  You probably know that I have lots of questions for you.

 MATTHEW:  I know of them because they were in your thoughts as you read the messages, and also I see them on your list.  Because you have been mildly ailing for over a week, I’m especially aware of your thoughts about the number of messages you have received about others’ emotional and physical discomforts. 

 S:  Some have diagnosed them as cellular processing due to the “Shift,” and a few feel that the chemtrails are the cause.  Others just asked if you can tell them why they’re feeling the way they are.  Various ones mentioned feeling confused; sad or angry or even strangely excited without any apparent reason; really edgy and moody; low energy; head and muscle aches; upset digestive system; sinus congestion; chest colds; and the like.  Several mentioned memory problems.  It seems logical that there’s not just one answer for all of these conditions—or is there?

 MATTHEW:  No, there’s no single cause for this assortment of sensations and reactions or even some of them in any individual.  Cellular changes are being felt by some  and the harmful elements that comprise chemtrails are affecting many millions,  but there are several other reasons,  too, for unsettlement within bodies and minds.    There’s the interaction of your bodies’ electrical systems with the extra low frequency waves emanating from grids that have been erected essentially to spy on you or to send signals to those who are operating under mind control.    Another source is the huge popularity of cell phone usage, which is getting the attention in Internet reports that this brain-affecting situation calls for.    Long uninterrupted hours in front of computer monitors is unwise, and certainly the myriad forms of pollution are causes of unhealthy conditions.   The proliferation of chemicals in food, drinking water and of course, illegal and prescription drugs, is contributing as well to the imbalance of your bodies and emotions.  Inoculations for flu and other potential maladies can have adverse effects such as some that you mentioned, and much worse.   And you cannot discount thoughts!  As if all the other causes of serious health conditions were not enough, the power of people’s thoughts of illness or debilitation always are at work.  

 S: Since some of those causes are unavoidable, what can we do to lessen the effects?  Will the suggestions you gave for offsetting the effects of the interaction of the manmade and the universal light grids help?

 MATTHEW:  I believe those common sense suggestions would be helpful in almost any circumstances.  I asked you to include them in one of my messages some time ago, but if you will copy that at the end of this message, it could be helpful for readers who didn’t see this information before. 

 S:  I’ll do that, but if people’s conditions are primarily symptoms of cellular changes, do you know how long will those last?

 MATTHEW: There are too many variables—all those other potential sources for symptoms that I’ve just mentioned—to give even a general timeframe here.  I can say that if ONLY cellular changes were at work, the symptoms would be fleeting, although possibly recurring only to fly away again, but definitely not a chronic condition.  However, with so many other possible causes, it would be the rare instance that anyone would be feeling the effects of only cellular changes.  Another consideration is that individuals may have organ, nerve or bone damage from still other causes, most likely selected experiencing as part of their soul contracts. 

 Mother, let’s speak about memory loss.  Although this, too, can be a result of physical and mental deterioration that is a provision of the contracts, it also is a very common temporary effect of cellular changes in the people who are absorbing light energy.  In the shifting from carbon-based to crystalline-based cells, there is a sloughing off of brain patterning to permit the intended consciousness-raising, and DNA changes are creating possibly disturbing sensations.  All of this is to your benefit—it is increasing spiritual clarity and will enable physical survival in the higher vibrations where Earth is heading.  There is no dis-ease of any kind there!

 S:  In the meantime, how much can our bodies be rejuvenated from the effects of toxins and adverse electrical reactions? 

 MATTHEW:  People whose immune systems are heavily compromised or who have been severely injured and thus their overall health is rendered vulnerable to the effects, very likely cannot be restored to health.  In most cases, this was chosen prior to birth in agreement with the other principals whose cumulative lifetimes needed this sharing of the individual’s circumstances so that all affected parties could fill gaps in experiencing and achieve balance.    

 S:  OK, dear, thank you.  The next most often asked question is about personal finances in the context of the national economy. 

 MATTHEW:  This is something that I have mentioned at length in recent messages, but I shall happily summarize my “dissertations.”  Because of the vast inequities in individuals’ financial holdings and the extremely unstable foundation of the US economy—actually, the global economy—great changes are both imperative and inevitable.  It is necessary only to pay attention to the continuing job losses, personal and business bankruptcies, property repossessions, international corporate mergers, heavy taxation, and homeless numbers to see the handwriting on the wall.  But do not expect your mainstream media to do the writing—they are controlled by the Illuminati, the same ones who have been controlling natural resources and massive land holdings and manipulating stock markets, the basis of the global economy.   

 I did not—and do not—advise withdrawing all monies in private accounts, but only a sensible amount to have on hand for any type of emergency situation.  Funding for small projects is being released from foundations as a self-serving measure, but the unimaginable fortunes amassed illegally and unethically by the Illuminati remain fixed, however much more tenuously than previously when their control was absolute.  Now that this no longer is the case, conditions are ripe for some changes to become manifestly obvious within months.

 Those are the pragmatic notes.  The most important aspect in this financial situation, as in any other issue that affects one person or your global billions, is being prepared spiritually.  You create sufficiency by focusing on having sufficiency.  Conversely, you create more need by focusing on needing.  This like-attracts-like universal law is in operation every second of every day regardless of what conditions exist around you personally or in the world.   

 Mother, I think adding anything more would be an entire recital of previous messages, so please type the next question. 

 S:  Someone asked specifically about social security and disability payments in case there’s a total collapse of the economy in this country, and another writer asked about Medicare.

 MATTHEW:  The collapse of the economy will be in conjunction with the removal of the people who have manipulated it into that extreme condition through their greed, deceit and corruption.  The transitional team of leaders who will replace them—people with wisdom and spiritual and moral integrity—have well-considered plans for sufficient income and health care for all citizens.  However orderly and organized these plans, it is not unlikely that some temporary inconveniences will occur, but a bit of patience in those who encounter them will pay off. 

 S:  Thank you—that will be reassuring to folks my age.  Many people are very concerned about the FDA’s intention to make all vitamins and diet supplements available only by prescription.  Do you know if this actually will happen?

 MATTHEW: While it is likely that pressure from pharmaceutical companies towards this end will not let up, if such policies are set in motion, they will be short-lived.  All injurious policies and unconstitutional and unfair encroachments on lives will end with the constant in-pouring of light—if not by change of heart in those whose responsibility it is to implement fair and just actions to benefit all the people, then by change of leadership. 

 S:  I’m not sure if by “leadership” you mean the whole presidential administration or only the people pushing for the FDA to make those items for sale by prescription only.

 MATTHEW:  The change in leadership will encompass ALL leaders—government, banking, religions, judiciary, education, corporations—every system that has major influence in your lives. 

 S:  Well, I know better than to ask you when that change will come. 

 MATTHEW:  Mother, I can’t tell you what I don’t know!  I have told you that this year is a major transitional year because that IS known to us, and that’s encouraging, isn’t it?

 S:  Yes, of course it is.  Someone sent me a report about what remote viewing Tibetan monks have seen in our future.  It’s in line with what you and other high light sources have reported with one huge exception: They see terrorism and wars lasting until 2012, when the national powers will be on the brink of a nuclear war that will be prevented by ETs.

 MATTHEW:  I am aware of these monks and I know what they are seeing, which is quite accurate except for their attaching it to 2012.  Remote viewing does give accurate glimpses into happenings, but timeframes are based on linear time continuing at a constant pace, and that is not what is occurring.  Your concept of time doesn’t exist elsewhere in the universe—the timeless continuum does, where everything is NOW—your past, present and future are happening simultaneously in different energy planes.  At best, time predictions are estimates based on what is known, and what is known on Earth is 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week, and so on. 

 S:  Yes, and that time is all that’s really comprehensible to us.  Two people have asked about the melting polar regions—one sent an article about the North Pole and the other sent one about the South Pole, and both sound rather alarming.

 MATTHEW:  No doubt both articles were written by scientists who are assessing the polar situations against your historic, not universal, science, and without any awareness of Earth’s cleansing activities.  At this time in your planet’s evolution, the changes occurring as seen through microscopes and telescopes and by other methods of measurement are extremely upsetting to purely scientific minds.  Those people’s fears and the fears of the people who believe them, along with the masses that believe Armageddon is on the horizon and the few fanatical doomsayers, are increasing the stress in an already stressed population attempting to cope with trying personal situations.   

We devoutly wish that fear about global warming and its projected effects would subside.  We wish the same about the fear of nuclear war, global terrorism, geophysical catastrophes in which billions perish, AIDS and new diseases that will kill more billions, and, and, and.  Fear is being deliberately created by the dark forces because fear’s energy is incompatible with the energy of light, so you can see that the fearful “what if” situations are making the progress of the light more difficult.  Instead of feeling fear about the “unknown,” we ask that you send love-light energy to all souls, those who are suffering and those who are causing it, and judge none.    

S:  Yes, dear, I know, but sometimes all of this is just plain overwhelming for us. Well, I need another answer on the weather topic.  What about hundreds of thousands of lightning bolts that occurred over Australia recently and an immense area in China that was shrouded in heavy fog?  

 MATTHEW:  Profound atmospheric occurrences are part of the planetary cleansing process.  It can be no other way as Earth moves from the remainder of third density conditions into fourth and then into fifth densities.  So you can expect weather anomalies and records to be broken as the ascension continues and the climate becomes “normalized,” and you also can expect more geophysical events before all the negativity has been transmuted.  

 S: The next question is, are Indigo and Crystal children vulnerable to the power of the dark forces?

 MATTHEW:  They are prime targets of the dark forces, to be sure, but not vulnerable to them.  These children are highly evolved light souls, which gives them more power than the darkness when they are properly nurtured and can grow into the leadership positions for which their ancient wisdom and remarkable capabilities are destined.  Their vulnerability is to the free will decisions of people close to them.  Some of these children are not recognized for the extraordinary beings they are; rather, they’re considered problems for their parents and teachers and are as likely as not to be drugged into submission.  That, too, will change.      

 S:  I hope it’s soon!  I received a report about a “savior” who will be a walk-in, a high soul that will trade places this year with the soul of someone born in 1985.  The person who sent it wants to know if this is true.  

MATTHEW:  Soul level agreements for soul exchanges are happening with greater frequency than ever before, and all for the same purpose: Highly evolved souls entering young adult bodies so they can assume their vital roles in Earth’s ascension process.  I can’t comment on whether that particular case is valid, but I can say that while others may call them “saviors,” no souls who have done this exchange or will be “walking-in” ever would refer to themselves that way.  That kind of arrogance is not in consonance with soul evolvement, which encompasses humility and grace. 

 S:  That was the last question, Mash.  Would you like to add anything or just say “Goodbye”?    

 MATTHEW:  Mother, dearest soul to me, I’m so greatly pleased that you wrote “Mash”!  I know that you’ve been conflicted recently about me “your son” and this soul who is more than your son.  I know it’s especially hard for you to feel a closeness with me while I’m “flying around the universe,” as you say, and manifesting bodies to fit into the civilizations that invite me to evaluate their sanctuary realms, yet always knowing your every thought and feeling and the same with our family.  It’s hard for you to understand how others have connected with me, even if not in the same long conversations and sittings that we alone have, yet you feel genuinely happy that they are reaching me.  You wish I were living back in Nirvana, where you can envision me from the many images I sent you long ago, instead of there only on rare, short visits.    

I’m exposing your personal conflict because others are beginning to experience their own telepathic connections.  Sometimes it is with their beloved people in spirit, and they are not always correct in assuming that these souls are in “heaven,” just as I am not; sometimes it is with powerful high beings they only know of, and sometimes it’s with dark entities they don’t recognize as such.  This unique time in the universe is presenting both excitement and confusion as telepathic communication, the birthright of every soul and which in ages past was commonplace between souls in physical and souls in spirit wherever they may be, is once again happening for people on Earth. 

 What is so very necessary for all to know is, along with the grand revelation of these opening connections, there also is danger inherent in this sign that your planet has reached the higher frequencies that are enabling them.   I have cautioned before about this, but it is such an essential matter that I am repeating and adding to my warnings.  In this moment, the power the dark forces have on your planet is economic, and it is fast crumbling.  The power the dark forces off-planet have is still strongly effective and of far greater importance to them: their cunning ways to capture souls.  One is by telepathic contact, especially with novices.

 If you wish to record messages, prior to starting, protect yourselves by asking for the Christed light to surround you and demand that only light beings may contact you.  Do the same in mental conversations.  If you feel any resistance to the sensations produced by the communication, cease immediately—it is your soul’s notification that dark energies are reaching you.  Please don’t be discouraged if this happens—but be aware that it can!  Even with the protection given to my mother when her communication channels opened with me and others high in the light, a dark source managed to get through and, unaware, my mother started recording its message.  When she became suspicious of wording that didn’t sound like mine and asked the source to identify itself, its language became foul and abusive.  The next time a dark source got through, it more cleverly gave her false information until I was able to interrupt. 

 How did that happen?  My mother’s self-doubt—she was a novice and still in “shock,” I could say, that she actually was hearing me and the others speaking to her.  In addition to self-doubt, be aware that fatigue, illness, and especially becoming egotistical about your telepathic ability are the red flags that summon the base entities.  Once they have convinced you that they are light beings and are giving you truth, they can manipulate your thoughts and activities.  Being forewarned about their trickery and their intent lets you prevent it. 

 Stay steadfast in the light!  You chose to be on Earth at this time and work within the light to assist in your planet’s ascension.  Each of you has chosen your role, and every role is an integral part in this unprecedented journey out of third density’s limitations and back to Earth’s former vibrations where peace, love, beauty and harmony reign.

 (The following excerpt from Revelations for a New Era was received in 1996 and was included in Matthew’s March 1, 2004 message. The grid referred to here is the manmade grid.)

 Here are suggestions to lessen physical and emotional discomfort and assist your system in restoring balance.  Drink a lot of liquid, especially pure water, but all healthful liquids will be beneficial.  There is greater need for this than ever before, as the fluids will permit the disruptive current to flow through your body more smoothly and you will not be as severely affected by it.  

 Relax or sleep whenever you can to keep your body in a rested, tranquil condition.   Reduce tension from any source by using common sense and diligence in the knowledge that relief from stress helps counter the disquieting effects of the swirling energy.  Any negative feelings will be exacerbated, so avoid unpleasant encounters as much as possible.  When stressful situations must be addressed, use the spiritual approach of surrounding the person or condition with light, and be in balance yourself when you start to deal with those situations.

 Do not drink alcohol or use harmful drugs and do not smoke.  Their components not only create stronger addiction to the substances, they interact with the grid’s current to increase the adverse effects on your body's electrical system to reinforce mental, physical and emotional imbalance.  Consider once again the vital aspect of balance in the life of every soul and you can see how darkly effective that grid is!

 There is good news along with this, however.  The energetic effects from the light forces being beamed at Earth are being magnified and accelerated by the grid system.  If this is determined as unacceptable to the brilliant but dark minds behind this force field, then the grid may be used only for communications, weather monitoring and, of course, surveillance, but the jolting of your bodies' electrical systems would cease.  Maybe the brains behind this technology outsmarted themselves.

 If you want to quell the personal tempests during this time when multiple processes are at work to unbalance you, it is your inner voice, your "higher self," the godself wherein optimum help lies.  Just ask for balance!  You must maintain balance amidst the turmoil existing throughout your known world, which is only a microcosm of the ongoing intergalactic struggle for power and survival.

 This is to inform you, Mother, not to frighten you.  Fear and confusion come from not knowing what is happening; calmness can come from knowledge.  Calmness starts with one person and extends through successive individuals coming to grips with their survival modes.  Thinking beyond the confusing feelings is critical.  Visualizing light surrounding Earth is a positive energy influence that I cannot emphasize too much.

 It does not help those who are fearful and hurting for you to feel grave concern to the extent that it takes your own energy out of balance, out of harmonious flow.  I surely do not mean that people should be without compassion or caring.  Balance NEVER means indifference!  Indifference would only spread negativity.  But it is not beneficial to you or the sufferers or the benevolent energy forces if you become so emotionally caught up in the negative aspects of happenings that you become bound by them.  That is precisely what the malevolent forces are working with all their might to achieve!

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