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Kirael.com Newsletter - June 2005

Good News for the Great Shift in Consciousness

Message from Master Kirael on Iraq

During the June 1 edition of "The Great Shift with Fred Sterling" Internet, talk-radio program, a member of the studio audience asked Master Guide Kirael a question about the situation in Iraq. Here is a transcript of Master Kirael's reply.

Q: From today to the end of the year, is the violence in Iraq going to decrease, stay the same, or get worse?

KIRAEL: You know, that's an interesting question. When you ask a question that has the broad ranges by which I could answer that, I'll try me best to narrow it down. But yet it's almost illogical to try it because I'll tell you why. You're going to see up and down swings over probably even the next couple of months that are going to make you question whether you really should have let your little president talk you into this little shenanigans that you're in over there, because I'm afraid to think that We the People of Iraq right now are still crying out to be heard and nobody for goodness sakes is listening to them.

And so what you have is you have a select few that are controlling the vibratory systems, and We the People are actually getting smushed down again over there and so if you want to end—and so this is me answer—if you would like to see the end of it between now and the end of the year, I would suggest that We the People is going to have to amp up their lights just a wee bit and get to the We the People of that country and say for God's sakes you're so close, don't give up now.   And, and the only reason they're close and this is a long answer, I apologize for it, but the only reason they're so close is because the matrix that went in there to gather up the oil supplies and do the damages and things that they want to do lost their grip for just a moment, and We the People got a hold of it and began to make the turn, but then the matrix energy saw it again and has reconstructed another layer over top. But it's a paper-thin layer that's got all of you asking the same question: "How long is the violence going to end?"

And so me answer to you is this: "How quick can peace take over?" is the question you should be asking. "How quick can peace become the reality by which We the People of that country can see the daylight of love again?" And then you'll have the answer you have seeked, and you will know that you are one of We the People that can control that so-called peace coming to the very spot, to the quick of Earth right now. I hope that helps you out a wee bit my friend, mahalo.

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